30th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication VIRTUAL, AUGUST 8 – 12, 2021
2021 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)
August 8-12, 2021, All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)

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Last updated on August 3, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday August 11, 2021

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Inclusive HRI - Special Session at RO-MAN 2021 Special Session
Chair: Lim, AngelicaSimon Fraser University
Co-Chair: Ferreira, JandersonUniversidade De Pernambuco
Organizer: Lim, AngelicaSimon Fraser University
Organizer: chandra, shrutiUniversity of Waterloo
Organizer: Kang, JuneKorea University, Empathy Research Institute
Organizer: Ferreira, JandersonUniversidade De Pernambuco
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.2 
A Preliminary Study on Reading the Mind in the Eyes of the Robot (I)

Kang, JuneKorea University, Empathy Research Institute
Park, Yeo EunKorea University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.3 
User-Centered Social Robot Design: Involving Children with Special Needs in an Online World (I)

Mahdi, HamzaUniversity of Waterloo
Saleh, ShahedUniversity of Waterloo
Sanoubari, ElahehUniversity of Waterloo
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniversity of Waterloo
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.4 
Detection of Challenging Behaviours of Children with Autism Using Wearable Sensors During Interactions with Social Robots (I)

Yousef Qadeib Alban, AhmadQatar Univerity
Ayesh, MalekQatar University
Alhaddad, Ahmad YaserQatar University
Al-Ali, AbdulazizQatar University
So, Wing CheeChinese University of Hong Kong
Connor, Olcay B.Step by Step Centre for Special Needs
Cabibihan, John-JohnQatar University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.5 
Use of Human Computation for Coordinating Robotic Mobility Aids Based on User Impairments (I)

Saul, HeikkiTohoku University
Hirata, YasuhisaTohoku University
Weng, Yueh-HsuanTohoku University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.6 
Using Educational Robotics to Foster Girls’ Interest in STEM: A Systematic Review (I)

Pedersen, BjarkeUniversity of Southern Denmark
Weigelin, Bente CharlotteUniversity of Southern Denmark
Larsen, JørgenUniversity of Southern Denmark
Nielsen, JacobUniversity of Southern Denmark
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T1.7 
Personalizing User Engagement Dynamics in a Non-Verbal Communication Game for Cerebral Palsy (I)

Dennler, NathanielUniversity of Southern California
Yunis, CatherineUniversity of Southern California
Realmuto, JonathanUniveristy of Southern California
Sanger, Terence DavidUniversity of Southern California
Nikolaidis, StefanosUniversity of Southern California
Mataric, MajaUniversity of Southern California
Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams Panel Session
Chair: Sciutti, AlessandraItalian Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Caleb-Solly, PramindaUniversity of the West of England
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.1 
The Difference between Trust Measurement and Behavior: Investigating the Effect of Personalizing a Robot's Appearance on Trust in HRI

Adamik, MarkAalborg University
Dudzinska, KarolinaAalborg University
Herskind, Adrian JohannesAalborg University
Rehm, MatthiasAalborg University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.2 
Collaboratively Framed Interactions Increase the Adoption of Intentional Stance towards Robots

Abubshait, AbdulazizItalian Institute of Technology
Perez-Osorio, JairoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
De Tommaso, DavideIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Wykowska, AgnieszkaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.3 
Human-Robot Trust Assessment Using Top-Down Visual Tracking after Robot Task Execution Mistakes

Hald, KasperAalborg University
Rehm, MatthiasAalborg University
Moeslund, Thomas B.Aalborg University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.4 
Design and Experimental Evaluation of Foldable Robot Arms for a Holding and Installation Work: FRAHI

Suthar, BhivrajChungnam National University
Choi, YejinChungnam National University
Jung, SeulChungnam National University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.5 
Unfair! Perceptions of Fairness in Human-Robot Teams

Chang, Mai LeeUniversity of Texas at Austin
Trafton, GregNaval Research Laboratory
Thomaz, Andrea LockerdUniversity of Texas at Austin
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T2.6 
User-Friendly Smartphone Interface to Share Knowledge in Human-Robot Collaborative Search Tasks

Dominguez-Vidal, Jose EnriqueInstitut De Robòtica I Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC
Torres-Rodríguez, Iván JesúsInstitut De Robòtica I Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC
Garrell, AnaisUPC-CSIC
Sanfeliu, AlbertoUniversitat Politècnica De Cataluyna
Applications of Social Robots 2 Panel Session
Chair: Mead, RossSemio
Co-Chair: Tatarian, KarenSoftBank Robotics and Sorbonne University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.1 
Analyzing Human-Robot Trust in Police Work Using a Teleoperated Communicative Robot

