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Paper FrD9.1

Chen, Tao (Robotics Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology), Liguo, Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology), Sun, Lining (harbin institute of technology)

Piezoelectrically Driven Silicon Microgrippers Integrated with Sidewall Piezoresistive Sensor

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Sessions "Micro/Nano Robotics - IV" (FrD9), Friday, May 15, 2009, 15:30−15:50, Room: 501

2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 12 - 17, 2009, Kobe, Japan

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Keywords Micro/Nano Robots


This paper presents the design, fabrication, and application of an piezoelectrically driven microgripper integrated sidewall piezoresistive force sensor for measuring the gripping force. Surface and bulk micromachining technology is employed to fabricate end-effectors and sensor of the microgripper from a single crystal silicon wafer. Vertical sidewall surface piezoresistor etching technique is used to form the side direction sensors. The end-effectors of the gripper are four-arm structures. Two fixed cantilever beams integrated with piezoresistive sensor are designed to sense the gripping force, and a piezoelectrically driven microactuator is designed to provide the force to operate the other two movable arms. The piezoelectrically driver adhered with the silicon end-effectors generates a linear horizontal motion 9μm, which is amplified to 30μm at the arm tip of the microgripper. Then the range of the operation is 25μm-140μm. Testing results verify that the vertical sidewall surface piezoresistor etching technique is effective. The sensitivity of the piezoresistive sensors is better than 72V/N, and the resolution is better than 3μN.



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