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Last updated on August 21, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday September 1, 2022

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Th101 Auditorium
HRI and Collaboration in Manufacturing Environments Regular Session
Chair: Iovino, MatteoABB Corporate Research
Co-Chair: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
08:40-08:52, Paper Th101.1 
CoCo Games: Graphical Game-Theoretic Swarm Control for Communication-Aware Coverage (I)

Fernando, Malintha (Indiana University), Senanayake, Ransalu (Stanford University), Swany, Martin (Indiana University)
08:52-09:04, Paper Th101.2 
A Contact-Adaptive Control Framework for Co-Manipulation Tasks with Application to Collaborative Screwing

Villa, Nicola (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Mobedi, Emir (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Ajoudani, Arash (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
09:04-09:16, Paper Th101.3 
Fast Contact Detection and Classification for Kinesthetic Teaching in Robots Using Only Embedded Sensors

Salt Ducaju, Julian Mauricio (LTH, Lund University), Olofsson, Bjorn (Lund University), Robertsson, Anders (LTH, Lund University), Johansson, Rolf (Lund University)
09:16-09:28, Paper Th101.4 
Dirichlet-Based Dynamic Movement Primitives for Encoding Periodic Motions with Predefined Accuracy

Papageorgiou, Dimitrios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Argiropoulos, Despina-Ekaterini ((a) Institute of Computer Science Foundation for Research and T), Doulgeri, Zoe (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
09:28-09:40, Paper Th101.5 
Combining Context Awareness and Planning to Learn Behavior Trees from Demonstration

Gustavsson, Oscar (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Iovino, Matteo (ABB Corporate Research), Styrud, Jonathan (ABB), Smith, Claes Christian (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
09:40-09:52, Paper Th101.6 
Towards Transferring Human Preferences from Canonical to Actual Assembly Tasks

Nemlekar, Heramb (University of Southern California), Guan, Runyu (University of Southern California), Luo, Guanyang (University of Southern California), Gupta, Satyandra K. (University of Southern California), Nikolaidis, Stefanos (University of Southern California)
09:52-10:04, Paper Th101.7 
Multi-Perspective Human Robot Interaction through an Augmented Video Interface Supported by Deep Learning

da Silva Filho, José Grimaldo (University Grenoble Alpes - INRIA), Rekik, Khansa (ZeMA GGmbH), Kanso, Ali (ZeMA GGmbH), Schnitman, Leizer (Universidade Federal Da Bahia)
10:04-10:15, Paper Th101.8 
Virtual Barriers in Augmented Reality for Safe and Effective Human-Robot Cooperation in Manufacturing

Hoang, Khoa Cong (Monash University), Chan, Wesley Patrick (Monash University), Lay, Steven (Monash University), Cosgun, Akansel (Monash University), Croft, Elizabeth (Monash University)
Th102 Aragonese/Catalana
Nonverbal Communication Skills in Humans and Robots Special Session
Chair: Celiktutan, OyaKing's College London
Co-Chair: Tuyen, Nguyen Tan VietKing's College London
Organizer: Celiktutan, OyaKing's College London
Organizer: Tuyen, Nguyen Tan VietKing's College London
Organizer: Chamoux, MarineSoftBank Robotics Europe
Organizer: Georgescu, AlexandraKing's College London
Organizer: Cukurova, MutluUniversity College London
Organizer: Lison, PierreNorwegian Computing Center (NR)
Organizer: Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
08:40-08:52, Paper Th102.1 
Nonverbal Cues Expressing Robot Personality - a Movement Analysts Perspective (I)

van Otterdijk, Maria Theodorus Henricus (University of Oslo), Song, Heqiu (Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology), Tsiakas, Konstantinos (Delft University of Technology), van Zeijl, Ilka Talin (University of Technology Eindhoven, Department of Industrial Des), Barakova, Emilia I. (Eindhoven University of Technology)
08:52-09:04, Paper Th102.2 
Familiar Acoustic Cues for Legible Service Robots (I)