Bordbar, FareedThe University of Alabama
Salehzadeh, RoyaThe University of Alabama
Cousin, ChristianThe University of Alabama
Griffin, DarrinThe University of Alabama
Jalili, NaderThe University of Alabama
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.2 
Exploring Possibilities of Social Robot's Interactive Services in the Case of a Hotel Room

Nakanishi, JunyaOsaka Univ
Hazama, TomohisaOsaka University
Baba, JunCyberAgent, Inc
Song, SichaoCyberAgent Inc
Yoshikawa, YuichiroOsaka University
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.3 
Can Robots Be Bullied? a Crowdsourced Feasibility Study for Using Social Robots in Anti-Bullying Interventions

Sanoubari, ElahehUniversity of Waterloo
Young, James EverettUniversity of Manitoba
Houston, AndrewUniversity of Waterloo
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniversity of Waterloo
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.4 
Teleoperated Robot Coaching for Mindfulness Training: A Longitudinal Study

Bodala, Indu PrasadUniversity of Cambridge
Churamani, NikhilUniversity of Cambridge
Gunes, HaticeUniversity of Cambridge
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.5 
A Robot-Delivered Program for Low-Intensity Problem-Solving Therapy for Students in Higher Education

Robinson, Nicole LeeMonash University
Ward, BelindaQueensland University of Technology
Kavanagh, DavidQueensland University of Technology
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T3.6 
An Empirical Study of How Much a Social Robot Increases the Rate of Valid Responses in a Questionnaire Survey

Natori, TaigaUniversity of Tsukuba
Iio, TakamasaDoshisha University
Robot Companions and Social Robots Panel Session
Chair: van Maris, AnoukBristol Robotics Laboratory, UWE Bristol
Co-Chair: Inamura, TetsunariNational Institute of Informatics
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.1 
Exploring the Applicability of the Socially Assistive Robot Stevie in a Day Center for People with Dementia

Taylor, Lloyd JamesUniversity of Plymouth
downing, angelaReflections
Aguiar Noury, GabrielUniversity of Plymouth
Masala, Giovanni Luca ChristianManchester Metropolitan University
Palomino, Marco A.University of Plymouth
McGinn, ConorTrinity College Dublin
Jones, RayCentre for Health Technology
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.2 
Does a Wearing Change Perception Toward a Robot?

Matsunaga, NatsukiATR
Shiomi, MasahiroATR
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.3 
An Interactive Response Strategy Involving a Robot Avatar in a Video Conference System for Reducing the Stress of Response Time Management in Communication

Mehmood, FaisalGraduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Osaka
Mahzoon, HamedOsaka University
Yoshikawa, YuichiroOsaka University
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.4 
To Move or Not to Move? Social Acceptability of Robot Proxemics Behavior Depending on User Emotion

Petrak, BjörnAugsburg University
Stapels, JuliaBielefeld University
Weitz, KatharinaAugsburg University
Eyssel, FriederikeBielefeld University
Andre, ElisabethAugsburg University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.5 
Pandemic Effects on Social Companion Robot Use in Care Homes

Thunberg, SofiaLinköping University
Ziemke, TomLinkoping University
08:30-09:15, Paper WeP3T4.6 
Shaping Affective Robot Haru's Reactive Response

Vasylkiv, YuriiUniversity of Manitoba
Zhen, MaOcean University of China
Li, GuangliangOcean University of China
Brock, HeikeHonda Research Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
Nakamura, KeisukeHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd
Irani, PourangUniversity of Manitoba
Gomez, RandyHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd
Keynote 4 -- Goldie Nejat Keynote Session
Chair: Smith, Stephen L.University of Waterloo
09:30-10:30, Paper WeK4N.1 
Growing Old with Socially Assistive Robots: Intelligent Robots That Can Help with Everyday Tasks

Nejat, GoldieUniversity of Toronto
Safe and Acceptable Human-Robot Collaboration Special Session
Chair: Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU
Co-Chair: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
Organizer: Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU
Organizer: Faroni, MarcoNational Research Council of Italy
Organizer: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T1.1 
Anytime Informed Path Re-Planning and Optimization for Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Tonola, CesareNational Research Council of Italy (CNR)
Faroni, MarcoNational Research Council of Italy
Pedrocchi, NicolaNational Research Council of Italy (CNR)
Beschi, ManuelNational Research Council of Italy
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T1.2 
Modular System Design Approach for Online Ergonomics Assessment in Agile Production Environment (I)

