2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
May 20-24, 2019, Palais des congres de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

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Last updated on May 27, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday May 22, 2019

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WePL Plenary Session, 210 Add to My Program 
Plenary Session III  
Chair: Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
08:30-09:30, Paper WePL.1 Add to My Program
A Future with Affordable Self-Driving Vehicles
Urtasun, RaquelUniversity of Toronto
WeAT1 220
PODS: Wednesday Session I Interactive Session
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-01, 220
Marine Robotics V - 3.1.01   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-02, 220
Mapping and Reconstruction - 3.1.02   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-03, 220
Robots and Language - 3.1.03   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-04, 220
Path Planning II - 3.1.04   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-05, 220
Learning from Demonstration II - 3.1.05   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-06, 220
Semantic Scene Understanding I - 3.1.06   Interactive Session, 5 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-07, 220
SLAM - Session VII - 3.1.07   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-08, 220
AI-Based Methods I - 3.1.08   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-09, 220
Perception for Manipulation III - 3.1.09   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-10, 220
Object Recognition & Segmentation III - 3.1.10   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-11, 220
Manipulation III - 3.1.11   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-12, 220
Mechanism Design II - 3.1.12   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-13, 220
Soft Robots V - 3.1.13   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-14, 220
Legged Robots III - 3.1.14   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-15, 220
Robot Safety I - 3.1.15   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-16, 220
Wheeled Robotics I - 3.1.16   Interactive Session, 5 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-17, 220
Actuators - 3.1.17   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-18, 220
Autonomous Agents - 3.1.18   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-19, 220
Contact Modeling - 3.1.19   Interactive Session, 5 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-20, 220
Hybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and Verification - 3.1.20   Interactive Session, 5 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-21, 220
Aerial Systems - 3.1.21   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-22, 220
Learning from Demonstration III - 3.1.22   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-23, 220
Learning from Demonstration IV 3.1.23   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-24, 220
Learning and Manipulation I - 3.1.24   Interactive Session, 6 papers
09:40-10:55, Subsession WeAT1-25, 220
Learning and Manipulation II - 3.1.25   Interactive Session, 6 papers
WeAT1-01 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Marine Robotics V - 3.1.01  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.1 Add to My Program
Visual Diver Recognition for Underwater Human-Robot Collaboration
Xia, YouyaUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sattar, JunaedUniversity of Minnesota
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.2 Add to My Program
An Integrated Approach to Navigation and Control in Micro Underwater Robotics Using Radio-Frequency Localization
Duecker, Daniel AndreHamburg University of Technology
Johannink, TobiasHamburg University of Technology
Kreuzer, EdwinHamburg University of Technology
Rausch, ViktorHamburg University of Technology
Solowjow, EugenSiemens Corporation
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.3 Add to My Program
Online Utility-Optimal Trajectory Design for Time-Varying Ocean Environments
Nutalapati, Mohan KrishnaIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Joshi, ShrutiIndian Institute If Technology Kanpur
Rajawat, KetanIIT Kanpur
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.4 Add to My Program
Rendezvous Planning for Multiple AUVs with Mobile Charging Stations in Dynamic Currents
Li, BingxiMichigan Technological University
Page, BrianPurdue University
Hoffman, JohnMichigan Technological University
Moridian, BarzinPurdue University
Mahmoudian, NinaPurdue University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.5 Add to My Program
Towards a Generic Diver-Following Algorithm: Balancing Robustness and Efficiency in Deep Visual Detection
Islam, Md JahidulUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Fulton, MichaelUniversity of Minnesota
Sattar, JunaedUniversity of Minnesota
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-01.6 Add to My Program
RoboScallop: A Bivalve Inspired Swimming Robot
Robertson, MatthewEPFL
Efremov, FilipEPFL
Paik, JamieEcole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
WeAT1-02 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Mapping and Reconstruction - 3.1.02  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.1 Add to My Program
Online Continuous Mapping Using Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces
Lee, BhoramUniversity of Pennsylvania
Zhang, ClarkUniversity of Pennsylvania
Huang, ZonghaoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Lee, DanielCornell Tech
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.2 Add to My Program
Dense 3D Visual Mapping Via Semantic Simplification
Morreale, LucaPolitecnico Di Milano
Romanoni, AndreaPolitecnico Di Milano
Matteucci, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.3 Add to My Program
Predicting the Layout of Partially Observed Rooms from Grid Maps
Luperto, MatteoUniversità Degli Studi Di Milano
Arcerito, ValerioPolitecnico Di Milano
Amigoni, FrancescoPolitecnico Di Milano
