2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integrations Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan. January 11 - 14, 2021
2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII)
January 11-14, 2021, Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan

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Last updated on January 18, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

SII 2021 Keyword Index

A   B   C   D   E   F   H   I   L   M   N   P   R   S   V   W  

Automation SystemsThA1.6, ThA1.7, TuC1.1, TuC1.3, TuC2.1, TuC2.2, TuC2.3, TuC2.4
Automation systemsTuC2.5
Automation SystemsTuC2.6, TuD1.5, TuD4.2, TuD4.4, WeB1.3, WeB1.4, WeB2.6, WeB4.2, WeC1.1, WeC1.2, WeC2.3, WeD1.4, WeD_VD5.2, WeD_VD5.6, WeD_VD5.8
Autonomous Vehicle NavigationThA_VD4.2, ThA_VD4.3, ThA_VD4.4, ThA_VD4.5, ThA_VD4.7, ThB1.1, ThB1.2, ThB1.3, ThB1.4, ThB1.5, ThB3.5, ThC_VD4.1, TuC1.2, TuC1.4, TuC4.2, TuD1.1, TuD1.3, TuD4.2, TuD4.4, TuD4.6, WeB1.3, WeB1.6, WeC1.5, WeD_VD5.5, WeD_VD5.7
Biologically-Inspired Robotic SystemsThC_VD4.6, TuC3.1, TuC3.2, TuD3.4, WeD3.4
BiomimeticsThC_VD4.6, TuC3.2, TuC3.3, WeC4.1, WeD3.1
Building AutomationTuD2.1
Control Theory and TechnologyThA1.2, ThA1.3, ThA3.1, ThA3.2, ThA3.3, ThA3.4, ThA3.5, ThA3.6, ThB2.4, ThB3.5, TuC2.6, TuD2.4, TuD2.5, TuD4.5, WeB3.1, WeC1.4, WeC2.2, WeD1.1, WeD1.3
Decision Making SystemsThA2.5, ThA3.2, ThC_VD4.7
Decision making systemsTuC2.5
Decision Making SystemsTuD2.3, TuD4.2, TuD4.6, WeB2.5
Enterprise Resource Planning SystemsWeD2.3
Entertainment SystemsThC_VD4.2
Environment / Ecological SystemsWeC4.2, WeC4.3
Environment Monitoring and ManagementThA_VD4.1, ThB1.1, ThC_VD4.7, TuC4.3, TuD4.3, WeB4.4, WeC4.2, WeC4.3, WeD3.1
Factory AutomationThA1.6, TuC2.3, TuC2.4, TuC2.6, WeD_VD5.2, WeD_VD5.3, WeD_VD5.4
Formal Methods in System IntegrationThA3.1, ThA_VD4.7, ThC_VD4.3, TuD4.6, WeB4.5, WeC3.1
Hardware PlatformThA1.5, ThA2.2, ThB2.6, ThB_VD4.8, TuC4.5, WeC2.5, WeD_VD5.5
Human Factors and Human-in-the-LoopThB2.1, ThB2.3, ThC_VD4.2, TuD2.6, WeB3.4, WeB3.5
Human InterfaceThB2.2, ThB2.3, ThB2.4, ThB2.5, ThB2.6, ThB_VD4.2, TuC4.4, TuC4.6, TuD1.4, TuD3.4, TuD3.5, WeD1.4
Human-Robot Cooperation/CollaborationThB3.3, TuC3.4, TuD1.4, TuD3.1, TuD3.2, WeB2.1
Human-Robot/System InteractionThB2.2, ThB2.4, ThB2.5, ThB2.6, ThB3.3, ThC_VD4.5, ThC_VD4.7, TuC4.6, TuD3.2, TuD3.3, TuD4.4, WeB2.3, WeB2.4, WeB4.1, WeB4.3, WeC2.2, WeD1.1, WeD1.3, WeD3.2, WeD3.3, WeD3.5
Integration PlatformThC_VD4.4, WeC2.1, WeC2.3, WeC2.4, WeC2.5, WeD2.1, WeD_VD5.1, WeD_VD5.7, WeD_VD5.8
Intelligent and Flexible ManufacturingTuD2.4, WeD_VD5.2, WeD_VD5.4
Intelligent Transportation SystemsThA1.1, ThA_VD4.2, ThA_VD4.5, ThA_VD4.6, ThB1.1, WeD_VD5.1
Logistics SystemsWeB2.5