Eichler, PaulFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW
Rashid, AquibFraunhofer IWU
Al Naser, IbrahimFraunhofer Institute
Halim, JayantoFraunhofer IWU
Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T1.3 
Simplifying the A.I. Planning Modeling for Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Foderaro, ElisaISTC-CNR
Cesta, AmedeoCNR -- National Research Council of Italy, ISTC
Umbrico, AlessandroNational Research Council of Italy
Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T1.4 
A Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Human Multi-Robot Task Allocation (I)

Lippi, MartinaUniversity of Roma Tre
Marino, AlessandroUniversity of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Non-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness 1 Panel Session
Chair: Sanchez Restrepo, SusanaUniversity of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, Interactive Robotics Laboratory (LRI), CEA-List
Co-Chair: Caleb-Solly, PramindaUniversity of the West of England
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.1 
What’s in a Face? the Effect of Faces in Human Robot Interaction

gurung, neeluUniversity of Canberra
Grant, Janie BusbyUniversity of Canberra
Herath, Damith ChandanaUniversity of Canberra
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.2 
Understanding Robots: Making Robots More Legible in Multi-Party Interactions

Faria, MiguelINESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon
Melo, Francisco S.Instituto Superior Tecnico
Paiva, AnaINESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico, TechnicalUniversity Of
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.3 
Designing and Validating Expressive Cozmo Behaviors for Accurately Conveying Emotions

Chan, Lilian C.Oregon State University
Zhang, Brian JohnOregon State University
Fitter, Naomi T.Oregon State University
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.4 
Discrepancies between Designs of Robot Communicative Styles and Their Perceived Assertiveness

McKenzie-McHarg, LukeMonash University
Kulic, DanaMonash University
Tian, LeiminMonash University
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.5 
Maximizing Legibility in Stochastic Environments

Miura, ShuwaUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Cohen, AndrewDepartment of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Ma
Zilberstein, ShlomoUniversity of Massachusetts
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T2.6 
Remote Video Conversation System "PARAPPA": Delivering the Gesture and Body Posture with Rotary Screen

Ijuin, KokiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Ogata, KunihiroNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Watanabe, KentaroNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Miwa, HiroyasuNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
YAMAMOTO, YOSHINOBUThe University of Fukuchiyama
User-Centered Design of Robots 1 Panel Session
Chair: Yeung, CynthiaDiligent Robotics
Co-Chair: Weiss, AstridTU Wien
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.1 
Towards User-Centric Robot Furniture Arrangement

Fallatah, Abrar Abdulrahman OOregon State University
Stoddard, BrettOregon State University
Burnett, MargaretOregon State University
Knight, HeatherOregon State University
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.2 
Social Robotic Application to Support Active and Healthy Ageing

Cooper, SaraPAL Robotics
Di Fava, AlessandroPAL Robotics SL
Villacañas, OscarClinica Humana
Silva, TatianaTree Technology SA
Fernandez-Carbajales Cañete, VíctorTreelogic
Unzueta, LuisVicomtech Foundation, Basque Research and Technology Alliance (B
Serras, ManexVicomtech
Marchionni, LucaPal Robotics SL
Ferro, FrancescoPAL Robotics
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.3 
Participatory Design of a Robotic Mental Well-Being Coach

Axelsson, MinjaUniversity of Cambridge
Bodala, Indu PrasadUniversity of Cambridge
Gunes, HaticeUniversity of Cambridge
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.4 
”How Are You Today, Panda?” – Affectiveness, Playfulness and Relatedness in Human-Robot Collaboration in the Factory Context

Chowdhury, AparajitaTampere University
Ahtinen, AinoTampere University
Pieters, Roel S.Tampere University
Vaananen, KaisaTampere University
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.5 
“What Does Your Robot Do?” a Tabletop Role-Playing Game to Support Robot Design

Collins, SawyerIndiana University Bloomington
Sabanovic, SelmaIndiana University Bloomington
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T3.6 
The Influence of Robot's Unexpected Behavior on Individual Cognitive Performance

LI, YOUDITokyo Metropolitan University
Sato-Shimokawara, EriTokyo Metropolitan University
Yamaguchi, ToruTokyo Metropolitan University
Detecting and Understanding Human Activity 2 Panel Session
Chair: Valdés, Bulmaro A.Simon Fraser University
Co-Chair: Ayub, AliThe Pennsylvania State University
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.1 
A Minimalistic Approach to User Group Adaptation of Robot Behaviors Using Movement and Speech Analysis

