3rd IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics April 6-9, 2020 at Yale University, USA

2020 3rd IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft)
May 15 - July 15, 2020, Yale University, USA

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Last updated on May 6, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday April 7, 2020

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TuPT Auditorium
Poster Session 1 Interactive
Co-Chair: Daltorio, Kathryn ACase Western Reserve University
09:45-09:46, Paper TuPT.1 
Feedback Control of a Soft Swinging Appendage

Burch, TravisUniversity of Maryland - College Park
Lathrop, JohnUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Scott, WilliamUniversity of Maryland
Paley, DerekUniversity of Maryland
09:46-09:47, Paper TuPT.2 
Soft Non-Volatile Memory for Non-Electronic Information Storage in Soft Robots

Nemitz, MarkusHarvard University
Abrahamsson, ChristofferHarvard University
Wille, LukasUniversity of Hamburg
Stokes, Adam AndrewUniversity of Edinburgh
Preston, DanielRice University
Whitesides, GeorgeHarvard University
09:47-09:48, Paper TuPT.3 
Autonomous Self-Healing Pneumatic McKibben Muscle Based on a New Hydrogel Material

López-Díaz, AntonioUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Martin Pacheco, AnaUniversity of Castilla La Mancha (IRICA)
Naranjo, AliciaUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Martín, CristinaUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Herrero, María AntoniaUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Vázquez, EsterUniversidad De Castilla La Mancha
Vazquez, Andres S.Universidad De Castilla La Mancha
09:48-09:49, Paper TuPT.4 
Bundled Rotary Helix Drive Mechanism Capable of Smooth Peristaltic Movement

Watanabe, MasahiroTohoku University
Tadakuma, KenjiroTohoku University
Konyo, MasashiTohoku University
Tadokoro, SatoshiTohoku University
09:49-09:50, Paper TuPT.5 
Development of Ultralight Hybrid Pneumatic Artificial Muscle for Large Contraction and High Payload

Joe, SeonggunThe Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT)
Wang, HongboIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Totaro, MassimoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Beccai, LuciaCenter for Micro-BioRobotics
09:50-09:51, Paper TuPT.6 
NeatSkin: A Discrete Impedance Tomography Skin Sensor

Judd, EuanUniversity of Bristol
Digumarti, Krishna ManaswiBristol Robotics Laboratory
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
Hauser, HelmutUniversity of Bristol
09:51-09:52, Paper TuPT.7 
The Quad-Spatula Gripper: A Novel Soft-Rigid Gripper for Food Handling

Gafer, AhmadHarbour.Space University; REMY Robotics
Heymans, DaneHarbour.Space University; REMY Robotics
Prattichizzo, DomenicoUniversità Di Siena
Salvietti, GionataUniversity of Siena
09:52-09:53, Paper TuPT.8 
Neuromorphic Closed-Loop Control of a Flexible Modular Robot by a Simulated Spiking Central Pattern Generator

Spaeth, AlexUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Tebyani, MaryamUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Haussler, DavidHoward Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Santa
Teodorescu, MirceaUCSC
09:53-09:54, Paper TuPT.9 
Precise In-Hand Manipulation of Soft Objects Using Soft Fingertips with Tactile Sensing and Active Deformation

Lu, QiujieImperial College London
He, LiangImperial College London
Nanayakkara, ThrishanthaImperial College London
Rojas, NicolasImperial College London
09:54-09:55, Paper TuPT.10 
Optimization of the Initial Deformed Shape of a Circular Elastic Jumping Robot

Matsuno, TakahiroRitsumeikan Univ
Hirai, ShinichiRitsumeikan Univ
09:55-09:56, Paper TuPT.11 
Path Planning and Control of Mobile Soft Manipulators with Obstacle Avoidance

Mbakop, SteeveYncrea Hauts-De-France
Tagne, GillesYncréa Hauts De France / ISEN Lille
Lakhal, OthmanUniversity Lille, CRIStAL, CNRS-UMR 9189
Merzouki, RochdiCRIStAL, CNRS UMR 9189, University of Lille1
Drakunov, SergeyIHMC
09:56-09:57, Paper TuPT.12 
Soft Robotic Module for Sensing and Controlling Contact Force

