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Paper ThDT8.4

Concha, Alejo (Universidad de Zaragoza), Civera, Javier (Universidad de Zaragoza)

DPPTAM: Dense Piecewise Planar Tracking and Mapping from a Monocular Sequence

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular session "Mapping 3" (ThDT8), Thursday, October 1, 2015, 14:45−15:00, Saal F

2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Sept 28 - Oct 03, 2015, Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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Keywords Mapping, SLAM


Abstractó This paper proposes a direct monocular SLAM algorithm that estimates a dense reconstruction of a scene in real-time on a CPU. Highly textured image areas are mapped using standard direct mapping techniques [1], that minimize the photometric error across different views. We make the assumption that homogeneous-color regions belong to approximately planar areas. Our contribution is a new algorithm for the estimation of such planar areas, based on the information of a superpixel segmentation and the semidense map from highly textured areas. We compare our approach against several alternatives using the public TUM dataset [2] and additional live experiments with a hand-held camera. We demonstrate that our proposal for piecewise planar monocular SLAM is faster, more accurate and more robust than the piecewise planar baseline [3]. In addition, our experimental results show how the depth regularization of monocular maps can damage its accuracy, being the piecewise planar assumption a reasonable option in indoor scenarios.



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