26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
August 28 - September 1, 2017, Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

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Last updated on August 6, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday August 29, 2017

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TuO1 Plenary Session, Belem I+Belem II Add to My Program 
Opening Ceremony  
TuPL1 Plenary Session, Belem I+Belem II Add to My Program 
Human-AI Interaction in Autonomous Intelligent Service Robots - Prof.
Manuela Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Tu1A Special Session, Ajuda I Add to My Program 
Cognitive Interaction Design (I)  
Chair: Terada, KazunoriGifu Univ
Co-Chair: Eyssel, FriederikeBielefeld Univ
Organizer: Terada, KazunoriGifu Univ
Organizer: Yamada, SeijiNational Inst. of Informatics
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu1A.1 Add to My Program
Designing Robot Faces Suited to Specific Tasks That These Robots Are Good At (I)
Komatsu, TakanoriMeiji Univ
Masahiro, KamideMeiji Univ
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu1A.2 Add to My Program
Video Conference Environment Using Representative Eye-Gaze Motion of Remote Participants (I)
Takeuchi, YugoShizuoka Univ
Takahashi, GenkiNEC Facilities, Ltd. / Shizuoka Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu1A.3 Add to My Program
Projection Mapping of Behavioral Expressions Onto Manufactured Figures for Speech Interaction (I)
Ishihara, YoshihisaShinshu Univ
Kobayashi, KazukiShinshu Univ
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu1A.4 Add to My Program
Investigating Effects of Light Animations on Perceptions of a Computer: Preliminary Results (I)
Song, SichaoThe Graduate Univ. for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
Yamada, SeijiNational Inst. of Informatics
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu1A.5 Add to My Program
Entropy-Based Eye-Tracking Analysis When a User Watches a PRVA’s Recommendations (I)
Matsui, TetsuyaNational Inst. of Informatics
Yamada, SeijiNational Inst. of Informatics
12:15-12:30, Paper Tu1A.6 Add to My Program
A Pilot Study Investigating Self-Disclosure by Elderly  Participants in Agent-Mediated Communication (I)
Noguchi, YoheiUniv. of Tsukuba
Tanaka, FumihideUniv. of Tsukuba
Tu1B Regular Session, Belem II Add to My Program 
Social Robotics (I)  
Chair: Nomura, TatsuyaRyukoku Univ
Co-Chair: Trovato, GabrieleWaseda Univ
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu1B.1 Add to My Program
Puffy – an Inflatable Robotic Companion for Pre-Schoolers
Gelsomini, MirkoPol. Di Milano, MIT Media Lab
Degiorgi, MarziaPol. Di Milano
Garzotto, FrancaPol. Di Milano
Leonardi, GiuliaPol. Di Milano
Penati, SimonePol. Di Milano
Ramuzat, NoëlieENSTA Bretagne
Silvestri, JacopoPol. Di Milano
Clasadonte, FrancescoPol. Di Milano
Kinoe, YosukeHosei Univ
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu1B.2 Add to My Program
Would You Like to Sample? Robot Engagement in a Shopping Centre
Tonkin, MegUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Vitale, JonathanUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Ojha, SumanUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Williams, Mary-AnneUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Fuller, PaulStockland
Judge, WilliamCommonwealth Bank
Wang, XunUniv. of Tech. Sydney
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu1B.3 Add to My Program
Semantic-Based Interaction for Teaching Robot Behavior Compositions
Paléologue, VictorSoftBank Robotics Europe
Martin, JocelynSoftBank Robotics Europe
Coninx, AlexandreUPMC
Pandey, Amit KumarSoftBank Robotics
Chetouani, MohamedUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu1B.4 Add to My Program
He Said, She Said, It Said: Effects of Robot Group Membership and Human Authority on People's Willingness to Follow Their Instructions
