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IEEE Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration
3-6 September, 2006, Heidelberg, Germany

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Technical Program for Tuesday September 5, 2006

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TuPPl Auditorium
Signal Fusion Using Novel Weighted Averages (Jerry M. Mendel) Plenary Talk
TuA01 Auditorium
Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems Special Session
Chair: Koch, WolfgangFGAN-FKIE
Organizer: Koch, WolfgangFGAN-FKIE
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA01.1 
On Bayesian Tracking of Extended Objects (I)
Koch, WolfgangFGAN-FKIE
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA01.2 
Data Fusion for Ground Moving Target Tracking (I)
Koller, JostFgan - Fkie / Sdf
Ulmke, MartinFgan - Fkie / Sdf
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA01.3 
MOSART Research Testbed (I)
Horney, TobiasSwedish Defence Res. Agency (FOI)
Holmberg, MartinSwedish Defence Res. Agency (FOI)
Brännström, MikaelSwedish Defence Res. Agency (FOI)
Silvervarg, KarinSwedish Defence Res. Agency (FOI)
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA01.4 
Multiple Ground Target Tracking with a GMTI Sensor (I)
Pannetier, BenjaminONERA
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA01.5 
Data Fusion in Space Surveillance: Physics, Modeling, Tracking & Classification
Opitz, FelixEADS
TuA02 Gauss
Fusion of Multivariate Sensor Data Special Session
Chair: Heizmann, MichaelFraunhofer-Inst. Für Informations Und Datenverarbeitung IITB
Organizer: Heizmann, MichaelFraunhofer-Inst. Für Informations Und Datenverarbeitung IITB
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA02.1 
Robust Depth Estimation by Fusion of Stereo and Focus Series Acquired with a Camera Array (I)
Frese, ChristianUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Gheta, IoanaUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA02.2 
Fusion Agents - Realizing Bayesian Fusion Via a Local Approach (I)
Sander, JenniferUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Beyerer, JürgenFraunhofer Gesellschaft
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA02.3 
Detection of Circular Defects on Varnished or Painted Surfaces by Image Fusion (I)
Perez Grassi, Ana CeciliaTU Munich
Abián Pérez, Miguel ÁngelAIDIMA
Puente León, FernandoTU Munich
Pérez Campos, Rosa MaríaAIDIMA
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA02.4 
A Fusion Approach for Image-Based Measurement of Speed Over Ground (I)
Horn, JanUniv. of Karlsruhe
Dang, ThaoUniv. Karlsruhe
Bachmann, AlexanderUniv. of Karlsruhe
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA02.5 
Comparison between Different Fusion Approaches for Train-Borne Location Systems (I)
Boehringer, FrankUniv. Karlsruhe
Geistler, AlexanderUniv. Karlsruhe
TuA03 Bayes
Real Time Fusion and Evaluation of Vision Data Special Session
Chair: Laengle, ThomasFraunhofer IITB
Organizer: Laengle, ThomasFraunhofer IITB
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA03.1 
Image Fusion for Automatic Inspection of Moving Surfaces (I)
Laengle, ThomasFraunhofer IITB
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA03.2 
Near Real Time Tomographic 3D Reconstruction with the Use of the PC Graphics Accelerator (I)
Tita, RalfTech. Univ. München
Holler, WolfgangTech. Univ. München
Huth, SvenTech. Univ. Berlin
Lueth, Tim C.Tech. Univ. München
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA03.3 
Real Time Issues for Usage of Vision and Image Data in the Future Operating Room (I)
Burgert, OliverUniv. Leipzig
Korb, WernerUniv. Leipzig
Gessat, MichaelUniv. Leipzig
Bohn, StefanUniv. Leipzig
Chalopin, ClaireUniv. Leipzig
Mayoral, RafaelUniv. Leipzig
Lemke, HeinzUniv. Leipzig
Strauß, GeroUniv. Leipzig
10:30-12:10, Paper TuA03.4 
Simultaneous Control, Navigation and Target Tracking for Robotic Formations (I)
Almeida, JoseLSA - Inst. Superior De Engenharia Do Porto
Martins, Alfredo de Oliveira MartinsInst. Superior De Engenharia Do Porto
Silva, Eduardo Alexandre Pereira da SilvaInst. Superior De Engenharia Do Porto
Pereira, FernandoFEUP - Faculdade De Engenharia Da Univ. Do Porto
TuB01 Auditorium
Probabilistic Methods 2 Regular Session
Co-Chair: Pavlin, GregorUniv. of Amsterdam
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB01.1 
Some Results on Linear Unbiased Filtering with Polar Measurements
Fränken, DietrichEADS Deutschland GmbH
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB01.2 
Distributed Perception Networks: An Architecture for Information Fusion Systems Based on Causal Probabilistic Models
Pavlin, GregorUniv. of Amsterdam
de Oude, PatrickUniv. of Amsterdam
Maris, MarinusUniv. of Amsterdam
Hood, ThomasThales Netherlands
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB01.3 
The Probabilistic Instantaneous Matching Algorithm
Beutler, FrederikUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Hanebeck, Uwe D.Univ. Karlsruhe (TH)
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB01.4 
Efficient Nonlinear Bayesian Estimation Based on Fourier Densities
Brunn, DietrichUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Sawo, FelixUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Hanebeck, Uwe D.Univ. Karlsruhe (TH)
TuB02 Gauss
Vision 2 Regular Session
Co-Chair: Henderson, Thomas C.Univ. of Utah
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB02.1 
Task Recognition and Style Analysis in Dance Sequences
Perera, ManojUniv. of Tokyo
Shiratori, TakaakiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kudoh, ShunsukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Nakazawa, AtsushiOsaka Univ
Ikeuchi, KatsushiThe Univ. of Tokyo
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB02.2 
Video-Based Animal Behavior Analysis from Multiple Cameras
Xue, XinweiUniv. of Utah
Henderson, Thomas C.Univ. of Utah
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB02.3 
High-Density Scanning Combined with Digital Image of Real Objects for Complete Reproduction of Cultural Artifacts
Doi, JuntaUniv. of Tokyo
Shimizu, KentaroUniv. of Tokyo
Sato, WataruMurata Manufacuring Co., Ltd
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB02.4 
Image Fusion in the JPEG 2000 Domain
Fernandez Canga, EduardoUniv. of Bristol
Canagarajah, NishanUniv. of Bristol
Bull, DavidUniv. of Bristol
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB02.5 
Measurement and Analysis of Human Eye Excited by an Air Pulse
Kaneko, MakotoHiroshima Univ
Kempf, RolandHiroshima Univ
Kurita, YuichiHiroshima Univ
Iida, YoshichikaHiroshima Univ
Mishima, HiromuHiroshima Univ
Tsukamoto, HidetoshiHiroshima Univ
Sugimoto, EiichiroHiroshima Univ
TuB03 Bayes
Stochastic and Optimal Control Regular Session
Co-Chair: Hanebeck, Uwe D.Univ. Karlsruhe (TH)
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB03.1 
Reference Governor for Constrained Systems with Time-Varying References
KOGISO, KiminaoNara Inst. of Science and Tech
HIRATA, KenjiNagaoka Univ. of Tech
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB03.2 
Feature-Level Fusion by Multi-Objective Binary Particle Swarm Based Unbiased Feature Selection for Optimized Sensor System Design
Iswandy, KuncupUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Koenig, AndreasUniv. of Kaiserslautern
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB03.3 
Finite-Horizon Optimal State-Feedback Control of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Based on a Minimum Principle
Deisenroth, Marc P.Osaka Univ
Ohtsuka, ToshiyukiOsaka Univ
Weissel, FlorianUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Brunn, DietrichUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Hanebeck, Uwe D.Univ. Karlsruhe (TH)
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB03.4 
A Moving Horizon State Estimation Algorithm Applied to the Tennessee Eastman Benchmark Process
Kraus, TomUniv. of Heidelberg
Kuehl, PeterUniv. of Heidelberg
Wirsching, LeoUniv. of Heidelberg
Bock, Hans GeorgUniv. of Heidelberg
Diehl, MoritzUniv. of Heidelberg
13:45-15:25, Paper TuB03.5 
Scalable Decentralised Decision Making and Optimisation in Heterogeneous Teams
Mathews, GeorgeCentre for Autonomous Systems
Durrant-Whyte, HughCentre for Autonomous Systems
Prokopenko, MikhailCSIRO ICT Centre
TuC01 Auditorium
Simultaneous Localization and Mapbuilding Regular Session
Co-Chair: Lee, SukhanSungkyunkwan Univ
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC01.1 
The Accuracy of 6D SLAM Using the AIS 3D Laser Scanner
Mueller, MauriceFraunhofer Inst. IAIS
Surmann, HartmutFraunhofer Inst. IAIS
Pervoelz, KaiFraunhofer Inst. IAIS
May, StefanFraunhofer Inst. IAIS
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC01.2 
Recursive Particle Filter with Geometric Constraints for SLAM
Lee, SukhanUniv. of Sungkyunkwan
Lee, SeongsooUniv. of Sungkyunkwan
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC01.3 
Asynchronous Sensor Bias Estimation in Multisensor-Multitarget Systems
Rafati, AmirPetroleum Univ. of Tech. Tehran, Iran
Moshiri, BehzadControl and Intelligent Processing Center of Excellence, Univ. O
Salahshoor, KarimPetroleum Univ. of Tech. Tehran, Iran
Tabatabaei-Pour, MojtabaPetroleum Univ. of Tech. Tehran, Iran
TuC02 Gauss
Mobile Robots Regular Session
Co-Chair: Luo, RenNational Chung Cheng Univ
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC02.1 
Multisensor Based Security Robot System for Intelligent Building
Luo, Ren C.National Chung Cheng Univ
Lin, Tung Y.National Chung Cheng Univ
Chen, Hsin C.National Chung Cheng Univ
Su, Kuo L.National Yunlin Univ. of Science & Tech
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC02.2 
Advanced Functions of the Scanning Laser Range Sensor for Environment Recognition in Mobile Robots
Kawata, HirohikoUniv. of Tsukuba
kamimura, SatofumiUniv. of Tsukuba
Ohya, AkihisaUniv. of Tsukuba
Iijima, Jun'ichiMeisei Univ
yuta, Shin'ichiUniv. of Tsukuba
15:40-16:40, Paper TuC02.3 
Uncertain Spatial Knowledge Management in a Mobile Robot Architecture
Skrzypczynski, PiotrPoznan Univ. of Tech




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