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Last updated on August 21, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday August 30, 2022

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Tu1Pl Auditorium
Opening Plenary Session
Tu2Pl Auditorium
Keynote Speaker - Elisabeth André Keynote Session
Tu401 Auditorium
Anthropomorphic Robots and Virtual Humans Regular Session
Chair: Yamada, SeijiNational Institute of Informatics
Co-Chair: Torre, IlariaKTH Royal Institute of Technology
11:00-11:12, Paper Tu401.1 
Android Robots vs Virtual Agents: Which System Differently Aged Users Prefer?

Greco, Claudia (University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"), Amorese, Terry (Università Della Campania), Cuciniello, Marialucia (Università Della Campania), Cordasco, Gennaro (Università Della Campania), Esposito, Anna (Università Della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)
11:12-11:24, Paper Tu401.2 
To Smile or Not to Smile: The Effect of Mismatched Emotional Expressions in a Human-Robot Cooperative Task

Torre, Ilaria (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Deichler, Anna (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Nicholson, Matthew (ADAPT Research Centre), McDonnell, Rachel (Trinity College Dublin), Harte, Naomi (Trinity College Dublin)
11:24-11:36, Paper Tu401.3 
Prototype Development of a Prosthetic Derivative of the Minimal Anthropomorphic Artificial Hand

Saliba, Michael A. (University of Malta), Cutajar, Maria (University of Malta), Agius Pascalidis, Gabriel (University of Malta)
11:36-11:48, Paper Tu401.4 
Agents Facilitate One Category of Human Empathy through Task Difficulty

Tsumura, Takahiro (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Yamada, Seiji (National Institute of Informatics)
11:48-12:00, Paper Tu401.5 
Use of a Human-Centered Manual Interaction Patterns Analysis Methodology for the Specification of Dexterous Robotic Grippers

Mokadim, Thomas (CEA-LIST), Gosselin, Florian (CEA LIST)
Tu402 Aragonese/Catalana
Storytelling in HRI Regular Session
Chair: Haring, Kerstin SophieUniversity of Denver
Co-Chair: Straßmann, CarolinUniversity of Applied Sciences Ruhr West
11:00-11:12, Paper Tu402.1 
Benefits of an Interactive Robot Character in Immersive Puzzle Games

Lin, Ting-Han (University of Chicago), Ng, Spencer (University of Chicago), Sebo, Sarah (University of Chicago)
11:12-11:24, Paper Tu402.2 
Step-By-Step Task Plan Explanations Beyond Causal Links

Lindner, Felix (University of Ulm), Olz, Conny (Ulm University)
11:24-11:36, Paper Tu402.3 
Robot Vulnerability and the Elicitation of User Empathy

Frederiksen, Morten Roed (IT-University of Copenhagen), Fischer, Katrin (University of Southern California), Mataric, Maja (University of Southern California)
11:36-11:48, Paper Tu402.4 
I Can’t Believe That Happened! Exploring Expressivity in Collaborative Storytelling with the Tabletop Robot Ha

Nichols, Eric (Honda Research Institute Japan), Szapiro, Deborah (University of Technology Sydney), Vasylkiv, Yurii (University of Manitoba), Gomez, Randy (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd)
11:48-12:00, Paper Tu402.5 
Second Language Learning through Storytelling with a Social Robot - an Online Case Study

Steinhaeusser, Sophia C. (University of Wuerzburg), Riedmann, Anna (University of Wuerzburg), Schaper, Philipp (University of Wuerzburg), Guthmann, Emily (Human-Computer Interaction, University of Wuerzburg), Pfister, Julia (Human-Computer Interaction, University of Wuerzburg), Schmitt, Katharina (Human-Computer Interaction, University of Wuerzburg), Wild, Theresa (Human-Computer Interaction, University of Wuerzburg), Lugrin, Birgit (University of Wuerzburg)
Tu403 Sveva/Normanna
Innovative Robot Designs Regular Session
Chair: Ocnarescu, IoanaStrate
Co-Chair: Stower, RebeccaKTH
11:00-11:12, Paper Tu403.1 
Intuitive HRI Approach with Reliable and Resilient Wireless Communication for Rescue Robots and First Responders