Sembroski, CatherineIndiana Univ
Fraune, MarlenaIndiana Univ
Sabanovic, SelmaIndiana Univ
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu1B.5 Add to My Program
Effectiveness of Socially Assistive Robotics During Cognitive Stimulation Interventions: Impact on Caregivers
Shukla, JainendraRovira I Virgili Univ
Barreda-Ángeles, MiguelEurecat - Tech. Centre of Catalonia
Oliver, JoanInst. De Robótica Para La Dependencia
Puig, DomenecRovira I Virgili Univ
12:15-12:30, Paper Tu1B.6 Add to My Program
Evaluation of Experiments in Social Robotics: Insights from the MOnarCH Project
Sequeira, JoaoInst. Superior Técnico - Inst. for Systems and Robotics
Tu1C Regular Session, Belem I Add to My Program 
Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics (I)  
Chair: Iáñez, EduardoUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Co-Chair: Filippeschi, AlessandroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu1C.1 Add to My Program
I See You Lying on the Ground - Can I Help You? Fast Fallen Person Detection in 3D with a Mobile Robot
Lewandowski, BenjaminIlmenau Univ. of Tech
Wengefeld, TimIlmenau Univ. of Tech
Schmiedel, ThomasIlmenau Univ. of Tech
Gross, Horst-MichaelIlmenau Univ. of Tech
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu1C.2 Add to My Program
Sit-To-Stand Assistance System Based on Using EMG to Predict Movement
Hiyama, TakahiroPanasonic Corp
Kato, YusukePanasonic Corp
Inoue, TsuyoshiPanasonic Corp
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu1C.3 Add to My Program
A Vibrotactile Stimulation System for Improving Postural Control and Knee Joint Proprioception in Lower-Limb Amputees
Lauretti, ClementeUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Pinzari, GiuliaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Ciancio, Anna LisaCampus Bio-Medico Univ
DAVALLI, AngeloINAIL Prosthesis Center
Sacchetti, RinaldoINAIL Prosthesis Center
Sterzi, SilviaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Guglielmelli, EugenioUniv. Campus Bio-Medico
Zollo, LoredanaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu1C.4 Add to My Program
Empirical Mode Decomposition Use in Electroencephalography Signal Analysis for Detection of Starting and Stopping Intentions During Gait Cycle
Ortiz, MarioUniv. Miguel Hernández
Iáñez, EduardoUniv. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
Rodríguez-Ugarte, MarisolMiguel Hernandez Univ. of Elche
Azorin, Jose M.Univ. Miguel Hernandez De Elche
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu1C.5 Add to My Program
Estimating Double Support in Pathological Gaits Using an HMM-Based Analyzer for an Intelligent Robotic Walker
Chalvatzaki, GeorgiaNATIONAL Tech. Univ. OF ATHENS
Papageorgiou, Xanthi S.National Tech. Univ. of Athens
Tzafestas, Costas S.ICCS - Inst. of Communication and Computer Systems
Maragos, PetrosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
12:15-12:30, Paper Tu1C.6 Add to My Program
Short-Range Gait Pattern Analysis for Potential Applications on Assistive Robotics
Paulo, JoãoUniv. OF COIMBRA
Garrote, Luís CarlosInst. of Systems and Robotics
Asvadi, AlirezaInst. of Systems and Robotics
Premebida, CristianoUniv. of Coimbra
Peixoto, PauloUniv. of Coimbra
Tu1D Regular Session, Ajuda III Add to My Program 
Robot Companions  
Chair: Dominey, Peter FordINSERM Stem Cell & Brain Res. Inst
Co-Chair: Crook, NigelOxford Brookes Univ
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu1D.1 Add to My Program
NICO - Neuro-Inspired COmpanion: A Developmental Humanoid Robot Platform for Multimodal Interaction
Kerzel, MatthiasUni Hamburg
Strahl, ErikUniv. Hamburg
Magg, SvenUniv. of Hamburg
Navarro-Guerrero, NicolásUniv. of Hamburg
Heinrich, StefanUniv. Hamburg
Wermter, StefanUniv. of Hamburg
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu1D.2 Add to My Program
