17th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots June 22-26, 2020
Ritsumeikan University - Suzaku Campus, Kyoto, Japan
2020 17th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots (UR)
June 22-26, 2020, Ritsumeikan University - Suzaku Campus, Kyoto, Japan

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Last updated on June 29, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

UR 2020 Keyword Index

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Actuation and ActuatorsThAT1.2, ThCT1.2, ThCT1.3, ThCT1.4, ThCT1.5, TuCT2.1, TuCT2.5, WeAT2.3
Aerial and Flying RobotsThApP.1, ThAT1.1, ThAT2.3, ThCT2.1, ThCT2.3, ThDT1.5, TuBT2.1, TuCT2.1, WeBT2.1, WeET2.1
AI Reasoning Methods for RoboticsThAT2.8, ThDT2.1, TuBT1.1, TuBT1.2, TuBT1.3, TuBT1.4, TuBT1.5, TuCT1.1, TuCT1.4, WeCT2.4
Behavior-Based SystemsThBT2.1, ThDT2.7, TuBT1.1, TuBT1.4, WeET2.3
Biomimetic and Bioinspired RobotsThApP.1, ThApP.4, ThAT2.7, ThBT1.4, ThCT1.2, ThCT1.3, ThCT1.6, TuAT2.3
Computer Vision and Visual ServoingThApP.2, ThAT2.2, ThBT2.4, ThDT1.1, ThDT1.2, ThDT1.3, ThDT1.4, TuAT1.1, TuBT1.2, TuCT1.1, TuCT1.2, TuCT1.3, TuCT1.4, TuCT1.5, WeDT1.1, WeDT1.2, WeDT1.3, WeDT1.4, WeDT1.5, WeET1.1, WeET1.2
Contact: Modeling, Sensing and ControlThApP.3, ThCT2.3, TuBT2.4, WeCT1.5, WeCT2.1, WeCT2.2
Dynamics and ControlThBT1.1, ThBT1.2, ThCT2.1, ThCT2.2, ThDT2.2, ThDT2.8, TuAT1.2, TuAT1.3, TuAT1.4, TuBT2.1, TuBT2.2, TuBT2.3, TuBT2.4, WeAT1.1, WeAT1.2, WeDT1.1
Force and Tactile SensingThDT2.1, ThDT2.3, WeAT2.1, WeCT2.1
Foundations of Sensing and EstimationThDT2.4, TuBT1.3, WeCT1.5, WeDT2.1, WeDT2.2, WeDT2.3, WeET2.1, WeET2.2
GraspingThApP.3, ThBT1.3, ThCT2.7, TuAT2.1, TuAT2.4, WeAT2.4, WeCT2.3
HapticsThCT2.8, TuAT2.2, WeBT2.2
Human-Robot AugmentationThAT2.7, ThBT2.4, WeCT1.5
HumanoidsWeAT1.2, WeAT2.5, WeBT1.1
Industrial RobotsThApP.5, ThAT1.1, ThCT2.8, ThDT2.8, TuAT1.2, TuBT2.2, WeDT1.1, WeDT1.2, WeDT1.4
Intelligent Robotic VehiclesThDT2.5, TuCT1.5, WeBT2.3, WeDT2.4, WeDT2.5
Learning From HumansThAT2.2, ThAT2.6, ThAT2.8, ThBT1.1, TuAT1.3, TuBT1.5, WeBT1.2, WeDT2.4
Legged RobotsThBT1.1, WeAT1.1, WeAT1.2, WeAT1.3, WeAT1.4, WeAT1.5, WeAT2.1
Manipulation Planning and ControlThApP.3, ThApP.5, ThAT1.3, ThAT2.2, ThCT2.2, ThDT2.6, TuAT1.1, TuAT1.2, TuAT1.3, TuAT1.4, TuAT1.5, TuCT1.4, WeAT2.2, WeDT1.2