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.4 Add to My Program
Dense Surface Reconstruction from Monocular Vision and LiDAR
Li, ZimoCarnegie Mellon University
Gogia, PrakrutiCarnegie Mellon University
Kaess, MichaelCarnegie Mellon University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.5 Add to My Program
FSMI: Fast Computation of Shannon Mutual Information for Information-Theoretic Mapping
Zhang, ZhengdongMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Henderson, TrevorMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Sze, VivienneMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Karaman, SertacMassachusetts Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-02.6 Add to My Program
Real-Time Scalable Dense Surfel Mapping
Wang, KaixuanHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Gao, FeiHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Shen, ShaojieHong Kong University of Science and Technology
WeAT1-03 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Robots and Language - 3.1.03  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.1 Add to My Program
Inferring Compact Representations for Efficient Natural Language Understanding of Robot Instructions
Patki, SiddharthUniversity of Rochester
Daniele, Andrea FToyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Walter, MatthewToyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Howard, ThomasUniversity of Rochester
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.2 Add to My Program
Improving Grounded Natural Language Understanding through Human-Robot Dialog
Thomason, JesseUniversity of Washington
Padmakumar, AishwaryaUniversity of Texas at Austin
Sinapov, JivkoTufts University
Walker, NickThe University of Washington
Jiang, YuqianThe University of Texas at Austin
Yedidsion, HarelUniversity of Texas at Austin
Hart, JustinUniversity of Texas at Austin
Stone, PeterUniversity of Texas at Austin
Mooney, RaymondUniversity of Texas at Austin
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.3 Add to My Program
Prospection: Interpretable Plans from Language by Predicting the Future
Paxton, ChrisNVIDIA Research
Bisk, YonatanUniversity of Washington
Thomason, JesseUniversity of Washington
Byravan, ArunkumarUniversity of Washington
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.4 Add to My Program
Flight, Camera, Action! Using Natural Language and Mixed Reality to Control a Drone
Huang, BaichuanBrown University
Bayazit, DenizBrown University
Ullman, DanielBrown University
Gopalan, NakulBrown University
Tellex, StefanieBrown
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.5 Add to My Program
An Interactive Scene Generation Using Natural Language
Cheng, YuMichigan State University
Shi, YanMichigan State University
Sun, ZhiyongThe University of Hong Kong
Feng, DezhiMichigan State University
Dong, LixinMichigan State University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-03.6 Add to My Program
Efficient Generation of Motion Plans from Attribute-Based Natural Language Instructions Using Dynamic Constraint Mapping
Park, Jae SungUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jia, BiaoUniversity of Maryland at College Park
Bansal, MohitUnc Chapel Hill
Manocha, DineshUniversity of Maryland
WeAT1-04 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Path Planning II - 3.1.04  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.1 Add to My Program
Safe and Fast Path Planning in Cluttered Environment Using Contiguous Free-Space Partitioning
Sadhu, Arup KumarTata Consultancy Services
Shukla, ShubhamTata Consultancy Services
Bera, TitasTCS Innovation Labs
Dasgupta, RanjanTCS Research
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.2 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Completeness of RRT for Geometric and Kinodynamic Planning with Forward Propagation
Kleinbort, MichalTel Aviv University
Solovey, KirilStanford University
Littlefield, ZakaryRutgers University
Bekris, Kostas E.Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Halperin, DanTel Aviv University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.3 Add to My Program
Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization Using Orthogonal Collocation
Patel, AmirUniversity of Cape Town
Shield, Stacey LeighUniversity of Cape Town
Kazi, SaifCarnegie Mellon University
Johnson, AaronCarnegie Mellon University
Biegler, LorenzCarnegie Mellon University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.4 Add to My Program
Energy-Efficient Coverage Path Planning for General Terrain Surfaces
Wu, ChenmingTsinghua University
Dai, ChengkaiDelft University of Technology
Gong, XiaoxiNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Liu, Yong-JinTsinghua University
Wang, JunNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Gu, XianfengStony Brook University
Wang, Charlie C.L.The Chinese University of Hong Kong
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.5 Add to My Program
A New Approach to Time-Optimal Path Parameterization Based on Reachability Analysis (I)
Pham, HungNanyang Technological University
Pham, Quang-CuongNTU Singapore
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-04.6 Add to My Program
On Optimal Pursuit Trajectories for Visibility-Based Target-Tracking Game (I)
Zou, RuiMathWorks
Bhattacharya, SourabhIowa State University
WeAT1-05 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Learning from Demonstration II - 3.1.05  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.1 Add to My Program
Learning from Extrapolated Corrections
Zhang, JasonUC Berkeley
Dragan, AncaUniversity of California Berkeley
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.2 Add to My Program
Merging Position and Orientation Motion Primitives
Saveriano, MatteoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Franzel, FelixTechnical University of Munich
Lee, DongheuiTechnical University of Munich
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.3 Add to My Program
Learning Haptic Exploration Schemes for Adaptive Task Execution