Huggable: Impact of Embodiment on Promoting Verbal and Physical Engagement for Young Pediatric Inpatients
Jeong, SooyeonMIT
Breazeal, CynthiaMIT
Logan, DeirdreBoston Children's Hospital
Weinstock, PeterBoston Children's Hospital
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu1D.3 Add to My Program
Improving Quality of Life with a Narrative Companion
Dominey, Peter FordINSERM Stem Cell & Brain Res. Inst
Paléologue, VictorSoftBank Robotics Europe
Pandey, Amit KumarSoftBank Robotics
Ventre-Dominey, JocelyneINSERM
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu1D.4 Add to My Program
Robotic Companions in Stroke Therapy: A User Study on the Efficacy of Assistive Robotics among 30 Patients in Neurological Rehabilitation
Meyer, SibylleSIBIS Inst. for Social Res. Berlin
Fricke, ChristaSIBIS Inst. for Social Res. Berlin
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu1D.5 Add to My Program
Sociable Driving Agents to Maintain Driver’s Attention in Automatic Driving
Karatas, NihanToyohashi Univ. of Tech
Yoshikawa, SoshiToyohashi Univ. of Tech
Tamura, ShintaroToyohashi Univ. of Tech
Otaki, ShoToyota Motor Corp
Funayama, RyujiToyota Motor Corp
Okada, MichioToyohashi Univ. of Tech
12:15-12:30, Paper Tu1D.6 Add to My Program
Both “Look and Feel” Matter: Essential Factors for Robotic Companionship
FakhrHosseini, MaryamMichigan Tech. Univ
Lettinga, DylanMichigan Tech. Univ
Vasey, EricMichigan Tech. Univ
Zheng, ZhiMichigan Tech. Univ
Jeon, MyounghoonMichigan Tech. Univ
Park, Chung HyukGeorge Washington Univ
Howard, AyannaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Tu1E Regular Session, Ajuda II Add to My Program 
Tele-Operated and Autonomous Robots  
Chair: Adams, JulieOregon State Univ
Co-Chair: Kühnlenz, KoljaCoburg Univ. of Applied Sciences and Arts
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu1E.1 Add to My Program
A Teleoperated Control Approach for Anthropomorphic Manipulator Using Magneto-Inertial Sensors
Noccaro, AlessiaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Cordella, FrancescaUniv. Campus Biomedico of Rome
Zollo, LoredanaUniv. Campus Bio-Medico
Di Pino, GiovanniUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Guglielmelli, EugenioUniv. Campus Bio-Medico
Formica, DomenicoUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu1E.2 Add to My Program
Blame My Telepresence Robot, Joint Effect of Proxemics and Attribution on Interpersonal Attraction
van Houwelingen-Snippe, JoscaRadboud Univ
Vroon, JeredUniv. of Twente
Englebienne, GwennUniv. of Twente
Willem Haselager, PimRadboud Univ. Nijmegen
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu1E.3 Add to My Program
Exploring User-Defined Gestures to Control a Group of Four UAVs
Peshkova, EkaterinaAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
Hitz, MartinAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu1E.4 Add to My Program
Exploring Intuitiveness of Metaphor-Based Gestures for UAV Navigation
Peshkova, EkaterinaAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
Hitz, MartinAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
Ahlström, DavidAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
Alexandrowicz, Rainer W.Alpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
Kopper, AlexanderAlpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu1E.5 Add to My Program
Study Investigating the Ease of Talking Via a Robot Tele-Operated from Same or Different Rooms
Shimaya, JiroOsaka Univ
Yoshikawa, YuichiroOsaka Univ
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka Univ
12:15-12:30, Paper Tu1E.6 Add to My Program
Ontology for Autonomous Robotics
Li, HowardUniv. of New Brunswick
Gonçalves, PauloInst. Pol. De Castelo Branco
Fiorini, SandroUniv. Paris-Est Creteil
Olszewska, Joanna IsabelleUniv. of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Tu2A Special Session, Ajuda I Add to My Program 
Cognitive Interaction Design (II)  
Chair: Terada, KazunoriGifu Univ
