The 29th IEEE International Conference on
Robot and Human Interactive Communication
31 AUG - 04 SEPT, 2020 - NAPOLI, ITALY
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Last updated on August 31, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday September 4, 2020

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FrT61 Room 1
Detecting and Understanding Human Activity (I) Regular Session
Chair: Hughes, DanaCarnegie Mellon University
Co-Chair: Kratzer, PhilippUniversity of Stuttgart
12:45-12:55, Paper FrT61.1 
Anticipating Human Intention for Full-Body Motion Prediction in Object Grasping and Placing Tasks

Kratzer, Philipp (University of Stuttgart), Balachandra Midlagajni, Niteesh (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Toussaint, Marc (Tu Berlin), Mainprice, Jim (Max Planck Institute)
12:55-13:05, Paper FrT61.2 
A Real-Time Tool for Human Ergonomics Assessment Based on Joint Compressive Forces

Fortini, Luca (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Lorenzini, Marta (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Kim, Wansoo (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), De Momi, Elena (Politecnico Di Milano), Ajoudani, Arash (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
13:05-13:15, Paper FrT61.3 
Forces and Torque Measurements in the Interaction of Kitchen-Utensils with Food During Typical Cooking Tasks: Preliminary Test and Evaluation

Pereira, Debora (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Morassut, Alessandro (Electrolux Professional Spa), Tiberi, Emidio (Electrolux Professional Spa), Dario, Paolo (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Ciuti, Gastone (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
13:15-13:25, Paper FrT61.4 
Inferring Non-Stationary Human Preferences for Human-Agent Teams

Hughes, Dana (Carnegie Mellon University), Agarwal, Akshat (Carnegie Mellon University), Guo, Yue (Carnegie Mellon University), Sycara, Katia (Carnegie Mellon University)
FrT62 Room 2
Safe and Acceptable Human-Robot Collaboration Special Session
Chair: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
Co-Chair: Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU
Organizer: Bdiwi, MohamadFraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IW
Organizer: Finzi, AlbertoUniversity of Naples
Organizer: Orlandini, AndreaNational Research Council of Italy
Organizer: Pedrocchi, NicolaNational Research Council of Italy (CNR)
12:45-12:55, Paper FrT62.1 
Learning in Motion: Dynamic Interactions for Increased Trust in Human-Robot Interaction Games

Ye, Sean (Georgia Institute of Technology), Feigh, Karen (Georgia Institute of Technology), Howard, Ayanna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
12:55-13:05, Paper FrT62.2 
Towards the Exact Solution for Speed and Separation Monitoring for Improved Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Lacevic, Bakir (University of Sarajevo), Zanchettin, Andrea Maria (Politecnico Di Milano), Rocco, Paolo (Politecnico Di Milano)
13:05-13:15, Paper FrT62.3 
Enabling Physical Human-Robot Collaboration through Contact Classification and Reaction (I)

Lippi, Martina (Università Degli Studi Di Salerno), Marino, Alessandro (University of Cassino and Southern Lazio)
13:15-13:25, Paper FrT62.4 
A Layered Control Approach to Human-Aware Task and Motion Planning for Human-Robot Collaboration (I)

Faroni, Marco (National Research Council of Italy), Beschi, Manuel (National Research Council of Italy), Ghidini, Stefano (CNR), Pedrocchi, Nicola (National Research Council of Italy (CNR)), Umbrico, Alessandro (National Research Council of Italy), Orlandini, Andrea (National Research Council of Italy), Cesta, Amedeo (CNR -- National Research Council of Italy, ISTC)
FrT63 Room 3
Degrees of Autonomy and Teleoperation Regular Session
Chair: Green, Keith EvanCornell University
Co-Chair: Cavallo, FilippoUniversity of Florence
12:45-12:55, Paper FrT63.1 
Multidimensional Evaluation of Telepresence Robot: Results from a Field Trial

Fiorini, Laura (The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Mancioppi, Gianmaria (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Becchimanzi, Claudia (Università Degli Studi Di Firenze), Sorrentino, Alessandra (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Mattia, Pistolesi (Università Degli Studi Di Firenze), Tosi, Francesca (Università Degli Studi Di Firenze), Cavallo, Filippo (University of Florence)
12:55-13:05, Paper FrT63.2 
Virtual Reality Based Telerobotics Framework with Depth Cameras

Omarali, Bukeikhan (Queen Mary University of London), Denoun, Brice (Queen Mary University of London), Althoefer, Kaspar (Queen Mary University of London), Jamone, Lorenzo (Queen Mary University London), Valle, Maurizio (University of Genova), Farkhatdinov, Ildar (Queen Mary University of London)
13:05-13:15, Paper FrT63.3 
Natural Gradient Shared Control

Oh, Yoojin (University of Stuttgart), Wu, Shao-Wen (Universität Stuttgart), Toussaint, Marc (Tu Berlin), Mainprice, Jim (Max Planck Institute)
13:15-13:25, Paper FrT63.4 
Are Space-Making Robots, Agents? Investigations on User Perception of an Embedded Robotic Surface