Buso, AliceDelft University of Technology
Scharff, Rob B.N.Delft University of Technology
Doubrovski, EugeniDelft University of Technology
Wu, JunDelft University of Technology
Wang, Charlie C.L.The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Vink, PeterDelft University of Technology
09:57-09:58, Paper TuPT.13 
A Soft Sensorized Foot Module for Adaptable Locomotion on Unstructured Terrains

Murali Babu, Saravana PrashanthScuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Affiliated to Istituto Italiano Di T
Visentin, FrancescoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Sadeghi, AliUniversity of Twente
Mondini, AlessioIstituito Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mazzolai, BarbaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
09:58-09:59, Paper TuPT.14 
Characterization of a Soft Gripper with Detachable Fingers through Rapid Evaporation

Lee, Han-JooUC San Diego
Melchor, NoeUC San Diego
Chung, HayoungUC San Diego
Loh, KennethUC San Diego
09:59-10:00, Paper TuPT.15 
Soft Magnetic Tactile Skin for Continuous Force and Location Estimation Using Neural Networks

Hellebrekers, TessCarnegie Mellon University
Chang, NadineCarnegie Mellon University
Chin, KeeneCarnegie Mellon University
Ford, MichaelCarnegie Mellon University
Kroemer, OliverCarnegie Mellon University
Majidi, CarmelCarnegie Mellon University
10:00-10:01, Paper TuPT.16 
Modeling of a Bending Supercoiled Polymer (SCP) Artificial Muscle

Zhang, JunUniversity of Nevada Reno
10:01-10:02, Paper TuPT.17 
A Bending Sensor Insensitive to Pressure: Soft Proprioception Based on Abraded Optical Fibres

Godaba, HareeshQueen Mary University of London
Vitanov, IvanQueen Mary, University of London
ALJaber, FaisalQueen Mary University of London
Ataka, AhmadQueen Mary University of London
Althoefer, KasparQueen Mary University of London
10:02-10:03, Paper TuPT.18 
A Low-Profile Vacuum Actuator: Towards a Sit-To-Stand Assist Exosuit

Kulasekera, Asitha LakruwanDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa
Arumathanthri, Rancimal BinoyUniversity of Moratuwa
Chathuranga, Damith SureshUniversity of Moratuwa
Lalitharatne, Thilina DulanthaUniversity of Moratuwa
Gopura, R.A.R.C.Department of Mechanical Engineering
10:03-10:04, Paper TuPT.19 
Integrated Design and Fabrication of a Conductive PDMS Sensor and Polypyrrole Actuator Composite

Kwak, BokeonUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Bae, JoonbumUNIST
10:04-10:05, Paper TuPT.20 
A Learnt Approach for the Design of Magnetically Actuated Shape Forming Soft Tentacle Robots

Lloyd, Peter RobertUniversity of Leeds
Kafash hoshiar, AliUniversity of Essex
da Veiga, TomasUniversity of Leeds
Attanasio, AleksUniversity of Leeds
Marahrens, NilsUniversity of Leeds
Chandler, James HenryUniversity of Leeds
Valdastri, PietroUniversity of Leeds
10:05-10:06, Paper TuPT.21 
Deep Learning-Based Whole-Arm Soft Tactile Sensation

Yoshigi, SoichiroJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Wang, JiaJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Nakayama, SotaroJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ho, VanJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
10:06-10:07, Paper TuPT.22 
Drift-Free Latent Space Representation for Soft Strain Sensors

George Thuruthel, ThomasBio-Inspired Robotics Lab, University of Cambridge
Gilday, KieranUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
10:07-10:08, Paper TuPT.23 
Robotic Jellyfish Actuated by Soft FinRay Effect Structured Tentacles

Lo Gatto, ValentinaUniversity of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
Hauser, HelmutUniversity of Bristol
10:08-10:09, Paper TuPT.24 
A Flexible Connector for Soft Modular Robots Based on Micropatterned Intersurface Jamming

Tse, Yu AlexanderHKUST Robotics Institute
Liu, ShuaiHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yang, YangThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wang, Michael YuHong Kong University of Science & Technology
10:09-10:10, Paper TuPT.25 
A Systematic Approach to Creating Terrain-Capable Hybrid Soft/hard Myriapod Robots

