7th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics ROBOSOFT 2024 Soft Robotics for Exploration San Diego, CA, USA | April 14-17, 2024
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Last updated on April 10, 2024. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Program at a Glance


RoboSoft 2024 Technical Program Sunday April 14, 2024     Sunday    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Top

Track T1 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT1
Encore 3
WS: Bio-Hybrids: When Robots Get Alive
Track T2 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT2
Encore 2
WS: Bio-Inspired Soft Metamorphic Aerial Robotics -Year 3 What Can We Learn from Nature to Develop Shape-Changing, Metamorphic, Adaptive, Multi-Functional and Multi-Terrain Aerial Robots
Track T3 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT3
Revolution 2
WS: Democratization of Soft Robotics through Embodied Intelligence
Track T4 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT4
Legends 6
WS: From Layers to Limbs: Exploring the Interface of 3D Printing and Bio-Inspired Musculoskeletal Robotics
Track T5 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT5
Legends 5
WS: Multimodal Soft Robots for Multifunctional Manipulation, Locomotion, and Human-Machine Interaction
Track T6 08:00-17:30 Workshop SuFT6
Legends 3&4
WS: Soft Robotics-Inspired Biology
Track T7 08:00-12:30 Workshop SuAMT7
Encore 1
WS: Pristine Waters Observatories Where Eco and Soft Robotics Meet
  13:30-17:30 Workshop SuPMT7
Encore 1
WS: Shape Morphing in Soft Robots: Debates, Challenges, and Future Directions
Track T8 08:00-12:30 Workshop SuAMT8
Imagine 2
WS: Into the Woods: Soft Machines for Ecosystem Exploration
  13:30-17:30 Workshop SuPMT8
Imagine 2
WS: Soft Electronics Meets Soft Robotics
Track T9 08:00-12:30 Workshop SuAMT9
WS: Embodied Exploration through Muscular Hydrostats
  13:30-17:30 Workshop SuPMT9
WS: Material Intelligence through Multifunctional Structures: Challenges in Design and Manufacturing
Track T10 08:00-12:30 Workshop SuAMT10
Imagine 1
WS: Shape Morphing Robots: From Pattern-To-Pattern to Programmable Shape Morphing
  13:30-17:30 Workshop SuPMT10
Imagine 1
WS: Stiffening Techniques for Soft Robotics
Track T11 08:00-12:30 Workshop SuAMT11
Revolution 1
WS: Fluid-Driven Soft Actuators: Challenges and Opportunities
  13:30-17:30 Workshop SuPMT11
Revolution 1
WS: Challenges and Opportunities of Electrically-Driven Soft Actuators


RoboSoft 2024 Technical Program Monday April 15, 2024     Sunday    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Top

Track T1 08:30-09:30 Plenary MoP1L
Plenary Talk: Adam Stokes
09:30-10:00 MoT1T
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 1
10:00-11:00 Interactive MoPo1S
The Edge
Poster Session 1
11:00-11:20 Oral MoKN
Keynote Talk: Ryuma Niiyama
11:20-12:30 Oral MoAT1
Paper Talks: Actuators
12:30-14:00 MoLU_BR

Lunch (Day 1)
14:00-15:00 Oral MoBPP
Paper Talks: Best Paper Finalists
15:00-15:30 MoT2T
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 2
15:30-16:30 Interactive MoPo2S
The Edge
Poster Session 2
16:30-17:30 Oral MoBT1
Paper Talks: Design and Fabrication


RoboSoft 2024 Technical Program Tuesday April 16, 2024     Sunday    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Top

Track T1 08:30-09:30 Plenary TuP2L
Plenary Talk: Arianna Menciassi
09:30-10:00 TuT1T
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 3
10:00-11:00 Interactive TuPo1S
The Edge
Poster Session 3
11:00-11:20 Oral TuKN
Keynote Talk: Joshua Schultz
11:20-12:30 Oral TuAT1
Paper Talks: Modeling
12:30-14:00 TuLU_BR

Lunch (Day 2)
14:00-15:00 Plenary TuP3L
Plenary Talk: Robin Murphy
15:00-15:30 TuT2T
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 4
15:30-16:30 Interactive TuPo2S
The Edge
Poster Session 4
16:30-17:30 Oral TuBT1
Paper Talks: Grasping and Manipulation


RoboSoft 2024 Technical Program Wednesday April 17, 2024     Sunday    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday   Top

Track T1 08:30-09:30 Plenary WeP4L
Plenary Talk: Yong-Lae Park
09:30-10:00 WeT1T
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 5 (LBR and Demos)
10:00-11:00 Interactive WePo1S
The Edge
Late Breaking Results and Demonstrations
11:00-11:20 Oral WeKN
Keynote Talk: Cynthia Sung
11:20-12:30 Oral WeAT1
Paper Talks: Sensing
12:30-14:00 WeLU_BR

Lunch (Day 3)
14:00-14:30 WeWU
Closing Session




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