Machine LearningThA_VD4.2, ThA_VD4.3, ThA_VD4.6, ThB1.3, ThB1.4, ThB1.5, ThB_VD4.6, ThC_VD4.6, ThC_VD4.8, TuC1.1, TuC1.2, TuC1.3, TuC1.5, TuC1.6, TuC3.2, TuD1.2, TuD1.3, TuD1.4, TuD2.1, TuD2.2, TuD2.3, TuD2.4, TuD2.5, TuD2.6, WeB1.1, WeB1.5, WeB2.1, WeB2.2, WeB2.4, WeB4.2, WeB4.3, WeB4.4, WeC1.3, WeC1.6
Mechanism DesignThA1.1, ThA1.6, ThA1.7, ThA3.6, ThB_VD4.8, TuD4.3, WeB2.6, WeB3.3
Mechatronics SystemsThA1.1, ThA1.2, ThA1.3, ThA1.4, ThA1.5, ThA3.1, ThA3.6, ThB3.2, TuC4.5, WeB2.6, WeC2.3, WeD3.2, WeD_VD5.4
Medical SystemsThB_VD4.3
Micro/Nano SystemsTuC3.3
Modeling and Simulating HumansWeB3.5, WeD3.5
Motion and Path PlanningThA2.2, ThA3.5, ThA_VD4.7, ThB3.2, ThB3.5, ThB_VD4.2, TuC1.4, TuD2.2, WeB1.4, WeC1.4, WeD1.1, WeD_VD5.3
Multi-Modal PerceptionThA2.1, ThB1.2, WeB1.2, WeB2.3, WeB2.4, WeC3.1
Multi-Robot SystemsThA2.4, ThB3.1, WeD_VD5.1
Network SystemsWeD2.1, WeD2.2
Plant EngineeringTuC4.5
Rehabilitation SystemsThB_VD4.3, WeB3.1, WeC3.3, WeC3.4, WeD3.2, WeD3.4
Robotics technologyTuC2.5
Sensor FusionThA2.1, ThA2.4, ThA_VD4.4, ThB1.2, ThB_VD4.5, ThB_VD4.7, TuC1.1, TuC1.4, TuC4.2, TuC4.7, TuD1.5, TuD2.3, WeB1.2, WeB1.5, WeB4.5, WeC1.5, WeC2.4, WeD1.2, WeD1.3
Sensor NetworksTuD2.1, WeB2.2, WeC4.2
Soft RoboticsThB_VD4.2, TuC3.3, TuC3.4, TuD4.7, WeB3.3
Software PlatformThC_VD4.3, ThC_VD4.4, TuD2.5, WeC2.1, WeD2.1, WeD2.2
Software, Middleware and Programming EnvironmentsThA2.5, ThA_VD4.1, ThC_VD4.3, ThC_VD4.4, TuD2.2, TuD3.3, WeC2.1, WeC2.2, WeC2.5, WeD2.2, WeD3.3
Surveillance SystemsThB_VD4.1, WeC1.2, WeC4.1
System SimulationThA1.2, ThA2.5, ThA3.5, ThC_VD4.5, TuC4.1, TuD3.2, TuD4.3, WeB1.6, WeB4.1, WeD2.3
Systems for Field ApplicationsThA1.3, ThA1.7, ThA2.3, ThB1.3, TuC1.6, TuC2.1, TuC4.6, TuD1.1, TuD1.2, TuD1.3, TuD1.5, TuD4.1, TuD4.5, TuD4.7, WeB4.2, WeC1.3, WeD_VD5.6, WeD_VD5.7
Systems for Search and Rescue ApplicationsWeB4.4, WeB4.5, WeC4.1
Systems for Service/Assistive ApplicationsThA2.3, ThA_VD4.1, ThA_VD4.8, ThB2.5, ThB3.4, ThB_VD4.6, ThC_VD4.5, TuC1.5, TuD2.6, TuD3.5, WeB2.5, WeC3.1, WeC3.2, WeC3.3, WeD1.2, WeD1.5, WeD3.3, WeD3.5
Virtual Reality and InterfacesThB2.3, ThB_VD4.4, ThC_VD4.1, ThC_VD4.2, TuD3.3, WeB2.3, WeC2.4
Vision SystemsThA2.1, ThA2.2, ThA_VD4.3, ThA_VD4.4, ThA_VD4.5, ThA_VD4.6, ThA_VD4.8, ThB1.5, ThB_VD4.1, ThB_VD4.6, ThB_VD4.7, ThB_VD4.8, ThC_VD4.1, TuC1.2, TuC1.3, TuC1.5, TuC2.1, TuC2.4, TuC4.1, TuC4.2, TuC4.7, TuD1.2, TuD4.1, WeB1.1, WeB1.2, WeB1.3, WeB1.4, WeB1.5, WeB1.6, WeB3.1, WeC1.1, WeC1.2, WeC1.3, WeC1.4, WeC1.5, WeC1.6, WeC3.2, WeD1.2, WeD1.4, WeD_VD5.3, WeD_VD5.6, WeD_VD5.8
Welfare systemsThA2.3, ThA_VD4.8, WeB2.1, WeB2.2, WeB3.2, WeB3.3, WeB3.4, WeB3.5, WeC3.2, WeC3.3, WeC3.4, WeD1.5, WeD3.1, WeD3.4




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