32nd IEEE International Conference on
Robot and Human Interactive Communication
August 28-31, 2023. Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea
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Last updated on August 21, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday August 30, 2023

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WeKN Room T9
New Connections between Humans, Spaces, and Information-Robotics,
Autonomous Driving, AI, Digital TWIN by Sangok Seok
Keynote Session
Chair: Cha, YoungsuKorea University
WeAT1 Room T1
Human-Mediated Robot Autonomy Special Session
Chair: Beraldo, GloriaNational Research Council of Italy
Co-Chair: Umbrico, AlessandroNational Research Council of Italy
10:20-10:30, Paper WeAT1.1 
 Human-Aware Goal-Oriented Autonomy through ROS-Integrated Timeline-Based Planning and Execution (I)

Umbrico, Alessandro (National Research Council of Italy), Cesta, Amedeo (CNR -- National Research Council of Italy, ISTC), Orlandini, Andrea (National Research Council of Italy)
10:30-10:40, Paper WeAT1.2 
 Qualitative Prediction of Multi-Agent Spatial Interactions (I)

Mghames, Sariah (University of Lincoln), Castri, Luca (University of Lincoln), Hanheide, Marc (University of Lincoln), Bellotto, Nicola (University of Padua)
10:40-10:50, Paper WeAT1.3 
 RICO-MR: An Open-Source Architecture for Robot Intent Communication through Mixed Reality (I)

Macciò, Simone (University of Genoa), Mohamad, Shaaban (University of Genova), Carfì, Alessandro (University of Genoa), Zaccaria, Renato (University of Genova), Mastrogiovanni, Fulvio (University of Genoa)
10:50-11:00, Paper WeAT1.4 
 Learning User-Preferred Robot Navigation Based on Social Force Model from Human Feedback in Virtual Reality Environments (I)

Nakaoka, Shintaro (Keio University), Kawasaki, Yosuke (Keio University), Takahashi, Masaki (Keio University)
11:00-11:10, Paper WeAT1.5 
 Automatic Interaction and Activity Recognition from Videos of Human Manual Demonstrations with Application to Anomaly Detection (I)

Merlo, Elena (Italian Institute of Technology), Lagomarsino, Marta (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Lamon, Edoardo (Università Di Trento), Ajoudani, Arash (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
11:10-11:20, Paper WeAT1.6 
 Rush-Out Risk Mapping from Human Operational Commands Considering Field Context (I)

Ohnishi, Fumiya (Keio University), Kawasaki, Yosuke (Keio University), Takahashi, Masaki (Keio University)
WeAT3 Room T3
Child-Robot Interaction I Regular Session
Chair: Kozima, HidekiTohoku University
10:20-10:30, Paper WeAT3.1 
 Child’s Personality and Self-Disclosures to a Robot Persona ”In-The-Wild”

Neerincx, Anouk (Utrecht University), Li, Yanzhe (Technical University of Delft), van de Sande, Kelvin (Utrecht University), Broz, Frank (TU Delft), Neerincx, Mark (TNO), de Graaf, Maartje (Utrecht University)
10:30-10:40, Paper WeAT3.2 
 Socially Assistive Robotics Optimizing Augmented Reality Educational Application for Teaching Traffic Safety in Kindergarten

Karakosta, Anna (School of Educational & Social Policies, University of Macedonia), Velentza, Anna Maria (University of Macedonia), Pasalidou, Christina (University of Macedonia), Fachantidis, Nikolaos (University of Macedonia)
10:40-10:50, Paper WeAT3.3 
 Communication As Joint Prediction: A Case Study of Robot-Mediated Pretend Play with Children at a Kindergarten

Kozima, Hideki (Tohoku University)
10:50-11:00, Paper WeAT3.4 
 Rapport Formation between Children and a Social Robot through the Identity of a Social Robot

Chung, Jae Hee (Hongik University)
11:00-11:10, Paper WeAT3.5 
 QWriter System for Robot-Assisted Alphabet Acquisition

Amirova, Aida (Nazarbayev University), Oralbayeva, Nurziya (Nazarbayev University), Telisheva, Zhansaule (Nazarbayev University), Zhanatkyzy, Aida (Nazarbayev University), Aidar, Shakerimov (Nazarbayev University), Sarmonov, Shamil (Nazarbayev University), Aimysheva, Arna (Nazarbayev University), Sandygulova, Anara (Nazarbayev University)
11:10-11:20, Paper WeAT3.6 
 A Feasibility Study of Using Kaspar, a Humanoid Robot for Speech and Language Therapy for Children with Learning Disabilities

Lakatos, Gabriella (University of Hertfordshire), Sarda-Gou, Marina (University of Hertfordshire), Holthaus, Patrick (University of Hertfordshire), Wood, Luke Jai (University of Hertfordshire), Moros, Sílvia (University of Hertfordshire), Litchfield, Vicky (Woolgrove School Special Needs Academy), Robins, Ben (University of Hertfordshire), Amirabdollahian, Farshid (The University of Hertfordshire)
WeAT4 Room T4
Human Factors and Ergonomics I Regular Session
Chair: Cheng, XiaoxiaoImperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London UK
10:20-10:30, Paper WeAT4.1 
 A Third Eye to Augment Environment Perception

Meara, Mark O (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine), Cheng, Xiaoxiao (Imperial College London), Eden, Jonathan (University of Melborune), Ivanova, Ekaterina (Imperial College London), Burdet, Etienne (Imperial College London)
10:30-10:40, Paper WeAT4.2 
 Why There Is No Definition of Trust: A Systems Approach with a Metamodel Representation

Schroepfer, Pete (Cnrs Irl 2958), Pradalier, Cedric (GeorgiaTech Lorraine)
10:40-10:50, Paper WeAT4.3 
 Effect of Augmented Reality User Interface on Task Performance, Cognitive Load, and Situational Awareness in Human-Robot Collaboration

Kalatzis, Apostolos (Montana State University Bozeman), Girishan Prabhu, Vishnunarayan (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Stanley, Laura (Montana State University Bozeman), Wittie, Mike (Montana State University Bozeman)
10:50-11:00, Paper WeAT4.4 
 Considering Human Factors in Risk Maps for Robust and Foresighted Driver Warning

Puphal, Tim (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH), Hirano, Ryohei (Honda R&D Co., Ltd), Probst, Malte (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH), Wenzel, Raphael (Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH), Kimata, Akihito (Honda R&D Co., Ltd)
11:00-11:10, Paper WeAT4.5 
 Determining Movement Measures for Trust Assessment in Human-Robot Collaboration Using IMU-Based Motion Tracking

Hald, Kasper (Aalborg University), Rehm, Matthias (Aalborg University)
11:10-11:20, Paper WeAT4.6 
 The Effects of Inaccurate Decision-Support Systems on Structured Shared Decision-Making for Human-Robot Teams

Kolb, Jack (Georgia Institute of Technology), Feigh, Karen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Srivastava, Divya (Georgia Institute of Technology)
WeAT5 Room T5
Social Intelligence for Robots I Regular Session
Chair: Malle, BertramBrown University
10:20-10:30, Paper WeAT5.1 
 Models and Algorithms for Human-Aware Task Planning with Integrated Theory of Mind

Favier, Anthony (LAAS-CNRS), Shekhar, Shashank (CNRS LAAS), Alami, Rachid (CNRS)
10:30-10:40, Paper WeAT5.2 
 The Impact of Social Norm Violations on Participants’ Perception of and Trust in a Robot During a Competitive Game Scenario

Lawrence, Steven (University of Waterloo), Azizi, Negin (University of Waterloo), Fan, Kevin (University of Waterloo), Jouaiti, Melanie (Imperial College London), Hoey, Jesse (University of Waterloo), Nehaniv, Chrystopher (University of Waterloo), Dautenhahn, Kerstin (University of Waterloo)
10:40-10:50, Paper WeAT5.3 
 Development of the Pedestrian Awareness Model for Mobile Robots

Minami, Kota (Toyohashi University of Technology), Hayashi, Kotaro (Toyohashi University of Technology), Miura, Jun (Toyohashi University of Technology)
10:50-11:00, Paper WeAT5.4 
 Attempting to Aggregate Perceptual Constructs from Deep Neural Networks for Video and Audio Interaction Representation

Maheux, Marc-Antoine (Université De Sherbrooke), Auclair, Guillaume (Université De Sherbrooke), Warren, Philippe (Université De Sherbrooke), Létourneau, Dominic (Université De Sherbrooke), Michaud, Francois (Universite De Sherbrooke)
11:00-11:10, Paper WeAT5.5 
 Calibrated Human-Robot Teaching: What People Do When Teaching Norms to Robots

Chi, Vivienne Bihe (Brown University), Malle, Bertram (Brown University)
11:10-11:20, Paper WeAT5.6 
 How Can Dog Handlers Help Us Understand the Future of Wilderness Search & Rescue Robots?