Edlinger, Raimund (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Nuechter, Andreas (University of Würzburg)
11:12-11:24, Paper Tu403.2 
Structural Optimization of Variable Stiffness Mechanism with Particle Jamming and Core-Frame

Song, Eun Jeong (SungKyunKwan University), Yun, Yeoil (Sungkyunkwan Univ), Lee, Seonil (Sungkyunkwan University), Koo, Ja Choon (Sungkyunkwan University)
11:24-11:36, Paper Tu403.3 
A Social Robot for Anxiety Reduction Via Deep Breathing

Matheus, Kayla (Yale University), Vázquez, Marynel (Yale University), Scassellati, Brian (Yale)
11:36-11:48, Paper Tu403.4 
Bots of a Feather: Exploring User Perceptions of Group Cohesiveness for Application in Robotic Swarms

Stower, Rebecca (KTH), Zibetti, Elisabetta (CHArt-LUTIN Laboratory), St-Onge, David (Ecole De Technologie Superieure)
11:48-12:00, Paper Tu403.5 
F3 Hand: A Versatile Robot Hand Inspired by Human Thumb and Index Fingers

Fukaya, Naoki (Preferred Networks, Inc), Ummadisingu, Avinash (Preferred Networks, Inc), Maeda, Guilherme Jorge (Sony AI), Maeda, Shin-ichi (Preferred Networks)
Tu501 Auditorium
Human Factors and Ergonomics Regular Session
Chair: Holthaus, PatrickUniversity of Hertfordshire
Co-Chair: Nakamura, TaroChuo University
12:10-12:22, Paper Tu501.1 
Validation of a Usability Questionnaire for Summative Evaluation of Robotic Systems

Heinold, Eva (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)), Rosen, Patricia Helen (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), Wischniewski, Sascha (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA))
12:22-12:34, Paper Tu501.2 
Does Spontaneous Motion Lead to Intuitive Body-Machine Interfaces? a Fitness Study of Different Body Segments for Wearable Telerobotics

Macchini, Matteo (EPFL), Frogg, Jan Alexander Yamann (EPFL), Schiano, Fabrizio (Leonardo S.p.a), Floreano, Dario (Ecole Polytechnique Federal, Lausanne)
12:34-12:46, Paper Tu501.3 
Productive Inconvenience: Facilitating Posture Variability by Stimulating Robot-To-Human Handovers

Zolotas, Mark (Northeastern University), Luo, Rui (Northeastern University), Bazzi, Salah (Northeastern University), Saha, Dipanjan (Northeastern University), Mabulu, Katiso (Northeastern University), Kloeckl, Kristian (Northeastern University), Padir, Taskin (Northeastern University)
12:46-12:58, Paper Tu501.4 
Towards Subjective Experience Prediction for Time-Delayed Teleoperation with Haptic Data Reduction

Wang, Zican (Technical University of Munich), Mei, Fei (Technical University of Munich), Xu, Xiao (Technical University Munich), Steinbach, Eckehard (Technical University of Munich)
12:58-13:10, Paper Tu501.5 
Task Sharing with the Humanoid Robot iCub Increases the Likelihood of Adopting the Intentional Stance

Navare, Uma (Italian Institute of Technology; University of Manchester), Kompatsiari, Kyveli (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Ciardo, Francesca (Dr), Wykowska, Agnieszka (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
Tu502 Aragonese/Catalana
Applications of Social Robots Regular Session
Chair: Kim, Lawrence H.Simon Fraser University
Co-Chair: Torresen, JimUniversity of Oslo
12:10-12:22, Paper Tu502.1 
Social Robots As Coaches: How Human-Robot Interaction Positively Impacts Motivation in Sports Training Sessions

Sackl, Andreas (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Pretolesi, Daniele (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Burger, Sophia (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Ganglbauer, Markus (PROFACTOR GmbH), Tscheligi, Manfred (Universtity of Salzburg)
12:22-12:34, Paper Tu502.2 
The Impact of an In-Home Co-Located Robotic Coach in Helping People Make Fewer Exercise Mistakes

