7th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics ROBOSOFT 2024 Soft Robotics for Exploration San Diego, CA, USA | April 14-17, 2024
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Last updated on April 10, 2024. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday April 16, 2024

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TuP2L  Plenary, Legends Add to My Program 
Plenary Talk: Arianna Menciassi  
TuT1T  Legends Add to My Program 
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 3  
TuPo1S  Interactive, The Edge Add to My Program 
Poster Session 3  
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.1 Add to My Program
 Liquid Crystal Elastomer and Fabric Bilayer Actuators

Eristoff, SophiaYale University
Behnke, LilyYale University
Sanchez-Botero, LinaYale University
Patiballa, Sree KalyanThe University of Alabama
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.2 Add to My Program
 Soft Gripping: Specifying for Trustworthiness

Abeywickrama, Dhaminda B.University of Bristol
Le, Nguyen HaoUniversity of Bristol
Chance, GregUniversity of Bristol
Winter, PeterUniversity of Bristol
Manzini, AriannaUniversity of Bristol
Partridge, Alix JamesThe National Robotarium
Ives, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
Downer, JohnUniversity of Bristol
Deacon, GrahamOCADO - Robotics Research
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
Eder, KerstinUniversity of Bristol
Windsor, ShaneUniversity of Bristol
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.3 Add to My Program
 Estimating Infinite-Dimensional Continuum Robot States from the Tip

Zheng, TongjiaUniversity of Notre Dame
McFarland, CieraUniversity of Notre Dame
Coad, Margaret M.University of Notre Dame
Lin, HaiUniversity of Notre Dame
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.4 Add to My Program
 Real-To-Real Motor Learning of Tendon-Driven Soft Caterpillar Locomotion with World Model

Tezuka, KoichiMeiji University
Niiyama, RyumaUniversity of Tokyo
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.5 Add to My Program
 Mechanically-Inflatable Bio-Inspired Locomotion for Robotic Pipeline Inspection

Atalla, Mostafa A.Delft University of Technology
Trauzettel, FabianTU Delft
Van Gelder, SebastiaanDelft University of Technology
Breedveld, PaulTU Delft
Wiertlewski, MichaelTU Delft
Sakes, AimeeTU Delft
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.6 Add to My Program
 Body Design and Gait Generation of Chair-Type Asymmetrical Tripedal Low-Rigidity Robot

Inoue, ShintaroThe University of Tokyo
Kawaharazuka, KentoThe University of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe University of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe University of Tokyo
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.7 Add to My Program
 Nature's Embrace: Development and Validation of a Pneumatic Soft Robotic Flower for Calming Interactions

Castillo Ugalde, ArturoSingapore University of Technology and Design
Lim, SharmayneSingapore University of Technology and Design
Carrasco Camara, Carina CeciliaSingapore University of Technology and Design
Wang, YixiaoGeorgia Institute of Technology
Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloSingapore University of Technology and Design, MIT
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.8 Add to My Program
 A Soft Robotic Detrusor Based on Balloon Hydraulic Actuators for Artificial Bladder Voiding

Galassi, LauraScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Paterno, LindaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Semproni, FedericaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Onorati, SimoneThe BioRobotics Institute - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
Iacovacci, VeronicaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Menciassi, AriannaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna - SSSA
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.9 Add to My Program
 Gotta Catch ’em All, Safely! Aerial-Deployed Soft Underwater Gripper

Romanello, LucaTUM
Amir, Daniel JosephTechnische Universität München
Stengel, HeinrichTechnical University of Munich
Kovac, MirkoImperial College London
Armanini, Sophie FranziskaTechnical University of Munich
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.10 Add to My Program
 Improving the Loading and Sensing Performance of a Soft Actuator Using an Internal Spine

Dragu, Codrutza-MariaOxford Robotics Institue, University of Oxford
Albini, AlessandroUniversity of Oxford
He, LiangUniversity of Oxford
Maiolino, PerlaUniversity of Oxford
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.11 Add to My Program
 Dish-Shaped Thin Beads: A Novel Bead Shape for Wire-Driven Variable Stiffness Mechanisms

Miida, HarutoTohoku University
Watanabe, MasahiroTohoku University
Tadakuma, KenjiroTohoku University
Abe, KazukiTohoku University
Onda, IsseiTohoku University
Tadokoro, SatoshiTohoku University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.12 Add to My Program
 Symmetric Deform-Ability Pressure-Vacuum Actuator Via Single Channel