Angelopoulos, Georgios (Interdepartmental Center for Advances in Robotic Surgery - ICARO), Vigni, Francesco (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), Russo, Giuseppina (University of Naples Federico II), Turco, Mario (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
09:04-09:16, Paper Th102.3 
From Message to Expression: Exploring Non-Verbal Communication for Appearance-Constrained Robots (I)

Sanoubari, Elaheh (Google), David, Byron (Google), Kew, J. Chase (Google Robotics), Cunningham, Corbin (Google), Caluwaerts, Ken (Google)
09:16-09:28, Paper Th102.4 
Knowing Where to Look: A Planning-Based Architecture to Automate the Gaze Behavior of Social Robots (I)

Mishra, Chinmaya (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics), Skantze, Gabriel (KTH)
09:28-09:40, Paper Th102.5 
Towards an Automatic Generation of Natural Gestures for a Storyteller Robot (I)

Zabala Cristobal, Unai (University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)), Rodriguez, Igor (University of Basque Country), Lazkano, Elena (University of Basque Country)
Th103 Sveva/Normanna
Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams II Regular Session
Chair: Lalitharatne, Thilina DulanthaImperial College London
Co-Chair: Lorenzini, MartaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
08:40-08:52, Paper Th103.1 
Continuous and Incremental Learning in Physical Human-Robot Cooperation Using Probabilistic Movement Primitives

Schäle, Daniel (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Stoelen, Martin F. (University of Plymouth), Kyrkjebø, Erik (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
08:52-09:04, Paper Th103.2 
Reimagining RViz: Multidimensional Augmented Reality Robot Signal Design

Groechel, Thomas (Univeristy of Southern California), O'Connell, Allison (University of Southern California), Nigro, Massimiliano (Politecnico Di Milano), Mataric, Maja (University of Southern California)
09:04-09:16, Paper Th103.3 
Detachable Smart Teaching Device for the Easy and Safe Operation of Robot Manipulator

Do, Hyun Min (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials), Kim, Hwi-su (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials), Kim, Uikyum (Ajou University), Choi, Taeyong (KIMM), Park, Jongwoo (Korea Institue of Machinery & Materials)
09:16-09:28, Paper Th103.4 
Perceptions of a Robot’s Mental States Influence Performance in a Collaborative Task for Males and Females Differently

Siri, Giulia (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Abubshait, Abdulaziz (Italian Institute of Technology), De Tommaso, Davide (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Cardellicchio, Pasquale (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), D'Ausilio, Alessandro (University of Ferrara & CTNSC - Italian Institute of Technology), Wykowska, Agnieszka (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
09:28-09:40, Paper Th103.5 
Task Selection and Planning in Human-Robot Collaborative Processes: To Be a Leader or a Follower?

Noormohammadi-Asl, Ali (University of Waterloo), Ayub, Ali (University of Waterloo), Smith, Stephen L. (University of Waterloo), Dautenhahn, Kerstin (University of Waterloo)
09:40-09:52, Paper Th103.6 
Explainability in Collaborative Robotics: The Effect of Informing the User on Task Performance and Trust

Adamik, Mark (Aalborg University), Madsen, Asger Printz (Aalborg University), Rehm, Matthias (Aalborg University)
09:52-10:04, Paper Th103.7 
Perceptual Deadband for Haptic Data Compression: Symmetric or Asymmetric?

Bhardwaj, Amit (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India)
10:04-10:15, Paper Th103.8 
Visualizing Robot Intent for Object Handovers with Augmented Reality

Newbury, Rhys (Monash University), Cosgun, Akansel (Monash University), Crowley-Davis, Tysha (Monash University), Chan, Wesley Patrick (Monash University), Drummond, Tom (Monash University), Croft, Elizabeth (Monash University)
Th401 Auditorium
HRI and Collaboration in Manufacturing Environments II Regular Session
Chair: Zanchettin, Andrea MariaPolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Saliba, Michael A.University of Malta
10:45-10:57, Paper Th401.1 
A Mixed Capability-Based and Optimization Methodology for Human-Robot Task Allocation and Scheduling

