11th International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control
July 3-5, 2017
Wasowo Palace, Wasowo, Poland

11th International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control
July 3-5, 2017, Wąsowo Palace, Poland

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Last updated on June 19, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday July 5, 2017

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WeAP Park Room
Plenary Session IV Plenary Sessions
Chair: Tchon, KrzysztofWrocław Univ. of Tech
08:30-09:30, Paper WeAP.1 
Single and Multiple Motion Control of Autonomous Robotic Vehicles
Aguiar, A. PedroFaculty of Engineering, Univ. of Porto (FEUP)
WeB1 Park Room
Selected Problems on Control and Motion Planning Regular Sessions
Chair: Kowalczyk, WojciechPoznan Univ. of Tech
10:00-10:25, Paper WeB1.1 
Tunnel Detection in Protein Structures Using Sampling-Based Motion Planning
Vonasek, VojtechCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
Kozlikova, BarboraMasaryk Univ
10:25-10:50, Paper WeB1.2 
FSM Based Specification of Robot Control System Activities
Figat, MaksymWarsaw Univ. of Tech
Zieliński, CezaryInst. of Control and Computation Engineering, Warsaw Univ
Hexel, ReneGriffith Univ
10:50-11:15, Paper WeB1.3 
A Set of Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks for Robot Sensor Failure Detection
Kapela, RafalPoznan Univ. of Tech
Świetlicka, AleksandraPoznan Univ. of Tech
Kolanowski, KrzysztofPoznan Univ. of Tech
Pochmara, JanuszPoznan Univ. of Tech. Faculty of Computing, Chair Of
Rybarczyk, AndrzejPoznań Univ. of Tech
WeC1 Park Room
Conrol and Identification of Robot Manipulators Regular Sessions
Chair: Seweryn, KarolSpace Res. Centre of the Pol. Acad. of Sciences
11:15-11:40, Paper WeC1.1 
Holonomy-Based Control of a Three-Joint Underactuated Manipulator
Ito, MasahideAichi Prefectural Univ
11:40-12:05, Paper WeC1.2 
Identification of Uncertainties in a Robotic Astronomical 0.5-M Telescope Mount
Piasek, JoannaPoznan Univ. of Tech. Pol
Nowicki, MarcinPoznan Univ. of Tech
Kozlowski, Krzysztof R.Poznan Univ. of Tech
12:05-12:30, Paper WeC1.3 
Nonlinear H-Infinity Control for the Rotary Pendulum
Rigatos, GerasimosIndustrial Systems Inst
Siano, PierluigiUniv. of Salerno, Department of Industrial Engineering
Abbaszadeh, MasoudGeneral Electric Global Res
Ademi, SulUniv. of Strathclyde
WeDP Park Room
Plenary Session V Plenary Sessions
Chair: Galicki, MiroslawUniv. of Zielona Gora, 65-516 Zielona Gora, Szafrana 4,
13:30-14:30, Paper WeDP.1 
Nonlinear Control of Various Underactuated Systems: Theoretical Design and Industrial Applications
Chen, HeNankai Univ
Fang, YongchunNankai Univ
Liang, XiaoNankai Univ
Sun, NingNankai Univ
WeE1 Park Room
Control and Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicles Regular Sessions
Chair: ADOUANE, LounisInst. Pascal, UMR CNRS 6602
14:30-14:55, Paper WeE1.1 
Platoon of Autonomous Vehicles with Rear-End Collision Avoidance through Time-Optimal Path-Constrained Trajectory Planning
Shen, PeiyaoNankai Univ
zou, hengfeiNanKai Univ
Zhang, XueboNankai Univ
Li, YongfuChongqing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Fang, YongchunNankai Univ
14:55-15:20, Paper WeE1.2 
Reactive Obstacle Avoidance in Crowded Environments for 2D Omni-Directional Robot
Przybyła, MateuszPoznań Univ. of Tech
Drążkowska, MartaPoznań Univ. of Tech
Kowalczyk, WojciechPoznan Univ. of Tech
15:20-15:45, Paper WeE1.3 
Rapidly Converging Navigation Function Control for Differentially Driven Mobile Robots
Kowalczyk, WojciechPoznan Univ. of Tech
WeF1 Park Room
Nonlinear Control of Aerial Vehicles Regular Sessions
Chair: Vonasek, VojtechCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
16:15-16:40, Paper WeF1.1 
Output-Feedback Cascaded VFO-ADR Tracking Controller for Autonomous Rigid-Body Vehicles Moving in a 3D Space
Michałek, Maciej, MarcinPoznan Univ. of Tech. (PUT)
Adamski, WojciechPoznań Univ. of Tech
16:40-17:05, Paper WeF1.2 
Nonlinear Tracking Control for Some Marine Vehicles and Airships
Herman, PrzemyslawPoznan Univ. of Tech
Adamski, WojciechPoznań Univ. of Tech
17:05-17:30, Paper WeF1.3 
The VFO Path-Following Kinematic Controller for Robotic Vehicles Moving in a 3D Space
Łakomy, KrzysztofPoznan Univ. of Tech
Michałek, Maciej, MarcinPoznan Univ. of Tech. (PUT)
17:05-17:30, Paper WeF1.4 
Tracking Control of Parafoil Airdrop Robot in Wind Environments
Tao, JinNankai Univ
Minnan, PiaoNankai Univ
Sun, QinglinNankai Univ
Sun, MingweiNankai Univ
Chen, ZengqiangNankai Univ




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