Co-Chair: Dias, JorgeUniv. of Coimbra
Organizer: Terada, KazunoriGifu Univ
Organizer: Yamada, SeijiNational Inst. of Informatics
14:00-14:15, Paper Tu2A.1 Add to My Program
Investigating How People Deal with Silence in a Human-Robot Conversation (I)
Oto, KiyonaKeio Univ
Feng, JianmeiKeio Univ
Imai, MichitaKeio Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper Tu2A.2 Add to My Program
Agent Auto-Generation System : Interact with Your Favorite Things (I)
Sawada, ShioriKeio Univ
Sono, TaichiKeio Univ
Imai, MichitaKeio Univ
14:30-14:45, Paper Tu2A.3 Add to My Program
A Robot Counseling System -What Kinds of Topics Do We Prefer to Disclose to Robots? (I)
Uchida, TakahisaATR, Osaka Univ
Takahashi, HideyukiOsaka Univ
Ban, MidoriDoshisha Univ
Shimaya, JiroOsaka Univ
Yoshikawa, YuichiroOsaka Univ
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka Univ
14:45-15:00, Paper Tu2A.4 Add to My Program
Telepresence Robot with Behavior Synchrony: Merging the Emotions and Behaviors of Users (I)
Yonezu, SojiUniv. of Tsukuba
Osawa, HirotakaUniv. of Tsukuba
15:00-15:15, Paper Tu2A.5 Add to My Program
Analysis of Robot Hotel: Reconstruction of Works with Robots (I)
Osawa, HirotakaUniv. of Tsukuba
Ema, ArisaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hattori, HiromitsuRitsumeikan Univ
Akiya, NaonoriYamaguchi Univ
Kanzaki, NobotsuguNanzan Univ
Kubo, AkinoriHitotsubashi Univ
Koyama, ToraOsaka Univ
Ichise, RyutaroNational Inst. of Informatics
Tu2B Regular Session, Belem II Add to My Program 
Social Robotics (II)  
Chair: Nomura, TatsuyaRyukoku Univ
Co-Chair: Shiomi, MasahiroATR
14:00-14:15, Paper Tu2B.1 Add to My Program
Stopping Distance for a Robot Approaching Two Conversating Persons
Ruijten, PeterEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Cuijpers, RaymondEindhoven Univ. of Tech
14:15-14:30, Paper Tu2B.2 Add to My Program
Security and Guidance: Two Roles for a Humanoid Robot in an Interaction Experiment
Trovato, GabrieleWaseda Univ
Lopez Manrique, Jose AlexanderPontificia Univ. Catolica Del Peru
Paredes, RenatoPontificia Univ. Católica Del Perú
Cuellar, FranciscoPontificia Univ. Catolica Del Peru
14:30-14:45, Paper Tu2B.3 Add to My Program
Understanding Social Interactions with Socially Assistive Robotics in Intergenerational Family Groups
Short, Elaine SchaertlUniv. of Southern California
Swift-Spong, KatelynUniv. of Southern California
Shim, HyunjuUniv. of Southern California
Wisniewski, Kristi M.Univ. of Southern California
Zak, Deanah KimUniv. of Southern California
Wu, ShinyiUniv. of Southern California
Zelinski, ElizabethUniv. of Southern California
Mataric, MajaUniv. of Southern California
14:45-15:00, Paper Tu2B.4 Add to My Program
He Can Read Your Mind: Perceptions of a Character-Guessing Robot
Henkel, ZacharyMississippi State Univ
Bethel, Cindy L.Mississippi State Univ
Kelly, JohnMississippi State Univ
Jones, AlexisMississippi State Univ
Stives, KristenMississippi State Univ
Buchanan, ZachMississippi State Univ
Eakin, DeborahMississippi State Univ
May, David C.Mississippi State Univ
Pilkinton, MelindaMississippi State Univ
15:00-15:15, Paper Tu2B.5 Add to My Program
A Robotic Couples Counselor for Promoting Positive Communication
Utami, DinaNortheastern Univ
Bickmore, TimothyNortheastern Univ
Kruger, LouisNortheastern Univ
15:15-15:30, Paper Tu2B.6 Add to My Program
The Influence of Individual Social Traits on Robot Learning in a Human-Robot Interaction
Boucenna, SofianeCNRS - Cergy-Pontoise Univ
Xavier, jeanCHU Pitié-Salpêtrière
COHEN, DavidAPHP, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Chetouani, MohamedUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
Tu2C Regular Session, Belem I Add to My Program 
Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics (II)  
Chair: Chugo, DaisukeKwansei Gakuin Univ
Co-Chair: Papageorgiou, Xanthi S.National Tech. Univ. of Athens
