4th IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics April 12-16, 2021 at Yale University, USA
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Last updated on March 31, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

RoboSoft 2021 Keyword Index

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Additive ManufacturingFri5O.2, Thu3O.1, Thu3O.2, Thu3O.3, Thu3O.4, Thu9Pos.1, Thu9Pos.18, Thu9Pos.24, Wed9Pos.38
Biologically-Inspired RobotsThu5O.2, Thu9Pos.2, Thu9Pos.6, Thu9Pos.20, Wed8O.2, Wed8O.3, Wed8O.4, Wed9Pos.1, Wed9Pos.24, Wed9Pos.25, Wed9Pos.26
BiomimeticsFri8O.4, Thu9Pos.2, Thu9Pos.22, Wed9Pos.2, Wed9Pos.18, Wed9Pos.24
Cellular and Modular RobotsThu9Pos.17, Wed3O.2
Compliant Joint/MechanismFri3O.4, Fri5O.1, Fri5O.2, Fri8O.2, Wed5O.3, Wed9Pos.3, Wed9Pos.10, Wed9Pos.16, Wed9Pos.27, Wed9Pos.28
Computer Vision for Other Robotic ApplicationsWed9Pos.6
Contact ModelingFri3O.2
Deep Learning in Robotics and AutomationFri8O.1, Wed6O.1, Wed9Pos.4, Wed9Pos.5, Wed9Pos.29
Force and Tactile SensingFri8O.1, Fri8O.3, Fri8O.4, Thu9Pos.9, Thu9Pos.19, Wed9Pos.6, Wed9Pos.8, Wed9Pos.39, Wed9Pos.45
GraspingThu9Pos.15, Wed8O.4, Wed9Pos.7, Wed9Pos.21, Wed9Pos.29
Grippers and Other End-EffectorsFri5O.2, Thu3O.1, Thu3O.4, Thu8O.2, Thu9Pos.1, Thu9Pos.10, Thu9Pos.15, Wed6O.3, Wed9Pos.7, Wed9Pos.8, Wed9Pos.36
Human-Centered RoboticsFri5O.3, Thu5O.4
Hydraulic/Pneumatic ActuatorsThu9Pos.1, Thu9Pos.8, Thu9Pos.23, Wed3O.3, Wed5O.1, Wed5O.2, Wed5O.4
Learning and Adaptive SystemsWed9Pos.11
Legged RobotsThu9Pos.4, Thu9Pos.6, Wed3O.2, Wed9Pos.11
Manipulation PlanningWed9Pos.12
Medical Robots and SystemsThu9Pos.18, Wed3O.4, Wed8O.1, Wed9Pos.10, Wed9Pos.15
Modeling, Control, and Learning for Soft RobotsFri3O.2, Fri3O.3, Fri3O.4, Fri3O.21, Thu5O.1, Thu5O.2, Thu5O.3, Thu8O.4, Thu9Pos.2, Thu9Pos.20, Wed5O.1, Wed5O.4, Wed6O.1, Wed6O.4, Wed8O.3, Wed8O.4, Wed9Pos.4, Wed9Pos.9, Wed9Pos.11, Wed9Pos.12, Wed9Pos.13, Wed9Pos.14, Wed9Pos.15, Wed9Pos.17, Wed9Pos.20, Wed9Pos.25, Wed9Pos.30, Wed9Pos.31, Wed9Pos.35, Wed9Pos.40, Wed9Pos.41
Multifingered HandsWed9Pos.3
Optimization and Optimal ControlThu9Pos.11
Perception for Grasping and ManipulationWed9Pos.5
Physical Human-Robot InteractionWed9Pos.17
Prosthetics and ExoskeletonsWed9Pos.18