Ozkan-Aydin, YaseminGeorgia Institute of Technology
Zhong, BaxiGeorgia Institute of Technology
Aydin, EnesGeorgia Institute of Technology
Goldman, DanielGeorgia Institute of Technology
10:10-10:11, Paper TuPT.26 
An Easy Use Auxiliary Arm: Design and Control of a Portable Continuum Manipulator for Enhanced Dexterity by Soft-Rigid Arms Collaboration

Yu, BingbinGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Natarajan, SankaranarayananGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
10:11-10:12, Paper TuPT.27 
FEM Based Workspace Estimation for Soft Robots: A Forward-Backward Interval Analysis Approach

Amehri, WalidINRIA Lille
Zheng, GangINRIA
Kruszewski, AlexandreCentrale Lille
10:12-10:13, Paper TuPT.28 
MiniCoRe: A Miniature, Foldable, Collision Resilient Quadcopter

Dilaveroglu, LeventBilkent University, Mechanical Engineering Department
Ozcan, OnurBilkent University
10:13-10:14, Paper TuPT.29 
Classification of Components of Affective Touch Using Rapidly-Manufacturable Soft Sensor Skins

Shih, BenjaminUniversity of California, San Diego
Lathrop, EmilyUC San Diego
Adibnazari, ImanUniversity of California, San Deigo
Martin, RickyUniversity of California, San Diego
Park, Yong-LaeSeoul National University
Tolley, Michael T.University of California, San Diego
10:14-10:15, Paper TuPT.30 
Demonstration of Teleoperated Bumblebee-Quadcopter System for Collision Avoidance

Shigaki, ShunsukeOsaka University
Shimizu, MasahiroOsaka University
Kobayashi, HirokiOsaka University
Ishiguro, RisaOsaka University
Umedachi, TakuyaThe University of Tokyo
Hosoda, KohOsaka University
10:15-10:16, Paper TuPT.31 
Low-Cost Paper Based Pressure Sensing Element As Artificial Skin Module for Prosthetic Hand

Mishra, Rishabh B.International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) - Hyder
Khan, Sherjeel M.King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saud
Shaikh, Sohail FaizanKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Hussain, Aftab M.International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hydera
Hussain, Muhammad MustafaKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saud
10:16-10:17, Paper TuPT.32 
Compliant and Large-Strain Twisted String Actuators Using Supercoiled Polymers

Zhang, JunUniversity of Nevada Reno
Bombara, DavidUniversity of Nevada Reno
Fowzer, StevenUniversity of Nevada Reno
Brennan, CiananUniversity of Nevada Reno
10:17-10:18, Paper TuPT.33 
Mixing State Estimation of Peristaltic Continuous Mixing Conveyor with Distributed Sensing System Based on Soft Intestine Motion

Wakamatsu, KotaChuo University
Inoue, KatsumaThe University of Tokyo
Hagiwara, DaikiChuo University
Adachi, HarukaChuo University
Matsui, DaisukeChuo University
Kurumaya, ShunichiChuo University
Nishihama, RieChuo University
Okui, ManabuChuo University
Nakajima, KoheiUniversity of Tokyo
Kuniyoshi, YasuoThe University of Tokyo
Nakamura, TaroChuo University
10:18-10:19, Paper TuPT.34 
Sensing and Control of Friction Mode for Contact Area Variable Surfaces (Friction-Variable Surface Structure)

Nojiri, SeitaKanazawa University
Yamaguchi, AkihikoTohoku University
Suzuki, YosukeKanazawa University
Tsuji, TokuoKanazawa University
Watanabe, TetsuyouKanazawa University
10:19-10:20, Paper TuPT.35 
Soft Robotic Locomotion by Peristaltic Waves in Granular Media

Das, RiddhiScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Murali Babu, Saravana PrashanthItalian Institute of Technology
Palagi, StefanoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mazzolai, BarbaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
10:20-10:21, Paper TuPT.36 
Self-Sensing Elastomeric Membrane for Haptic Bubble Arrray

Barreiros, JoseCornell University
Karakurt, IlbeyFacebook Reality Labs
Agarwal, PriyanshuState University of New York at Buffalo
Agcayazi, TalhaNorth Carolina State University
Reese, ShawnFacebook Reality Labs
Healy, KatherineFacebook Reality Labs
Menguc, YigitFacebook Reality Labs
TuAT1 Auditorium A
Soft Robot Material and Design 1 Oral
Co-Chair: Vertechy, RoccoUniversity of Bologna
11:00-11:20, Paper TuAT1.1 
Laser Pouch Motors: Selective and Wireless Activation of Soft Actuators by Laser-Powered Liquid-To-Gas Phase Change