Mott, Terran (Colorado School of Mines), Williams, Tom (Colorado School of Mines)
WeAT6 Room T6
Virtual Reality&Telepresence I Regular Session
Chair: Kim, KangGeonKorea Institute of Science and Technology
10:20-10:30, Paper WeAT6.1 
 Proxemic-Aware Augmented Reality for Human-Robot Interaction

Liu, Jingyang (Carnegie Mellon University), Hongyu, Mao (Carnegie Mellon University), Bard, Joshua (Carnegie Mellon University)
10:30-10:40, Paper WeAT6.2 
 A Virtual Reality System for Predictive Display Functionality in a Telexistence-Controlled SEED-Noid Humanoid Robot with Evaluation of VR Sickness

Suda, Taiga (Hosei University), Yodowatari, Motoki (Hosei University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering), Kosaki, Sosuke (HoseiUniversity), Yokoyama, Koki (Hosei University), Yanagisawa, Eito (Hosei University), Oyama, Eimei (Toyama Prefectural University), Tokoi, Kohei (Wakayama University), Okada, Hiroyuki (Tamagawa University), Agah, Arvin (University of Kansas), Nakamura, Sousuke (Hosei University)
10:40-10:50, Paper WeAT6.3 
 No Name, No Voice, Less Trust: Robot Group Identity Performance, Entitativity, and Trust Distribution

Bejarano, Alexandra (Colorado School of Mines), Williams, Tom (Colorado School of Mines)
10:50-11:00, Paper WeAT6.4 
 Asura Hands: Own and Control Two Left Hands in Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

Kawaguchi, Asaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Abe, Yutaro (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Okamoto, Shogo (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Goto, Yuta (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Hara, Masayuki (Saitama University), Kanayama, Noriaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
11:00-11:10, Paper WeAT6.5 
 Empowering Cobots with Energy Models: Real Augmented Digital Twin Cobot with Accurate Energy Consumption Model

Heredia, Juan (University of Southern Denmark), Zieliński, Krzysztof (Poznan University of Technology), Schlette, Christian (University of Southern Denmark (SDU)), Mikkel, Kjærgaard (University of Southern Denmark)
11:10-11:20, Paper WeAT6.6 
 Reinforcement Learning-Based Virtual Fixtures for Teleoperation of Hydraulic Construction Machine

Lee, Hyung Joo (RWTH Aachen University), Brell-Cokcan, Sigrid (RWTH Aachen University)
WeBT1 Room T1
To Err Is Robotic: Understanding, Preventing, and Resolving Robots'
Failures in HRI
Special Session
Chair: Rossi, AlessandraUniversity of Naples Federico II
Co-Chair: Koay, Kheng LeeUniversity of Hertfordshire
11:30-11:40, Paper WeBT1.1 
 Sweet Robot O’Mine - How a Cheerful Robot Boosts Users' Performance in a Game Scenario (I)

Vigni, Francesco (Interdepartmental Center for Advances in Robotic Surgery - ICARO), Andriella, Antonio (Pal Robotics), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
11:40-11:50, Paper WeBT1.2 
 Evaluating People's Perception of Trust of a Deceptive Robot with Theory of Mind in an Assistive Gaming Scenario (I)

Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
11:50-12:00, Paper WeBT1.3 
 Machiavelli for Robots: Strategic Robot Failure, Deception, and Trust (I)

Sætra, Henrik Skaug (Østfold University College)
12:00-12:10, Paper WeBT1.4 
 Robot Broken Promise? Repair Strategies for Mitigating Loss of Trust for Repeated Failures (I)

Nesset, Birthe (Heriot-Watt University), Romeo, Marta (Heriot-Watt University), Rajendran, Gnanathusharan (Heriot-Watt University), Hastie, Helen (School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt Univer)
12:10-12:20, Paper WeBT1.5 
 To Err Is Robotic; to Earn Trust, Divine: Comparing ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs for HRI (I)

Wilcock, Graham (CDM Interact, Helsinki, Finland), Jokinen, Kristiina (AIRC, AIST, Japan and University of Helsinki, Finland)
12:20-12:30, Paper WeBT1.6 
 Trust Calibration through Intentional Errors: Designing Robot Errors to Decrease Children’s Trust towards Robots (I)

Geiskkovitch, Denise Y. (McMaster University), Young, James Everett (University of Manitoba)
WeBT3 Room T3
Child-Robot Interaction II Regular Session
Chair: Robins, BenUniversity of Hertfordshire
11:30-11:40, Paper WeBT3.1 
 Kaspar Explains: The Effect of Causal Explanations on Visual Perspective Taking Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sarda-Gou, Marina (University of Hertfordshire), Lakatos, Gabriella (University of Hertfordshire), Holthaus, Patrick (University of Hertfordshire), Robins, Ben (University of Hertfordshire), Moros, Sílvia (University of Hertfordshire), Wood, Luke Jai (University of Hertfordshire), Araujo, Hugo (King's College London), deGraft-Hanson, Christine Augusta Ekua (Garston Manor School), Mousavi, Mohammad Reza (King's College London), Amirabdollahian, Farshid (The University of Hertfordshire)
11:40-11:50, Paper WeBT3.2 
 At School with a Robot: Italian Students' Perception of Robotics During an Educational Program

Cocchella, Francesca (Italian Institute of Technology/University of Genoa), Pusceddu, Giulia (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia, Università Di Genova), Belgiovine, Giulia (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Bogliolo, Michela (Scuola Di Robotica), Lastrico, Linda (Italian Institute of Technology), Casadio, Maura (University of Genoa), Rea, Francesco (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Sciutti, Alessandra (Italian Institute of Technology)
11:50-12:00, Paper WeBT3.3 
 Embodied Technologies for Stress Management in Children: A Systematic Review

Li, Jing (Eindhoven University of Technology), Wang, Pinhao (Eindhoven University of Technology), Barakova, Emilia I. (Eindhoven University of Technology), Hu, Jun (Eindhoven University of Technology)
12:00-12:10, Paper WeBT3.4 
 Living with Haru4Kids: Study on Children's Activity and Engagement in a Family-Robot Cohabitation Scenario

Garcia, Gonzalo A. (4i Intelligent Insights), Pérez, Guillermo (4i Intelligent Insights), Levinson, Leigh (Indiana University), Amores-Carredano, J. Gabriel (Universidad De Sevilla), Alvarez-Benito, Gloria (University of Seville), Castro-Malet, Manuel (4i Intelligent Insights), Castaño Ocaña, Mario (4i Intelligent Insights), López González de Quevedo, Marta Julia (4i Intelligent Insights), Durán-Viñuelas, Ricardo (4i Intelligent Insights), Gomez, Randy (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd), Sabanovic, Selma (Indiana University Bloomington)
12:10-12:20, Paper WeBT3.5 
 Child-Robot Conversation in the Wild Wild Home: A Language Processing User Study

Pérez, Guillermo (4i Intelligent Insights), Garcia, Gonzalo A. (Freelance), Castro-Malet, Manuel (4i Intelligent Insights), Castaño Ocaña, Mario (4i Intelligent Insights), López González de Quevedo, Marta Julia (4i Intelligent Insights), Durán-Viñuelas, Ricardo (4i Intelligent Insights), Amores-Carredano, J. Gabriel (Universidad De Sevilla), Alvarez-Benito, Gloria (University of Seville), Levinson, Leigh (Indiana University), Sabanovic, Selma (Indiana University Bloomington), Gomez, Randy (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd)
12:20-12:30, Paper WeBT3.6 
 Humanoid Robots for Wellbeing Assessment in Children: How Does Anxiety towards the Robot Affect Perceptions of Robot Role, Behaviour and Capabilities?