14:00-14:15, Paper Tu2C.1 Add to My Program
Measuring Multimodal Deformations in Soft Inflatable Actuators Using Embedded Strain Sensors
Hart, AlexanderGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Cahoon, ThomasGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Hammond III, Frank L.Georgia Inst. of Tech
14:15-14:30, Paper Tu2C.2 Add to My Program
The Wheelie - a Facial Expression Controlled Wheelchair Using 3D Technology
Pinheiro, Paulo GurgelHOOBOX Robotics
Gurgel Pinheiro, CláudioHOOBOX Robotics
Cardozo, EleriUNICAMP
14:30-14:45, Paper Tu2C.3 Add to My Program
Multimodal Sensory Feedback for Virtual Proprioception in Powered Upper-Limb Prostheses
Lee, JoshuaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Choi, Mi HyunGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Jung, Ji HwanGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Hammond III, Frank L.Georgia Inst. of Tech
14:45-15:00, Paper Tu2C.4 Add to My Program
What’s “up”? - Resolving Interaction Ambiguity through Non-Visual Cues for a Robotic Dressing Assistant
Chance, GregoryUniv. of the West of England
Caleb-Solly, PramindaUniv. of the West of England
Jevtić, AleksandarInst. of Robotics and Industrial Informatics, CSIC-UPC
Dogramadzi, SanjaUniv. of the West of England
15:00-15:15, Paper Tu2C.5 Add to My Program
A Taxonomy of Preferences for Physically Assistive Robots
Canal, GerardCSIC-UPC
Alenyà, GuillemCSIC-UPC
Torras, CarmeCsic - Upc
15:15-15:30, Paper Tu2C.6 Add to My Program
Development of an Upper Limb Neuroprosthesis to Voluntarily Control Elbow and Hand
Ogiri, YosukeYokohama National Univ
Yamanoi, YusukeYokohama National Univ
Nishino, WataruYokohama National Univ
Kato, RyuYokohama National Univ
Takagi, TakehikoTokai Univ
Yokoi, HiroshiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Tu2D Regular Session, Ajuda II Add to My Program 
Linguistic Communication and Dialogue  
Chair: Wada, KazuyoshiTokyo Metropolitan Univ
Co-Chair: Rosenthal-von der Pütten, Astrid MariekeUniv. Duisburg-Essen
14:00-14:15, Paper Tu2D.1 Add to My Program
Learning to Understand Questions on the Task History of a Service Robot
Perera, VittorioCarnegie Mellon Univ
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper Tu2D.2 Add to My Program
Reprompts As Error Handling Strategy in Human-Agent-Dialog? User Responses to a System's Display of Non-Understanding
Opfermann, Christiane SilkeUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
Pitsch, KarolaUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
14:30-14:45, Paper Tu2D.3 Add to My Program
Context-Aware Selection of Multi-Modal Conversational Fillers in Human-Robot Dialogues
Gallé, MatthiasXerox Res. Centre Europe
Kynev, EkaterinaXerox Res. Centre Europe
Monet, NicolasXerox Res. Centre Europe
Legras, ChristopheXerox Res. Centre Europe
14:45-15:00, Paper Tu2D.4 Add to My Program
Strategies and Mechanisms to Enable Dialogue Agents to Respond Appropriately to Indirect Speech Acts
Briggs, GordonNAVAL Res. Lab
Scheutz, MatthiasTufts Univ
15:00-15:15, Paper Tu2D.5 Add to My Program
Dealing with 'Long Turns' Produced by Users of an Assistive System: How Missing Uptake and Recipiency Lead to Turn Increments
Cyra, KatharinaUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
Pitsch, KarolaUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
15:15-15:30, Paper Tu2D.6 Add to My Program
Recommendation Dialogue System through Pragmatic Argumentation
Cheng, Ching-YingNTU
Qian, XiaobeiNational Taiwan Univ
Tseng, Shih-HuanNational Taiwan Univ
Fu, Li-ChenNational Taiwan Univ
Tu2E Regular Session, Ajuda III Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Collaboration and Cooperation (I)  
Chair: Eyssel, FriederikeBielefeld Univ
Co-Chair: Kuhnert, BarbaraUniv. of Freiburg
14:00-14:15, Paper Tu2E.1 Add to My Program
Co-Representation of Human-Generated Actions vs. Machine-Generated Actions: Impact on Our Sense of We-Agency?