Hiraki, TakefumiOsaka University
Nakahara, KenichiThe University of Tokyo
Narumi, KoyaThe University of Tokyo
Niiyama, RyumaUniversity of Tokyo
Kida, NoriakiThe University of Tokyo
Takamura, NaokiThe University of Tokyo
Okamoto, HiroshiThe University of Tokyo
Kawahara, YoshihiroThe University of Tokyo
11:20-11:35, Paper TuAT1.2 
PF-IPMC: Paper/Fabric Assisted IPMC Actuators for 3D Crafts

Ishiki, AsukaTokyo Institute of Technology
Nabae, HiroyukiTokyo Institute of Technology
Kodaira, AkioTokyo Institute of Technology
Suzumori, KoichiTokyo Institute of Technology
11:35-11:50, Paper TuAT1.3 
Rapid Fabrication of Electro-Adhesive Devices with Inkjet Printed Electrodes

Berdozzi, NicolòUniversity of Bologna
Chen, YiItalian National Research Center
Luzi, LucaUniversity of Bologna
Fontana, MarcoUniversity of Trento
Fassi, IreneCNR
Molinari Tosatti, LorenzoCNR-National Research Council
Vertechy, RoccoUniversity of Bologna
11:50-12:05, Paper TuAT1.4 
Shape Memory Silicone Using Phase-Changing Inclusions

Buckner, TrevorYale University
Yuen, Michelle Ching-SumAir Force Research Laboratory
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale University
TuAT2 Auditorium A
Force and Tactile Sensing Oral
Chair: Ranzani, TommasoBoston University
Co-Chair: Petersen, Kirstin HagelskjaerCornell University
11:00-11:20, Paper TuAT2.1 
A Soft Ionic Sensor for Simultaneous Pressure and Strain Measurements

Gupte, AnshulBoston University
Kinnicutt, LorenzoBoston University
McDonald, KevinBoston University
Ranzani, TommasoBoston University
11:20-11:35, Paper TuAT2.2 
In-Hand Small-Object Counting from Tactile Sensor Arrays Installed on Soft Fingertips

Ishige, MatthewThe University of Tokyo
Umedachi, TakuyaThe University of Tokyo
Ijiri, YoshihisaOMRON Corp
Kawahara, YoshihiroThe University of Tokyo
11:35-11:50, Paper TuAT2.3 
Sensorized Phantom for Characterizing Large Area Deformation of Soft Bodies for Medical Applications

Hughes, JosieMIT
Maiolino, PerlaUniversity of Oxford
Nanayakkara, ThrishanthaImperial College London
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
11:50-12:05, Paper TuAT2.4 
Simple Low-Cost Fabrication of Soft Sensors for Feature Reconstruction

Ma, DannaCornell University
Ceron, StevenCornell University
Kaiser, GregoryCornell University
Petersen, Kirstin HagelskjaerCornell University
TuAwCa Room T3
Award Candidates Oral
13:50-14:05, Paper TuAwCa.1 
A Boundary-Constrained Swarm Robot with Granular Jamming

Karimi, Mohammad AminIllinois Institute of Technology
Alizadehyazdi, VahidIllinois Institute of Technology
Busque, Bruno-PierUniversité De Sherbrooke
Jaeger, HeinrichUniversity of Chicago
Spenko, MatthewIllinois Institute of Technology
14:05-14:20, Paper TuAwCa.2 
A Novel Pneumatic Soft Snake Robot Using Traveling-Wave Locomotion in Constrained Environments

Qi, XindaMichigan State University
Shi, HongyangMichigan State University
Pinto, ThassyoMichigan State University
Tan, XiaoboMichigan State University
14:20-14:35, Paper TuAwCa.3 
AFREEs: Active Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Enclosures

Yoshida, KyleStanford University
Ren, XinyiCalifornia Institute of Technology
Blumenschein, LauraStanford University
Okamura, Allison M.Stanford University
Luo, MingStanford University
14:35-14:50, Paper TuAwCa.4 
Development of Continuum Spine Mechanism for Humanoid Robot: Biomimetic Supple and Curvilinear Spine Driven by Tendon