Abbasi, Nida Itrat (University of Cambridge), Spitale, Micol (University of Cambridge), Anderson, Joanna (University of Cambridge), Ford, Tamsin (University of Cambridge), Jones, Peter B. (University of Cambridge), Gunes, Hatice (University of Cambridge)
12:30-12:40, Paper WeBT3.7 
 Age-Appropriate Robot Design: In-The-Wild Child-Robot Interaction Studies of Perseverance Styles and Robot's Unexpected Behavior

Wróbel, Alicja (Jagiellonian University), Źróbek, Karolina (Jagiellonian University), Schaper, Marie-Monique (Aarhus University), Zguda, Paulina (Jagiellonian University), Indurkhya, Bipin (Jagiellonian University)
12:40-12:50, Paper WeBT3.8 
 Reading or iPad Gaming? Investigating Socially Interactive Robotic Bookshelf Proactively Engages Children in Reading Physical Books

Jiang, Zhuoqun (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Koh, Hong Pin (Singapore University of Technology & Design), Chew, Bryan Lijie (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Chen, Jiasen (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Yee, Andrew Zi Han (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Wang, Yixiao (Georgia Institute of Technology)
WeBT4 Room T4
Human Factors and Ergonomics II Regular Session
Chair: Nomura, TatsuyaRyukoku University
11:30-11:40, Paper WeBT4.1 
 Robot Adaptation under Operator Cognitive Fatigue Using Reinforcement Learning

Shah, Jay (Texas A&M University), Yadav, Aakash (Texas A&M University), Hopko, Sarah (Texas A&M University), Mehta, Ranjana (Texas A&M University), Pagilla, Prabhakar Reddy (Texas A&M University)
11:40-11:50, Paper WeBT4.2 
 Immediate Effects of Short-Duration Wellbeing Practices on Children's Handwriting and Posture Guided by a Social Robot

Carnieto Tozadore, Daniel (École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)), Cezayirlioğlu, Melike (EPFL), Wang, Chenyang (ETH Zurich), Bruno, Barbara (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
11:50-12:00, Paper WeBT4.3 
 Critical Thinking Attitudes and Conservatism: Exploring the Impact on Negative Attitudes Toward Robots

Nomura, Tatsuya (Ryukoku University)
12:00-12:10, Paper WeBT4.4 
 Boundary Conditions for Human Gaze Estimation on a Social Robot Using State-Of-The-Art Models

Cheng, Linlin (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Belopolsky, Artem (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
12:10-12:20, Paper WeBT4.5 
 The Effect of Data Visualisation Quality and Task Density on Human-Swarm Interaction

Abioye, Ayodeji Opeyemi (University of Southampton), Naiseh, Mohammad (Bournemouth University), Hunt, William (University of Southampton), Clark, Jediah (University of Southampton), Ramchurn, Sarvapali (University of Southampton), Soorati, Mohammad Divband (University of Southampton)
12:20-12:30, Paper WeBT4.6 
 Enhanced No-Code Finger-Gesture-Based Robot Programming: Simultaneous Path and Contour Awareness for Orientation Estimation

Halim, Jayanto (Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology), Eichler, Paul (Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW), Krusche, Sebastian (Fraunhofer IWU), Bdiwi, Mohamad (Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW), Ihlenfeldt, Steffen (TU Dresden)
12:30-12:40, Paper WeBT4.7 
 Study on the Impact of Situational Explanations and Prior Information Given to Users on Trust and Perceived Intelligence in Autonomous Driving in a Video-Based 2x2 Design

Kühnlenz, Kolja (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Kühnlenz, Barbara (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
12:40-12:50, Paper WeBT4.8 
 A Probabilistic Approach Based on Combination of Distance Metrics and Distribution Functions for Human Postures Classification

He, Xin (Graduate School of Information, Production and System, Waseda Un), Dutta, Vibekananda (Warsaw University of Technology), Zielinska, Teresa (Warsaw University of Technology), Matsumaru, Takafumi (Waseda University)
WeBT5 Room T5
Artificial Intelligence in HRI I Regular Session
Chair: Kim, WansooHanyang University ERICA
11:30-11:40, Paper WeBT5.1 
 Federated Continual Learning for Socially Aware Robotics

Guerdan, Luke (Carnegie Mellon University), Gunes, Hatice (University of Cambridge)
11:40-11:50, Paper WeBT5.2 
 Multitask Learning for Multiple Recognition Tasks: A Framework for Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Robot Applications

Kim, Joonhyun (Hanyang University), Ha, Seongmin (Hanyang University), Shin, Dongbin (Hexar Humancare), Ham, Seoyeon (Hanyang University), Jang, Jaepil (Hanyang University), Kim, Wansoo (Hanyang University ERICA)
11:50-12:00, Paper WeBT5.3 
 Probabilistic Policy Blending for Shared Autonomy Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Singh, Saurav (Rochester Institute of Technology), Heard, Jamison (Rochester Institute of Technology)
12:00-12:10, Paper WeBT5.4 
 A Novel Meta Control Framework for Robot Arm Reaching with Changeable Configuration

Hu, Wenfei (Peking University), Yuan, Yifan (Peking University), Wang, Yi (Peking University), Luo, Dingsheng (Peking University)
12:10-12:20, Paper WeBT5.5 
 A Cognitive Robotics Model for Contextual Diversity in Language Learning

Raggioli, Luca (University of Manchester), Cangelosi, Angelo (University of Manchester)
12:20-12:30, Paper WeBT5.6 
 Indoor Localization Using Vision and Language

Pate, Seth (Northeastern University), Wong, Lawson L.S. (Northeastern University)
12:30-12:40, Paper WeBT5.7 
 Affective Computing for Human-Robot Interaction Research: Four Critical Lessons for the Hitchhiker

Gunes, Hatice (University of Cambridge), Churamani, Nikhil (University of Cambridge)
WeBT6 Room T6
Virtual Reality&Telepresence II Regular Session
Chair: Park, Jung-MinKorea Institute of Science and Technology
11:30-11:40, Paper WeBT6.1 
 Happily Error After: Framework Development and User Study for Correcting Robot Perception Errors in Virtual Reality

Wozniak, Maciej Kazimierz (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Stower, Rebecca (KTH), Jensfelt, Patric (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology), Pereira, Andre (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
11:40-11:50, Paper WeBT6.2 
 Motor-Cognitive Effects of Virtual Reality Myoelectric Control Training

Issa, Mohamad (Technical University of Munich), Spiegeler Castaneda, Theophil (Technical University of Munich), Capsi Morales, Patricia (Technical University of Munich), Piazza, Cristina (Technical University Munich (TUM))
11:50-12:00, Paper WeBT6.3 
 Creation and Testing of Synthetic Datasets for Training Road Scenes Algorithms

Khalzaa, Khulan (Tokushima University), Karungaru, Stephen (University of Tokushima), Terada, Kenji (Tokusihma University)
12:00-12:10, Paper WeBT6.4 
 Exploring the Influence of Self-Avatar Similarity on Human-Robot Trust