Monguzzi, Andrea (Politecnico Di Milano), Badawi, Mahmoud (Politecnico Di Milano), Zanchettin, Andrea Maria (Politecnico Di Milano), Rocco, Paolo (Politecnico Di Milano)
10:57-11:09, Paper Th401.2 
SM-EXO: Shape Memory Alloy-Based Hand EXOskeleton for Cobotic Application in Cognitive Development Investigation

Srivastava, Rupal (Technological University of the Shannon), Singh, Maulshree (Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest), Gomes, Guilherme Daniel (Technological University of the Shannon), Murray, Niall (Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest), DEVINE, DECLAN (Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest)
11:09-11:21, Paper Th401.3 
Benchmarking Deep Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition on Embedded Devices

Bini, Stefano (University of Salerno), Greco, Antonio (University of Salerno), Saggese, Alessia (Universita' Degli Studi Di Salerno), Vento, Mario (University of Salerno)
11:21-11:33, Paper Th401.4 
Model-Based Design of a Collaborative Human-Robot Workspace

Rahmayanti, Rifa (Universidad De Oviedo), Alvarez, Juan Carlos (Universidad De Oviedo), Alvarez Prieto, Diego (University of Oviedo), Lopez Rodriguez, Antonio Miguel (University of Oviedo)
11:33-11:45, Paper Th401.5 
ROSIE: A ROS Adapter for a Modular Digital Twinning Framework

Pisanelli, Gianmarco (University of Sheffield, AMRC), Tymczuk, Mariusz (The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Cent), Douthwaite, James (University of Sheffield), Aitken, Jonathan Maxwell (University of Sheffield), Law, James (The University of Sheffield)
11:45-11:57, Paper Th401.6 
Human-Guided Goal Assignment to Effectively Manage Workload for a Smart Robotic Assistant

Dhanaraj, Neel (University of Southern California), Malhan, Rishi (University of Southern California), Nemlekar, Heramb (University of Southern California), Nikolaidis, Stefanos (University of Southern California), Gupta, Satyandra K. (University of Southern California)
11:57-12:09, Paper Th401.7 
Timing-Specified Controllers with Feedback for Human-Robot Handovers

Kshirsagar, Alap (Cornell University), Ravi, Rahul Kumar (Cornell University), Kress-Gazit, Hadas (Cornell University), Hoffman, Guy (Cornell University)
12:09-12:21, Paper Th401.8 
An AI-Powered Hierarchical Communication Framework for Robust Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Settings

Mukherjee, Debasmita (The University of British Columbia), Gupta, Kashish (University of British Columbia), Najjaran, Homayoun (University of Victoria)
12:21-12:33, Paper Th401.9 
Task-Oriented Robot-To-Human Handovers in Collaborative Tool-Use Tasks

Qin, Meiying (Yale University), Brawer, Jake (Yale University), Scassellati, Brian (Yale)
Th402 Aragonese/Catalana
Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-Care Service Robots Special Session
Chair: Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
Organizer: Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
Organizer: Jang, MinsuElectronics & Telecommunications Research Institute
Organizer: Choi, JongsukKorea Inst. of Sci. and Tech
Organizer: Lee, Dong-WookKorea Institute of Industrial Technology
Organizer: Kim, JaehongETRI
Organizer: Lim, YoonseobKorea Institute of Science and Technology
10:45-10:57, Paper Th402.1 
Living with a Telepresence Robot: Results from a Field-Trial (I)

Fiorini, Laura (University of Florence), Sorrentino, Alessandra (University of Florence), Becchimanzi, Claudia (Università degli Studi di Firenze), Mattia, Pistolesi (Università degli Studi di Firenze), Tosi, Francesca (Università degli Studi di Firenze), Cavallo, Filippo (University of Florence)
10:57-11:09, Paper Th402.2 
Hot or Not? Exploring User Perceptions of Thermal Human-Robot Interaction (I)