Abe, ShomaYamagata University
Ogawa, JunYamagata University
Watanabe, YosukeYamagata University
Shiblee, MD Nahin IslamYamagata University
Furukawa, HidemitsuYamagata University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.13 Add to My Program
 JAMJams: Jagged Anisotropic Mechanically Jamming Appendages for Robot Locomotion

Widjaja, IgnatiusUC San Diego
Gravish, NickUC San Diego
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.14 Add to My Program
 Soft Growing Pin for High-Extension Shape-Changing Displays

Alvarez Valdivia, AntonioPurdue University
Rezqalla, MohammadPurdue University
Swann, SarahPurdue University
Blumenschein, LauraPurdue University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.15 Add to My Program
 HASEL Actuator Design for Out-Of-Plane Bending: A Parametric Study of Planar Geometry

Brei, ZacharyUniversity of Michigan
Lim, Chae WooUniversity of Michigan
Ferguson, AnnelieseUniversity of Michigan
Pradhan, AnvayUniversity of Michigan
Sangeetha, Varshni V.University of Michigan
Bu, XiangyunUniversity of Michigan
Usui, BrentUniversity of Michigan
Johnson, Daniel B.University of Michigan
Vasudevan, RamUniversity of Michigan
Moore, TaliaUniversity of Michigan
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.16 Add to My Program
 Modeling of a Thick Cylindrical Pneumatic Leg for a Soft Parallel Robot

Awada, ZeinabLIRMM, Univ Montpellier, CNRS, Montpellier, France
El Jjouaoui, HamzaLIRMM, Univ Montpellier, CNRS, Montpellier, France
Gouttefarde, MarcCNRS, Univ Montpellier
Haddab, YassineUniversity of Montpellier
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.17 Add to My Program
 Learning Contact Forces in Human-Wearable-Robot Interaction Using Morphological Computation

Alam, Umme KawsarNew Mexico State University
Haghshenas-Jaryani, MahdiNew Mexico State University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.18 Add to My Program
 Rapid Action Evaluation and Optimization through Mutual Information Using a Multi-Modal Soft Tactile Sensor

Junge, KaiÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Meyer, GermainÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Sologuren, EmilyMIT
Gilday, KieranEPFL
Hughes, JosieEPFL
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.19 Add to My Program
 Paint-A-Pouch: Mask-Based Fabrication of Pouch Actuators for Pneumatically Actuated Soft Robots

Zhang, ShuhangÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Banh, JordanUC San Diego
Gravish, NickUC San Diego
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.20 Add to My Program
 Fin-QD: A Computational Design Framework for Soft Grippers: Integrating MAP-Elites and High-Fidelity FEM

Xie, YueUniversity of Cambridge
Wang, XingMonash University
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
Howard, DavidCSIRO
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.21 Add to My Program
 Soft Robotics for Space Applications: Towards a Family of Locomotion Platforms

Foster-Hall, WilliamThe University of Adelaide
Harvey, David J.The University of Adelaide
Akmeliawati, RiniThe University of Adelaide
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.22 Add to My Program
 Cosserat Rod Modeling and Validation for a Soft Continuum Robot with Self-Controllable Variable Curvature

Wang, XinranImperial College London
Rojas, NicolasImperial College London
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.23 Add to My Program
 Combining Thermoelectrics and Low Melting Point Alloys to Create Reconfigurable Rigid-Compliant Manipulators

McCabe, EmilyVanderbilt University
Esser, DanielVanderbilt University
Ertop, Tayfun EfeVanderbilt University
Kuntz, AlanUniversity of Utah
Webster III, Robert JamesVanderbilt University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.24 Add to My Program
 Physics-Informed Neural Network for Scalable Soft Multi-Actuator Systems

Mendenhall, CarlyPurdue University
Hardan, JonathanPurdue University
Chiang, TrystaPurdue University - Main Campus
Blumenschein, LauraPurdue University
Buganza Tepole, AdrianPurdue University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.25 Add to My Program
 Pressure Control of Rolling-Seal Tape Spring Actuators