Eiband, ThomasGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Saveriano, MatteoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Lee, DongheuiTechnical University of Munich
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.4 Add to My Program
Learning Motion Trajectories from Phase Space Analysis of the Demonstration
Gesel, PaulUniversity of New Hampshire
Begum, MomotazUniversity of New Hampshire
LaRoche, DainUniversity of New Hampshire
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.5 Add to My Program
Relationship between the Order for Motor Skill Transfer and Motion Complexity in Reinforcement Learning
Cho, Nam JunHanyang University
Lee, Sang HyoungKorea Institute of Industrial Technology
Suh, Il HongHanyang University
Kim, Hong-SeokKorea Institute of Industrial Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-05.6 Add to My Program
Learning Task Priorities from Demonstrations (I)
Silvério, JoãoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Calinon, SylvainIdiap Research Institute
Rozo, LeonelBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Caldwell, Darwin G.Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
WeAT1-06 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Semantic Scene Understanding I - 3.1.06  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-06.1 Add to My Program
I Can See Clearly Now : Image Restoration Via De-Raining
Porav, HoriaUniversity of Oxford
Bruls, TomUniversity of Oxford
Newman, PaulOxford University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-06.2 Add to My Program
Bonnet: An Open-Source Training and Deployment Framework for Semantic Segmentation in Robotics Using CNNs
Milioto, AndresUniversity of Bonn
Stachniss, CyrillUniversity of Bonn
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-06.3 Add to My Program
Real-Time Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation Using Asymmetric Annotations
Nekrasov, VladimirUniversity of Adelaide
Dharmasiri, ThanujaMonash University
Spek, AndrewMonash University
Drummond, TomMonash University
Shen, ChunhuaThe University of Adelaide
Reid, IanUniversity of Adelaide
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-06.4 Add to My Program
Semantic Mapping for View-Invariant Relocalization
Li, JimmyMcGill University
Meger, David PaulMcGill University
Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-06.5 Add to My Program
Automatic Targeting of Plant Cells Via Cell Segmentation and Robust Scene-Adaptive Tracking
Paranawithana, IsharaSingapore University of Technology and Design
Chau, Zhong HooSingapore University of Technology and Design
Yang, LiangjingZhejiang University
Chen, ZhongNational Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological Universit
Youcef-Toumi, KamalMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Tan, U-XuanSingapore University of Techonlogy and Design
WeAT1-07 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
SLAM - Session VII - 3.1.07  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.1 Add to My Program
Real-Time Monocular Object-Model Aware Sparse SLAM
Hosseinzadeh, MehdiThe University of Adelaide
Li, KejieThe University of Adelaide
Latif, YasirUniversity of Adelaide
Reid, IanUniversity of Adelaide
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.2 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Projective Association and Semantic Guided Relocalization for Dense Reconstruction
Yang, ShengTsinghua University
Kuang, Zheng-feiTsinghua University
Cao, YanpeiTsinghua University
Lai, Yu-KunCardiff University
Hu, Shi-MinTsinghua University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.3 Add to My Program
MRS-VPR: A Multi-Resolution Sampling Based Visual Place Recognition Method
Yin, PengCarnegie Mellon University
Rangaprasad, Arun SrivatsanCarnegie Mellon University
Chen, YinBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Li, XueqianSIA
Zhang, HongdaSIA
Xu, LingyunChinese Academy of Sciences
Li, LuCarnegie Mellon University
Jia, ZhenzhongCarnegie Mellon University
Ji, JianminUniversity of Science and Technology of China
He, YuqingShenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.4 Add to My Program
Robust Low-Overlap 3-D Point Cloud Registration for Outlier Rejection
Stechschulte, JohnUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Ahmed, NisarUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Heckman, ChristofferUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.5 Add to My Program
Unified Representation and Registration of Heterogeneous Sets of Geometric Primitives
Nardi, FedericoSapienza Univ of Rome
Della Corte, BartolomeoSapienza University of Rome
Grisetti, GiorgioSapienza University of Rome
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-07.6 Add to My Program
Direct Relative Edge Optimization, a Robust Alternative for Pose Graph Optimization
Jackson, JamesBrigham Young University
Brink, KevinAFRL
Forsgren, BrendonBrigham Young University
Wheeler, DavidBrigham Young University
McLain, T.W.Bringham Young University
WeAT1-08 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
AI-Based Methods I - 3.1.08  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.1 Add to My Program
Generalized Controllers in POMDP Decision-Making
Wray, KyleUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Zilberstein, ShlomoUniversity of Massachusetts
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.2 Add to My Program
Continuous Value Iteration (CVI) Reinforcement Learning and Imaginary Experience Replay (IER) for Learning Multi-Goal, Continuous Action and State Space Controllers
Gerken, Andreas Konrad RichardTechnische Universität Berlin
Spranger, MichaelSony Computer Science Laboratories Inc
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.3 Add to My Program
IX-BSP: Belief Space Planning through Incremental Expectation
Farhi, Elad I.Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Indelman, VadimTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.4 Add to My Program
What Am I Touching? Learning to Classify Terrain Via Haptic Sensing
Bednarek, JakubPoznań University of Technology
Bednarek, MichałPoznan University of Technology
