18th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
Sept. 27-Oct. 2, 2009, Toyama International Conference Center, Japan

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Last updated on September 8, 2009. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday September 29, 2009

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Main Hall
Openning and Plenary I Plenary Session


Main Hall
Interactive Oral Session I Interactive Oral Session
Chair: Kheddar, AbderrahmaneCNRS
Co-Chair: Takasaki, MasayaSaitama Univ.

10:00-10:03, Paper TuIAH.1

Homotopy-Based Controller for Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Evrard, PaulCNRS
Kheddar, AbderrahmaneCNRS

10:03-10:06, Paper TuIAH.2

Adding Tactile Reaction to Hologram (I)
Hoshi, TakayukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Abe, DaisuThe Univ. of Tokyo
Shinoda, HiroyukiUniv. of Tokyo

10:06-10:09, Paper TuIAH.3

Vib-Touch: Virtual Active Touch Interface for Handheld Devices (I)
Tsuchiya, ShoTohoku Univ.
Konyo, MasashiTohoku Univ.
Yamada, HiroshiTohoku Univ.
Yamauchi, TakahiroTohoku Univ.
Okamoto, ShogoTohoku Univ.
Tadokoro, SatoshiTohoku Univ.

10:09-10:12, Paper TuIAH.4

Eternal Sharpener – a Rotational Haptic Display That Records and Replays the Sensation of Sharpening a Pencil (I)
Kojima, YuichiroThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Hashimoto, YukiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Kajimoto, HiroyukiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications

10:12-10:15, Paper TuIAH.5

Comparison of Spatial and Temporal Characteristic between Reflection-Type Tactile Sensor and Human Cutaneous Sensation (I)
Saga, SatoshiTohoku Univ.
Konyo, MasashiTohoku Univ.
Deguchi, KoichiroTohoku Univ.

10:15-10:18, Paper TuIAH.6

Compact Braille Display Using SMA Wire Array (I)
Zhao, FengKagawa Univ.
Fukuyama, KeishiKagawa Univ.
Sawada, HideyukiKagawa Univ.

10:18-10:21, Paper TuIAH.7

Development of a Contact Width Sensor for Tactile Tele-Presentation of Softness (I)
Kimura, FuminobuUniv. of Tokyo
Yamamoto, AkioUniv. of Tokyo
Higuchi, ToshiroThe Univ. of Tokyo

10:21-10:24, Paper TuIAH.8

A Multi-Level Collaborative Driving Framework for Autonomous Vehicles
Wei, JunqingCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Dolan, John M.Carnegie Mellon Univ.

10:24-10:27, Paper TuIAH.9

Choregraphe : A Graphical Tools for Humanoid Robot Programming
Pot, EmmanuelAldebaran Robotics
Monceaux, JérômeAldebaran-Robotics
Gelin, RodolpheAldebaran Robotics
Maisonnier, BrunoAldebaran-Robotics

10:27-10:30, Paper TuIAH.10

Effects of Emotional Synchronization in Human-Robot KANSEI Communications
Hashimoto, MinoruShinshu Univ.
Yamano, MisakiShinshu Univ.
Usui, TatsuyaShinshu Univ.

10:30-10:33, Paper TuIAH.11

Online Object Modeling Method for Occlusion-Robust Tracking
Imai, Jun-ichiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Li, Wei-mingThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Kaneko, MasahideGraduate School of Electro-Communications, The Univ.

10:33-10:36, Paper TuIAH.12

Effects of Visual Appearance on the Attribution of Applications in Social Robotics
Hegel, FrankBielefeld Univ.
Lohse, ManjaBielefeld Univ.
Wrede, BrittaBielefeld Univ.

10:36-10:39, Paper TuIAH.13

Robots As Animals: A Framework for Liability and Responsibility in Human-Robot Interactions
Schaerer, EnriqueUnited States District Court, Central District of California
Kelley, RichardUniv. of Nevada
Nicolescu, MonicaUniv. of Nevada, Reno

10:39-10:42, Paper TuIAH.14

A Joystick Type Car Drive Interface for Wheelchair Users
Wada, MasayoshiSaitama Inst. of Tech.

10:42-10:45, Paper TuIAH.15

Control of a Power Assist Robot for Lifting Objects Based on Human Operator's Perception of Object Weight
Rahman, S.M.MizanoorMie Univ.
Ikeura, RyojunMie Univ.
Nobe, MasayaMie Univ.
Sawai, HidekiMie Univ.