Sahaï, AïshaEns & Onera
Pacherie, ElisabethInst. Jean Nicod, ENS
Grynszpan, OurielInst. Des Systèmes Intelligents Et De Robotique
Berberian, BrunoONERA
14:15-14:30, Paper Tu2E.2 Add to My Program
Proactive, Incremental Learning of Gesture-Action Associations for Human-Robot Collaboration
Shukla, DadhichiUniv. of Innsbruck
Erkent, OzgurUniv. of Innsbruck
Piater, JustusUniv. of Innsbruck
14:30-14:45, Paper Tu2E.3 Add to My Program
Legible Action Selection in Human-Robot Collaboration
Zhu, HuaijiangTech. Univ. of Munich
Gabler, VolkerTech. Univ. München
Wollherr, DirkTech. Univ. München
14:45-15:00, Paper Tu2E.4 Add to My Program
Adaptation to a Humanoid Robot in a Collaborative Joint Task
Vannucci, FabioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Sciutti, AlessandraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Jacono, MarcoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Rea, FrancescoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Sandini, GiulioItalian Inst. of Tech
15:00-15:15, Paper Tu2E.5 Add to My Program
A Human Workload Assessment Algorithm for Collaborative Human-Machine Teams
Heard, JamisonVanderbilt Univ
Harriott, CarolineDraper
Adams, JulieOregon State Univ
15:15-15:30, Paper Tu2E.6 Add to My Program
A Robust Multimodal Fusion Framework for Command Interpretation in Human-Robot Cooperation
Cacace, JonathanUniv. of Naples
Finzi, AlbertoUniv. of Naples
Lippiello, VincenzoUniv. of Naples FEDERICO II
Tu3B Regular Session, Belem II Add to My Program 
Social Robotics (III)  
Chair: Chetouani, MohamedUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
Co-Chair: Crick, ChristopherOklahoma State Univ
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu3B.1 Add to My Program
Adapting a Robot's Linguistic Style Based on Socially-Aware Reinforcement Learning
Ritschel, HannesAugsburg Univ
Baur, TobiasAugsburg Univ
Andre, ElisabethAugsburg Univ
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu3B.2 Add to My Program
Robot Moderation of a Collaborative Game: Towards Socially Assistive Robotics in Group Interactions
Short, Elaine SchaertlUniv. of Southern California
Mataric, MajaUniv. of Southern California
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu3B.3 Add to My Program
Semantic Structure for Robotic Teaching and Learning
Roy, SayantiOklahoma State Univ
Kieson, EmilyOklahoma State Univ
Abramson, CharlesOklahoma State Univ
Crick, ChristopherOklahoma State Univ
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu3B.4 Add to My Program
The Authority of Appearance: How Robot Features Influence Trait Inferences and Evaluative Responses
Benitez, JonathanDisney Res
Wyman, AlisaDisney Res
Carpinella, ColleenDisney Res
Stroessner, StevenDisney Res
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu3B.5 Add to My Program
Socially-Aware Navigation Planner Using Models of Human-Human Interaction
Sebastian, MeeraUniv. of Nevada, Reno
Banisetty, Santosh BalajeeUniv. of Nevada, Reno
Feil-Seifer, DavidUniv. of Nevada, Reno
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu3B.6 Add to My Program
Pardon the Rude Robot: Social Cues Diminish Reactance to High Controlling Language
Ghazali, Aimi ShazwaniEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Ham, JaapEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Barakova, Emilia I.Eindhoven Univ. of Tech
Markopoulos, PanosEindhoven Univ. of Tech
Tu3C Regular Session, Ajuda II Add to My Program 
Non-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness  
Chair: Kuno, YoshinoriSaitama Univ
Co-Chair: Kawamura, KazuhikoVanderbilt Univ
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu3C.1 Add to My Program
A Hug from a Robot Encourages Prosocial Behavior
Shiomi, MasahiroATR
Nakata, AyaNAIST
Kanbara, MasayukiNara Inst. of Science and Tech
Hagita, NorihiroATR
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu3C.2 Add to My Program
Enriching Robot's Actions with Affective Movements
Angel-Fernandez, Julian M.Vienna Univ. of Tech
Bonarini, AndreaPol. Di Milano
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu3C.3 Add to My Program
Gesture Mimicry in Social Human-Robot Interaction
Stolzenwald, Schachar Janis ImmanuelUniv. of Bristol
Bremner, PaulUniv. of the West of England
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu3C.4 Add to My Program
A Speech-Driven Pupil Response Robot Synchronized with Burst-Pause of Utterance