Borgstedt, Jacqueline (University of Glasgow), Pollick, Frank (University of Glasgow), Brewster, Stephen (University of Glasgow)
11:09-11:21, Paper Th402.3 
Real-World Validation Study of Daily Activity Detection for the Elderly (I)

Cho, Miyoung (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Jang, Jinhyeok (ETRI), Lee, Jaeyeon (ETRI), Jang, Minsu (Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute), Kim, DoHyung (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Kim, Jaehong (ETRI)
11:21-11:33, Paper Th402.4 
TODS: Thermal Outdoor Image Dataset for Spoofing Detection (I)

Lee, DongGuw (Seoul National University (SNU)), Song, KyuSeob (KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)), Kwon, Dong-Soo (KAIST)
11:33-11:45, Paper Th402.5 
Developing a Social Conversational Robot for the Hospital Waiting Room (I)

Gunson, Nancie (Heriot-Watt University), Hernández García, Daniel (Heriot-Watt University), Sieińska, Weronika (Heriot-Watt University), Dondrup, Christian (Heriot-Watt University), Lemon, Oliver (Heriot-Watt University)
11:45-11:57, Paper Th402.6 
Let Me Introduce Myself – Using Self-Disclosure As a Social Cue for Health Care Robots (I)

Herzog, Olivia (Technical University of Munich), Rögner, Katharina (Technical University of Munich)
11:57-12:09, Paper Th402.7 
Moving Away from 'robotic' Interactions: Evaluation of Empathy, Emotion and Sentiment Expressed and Detected by Computer Systems (I)

Gasteiger, Norina (The University of Manchester; the University of Auckland), Lim, JongYoon (University of Auckland), Hellou, Mehdi (The University of Auckland), MacDonald, Bruce (University of Auckland), Ahn, Ho Seok (The University of Auckland, Auckland)
12:09-12:21, Paper Th402.8 
Exploring ICT for the Elderly: By Analyzing the Elders’ Needs for Information Acquisition and Delivery (I)

Kang, Dahyun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Choi, Jongsuk (Korea Inst. of Sci. and Tech), Kwak, Sonya Sona (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST))
12:21-12:33, Paper Th402.9 
Who’s on First? the Impact of the Proactive Interaction on User Acceptance of the Robotized Object (I)

Kim, Sangmin (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Kang, Dahyun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Choi, Jongsuk (Korea Inst. of Sci. and Tech), Kwak, Sonya Sona (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST))
Th403 Sveva/Normanna
Mental Models of the Human User in Social HRI Special Session
Chair: Staffa, MariacarlaUniversity of Naples Parthenope
Co-Chair: Alimardani, MaryamTilburg University
Organizer: Staffa, MariacarlaUniversity of Naples Parthenope
Organizer: Alimardani, MaryamTilburg University
Organizer: Anzalone, Salvatore MariaUniversité Paris 8
10:45-10:57, Paper Th403.1 
Questioning Wizard of Oz: Effects of Revealing the Wizard behind the Robot (I)

Nasir, Jauwairia (EPFL), Oppliger, Pierre (EPFL), Bruno, Barbara (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
10:57-11:09, Paper Th403.2 
Motivational Gestures in Robot-Assisted Language Learning: A Study of Cognitive Engagement Using EEG Brain Activity (I)

Alimardani, Maryam (Tilburg University), Harinandansingh, Jishnu (Tilburg University), Ravin, Lindsey (Tilburg University), de Haas, Mirjam (Tilburg University)
11:09-11:21, Paper Th403.3 
Generating Emotional Gestures for Handling Social Failures in HRI (I)

Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), John, Nitha Elizabeth (University of Naples Federico II), Taglialatela, Giuliano (University of Naples Federico II), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II)
11:21-11:33, Paper Th403.4 
The Robot Olympics: Estimating and Influencing Beliefs about a Robot's Perceptual Capabilities (I)

Rueben, Matthew (University of Southern California), Rothberg, Eitan (The Ohio State University), Tang, Matthew (University of California Berkeley), Inzerillo, Sarah (Clarkson University), Kshirsagar, Saurabh (University of Southern California), Manchanda, Maansi (University of Southern California), Dudley, Ginger (University of Southern California), Fraune, Marlena (New Mexico State University), Mataric, Maja (University of Southern California)
11:33-11:45, Paper Th403.5 
Efficacy of a 'Misconceiving' Robot to Improve Computational Thinking in a Collaborative Problem Solving Activity: A Pilot Study (I)

Norman, Utku (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)), Chin, Alexandra (Wellesley College), Bruno, Barbara (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
11:45-11:57, Paper Th403.6 
SLOT-V: Supervised Learning of Observer Models for Legible Robot Motion Planning in Manipulation (I)

Wallkötter, Sebastian (Uppsala University), Chetouani, Mohamed (Sorbonne University), Castellano, Ginevra (Uppsala University)
11:57-12:09, Paper Th403.7 
Does What Users Say Match What They Do? Comparing Self-Reported Attitudes and Behaviours towards a Social Robot (I)

Stower, Rebecca (KTH), Tatarian, Karen (SoftBank Robotics and Sorbonne University), RUDAZ, Damien (Telecom Paris), Chamoux, Marine (SoftBank Robotics Europe), Chetouani, Mohamed (Sorbonne University), Kappas, Arvid (Jacobs University Bremen)
12:09-12:21, Paper Th403.8 
Assessing Emotions in Human-Robot Interaction Based on the Appraisal Theory (I)

Demutti, Marco (University of Genoa), D'Amato, Vincenzo (University of Genoa), Recchiuto, Carmine Tommaso (University of Genova), Oneto, Luca (University of Genoa), Sgorbissa, Antonio (University of Genova)
Th601 Auditorium
Child-Robot Interaction II Regular Session
Chair: Gunes, HaticeUniversity of Cambridge
Co-Chair: Baillie, LynneHeriot-Watt University
14:00-14:12, Paper Th601.1 
Influence of Animallike Affective Non-Verbal Behavior on Children’s Perceptions of a Zoomorphic Robot

Voysey, Isobel (University of Edinburgh), Baillie, Lynne (Heriot-Watt University), Williams, Joanne (University of Edinburgh), Herrmann, J. Michael (University of Edinburgh)
14:12-14:24, Paper Th601.2 
Understanding Children's Trust Development through Repeated Interactions with a Virtual Social Robot

Calvo-Barajas, Natalia (Uppsala University), Castellano, Ginevra (Uppsala University)
14:24-14:36, Paper Th601.3 
Can Robots Help in the Evaluation of Mental Wellbeing in Children? an Empirical Study

Abbasi, Nida Itrat (University of Cambridge), Spitale, Micol (University of Cambridge), Anderson, Joanna (University of Cambridge), Ford, Tamsin (University of Cambridge), Jones, Peter B. (University of Cambridge), Gunes, Hatice (University of Cambridge)
14:36-14:48, Paper Th601.4 
A Game-Based Approach for Evaluating and Customizing Handwriting Training Using an Autonomous Social Robot

Carnieto Tozadore, Daniel (École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)), Wang, Chenyang (ETH Zurich), Marchesi, Giorgia (University of Genoa), Bruno, Barbara (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
14:48-15:00, Paper Th601.5 
Ice-Breakers, Turn-Takers and Fun-Makers: Exploring Robots for Groups with Teenagers

Gillet, Sarah (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Winkle, Katie (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Belgiovine, Giulia (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
15:00-15:12, Paper Th601.6 
Motivating Children to Practice Perspective-Taking through Playing Games with Cozmo

Yadollahi, Elmira (KTH), Couto, Marta (INESC-ID), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL), Paiva, Ana (INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico, TechnicalUniversity Of)
15:12-15:24, Paper Th601.7 
An Initial Investigation into the Use of Social Robots within an Existing Educational Program for Students with Learning Disabilities

Azizi, Negin (University of Waterloo), chandra, shruti (University of Waterloo), Gray, Michael (Learning Disabilities Society), Sager, Melissa Sager (Learning Disabilities Society), Fane, Jennifer Fane (Learning Disabilities Society), Dautenhahn, Kerstin (University of Waterloo)
15:24-15:36, Paper Th601.8 
A Sample Efficiency Improved Method Via Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Networks

Chen, Qinghua (Oakland University), dallas, evan (Oakland University), Shahverdi, Pourya (Oakland University, Michigan, USA), Korneder, Jessica (Oakland University,), Rawashdeh, Osamah (Oakland University), Louie, Wing-Yue Geoffrey (Oakland University)
15:36-15:48, Paper Th601.9 
Robot-Mediated Group Instruction for Children with ASD: A Pilot Study

Trombly, Madeline (Oakland University), Shahverdi, Pourya (Oakland University, Michigan, USA), Huang, Nathan (Oakland University), Chen, Qinghua (Oakland University), Korneder, Jessica (Oakland University,), Louie, Wing-Yue Geoffrey (Oakland University)
15:48-16:00, Paper Th601.10 
Closed-Loop Position Control of a Pediatric Soft Robotic Wearable Device for Upper Extremity Assistance

Mucchiani, Caio (University of California Riverside), Liu, Zhichao (University of California, Riverside), Sahin, Ipsita (University of California, Riverside), Dube, Jared (UC Riverside), Vu, Linh (UC Riverside), Kokkoni, Elena (University of California, Riverside), Karydis, Konstantinos (University of California, Riverside)
Th602 Aragonese/Catalana
Non-Verbal Cues and Expressivenessn-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness III Regular Session
Chair: Tanaka, FumihideUniversity of Tsukuba
Co-Chair: Lawson, WallaceUS Naval Research Laboratory
14:00-14:12, Paper Th602.1 
A Non-Humanoid Robotic Object for Providing a Sense of Security

Manor, Adi (Reichman University), Todress, Etay (Reichman University), Megidish, Benny (Media Innovation Lab, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliy), Mikulincer, Mario (Reichman University), Erel, Hadas (Media Innovation Lab, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)
14:12-14:24, Paper Th602.2 
Eye Design of Social Robots Inspired by the Difference of Gaze Clarity in Canid Species

Ouchi, Yuri (University of Tsukuba), Tanaka, Fumihide (University of Tsukuba)
14:24-14:36, Paper Th602.3 
Expression of Personality by Gaze Movements of an Android Robot in Multi-Party Dialogues

Shintani, Taiken (Osaka University), Ishi, Carlos Toshinori (RIKEN), Ishiguro, Hiroshi (Osaka University)
14:36-14:48, Paper Th602.4 
Agree or Disagree? Generating Body Gestures from Affective Contextual Cues During Dyadic Interactions

Tuyen, Nguyen Tan Viet (King's College London), Celiktutan, Oya (King's College London)
14:48-15:00, Paper Th602.5 
Evaluation of Expressive Motions Based on the Framework of Laban Effort Features for Social Attributes of Robots

Emir, Ebru (University of Waterloo), Burns, Catherine Marie (University of Waterloo)
15:00-15:12, Paper Th602.6 
Salient Keypoints for Interactive Meta-Learning (SKIML)

Lawson, Wallace (US Naval Research Laboratory), Harrison, Anthony (Naval Research Laboratory), Chang, Mai Lee (University of Texas at Austin), Adams, William (US Naval Research Laboratory), Trafton, Greg (Naval Research Laboratory)
15:12-15:24, Paper Th602.7 
Seeing Is Not Feeling the Touch from a Robot

Kunold, Laura (Ruhr University Bochum)
15:24-15:36, Paper Th602.8 
Don't Get into Trouble! Risk-Aware Decision-Making for Autonomous Vehicles

Mokhtari, Kasra (Indi EVq), Wagner, Alan Richard (Penn State University)
15:36-15:48, Paper Th602.9 
Physical Touch from a Robot Caregiver: Examining Factors That Shape Patient Experience