Wellhausen, LorenzETH Zürich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
Walas, Krzysztof, TadeuszPoznan University of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.5 Add to My Program
Multi-Object Search Using Object-Oriented POMDPs
Wandzel, ArthurBrown University
Oh, YoonseonBrown University
Fishman, MichaelBrown University
Kumar, NishanthBrown University
Wong, Lawson L.S.Northeastern University
Tellex, StefanieBrown
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-08.6 Add to My Program
Depth Generation Network: Estimating Real World Depth from Stereo and Depth Images
Dong, ZhipengNortheastern University
Gao, YiNortheastern University
Ren, QinyuanZhejiang University
Yan, YunhuiNortheastern University
Chen, FeiIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
WeAT1-09 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Perception for Manipulation III - 3.1.09  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.1 Add to My Program
Multi-Task Template Matching for Object Detection, Segmentation and Pose Estimation Using Depth Images
Park, KiruTU Wien
Patten, TimothyTechnical University of Vienna
Prankl, JohannUniversity of Technology Vienna
Vincze, MarkusVienna University of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.2 Add to My Program
A Clustering Approach to Categorizing 7 Degree-Of-Freedom Arm Motions During Activities of Daily Living
Gloumakov, YuriYale University
Spiers, AdamMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Dollar, AaronYale University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.3 Add to My Program
Factored Pose Estimation of Articulated Objects Using Efficient Nonparametric Belief Propagation
Desingh, KarthikUniversity of Michigan
Lu, ShiyangUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Opipari, AnthonyUniversity of Michigan
Jenkins, Odest ChadwickeUniversity of Michigan
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.4 Add to My Program
Domain Randomization for Active Pose Estimation
Ren, XinyiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Luo, JianlanUC Berkeley
Solowjow, EugenSiemens Corporation
Aparicio Ojea, JuanSiemens
Gupta, AbhishekUC Berkeley
Tamar, AvivUC Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.5 Add to My Program
GraspFusion: Realizing Complex Motion by Learning and Fusing Grasp Modalities with Instance Segmentation
Hasegawa, ShunThe University of Tokyo
Wada, KentaroThe University of Tokyo
Kitagawa, ShingoUniversity of Tokyo
Uchimi, YutoThe University of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe University of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe University of Tokyo
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-09.6 Add to My Program
Factored Contextual Policy Search with Bayesian Optimization
Pinsler, RobertUniversity of Cambridge
Karkus, PeterNational University of Singapore
Kupcsik, AndrasBosch Center for AI
Hsu, DavidNational University of Singapore
Lee, Wee SunNational University of Singapore
WeAT1-10 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Object Recognition & Segmentation III - 3.1.10  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.1 Add to My Program
Structured Domain Randomization: Bridging the Reality Gap by Context-Aware Synthetic Data
Prakash, AayushNVIDIA
Boochoon, ShaadNVIDIA
Brophy, Mark AustinNVIDIA
Acuna, DavidNvidia/ University of Toronto
Cameracci, Eric1992
State, GavrielNVIDIA
Shapira, OmerNVIDIA
Birchfield, StanNVIDIA
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.2 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Active Filtering for Object Search in Clutter
Poon, JamesNAIST
Cui, YunduanNara Institute of Science and Technology
Ooga, Jun'ichiroToshiba Corporation
Matsubara, TakamitsuNara Institute of Science and Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.3 Add to My Program
Robust 3D Object Classification by Combining Point Pair Features and Graph Convolution
Weibel, Jean-BaptisteTU Wien
Patten, TimothyTechnical University of Vienna
Vincze, MarkusVienna University of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.4 Add to My Program
Discrete Rotation Equivariance for Point Cloud Recognition
Li, JiaxinNational University of Singapore
Bi, YingcaiNational University of Singapore
Lee, Gim HeeNational University of Singapore
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.5 Add to My Program
MVX-Net: Multimodal VoxelNet for 3D Object Detection
Sindagi, VishwanathJohns Hopkins University
Zhou, YinApple
Tuzel, OncelApple
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-10.6 Add to My Program
Segmenting Unknown 3D Objects from Real Depth Images Using Mask R-CNN Trained on Synthetic Data
Danielczuk, MichaelUC Berkeley
Matl, MatthewUniversity of California, Berkeley
Gupta, SaurabhUC Berkeley
Lee, AndrewUniversity of California, Berkeley
Li, AndrewUC Berkeley
Mahler, JeffreyUniversity of California, Berkeley
Goldberg, KenUC Berkeley
WeAT1-11 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Manipulation III - 3.1.11  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.1 Add to My Program
The Task Motion Kit (I)
Dantam, NeilColorado School of Mines
Chaudhuri, SwaratRice University
Kavraki, LydiaRice University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.2 Add to My Program
A Soft Modular End-Effector for Underwater Manipulation (I)
Mura, DomenicoUniversity of Pisa
Barbarossa, ManuelIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Dinuzzi, GiacomoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Grioli, GiorgioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Caiti, AndreaUniversity of Pisa
Catalano, Manuel GiuseppeIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.3 Add to My Program
Multimodal Aerial Locomotion: An Approach to Active Tool Handling (I)
Wopereis, Han WillemUniversity of Twente
Ridder, van de, L. W.University of Twente
Lankhorst, Tom J. W.University of Twente
Klooster, LucianUniversity of Twente
Bukai, EvyatarUniversity of Twente
Wuthier, DavidAalborg University Copenhagen
Nikolakopoulos, GeorgeLuleå University of Technology