Tang, Liang (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign), Masooda, Bashir (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
12:10-12:20, Paper WeBT6.5 
 Immersive Virtual Reality Platform for Robot-Assisted Antenatal Ultrasound Scanning

A, Shyam (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Purayath, Aparna (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre), Selvakumar, Keerthivasan (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre), S M, Akash (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre), Govindaraju, Aswathaman (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Lakshmanan, Manojkumar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
12:20-12:30, Paper WeBT6.6 
 Demand-Aware Multi-Robot Task Scheduling with Mixed Reality Simulation

Sandula, Ajay Kumar (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru), Khokhar, Arushi (Jaypee University of Information Technology), Ghose, Debasish (Indian Institute of Science), Biswas, Pradipta (Indian Institute of Science)
12:30-12:40, Paper WeBT6.7 
 Augmenting Human Policies Using Riemannian Metrics for Human-Robot Shared Control

Oh, Yoojin (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Passy, Jean-Claude (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen), Mainprice, Jim (Max Planck Institute)
12:40-12:50, Paper WeBT6.8 
 Effect of Handshake in VR Environment Via Robotic Arm on Psychological Distance

Mukuno, Haruto (Kogakuin University), Misaki, Daigo (Kogakuin University)
WeCT1 Room T1
Human-Agent/Robot Interaction in Healthcare and Medicine Special Session
Chair: Park, Chung HyukGeorge Washington University
Co-Chair: Park, JuyounKorea Institute of Science and Technology
14:00-14:10, Paper WeCT1.1 
 Enabling Robotic Pets to Autonomously Adapt Their Own Behaviors to Enhance Therapeutic Effects: A Data-Driven Approach (I)

Bennett, Casey C. (Hanyang University), Sabanovic, Selma (Indiana University Bloomington), Stanojevic, Cedomir (Indiana University), Henkel, Zachary (Mississippi State University), Kim, Seongcheol (Hanyang University), Lee, Jinjae (Hanyang University), Henkel, Kenna Baugus (Mississippi State University), Piatt, Jennifer (Indiana University-Bloomington), Yu, Janghoon (한양대학교), Oh, Jiyeong (Hanyang University), Collins, Sawyer (Indiana University Bloomington), Bethel, Cindy L. (Mississippi State University)
14:10-14:20, Paper WeCT1.2 
 Evaluating Customization of Remote Tele-Operation Interfaces for Assistive Robots (I)

Ranganeni, Vinitha (University of Washington), Ponto, Noah (University of Washington), Cakmak, Maya (University of Washington)
14:20-14:30, Paper WeCT1.3 
 Robots and Aged Care: A Case Study Assessing Implementation of Service Robots in an Aged Care Home (I)

Herath, Damith Chandana (University of Canberra), Martin, Lee (Lutheran Homes Barossa), Doolan, Sharni (University of Canberra), Grant, Janie Busby (University of Canberra)
14:30-14:40, Paper WeCT1.4 
 SGGNet2: Speech-Scene Graph Grounding Network for Speech-Guided Navigation (I)

Kim, Dohyun (Korea Adavanced Institute of Science and Technology), Kim, Yeseung (KAIST), Jaehwi, Jang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Song, Minjae (KAIST), Choi, Woojin (KAIST), Park, Daehyung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST)
14:40-14:50, Paper WeCT1.5 
 Vision-Based Human Identification with Face and Nametape Recognition in Aerial Casualty Monitoring System (I)

Lee, Jaeyeon (Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC)), Quist, Ethan (TATRC), Chambers, Jonathan (USARMY), Peel, Justin (Arete), Roman, Kelly (Arete), Fisher, Nathan (US Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center)
14:50-15:00, Paper WeCT1.6 
 Diffusion Probabilistic Models-Based Noise Reduction for Enhancing the Quality of Medical Images (I)

Lee, Jae-Hun (Yonsei University), Nam, Yoonho (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Kim, Dong-Hyun (Yonsei University), Ryu, Kanghyun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
WeCT4 Room T4
Motivations and Emotions in Robotics Regular Session
Chair: Rossi, SilviaUniversita' Di Napoli Federico II
14:00-14:10, Paper WeCT4.1 
 Feel for Me! Robot’s Reactions to Abuse Influence Humans’ Empathy

Rothermel, Anna Milena (University of Würzburg), Abrams, Anna (RWTH Aachen University), Rosenthal-von der Pütten, Astrid Marieke (RWTH Aachen University)
14:10-14:20, Paper WeCT4.2 
 Nice and Nasty Theory of Mind for Social and Antisocial Robots

D'Angelo, Ilenia (University of Genoa), Morocutti, Lorenzo (University of Genoa), Giunchiglia, Enrico (Università Di Genova), Recchiuto, Carmine Tommaso (University of Genova), Sgorbissa, Antonio (University of Genova)
14:20-14:30, Paper WeCT4.3 
 A Method for Selecting Scenes and Emotion-Based Descriptions for a Robot's Diary

Ichikura, Aiko (University of Tokyo), Kawaharazuka, Kento (The University of Tokyo), Obinata, Yoshiki (The University of Tokyo), Okada, Kei (The University of Tokyo), Inaba, Masayuki (The University of Tokyo)
14:30-14:40, Paper WeCT4.4 
 The Emotional Dilemma: Influence of a Human-Like Robot on Trust and Cooperation

Becker, Dennis (University of Hamburg), Rueda, Diana (Universität Hamburg), Beese, Felix (University of Hamburg), Gutierrez Torres, Brenda Scarleth (Universität Hamburg), Lafdili, Myriem (Hamburg University), Ahrens, Kyra (University of Hamburg), Fu, Di (University of Hamburg), Strahl, Erik (Universität Hamburg), Weber, Tom (University of Hamburg), Wermter, Stefan (University of Hamburg)
14:40-14:50, Paper WeCT4.5 
 Opening up to Social Robots: How Emotions Drive Self-Disclosure Behavior

Laban, Guy (University of Glasgow), Kappas, Arvid (Constructor University), Morrison, Val (Bangor University), Cross, Emily S (University of Glasgow)
14:50-15:00, Paper WeCT4.6 
 Emotion Recognition of ASD Children Using Wavelet Analysis

Rashidan, Mohammad Ariff (International Islamic University Malaysia), Sidek, Shahrul Naim (International Islamic University Malaysia), Md Yusof, Hazlina (International Islamic University Malaysia), Ghazali, Aimi Shazwani (International Islamic University Malaysia), Rusli, Nazreen (IIUM)
15:00-15:10, Paper WeCT4.7 
 A Software Framework to Encode the Psychological Dimensions of an Artificial Agent

Nardelli, Alice (University of Genoa), Recchiuto, Carmine Tommaso (University of Genova), Sgorbissa, Antonio (University of Genova)
15:10-15:20, Paper WeCT4.8 
 Ethical Aspects of Faking Emotions in Chatbots and Social Robots

Indurkhya, Bipin (Jagiellonian University)
WeCT5 Room T5
Artificial Intelligence in HRI II Regular Session
Chair: Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
14:00-14:10, Paper WeCT5.1 
 Tell Me More, Tell Me More: AI-Generated Question Suggestions for the Creation of Interactive Video Recordings

Chierici, Alberto (New York University Abu Dhabi), Habash, Nizar (New York University Abu Dhabi)
14:10-14:20, Paper WeCT5.2 
 Robot Causal Discovery Aided by Human Interaction

Edström, Filip (Umeå University), Hellström, Thomas (Umeå University), de Luna, Xavier (Umeå University)
14:20-14:30, Paper WeCT5.3 
 Shaping Imbalance into Balance: Active Robot Guidance of Human Teachers for Better Learning from Demonstrations

Hou, Muhan (Vrije University Amsterdam), Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Eiben, A.E. (VU Amsterdam), Baraka, Kim (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
14:30-14:40, Paper WeCT5.4 
 A Process-Oriented Framework for Robot Imitation Learning in Human-Centered Interactive Tasks