Mazursky, Alex (University of Chicago), DeVoe, Madeleine (University of Chicago), Sebo, Sarah (University of Chicago)
15:48-16:00, Paper Th602.10 
Public Perception, Privacy, Safety, and Ethical Considerations of Communication Robots in Law Enforcement

Salehzadeh, Roya (The University of Alabama), Bordbar, Fareed (The University of Alabama), Griffin, Darrin (The University of Alabama), Cousin, Christian (The University of Alabama), Jalili, Nader (The University of Alabama)
Th603 Sveva/Normanna
Ethical Issues in Human-Robot Interaction Research II Regular Session
Co-Chair: Mansouri, MasoumehBirmingham University
14:00-14:12, Paper Th603.1 
Investigating Gender-Stereotyped Interactions with Virtual Agents in Public Spaces

Müller, Ana (University of Applied Sciences Cologne), Penkert, Lydia (University of Applied Sciences Cologne), Schneider, Sebastian (Technische Hochschule Köln), Richert, Anja (University of Applied Sciences Cologne)
14:12-14:24, Paper Th603.2 
AI Bias in Human-Robot Interaction: An Evaluation of the Risk in Gender Biased Robots

Hitron, Tom (Media Innovation Lab, Reichman University, Herzliya, Israel), Megidish, Benny (Media Innovation Lab, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliy), Todress, Etay (Reichman University), Morag Yaar, Noa (Media Innovation Lab, Reichman University), Erel, Hadas (Media Innovation Lab, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)
14:24-14:36, Paper Th603.3 
Robot Self-Defense: Robots Can Use Force on Human Attackers to Defend Victims

Kochenborger Duarte, Eduardo (Halmstad University), Shiomi, Masahiro (ATR), Vinel, Alexey (Halmstad University), Cooney, Martin (Halmstad University)
14:36-14:48, Paper Th603.4 
Nothing about Us without Us: A Participatory Design for an Inclusive Signing Tiago Robot

Antonioni, Emanuele (Sapienza University of Rome), Sanalitro, Cristiana (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO), Capirci, Olga (Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (Istituto ISTC)), Di Renzo, Alessio (Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies - National Res), Maria Beatrice, D'aversa (School of LIS - SILIS Group), Bloisi, Domenico (University of Basilicata), Wang, Lun (Sapienza University of Rome), Bartoli, Ermanno (Sapienza, University of Rome), Diaco, Lorenzo (Sapienza University of Rome), Nardi, Daniele (Sapienza University of Rome), Presutti, Valentina (University of Bologna)
14:48-15:00, Paper Th603.5 
Polite and Unambiguous Requests Facilitate Willingness to Help an Autonomous Delivery Robot and Favourable Social Attributions

Boos, Annika (Technical University of Munich), Zimmermann, Markus (Starship Technologies), Zych, Monika (Starship Technologies), Bengler, Klaus (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
15:00-15:12, Paper Th603.6 
A Review and Recommendations on Reporting Recruitment and Compensation Information in HRI Research Papers

Cordero, Julia (Interaction Lab), Groechel, Thomas (Univeristy of Southern California), Mataric, Maja (University of Southern California)
15:12-15:24, Paper Th603.7 
Norm Learning with Reward Models from Instructive and Evaluative Feedback

Rosen, Eric (Brown University), Hsiung, Eric (Brown University), Chi, Vivienne Bihe (Brown University), Malle, Bertram (Brown University)
15:24-15:36, Paper Th603.8 
A Literature Review of Trust Repair in HRI

Esterwood, Connor (University of Michigan), Robert, Lionel (University of Michigan)
15:36-15:48, Paper Th603.9 
Privacy Expectations for Human-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions

Bloom, Cara (MITRE), Emery, Josiah (MITRE)
15:48-16:00, Paper Th603.10 
Evaluating the Impact of Emotional Apology on Human-Robot Trust

Xu, Jin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Howard, Ayanna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Th8Pl Auditorium
Keynote Speaker - Shuji Hashimoto Keynote Session
Th9Pl Auditorium
Closing and Awards Plenary Session




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