Mechanism and DesignThBT1.4, ThCT1.4, ThCT1.7, ThCT2.1, ThCT2.2, ThCT2.3, ThCT2.4, ThCT2.5, ThCT2.6, ThCT2.7, TuAT2.3, TuCT2.1, TuCT2.2, TuCT2.3, TuCT2.4, TuCT2.5, TuCT2.6, WeAT1.3, WeAT2.1, WeAT2.2, WeAT2.3, WeAT2.4, WeAT2.5, WeCT2.3
Medical Robotics and Computer-Integrated SurgeryThAT1.2, ThAT1.3, ThAT1.4, ThBT1.2, ThDT1.2, TuCT2.3, TuCT2.5
Micro/Nano RobotsThBT1.2
Modeling, Identification, CalibrationThDT2.3, TuBT2.1, WeDT1.3
Modular RobotsThAT1.2, ThAT1.5, ThCT2.4, TuCT2.2, WeAT2.3
Motion Planning and Obstacle AvoidanceThAT1.3, ThAT1.5, ThDT2.6, WeAT1.1, WeAT1.4, WeBT2.1, WeBT2.2, WeBT2.3, WeBT2.4, WeET2.3, WeET2.4
Multi-Robot SystemsThApP.6, ThDT2.6, WeET1.3, WeET2.1, WeET2.2, WeET2.3, WeET2.4, WeET2.5, WeET2.6
Multisensor Data FusionThAT2.1, ThDT2.7, WeDT2.3, WeDT2.4, WeDT2.5, WeET2.2
NeuroroboticsTuCT2.3, WeDT2.1, WeDT2.2
Object RecognitionThApP.2, ThDT1.3, ThDT1.4, ThDT1.5, ThDT1.6, TuAT2.1, TuCT1.6, WeDT1.4, WeDT1.5, WeDT2.1, WeDT2.2, WeET1.1, WeET1.2
Performance Evaluation and OptimizationThApP.1, ThAT1.4, ThAT2.3, TuAT1.4, TuBT2.2, WeAT1.3
Physical and Cognitive Human-Robot InteractionThAT2.1, ThAT2.5, ThAT2.6, ThBT2.1, ThBT2.2, TuBT2.3, TuCT1.5, WeBT1.3, WeBT2.2, WeDT1.5
Range, Sonar, GPS and Inertial SensingThDT2.5, WeET1.4
Rehabilitation and Healthcare RoboticsThAT2.4, ThCT1.1, ThDT1.4, TuAT2.4, TuAT2.5, TuBT1.3, TuBT2.3, WeCT1.1, WeCT1.2, WeCT1.3, WeCT1.4
Robot Surveillance and SecurityThAT1.1, WeCT1.1
Robotic HandsThApP.4, ThAT1.4, ThBT1.3, ThCT2.6, ThCT2.7, WeAT2.4, WeCT2.3
Robotic Systems Architectures and ProgrammingThAT2.4, ThAT2.8, ThBT2.3, ThBT2.5, WeBT1.1, WeBT2.1, WeDT2.3, WeDT2.5
Robotics in Hazardous ApplicationsThDT2.4, TuCT2.4, TuCT2.6, WeBT2.5, WeET2.6
Search and Rescue RoboticsThCT1.8, TuCT2.4, WeET1.3, WeET2.6
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)ThApP.6, ThDT1.7, WeBT2.5, WeET1.1, WeET1.2, WeET1.3, WeET1.4, WeET1.5
Social and Socially Assistive RoboticsThBT2.1, ThBT2.2, ThBT2.3, ThDT1.5, ThDT1.8, TuBT1.5, TuCT1.3, WeAT2.5, WeBT1.1, WeBT1.2, WeBT1.3, WeBT1.4, WeBT1.5, WeBT2.4
Soft RoboticsThApP.4, ThBT1.3, ThCT1.1, ThCT1.2, ThCT1.3, ThCT1.4, ThCT1.5, ThCT1.6, ThCT1.7, ThCT1.8, ThDT2.1, TuAT2.1, TuAT2.2, TuAT2.3, TuAT2.4, TuAT2.5
TeleroboticsThBT2.4, ThCT2.8, ThDT2.8, WeET2.5
Underwater RoboticsThBT1.4, WeET2.5
Wheeled Mobile RobotsThBT2.3, ThCT2.5, ThDT1.7, TuBT1.2, TuBT2.4, TuCT2.2, TuCT2.6, WeBT2.4, WeET2.4
World ModellingThDT2.7, WeBT2.5, WeCT2.4, WeET1.4




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