Frederiksen, Morten RoedIT-University of Copenhagen
Stoy, KasperIT University of Copenhagen
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.2 
Human Arm Motion Prediction in Reaching Movements

Nguyen, AlexanderUniversity of Texas at Austin
Xie, BiyunUniversity of Kentucky
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.3 
HOIsim: Synthesizing Realistic 3D Human-Object Interaction Data for Human Activity Recognition

Zakour, MarsilTechnical University of Munich
Mellouli, AlaeddineHuman-Assistive Ambient Intelligence Group, Chair of Media Techn
Chaudhari, RahulTechnische Universitaet Muenchen
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.4 
Predicted Information Gain and Convolutional Neural Network for Prediction of Gait Periods Using a Wearable Sensors Network

Martinez-Hernandez, UrielUniversity of Bath
Rubio-Solis, AdrianUniversity College London
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.5 
Spatiotemporal 2D Skeleton-Based Image for Dynamic Gesture Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Paulo, JoãoUniversity of Coimbra
Garrote, Luís CarlosInstitute of Systems and Robotics, University of Coimbra
Nunes, Urbano J.Instituto De Sistemas E Robotica
Peixoto, PauloUniversity of Coimbra
10:30-11:15, Paper WeP4T4.6 
Human Motion Retargeting to Pepper Humanoid Robot from Uncalibrated Videos Using Human Pose Estimation

Khalil, HishamMalaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology
Coronado, EnriqueTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Venture, GentianeTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
User-Centered Design of Robots 2 Interactive Session
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T1.1 
How Do We Feel? User Perceptions of a Soft Robot Surface for Regulating Human Emotion in Confined Living Spaces

Sabinson, ElenaCornell University
Green, Keith EvanCornell University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T1.2 
Extrapolating Significance of Text-Based Autonomous Vehicle Scenarios to Multimedia Scenarios and Implications for User-Centered Design

Robinson, Kwame PorterUniversity of Michigan
Robert, LionelUniversity of Michigan
Eglash, RonUniversity of Michigan
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T1.3 
Long-Term Co-Design Guidelines: Empowering Older Adults As Co-Designers of Social Robots

Ostrowski, Anastasia K.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Breazeal, CynthiaMIT
Park, Hae WonMIT
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T1.4 
Unpacking Human Teachers’ Intentions for Natural Interactive Task Learning

Ramaraj, PreetiUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ortiz, CharlesPalo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Mohan, ShiwaliPalo Alto Research Center
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T1.5 
Personal Space Violation by a Robot: An Application of Expectation Violation Theory in Human-Robot Interaction

Asavanant, ChatchalitaTokyo Institute of Technology
Umemuro, HiroyukiTokyo Institute of Technology
Robots in Education and Healthcare Interactive Session
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.1 
Deployment of a Socially Assistive Robot for Assessment of COVID-19 Symptoms and Exposure at an Elder Care Setting

Mucchiani, CaioUniversity of Pennsylvania
Cacchione, PamelaUniversity of Pennsylvania
Johnson, Michelle J.University of Pennsylvania
Mead, RossSemio
Yim, MarkUniversity of Pennsylvania
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.2 
Self-Trainable 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hands

Nam, KyunghoOklahoma State University
Crick, ChristopherOklahoma State University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.3 
An Exploration of Accessible Remote Tele-Operation for Assistive Mobile Manipulators in the Home

Cabrera, Maria EugeniaUniversity of Washington
Bhattacharjee, TapomayukhCornell University
Dey, KaviUniversity of Washington
Cakmak, MayaUniversity of Washington
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.4 
Offline and Real-Time Implementation of a Personalized Wheelchair User Intention Detection Pipeline: A Case Study

Khalili, MahsaUniversity of British Columbia
Ta, KevinETH Zurich
Borisoff, JaimieBritish Columbia Institute of Technology
Van der Loos, H.F. MachielUniversity of British Columbia (UBC)
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.5 
Therapists’ Perspectives after Implementing a Robot into Autism Therapy

Sochanski, MeganOakland University
Snyder, KassadiOakland University
Korneder, JessicaOakland University,
Louie, Wing-Yue GeoffreyOakland University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T2.6 
In-The-Wild Learning from Demonstration for Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hijaz, AlaaldinOakland University
Korneder, JessicaOakland University,
Louie, Wing-Yue GeoffreyOakland University
Applications of Social Robots 3 Interactive Session
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.1 
Development of Robot Simulator for Interactive Training of Neonatal Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