Stramigioli, StefanoUniversity of Twente
Engelen, Johan B. C.University of Twente
Fumagalli, MatteoAalborg University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.4 Add to My Program
Tele-MAGMaS: An Aerial-Ground Co-Manipulator System (I)
Staub, NicolasCzech Technical University
Mohammadi, MostafaUniversity of Siena
Bicego, DavideLAAS-CNRS
Delamare, QuentinUniversity of Rennes 1
Yang, HyunsooSeoul National University
Prattichizzo, DomenicoUniversità Di Siena
Robuffo Giordano, PaoloCentre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Lee, DongjunSeoul National University
Franchi, AntonioLAAS-CNRS
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.5 Add to My Program
A Smart Companion Robot for Heavy Payload Transport and Manipulation in Automotive Assembly (I)
Chen, YiClemson University
Wang, WeitianClemson University
Abdollahi, ZoleikhaClemson University
Wang, ZebinClemson University
Schulte, JoergBMW Manufacturing Co. LLC
Krovi, VenkatClemson University
Jia, YunyiClemson University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-11.6 Add to My Program
Multi-Modal Geometric Learning for Grasping and Manipulation
Watkins-Valls, DavidColumbia University
Varley, JacobColumbia University
Allen, PeterColumbia University
WeAT1-12 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Mechanism Design II - 3.1.12  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.1 Add to My Program
Panthera: Design of a Reconfigurable Pavement Sweeping Robot
Hayat, Abdullah AamirSingapore University of Technology and Design
Parween, RizuwanaSUTD
Elara, Mohan RajeshSingapore University of Technology and Design
Parasuraman, KarthikeyanSingapore University of Technology and Design
Prathap, kandasamy SSUTD
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.2 Add to My Program
Automatic Leg Regeneration for Robot Mobility Recovery
Wang, LiyuUniversity of California at Berkeley
Fearing, RonaldUniversity of California at Berkeley
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.3 Add to My Program
Geometric Interpretation of the General POE Model for a Serial-Link Robot Via Conversion into D-H Parameterization
Wu, LiaoUniversity of New South Wales
Crawford, RossQueensland University of Technology
Roberts, JonathanQueensland University of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.4 Add to My Program
Dynamic Friction Model with Thermal and Load Dependency: Modeling, Compensation, and External Force Estimation
Iskandar, MagedDLR
Wolf, SebastianDLR - German Aerospace Center
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.5 Add to My Program
Bundled Wire Drive: Proposal and Feasibility Study of a Novel Tendon-Driven Mechanism Using Synthetic Fiber Ropes
Endo, GenTokyo Institute of Technology
Wakabayashi, YoukiTokyo Institute of Technology
Nabae, HiroyukiTokyo Institute of Technology
Suzumori, KoichiTokyo Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-12.6 Add to My Program
Shape Locking Mechanism of Flexible Joint Using Mechanical Latch with Electromagnetic Force
Chung, Deok GyoonKAIST
Kim, JoonhwanThe University of Tokyo
Baek, DongHoonKAIST
Kim, JoonyeongKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST
WeAT1-13 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Soft Robots V - 3.1.13  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.1 Add to My Program
Echinoderm Inspired Variable Stiffness Soft Actuator with Connected Ossicle Structure
Jeong, HwayeongKAIST
Kim, JungKAIST
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.2 Add to My Program
Controllability Pre-Verification of Silicon Soft Robots Based on Finite-Element Method
Zheng, GangINRIA
Goury, OlivierInria - Lille Nord Europe
Thieffry, MaximeLamih
Kruszewski, AlexandreCentrale Lille
Duriez, ChristianINRIA
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.3 Add to My Program
A Vacuum-Driven Origami "Magic-Ball" Soft Gripper
Li, ShuguangMIT/Harvard University
Stampfli, JohnMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Xu, HelenMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Malkin, ElianMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Villegas Diaz, EvelinSt. Mary’s University
Rus, DanielaMIT
Wood, RobertHarvard University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.4 Add to My Program
Azimuthal Shear Deformation of a Novel Soft Fiber-Reinforced Rotary Pneumatic Actuator
Lee, Young MinSKKU
Lee, Hyuk JinSungKyunKwan University
Moon, HyungpilSungkyunkwan University
Choi, Hyouk RyeolSungkyunkwan University
Koo, Ja ChoonSungkyunkwan University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.5 Add to My Program
INFORA: A Novel Inflatable Origami-Based Actuator
Leylavi Shoushtari, AliIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Naselli, Giovanna A.Italian Institute of Technology
Sadeghi, AliIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mazzolai, BarbaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-13.6 Add to My Program
Pellicular Morphing Surfaces for Soft Robots
Digumarti, Krishna ManaswiBristol Robotics Laboratory
Conn, AndrewUniversity of Bristol
Rossiter, JonathanUniversity of Bristol
WeAT1-14 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Legged Robots III - 3.1.14  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.1 Add to My Program
Dynamic Period-Two Gait Generation in a Hexapod Robot Based on the Fixed-Point Motion of a Reduced-Order Model
Lu, Wei-ChunNational Taiwan University
Lin, Pei-ChunNational Taiwan University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.2 Add to My Program
Realizing Learned Quadruped Locomotion Behaviors through Kinematic Motion Primitives
Singla, AbhikIndian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore
Bhattacharya, ShounakIndian Institute of Science
Dholakiya, DhaivatIndian Institute of Science
Bhatnagar, ShalabhIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Ghosal, AshitavaIndia Institute of Science (IISc
Amrutur, BharadwajIndian Institute of Science
Kolathaya, ShishirIndian Institute of Science
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.3 Add to My Program