Hou, Muhan (Vrije University Amsterdam), Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Eiben, A.E. (VU Amsterdam), Baraka, Kim (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
14:40-14:50, Paper WeCT5.5 
 Backward Curriculum Reinforcement Learning

Ko, Kyung Min (Purdue University)
14:50-15:00, Paper WeCT5.6 
 Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Surgical Instrument Based on YOLOv5 and DeepSORT

Zhang, Youqiang (Pusan National University), Kim, Minhyo (Pusan National University), Jin, Sangrok (Pusan National University)
15:00-15:10, Paper WeCT5.7 
 Predicting Navigational Performance of Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Approaches Using Deep Neural Networks

Kästner, Linh (T-Mobile, TU Berlin), Alexander, Christian (Technical University Berlin), Ricardo Sosa, Melo (Technical University Berlin), Bo, Li (Technical University Berlin), Fatloun, Mohamad Bassel (Technische Universität Berlin), Lambrecht, Jens (Technische Universität Berlin)
15:10-15:20, Paper WeCT5.8 
 No One Is an Island - Investigating the Need for Social Robots (and Researchers) to Handle Multi-Party Interactions in Public Spaces

Müller, Ana (University of Applied Sciences Cologne), Richert, Anja (University of Applied Sciences Cologne)
15:10-15:20, Paper WeCT5.9 
 Optimizing Robot Arm Reaching Ability with Different Joints Functionality

Wang, Jiawen (Peking University), Zhang, Tao (Peking University), Wang, Yi (Peking University), Luo, Dingsheng (Peking University)
WeCT6 Room T6
Linguistic Communication and Dialogue Regular Session
Chair: Sudo, YuiHonda Research Institute Japan
14:00-14:10, Paper WeCT6.1 
 Natural Born Explainees: How Users' Personality Traits Shape the Human-Robot Interaction with Explainable Robots

Matarese, Marco (Italian Institute of Technology), Cocchella, Francesca (Italian Institute of Technology/University of Genoa), Rea, Francesco (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Sciutti, Alessandra (Italian Institute of Technology)
14:10-14:20, Paper WeCT6.2 
 Extracting Robotic Task Plan from Natural Language Instruction Using BERT and Syntactic Dependency Parser

Lu, Shuang (Fraunhofer IGCV), Julia, Berger (Fraunhofer IGCV), Schilp, Johannes (Augsburg University)
14:20-14:30, Paper WeCT6.3 
 Personality-Adapted Language Generation for Social Robots

Galatolo, Alessio (Uppsala University), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Winkle, Katie (Uppsala University)
14:30-14:40, Paper WeCT6.4 
 Indirect Politeness of Disconfirming Answers to Humans and Robots

Lumer, Eleonore (Bielefeld University), Lachenmaier, Clara (Bielefeld University), Zarrieß, Sina (Bielefeld University), Buschmeier, Hendrik (Bielefeld University)
14:40-14:50, Paper WeCT6.5 
 The Effect of Human Prosody on Comprehension of TTS Robot Speech

Coyne, Adam K (Trinity College Dublin), McGinn, Conor (Trinity College Dublin)
14:50-15:00, Paper WeCT6.6 
 Personality-Aware Natural Language Generation for Task-Oriented Dialogue Using Reinforcement Learning

Guo, Ao (Nagoya University), Ohashi, Atsumoto (Nagoya Universiry), Chiba, Yuya (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Tsunomori, Yuiko (Nagoya University), Hirai, Ryu (Nagoya University), Higashinaka, Ryuichiro (Nagoya University/NTT)
15:00-15:10, Paper WeCT6.7 
 Effects of Explanation Strategies to Resolve Failures in Human-Robot Collaboration

Khanna, Parag (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Yadollahi, Elmira (KTH), Björkman, Mårten (KTH), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Smith, Claes Christian (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
15:10-15:20, Paper WeCT6.8 
 Making an Android Robot Head Talk

Heisler, Marcel (Hochschule Der Medien Stuttgart), Kopp, Stefan (Bielefeld University), Becker-Asano, Christian (Stuttgart Media University)
WeCT7 Room T7
Human-Robot Cooperation and Collaboration Environments Regular Session
Chair: Kim, SanghyunKyung Hee University
14:00-14:10, Paper WeCT7.1 
 A Multimodal Data Set of Human Handovers with Design Implications for Human-Robot Handovers

Khanna, Parag (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Björkman, Mårten (KTH), Smith, Claes Christian (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
14:10-14:20, Paper WeCT7.2 
 Adapting to Human Preferences to Lead or Follow in Human-Robot Collaboration: A System Evaluation

Noormohammadi-Asl, Ali (University of Waterloo), Ayub, Ali (University of Waterloo), Smith, Stephen L. (University of Waterloo), Dautenhahn, Kerstin (University of Waterloo)
14:20-14:30, Paper WeCT7.3 
 Navigating to Success in Multi-Modal Human-Robot Collaboration: Analysis and Corpus Release

Lukin, Stephanie (ARL), Pollard, Kimberly (Army Research Laboratory), Bonial, Claire (US Army Research Laboratory), Hudson, Taylor (Army Research Laboratory), Artstein, Ron (University of Southern California), Voss, Clare (Army Research Laboratory), Traum, David (USC)
14:30-14:40, Paper WeCT7.4 
 Inference vs. Explicitness. Do We Really Need the Perfect Predictor? the Human-Robot Collaborative Object Transportation Case

Dominguez-Vidal, Jose Enrique (Institut De Robòtica I Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC), Sanfeliu, Alberto (Universitat Politècnica De Cataluyna)
14:40-14:50, Paper WeCT7.5 
 Force Sensorless Physical Interaction Based on Plastic Behavior Control without Inertia Shaping

Senoo, Taku (Hokkaido University), Konno, Atsushi (Hokkaido University)
14:50-15:00, Paper WeCT7.6 
 Working Memory-Based Architecture for Human-Aware Navigation in Industrial Settings

Landolfi, Lorenzo (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Pasquali, Dario (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Nardelli, Alice (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Bernotat, Jasmin (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Rea, Francesco (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
15:00-15:10, Paper WeCT7.7 
 Pointing Gestures for Human-Robot Interaction with the Humanoid Robot Digit

Lorentz, Viktor (Berlin University of Applied Sciences And Technology), Weiss, Manuel (Berlin University of Applied Sciences And Technology), Hildebrand, Kristian (Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology), Boblan, Ivo (Berliner Hochschule Fuer Technik)
WeDT1 Room T1
Short and Long-Term Personalisation in Social HRI Special Session
Chair: Andriella, AntonioPal Robotics
Co-Chair: Louie, Wing-Yue GeoffreyOakland University
15:30-15:40, Paper WeDT1.1 
 Bayesian Theory of Mind for False Belief Understanding in Human-Robot Interaction (I)

Hellou, Mehdi (University of Manchester), Vinanzi, Samuele (Sheffield Hallam University), Cangelosi, Angelo (University of Manchester)
15:40-15:50, Paper WeDT1.2 
 Adaptive Human-Robot Collaboration: Evolutionary Learning of Action Costs Using an Action Outcome Simulator (I)

Izquierdo-Badiola, Silvia (Eurecat), Alenyà, Guillem (CSIC-UPC), Rizzo, Carlos (University of Zaragoza)
15:50-16:00, Paper WeDT1.3 
 Pimp My Language! the Influence of Robot Customization Duration on Psychological Ownership and Trust (I)

Lacroix, Dimitri (Bielefeld University, Center for Cognitive Interaction Technolog), Schober, Jonathan (Bielefeld University), Wullenkord, Ricarda (CITEC, Bielefeld University), Eyssel, Friederike (Bielefeld University)
16:00-16:10, Paper WeDT1.4 
 Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Users Prefer Robots with Emotional Reactions to Touch and Ambient Moods (I)

