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Paper FrD2.3

Caron, Guillaume (University of Picardie Jules Verne), Mouaddib, El Mustapha (Université of Picardie Jules Verne)

Vertical Line Matching for Omnidirectional Stereovision Images

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Sessions "Computer Vision for Robotics and Automation - V" (FrD2), Friday, May 15, 2009, 16:10−16:30, Room: ICR

2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 12 - 17, 2009, Kobe, Japan

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Keywords Computer Vision for Robotics and Automation, Omnidirectional Vision, Localization


We are investigating the mobile robot indoor localization and environment mapping using an omnidirectional stereovision sensor. It uses four parabolic mirrors and an orthographic camera, giving four images of the same scene. At least, only two mirrors are needed. Using four mirrors gives redundancy. We propose to exploit the images of vertical lines. This paper presents a new method in order to match these lines in the four images. Contrary to existing approaches, we took into account the four sub-images existence in the design of this method, in order to exploit redundancy. This brought an original algorithm combining matching and pose estimation of vertical lines from the 3D environment. Experimental results will be presented to validate this approach.



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