2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems October 23-27, 2022. Kyoto, Japan
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Last updated on October 19, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Sunday October 23, 2022

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SuWF-1 Rm1 (Room A)
Workshop: Horizons of an Extended Robotics Reality (XR2) - a Converging
Future of XR and Robotics
Organizer: Deshpande, NikhilIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Organizer: Oleynikova, HelenNvidia
Organizer: Kamezaki, MitsuhiroWaseda University
Organizer: Atashzar, S. FarokhNew York University (NYU), US
Organizer: Szafir, Daniel J.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Organizer: Kato, FumihiroWaseda University
Organizer: Delmerico, JeffreyMicrosoft
SuWF-2 Rm2 (Room B-1)
Workshop: Mobile Manipulation and Embodied Intelligence (MOMA): Challenges
and Opportunities
Organizer: Chalvatzaki, GeorgiaTechnische Universitńt Darmastadt, Intelligent Robotic Systems
Organizer: MartÝn-MartÝn, RobertoStanford University
Organizer: Correll, NikolausUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Organizer: Harada, KensukeOsaka University
Organizer: Asfour, TamimKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Organizer: Dogar, Mehmet RUniversity of Leeds
SuWF-4 Rm4 (Room C-1)
Workshop: Computational Design of Soft Robots Workshop
Organizer: Spielberg, AndrewHarvard University, MIT
Organizer: Hughes, JosieEPFL
Organizer: Kriegman, SamHarvard University
Organizer: MacCurdy, RobertCU Boulder
Organizer: Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloSingapore University of Technology and Design, MIT
SuWF-5 Rm5 (Room C-2)
Workshop: Large-Scale Robotic Skin: Perception, Interaction, and Control Workshop
Organizer: Ho, VanJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Organizer: Maiolino, PerlaUniversity of Oxford
Organizer: Santos, Veronica J.University of California, Los Angeles
Organizer: Nguyen, Nhan HuuJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Organizer: He, LiangUniversity of Oxford
Organizer: Albini, AlessandroUniversity of Oxford
SuWF-6 Rm6 (Room D)
Workshop: Visuo-Tactile Predictive Coding and Active Inference for Grasp
and Manipulation: New Advances in Tactile Sensation, Interactive
Perception, and Learning in Robotics
Organizer: Kaboli, MohsenBMW Group and Radboud University, Donders Institute for Brain An
Organizer: Burdet, EtienneImperial College London
Organizer: Hayward, VincentUniversitÚ Pierre Et Marie Curie
Organizer: J÷rntell, HenrikDept.Experimental Medical Science, Lund University
Organizer: Dutta, AnirvanBMW Group and Imperial College London
SuWF-7 Rm7 (Room E)
Workshop: 13th Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for
Intelligent Vehicles
Organizer: Martinet, PhilippeINRIA
Organizer: Laugier, ChristianINRIA
Organizer: Zhao, HuijingPeking University
Organizer: Ang Jr, Marcelo HNational University of Singapore
Organizer: Yue, YufengBeijing Institute of Technology
Organizer: Betz, JohannesUniversity of Pennsylvania
Organizer: Sierra-Gonzalez, DavidInria Grenoble Rh˘ne-Alpes
SuWF-9 Rm9 (Room G)
Workshop: Robotics for Nuclear Environments Exploration and
Decommissioning: Challenges and Emerging Techniques
Organizer: Faragasso, AngelaThe University of Tokyo
Organizer: Glovnea, RomeoUniversity of Sussex
Organizer: Asama, HajimeThe University of Tokyo
Organizer: Woo, HanwoolKogakuin University
Organizer: Komatsu, RenThe University of Tokyo
Organizer: Nakashima, ShinsukeThe University of Tokyo
Organizer: Moro, AlessandroRitecs Inc
Organizer: Kawabata, KuniakiJapan Atomic Energy Agency
Organizer: Li, YananUniversity of Sussex
Organizer: Godaba, HareeshUniversity of Sussex
Organizer: Herzig, NicolasUniversity of Sussex
SuWF-10 Rm10 (Room H)
Workshop: Ergonomic Human-Robot Collaboration: How Cognitive and Physical
Aspects Come Together
Organizer: Kim, WansooHanyang University ERICA
Organizer: Peternel, LukaDelft University of Technology
Organizer: Ajoudani, ArashIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Organizer: Yoshida, EiichiTokyo University of Science
SuWF-11 Rm11 (Room I)
Workshop: 3rd Workshop on RObotic MAnipulation of Deformable Objects:
Challenges in Perception, Planning and Control for Soft Interaction
Organizer: Alkhatib, MohammadUniversitÚ Clermont Auvergne
Organizer: Mezouar, YoucefClermont Auvergne INP - SIGMA Clermont
Organizer: Dune, ClaireUniversitÚ De Toulon
Organizer: Corrales Ramon, Juan AntonioUniversidade De Santiago De Compostela
Organizer: AlenyÓ, GuillemCSIC-UPC
Organizer: BorrÓs, J˙liaCSIC-UPC
Organizer: Koessler, AdrienUniversity of Lorraine
Organizer: Zhu, JihongTU Delft
Organizer: Garcia-Camacho, IreneCSIC-UPC
SuWF-12 Rm12 (Room J)
Workshop: Evaluating Motion Planning Performance: Metrics, Tools, Datasets,
and Experimental Design
Organizer: Kingston, ZacharyRice University
Organizer: Chamzas, ConstantinosRice University
Organizer: Quintero-Pe˝a, CarlosRice University