10:45-10:48, Paper TuIAH.16

Development of Wearable Master-Slave Training Device Constructed with Pneumatic Rubber Muscles
Sasaki, DaisukeOkayama Univ.
Noritsugu, ToshiroOkayama Univ.

10:48-10:51, Paper TuIAH.17

Development of Intelligent Passive Cane Controlled by Servo Brakes
Suzuki, ShinjiTohoku Univ.
Hirata, YasuhisaTohoku Univ.
Kosuge, KazuhiroTohoku Univ.


Robots in Therapy and Rehabilitation Regular Session
Chair: Wakita, YujinNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and
Co-Chair: Marti, PatriziaUniv. of Siena

11:10-11:30, Paper TuA1.1

The Role of Physical Embodiment of a Therapist Robot for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments
Tapus, AdrianaUniv. of Southern California
Tapus, CristianGoogle Inc.
Mataric, MajaUniv. of Southern California

11:30-11:50, Paper TuA1.2

Therapeutic and Educational Objectives in Robot Assisted Play for Children with Autism
Ferrari, EsterUniv. of Hertfordshire
Robins, BenUniv. of Hertfordshire
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniv. of Hertfordshire

11:50-12:10, Paper TuA1.3

Designing Modular Robotic Playware
Lund, Henrik HautopTech. Univ. of Denmark
Marti, PatriziaUniv. of Siena

12:10-12:30, Paper TuA1.4

Adaptive CPG Based Coordinated Control of Healthy and Robotic Lower Limb Movements
Ryu, Jae-KwanLIG nex1
Chong, Nak YoungJapan Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech.
You, Bum JaeKIST
Christensen, Henrik IskovGeorgia Inst. of Tech.


Human-Robot Imitation and Teaching Special Session
Chair: Alissandrakis, ArisTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Miyake, YoshihiroTokyo Inst. of Tech.

11:10-11:30, Paper TuA2.1

Effects of Social Exploration Mechanisms on Robot Learning (I)
Cakmak, MayaGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
DePalma, NickGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Thomaz, Andrea LockerdGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Arriaga, RosaGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

11:30-11:50, Paper TuA2.2

Helping Robots Imitate: Metrics and Technological Solutions Inspired by Human Behaviour (I)
Alissandrakis, ArisTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Otero, NunoUniv. of Minho
Saunders, JoeUniv. of Hertfordshire

11:50-12:10, Paper TuA2.3

Human to Robot Demonstrations of Routine Home Tasks: Adaptation to the Robot's Preferred Style of Demonstration (I)
Alissandrakis, ArisTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Miyake, YoshihiroTokyo Inst. of Tech.

12:10-12:30, Paper TuA2.4

Teaching a Humanoid: A User Study on Learning by Demonstration with HOAP-3 (I)
Weiss, AstridUniv. of Salzburg
Igelsböck, JudithUniv. of Salzburg
Calinon, SylvainItalian Inst. of Tech. (IIT)
Billard, AudeEPFL
Tscheligi, ManfredUniv. of Salzburg


Innovative Robot Designs Regular Session
Chair: Motoyoshi, TatsuoToyama Prefectural Univ.
Co-Chair: Yussof, HanafiahNagoya Univ.

11:10-11:30, Paper TuA3.1

Sketching the Future: Assessing User Needs for Domestic Robots
Sung, JaYoungGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Christensen, Henrik IskovGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Grinter, Rebecca ElizabethGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

11:30-11:50, Paper TuA3.2

Formal Concept Analysis for System Awareness of Operators
Motoyoshi, TatsuoToyama Prefectural Univ.
Kawakami, HiroshiGraduate School of Informatics, Kyoto Univ.
Shiose, TakayukiKyoto Univ.
Katai, OsamuGraduate School of Informatics, Kyoto Univ.

11:50-12:10, Paper TuA3.3

Handling Capabilities of Two Robot Hands Equipped with Optical Three-Axis Tactile Sensor
Yussof, HanafiahNagoya Univ.
Morisawa, NobuyukiNagoya Univ.
Wada, JiroNagoya Univ.
Ohka, MasahiroNagoya Univ.

