-2016 International Symposium on Safety,
Security and Rescue Robotics
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
October 23-27th, 2016

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics
October 23-27, 2016, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

SSRR 2016 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   H   I   M   N   P   R   S   U  

Autonomous search and rescueMoA1T.1, MoB1T.2, MoB1T.4, MoB1T.5, MoC1T.3, MoC1T.5, MoD1T.4, TuA2T.1, TuA2T.2, TuC2T.5, TuD2T.1, TuD2T.3, TuD2T.4, WeA3T.1, WeA3T.2, WeA3T.7, WeB3T.1, WeB3T.6, WeC3T.1, WeC3T.2, WeC3T.3, WeD3T.1, WeD3T.3
Casualty assessment, care and extractionTuD2T.6
Communications for reliable data transferWeD3T.1
Detection and mitigation of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive -CBRNE eventsWeC3T.6
Emerging technologies (sensors, power sources, micro robots, etc)WeA3T.7, WeD3T.5
Human-robot interaction and interfacesMoB1T.6, MoC1T.1, MoD1T.3, TuD2T.1, TuD2T.2, TuD2T.3, TuD2T.4, TuD2T.5, TuD2T.6, WeA3T.2, WeA3T.3, WeB3T.2, WeB3T.3, WeB3T.4, WeB3T.5, WeB3T.6
Humanitarian applications (Was Humanitarian demining)MoD1T.1, WeC3T.4
Inspection of critical infrastructureMoC1T.1, MoC1T.2, MoC1T.3, MoC1T.4, MoC1T.5, MoC1T.6, TuB2T.5, TuB2T.6, TuC2T.3, WeA3T.4, WeA3T.5
Intelligent behaviors to improve robot performance and survivabilityMoC1T.6, MoD1T.1, MoD1T.2, MoD1T.3, MoD1T.4, MoD1T.5, MoD1T.6, TuA2T.2, TuB2T.5, TuB2T.6, TuD2T.5, WeC3T.1
ManipulationTuB2T.1, TuB2T.2, TuB2T.3, TuB2T.4, WeD3T.3
Mechanisms, Mechatronics, and Embedded ControlMoC1T.2, TuB2T.2, WeA3T.6, WeD3T.2, WeD3T.3, WeD3T.4, WeD3T.6
Multi-agent coordinationTuA2T.2, TuD2T.3, WeA3T.1, WeB3T.1, WeC3T.1, WeC3T.2, WeC3T.3, WeC3T.4
Novel sensors and mechanismsMoD1T.3, WeD3T.5, WeD3T.6
Nuclear decommissioningTuB2T.3
Perception for navigation, hazard detection, and victim identificationMoB1T.1, MoB1T.2, MoB1T.3, MoB1T.4, MoB1T.5, MoC1T.4, TuC2T.3, WeA3T.2, WeB3T.1
Robotics and Automation for safety and securityMoA1T.1, MoC1T.2, MoC1T.3, MoC1T.5, MoC1T.6, MoD1T.1, MoD1T.4, MoD1T.7, TuA2T.1, TuB2T.1, TuB2T.2, TuC2T.4, TuC2T.5, TuD2T.4, TuD2T.6, WeA3T.6, WeB3T.3, WeB3T.4, WeC3T.4, WeC3T.5, WeD3T.1, WeD3T.6
Safety standards for robots and systemsWeA3T.7, WeC3T.5, WeC3T.6
Sensing and sensor fusionMoA1T.2, MoB1T.5, MoC1T.4, TuC2T.1, TuC2T.2, TuC2T.3, TuC2T.4, WeA3T.4
SLAM in complex and/or extreme environmentsMoA1T.2, MoB1T.3, TuC2T.1, TuC2T.2, WeA3T.4
Structural assessmentTuB2T.5, WeA3T.5, WeC3T.5
Unmanned ground, aerial, and marine vehiclesMoA1T.2, MoB1T.4, MoC1T.1, MoD1T.5, MoD1T.6, MoD1T.7, TuA2T.1, TuB2T.1, TuB2T.4, TuB2T.6, TuC2T.1, TuC2T.4, TuC2T.5, TuC2T.6, TuD2T.1, WeA3T.5, WeA3T.6, WeB3T.2, WeB3T.3, WeB3T.4, WeB3T.6, WeC3T.3, WeC3T.6, WeD3T.5




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