30th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication VIRTUAL, AUGUST 8 – 12, 2021
2021 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)
August 8-12, 2021, All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)

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Last updated on August 3, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ROMAN 2021 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   H   I   L   M   N   P   R   S   U   V  

Affective ComputingMoP1T1.2, TuI2T3.3, TuI3T2.2, TuI3T4.2, WeP4T3.4
Anthropomorphic Robots and Virtual HumansMoI1T3.1, MoI1T4.3, TuI2T1.6, WeP3T1.2, WeP4T4.2
Applications of Social RobotsMoI1T2.6, MoI1T4.5, MoP1T1.3, MoP1T3.1, TuI3T2.1, TuI3T2.2, TuI3T2.3, TuI3T2.4, TuI3T2.7, TuP2T1.6, TuP2T2.3, TuP2T3.1, TuP2T3.6, WeI4T3.5, WeP3T1.7, WeP3T3.1, WeP3T3.2, WeP3T3.3, WeP3T3.4, WeP3T3.5, WeP3T3.6, WeP4T3.2
Art pieces supported by roboticsWeP4T2.1
Assistive RoboticsMoI1T3.2, MoI1T4.2, MoK1N.1, MoP1T2.5, MoP1T4.3, TuI2T3.2, TuI2T5.1, TuI2T5.3, TuI3T2.2, TuI3T2.4, TuI3T3.3, TuI3T4.3, TuP2T2.1, TuP2T2.2, TuP2T2.3, TuP2T2.4, TuP2T2.5, TuP2T2.6, TuP2T3.4, TuP2T3.5, WeI4T2.1, WeI4T2.2, WeI4T2.3, WeI4T2.4, WeI4T4.2, WeK4N.1, WeP3T1.3, WeP3T1.5, WeP3T4.3, WeP4T1.2, WeP4T3.3, WeP4T3.5
Child-Robot InteractionTuI2T4.3, TuI3T2.5, TuI3T2.6, TuP2T3.1, TuP2T3.2, TuP2T3.3, TuP2T3.4, TuP2T3.5, TuP2T3.6, WeI4T2.5, WeP3T1.3, WeP3T1.4, WeP3T1.6
Cognitive and Sensorimotor DevelopmentTuI3T2.5, TuK3N.1
Cognitive Skills and Mental ModelsTuI3T3.1, TuI3T3.2, TuI3T3.3, TuP2T4.5, WeP4T3.6
Computational ArchitecturesTuI3T3.1, TuI3T3.4
Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot TeamsMoI1T1.1, MoI1T1.2, MoI1T1.5, MoI1T2.1, MoI1T2.2, MoI1T2.3, MoI1T4.5, MoP1T2.1, MoP1T2.3, MoP1T3.1, MoP1T3.2, MoP1T4.1, MoP1T4.2, TuI2T1.2, TuI2T5.2, TuI3T1.3, TuP2T1.3, TuP2T1.4, TuP2T1.5, TuP2T2.5, TuP2T3.1, TuP2T4.5, WeI4T3.5, WeI4T5.4, WeP3T2.1, WeP3T2.2, WeP3T2.3, WeP3T2.4, WeP3T2.5, WeP3T2.6, WeP4T1.1, WeP4T1.3, WeP4T1.4, WeP4T2.2, WeP4T2.5
Creating Human-Robot RelationshipsMoI1T2.3, MoI1T2.4, MoI1T2.5, MoI1T2.6, MoP1T1.1, MoP1T2.4, TuI2T1.1, TuI2T1.3, TuI2T5.1, TuI3T1.6, TuI3T1.7, TuI3T3.2, TuI3T5.2, TuP2T2.2, TuP2T2.3, TuP2T3.5, WeP3T4.1, WeP3T4.5, WeP4T3.4
Curiosity, Intentionality and Initiative in InteractionMoI1T2.1, TuI2T1.4, WeI4T1.4, WeI4T3.7, WeP3T1.6, WeP3T2.2
Degrees of Autonomy and TeleoperationMoP1T2.2, MoP1T3.2, MoP1T4.1, TuI2T2.4, TuI2T2.5, TuI2T5.1, TuI2T5.2, TuI2T5.3, TuI2T5.4, TuI3T1.3, TuP2T2.4, TuP2T4.6, WeP3T3.2
Detecting and Understanding Human ActivityMoI1T1.2, MoI1T1.4, MoI1T3.4, MoP1T2.5, MoP1T4.5, TuI2T4.1, TuI2T4.2, TuI2T4.3, TuI3T2.3, TuP2T4.3, WeI4T3.2, WeI4T5.4, WeP3T1.4, WeP3T3.1, WeP4T4.1, WeP4T4.2, WeP4T4.3, WeP4T4.4, WeP4T4.5, WeP4T4.6
Embodiment, Empathy and IntersubjectivityTuI2T1.6, TuI3T1.4
Ethical Issues in Human-robot Interaction ResearchMoK2N.0, MoP1T1.4, MoP1T2.3, TuI3T1.1, TuI3T1.2, TuI3T1.4, WeP3T2.5
Evaluation MethodsMoI1T3.1, TuI2T2.5, TuI2T4.3, TuI3T3.1, TuP2T2.6, WeI4T4.2, WeI4T4.3
HRI and Collaboration in Manufacturing EnvironmentsMoI1T1.3, MoI1T2.1, MoP1T3.1, MoP1T3.2, MoP1T3.3, MoP1T3.4, MoP1T3.5, MoP1T3.6, TuI2T2.3, TuI2T3.2, TuI2T5.3, TuI3T1.5, TuI3T4.1, TuP2T1.1, TuP2T1.3, TuP2T1.4, TuP2T1.5, WeI4T4.2, WeP4T1.1, WeP4T1.2, WeP4T1.3, WeP4T1.4, WeP4T2.4, WeP4T4.2
Human Factors and ErgonomicsTuI2T2.1, TuI2T3.2, TuI3T1.3, TuI3T1.5, TuP2T2.1, WeP3T2.2, WeP4T1.2
Innovative Robot DesignsTuI2T3.1, TuP2T1.6, WeI4T3.6, WeP3T2.4, WeP4T1.3
Interaction KinesicsMoI1T4.6, TuP2T1.4
Interaction with Believable CharactersMoI1T4.3, WeP3T2.1
Linguistic Communication and DialogueMoI1T3.3, MoP1T4.3, TuI3T4.1, TuI3T4.2, TuI3T4.3, WeI4T1.4
Long-term Experience and Longitudinal HRI StudiesTuI3T1.7, WeI4T1.3, WeP3T3.6, WeP3T4.5
Machine Learning and AdaptationMoI1T1.1, MoI1T4.1, MoP1T2.6, MoP1T3.3, TuI2T4.1, TuI2T4.4, TuI2T4.5, TuI2T5.4, TuP2T4.1, TuP2T4.2, TuP2T4.3, TuP2T4.4, TuP2T4.5, TuP2T4.6, WeI4T3.2, WeI4T3.3, WeI4T3.7, WeP4T4.3, WeP4T4.5
Medical and Surgical ApplicationsTuI2T4.4, WeI4T2.1, WeI4T3.1, WeI4T3.2, WeI4T3.3
Monitoring of Behaviour and Internal States of HumansMoI1T1.5, MoI1T2.6, MoI1T2.7, MoP1T3.5, WeI4T1.1, WeP3T1.4, WeP3T1.7, WeP3T2.3, WeP3T3.3
Motion Planning and Navigation in Human-Centered EnvironmentsMoI1T1.1, MoI1T1.2, MoI1T1.3, MoI1T1.4, MoI1T3.2, MoI1T3.6, MoI1T4.1, MoP1T4.1, MoP1T4.2, MoP1T4.3, MoP1T4.4, MoP1T4.5, MoP1T4.6, TuI2T1.5, TuI2T4.5, TuP2T1.2, TuP2T1.3, TuP2T2.5, TuP2T4.1, WeI4T1.5, WeP3T1.5, WeP3T2.6, WeP4T1.1
Motivations and Emotions in RoboticsMoP1T1.2, TuI2T1.7, WeI4T1.2, WeP4T2.3
Multi-modal Situation Awareness and Spatial CognitionMoI1T1.4, TuI3T3.3, TuI3T3.5, WeI4T5.1
Multimodal Interaction and Conversational SkillsMoI1T3.3, MoI1T3.5, MoI1T4.7, MoP1T3.3, MoP1T4.4, TuI2T1.3, TuI3T1.2, TuI3T2.7, TuP2T4.2, WeI4T5.4, WeP4T2.6
Narrative and Story-telling in InteractionTuI2T1.7, WeI4T1.2, WeI4T3.4, WeI4T3.6
Non-verbal Cues and ExpressivenessMoI1T4.6, MoP1T1.3, MoP1T1.5, MoP1T4.4, TuI3T2.7, TuI3T5.2, WeI4T3.4, WeI4T5.1, WeI4T5.2, WeP3T3.1, WeP3T4.4, WeP4T2.1, WeP4T2.2, WeP4T2.3, WeP4T2.4, WeP4T2.5, WeP4T2.6