Bevill Burns, Rachael (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Ojo, Fayokemi (Johns Hopkins University), Kuchenbecker, Katherine J. (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)
16:10-16:20, Paper WeDT1.5 
 Unveiling the Learning Curve: Enhancing Transparency in Robot's Learning with Inner Speech and Emotions (I)

Angelopoulos, Georgios (Interdepartmental Center for Advances in Robotic Surgery - ICARO), Di Martino, Carmine (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
16:20-16:30, Paper WeDT1.6 
 Evaluating People’s Perception of Trust and Privacy Based on Robot's Appearance (I)

Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), Koay, Kheng Lee (University of Hertfordshire), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
WeDT4 Room T4
Haptic Interaction Design Regular Session
Chair: Park, JaeyoungHongik University
15:30-15:40, Paper WeDT4.1 
 ISSC: Interactive Semantic Shared Control for Haptic Teleoperation

Yang, Dong (Technical University of Munich), Xu, Xiao (Technical University of Munich), Xiong, Mengchen (Technical University of Munich), Babaians, Edwin (Technical University of Munich), Wang, Zican (Technical University of Munich), Meng, Fanle (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation), Steinbach, Eckehard (Technical University of Munich)
15:40-15:50, Paper WeDT4.2 
 Haptic Guidance Using a Transformer-Based Surgeon-Side Trajectory Prediction Algorithm for Robot-Assisted Surgical Training

Shi, Chang (UT Austin), Madera, Jonathan (University of Texas at Austin), Boyea, Heath (University of Texas at Austin), Majewicz Fey, Ann (University of Texas at Austin)
15:50-16:00, Paper WeDT4.3 
 SmartBelt: A Wearable Microphone Array for Sound Source Localization with Haptic Feedback

Michaud, Simon (Université De Sherbrooke), Moffett, Benjamin (University of Sherbrooke), Tapia Rousiouk, Ana (Université De Montréal), Duda, Victoria (Université De Montréal), Grondin, Francois (Université De Sherbrooke)
16:00-16:10, Paper WeDT4.4 
 Development of a Robot-Assisted Virtual Rehabilitation System with Haptic Feedback

Liou, Yan-Bo (National Cheng Kung University), Luo, Shan (King's College London), Liu, Yen-Chen (National Cheng Kung University)
16:10-16:20, Paper WeDT4.5 
 Research on Gait Change Using Visual and Force Sensory Stimuli Presentation System

Kondo, Kenshin (The University of Tokyo), Miyazaki, Tetsuro (The University of Tokyo), Sogabe, Maina (The University of Tokyo), Kawashima, Kenji (The University of Tokyo)
16:20-16:30, Paper WeDT4.6 
 Quality of Task Perception Based Performance Optimization of Time-Delayed Teleoperation

Liu, Siwen (Technical University of Munich), Xu, Xiao (Technical University of Munich), Wang, Zican (Technical University of Munich), Yang, Dong (Technical University of Munich), Jin, Zhi (Sun Yat-Sen University), Steinbach, Eckehard (Technical University of Munich)
WeDT5 Room T5
Longitudinal HRI Studies and Social Navigation Regular Session
Chair: Ayub, AliUniversity of Waterloo
15:30-15:40, Paper WeDT5.1 
 How Do Human Users Teach a Continual Learning Robot in Repeated Interactions?

Ayub, Ali (University of Waterloo), Mehta, Jainish (University of Waterloo), Francesco, Zachary (University of Waterloo), Holthaus, Patrick (University of Hertfordshire), Dautenhahn, Kerstin (University of Waterloo), Nehaniv, Chrystopher (University of Waterloo)
15:40-15:50, Paper WeDT5.2 
 Feeding the Coffee Habit: A Longitudinal Study of a Robo-Barista

Lim, Meiyii (Heriot-Watt University), Robb, David A. (Heriot Watt University), Wilson, Bruce W (Heriot-Watt University), Hastie, Helen (School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt Univer)
15:50-16:00, Paper WeDT5.3 
 SanTO in Exhibition – a Sacred Robot in the Profane

Trovato, Gabriele (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Pariasca, Franco (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru), Purizaga Tordoya, Arturo (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru), Luis Gonzales Miranda, Luis (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru), Rodriguez, Laureano (Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Perú)
16:00-16:10, Paper WeDT5.4 
 Dance, Dance, Dance with My Hands: Third-Party Human Robot-Human Interactions

Circu, Silvia Sorina (University Paris 8), Yun, Bruno (University of Aberdeen), Chen, Chu-Yin (Paris 8 University), Kheddar, Abderrahmane (CNRS-AIST), Croitoru, Madalina (University of Montpellier)
16:10-16:20, Paper WeDT5.5 
 CoBaIR: A Python Library for Context-Based Intention Recognition in Human-Robot-Interaction

Lubitz, Adrian (University of Bremen), Gutzeit, Lisa (University of Bremen), Kirchner, Frank (University of Bremen)
16:20-16:30, Paper WeDT5.6 
 SocNavGym: A Reinforcement Learning Gym for Social Navigation

Kapoor, Aditya (Tata Consultancy Services), Swamy, Sushant (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, K.K Birla Goa), Bachiller, Pilar (University of Extremadura), Manso, Luis J. (Aston University)
WeDT6 Room T6
Nonverbal Communication Skills in Humans and Robots Regular Session
Chair: Jokinen, KristiinaAIRC, AIST, Japan and University of Helsinki, Finland
15:30-15:40, Paper WeDT6.1 
 Predicting the Impressions of Interaction with a Robot from Physical Actions Using AICO-Corpus Annotations

Fujii, Ayaka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Jokinen, Kristiina (AIRC, AIST, Japan and University of Helsinki, Finland)
15:40-15:50, Paper WeDT6.2 
 Recognizing Social Touch Gestures Using Optimized Class-Weighted CNN-LSTM Networks

Darlan, Daison (Kyungpook National University), Ajani, Oladayo (Kyungpook National University), Parque, Victor (Waseda University), Mallipeddi, Rammohan (Kyungpook National University)
15:50-16:00, Paper WeDT6.3 
 Development of Robot Guidance System Using Hand-Holding with Human and Measurement of Psychological Security

Nakane, Aoi (The Univeersity of Tokyo), Yanokura, Iori (University of Tokyo), Ichikura, Aiko (University of Tokyo), Okada, Kei (The University of Tokyo), Inaba, Masayuki (The University of Tokyo)
16:00-16:10, Paper WeDT6.4 
 Real-Time Multimodal Turn-Taking Prediction to Enhance Cooperative Dialogue During Human-Agent Interaction

Bae, Youngho (Hanyang University), Bennett, Casey C. (Hanyang University)
16:10-16:20, Paper WeDT6.5 
 Putting Robots in Context: Challenging the Influence of Voice and Empathic Behaviour on Trust

Romeo, Marta (Heriot-Watt University), Torre, Ilaria (Chalmers University of Technology), Le Maguer, Sébastien (ADAPT Centre / Trinity College Dublin), Cangelosi, Angelo (University of Manchester), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
16:20-16:30, Paper WeDT6.6 
 A Multi-Modal Interaction Robot Based on Emotion Estimation Method Using Physiological Signals Applied for Elderly

Suzuki, Kaoru (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Iguchi, Takumi (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Nakagawa, Yuri (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Sugaya, Midori (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
WeDT7 Room T7
Sound Design for Robots Regular Session
Chair: Nakadai, KazuhiroTokyo Institute of Technology
15:30-15:40, Paper WeDT7.1 
 Online Adaptation of Fourier Series Based Acoustic Transfer Function Model to Improve Sound Source Localization and Separation

Sudo, Yui (Honda Research Institute Japan), Takigahira, Masayuki (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd), Tsuru, Hideo (None), Nakadai, Kazuhiro (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Nakajima, Hirofumi (Kogakuin University)
15:40-15:50, Paper WeDT7.2 
 Hearing It Out: Guiding Robot Sound Design through Design Thinking