12:10-12:30, Paper TuA3.4

Improvement of Linear Actuator with ER Gel
Sato, KentarouToyama Prefectural Univ.
Koyanagi, Ken'ichiToyama Prefectural Univ.
Yasuhiro, KakinumaKeio Univ.
Oshima, ToruToyama Prefectural Univ.


Non-Verbal Cues and Expressiveness Regular Session
Chair: Hegel, FrankBielefeld Univ.
Co-Chair: Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST

11:10-11:30, Paper TuA4.1

Characteristics of Robot As Interface for Information Access
Takama, YasufumiTokyo Metropolitan Univ.
Namba, HirokiTokyo Metropolitan Univ.

11:30-11:50, Paper TuA4.2

Nonverbal Humor As a New Dimension of HRI
Wendt, CorneliaUniv. der Bundeswehr Muenchen
Berg, GuyUniv. der Bundeswehr

11:50-12:10, Paper TuA4.3

Feedback Interpretation Based on Facial Expressions in Human-Robot Interaction
Lang, ChristianBielefeld Univ.
Hanheide, MarcFaculty of Tech. Bielefeld Univ.
Lohse, ManjaBielefeld Univ.
Wersing, HeikoHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Sagerer, GerhardUniv. of Bielefeld

12:10-12:30, Paper TuA4.4

Design of Idle Motions for Service Robot Via Video Ethnography
Song, HyunsooKAIST
Kim, Min JoongKAIST
Jeong, Sang-HoonMokwon Univ.
Suk, Hyeon-JeongKAIST
Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST


Main Hall
Video Session I Video
Chair: Mavridis, NikolaosInteractive Robots and Media Lab.
Co-Chair: Lee, Joo-HoRitsumeikan Univ.

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAH.1

A Probabilistic Approach for Attention-Based Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction
Begum, MomotazUniv. of Waterloo
Karray, FakhriUniv. of Waterloo
Mann, George K. I.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Gosine, Raymond G.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAH.2

Environment Based Memory Storing and Recalling Functions in Intelligent Space
Lee, Joo-HoRitsumeikan Univ.
Lee, Seong-OhKorea Univ.
Sakurai, RyuheiRitsumeikan Univ.
Nishizawa, TatsuyaRitsumeikan Univ.

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAH.3

Making Environments As Canvases - Ubiquitous Display, from 2D to 3D -
Lee, Joo-HoRitsumeikan Univ.
Miyashita, SatoshiRitsumeikan Univ.
Azuma, KousukeRitsumeikan Univ.

12:10-12:30, Paper TuAH.4

The IbnSina Interactive Theater: Where Humans, Robots and Virtual Characters Meet
Mavridis, NikolaosInteractive Robots and Media Lab.
Hanson, DavidHanson Robotics


Interactive Oral Session I (discussion) Interactive Oral Session


Case Studies and Applications Regular Session
Chair: Dindo, HarisUniv. of Palermo
Co-Chair: Jacobsson, MattiasSwedish Inst. of Computer Science

14:50-15:10, Paper TuB1.1

Age and Gender Factors in User Acceptance of Healthcare Robots
Kuo, I HanThe Univ. of Auckland
Rabindran, Joel MarcusThe Univ. of Auckland
Broadbent, ElizabethUniv. of Auckland
Lee, Yong InUniv. of Auckland
Kerse, NgaireThe Univ. of Auckland
Stafford, Rebecca McAulay QuinlanThe Univ. of Auckland
MacDonald, BruceUniv. of Auckland

15:10-15:30, Paper TuB1.2

Picking up Dishes Based on Active Groping with Multisensory Robot Hand
Fujimoto, JunyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Mizuuchi, IkuoTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech.
Sodeyama, YoshinaoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yamamoto, KunihikoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Muramatsu, NaoyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Ohta, ShigekiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hirose, ToshinoriThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hongo, KazuoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe Univ. of Tokyo

15:30-15:50, Paper TuB1.3

Intelligent System of the Spider Robot for the Various Moving Functions
Kim, Jong HyungSeoul National Univ. of Tech.
Ko, Hyun JunSeoul National Univ. of Tech.
Kim, Sung HoSeoul National Univ. of Tech.
Ji, Myung GuSeoul National Univ. of Tech.
Lee, Jae BinSeoul National Univ. of Tech.