Single-Shot Foothold Selection and Constraint Evaluation for Quadruped Locomotion
Belter, DominikPoznan University of Technology
Bednarek, JakubPoznań University of Technology
Lin, Hsiu-ChinUniversity of Edinburgh
Xin, GuiyangThe University of Edinburgh
Mistry, MichaelUniversity of Edinburgh
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.4 Add to My Program
Optimized Jumping on the MIT Cheetah 3 Robot
Nguyen, QuanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Powell, MatthewMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Katz, BenjaminMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Di Carlo, JaredMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Kim, SangbaeMassachusetts Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.5 Add to My Program
Lift Your Leg: Mechanics of Running through Fluids
Alicea, RyanFlorida State University
Ladyko, KyleFlorida State University
Clark, JonathanFlorida State University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-14.6 Add to My Program
CENTAURO: A Hybrid Locomotion and High Power Resilient Manipulation Platform
Kashiri, NavvabIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Baccelliere, LorenzoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Muratore, LucaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Laurenzi, ArturoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Ren, ZeyuIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mingo Hoffman, EnricoFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Kamedula, MalgorzataIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Rigano, Giuseppe FrancescoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Malzahn, JörnIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Cordasco, StefanoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT)
Margan, AlessioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Guria, PaoloIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
WeAT1-15 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Robot Safety I - 3.1.15  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.1 Add to My Program
Safe and Complete Real-Time Planning and Exploration in Unknown Environments
Fridovich-Keil, DavidUniversity of California, Berkeley
Fisac, Jaime F.University of California, Berkeley
Tomlin, ClaireUC Berkeley
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.2 Add to My Program
Handling Robot Constraints within a Set-Based Multi-Task Priority Inverse Kinematics Framework
Di Lillo, Paolo AugustoUniversity of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Chiaverini, StefanoUniversità Di Cassino E Del Lazio Meridionale
Antonelli, GianlucaUniv. of Cassino and Southern Lazio
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.3 Add to My Program
Compliant Limb Sensing and Control for Safe Human-Robot Interactions
Miyata, ColinCarleton University
Ahmadi, MojtabaCarleton University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.4 Add to My Program
Hybrid Nonsmooth Barrier Functions with Applications to Provably Safe and Composable Collision Avoidance for Robotic Systems
Glotfelter, PaulGeorgia Institute of Technology
Buckley, IanGeorgia Institute of Technology
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.5 Add to My Program
VUNet: Dynamic Scene View Synthesis for Traversability Estimation Using an RGB Camera
Hirose, NoriakiStanford University
Sadeghian, AmirStanford University
Xia, FeiStanford University
Martín-Martín, RobertoStanford University
Savarese, SilvioStanford University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-15.6 Add to My Program
Adaptive Update of Reference Capacitances in Conductive Fabric Based Robotic Skin
Matsuno, TakahiroRitsumeikan Univ
Wang, ZhongkuiRitsumeikan University
Althoefer, KasparQueen Mary University of London
Hirai, ShinichiRitsumeikan Univ
WeAT1-16 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Wheeled Robotics I - 3.1.16  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-16.1 Add to My Program
Ascento: A Two-Wheeled Jumping Robot
Klemm, VictorETH Zürich
Morra, AlessandroETH Zürich
Salzmann, CiroETH Zürich
Tschopp, FlorianETH Zurich
Bodie, KarenETH Zurich
Gulich, LionelETH Zürich
Küng, NicolaETH Zürich
Mannhart, DominikETH Zürich
Pfister, CorentinETH Zürich
Vierneisel, MarcusETH Zürich
Weber, FlorianETH Zürich
Deuber, RobinETH Zürich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-16.2 Add to My Program
Path Following Controller for Differentially Driven Planar Robots with Limited Torques and Uncertain and Changing Dynamics
Pitkänen, VilleUniversity of Oulu
Halonen, VeikkoUniversity of Oulu
Kemppainen, Anssi JuhaniUniversity of Oulu
Röning, Juha JaakkoUniversity of Oulu
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-16.3 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Tire Cornering Stiffness Observer for a Double Steering Off-Road Mobile Robot
Fnadi, MohamedSorbonne University, ISIR, Paris 6
Plumet, FredericUPMC
Ben Amar, FaizUniversité Pierre Et Marie Curie, Paris 6
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-16.4 Add to My Program
Hierarchical Optimization for Whole-Body Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Humanoids
Zafar, MunzirGeorgia Institute of Technology
Hutchinson, SethUniversity of Illinois
Theodorou, EvangelosGeorgia Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-16.5 Add to My Program
Efficient and Stable Locomotion for Impulse-Actuated Robots Using Strictly Convex Foot Shapes (I)
Giardina, FabioUniversity of Cambridge
Iida, FumiyaUniversity of Cambridge
WeAT1-17 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Actuators - 3.1.17  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.1 Add to My Program
An Actively Controlled Variable Stiffness Structure Via Layer Jamming and Pneumatic Actuation
Mikol, CollinThe Ohio State University
Su, Hai-JunThe Ohio State University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.2 Add to My Program
A Floating-Piston Hydrostatic Linear Actuator and Remote-Direct-Drive 2-DOF Gripper
Schwarm, EricNortheastern University
Gravesmill, KevinNortheastern University