Zhang, Brian John (Oregon State University), Orthmann, Bastian (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Torre, Ilaria (Chalmers University of Technology), Bresin, Roberto (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Fick, Jason (Oregon State University), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Fitter, Naomi T. (Oregon State University)
15:50-16:00, Paper WeDT7.3 
 Finding Its Voice: The Influence of Robot Voices on Fit, Social Attributes, and Willingness among Older Adults in the U.S. and Japan

Hsu, Long-Jing (Indiana University Bloomington), Khoo, Weslie (Indiana University), Randall, Natasha (Indiana University), Kamino, Waki (Indiana University Bloomington), Joshi, Swapna (Northeastern University), Sato, Hiroki (Indiana University Bloomington), Crandall, David (Indiana University), Tsui, Katherine (Toyota Research Institute), Sabanovic, Selma (Indiana University Bloomington)
16:00-16:10, Paper WeDT7.4 
 Effects of Gender Neutralization on the Anthropomorphism of Natural and Synthetic Voices

Kuch, Johanna Magdalena (Augsburg University), Melchior, Frank (Hochschule Der Medien), Becker-Asano, Christian (Stuttgart Media University)
16:10-16:20, Paper WeDT7.5 
 A Semi-Real-Time Method for Social Robots to Detect and Locate Overlapping Speech Events

Li, Yue (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Kunneman, Florian (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
WeET1 Room T1
Designing Trustworthy Human Agent Interaction in Dynamic Context Special Session
Chair: Fukuchi, YosukeKeio University
Co-Chair: Terada, KazunoriGifu University
16:40-16:50, Paper WeET1.1 
 Nudge & Boost Agents: Designing Ambient Intelligent Systems to Effectively Influence Human Decision Making (I)

Ono, Tetsuo (Hokkaido University)
16:50-17:00, Paper WeET1.2 
 Perspective-Taking for Promoting Prosocial Behaviors through Robot-Robot VR Task (I)

Hang, Chenlin (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Ono, Tetsuo (Hokkaido University), Yamada, Seiji (National Institute of Informatics)
17:00-17:10, Paper WeET1.3 
 Automatic Joint Attention Generation between Local and Remote Persons through Telepresence Robot's Behavior (I)

Ikoma, Hibiki (Shizuoka University), Takeuchi, Yugo (Shizuoka University)
17:10-17:20, Paper WeET1.4 
 Advancing Humanoid Robots for Social Integration: Evaluating Trustworthiness through a Social Cognitive Framework (I)

Taliaronak, Volha (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin), Lange, Anna L. (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin), Kirtay, Murat (Tilburg University), Oztop, Erhan (Osaka University / Ozyegin University), Hafner, Verena Vanessa (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin)
17:20-17:30, Paper WeET1.5 
 Here's Looking at You, Robot: The Transparency Conundrum in Moral HRI (I)

Lee, Minha (Eindhoven University of Technology), Ruijten, Peter (Eindhoven University of Technology), Frank, Lily (Eindhoven University of Technology), IJsselsteijn, Wijnand (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
17:30-17:40, Paper WeET1.6 
 Shimeji Mushrooms That Look “emotional”: How Appearance-Motion Interaction Can Elicit Emotional State Attribution to Objects (I)

Imaizumi, Taku (The University of Tokyo), Takahashi, Kohske (The University of Tokyo), Ueda, Kazuhiro (The University of Tokyo)
17:40-17:50, Paper WeET1.7 
 Empirical Investigation of How Robot's Pointing Gesture Influences Trust in and Acceptance of Heatmap-Based XAI (I)

Maehigashi, Akihiro (Shizuoka University), Fukuchi, Yosuke (National Institute of Informatics), Yamada, Seiji (National Institute of Informatics)
17:50-18:00, Paper WeET1.8 
 "They're Not Going to Do All the Tasks We Do": Understanding Trust and Reassurance towards a UV-C Disinfection Robot (I)

Galvez Trigo, Maria Jose (Cardiff University), Reyes-Cruz, Gisela (University of Nottingham), Maior, Horia Alexandru (University of Lincoln), Pepper, Cecily (University of Nottingham), Price, Dominic James (University of Nottingham), Leonard, Pauline (University of Southampton), Tochia, Chira (University of Southampton), Hyde, Richard (University of Nottingham), Watson, Nicholas (University of Nottingham), Fischer, Joel (University of Nottingham)
WeET4 Room T4
HRI and Collaboration in Manufacturing Environments Regular Session
Chair: Park, Chung HyukGeorge Washington University
16:40-16:50, Paper WeET4.1 
 Where Should I Put My Mark? VR-Based Evaluation of HRI Modalities for Industrial Assistance Systems for Spot Repair

Puthenkalam, Jaison (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Zafari, Setareh (Vienna University of Technology), Sackl, Andreas (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Gallhuber, Katja (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Ebenhofer, Gerhard (PROFACTOR GmbH), Ikeda, Markus (PROFACTOR GmbH), Tscheligi, Manfred (Universtity of Salzburg)
16:50-17:00, Paper WeET4.2 
 Benefits of Multi-Objective Trajectory Adaptation in Close-Proximity Human-Robot Interaction

Chuy, Oscar Jed (University of Florida), Sapra, Hritik (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tan, Xiang Zhi (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ravichandar, Harish (Georgia Institute of Technology), Chernova, Sonia (Georgia Institute of Technology)
17:00-17:10, Paper WeET4.3 
 Spatio-Temporal Avoidance of Predicted Occupancy in Human-Robot Collaboration

Flowers, Jared (University of Florida), Faroni, Marco (University of Michigan), Wiens, Gloria (University of Florida), Pedrocchi, Nicola (National Research Council of Italy (CNR))
17:10-17:20, Paper WeET4.4 
 Speech Act Classification in Collaborative Robotics

Kaszuba, Sara (Sapienza University of Rome), Sabbella, Sandeep Reddy (Sapienza University of Rome), Leotta, Francesco (Sapienza Università Di Roma), Nardi, Daniele (Sapienza University of Rome)
17:20-17:30, Paper WeET4.5 
 Human-Robot Interaction Using VAHR: Virtual Assistant, Human, and Robots in the Loop

Amine, Ahmad (University of Pennsylvania), Aldilati, Mostafa (University of Central Florida), Hasan, Hadi (American University of Beirut), Maalouf, Noel (Lebanese American University), Elhajj, Imad (American University of Beirut)
17:30-17:40, Paper WeET4.6 
 Manufacturing and Design of Inflatable Kirigami Actuators

Chung, Sewoong (Sungkyunkwan University), Coutinho, Altair (Sungkyunkwan University), Rodrigue, Hugo (Sungkyunkwan University)
17:40-17:50, Paper WeET4.7 
 Analysis of Proximity and Risk for Trust Evaluation in a Human-Robot Chemical Industry Scenario

Campagna, Giulio (Aalborg University), Rehm, Matthias (Aalborg University)
17:50-18:00, Paper WeET4.8 
 Graph-Based Semantic Planning for Adaptive Human-Robot-Collaboration in Assemble-To-Order Scenarios

Ma, Ruidong (University of Sheffield), Chen, Jingyu (The University of Sheffield), Oyekan, John Oluwagbemiga (University of York)
WeET5 Room T5
Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-Care Service Robot [Regular Paper] Regular Session
Chair: Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
16:40-16:50, Paper WeET5.1 
 An HMM-Based Real-Time Intervention Methodology for a Social Robot Supporting Learning

Nasir, Jauwairia (University of Augsburg), Abderrahim, Mortadha (École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne), Bruno, Barbara (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
16:50-17:00, Paper WeET5.2 
 Stores Are Liable for Their Robots!? an Empirical Study on Liability in HRI with an Anthropomorphic Frontline Service Robot