Salomons, Nicole (Yale University), Wallenstein, Tom (Yale University), Ghose, Debasmita (Yale University), Scassellati, Brian (Yale)
12:34-12:46, Paper Tu502.3 
Effects of a Co-Located Robot and Anthropomorphism on Human Motivation and Emotion across Personality and Gender

Kim, Lawrence H. (Simon Fraser University), Domova, Veronika (Stanford University), Yao, Yuqi (Stanford University), Paredes, Pablo (Stanford University)
12:46-12:58, Paper Tu502.4 
Designing Social Robots' Speech in the Hotel Context - a Series of Online Studies

Steinhaeusser, Sophia C. (University of Wuerzburg), Lein, Martina (Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg), Donnermann, Melissa (Julius-Maximilians University Wuerzburg), Lugrin, Birgit (University of Wuerzburg)
12:58-13:10, Paper Tu502.5 
Investigating Adaptive Robot Tutoring in a Long-Term Interaction in Higher Education

Donnermann, Melissa (Julius-Maximilians University Wuerzburg), Schaper, Philipp (University of Wuerzburg), Lugrin, Birgit (University of Wuerzburg)
Tu503 Sveva/Normanna
Novel Interfaces and Interaction Modalities Regular Session
Chair: Lee, Hui SungUNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
Co-Chair: Fiorini, LauraUniversity of Florence
12:10-12:22, Paper Tu503.1 
Toward the Manipulation of Time and Space in Extended Reality: A Preliminary Study on Multimodal Tau and Kappa Illusions in the Visual-Tactile Domain

De Pra, Yuri (University of Pisa), Catrambone, Vincenzo (University of Pisa), van Wassenhove, Virginie (Université Paris-Saclay), Valenza, Gaetano (University of Pisa), Bianchi, Matteo (University of Pisa)
12:22-12:34, Paper Tu503.2 
Development of a Robot-Assisted Online Pain Communication System Using a Squeezable Tangible User Interface

kim, byounghern (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), Kwak, Yoon Joung (UNIST), Kim, Dongyoon (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), Kwon, YongSeop (Korea Institute of RObotic & Technology Convergence), Lee, Hui Sung (UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology))
12:34-12:46, Paper Tu503.3 
On the Somatotopic Mapping of Haptic Feedback from Robotic Supernumerary Limbs

Franco, Leonardo (University of Siena), Salvietti, Gionata (University of Siena), Pompilio, Michele (University of Siena), Rossi, Simone (University of Siena), Prattichizzo, Domenico (University of Siena)
12:46-12:58, Paper Tu503.4 
Dynamic Environment-Based Visual User Interface System for Intuitive Navigation Target Selection for Brain-Actuated Wheelchairs

Pereira, Ricardo (University of Coimbra, Institute of Systems and Robotics), Cruz, Aniana (Institute of Systems and Robotics - University of Coimbra), Garrote, Luís Carlos (Institute of Systems and Robotics, University of Coimbra), Pires, Gabriel (University of Coimbra), Lopes, Ana (ISR-UC), Nunes, Urbano J. (Instituto De Sistemas E Robotica)
12:58-13:10, Paper Tu503.5 
Evaluation of Point of Subject Equality Using Constant Method in Pseudo Force Sensation by Pressure Stimulation to the Palm

Kojima, Mayuka (The University of Tokyo), Yoshimoto, Shunsuke (The University of Tokyo), Yamamoto, Akio (The University of Tokyo)
Tu601 Auditorium
Monitoring of Behaviour and Internal States of Humans Regular Session
Chair: Canal, GerardKing's College London
Co-Chair: Coppola, ClaudioQueen Mary University of London
14:30-14:42, Paper Tu601.1 
How Long Does It Take to Learn Trimanual Coordination?

