WorldHaptics 2011 Paper Abstract


Paper ThC4.41

Taira, Ryosuke (Tohoku University), Saga, Satoshi (Tohoku University), Okatani, Takayuki (Tohoku University), Deguchi, Koichiro (Tohoku University)

Optimum Method for Real-Time Reconstruction of Sensor Surface in Total-Internal-Reflection Based Tactile Sensor

Scheduled for presentation during the Poster "Tactile Sensors I" (ThC4), Thursday, June 23, 2011, 14:30−16:00, Poster hall

IEEE - World Haptics Conference 2011, June 22-24, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

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Keywords Sensors, System design and analysis


We are developing a total-internal-reflection based tactile sensor that reconstructs the shape of the sensor surface from information of feature points on a reflection image of the sensor surface. In this paper, we proposed a new reconstruction method for the sensor using total optimization. From reconstruction experiments with simulated reflection images, we found that the proposed method could perform real-time and accurate reconstruction and had the other advantages. We implemented the proposed method on the actual sensor and confirmed that the sensor perform real-time reconstruction.



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