Busch, Philip (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Kirchhoff, Jérôme (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Heinisch, Judith Simone (University of Kassel), David, Klaus (University of Kassel), von Stryk, Oskar (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Wendt, Janine (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
17:00-17:10, Paper WeET5.3 
 Beyond Self-Report: A Continuous Trust Measurement Device for HRI

Lingg, Nico (Imperial College London), Demiris, Yiannis (Imperial College London)
17:10-17:20, Paper WeET5.4 
 Towards Improving User Expectations of Robots by Leveraging Their Experience with Computer Vision Apps

Balali, Sogol (Oregon State University), Afflerbach, Ian (University of North Texas), Sowell, Ross T. (Rhodes College), West, Ruth (University of North Texas), Grimm, Cindy (Oregon State University)
17:20-17:30, Paper WeET5.5 
 Designing Visual and Auditory Attention-Driven Movements of a Tabletop Robot

Fang, Yu (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd), Merino, Luis (Universidad Pablo De Olavide), Thill, Serge (Radboud University), Gomez, Randy (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd)
17:30-17:40, Paper WeET5.6 
 Neural Network Implementation of Gaze-Target Prediction for Human-Robot Interaction

Somashekarappa, Vidya (University of Gothenburg), Sayeed, Asad (University of Gothenburg), Howes, Christine (University of Gothenburg)
17:40-17:50, Paper WeET5.7 
 Older Adults' Emotional Challenges and Co-Design Preferences for a Social Robot after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alhouli, Sarah (Swansea University), Almania, Nora (Swansea University), Ahmad, Muneeb (University of Swansea), Hyde, Martin (Swansea University), Sahoo, Deepak Ranjan (Swansea University)
17:50-18:00, Paper WeET5.8 
 Changes in Embarrassment through Repeated Interactions with Robots in Public Spaces

Okafuji, Yuki (CyberAgent, Inc), Mitsui, Yuya (Ritsumeikan University), Matsumura, Kohei (Future University Hakodate), Baba, Jun (CyberAgent, Inc), Nakanishi, Junya (Osaka Univ)
WeET6 Room T6
Hand-Object Interaction: From Human Demonstrations to Robot Manipulation Regular Session
Chair: Yun, Sang-SeokSilla University
16:40-16:50, Paper WeET6.1 
 Gaussian Process-Based Prediction of Human Trajectories to Promote Seamless Human-Robot Handovers

Lockwood, Kyle (Northeastern University), Strenge, Garrit (Northeastern University), Bicer, Yunus (Northeastern University), Imbiriba, Tales (Northeastern University), Furmanek, Mariusz Pawel (University of Rhode Island), Padir, Taskin (Northeastern University), Erdogmus, Deniz (Northeastern University), Tunik, Eugene (Northeastern University), Yarossi, Mathew (Northeastern University)
16:50-17:00, Paper WeET6.2 
 Evaluation of Perceived Intelligence for a Collaborative Manipulator Sharing Its Workspace with a Human Operator

Tusseyeva, Inara (Nazarbayev University), Oleinikov, Artemiy (Nazarbayev University), Sandygulova, Anara (Nazarbayev University), Rubagotti, Matteo (Nazarbayev University)
17:00-17:10, Paper WeET6.3 
 A Framework for Improving Information Content of Human Demonstrations for Enabling Robots to Acquire Complex Tool Manipulation Skills

Shukla, Rishabh (University of Southern California), Manyar, Omey Mohan (University of Southern California), Ranparia, Devsmit (University of Southern California), Gupta, Satyandra K. (University of Southern California)
17:10-17:20, Paper WeET6.4 
 Naturally Compliant Dexterous Anthropomorphic Hand Via Novel Modular Soft-Rigid Hybrid Robotics Approach: Design Rationale, Assembly Methods, and Evaluation

Lee, Peter Seungjune (University of Waterloo), Sjaarda, Cameron (University of Waterloo), Cornelious, Rhys (University of Waterloo), Gao, Run Ze (University of Waterloo), Lu, Kelly (University of Waterloo), Ren, Carolyn (University of Waterloo)
17:20-17:30, Paper WeET6.5 
 Teaching a Robot Where Doors and Drawers Are and How to Handle Them

Cupec, Robert (J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek), Vidović, Ivan (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informat), Šimundić, Valentin (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informat), Pejic, Petra (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informat), Foix, Sergi (CSIC-UPC), Alenyà, Guillem (CSIC-UPC)
17:30-17:40, Paper WeET6.6 
 Towards Prediction of Motor Interference During Synchronous Human-Robot Arm Movements Using Subjective Ratings of Anthropomorphism

Kaya, Mertcan (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Kühnlenz, Kolja (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
17:40-17:50, Paper WeET6.7 
 In Time and Space: Towards Usable Adaptive Control for Assistive Robotic Arms

Pascher, Max (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), Kronhardt, Kirill (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), Goldau, Felix Ferdinand (DFKI GmbH), Frese, Udo (Universität Bremen), Gerken, Jens (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences)
17:50-18:00, Paper WeET6.8 
 An Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand with a Soft-Rigid Hybrid Structure and Positive-Negative Pneumatic Actuation

Zhang, Chaozhou (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Li, Min (Xi'an Jiaotong University), YuShen, Chen (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Yang, Zhanshuo (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Bo, He (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Li, Xiaoling (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Xie, Jun (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Xu, Guanghua (School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University)
WeET7 Room T7
User-Centered Design of Robots Regular Session
Chair: Lee, Hui SungUNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
16:40-16:50, Paper WeET7.1 
 Identifying Requirements for the Implementation of Robot-Assisted Physical Therapy in Humanoids: A User-Centered Design Approach

Nertinger, Simone (Technical University of Munich), Naceri, Abdeldjallil (Technical University of Munich), Haddadin, Sami (Technical University of Munich)
16:50-17:00, Paper WeET7.2 
 Development of a Deformable and Flexible Robot for Pain Communication: Field Study of ALH-E in the Hospital

Kim, Dongyoon (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), Kwak, Yoon Joung (UNIST), Yun, Seungho (UNIST), Kim, Byounghern (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), Chae, Sanghoon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)), Lee, Hui Sung (UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology))
17:00-17:10, Paper WeET7.3 
 Failure Explanation in Privacy-Sensitive Contexts: An Integrated Systems Approach

Li, Sihui (Colorado School of Mines), Siva, Sriram (Colorado School of Mines), Mott, Terran (Colorado School of Mines), Williams, Tom (Colorado School of Mines), Zhang, Hao (Colorado School of Mines), Dantam, Neil (Colorado School of Mines)
17:10-17:20, Paper WeET7.4 
 Confrontation and Cultivation: Understanding Perspectives on Robot Responses to Norm Violations

Mott, Terran (Colorado School of Mines), Williams, Tom (Colorado School of Mines)
17:20-17:30, Paper WeET7.5 
 Exploring the Personality Design Space of Robots. Personality and Design Implications for Non-Anthropomorphic Wellness Robots

Chowdhury, Aparajita (Tampere University), Ahtinen, Aino (Tampere University), Wu, Chia-Hsin (Tampere University), Vaananen, Kaisa (Tampere University), Taibi, Davide (Tampere University), Pieters, Roel S. (Tampere University)
17:30-17:40, Paper WeET7.6 
 The Eyes and Hearts of UAV Pilots: Observations of Physiological Responses in Real-Life Scenarios

Duval, Alexandre (École De Technologie Supérieure), Paas, Anita (Concordia University), Abdalwhab, Abdalwhab (École De Technologie Supérieure), St-Onge, David (Ecole De Technologie Superieure)
17:40-17:50, Paper WeET7.7 
 Human-Robot Interaction in Retinal Surgery: A Comparative Study of Serial and Parallel Cooperative Robots

Zhao, Botao (Johns Hopkins University), Esfandiari, Mojtaba (Johns Hopkins University), Usevitch, David (Johns Hopkins University), Gehlbach, Peter (Johns Hopkins Medical Institute), Iordachita, Ioan Iulian (Johns Hopkins University)




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