Whitney, John PeterNortheastern University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.3 Add to My Program
3D Printed Ferrofluid Based Soft Actuators
Sachyani, ElaHebrew University of Jerusalem
Epstein, Alexander R.University of Maryland, College Park
Soreni Harari, MichalUniversity of Maryland, College Park
St. Pierre, RyanUniversity of Maryland
Magdassi, ShlomoHebrew University of Jerusalem
Bergbreiter, SarahCarnegie Mellon University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.4 Add to My Program
A Simple Tripod Mobile Robot Using Soft Membrane Vibration Actuators
Kim, DongWookSeoul National University
Kim, Jae InSeoul National University
Park, Yong-LaeSeoul National University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.5 Add to My Program
Long-Stroke Rolling Diaphragm Actuators for Haptic Display of Forces in Teleoperation
Gruebele, AlexanderStanford University
Frishman, SamuelStanford University
Cutkosky, MarkStanford University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-17.6 Add to My Program
High-Performance Continuous Hydraulic Motor for MR Safe Robotic Teleoperation
Dong, ZiyangThe University of Hong Kong
Guo, ZiyanThe University of Hong Kong
Lee, Kit-HangThe University of Hong Kong
Fang, GeThe University of Hong Kong
Tang, Wai LunThe University of Hong Kong
Chang, Hing-ChiuThe University of Hong Kong
Chan, Tat-MingPrince of Wales Hospital
Kwok, Ka-WaiThe University of Hong Kong
WeAT1-18 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Autonomous Agents - 3.1.18  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.1 Add to My Program
Learning Primitive Skills for Mobile Robots
Zhu, YifengCarnegie Mellon University
Schwab, DevinCarnegie Mellon University
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.2 Add to My Program
Coverage Path Planning in Belief Space
Schirmer, RobertRobert Bosch GmbH
Biber, PeterRobert Bosch GmbH
Stachniss, CyrillUniversity of Bonn
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.3 Add to My Program
Continuous Control for High-Dimensional State Spaces: An Interactive Learning Approach
Pérez Dattari, Rodrigo JavierUniversity of Chile
Celemin, CarlosAdvanced Mining Technology Center, Department of Electrical Engi
Ruiz-del-Solar, JavierUniversidad De Chile
Kober, JensTU Delft
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.4 Add to My Program
A Predictive Reward Function for Human-Like Driving Based on a Transition Model of Surrounding Environment
Hayashi, DaikiGraduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University
Xu, YunfeiMichigan State University
Bando, TakashiDENSO International America, Inc
Takeda, KazuyaNagoya University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.5 Add to My Program
ADAPS: Autonomous Driving Via Principled Simulations
Li, WeiziUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wolinski, DavidUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lin, Ming C.University of North Carolina
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-18.6 Add to My Program
Planning Coordinated Event Observation for Structured Narratives
Shell, DylanTexas A&M University
Huang, LiUniversity of Houston
Becker, AaronUniversity of Houston
O'Kane, JasonUniversity of South Carolina
WeAT1-19 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Contact Modeling - 3.1.19  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-19.1 Add to My Program
Algorithmic Resolution of Multiple Impacts in Nonsmooth Mechanical Systems with Switching Constraints
Li, YangzhiSingapore University of Technology and Design
Yu, HaoyongNational University of Singapore
Braun, DavidSingapore University of Technology and Design
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-19.2 Add to My Program
Rigid Body Motion Prediction with Planar Non-Convex Contact Patch
Xie, JiayinStony Brook University
Chakraborty, NilanjanStony Brook University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-19.3 Add to My Program
A Data-Driven Approach for Fast Simulation of Robot Locomotion on Granular Media
Zhu, YifanDuke University
Abdulmajeid, LaithUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Hauser, KrisDuke University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-19.4 Add to My Program
On the Similarities and Differences among Contact Models in Robot Simulation
Horak, PeterCharles Stark Draper Laboratory
Trinkle, JeffRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-19.5 Add to My Program
Grasping Interface with Wet Adhesion and Patterned Morphology: Case of Thin Shell
Nguyen, Van PhoJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
Ho, VanJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
WeAT1-20 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Hybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and Verification - 3.1.20  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-20.1 Add to My Program
Controller Synthesis for Discrete-Time Hybrid Polynomial Systems Via Occupation Measures
Han, WeiqiaoMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-20.2 Add to My Program
Optimal Path Planning for W-Regular Objectives with Abstraction-Refinement
Leong, Yoke PengCalifornia Institute of Technology
Prabhakar, PavithraKansas State University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-20.3 Add to My Program
Sampling-Based Polytopic Trees for Approximate Optimal Control of Piecewise Affine Systems
Sadraddini, SadraBoston University
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-20.4 Add to My Program
A Classification-Based Approach for Approximate Reachability
Rubies Royo, VicencUC Berkeley
Fridovich-Keil, DavidUniversity of California, Berkeley
Herbert, SylviaUC Berkeley
Tomlin, ClaireUC Berkeley
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-20.5 Add to My Program
Practical Resolution Methods for MDPs in Robotics Exemplified with Disassembly Planning
Suárez-Hernández, AlejandroCSIC-UPC
Alenyà, GuillemCSIC-UPC
Torras, CarmeCsic - Upc
WeAT1-21 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Aerial Systems - 3.1.21  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.1 Add to My Program
