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Paper ThDT4.3

Kormushev, Petar (Imperial College London), Demiris, Yiannis (Imperial College London), Caldwell, Darwin G. (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)

Kinematic-free Position Control of a 2-DOF Planar Robot Arm

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular session "Motion Planning for Manipulators" (ThDT4), Thursday, October 1, 2015, 14:30−14:45, Saal C1+C2

2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Sept 28 - Oct 03, 2015, Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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Keywords Motion Control, Learning Control


This paper challenges the well-established assumption in robotics that in order to control a robot it is necessary to know its kinematic information, that is, the arrangement of links and joints, the link dimensions and the joint positions. We propose a kinematic-free robot control concept that does not require any prior kinematic knowledge. The concept is based on our hypothesis that it is possible to control a robot without explicitly measuring its joint angles, by measuring instead the effects of the actuation on its end-effector. We implement a proof-of-concept encoderless robot controller and apply it for the position control of a physical 2-DOF planar robot arm. The prototype controller is able to successfully control the robot to reach a reference position, as well as to track a continuous reference trajectory. Notably, we demonstrate how this novel controller can cope with something that traditional control approaches fail to do: adapt to drastic kinematic changes such as 100% elongation of a link, 35-degree angular offset of a joint, and even a complete overhaul of the kinematics involving the addition of new joints and links.



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