2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference
on Intelligent Robots and Systems
Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea
October 9-14, 2016

2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
October 9-14, 2016, Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday October 10, 2016

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MoFT1 Workshop, Grand Ballroom Add to My Program 
Challenges in Robot Competitions  
MoFT2 Workshop, #111 Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning through
Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control
MoFT3 Workshop, #112 Add to My Program 
Microrobots for Next Generation Biomedical Applications  
MoFT4 Workshop, #101 Add to My Program 
Shared Autonomy  
MoFT5 Workshop, #102 Add to My Program 
Safety-Related Sensing for Collaborative Applications  
MoFT6 Workshop, #103 Add to My Program 
Integrating Multiple Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Techniques in
Robotics (MIRROR-16)
MoFT7 Workshop, #104 Add to My Program 
Evaluation and Benchmarking of Underactuated and Soft Robotic Hands  
MoFT8 Workshop, #105 Add to My Program 
Artistically Skilled Robots  
MoFT9 Workshop, #106 Add to My Program 
Virtual Neurorobotics in the Human Brain Project  
MoFT10 Workshop, #107 Add to My Program 
Dexterity Acquisition in Object Manipulation  
MoFT11 Workshop, #108 Add to My Program 
Perspectives on Analysis and Design of Human-Centered Robotics  
MoH1T12 Workshop, #204~205 Add to My Program 
RoboCup Tutorial: Multi-Robot Autonomy in Robot Soccer As an Adversarial
MoH1T13 Workshop, #206~208 Add to My Program 
Robot Modularity  
MoH1T14 Workshop, #301 Add to My Program 
Robotics for the Elderlies: Involving Science, End Users, and Public Bodies  
MoH1T15 Workshop, #203 Add to My Program 
Teaching Robotics through Cloud Simulations  
MoH2T12 Workshop, #204~205 Add to My Program 
See, Touch and Hear: 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-Based Robot Control
for HRI and Soft Manipulation
MoH2T13 Workshop, #206~208 Add to My Program 
Workshop on Bio-Inspired Social Robot Learning in Home Scenarios  
MoH2T14 Workshop, #301 Add to My Program 
Twisted String Actuation: State of the Art, Challenges and New Applications  




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