Sparks, CurtisUniversity of California San Diego
Jin, TommyUC San Diego
Gravish, NickUC San Diego
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.26 Add to My Program
 A Large Area Soft Robotic Haptic Display

van Laake, LuukEindhoven University of Technology
Alberts, MaxEindhoven University of Technology
van Beek, FemkeTechnical University of Eindhoven
Kuling, IreneEindhoven University of Technology
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.27 Add to My Program
 Design and Characterisation of Salt-E-Skin: Soft Saline-Filled Large-Scale Tactile E-Skin

Lowther, MirandaUniversity of Bristol
Tzemanaki, AntoniaUniversity of Bristol
Hauser, HelmutUniversity of Bristol
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.28 Add to My Program
 Describing and Analyzing Mechanical Contact for Continuum Robots Using a Shooting-Based Cosserat Rod Implementation

Wiese, MatsLeibniz Universität Hannover
Berthold, RebeccaLeibniz University Hannover
Wangenheim, MatthiasLeibniz University Hannover
Raatz, AnnikaLeibniz Universität Hannover
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.29 Add to My Program
 DELTAHANDS: A Synergistic Dexterous Hand Framework Based on Delta Robots

Si, ZilinCarnegie Mellon University
Zhang, KevinCarnegie Mellon University
Kroemer, OliverCarnegie Mellon University
Temel, ZeynepCarnegie Mellon University
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.30 Add to My Program
 Hardware-In-The-Loop Soft Robotic Testing Framework Using an Actor-Critic Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

Marquez, JesusThe University of Texas at El Paso
Sullivan, CharlesRedwire Space
Price, RyanThe University of Texas at El Paso
Roberts, RobertUniversity of Texas at El Paso
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.31 Add to My Program
 High-Speed Tactile Braille Reading Via Biomimetic Sliding Interactions

Potdar, ParthUniversity of Cambridge
Hardman, DavidUniversity of Cambridge
Almanzor, ElijahUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
10:00-11:00, Paper TuPo1S.32 Add to My Program
 Sphere-Graph: A Compact 3D Topological Map for Robotic Navigation and Segmentation of Complex Environments

Spencer, MerylMichigan Technological University
Sawtell, ReidMichigan Tech Research Institute
Kitchen, SarahMichigan Technological University
TuKN  Oral, Legends Add to My Program 
Keynote Talk: Joshua Schultz  
TuAT1  Oral, Legends Add to My Program 
Paper Talks: Modeling  
11:20-11:30, Paper TuAT1.1 Add to My Program
 Nonlinear Modes As a Tool for Comparing the Mathematical Structure of Dynamic Models of Soft Robots

Pustina, PietroSapienza University of Rome
Calzolari, DavideGerman Aerospace Center, Technical University of Munich
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aerospace Center
De Luca, AlessandroSapienza University of Rome
Della Santina, CosimoTU Delft
11:30-11:40, Paper TuAT1.2 Add to My Program
 PneuDrive: An Embedded Pressure Control System and Modeling Toolkit for Large-Scale Soft Robots

Johnson, Curtis CBrigham Young University
Cheney, Daniel G.Brigham Young University
Cordon, Dallin LBrigham Young University
Killpack, MarcBrigham Young University
11:40-11:50, Paper TuAT1.3 Add to My Program
 On Feedback Error Learning for Adaptive Soft Robot Control

Veronese, Niccolò EnricoPolytechnic of Milan
Albini, AlessandroUniversity of Oxford
Yao, YaoUniversity of Oxford
Rocco, PaoloPolitecnico Di Milano
Maiolino, PerlaUniversity of Oxford
Forni, FulvioUniversity of Cambridge
11:50-12:00, Paper TuAT1.4 Add to My Program
 Refined Modeling for Serial Pneumatic Artificial Muscles Enables Model-Based Actuation Design

Wang, SichengPurdue University
Blumenschein, LauraPurdue University
12:00-12:10, Paper TuAT1.5 Add to My Program
 Condensed Semi-Implicit Dynamics for Trajectory Optimization in Soft Robotics

Ménager, EtienneUniv. Lille, Inria, CNRS, Centrale Lille, UMR 9189 CRIStAL
Bilger, AlexandreINRIA
Jallet, WilsonLAAS-CNRS/Inria
Carpentier, JustinINRIA
Duriez, ChristianINRIA
12:10-12:20, Paper TuAT1.6 Add to My Program
 Model Evolutionary Gain-Based Predictive Control (MEGa-PC) for Soft Robotics

