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Last updated on August 21, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ROMAN 2022 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   H   I   L   M   N   P   R   S   U   V  

Affective ComputingTh402.7, Th403.8, Tu401.2, Tu602.1, We901.3
AndroidsWe501.1, We603.2
Anthropomorphic Robots and Virtual HumansTh103.2, Tu401.1, Tu401.2, Tu401.3, Tu401.4, Tu401.5, Tu901.5, We803.5
Applications of Social RobotsTh102.5, Th401.3, Th402.3, Th402.4, Th402.5, Th403.3, Th403.8, Th601.4, Th601.5, Th601.8, Th601.9, Th602.9, Th603.2, Th603.3, Th603.7, Tu401.1, Tu402.5, Tu403.3, Tu502.1, Tu502.4, Tu601.4, Tu603.4, Tu801.1, Tu801.5, Tu802.2, Tu902.5, We101.1, We101.9, We101.10, We102.1, We102.8, We103.1, We103.2, We103.7, We503.2, We503.4, We602.1, We801.1, We801.3, We802.5, We901.1, We901.3, We902.2
Art pieces supported by roboticsTu603.2
Assistive RoboticsTh401.9, Th402.1, Th402.8, Th601.7, Th601.10, Tu401.1, Tu403.1, Tu403.2, Tu503.4, Tu801.3, Tu802.5, We101.2, We101.3, We102.10, We103.1, We103.2, We103.3, We103.4, We103.5, We103.6, We103.7, We103.8, We103.9, We103.10, We501.5, We503.1, We503.3, We601.2, We601.4, We601.5, We801.5, We802.3, We902.1
Child-Robot InteractionTh401.2, Th601.1, Th601.2, Th601.3, Th601.4, Th601.5, Th601.6, Th601.7, Th601.8, Th601.9, Th601.10, Tu603.1, Tu801.1, Tu801.2, Tu801.3, Tu801.4, Tu801.5, Tu802.5, We801.1, We803.4
Cognitive Skills and Mental ModelsTh403.3, Th403.4, Th601.6, Tu902.2, Tu902.6, Tu902.7, We502.1, We801.2, We802.2, We902.5
Computational ArchitecturesTh102.4, Tu902.4, Tu903.2, Tu903.4, We102.9
Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot TeamsTh101.1, Th101.2, Th101.3, Th101.5, Th101.8, Th103.1, Th103.3, Th103.4, Th103.5, Th103.6, Th103.8, Th401.1, Th401.6, Th401.8, Th401.9, Th403.4, Th403.5, Th603.8, Tu402.2, Tu501.5, Tu601.3, Tu602.4, Tu801.1, Tu902.3, Tu902.6, Tu903.1, Tu903.4, Tu903.5, Tu903.6, We103.4, We103.8, We501.2, We501.4, We502.1, We502.2, We502.3, We502.4, We502.5, We901.5, We902.3
Creating Human-Robot RelationshipsTh402.6, Th402.7, Th601.2, Th602.1, Th602.2, Th603.4, Th603.10, Tu401.4, Tu402.3, Tu503.2, Tu803.1, Tu902.2, Tu902.3, Tu903.3, We101.1, We101.2, We101.3, We101.4, We101.5, We101.6, We101.7, We101.8, We101.9, We101.10, We103.5, We503.4, We503.5, We601.3, We802.1, We901.1, We902.2
Curiosity, Intentionality and Initiative in InteractionTh102.2, Th103.4, Th402.9, We101.10, We102.5, We803.1
Degrees of Autonomy and TeleoperationTh101.2, Th103.7, Th401.5, Tu403.1, Tu403.5, Tu501.2, Tu601.4, We103.4, We603.1