Sejima, YoshihiroOkayama Prefectural Univ
Egawa, ShoichiOkayama Prefectural Univ
Maeda, RyosukeOkayama Prefectural Univ
Sato, YoichiroOkayama Prefectural Univ
Watanabe, TomioOkayama Prefectural Univ
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu3C.5 Add to My Program
I Get It Already! the Influence of ChairBot Motion Gestures on Bystander Response
Knight, HeatherCarnegie Mellon Univ
Lee, TimothyStanford Univ
Brittany, HallawellStanford Univ
Ju, WendyStanford Univ
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu3C.6 Add to My Program
Robots Educate in Style: The Effect of Context and Non-Verbal Behaviour on Children's Perceptions of Warmth and Competence
Peters, RifcaDelft Univ. of Tech
broekens, joostTU Delft
Neerincx, MarkTNO
Tu3D Regular Session, Belem I Add to My Program 
Medical Robotics  
Chair: Vanderborght, BramVrije Univ. Brussel
Co-Chair: Formica, DomenicoUniv. Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu3D.1 Add to My Program
Stiffness Perception During Pinching and Dissection with Teleoperated Haptic Forceps
Ng, CanaanUniv. of Calgary
Zareinia, KouroshUniv. of Calgary
Sun, QiaoUniv. of Calgary
Kuchenbecker, Katherine J.Univ. of Pennsylvania
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu3D.2 Add to My Program
Exploring the Effectiveness of Using Temporal Order Information for the Early-Recognition of Suture Surgery’s Six Steps Based on Video Image Analyses of Surgeons’ Hand Actions
Tsubota, MiwaWaseda Univ
Li, YeWaseda Univ
Ohya, JunWaseda Univ
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu3D.3 Add to My Program
Development of a Two DOF Needle Driver for CT-Guided Needle Insertion-Type Interventional Robotic System
Kim, Ki-YoungKorea Inst. of Machinery and Materials
Woo, Hyun SooKIMM
Cho, Jang HoKorea Inst. of Machinery & Materials
Lee, YongkooKorea Inst. of Machinery and Materials
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu3D.4 Add to My Program
Teleoperated Multimodal Robotic Interface for Telemedicine: A Case Study on Remote Auscultation
Falleni, SaraScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Filippeschi, AlessandroScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Ruffaldi, EmanueleScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Avizzano, Carlo AlbertoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu3D.5 Add to My Program
Integrating the Users in the Design of a Robot for Making Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments (CGA) to Elderly People in Care Centers
Lan Hing Ting, KarineTroyes Univ. of Tech
Voilmy, DimitriTroyes Univ. of Tech
Iglesias, AnaUniv. Carlos III De Madrid
Pulido Pascual, José CarlosUniv. Carlos III De Madrid
Garcia, JavierUniv. Carlos III De Madrid
Romero-Garces, AdrianUniv. of Malaga
Bandera Rubio, Juan PedroUniv. of Malaga
Marfil, RebecaUniv. of Malaga
Dueñas Ruiz, ÁlvaroHospital Univ. Virgen Del Rocío
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu3D.6 Add to My Program
Interactive Balance Rehabilitation Tool with Wearable Skin Stretch Device
Pan, Yi-TsenTexas A&M Univ
Hur, PilwonTexas A&M Univ
Tu3E Regular Session, Ajuda III Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Collaboration and Cooperation (II)  
Chair: Melhuish, ChrisBRL
Co-Chair: Law, EdithUniv. of Waterloo
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu3E.1 Add to My Program
Contact Detection and Physical Interaction on Low Cost Personal Robots
Flacco, FabrizioCNRS
Kheddar, AbderrahmaneCNRS-AIST JRL (Joint Robotics Lab. UMI3218/CRT
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu3E.2 Add to My Program
Contextual Awareness: Understanding Monologic Natural Language Instructions for Autonomous Robots
Arkin, JacobUniv. of Rochester
Walter, MatthewToyota Tech. Inst. at Chicago
Boteanu, AdrianCornell Univ
Napoli, MichaelUniv. of Rochester
Biggie, HarelUniv. of Rochester
Kress-Gazit, HadasCornell Univ
Howard, ThomasUniv. of Rochester
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu3E.3 Add to My Program
Towards Robot-Human Reliable Hand-Over: Continuous Detection of Object Perturbation Force Direction
Gómez Eguíluz, AugustoUniv. of Ulster
Rano, InakiUlster Univ
Coleman, SonyaUniv. of Ulster
McGinnity, MartinUniv. of Ulster
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu3E.4 Add to My Program
Towards Understanding User Preferences in Robot-Human Handovers: How Do We Decide?