15:50-16:10, Paper TuB1.4

Play, Belief and Stories about Robots: A Case Study of a Pleo Blogging Community
Jacobsson, MattiasSwedish Inst. of Computer Science


Emotional Closed-Loop Systems I Special Session
Chair: Zecca, MassimilianoWaseda Univ.
Co-Chair: Kühnlenz, KoljaTech. Univ. München

14:50-15:10, Paper TuB2.1

A Dynamic Model and System-Theoretic Analysis of Affect Based on a Piecewise Linear System (I)
Karg, MichelleTech. Univ. München
Haug, StephanTU München
Kühnlenz, KoljaTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. München

15:10-15:30, Paper TuB2.2

Generating Artificial Smile Variations Based on a Psychological System-Theoretic Approach (I)
Borutta, IsabellTech. Univ. München
Sosnowski, StefanTech. Univ. München
Zehetleitner, MichaelLudwig-Maximilians-Univ.
Bischof, NorbertLudwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen
Kühnlenz, KoljaTech. Univ. München

15:30-15:50, Paper TuB2.3

Assessing Human Reactions to Different Robot Attachment Profiles (I)
Hiolle, AntoineUniv. of Hertforshire
Bard, Kim A.Univ. of Portsmouth
Canamero, LolaUniv. of Hertfordshire

15:50-16:10, Paper TuB2.4

Robot’s Individual Emotion Generation Model and Action Coloring According to the Robot’s Personality
Park, Jong-ChanKAIST
Kim, Hyoung-RockKAIST
Kim, Young-MinKAIST
Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST


Anthropomorphic Robots and Virtual Humans Regular Session
Chair: Ho, Wan ChingUniv. of Hertfordshire
Co-Chair: Monje, ConchaUniv. Carlos III of Madrid

14:50-15:10, Paper TuB3.1

Walking Pattern Generation Method with Feedforward and Feedback Control for Humanoid Robots
Hong, SeokminUniv. of Science and Tech.
Oh, YonghwanKIST
Kim, DoikKIST
Ra, SyungkwonKorea Inst. of Science and Tech.
You, Bum JaeKIST

15:10-15:30, Paper TuB3.2

My Robotic Doppelgänger – a Critical Look at the Uncanny Valley
Bartneck, ChristophEindhoven Univ. of Tech.
Kanda, TakayukiATR
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka Univ.
Hagita, NorihiroATR

15:30-15:50, Paper TuB3.3

An Initial Memory Model for Virtual and Robot Companions Supporting Migration and Long-Term Interaction
Ho, Wan ChingUniv. of Hertfordshire
Lim, MeiyiiHeriot-Watt Univ.
Vargas, Patricia A.Heriot Watt Univ.
Enz, SibylleOtto-Friedrich Univ. Bamberg
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniv. of Hertfordshire
Aylett, RuthHeriot Watt Univ.

15:50-16:10, Paper TuB3.4

The Virtual COM Joints Approach for Whole-Body RH-1 Motion
Pierro, PaoloUniv. Carlos III of Madrid
Monje, ConchaUniv. Carlos III of Madrid
Balaguer, CarlosUniv. Carlos III de Madrid


Interaction Kinesics Regular Session
Chair: Belpaeme, TonyUniv. of Plymouth
Co-Chair: Matsumaru, TakafumiShizuoka Univ.

14:50-15:10, Paper TuB4.1

An Experimental Investigation of Interference Effects in Human-Humanoid Interaction Games
Shen, QimingUniv. of Hertfordshire
Kose-Bagci, HaticeUniv. of Hertfordshire
Saunders, JoeUniv. of Hertfordshire
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniv. of Hertfordshire

15:10-15:30, Paper TuB4.2

Handover Movement Informing Receiver of Weight Load As Informative Motion Study for Human-Friendly Robot
Matsumaru, TakafumiShizuoka Univ.

15:30-15:50, Paper TuB4.3

Towards Retro-Projected Robot Faces: An Alternative to Mechatronic and Android Faces
Delaunay, FrédéricUniv. of Plymouth
de Greeff, JoachimUniv. of Plymouth
Belpaeme, TonyUniv. of Plymouth

15:50-16:10, Paper TuB4.4

Stiffness Control of Leg Mechanism Imitating the Motion Control of Human Musculoskeletal System
Fukuda, NobuyaToyama Prefectural Univ.
Oshima, ToruToyama Prefectural Univ.