Wang, Yixiao (Cornell University), Guimbretière, François (Cornell University), Green, Keith Evan (Cornell University)
13:25-13:35, Paper FrT63.5 
Improving Efficiency and Safety in Teleoperated Robotic Manipulators Using Motion Scaling and Force Feedback

Cho, Yongmin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Hammond III, Frank L. (Georgia Institute of Technology)
FrT64 Room 4
Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams (II) Regular Session
Chair: Tian, LeiminMonash University
Co-Chair: Rossi, AlessandraUniversity of Hertfordshire
12:45-12:55, Paper FrT64.1 
Would You Help a Sad Robot? Influence of Robots' Emotional Expressions on Human-Multi-Robot Collaboration

Zhou, Shujie (Monash University), Tian, Leimin (Monash University)
12:55-13:05, Paper FrT64.2 
Defining Fairness in Human-Robot Teams

Chang, Mai Lee (University of Texas at Austin), Pope, Zachary (UT Austin), Short, Elaine Schaertl (Tufts University), Thomaz, Andrea Lockerd (University of Texas at Austin)
13:05-13:15, Paper FrT64.3 
Adaptive Leader-Follower Behavior in Human-Robot Collaboration

van Zoelen, Emma M. (TNO, TU Delft), Barakova, Emilia I. (Eindhoven University of Technology), Rauterberg, Matthias (Eindhoven University of Technology)
13:15-13:25, Paper FrT64.4 
Robotic Object Sorting Via Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Generalized Approach

Tagliapietra, Luca (University of Padova), Nicola, Giorgio (University of Padova), Tosello, Elisa (Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova), Navarin, Nicolò (University of Padova), Ghidoni, Stefano (University of Padova), Menegatti, Emanuele (The University of Padua)
13:25-13:35, Paper FrT64.5 
Calibrating Trust in Human-Drone Cooperative Navigation

Okamura, Kazuo (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)), Yamada, Seiji (National Institute of Informatics)
13:35-13:45, Paper FrT64.6 
Detecting Human Motion Intention During pHRI Using Artificial Neural Networks Trained by EMG Signals

Sirintuna, Doganay (Koc University, College of Engineering, Turkey), Ozdamar, Idil (Koc University), Aydin, Yusuf (Koc University), Basdogan, Cagatay (Koc University)
FrB1P Main Room
Break VIII
FrPAP Main Room
Panel: Robots with Heart, Mind, and Soul: The Challenging Role of Research
on Robotics During a Pandemic / Panelists: Tony Belpaeme, Antonio
Bicchi, Hatice Gunes, and Tetsunari Inamura
Plenary Session
FrCP Main Room
Awards / Closing Plenary Session
FrB2P Main Room
Break IX
FrT71 Room 1
Detecting and Understanding Human Activity (II) Regular Session
Chair: Kühnlenz, KoljaCoburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Co-Chair: Rossi, SilviaUniversita' Di Napoli Federico II
15:15-15:25, Paper FrT71.1 
Robocentric Conversational Group Discovery

Schmuck, Viktor (King's College London, United Kingdom), Sheng, Tingran (King's College London), Celiktutan, Oya (King's College London)
15:25-15:35, Paper FrT71.2 
The MuMMER Data Set for Robot Perception in Multi-Party HRI Scenarios

CANEVET, Olivier (Idiap Research Institute), He, Weipeng (Idiap Research Institute), Motlicek, Petr (Idiap Research Institute), Odobez, Jean-Marc (IDIAP)
15:35-15:45, Paper FrT71.3 
Impact of Human Gaze Behavior and Robot Appearance on Motion Uncertainty During Cooperative Hand Movement Tasks

Kühnlenz, Kolja (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Westermann, Max (Coburg University), Kühnlenz, Barbara (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
15:45-15:55, Paper FrT71.4 
An Adversarial Attacks Resistance-Based Approach to Emotion Recognition from Images Using Facial Landmarks

Shehu, Harisu Abdullahi (Victoria University of Wellington), Browne, Will (Victoria University of Wellington), Eisenbarth, Hedwig (Victoria University of Wellington)
FrT72 Room 2
Creating Human-Robot Relationships Regular Session
Chair: Ros, RaquelLa Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull
Co-Chair: Lugrin, BirgitUniversity of Wuerzburg
15:15-15:25, Paper FrT72.1 
What If It Speaks Like It Was from the Village? Effects of a Robot Speaking in Regional Language Variations on Users' Evaluations

Lugrin, Birgit (University of Wuerzburg), Ströle, Elisabeth (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg), Obremski, David (University of Wuerzburg), Schwab, Frank (University of Würzburg (JMU)), Lange, Benjamin P. (Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg)
15:25-15:35, Paper FrT72.2 
Estimation of Mental Health Quality of Life Using Visual Information During Interaction with a Communication Agent

Nakagawa, Satoshi (The University of Tokyo), Yonekura, Shogo (The University of Tokyo), Kanazawa, Hoshinori (The University of Tokyo), Nishikawa, Satoshi (University of Tokyo), Kuniyoshi, Yasuo (The University of Tokyo)
15:35-15:45, Paper FrT72.3 
Robot Mirroring: Promoting Empathy with an Artificial Agent by Reflecting the User's Physiological Affective States