Rehabilitation RoboticsThu9Pos.14, Wed9Pos.42
Robot CompanionsWed9Pos.19
Robot SafetyThu9Pos.16
Search and Rescue RobotsWed3O.3
Sensor FusionWed9Pos.41
Sensor-based ControlThu9Pos.16, Thu9Pos.20, Wed8O.3
Simulation and AnimationFri3O.2, Fri5O.4, Thu5O.2, Thu5O.3, Thu9Pos.3, Wed9Pos.13, Wed9Pos.14, Wed9Pos.32
Soft Robot ApplicationsFri3O.4, Fri3O.21, Fri5O.3, Fri5O.4, Thu3O.2, Thu5O.3, Thu5O.4, Thu8O.4, Thu9Pos.3, Thu9Pos.4, Thu9Pos.7, Thu9Pos.12, Thu9Pos.13, Thu9Pos.14, Thu9Pos.15, Thu9Pos.18, Wed3O.1, Wed3O.3, Wed3O.4, Wed6O.2, Wed8O.1, Wed8O.2, Wed9Pos.2, Wed9Pos.5, Wed9Pos.7, Wed9Pos.12, Wed9Pos.13, Wed9Pos.16, Wed9Pos.17, Wed9Pos.18, Wed9Pos.19, Wed9Pos.20, Wed9Pos.21, Wed9Pos.27, Wed9Pos.28, Wed9Pos.33, Wed9Pos.34, Wed9Pos.42
Soft Robot Materials and DesignFri3O.21, Fri5O.1, Fri5O.3, Fri5O.4, Fri8O.1, Fri8O.2, Thu3O.1, Thu3O.3, Thu3O.4, Thu5O.4, Thu8O.1, Thu8O.2, Thu9Pos.3, Thu9Pos.5, Thu9Pos.6, Thu9Pos.7, Thu9Pos.8, Thu9Pos.9, Thu9Pos.10, Thu9Pos.11, Thu9Pos.12, Thu9Pos.13, Thu9Pos.17, Thu9Pos.19, Thu9Pos.22, Thu9Pos.24, Thu9Pos.25, Wed3O.2, Wed5O.1, Wed5O.2, Wed5O.3, Wed6O.2, Wed6O.3, Wed6O.4, Wed8O.2, Wed9Pos.1, Wed9Pos.3, Wed9Pos.16, Wed9Pos.22, Wed9Pos.23, Wed9Pos.24, Wed9Pos.25, Wed9Pos.26, Wed9Pos.27, Wed9Pos.28, Wed9Pos.29, Wed9Pos.30, Wed9Pos.31, Wed9Pos.32, Wed9Pos.33, Wed9Pos.34, Wed9Pos.35, Wed9Pos.36, Wed9Pos.43, Wed9Pos.44, Wed9Pos.45
Soft Sensors and ActuatorsFri8O.2, Fri8O.3, Fri8O.4, Thu3O.2, Thu3O.3, Thu8O.3, Thu8O.4, Thu9Pos.7, Thu9Pos.8, Thu9Pos.9, Thu9Pos.10, Thu9Pos.11, Thu9Pos.12, Thu9Pos.13, Thu9Pos.16, Thu9Pos.17, Thu9Pos.21, Thu9Pos.22, Thu9Pos.23, Thu9Pos.25, Wed5O.2, Wed5O.4, Wed6O.2, Wed6O.4, Wed9Pos.6, Wed9Pos.8, Wed9Pos.14, Wed9Pos.30, Wed9Pos.32, Wed9Pos.33, Wed9Pos.35, Wed9Pos.37, Wed9Pos.38, Wed9Pos.39, Wed9Pos.40, Wed9Pos.41, Wed9Pos.42, Wed9Pos.43, Wed9Pos.44, Wed9Pos.45
Surgical Robotics: Steerable Catheters/NeedlesFri3O.3, Wed9Pos.31
Telerobotics and TeleoperationThu9Pos.4
Tendon/Wire MechanismThu8O.1, Thu8O.2, Thu9Pos.25, Wed9Pos.2, Wed9Pos.10, Wed9Pos.26, Wed9Pos.34, Wed9Pos.36
Underactuated RobotsWed6O.3, Wed9Pos.21
Wearable RobotsThu9Pos.14, Thu9Pos.19, Wed3O.1, Wed9Pos.15, Wed9Pos.38




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