Main Hall
Video Session II Video
Chair: Komoriya, KiyoshiTokyo Metropolitan Industrial Tech. Res. Inst.
Co-Chair: Han, JeonghyeCheongju National Univ. of Education

14:50-15:10, Paper TuBH.1

The Birth Story of Robot, IROBIQ for Children's Tolerance
Han, JeonghyeCheongju National Univ. of Education
Lee, SeungminCheongju National Univ. of Education
Hyun, EunJaSungkyunkwan
Kang, Bok HyunYujin Robot co., Ltd.
Shin, Kyung ChulYujin Robot co., Ltd.

15:10-15:30, Paper TuBH.2

Make Your Own Robots to Play and Learn With! - Robot-Based Instruction Program in Korea
Hur, YunYoungCheongshim International Acad.
Choi, MiAeSungkyunkwan Univ.
Han, JeonghyeCheongju National Univ. of Education

15:30-15:50, Paper TuBH.3

Robotic Transportation System for Shopping Support Services
Tokura, SeijiCorp.
Tasaki, TsuyoshiToshiba Corp.
Sonoura, TakafumiToshiba Corp.
Sano, MasahitoToshiba TEC Corp.
Matsuhira, NobutoToshiba Corp.
Komoriya, KiyoshiTokyo Metropolitan Industrial Tech. Res. Inst.

15:50-16:10, Paper TuBH.4

ET Rescue Robot
Wongwirat, OlarnKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang
Paelaong, SitthisakKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang
Homchoo, SupansaKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang


HRI and Collaboration Regular Session
Chair: Ogorodnikova, OlesyaBudapest Univ. of Tech. and Ec.
Co-Chair: Niitsuma, MihokoChuo Univ.

16:30-16:50, Paper TuC1.1

Development of an Attendant Robot That Builds a Map by Collaborating with a Human
Nakamoto, HideichiToshiba Corp.
Matsuhira, NobutoToshiba Corp.

16:50-17:10, Paper TuC1.2

Human-Robot Interface Using Robust Speech Recognition and User Localization Based on Noise Separation Device
Park, KiyoungElectronics and Telecommunications Res. Inst.
Lee, Sung JooElectronics and Telecommunications Res. Inst.
Jung, Ho-YoungETRI
Lee, YunkeunElectronics and Telecommunications Res. Inst.

17:10-17:30, Paper TuC1.3

Human Factors Studies in Information Support Development for Human-Robot Collaborative Cellular Manufacturing System
Tan, Jeffrey Too ChuanThe Univ. of Tokyo
Zhang, YeARAI Lab. Department of Precision Engineering, SchoolofEngineeri
Duan, FengThe Univ. of Tokyo
Watanabe, KeiARAI Lab. Department of Precision Engineering, SchoolofEngineeri
Kato, RyuThe Univ. of Tokyo
Arai, TamioUniv. of Tokyo

17:30-17:50, Paper TuC1.4

A Fuzzy Theory in the Risk Assessment and Reduction Algorithms for a Human Centered Robotics
Ogorodnikova, OlesyaBudapest Univ. of Tech. and Ec.


Emotional Closed-Loop Systems II Special Session
Chair: Kühnlenz, KoljaTech. Univ. München

16:30-16:50, Paper TuC2.1

An Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Emotional Model in Sensor Networks (I)
Kubota, NaoyukiTokyo Metropolitan Univ.
Obo, Takenoritokyo metropolitan Univ.
Fukuda, ToshioNagoya Univ.

16:50-17:10, Paper TuC2.2

Design Guideline of Anthropomorphic Sound Feedback for Service Robot Malfunction-With Emphasis on the Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Kim, BomiKaist
Kwak, Sonya SonaKIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office)
Kim, Myung SukKAIST

17:10-17:30, Paper TuC2.3

Can Robotic Emotional Expressions Induce a Human to Empathize with a Robot?
Kim, Eun HoKAIST
Kwak, Sonya SonaKIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office)
Kwak, Yoon KeunKAIST

17:30-17:50, Paper TuC2.4

Human Evaluation of Affective Body Motions Expressed by a Small-Sized Humanoid Robot: Comparison between Elder People and University Students (I)
Nomura, TatsuyaRyukoku Univ.
Nakao, AkiraRyukoku Univ.


Motivations and Emotions in Robotics Regular Session
Chair: Matsumaru, TakafumiShizuoka Univ.
Co-Chair: Kobayashi, HisatoHosei Univ.