Martinson, EricToyota InfoTechnology Center, USA
Huaman, AnaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu3E.5 Add to My Program
Where Are the Robots? In-Feed Embedded Techniques for Visualizing Robot Team Member Locations
Seo, Stela HanbyeolUniv. of Manitoba
Young, James EverettUniv. of Manitoba
Irani, PourangUniv. of Manitoba
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu3E.6 Add to My Program
Predicting Trust in Human Control of Swarms Via Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Nam, ChangjooCarnegie Mellon Univ
Walker, PhillipUniv. of Pittsburgh
Lewis, MichaelUniv. of Pittsburgh
Sycara, KatiaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Tu4A Special Session, Ajuda I Add to My Program 
Cultural Factors in Human-Robot Interactions  
Chair: Sgorbissa, AntonioUniv. of Genova
Co-Chair: Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech
Organizer: Sgorbissa, AntonioUniv. of Genova
Organizer: Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech
Organizer: Pandey, Amit KumarSoftBank Robotics
Organizer: Saffiotti, AlessandroOrebro Univ
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu4A.1 Add to My Program
Cultural Differences in Social Acceptance of Robots (I)
Nomura, TatsuyaRyukoku Univ
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu4A.2 Add to My Program
Ethical Considerations of Gendering Very Humanlike Androids from an Interdisciplinary Perspective (I)
Knox, ElenaWaseda Univ
Watanabe, KatsumiWaseda Univ
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu4A.3 Add to My Program
Encoding Cultures in Robot Emotion Representation (I)
Dang, Thi Le QuyenJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Tuyen, Nguyen Tan VietJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Jeong, SungmoonJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu4A.4 Add to My Program
Paving the Way for Culturally Competent Robots: A Position Paper (I)
Bruno, BarbaraUniv. of Genova
Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech
Kamide, HirokoNagoya Univ
Kanoria, SanjeevAdvinia Health Care Limited LTD
Lee, JaeryoungChubu Univ
Lim, YutoJapan Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Pandey, Amit KumarSoftBank Robotics
Papadopoulos, ChrisUniv. of Bedfordshire
Papadopoulos, IrenaMiddlesex Univ. Higher Education Corp
Pecora, FedericoÖrebro Univ
Saffiotti, AlessandroOrebro Univ
Sgorbissa, AntonioUniv. of Genova
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu4A.5 Add to My Program
Mind Attribution to Androids: A Comparative Study with Italian and Japanese Adolescents (I)
Trovato, GabrieleWaseda Univ
Eyssel, FriederikeBielefeld Univ
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu4A.6 Add to My Program
Face Image-Based Age and Gender Estimation with Consideration of Ethnic Difference (I)
Seo, JuHwanKAIST(Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST
17:30-17:45, Paper Tu4A.7 Add to My Program
Cross-Cultural Differences for Adaptive Strategies of Robots in Public Spaces (I)
Mussakhojayeva, SaidaNazarbayev Univ
Sandygulova, AnaraNazarbayev Univ




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