Detecting and Understanding Human ActivityTh103.5, Th401.2, Th401.3, Th402.3, Th403.7, Th602.6, Tu401.5, Tu601.5, Tu902.2, Tu903.3, We102.1, We102.3, We102.4, We102.5, We102.6, We102.8, We102.9, We102.10, We502.2, We503.3, We602.1
Embodiment, Empathy and IntersubjectivityTh103.4, Tu401.4, Tu402.3, Tu502.2, Tu801.5, Tu803.5, We101.7
Ethical Issues in Human-robot Interaction ResearchTh603.1, Th603.2, Th603.3, Th603.4, Th603.6, Th603.9, Th603.10, We801.4, We803.1, We803.4, We803.5
Evaluation MethodsTh401.4, Th402.1, Th402.3, Th403.7, Th601.3, Tu501.1, Tu603.2, Tu603.4, Tu801.4, We102.6, We102.9, We502.5
HRI and Collaboration in Manufacturing EnvironmentsTh101.2, Th101.3, Th101.5, Th101.6, Th101.7, Th101.8, Th102.3, Th103.1, Th103.3, Th103.6, Th401.1, Th401.2, Th401.3, Th401.4, Th401.5, Th401.6, Th401.7, Th401.8, Th401.9, Tu401.5, Tu501.3, Tu903.1, Tu903.4, Tu903.5, Tu903.6, We601.5, We603.1
Human Factors and ErgonomicsTh103.3, Th401.1, Th602.5, Th603.5, Tu501.1, Tu501.2, Tu501.3, Tu501.4, Tu501.5, Tu503.1, Tu503.3, Tu601.2, We102.1, We103.6, We803.5
Innovative Robot DesignsTh102.1, Th102.3, Tu401.3, Tu403.1, Tu403.2, Tu403.3, Tu403.4, Tu403.5, Tu802.1, Tu901.3, Tu903.2, We101.7, We603.3
Interaction KinesicsTu403.2, Tu901.2, We901.5
Interaction with Believable CharactersTu402.1
Linguistic Communication and DialogueTh603.4, Th603.5, Tu602.1, Tu602.2, Tu602.3, Tu602.4, Tu602.5, We501.1, We501.4
Long-term Experience and Longitudinal HRI StudiesTh601.2, Tu502.2, Tu601.1, Tu803.4
Machine Learning and AdaptationTh101.6, Th101.7, Th103.5, Th103.7, Th402.4, Th403.6, Th601.8, Th602.4, Th602.6, Tu602.4, Tu903.2, We101.4, We102.2, We102.3, We102.5, We102.7, We102.8, We102.10, We501.2, We601.1, We602.5, We603.4, We802.4
Medical and Surgical ApplicationsTh602.9, Tu401.3, Tu802.1, We601.1, We601.2
Monitoring of Behaviour and Internal States of HumansTh403.1, Th403.4, Th403.5, Th403.7, Tu403.4, Tu601.1, Tu601.2, Tu601.3, Tu601.4, Tu601.5, Tu902.1, We101.4, We502.1, We802.2
Motion Planning and Navigation in Human-Centered EnvironmentsTh101.7, Th401.4, Th401.7, Th403.6, Th602.8, Tu902.1, We102.4, We102.6, We103.5, We103.9, We602.3, We603.2, We801.2, We902.1, We902.2, We902.3, We902.4, We902.5
Motivations and Emotions in RoboticsTh403.2, Th403.8, Th602.1, Tu402.4, Tu502.1, Tu502.3, Tu901.5, We101.5, We602.1, We602.5, We802.1, We803.1
Multi-modal Situation Awareness and Spatial CognitionWe102.7, We103.6, We501.3, We902.1
Multimodal Interaction and Conversational SkillsTh401.8, Th402.5, Th602.3, Th602.4, Tu501.4, Tu502.4, Tu602.2, Tu803.2, Tu901.1, Tu902.4, We102.2, We103.1, We602.4, We801.3, We803.2
Narrative and Story-telling in InteractionTu402.1, Tu402.2, Tu402.3