Kakehashi, YurikoThe University of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe University of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe University of Tokyo
14:50-15:05, Paper TuAwCa.5 
Electromechanical Characterization of 3D Printable Conductive Elastomer for Soft Robotics

Kim, SuhanCarnegie Mellon University
Kim, SukjunCarnegie Mellon University
Majditehran, HouriyehCarnegie Mellon University
Patel, DineshCarnegie Mellon University
Majidi, CarmelCarnegie Mellon University
Bergbreiter, SarahCarnegie Mellon University
15:05-15:20, Paper TuAwCa.6 
Liquid Pouch Motors: Printable Planar Actuators Driven by Liquid-To-Gas Phase Change for Shape-Changing Interfaces

Narumi, KoyaThe University of Tokyo
Sato, HirokiThe University of Tokyo
Nakahara, KenichiThe University of Tokyo
Seong, Young AhThe University of Tokyo
Morinaga, KunihikoANREALAGE Co., LTD
Kakehi, YasuakiThe University of Tokyo
Niiyama, RyumaUniversity of Tokyo
Kawahara, YoshihiroThe University of Tokyo
15:20-15:35, Paper TuAwCa.7 
Towards Vision-Based Robotic Skins: A Data-Driven, Multi-Camera Tactile Sensor

Trueeb, CamillETH Zurich
Sferrazza, CarmeloETH Zurich
D'Andrea, RaffaelloETHZ
15:35-15:50, Paper TuAwCa.8 
Wrinkled Soft Sensor with Variable Afferent Morphology: Case of Bending Actuation

Qi, QiukaiJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ho, VanJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
TuBT1 Auditorium B
Soft Robot Material and Design 2 Oral
16:25-16:45, Paper TuBT1.1 
Design and Characterization of a Miniature Hydraulic Power Supply for High-Bandwidth Control of Soft Robotics

Padovani, DamianoUniversity of Agder
Barth, Eric J.Vanderbilt University
16:45-17:00, Paper TuBT1.2 
Flexible Fiber Interconnects for Soft Mechatronics

Jain, SnehalSUTD
Stalin, ThileepanSingapore University of Technology and Design
Kanhere, ElgarSingapore University of Technology and Design
Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloSingapore University of Technology and Design, MIT
17:00-17:15, Paper TuBT1.3 
Scalable Sim-To-Real Transfer of Soft Robot Designs

Kriegman, SamUniversity of Vermont
Mohammadi Nasab, AmirYale University
Shah, Dylan S.Yale University
Steele, HannahYale University
Branin, GabrielleYale University
Levin, MichaelTufts University
Bongard, JoshUniversity of Vermont
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale University
17:15-17:30, Paper TuBT1.4 
Soft Thermal Actuators with Embedded Liquid Metal Microdroplets for Improved Heat Management

Huang, XiaonanCarnegie Mellon University
Ren, ZhijianCarnegie Mellon University
Majidi, CarmelCarnegie Mellon University
TuBT2 Auditorium B
Legged Robots Oral
Co-Chair: Sung, CynthiaUniversity of Pennsylvania
16:25-16:45, Paper TuBT2.1 
A Tendon-Driven Origami Hopper Triggered by Proprioceptive Contact Detection

Chen, Wei-HsiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Misra, ShivangiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Caporale, J. DiegoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Koditschek, DanielUniversity of Pennsylvania
Yang, ShuUniversity of Pennsylvania
Sung, CynthiaUniversity of Pennsylvania
16:45-17:00, Paper TuBT2.2 
Granular Jamming Feet Enable Improved Foot-Ground Interactions for Robot Mobility on Deformable Ground

Chopra, ShivamUniversity of California San Diego
Tolley, Michael T.University of California, San Diego
Gravish, NickUC San Diego
17:00-17:15, Paper TuBT2.3 
Shear Strengthened Granular Jamming Feet for Improved Performance Over Natural Terrain

Lathrop, EmilyUC San Diego
Adibnazari, ImanUniversity of California, San Deigo
Gravish, NickUC San Diego
Tolley, Michael T.University of California, San Diego
17:15-17:30, Paper TuBT2.4 
Spinal Helical Actuation Patterns for Locomotion in Soft Robots

Case, JenniferNational Institute of Standards and Technology
Gibert, JamesPurdue University
Booth, JoranYale University
SunSpiral, VytasSGT Inc. / NASA Ames Research Center
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale University




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