Jensen, SpencerSandia National Laboratories
Salmon, JohnBrigham Young University
Killpack, MarcBrigham Young University
12:20-12:30, Paper TuAT1.7 Add to My Program
 Finite Element Modeling of Pneumatic Bending Actuators for Inflated-Beam Robots

du Pasquier, CosimaStanford University
Jeong, SehuiStanford University
Okamura, Allison M.Stanford University
TuLU_BR  Add to My Program 
Lunch (Day 2)  
TuP3L  Plenary, Legends Add to My Program 
Plenary Talk: Robin Murphy  
TuT2T  Legends Add to My Program 
Lightning Talks for Poster Session 4  
TuPo2S  Interactive, The Edge Add to My Program 
Poster Session 4  
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.1 Add to My Program
 One-Piece 3D-Printed Pneumatic Catheter: Dual-Segment Design with Integrated Robotics Control for Endovascular Interventions

Jiang, ShaopengJohns Hopkins University
Di, LingyunThe Johns Hopkins University
Barnes, NoahJohns Hopkins University
Qu, HannahJohns Hopkins University
Young, OliviaUniversity of Maryland
Brown, Jeremy DeLaineJohns Hopkins University
Sochol, RyanUniversity of Maryland
Krieger, AxelJohns Hopkins University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.2 Add to My Program
 Wood-Based Hygromorphic Robots Mastered in Ten Minutes, Fostering Ideation through Tangible Coding*

Marie, VihmarUniversity of Tartu
Must, IndrekInstitute of Technology, University of Tartu
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.3 Add to My Program
 SoftTract: A Novel Peristaltic Design for Improving Control and Performance of GI Tract Simulants

Werner, EnricoUniversity of Bristol
Yue, KerenUniversity of Bristol
Hinitt, AndrewUniversity of Bristol
Raddaway, JamesUniversity of Bristol
Conn, AndrewUniversity of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.4 Add to My Program
 Hybrid Soft Electrostatic Metamaterial Gripper for Multi-Surface, Multi-Object Adaptation

Kanno, RyoSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Pham, Huy NguyenImperial College London
Pinskier, JoshuaCSIRO
Howard, DavidCSIRO
Song, SukhoEmpa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Techn
Kovac, MirkoImperial College London
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.6 Add to My Program
 A Friction Compensation Strategy for an Upper Limb Exosuit

Bianchi, EmanuelePolitecnico Di Milano
Bardi, ElenaPolitecnico Di Milano
Braghin, FrancescoPolitecnico Di Milano
Ambrosini, EmiliaPolitecnico Di Milano
Roveda, LorisSUPSI-IDSIA
Gandolla, MartaPolitecnico Di Milano
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.7 Add to My Program
 Dielectrophoretic Elastomer Actuators for Soft Pneumatic Pumps

Xu, CiqunUniversity of Bristol
Faul, CharlUniversity of Bristol
Taghavi, MajidImperial College London
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.8 Add to My Program
 Down the Rabbit Hole: Exploiting Airflow Interactions for Morphologically Intelligent Retracting Vacuum Grippers

Lee, Loong YiUniversity of Bristol
Terrile, SilviaUniversidad Politecnica De Madrid
Roshan, AjmalUniversity of Bristol
Yue, TianqiUniversity of Bristol
Nam, SaekwangUniversity of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.9 Add to My Program
 Controllable Wound Closure in Artificial Skins Using Dual-Layer Bioinspired Mechanism

Hardman, DavidUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.10 Add to My Program
 Programmable Switching of Fluids Via Pre-Twisting

Wu, YijiaWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Nemitz, MarkusWorcester Polytechnic Institute
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.11 Add to My Program
 Machine Learning Assisted Locomotion Tracking of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators Based Soft Water Robot

Jabin, Md AsaduzzamanUniversity of Georgia
Ha, BerekUniversity of Georgia
Fok, MableUniversity of Georgia
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.12 Add to My Program
 Merging Variable Stiffness Fiber Patterns on Multi-Shape Robotic Sheets

Goyal, MedhaYale University
Lambo, MaggyYale University
Bongard, JoshUniversity of Vermont
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.13 Add to My Program
 Path Planning for Continuum Arms in Dynamic Environments

Meng, BrandonDePaul University
Kodippili Arachchige, Dimuthu DharshanaDePaul University
Godage, Isuru S.Texas A&M University
Kanj, IyadDePaul University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.14 Add to My Program
 Bistable Spring Steel Grippers for Passive Grasping