Non-verbal Cues and ExpressivenessTh102.1, Th102.2, Th102.3, Th102.4, Th102.5, Th403.2, Th601.1, Th602.1, Th602.2, Th602.3, Th602.4, Th602.5, Th602.6, Th602.7, Tu401.2, Tu503.2, Tu602.3, Tu602.5, Tu901.1, Tu901.2, Tu901.3, Tu901.4, Tu901.5, We803.2, We901.1, We901.2, We901.3, We901.5, We902.4
Novel Interfaces and Interaction ModalitiesTh401.5, Th402.2, Th402.9, Tu403.4, Tu503.1, Tu503.2, Tu503.3, Tu503.4, Tu503.5, Tu601.1, Tu601.2, Tu602.1, Tu801.4, Tu802.4, Tu901.1, Tu903.3, We101.6, We103.10, We502.4, We602.3
Personalities for Robotic or Virtual CharactersTh102.1, Th602.3, Th602.5, Tu402.4, We101.1, We101.8
Philosophical Issues in Human-Robot CoexistenceTh603.3, Th603.9, Tu602.5, Tu803.5, We503.2
Programming by DemonstrationTh101.3, Th101.4, Th101.5, Th101.6, Th103.1, We502.2, We602.3, We603.2, We603.3
Robot Companions and Social RobotsTh402.2, Th402.5, Th402.6, Th403.1, Th601.1, Th601.5, Tu801.2, Tu802.2, Tu803.1, Tu803.2, Tu803.3, Tu803.4, Tu803.5, We101.6, We101.8, We101.9, We503.1, We503.2, We503.3, We503.4, We503.5, We601.4, We902.3
Robotic EtiquetteTh603.1, Th603.5, Th603.7, Th603.8, We802.3, We803.2, We803.3, We902.4
Robots in art and entertainmentTu402.1, We802.4
Robots in Education, Therapy and RehabilitationTh402.6, Th403.2, Th403.5, Th601.4, Th601.6, Th601.7, Th601.9, Th601.10, Tu402.5, Tu403.3, Tu502.2, Tu502.5, Tu503.4, Tu603.1, Tu801.2, Tu801.3, Tu802.1, Tu802.2, Tu802.3, Tu802.4, Tu802.5, Tu901.4, We103.7, We103.10, We602.2, We602.4, We801.5, We803.4, We901.4
Social Intelligence for RobotsTh102.4, Th402.4, Th403.3, Th602.8, Th603.7, Th603.8, Tu402.2, Tu601.3, Tu601.5, Tu901.2, Tu902.4, Tu902.5, Tu902.6, We501.1, We501.2, We501.3, We501.4, We501.5, We503.5, We601.3, We602.5, We802.1, We802.2, We802.3, We802.4, We802.5
Social Learning and Skill Acquisition Via Teaching and ImitationTu902.1, We102.7, We501.5, We602.2, We603.1, We603.4
Social Presence for Robots and Virtual HumansTh602.10, Th603.2, Tu502.3, Tu902.3, Tu902.7, We101.3, We103.2, We901.2
Social Touch in Human–Robot InteractionTh402.2, Th602.7, Th602.8, Th602.9, Th602.10, We901.4
Sound design for robotsTh102.2, Tu603.1, Tu603.2, Tu603.3, Tu603.4
Storytelling in HRITh102.5, Tu402.4, Tu402.5
User-centered Design of RobotsTh103.2, Th402.7, Th402.8, Th402.9, Th403.1, Th602.10, Tu403.5, Tu501.1, Tu502.3, Tu502.4, Tu503.3, Tu603.3, Tu802.4, Tu803.1, Tu803.4, Tu902.5, We503.1, We601.2, We601.3, We601.4, We601.5, We602.2, We602.4, We801.1, We801.2, We801.3, We801.4, We801.5, We901.4
Virtual and Augmented Tele-presence EnvironmentsTh101.8, Th103.2, Th103.7, Th103.8, Tu501.2, Tu501.4, Tu503.1, Tu503.5, Tu603.3, Tu802.3, Tu903.6, We102.2, We502.4, We901.2, We902.5




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