IROS 2015 Paper Abstract


Paper ThDT10.3

Watanabe, Atsushi (ATR), Ikeda, Tetsushi (ATR), Morales Saiki, Luis Yoichi (ATR), Shinozawa, Kazuhiko (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute), Miyashita, Takahiro (ATR), Hagita, Norihiro (ATR)

Communicating Robotic Navigational Intentions

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular session "Human Centered Robotics" (ThDT10), Thursday, October 1, 2015, 14:30−14:45, Saal B4

2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Sept 28 - Oct 03, 2015, Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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Keywords Human Centered Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Service Robots


This paper presents a study on intention communication in a navigational context using a robotic wheelchair. The robotic wheelchair uses light projection to communicate its motion intentions. The novelty of the work is threefold: the communication of robot intentions to the passenger, the consideration of passenger and robot as a group (“in-group”) [1] who share motion intentions and the communication of the in-group intentions to other pedestrians (the “out-group”). A comparison in an autonomous navigation task where the robotic wheelchair autonomously navigates the environment with and without intention communication was performed showing that passengers and walking people found intention communication intuitive and helpful for passing by actions. Evaluation results significantly show human participant preference for having navigational intention communication for the wheelchair passenger and the person passing by it. Quantitative results show the motion of the person passing by the wheelchair with intention communication was significantly smoother compared to without intention communication.



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