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Paper WeA08.3

Bohigas, Oriol (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), Henderson, Michael E. (IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Ros, Lluis (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)), Porta, Josep M (CSIC-UPC)

A Singularity-Free Path Planner for Closed-Chain Manipulators

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Session "Motion Path Planning I" (WeA08), Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 09:00−09:15, Meeting Room 8 (Wacipi)

2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 14-18, 2012, RiverCentre, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Keywords Motion and Path Planning, Kinematics, Parallel Robots


This paper provides an algorithm for computing singularity-free paths on non-redundant closed-chain manipulators. Given two non-singular configurations of the manipulator, the method attempts to connect them through a configuration space path that maintains a minimum clearance with respect to the singularity locus at all points. The method is resolution-complete, in the sense that it always returns a path if one exists at a given resolution, or returns "failure'' otherwise. The path is computed by defining a new manifold that maintains a one-to-one correspondence with the singularity-free configuration space of the manipulator, and then using a higher-dimensional continuation technique to explore this manifold systematically from one configuration, until the second configuration is found. Examples are included that demonstrate the performance of the method on illustrative situations.



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