Organizer: Elimelech, KhenRice University
Organizer: Shome, RahulRice University
Organizer: Thomason, WilliamRice University
Organizer: Kavraki, LydiaRice University
SuWF-13 Rm13 (Room K)
Workshop: 5th Workshop on Proximity Perception - towards Next-Generation
Multi-Modal Sensing in Soft Structures
Organizer: Sch÷ffmann, ChristianAlpen-Adria Universitńt Klagenfurt
Organizer: Althoefer, KasparQueen Mary University of London
Organizer: Sanchez-Tamayo, NataliaMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Organizer: Erickson, ZackoryCarnegie Mellon University
Organizer: Ding, YitaoChemnitz University of Technology
Organizer: Alagi, HosamKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Organizer: Zangl, HubertAlpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt
Organizer: Gietler, HaraldUniversity of Klagenfurt
Organizer: Hein, Bj÷rnUniversity of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe
SuWF-15 Rm15 (Room 509)
Workshop: Advanced Robotics and Visualization for Ophthalmic Surgery. IROS
Organizer: Nasseri, M. AliTechnische Universitaet Muenchen
Organizer: Mitsuishi, MamoruThe University of Tokyo
Organizer: Bergeles, ChristosKing's College London
Organizer: Sznitman, RaphaelUniversity of Bern, Switzerland
Organizer: Vander Poorten, Emmanuel BKU Leuven
Organizer: Iordachita, Ioan IulianJohns Hopkins University
SuWF-17 Rm17 (Room 553)
Workshop: Computer-Integrated Surgery: Intelligent Robotic Systems of the
Organizer: Caccianiga, GuidoMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Organizer: Mariani, AndreaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Organizer: Wu, Jie YingVanderbilt University
Organizer: D'Ettorre, ClaudiaUniversity College of London
SuWF-18 Rm18 (Room 554)
Workshop: RL-CONFORM: Reinforcement Learning Meets Human-Robot Interaction,
Control, and Formal Methods
Organizer: Pek, ChristianKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Organizer: van Waveren, SanneKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Organizer: Linard, AlexisKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Organizer: Yin, HangKTH
SuWF-19 Rm19 (Room 555)
Workshop: Life-Long Learning of High-Level Cognitive and Reasoning Skills Workshop
Organizer: Ahmetoglu, AlperBoğaziši University
Organizer: Akbulut, Mete TuluhanBogazici University
Organizer: Oztop, ErhanOsaka University / Ozyegin University
Organizer: Piater, JustusUniversity of Innsbruck
Organizer: Taniguchi, TadahiroRitsumeikan University
Organizer: Ugur, EmreBogazici University
SuWA-14 Rm14 (Room 501)
Workshop: Assistive Robots in the Real World: Supporting Health Care
Professional to Leverage Autonomous Assistive Devices
Organizer: O'Donovan, CianUniversity College London
Organizer: Caleb-Solly, PramindaUniversity of Nottingham
Organizer: Dragone, MauroHeriot-Watt University
SuWP-3 Rm3 (Room B-2)
Workshop: Robotic Systems Integration for Supply Chain Workflows: Design,
Deploy, Execute
Organizer: Noto, FredMathWorks
Organizer: Khan, MoizColumbia University
Organizer: Mavrommati, AnastasiaMathWorks
Organizer: Valenti, RobertoMathWorks
Organizer: Padir, TaskinNortheastern University
SuWP-14 Rm14 (Room 501)
Workshop: 2nd Workshop on Perceptive Locomotion Workshop
Organizer: Nguyen, QuanUniversity of Southern California
Organizer: Rai, AksharaFacebook AI Research
Organizer: Kim, DonghyunUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
SuTF-8 Rm8 (Room F)
Tutorial: Riemann and Gauss Meet Asimov: A Tutorial on Geometric Methods in
Robot Learning, Optimization and Control
Organizer: Jaquier, NoÚmieKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Organizer: Rozo, LeonelBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Organizer: Hauberg, S°renTechnical University of Denmark
Organizer: Schrocker, Hans PeterUniversity Innsbruck
Organizer: Kupcsik, AndrasBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Organizer: Ratliff, NathanNVIDIA
SuTF-16 Rm16 (Room 510)
Tutorial: Ethical, Legal and User Perspectives on Robots and Systems
Organizer: Torresen, JimUniversity of Oslo
Organizer: Nakazawa, AtsushiKyoto University
Organizer: Saplacan, DianaUniversity of Oslo
Organizer: Prestes, EdsonUFRGS
Organizer: Mahler, TobiasUniversity of Oslo, Norway
Organizer: Weng, Yueh-HsuanTohoku University
SuTF-20 Rm20 (Room 104)
Tutorial: ROS4HRI Tutorial: From Zero to Multi-Modal Interactive Dialogue
for Robots
Organizer: Lemaignan, SÚverinPAL Robotics
Organizer: Ferrini, LorenzoPAL Robotics
Organizer: Mohamed, YoussefKTH Royal Institute of Technology
SuTA-3 Rm3 (Room B-2)
Tutorial: Practical Mesh Networking in Field Robotics Tutorial
Organizer: McGuire, SteveUniversity of California at Santa Cruz
Organizer: Biggie, HarelUniversity of Colorado Boulder
SuSL Main Hall
Special Lecture: Overcoming COVID-19 Pandemic through Collaboration between
Academia and Local Government, -- Miki Nagao, Kyoto University, Japan
Plenary session
Chair: Matsuno, FumitoshiKyoto University




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