Allemang--Trivalle, Arnaud (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Eden, Jonathan (Imperial College London), Ekaterina, Ivanova (Imperial College London), huang, yanpei (Imperial College London), burdet, etienne (Imperial College London)
14:42-14:54, Paper Tu601.2 
Towards Evaluating the Impact of Swarm Robotic Control Strategy on Operators' Cognitive Load

Paas, Anita (Concordia University), Coffey, Emily (Department of Psychology, Concordia University), Beltrame, Giovanni (Ecole Polytechnique De Montreal), St-Onge, David (Ecole De Technologie Superieure)
14:54-15:06, Paper Tu601.3 
Analysing Eye Gaze Patterns During Confusion and Errors in Human–Agent Collaborations

Wachowiak, Lennart (King's College London), Tisnikar, Peter (King's College London), Canal, Gerard (King's College London), Coles, Andrew (Kings College), Leonetti, Matteo (King's College London), Celiktutan, Oya (King's College London)
15:06-15:18, Paper Tu601.4 
A Modular Interface for Controlling Interactive Behaviors of a Humanoid Robot for Socio-Emotional Skills Training

Sessner, Julian (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Porstmann, Andy (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Kirst, Simone (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin), Merz, Nina (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Dziobek, Isabel (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin), Franke, Jörg (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
15:18-15:30, Paper Tu601.5 
Activity Recognition in Restaurants to Address Underlying Needs: A Case Study

Taylor, Ada (Carnegie Mellon University), Kaufman, Roman (Carnegie Mellon University), Huang, Michael (Carnegie Mellon University), Admoni, Henny (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tu602 Aragonese/Catalana
Linguistic Communication and Dialogue Regular Session
Chair: Irfan, BaharKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Foster, Mary EllenUniversity of Glasgow
14:30-14:42, Paper Tu602.1 
Talk to Kotaro: A Web Crowdsourcing Study on the Impact of Phone and Prosody Choice for Synthesized Speech on Human Impression

Galiza Cerdeira Gonzalez, Antonio (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), LO, WINGSUM (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Mizuuchi, Ikuo (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
14:42-14:54, Paper Tu602.2 
Improving Visual Question Answering by Leveraging Depth and Adapting Explainability

Panesar, Amrita (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Dogan, Fethiye Irmak (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Leite, Iolanda (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
14:54-15:06, Paper Tu602.3 
The Robot That Showed Remorse: Repairing Trust with a Genuine Apology

Pompe, Babiche (University of Twente), Velner, Ella (University of Twente), Truong, Khiet (University of Twente)
15:06-15:18, Paper Tu602.4 
An Efficient Algorithm for Visualization and Interpretation of Grounded Language Models

Arkin, Jacob (University of Rochester), Patki, Siddharth (University of Rochester), Rosser, Joshua (University of Rochester), Howard, Thomas (University of Rochester)
15:18-15:30, Paper Tu602.5 
Two Dimensions of the Intersemiotic Legal Translation in Digital Environments. Programming Legal Acts As a Resemiotization Process

Loddo, Olimpia (University of Cagliari), Addis, Andrea (Infora)
Tu603 Sveva/Normanna
Sound Design for Robots Regular Session
Chair: Bruno, BarbaraSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Co-Chair: Mannone, MariaUniversity of Palermo
14:30-14:42, Paper Tu603.1 
How a Social Robot's Vocalization Affects Children's Speech, Learning, and Interaction

Wright, Lauren L. (EPFL), Kothiyal, Aditi (EPFL), Arras, Kai Oliver (Bosch Research), Bruno, Barbara (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL))
14:42-14:54, Paper Tu603.2 
Quantum RoboSound: Auditory Feedback of a Quantum-Driven Robotic Swarm

Mannone, Maria (University of Palermo), Seidita, Valeria (University of Palermo), Chella, Antonio (University of Palermo)
14:54-15:06, Paper Tu603.3 
Examining Audio Communication Mechanisms for Supervising Fleets of Agricultural Robots

Kamboj, Abhi (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ji, Tianchen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Driggs-Campbell, Katherine (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
15:06-15:18, Paper Tu603.4 
Using the Price Sensitivity Meter to Measure the Value of Transformative Robot Sound

Zhang, Brian John (Oregon State University), Sanchez, Christopher A. (Oregon State University), Fitter, Naomi T. (Oregon State University)
Tu801 Auditorium
Child-Robot Interaction Regular Session
Chair: Hindriks, KoenVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Co-Chair: Kunold, LauraRuhr University Bochum
16:00-16:12, Paper Tu801.1 
Exploring Collaborative Game Play with Robots to Encourage Good Hand Hygiene Practises among Children

Pasupuleti, Devasena (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham), Sasidharan, Sreejith (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham), Sharma, Rajesh (Spire Animation Studios), Manikutty, Gayathri (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)
16:12-16:24, Paper Tu801.2 
Exploring Requirements and Opportunities for Social Robots in Primary Mathematics Education

Elloumi, Lamia (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), Bossema, Marianne (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam), de Droog, Simone Marijke (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Smakman, Matthijs (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), van Ginkel, Stan (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Ligthart, Mike (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Hoogland, Kees (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Ben Allouch, Somaya (Amsterdam University)
16:24-16:36, Paper Tu801.3 
Towards Understanding Causality – a Retrospective Study of Using Explanations in Interactions between a Humanoid Robot and Autistic Children

Sarda Gou, Marina (University of Hertfordshire), Lakatos, Gabriella (University of Hertfordshire), Holthaus, Patrick (University of Hertfordshire), Wood, Luke Jai (University of Hertfordshire), Mousavi, Mohammad Reza (King's College London), Robins, Ben (University of Hertfordshire), Amirabdollahian, Farshid (The University of Hertfordshire)
16:36-16:48, Paper Tu801.4 
Wizards in the Middle: An Approach to Comparing Humans and Robots

Henkel, Zachary (Mississippi State University), Henkel, Kenna Baugus (Mississippi State University), Bethel, Cindy L. (Mississippi State University)
16:48-17:00, Paper Tu801.5 
Parental Responses to Aggressive Child Behavior towards Robots, Smart Speakers, and Tablets

Naggita, Keziah (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago), Athiley, Elsa (University of Chicago), Desta, Beza (University of Chicago), Sebo, Sarah (University of Chicago)
Tu802 Aragonese/Catalana
Robots in Education, Therapy and Rehabilitation Regular Session
Chair: Malvezzi, MonicaUniversity of Siena
Co-Chair: Barakova, Emilia I.Eindhoven University of Technology
16:00-16:12, Paper Tu802.1 
HAPP: A Haptic Portable Pad for Hand Disease Manual Treatment

Dragusanu, Mihai (University of Siena), Troisi, Danilo (University of Siena), Villani, Alberto (University of Siena), Prattichizzo, Domenico (Università Di Siena), Malvezzi, Monica (University of Siena)
16:12-16:24, Paper Tu802.2 
Learning Musical Instrument with the Help of Social Robots: Attitudes and Expectations of Teachers and Parents

Song, Heqiu (Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology), Deetman, Maria Suzanna (Utrecht University), Markopoulos, Panos (Eindhoven University of Technology), Ham, Jaap (Eindhoven University of Technology), Barakova, Emilia I. (Eindhoven University of Technology)
16:24-16:36, Paper Tu802.3 
Designing Online Multiplayer Games with Haptically and Virtually Linked Tangible Robots to Enhance Social Interaction in Therapy

Güneysu Özgür, Arzu (KTH), Khodr, Hala (EPFL), Akeddar, Mehdi (EPFL), Roust, Michael (EPFL), Dillenbourg, Pierre (EPFL)
16:36-16:48, Paper Tu802.4 
Enhancing Learning Processes by Integrating Social Robots with Learning Management Systems

Sonderegger, Stefan (University of St.Gallen)
16:48-17:00, Paper Tu802.5 
A Bidirectional Fabric-Based Pneumatic Actuator for the Infant Shoulder: Design and Comparative Kinematic Analysis

Sahin, Ipsita (University of California, Riverside), Dube, Jared (UC Riverside), Mucchiani, Caio (University of California Riverside), Karydis, Konstantinos (University of California, Riverside), Kokkoni, Elena (University of California, Riverside)
Tu803 Sveva/Normanna
User-Centered Design of Robots Regular Session
Chair: Ostrowski, Anastasia K.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Boumans, RoelRadboud University
16:00-16:12, Paper Tu803.1 
Incidental Encounters with Robots