Perusquia-Hernandez, Monica (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Cuberos Balda, Marisabel (Independent), Gomez Jauregui, David Antonio (ESTIA), Paez-Granados, Diego (EPFL - Swiss Federal School of Technology in Lausanne), Dollack, Felix (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Salazar Luces, Jose Victorio (Tohoku University)
15:45-15:55, Paper FrT72.4 
The Maze of Realizing Empathy with Social Robots

García Corretjer, Marialejandra (Ramon Llull University - La Salle Campus), Ros, Raquel (La Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull), Martin Valcarcel, Fernando (La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull), Miralles, David (Grup De Recerca En Tecnologies Mèdia, La Salle Campus Barcelona,)
15:55-16:05, Paper FrT72.5 
Warmth and Competence to Predict Human Preference of Robot Behavior in Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Marcus, Scheunemann (University of Hertfordshire), Cuijpers, Raymond (Eindhoven University of Technology), Salge, Christoph (University of Hertfordshire)
FrT73 Room 3
Towards Intelligent and Natural Human-Robot Interaction in Medical Robot
Special Session
Chair: Yang, ChenguangUniversity of the West of England
Co-Chair: Su, HangPolitecnico Di Milano
Organizer: Su, HangPolitecnico Di Milano
Organizer: Yang, ChenguangUniversity of the West of England
15:15-15:25, Paper FrT73.1 
A Framework for the Integration of Coarse Sensing Information and Environmental Constraints (I)

Li, Rui (Chongqing University), Hu, Yingbai (Technische Universität München), Cao, Yanjun (École Polytechnique De Montréal (Université De Montréal)), Li, Mengyao (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of S)
15:25-15:35, Paper FrT73.2 
Human-Robot Skill Transfer Systems for Mobile Robot Based on Multi Sensor Fusion (I)

Chen, Dingping (Central South University), he, jilin (Central South University), Chen, Guanyu (Central South University), Yu, Xiaopeng (Central South University), he, miaolei (Central South University), Yang, Youwen (Central South University), Li, Junsong (Central South University), Zhou, Xuanyi (Central South University)
15:35-15:45, Paper FrT73.3 
Adaptive Impedance Control with Trajectory Adaptation for Minimizing Interaction Force (I)

Luo, Jing (South China University of Technology), Yang, Chenguang (University of the West of England), burdet, etienne (Imperial College London), Li, Yanan (University of Sussex)
15:45-15:55, Paper FrT73.4 
Towards Personalized Interaction and Corrective Feedback of a Socially Assistive Robot for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy (I)

Lee, Min Hun (Carnegie Mellon University), Siewiorek, Dan (Carnegie Mellon University), Smailagic, Asim (Carnegie Mellon University), Bernardino, Alexandre (IST - Técnico Lisboa), Bermúdez i Badia, Sergi (Universidade Da Madeira)
15:55-16:05, Paper FrT73.5 
A Virtual Reality-Based Framework for Enhancing Walking Abilities Using Exoskeleton (I)

li, wenjie (Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute), liu, jian (Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement), Ni, Feng (Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute), rovetta, alberto (Politecnico), Guo, Chenguang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
16:05-16:15, Paper FrT73.6 
Collaborative Suturing: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Automate Hand-Off Task in Suturing for Surgical Robots (I)

Varier, Vignesh Manoj (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Kool Rajamani, Dhruv (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Goldfarb, Nathaniel (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Tavakkolmoghaddam, Farid (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Munawar, Adnan (Johns Hopkins University), Fischer, Gregory Scott (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, WPI)
FrT74 Room 4
When Robots Become Members of Human Communities They Must Face the Powerful
Role of Norms
Special Session
Chair: Malle, BertramBrown University
Co-Chair: Bello, PaulNaval Research Laboratory
Organizer: Malle, BertramBrown University
Organizer: Bello, PaulNaval Research Laboratory
15:15-15:25, Paper FrT74.1 
HRI for Legal Validation: On Embodiment and Data Protection

Weng, Yueh-Hsuan (Tohoku University), Gulyaeva, Svetlana (TU Dortmund University), Winter, Jana (University of Vienna), Slavescu, Andrei (University of Vienna), Hirata, Yasuhisa (Tohoku University)
15:25-15:35, Paper FrT74.2 
A General Methodology for Teaching Norms to Social Robots (I)

Malle, Bertram (Brown University), Rosen, Eric (Brown University), Chi, Vivienne Bihe (Brown University), Berg, Matthew (Brown University), Haas, Peter (Brown University)
15:35-15:45, Paper FrT74.3 
Social Norms and Cooperation in a Collective-Risk Social Dilemma: Comparing Reinforcing Learning and Norm-Based Approaches (I)

Payette, Nicolas (University of Oxford), Szekely, Aron (Collegio Carlo Alberto), Andrighetto, Giulia (CNR Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies)
15:45-15:55, Paper FrT74.4 
Resolving Clashing Norms Using Tiered Utility (I)

Welsh, Sean (University of Canterbury)




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