Takebe, YasutakaWaseda University
Imamura, KentoWaseda University
Sugamiya, YurinaWaseda University
Nakae, YusukeKyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd
Katayama, TamotsuKyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd
Otani, TakuyaWaseda University
ISHII, HiroyukiWaseda University
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.2 
Dexterous Skill Transfer between Surgical Procedures for Teleoperated Robotic Surgery

Agarwal, MridulPurdue University
Gonzalez, GlebysPurdue University
Balakuntala Srinivasa Murthy, Mythra VarunPurdue University
Rahman, Md MasudurPurdue University - West Lafayette
Aggarwal, VaneetPurdue University
Xue, YexiangPurdue University
Wachs, JuanPurdue University
Voyles, RichardPurdue University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.3 
SACHETS: Semi-Autonomous Cognitive Hybrid Emergency Teleoperated Suction

Barragan, Juan AntonioPurdue University
Chanci, DanielaPurdue University
Yu, DennyPurdue University
Wachs, JuanPurdue University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.4 
Exploring Affective Storytelling with an Embodied Agent

Gomez, RandyHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd
Szapiro, DeborahUniversity of Technology Sydney
Galindo, KerlUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Merino, LuisUniversidad Pablo De Olavide
Brock, HeikeHonda Research Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
Nakamura, KeisukeHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd
Fang, YuHonda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd
Nichols, EricHonda Research Institute Japan
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.5 
Adoption of Robotics in the TV & Film Industry: The IoT-Enabled Robotic Camera Dolly

Hajjaj, Sami Salama HussenUniversiti Tenaga Nasional (National Energy University)
Abd Karim, Nur KareelawatiUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysia
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.6 
Robots That Run Their Own Human Experiments: Exploring Relational Humor with Multi-Robot Comedy

Swaminathan, JananiOregon State University
Akintoye, JaneUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Fraune, MarlenaIndiana University
Knight, HeatherOregon State University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T3.7 
SwarmPlay: Interactive Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game with Swarm of Nano-UAVs Driven by Reinforcement Learning

Karmanova, EkaterinaSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Serpiva, ValeriiSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Perminov, StepanSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Fedoseev, AlekseySkolkovo Institute of Science AndTechnology
Tsetserukou, DzmitrySkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Evaluation Methods Interactive Session
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T4.1 
Evaluating Distances in Tactile Human-Drone Interaction

Lieser, MarcRheinMain University of Applied Sciences
Schwanecke, UlrichRheinMain University of Applied Sciences
Berdux, JörgRheinMain University of Applied Sciences
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T4.2 
Formal Verification of Safety Properties of Collaborative Robotic Applications Including Variability

Rathmair, MichaelJOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH ROBOTICS – Institut
Luckeneder, ChristophTU Wien
Haspl, ThomasJOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft MbH
Reiterer, BernhardJOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft MbH
Hoch, RalphTU Wien
Hofbaur, MichaelJoanneum Research
Kaindl, HermannTU Wien
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T4.3 
Interactive Vignettes: Enabling Large-Scale Interactive HRI Research

Lee, Wen-YingCornell University
Sakashita, MoseCornell University
Ricci, Elizabeth AnneCornell University
Claure, HoustonCornell University
Guimbretière, FrançoisCornell University
Jung, MalteCornell University
Non-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness 2 Interactive Session
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T5.1 
Robot Gaze Behavior and Proxemics to Coordinate Conversational Roles in Group Interactions

Tatarian, KarenSoftBank Robotics and Sorbonne University
Chamoux, MarineSoftBank Robotics Europe
Pandey, Amit KumarHanson Robotics
Chetouani, MohamedSorbonne University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T5.2 
External Human-Machine Interface on Delivery Robots: Expression of Navigation Intent of the Robot

Kannan, Shyam SundarPurdue University
Lee, AhreumPurdue University
Min, Byung-CheolPurdue University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T5.3 
Behavioral Changes in Passersby by Expanding Embodiment of a Calling Robot

Amada, JoichiroRitsumeikan University
Okafuji, YukiRitsumeikan University
Wada, TakahiroRitsumeikan University
Baba, JunCyberAgent, Inc
Nakanishi, JunyaOsaka Univ
Yoshikawa, YuichiroOsaka University
11:30-12:30, Paper WeI4T5.4 
Physical Action Primitives for Collaborative Decision Making in Human-Human Manipulation

Rysbek, ZhanibekUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Oh, Ki-HwanUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Abbasi, BaharehCalifornia State University - Channel Island
Zefran, MilosUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Di Eugenio, BarbaraUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Awards and Closing Remarks Plenary Session




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