Jones, BryceColorado State University
Saikot, Mahmud HasanColorado State University
Zhao, JianguoColorado State University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.15 Add to My Program
 Stretchable Pneumatic Sleeve for Adaptable, Low-Displacement Anchoring in Exosuits

Schäffer, KatalinUniversity of Notre Dame
Fallon, UltanUniversity of Galway
Coad, Margaret M.University of Notre Dame
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.16 Add to My Program
 Directing Anisotropic Friction and Compliant Structures towards In-Pipe Locomotion & Navigation

Liu, MinghaoUniversity of Bristol
Lee, Loong YiUniversity of Bristol
Conn, AndrewUniversity of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.17 Add to My Program
 Online Optimization of Soft Manipulator Mechanics Via Hierarchical Control

Misra, ShivangiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Sung, CynthiaUniversity of Pennsylvania
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.18 Add to My Program
 Reinforcement Learning Controllers for Soft Robots Using Learned Environments

Berdica, UljadUniversity of Oxford
Jackson, MatthewUniversity of Oxford
Veronese, Niccolò EnricoPolytechnic of Milan
Foerster, JakobUniversity of Oxford
Maiolino, PerlaUniversity of Oxford
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.19 Add to My Program
 Flexible Wearable Joint Motion Sensor Based on Multi-Wire Displacement

Baek, YoungjoonSeoul National University
Park, Yong-LaeSeoul National University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.20 Add to My Program
 Exploration of Fin Stiffness for Asymmetric Thrust in a Swimming Robot

Ishida, MichaelUniversity of Cambridge
Abdulali, ArsenCambridge University
Hosseini, NargesSenior Technician, Department of Engineering, Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.21 Add to My Program
 Cable-Integrated Single-Axis Load Cell for Tendon-Driven Robotic Actuation Enabled by Thin-Film Soft Sensor

Cho, JiyeonSeoul National University
Park, TaejunSeoul National University
Kim, SimonUniversity of California San Diego
Park, Yong-LaeSeoul National University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.22 Add to My Program
 MoLDy: Open-Source Library for Data-Based Modeling and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Soft Robots

Cheney, Daniel G.Brigham Young University
Killpack, MarcBrigham Young University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.23 Add to My Program
 Toward “S”-Shaped 3D-Printed Soft Robotic Guidewires for Pediatric Patent Ductus Arteriosus Endovascular Interventions

Colton, AdiraUniversity of Maryland
Fitzgerald, DeclanUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Sarker, SunanditaUniversity of Maryland
Barnes, NoahJohns Hopkins University
Gandhi, DheerajUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine
Janowski, MiroslawUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
Brown, Jeremy DeLaineJohns Hopkins University
Kanter, JoshuaChildren's National Hospital
Olivieri, LauraUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Fuge, MarkUniversity of Maryland
Krieger, AxelJohns Hopkins University
Sochol, RyanUniversity of Maryland
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.24 Add to My Program
 Lost-Core Injection Molding of Fluidic Elastomer Actuators for the Fabrication of a Modular Eel-Inspired Soft Robot

Cervera Torralba, JacoboUniversity of California, San Diego
Tolley, Michael T.University of California, San Diego
Adibnazari, ImanUniversity of California, San Deigo
Kang, YuxiangUniversity of California, San Diego
Khan, EesaUniversity of California, San Diego
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.25 Add to My Program
 Shape Reconstruction of a Soft Actuator Based on Bezier Curves Using Soft Strain Sensors

Hayati, Milad, MiladSabanci University
Turkseven, MelihSabanci University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.26 Add to My Program
 Soft Robotic Actuator Leveraging Switchable Strain-Limiting Structures for Tumor Biopsy and Ablation in MRI

Peters, JanLeibniz Universität Hannover
Licher, JohannLeibniz University Hannover
Hensen, BennetHannover Medical School
Wacker, Frank K.Hannover Medical School
Raatz, AnnikaLeibniz Universität Hannover
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.27 Add to My Program
 Inflatable Robotics Arm Capable of Deploying and Retracting by Rolling for High-Packaging Ratio

Kim, ChanghwanAjou University
Shin, DongwookAjou University
Back, InryeolAjou University
Kim, DongjinAjou University
Choi, DaminAjou University
Han, SeungyongAjou University
Kang, DaeshikAjou University
Koh, Je-SungAjou University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.28 Add to My Program
 Design and Characterization of a Pneumatic Tunable-Stiffness Bellows Actuator