Novel Interfaces and Interaction ModalitiesMoI1T2.7, MoI1T4.4, MoP1T3.6, TuI2T2.2, TuI2T2.3, TuI2T3.3, TuI2T5.4, WeI4T1.1, WeI4T2.4, WeI4T4.1, WeI4T5.2, WeI4T5.3, WeP3T2.3, WeP4T2.6, WeP4T4.5, WeP4T4.6
Personalities for Robotic or Virtual CharactersMoI1T2.5, MoI1T3.1, MoP1T1.3, TuI2T1.1, TuI2T1.2, TuI2T1.4, TuI3T4.2
Philosophical Issues in Human-Robot CoexistenceMoP1T1.4, TuI2T1.4, TuI3T1.4, TuI3T1.5, TuI3T1.6
Programming by DemonstrationMoI1T4.1, MoI1T4.2, MoI1T4.3, MoI1T4.4, TuP2T2.4, TuP2T4.1, TuP2T4.3, TuP2T4.6, WeI4T2.6
Robot Companions and Social RobotsMoI1T2.4, MoI1T2.5, MoP1T1.1, TuI2T1.5, TuI2T4.5, TuI3T1.2, TuI3T1.6, TuI3T1.7, TuI3T4.3, TuI3T5.1, TuP2T2.2, TuP2T3.2, WeI4T1.3, WeI4T2.1, WeI4T3.4, WeI4T4.1, WeP3T1.2, WeP3T2.1, WeP3T3.2, WeP3T3.6, WeP3T4.1, WeP3T4.2, WeP3T4.3, WeP3T4.4, WeP3T4.5, WeP3T4.6, WeP4T2.3, WeP4T3.2, WeP4T3.5
Robotic EtiquetteMoI1T3.4, MoP1T1.1, MoP1T4.5, TuI2T1.1, TuI2T1.5, WeI4T1.5, WeP3T4.4
Robots in art and entertainmentWeI4T3.5, WeI4T3.6, WeI4T3.7, WeP4T2.1
Robots in Education, Therapy and RehabilitationMoP1T2.1, MoP1T2.2, MoP1T2.3, MoP1T2.4, MoP1T2.5, MoP1T2.6, TuI2T2.2, TuI3T2.5, TuI3T2.6, TuP2T3.2, TuP2T3.4, TuP2T3.6, WeI4T2.5, WeI4T2.6, WeI4T3.1, WeP3T1.6, WeP3T1.7, WeP3T3.3, WeP3T3.4, WeP3T4.3, WeP4T3.3, WeP4T4.6
Social Intelligence for RobotsMoI1T3.2, MoI1T3.3, MoI1T3.4, MoI1T3.5, MoI1T3.6, MoP1T1.2, MoP1T1.5, MoP1T2.6, MoP1T4.6, TuI2T4.1, TuI3T2.3, TuI3T3.5, TuI3T5.2, WeI4T5.1, WeP3T1.2, WeP3T2.5, WeP3T4.6, WeP4T3.6, WeP4T4.1
Social Learning and Skill Acquisition Via Teaching and ImitationMoI1T2.7, MoI1T4.5, MoI1T4.6, MoI1T4.7, MoP1T1.5, TuI3T2.6, WeI4T2.6, WeP4T4.1
Social Presence for Robots and Virtual HumansMoP1T3.5, TuI2T1.6, WeI4T5.3, WeP3T4.6
Social Touch in Human–Robot InteractionMoI1T3.6, MoP1T2.4, TuP2T2.6, WeI4T1.5, WeI4T4.1, WeP3T4.2
Sound design for robotsTuI2T3.3, TuI3T4.1, TuI3T5.1
Storytelling in HRIMoP1T2.2
User-centered Design of RobotsMoI1T1.5, MoI1T3.5, MoI1T4.2, MoP1T1.4, TuI2T1.3, TuI2T1.7, TuI2T2.1, TuI2T2.4, TuI3T3.5, TuI3T5.1, TuP2T2.1, WeI4T1.1, WeI4T1.2, WeI4T1.3, WeI4T1.4, WeI4T2.3, WeI4T2.4, WeI4T2.5, WeP3T1.3, WeP3T1.5, WeP3T2.4, WeP3T4.1, WeP4T2.2, WeP4T3.1, WeP4T3.2, WeP4T3.3, WeP4T3.4, WeP4T3.5, WeP4T3.6
Virtual and Augmented Tele-presence EnvironmentsMoP1T3.6, TuI2T1.2, TuI2T2.1, TuI2T2.2, TuI2T2.3, TuI2T2.4, TuI2T2.5, TuI2T4.2, TuI2T5.2, WeI4T4.3, WeP3T3.4




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