Moesgaard, Frederik (Copenhagen Business School), Hulgaard, Lasse (Copenhagen Business School), Bødker, Mads (Copenhagen Business School)
16:12-16:24, Paper Tu803.2 
“Pepper, What Do You Mean?” Miscommunication and Repair in Robot-Led Survey Interaction

Stommel, Wyke (Radboud University), de Rijk, Lynn (Radboud University), Boumans, Roel (Radboud University)
16:24-16:36, Paper Tu803.3 
Explain Yourself! Effects of Explanations in Human-Robot Interaction

Ambsdorf, Jakob (Universität Hamburg), Munir, Alina (Universitat Hamburg), Wei, Yiyao (University of Hamburg), Degkwitz, Klaas (Uni Hamburg), Harms, Harm Matthias (Universität Hamburg), Stannek, Susanne (Universität Hamburg), Ahrens, Kyra (University of Hamburg), Becker, Dennis (University of Hamburg), Strahl, Erik (Universität Hamburg), Weber, Tom (University of Hamburg), Wermter, Stefan (University of Hamburg)
16:36-16:48, Paper Tu803.4 
Designing Long-Term Parent-Child-Robot Triadic Interaction at Home through Lived Technology Experiences and Interviews

Chen, Huili (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ostrowski, Anastasia K. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jang, Soo Jung (MIT), Breazeal, Cynthia (MIT), Park, Hae Won (MIT)
16:48-17:00, Paper Tu803.5 
Sex Doll As a New Form of Transitional Object

Tondu, Bertrand (University of Toulouse)
Tu901 Auditorium
Non-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness Regular Session
Chair: Hindriks, KoenVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Co-Chair: Sandini, GiulioItalian Institute of Technology - Center for Human Technologies
17:10-17:22, Paper Tu901.1 
Alexa Feels Blue and so Do I? Conversational Agents Displaying Emotions Via Light Modalities

Straßmann, Carolin (University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West), Diehl, Inga (University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West)
17:22-17:34, Paper Tu901.2 
Extending Quantitative Proxemics and Trust to HRI

Camara, Fanta (University of Leeds - University of Lincoln), Fox, Charles (University of Lincoln)
17:34-17:46, Paper Tu901.3 
Effects of Robot Clothing on First Impressions, Gender, Human-Likeness, and Suitability of a Robot for Occupations

Hindriks, Koen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Hagenaar, Marijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Huckelba, Anna Laura (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
17:46-17:58, Paper Tu901.4 
Affective Robot Behavior Improves Learning in a Sorting Game

Kaushik, Roshni (Carnegie Mellon University), Simmons, Reid (Carnegie Mellon University)
17:58-18:10, Paper Tu901.5 
The LMA12-O Framework for Emotional Robot Eye Gestures

Galindo, Kerl (University of Technology, Sydney), Szapiro, Deborah (University of Technology Sydney), Gomez, Randy (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd)
Tu902 Aragonese/Catalana
Theory of Mind for Social HRI Special Session
Chair: Rossi, AlessandraUniversity of Naples Federico II
Co-Chair: Romeo, MartaThe University of Manchester
Organizer: Rossi, AlessandraUniversity of Naples Federico II
Organizer: Holthaus, PatrickUniversity of Hertfordshire
Organizer: chandra, shrutiUniversity of Waterloo
17:10-17:22, Paper Tu902.1 
Understanding Intention for Machine Theory of Mind: A Position Paper (I)

Kennington, Casey (Boise State University)
17:22-17:34, Paper Tu902.2 
Theory of Mind and Delegation to Robotic Virtual Agents (I)

Sun, Ningyuan (University of Luxembourg), Botev, Jean (University of Luxembourg), Khaluf, Yara (Wageningen University), Simoens, Pieter (Ghent University - Imec)
17:34-17:46, Paper Tu902.3 
Exploring Theory of Mind for Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Romeo, Marta (The University of Manchester), McKenna, Peter (Heriot Watt University), Robb, David A. (Heriot Watt University), Rajendran, Gnanathusharan (Heriot-Watt University), Nesset, Birthe (Heriot-Watt University), Cangelosi, Angelo (University of Manchester), Hastie, Helen (School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt Univer)
17:46-17:58, Paper Tu902.4 
Trustworthiness Assessment in Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction Based on Cognitive Load (I)

Kirtay, Murat (Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin), Oztop, Erhan (Osaka University / Ozyegin University), Kuhlen, Anna (Department of Psychology, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Berlin), Asada, Minoru (Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives, Osaka Universit), Hafner, Verena Vanessa (Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin)
17:58-18:10, Paper Tu902.5 
Evaluating the Effect of Theory of Mind on People’s Trust in a Faulty Robot (I)

Rossi, Alessandra (University of Naples Federico II), Andriella, Antonio (Pal Robotics), Rossi, Silvia (Universita' Di Napoli Federico II), Torras, Carme (Csic - Upc), Alenyà, Guillem (CSIC-UPC)
18:10-18:22, Paper Tu902.6 
Theory of Mind Modeling in Search and Rescue Teams (I)

Li, Huao (University of Pittsburgh), Oguntola, Ini (Carnegie Mellon University), Hughes, Dana (Carnegie Mellon University), Lewis, Michael (University of Pittsburgh), Sycara, Katia (Carnegie Mellon University)
18:22-18:34, Paper Tu902.7 
Differences and Biases in Mentalizing about Humans and Robots (I)

Husemann, Sophie (Bielefeld University), Poeppel, Jan (Bielefeld University), Kopp, Stefan (Bielefeld University)
Tu903 Sveva/Normanna
Safe Human-Robot Cooperation and Collaboration in Manufacturing
Special Session
Chair: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
Co-Chair: Mineo, CarmeloNational Research Council (CNR)
Organizer: Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU
Organizer: Faroni, MarcoNational Research Council of Italy
Organizer: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
Organizer: Papadopoulos, GeorgiosFoundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
Organizer: Wollherr, DirkTechnische Universität München
17:10-17:22, Paper Tu903.1 
Human-Robot Co-Manipulation of Soft Materials: Enable a Robot Manual Guidance Using a Depth Map Feedback (I)

Nicola, Giorgio (CNR), Villagrossi, Enrico (Italian National Research Council), Pedrocchi, Nicola (National Research Council of Italy (CNR))
17:22-17:34, Paper Tu903.2 
Mimicking Human Autonomy in Industrial Robotic Enabled Sensing (I)

Mineo, Carmelo (National Research Council (CNR)), Cerniglia, Donatella (University of Palermo), Maniscalco, Umberto (National Research Council (CNR))
17:34-17:46, Paper Tu903.3 
Open-VICO: An Open-Source Gazebo Toolkit for Vision-Based Skeleton Tracking in Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Fortini, Luca (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Leonori, Mattia (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Gandarias, Juan M. (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), De Momi, Elena (Politecnico Di Milano), Ajoudani, Arash (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
17:46-17:58, Paper Tu903.4 
Human-Robot Handovers Using Task-Space Quadratic Programming (I)

Djeha, Mohamed (Université De Montpellier), Dallard, Antonin (LIRMM), Zermane, Ahmed (Equipe IDH-LIRMM), Gergondet, Pierre (CNRS), Kheddar, Abderrahmane (CNRS-AIST)
17:58-18:10, Paper Tu903.5 
Bilevel Optimization for Just-In-Time Robotic Kitting and Delivery Via Adaptive Task Segmentation and Scheduling (I)

Tung, Yi-Shiuan (University of Colorado Boulder), Bishop, Kayleigh (University of Colorado Boulder), Hayes, Bradley (University of Colorado Boulder), Roncone, Alessandro (University of Colorado Boulder)
18:10-18:22, Paper Tu903.6 
Fusion of Depth, Color, and Thermal Images towards Digital Twins and Safe Human Interaction with a Robot in an Industrial Environment (I)

Al Naser, Ibrahim (Fraunhofer Institute), Johannes, Dahmen (Fraunhofer IWU), Bdiwi, Mohamad (Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW), Ihlenfeldt, Steffen (TU Dresden)




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