Chen, RongqianUniversity of Pennsylvania
Kwon, JunUniversity of Pennsylvania
Chen, Wei-HsiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Sung, CynthiaUniversity of Pennsylvania
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.29 Add to My Program
 Bioinspired Self-Stiffening Wing for Multimodal Locomotion

Rojas, SalvadorPurdue University
Michalaros, DimitriosPurdue University
Rincon, JhonatanPurdue University
Arrieta, AndresPurdue University
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.30 Add to My Program
 Impact of Physical Parameters and Vision Data on Deep Learning-Based Grip Force Estimation for Fluidic Origami Soft Grippers

Rho, EojinKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Kim, WoongbaeKorea Institue of Science and Technology
Mun, JungwookKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Yu, Sung YolSeoul National University
Cho, Kyu-JinSeoul National University, Biorobotics Laboratory
Jo, SunghoKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.31 Add to My Program
 A Variable Stiffness Anthropomorphic Finger through Embodied Intelligence Design

Legrand, JulieTUEindhoven
Wang, HuijiangUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
Vanderborght, BramVUB
15:30-16:30, Paper TuPo2S.32 Add to My Program
 A Robotic Strategy for In-Plane Center of Rotation Identification and Control in Atomic Force Microscopy

Romero Leiro, FreddySorbonne Université - Institut des Systèmes Intélligents et Robotiques (ISIR)
Régnier, StéphaneSorbonne University
Haliyo, SinanSorbonne Université
Boudaoud, MokraneSorbonne Université
TuBT1  Oral, Legends Add to My Program 
Paper Talks: Grasping and Manipulation  
16:30-16:40, Paper TuBT1.1 Add to My Program
 Continual Policy Distillation of Reinforcement Learning-Based Controllers for Soft Robotic In-Hand Manipulation

Li, LanpeiUniversity of Pisa; ISTI - CNR
Donato, EnricoThe BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Lomonaco, VincenzoUniversity of Bologna
Falotico, EgidioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
16:40-16:50, Paper TuBT1.2 Add to My Program
 Starfish-Inspired Scooping Soft Gripper for Cluster Grasping Applications

Dontu, SaikrishnaSingapore University of Technology and Design
Kanhere, ElgarSingapore University of Technology and Design
Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloSingapore University of Technology and Design, MIT
16:50-17:00, Paper TuBT1.3 Add to My Program
 Compliant Robotic Arm Based on a Tensegrity Structure with X-Shaped Members

Herrmann, DavidOTH Regensburg
Schaeffer, LeonOTH Regensburg
Schmitt, LukasOTH Regensburg
Körber, WolfgangOTH Regensburg
Merker, LukasTechnische Universität Ilmenau
Zentner, LenaTU Ilmenau
Boehm, ValterOTH Regensburg
17:00-17:10, Paper TuBT1.4 Add to My Program
 Design of a Flexible Robot Arm for Safe Aerial Physical Interaction

Mellet, JulienUniversity of Naples Federico II
Berra, AndreaFADA-CATEC
Seisa, Achilleas SantiLulea University of Technology
Sankaranarayanan, Viswa NarayananLulea University of Techonology
Udayanga, Kashita Niranjan Gangoda Withana GamageDanish Technical University
Trujillo Soto, Miguel AngelCenter for Advanced Aerospace Technologies
Heredia, GuillermoUniversity of Seville
Nikolakopoulos, GeorgeLuleå University of Technology
Lippiello, VincenzoUniversity of Naples FEDERICO II
Ruggiero, FabioUniversità Di Napoli Federico II
17:10-17:20, Paper TuBT1.5 Add to My Program
 Design Optimization of a Soft Gripper Using Self-Contacts

Navez, TanguyUniversity of Lille - INRIA
Liévin, BaptisteCentre Inria De l'Université De LIlle
Peyron, QuentinInria and CRIStAL UMR CNRS 9189, University of Lille
Escaida Navarro, StefanUniversidad De O'Higgins
Goury, OlivierInria - Grenoble Alpes
Duriez, ChristianINRIA
17:20-17:30, Paper TuBT1.6 Add to My Program
 A Study on Pressure Modulation for Biomimetic Fine Manipulation for Soft Robots

Sirithunge, ChapaUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
Zhang, XiaopingNorth China University of Technology
Hughes, JosieEPFL




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