16:30-16:50, Paper TuC3.1

Composition of Musical Sound to Express Robot’s Emotion with Intensity and Synchronized Expression with Robot’s Behavior
Jee, Eun-SookMIREYUN Robot & Culture Res. Center
Park, Soon-YoungHuman-Robot Interaction Res. Center
Kim, Chong HuiAgency for Defense Development
Kobayashi, HisatoHosei Univ.

16:50-17:10, Paper TuC3.2

A General Behavior Generation Module for Emotional Robots Using Unit Behavior Combination Method
Lee, DeukeySeoul National Univ.
Ahn, Ho SeokSeoul National Univ.
Choi, Jin YoungSeoul National Univ.

17:10-17:30, Paper TuC3.3

Whole Body Emotion Expressions for KOBIAN Humanoid Robot - Preliminary Experiments with Different Emotional Patterns -
Zecca, MassimilianoWaseda Univ.
Mizoguchi, YuWaseda Univ.
Endo, KeitaWaseda Univ.
Iida, FumiyaWaseda Univ.
Kawabata, YousukeWaseda Univ.
Endo, NobutsunaWaseda Univ.
Itoh, KazukoWaseda Univ.
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda Univ.

17:30-17:50, Paper TuC3.4

Discrimination of Emotion from Movement and Addition of Emotion in Movement to Improve Human-Coexistence Robot's Personal Affinity
Matsumaru, TakafumiShizuoka Univ.


Machine Learning and Adaptation Regular Session
Chair: Izumi, KiyotakaSaga Univ.
Co-Chair: Sekiyama, KosukeNagoya Univ.

16:30-16:50, Paper TuC4.1

Adaptation of Robot Behaviors Toward User Perception on Fuzzy Linguistic Information by Fuzzy Voice Feedback
Anandasetti Gamaethiralalaya, Buddhika Prabhath JayasekaraSaga Univ.
Watanabe, KeigoSaga Univ.
Kiguchi, KazuoSaga Univ.
Izumi, KiyotakaSaga Univ.

16:50-17:10, Paper TuC4.2

Constructing Continuous Action Space from Basis Functions for Fast and Stable Reinforcement Learning
Yamaguchi, AkihikoNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Takamatsu, JunNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Ogasawara, TsukasaNara Inst. of Science and Tech.

17:10-17:30, Paper TuC4.3

Resolving Ambiguities in a Grounded Human-Robot Interaction
Dindo, HarisUniv. of Palermo
Zambuto, DanieleUniv. of Palermo

17:30-17:50, Paper TuC4.4

User-Adaptive Interface Based on Symbol Matching for In-Vehicle Information Systems
Kim, Sang-HoNagoya Univ.
Sekiyama, KosukeNagoya Univ.
Fukuda, ToshioNagoya Univ.


Main Hall
Video Session III Video
Chair: Mavridis, NikolaosInteractive Robots and Media Lab.
Co-Chair: Wongwirat, OlarnKing Mongkut's Inst. of Tech. Ladkrabang

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCH.1

Speckled Robotics: Mobile Unobtrusive Human-Robot Interaction Using On-Body Sensor-Based Wireless Motion Capture
Arvind, DkUniv. of Edinburgh
Bartosik, MichalUniv. of Edinburgh

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCH.2

Teaching a Humanoid Robot: Headset-Free Speech Interaction for Audio-Visual Association Learning
Heckmann, MartinHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
Brandl, HolgerUniv. of Bielefeld
Schmuedderich, JensHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Domont, XavierTech. Univ. Darmstadt
Bolder, BramHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Mikhailova, InnaHonda Res. Inst.
Janssen, HerbertHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Gienger, MichaelHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Bendig, AchimHonda Res. Inst.
Rodemann, TobiasHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Dunn, MarkHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Joublin, FrankHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Goerick, ChristianHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCH.3

Cobotics Force Amplification: Man - Industrial Robot Interaction
Lamy, XavierFrench Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
Colledani, FrédéricCEA-LIST
Geffard, FranckAtomic Energy Commissariat (CEA)
Measson, YvanCEA LIST
Morel, GuillaumeUniv. Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

17:30-17:50, Paper TuCH.4

Evaluation of Single Switch Interface with Robot Arm to Help Disabled People Daily Life
Wakita, YujinNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and
Yamanobe, NatsukiAdvanced Industrial Science and Tech.
Nagata, KazuyukiNational Inst. of AIST
Clerc, MathiasNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech.