R o b o S o f t The First IEEE-RAS International Conference on S o f t   R o b o t i c s LIVORNO, ITALY. APRIL 24-28, 2018
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Last updated on May 1, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday April 26, 2018

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ThP1L Plenary, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Plenary Lecture - Paolo Dario  
Chair: Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
ThAT Regular, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuators  
Chair: Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale Univ
Co-Chair: Niiyama, RyumaUniv. of Tokyo
10:00-10:15, Paper ThAT.1 Add to My Program
Design and Shape Optimization of PolyJet Bellows Actuators
Dämmer, GabrielFesto AG & Co. KG
Gablenz, SvenFesto AG & Co. KG
Hildebrandt, AlexanderFesto AG & Co. KG
Major, ZoltanJohannes Kepler Univ. Linz
10:15-10:30, Paper ThAT.2 Add to My Program
All-Soft Material System for Strong Soft Actuators
Bilodeau, Raymond AdamPurdue Univ
Miriyev, AslanColombia Univ
Lipson, HodColumbia Univ
Kramer-Bottiglio, RebeccaYale Univ
10:30-10:45, Paper ThAT.3 Add to My Program
Direct 3D Printing of Silicone Elastomer Soft Robots and Their Performance Comparison with Molded Counterparts
Yirmibesoglu, Osman DoganOregon State Univ
Morrow, JohnOregon State Univ
Walker, StephanieOregon State Univ
Gosrich, WalkerSUNY at Buffalo
Canizares, Reece AidanOregon State Univ
Kim, HansungOregon State Univ
Daalkhaijav, UranbilegOregon State Univ
Fleming, ChloeOregon State Univ
Branyan, CallieOregon State Univ
Menguc, YigitOregon State Univ
ThBT Regular, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Soft Robot Locomotion  
Chair: Daltorio, Kathryn ACase Western Res. Univ
Co-Chair: Calisti, MarcelloScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
11:15-12:30, Paper ThBT.1 Add to My Program
Multi-Directional Crawling Robot with Soft Actuators and Electroadhesive Grippers
Digumarti, Krishna ManaswiBristol Robotics Lab
Cao, ChongjingUniv. of Bristol
Guo, JianglongUniv. of Bristol
Conn, AndrewUniv. of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniv. of Bristol
11:15-12:30, Paper ThBT.2 Add to My Program
A Kinematic Model to Constrain Slip in Soft Body Peristaltic Locomotion
Kandhari, AkhilCase Western Res. Univ
Daltorio, Kathryn ACase Western Res. Univ
11:15-12:30, Paper ThBT.3 Add to My Program
A Paper-Based Wall-Climbing Robot Enabled by Electrostatic Adhesion
Wu, QiyangMcGill Univ
Pradeep, VisheshMcGill Univ
Liu, XinyuUniv. of Toronto
11:15-12:30, Paper ThBT.4 Add to My Program
Water Pipe Robot Utilizing Soft Inflatable Actuators
Adams, WadeArizona State Univ
Sridar, SaivimalArizona State Univ
Thalman, CarlyArizona State Univ
Copenhaver, BryceArizona State Univ
Elsaad, HassanSalt River Project Utility Company
Polygerinos, PanagiotisArizona State Univ
11:15-12:30, Paper ThBT.5 Add to My Program
Flapping at Resonance: Realization of an Electroactive Elastic Thorax
Cao, ChongjingUniv. of Bristol
Burgess, StuartUniv. of Bristol
Conn, AndrewUniv. of Bristol
ThTT Interactive, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Posters - Teaser Session 2  
Chair: Beccai, LuciaCenter for Micro-BioRobotics
Co-Chair: Manti, MariangelaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.1 Add to My Program
U-Turning an Agile Robotic Cube by a Soft Dielectric Elastomer Resonator
Tang, ChaoXi’an Jiaotong Univ
Li, BoXi’an Jiaotong Univ
Chen, HualingXi’an Jiaotong Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.2 Add to My Program
Electroactive Textile Actuators for Wearable and Soft Robots
Guo, JianglongUniv. of Bristol
Xiang, ChaoqunBristol Robotics Lab
Helps, TimUniv. of Bristol
Taghavi, MajidUniv. of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniv. of Bristol
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.3 Add to My Program
Development of an Adaptable, Soft Robot with an Aortic Diameter Sensor to Modulate Blood Flow in an Extreme Biological Environment
Mehta, AlokQueen Mary Univ. of London
Mehta, AkashQueen Mary Univ. of London
Velazquez-Pimentel, DianaQueen Mary Univ. of London
Althoefer, KasparQueen Mary Univ. of London
Sadek, SamyBarts and the London SMD
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.4 Add to My Program
Effect of Base Rotation on the Controllability of a Redundant Soft Robotic Arm
Shigemune, HirokiWaseda Univ
Cacucciolo, VitoÉcole Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne
Cianchetti, MatteoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Sawada, HideyukiWaseda Univ
Hashimoto, ShujiWaseda Univ
Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.5 Add to My Program
Soft Morphological Processing of Tactile Stimuli for Autonomous Category Formation
Scimeca, LucaMr
Maiolino, PerlaUniv. of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniv. of Cambridge
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.6 Add to My Program
Tactile Sensing System with Wrinkle’s Morphological Change: Modeling
Trinh, HiepRyukoku Univ
Ho, VanJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Shibuya, KojiRyukoku Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.7 Add to My Program
Design and Fabrication of a Soft Robotic Hand and Arm System
Alspach, AlexanderDisney Res
Kim, JoohyungDisney Res
Yamane, KatsuHonda Res. Inst. USA
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.8 Add to My Program
Multi-Fingered Robotic Hand Based on Hybrid Mechanism of Tendon-Driven and Jamming Transition
Mizushima, KaoriKanazawa Univ
Oku, TakumiYKK Corp
Suzuki, YosukeKanazawa Univ
Tsuji, TokuoKanazawa Univ
Watanabe, TetsuyouKanazawa Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.9 Add to My Program
Chamber Dimension Optimization of a Bellow-Type Soft Actuator for Food Material Handling
Wang, ZhongkuiRitsumeikan Univ
Hirai, ShinichiRitsumeikan Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.10 Add to My Program
High Strength Bubble Artificial Muscles for Walking Assistance
Diteesawat, Richard SuphapolUniv. of Bristol
Helps, TimUniv. of Bristol
Taghavi, MajidUniv. of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniv. of Bristol
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.11 Add to My Program
Fishbone-Inspired Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation with Multi-Degrees-Of-Freedom
Jiang, YongkangBeihang Univ
Chen, DianshengBeihang Univ
Liu, PengyongBeihang Univ
Jiao, XiaofangBeiHang Univ
Ping, ZilongBeihang Univ
Xu, ZiBeihang Univ
Li, JianBeihang Univ. & National Res. Center for Rehabilitation
Xu, YingBeihang Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.12 Add to My Program
Lithographic Production of Vertically Aligned CNT Strain Sensors for Integration in Soft Robotic Microactuators
Gorissen, BenjaminKULeuven
Milana, EdoardoKU Leuven
Reynaerts, DominiekDiv. Production Engineering, Machine Design Andautomation, K
De Volder, MichaëlDepartment of Engineering, Univ. of Cambridge, Cambrdige
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.13 Add to My Program
Flexible Link Long Reach Manipulator with Lightweight Dual Arm: Soft-Collision Detection, Reaction, and Obstacle Localization
Suarez, AlejandroUniv. of Seville
Giordano, Alessandro MassimoTech. Univ. of Munich (TUM)
Kondak, KonstantinGerman Aerospace Center
Heredia, GuillermoUniv. of Seville
Ollero, AnibalUniv. of Seville
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.14 Add to My Program
A Soft Robotic Approach to Robust and Dexterous Grasping
Zhou, JianshuThe Univ. of Hong Kong
Chen, XiaojiaoThe Univ. of Hong Kong
Li, JingThe Univ. of Hong Kong
Tian, YinanNanjing Univ. of Science and Tech
Wang, ZhengThe Univ. of Hong Kong
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.15 Add to My Program
Soft Grasping with Wet Adhesion: Preliminary Evaluation
Nguyen, Pho VanJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (JAIST)
Huynh, Ngoc VanJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Phan, Trong TueJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech. (JAIST)
Ho, VanJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.16 Add to My Program
Topology Optimized Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of a Multimaterial Soft Gripper
Zhang, HongyingNational Univ. of Singapore
Senthil Kumar, A.National Univ. of Singapore
Fuh, JerryNational Univ. of Singapore
Wang, Michael YuHong Kong Univ. of Science & Tech
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.17 Add to My Program
Low-Inertia Vacuum-Powered Soft Pneumatic Actuator Coil Characterization and Design Methodology
Robertson, MatthewEPFL
Paik, JamieEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.18 Add to My Program
Effects of Material Properties on Soft Gripper Grasping Forces
Agarwal, AnirudhSUTD
Viswanathan, VinothKumarSingapore-MIT Alliance for Res. and Tech
Maheshwari, SharadSUTD
Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloSingapore Univ. of Tech. and Design, MIT
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.19 Add to My Program
Optimal Learning and Surface Identification for Terrestrial Soft Robots
Tanouye, MirandaUniv. of Alabama
Vikas, VisheshUniv. of Alabama
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.20 Add to My Program
Underwater Soft Jet Propulsion Based on a Hoberman Mechanism
Iacoponi, SaverioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
Picardi, GiacomoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa
Chellapurath, MrudulScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
Calisti, MarcelloScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.21 Add to My Program
Toward a Low Hysteresis Helical Scale Jamming Interface Inspired by Teleost Fish Scale Morphology and Arrangement
Sadati, SeyedmohammadhadiUniv. of Bristol
Naghibi, Seyedeh ElnazQueen Mary, Univ. of London
Althoefer, KasparQueen Mary Univ. of London
Nanayakkara, ThrishanthaImperial Coll. London
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.22 Add to My Program
Caterpillar-Inspired Crawling Robot on a Stick Using Active-Release and Passive-Grip Elastic Legs
Umedachi, TakuyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kawahara, YoshihiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.23 Add to My Program
Trajectory Tracking of a One-DOF Manipulator Using Multiple Fishing Line Actuators by Iterative Learning Control
Ono, ShuKyushu Univ
Masuya, KenKyushu Univ
Takagi, KentaroNagoya Univ
Tahara, KenjiKyushu Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.24 Add to My Program
Traveling Waves from Fluidic Resistance for Locomotion of Soft Robots
Futran, ChaimCornell Univ
Ceron, StevenCornell Univ
Mac Murray, BenjaminCornell Univ
Shepherd, RobertCornell Univ
Petersen, Kirstin HagelskjaerCornell Univ
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.25 Add to My Program
Low Profile Stretch Sensor for Soft Wearable Robotics
Sareh, SinaRoyal Coll. of Art
Noh, YohanKing's Coll. London
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.26 Add to My Program
Variable Stiffness Strip with Strain Sensing for Wearable Robotics
Tonazzini, AliceEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Shintake, JunUniv. of Electro-Communications
Rognon, CarineEPFL
Ramachandran, VivekÉcole Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne
Mintchev, StefanoÉcole Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne
Floreano, DarioEc. Pol. Federal, Lausanne
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.27 Add to My Program
Soft Sucker Shoe for Anti-Slippage Application
Murali Babu, Saravana PrashanthScuola Sant'Anna Superiore
Sadeghi, AliIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mondini, AlessioIstituito Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mazzolai, BarbaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
12:30-13:00, Paper ThTT.28 Add to My Program
A Soft Robotic Exo-Sheath Using Fabric EMG Sensing for Hand Rehabilitation and Assistance
Guo, JiaqiBIRO Lab at CUNY
Yu, ShuangyueCity Univ. of New York, City Coll
Huang, Tzu-HaoCity Coll. of New York
Li, YanjunThe City Coll. of New York
Wang, JunlinCity Univ. of New York, City Coll
Lynn, Brian PatrickCUNY City Coll. of New York
Fidock, JeremyBurke Medical Res. Inst. Weill Cornell Medicine
Shen, Chien-LungTaiwan Textile Res. Inst
Edwards, DylanBurke Medical Res. Inst
Su, HaoCity Univ. of New York, City Coll
ThIN Interactive, Sala Stucchi @Palazzo Add to My Program 
Posters - Interactive Session 2  
ThP2L Plenary, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Plenary Lecture - Daniel Goldman  
Chair: Mazzolai, BarbaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
ThCT Regular, Pancaldi conference hall Add to My Program 
Underwater Soft Robotics  
Chair: Giorgio Serchi, FrancescoUniv. of Southampton
Co-Chair: Wen, LiBeihang Univ
16:30-16:45, Paper ThCT.1 Add to My Program
Follow the Dummy: Measuring the Influence of a Biomimetic Robotic Fish-Lure on the Collective Decisions of a Zebrafish Shoal Inside a Circular Corridor
Bonnet, FrankEc. Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne
Halloy, JoséUniv. Paris Diderot Paris VII
Mondada, FrancescoEPFL
16:45-17:00, Paper ThCT.2 Add to My Program
A Low-Cost Experimental Rig for Multi-DOF Unsteady Thrust Measurements of Aquatic Bioinspired Soft Robots
Lidtke, ArturUniv. of Southampton
Giorgio Serchi, FrancescoUniv. of Southampton
Lisle, MattUniv. of Southampton
Weymouth, GabrielUniv. of Southampton
17:00-17:15, Paper ThCT.3 Add to My Program
An Inverse Kinematics Method of a Soft Robotic Arm with Three-Dimensional Locomotion for Underwater Manipulation
Gong, ZheyuanBeihang Univ
Cheng, JiahuiBEIHANG Univ
Hu, KainanBeihang Univ
Wang, TianmiaoBeihang Univ
Wen, LiBeihang Univ




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