Improving Drone Localisation Around Wind Turbines Using Monocular Model-Based Tracking
Moolan-Feroze, OliverUniversity of Bristol
Karachalios, KonstantinosPerceptual Robotics
Nikolaidis, DimitriosPerceptual Robotics
Calway, AndrewUniversity of Bristol
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.2 Add to My Program
Experimental Assessment of Plume Mapping Using Point Measurements from Unmanned Vehicles
Hutchinson, MichaelLoughborough University
Ladosz, PawelLoughborough University
Liu, CunjiaLoughborough University
Chen, Wen-HuaLoughborough University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.3 Add to My Program
Online Deep Learning for Improved Trajectory Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Expert Knowledge
Sarabakha, AndriyNanyang Technological University
Kayacan, ErdalAarhus University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.4 Add to My Program
Decentralized Collaborative Transport of Fabrics Using Micro-UAVs
Cotsakis, RyanUniversity of British Colombia, Faculty of Applied Science
St-Onge, DavidEcole Polytechnique De Montreal
Beltrame, GiovanniEcole Polytechnique De Montreal
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.5 Add to My Program
Precision Stationary Flight of a Robotic Hummingbird
Roshanbin, AliUniversité Libre De Bruxelles
Garone, EmanueleUniversité Libre De Bruxelles
Preumont, AndréULB
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-21.6 Add to My Program
Robust Attitude Estimation Using an Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter
Chiella, Antonio Carlos BanaFederal University of Minas Gerais
Teixeira, Bruno Otávio SoaresFederal University of Minas Gerais
Pereira, GuilhermeWest Virginia University
WeAT1-22 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Learning from Demonstration III - 3.1.22  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.1 Add to My Program
One-Shot Learning of Multi-Step Tasks from Observation Via Activity Localization in Auxiliary Video
Goo, WonjoonUniversity of Texas at Austin
Niekum, ScottUniversity of Texas at Austin
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.2 Add to My Program
LVIS: Learning from Value Function Intervals for Contact-Aware Robot Controllers
Deits, RobinMIT
Koolen, TwanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.3 Add to My Program
Augmenting Action Model Learning by Non-Geometric Features
Nematollahi, ImanUniversity of Freiburg
Kuhner, DanielUniversity of Freiburg
Welschehold, TimAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniversity of Freiburg
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.4 Add to My Program
Skill Acquisition Via Automated Multi-Coordinate Cost Balancing
Ravichandar, HarishGeorgia Institute of Technology
Ahmadzadeh, S. RezaUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
Rana, Muhammad AsifGeorgia Institute of Technology
Chernova, SoniaGeorgia Institute of Technology
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.5 Add to My Program
Real-Time Multisensory Affordance-Based Control for Adaptive Object Manipulation
Chu, VivianGeorgia Institute of Technology
Gutierrez, Reymundo A.University of Texas at Austin
Chernova, SoniaGeorgia Institute of Technology
Thomaz, Andrea LockerdUniversity of Texas at Austin
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-22.6 Add to My Program
Learning Behavior Trees from Demonstration
French, KevinUniversity of Michigan
Wu, ShiyuUniversity of Michigan
Pan, TianyangUniversity of Michigan
Zhou, ZhemingUniversity of Michigan
Jenkins, Odest ChadwickeUniversity of Michigan
WeAT1-23 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Learning from Demonstration IV 3.1.23  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.1 Add to My Program
Leveraging Temporal Reasoning for Policy Selection in Learning from Demonstration
Carpio Mazariegos, Estuardo ReneUniversity of New Hampshire
Clark-Turner, MadisonUniversity of New Hampshire
Gesel, PaulUniversity of New Hampshire
Begum, MomotazUniversity of New Hampshire
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.2 Add to My Program
Specifying Dual-Arm Robot Planning Problems through Natural Language and Demonstration
Behrens, Jan KristofRobert Bosch GmbH
Stepanova, KarlaCzech Technical University
Lange, RalphRobert Bosch GmbH
Skoviera, RadoslavCzech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics; Czech
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.3 Add to My Program
Learning to Serve: An Experimental Study for a New Learning from Demonstrations Framework
Koc, OkanMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Peters, JanTechnische Universität Darmstadt
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.4 Add to My Program
Imitating Human Search Strategies for Assembly
Ehlers, DennisAalto University
Suomalainen, MarkkuUniversity of Oulu
Lundell, JensAalto University
Kyrki, VilleAalto University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.5 Add to My Program
Combining Imitation Learning with Constraint-Based Task Specification and Control
Vergara Perico, Cristian AlejandroKU Leuven
De Schutter, JorisKU Leuven
Aertbelien, ErwinKU Leuven
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-23.6 Add to My Program
Incorporating Safety into Parametric Dynamic Movement Primitives
Kim, HyoinSeoul National University
Seo, HoseongSeoul National University
Choi, SeungwonSeoul Nat'l University
Tomlin, ClaireUC Berkeley
Kim, H. JinSeoul National University
WeAT1-24 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Learning and Manipulation I - 3.1.24  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.1 Add to My Program
Active Multi-Contact Continuous Tactile Exploration with Gaussian Process Differential Entropy
Driess, DannyUniversity of Stuttgart
Hennes, DanielUniversity of Stuttgart
Toussaint, MarcUniversity of Stuttgart
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.2 Add to My Program
Learning Robust Manipulation Skills with Guided Policy Search Via Generative Motor Reflexes
Ennen, PhilippRWTH Aachen University
Bresenitz, PiaRWTH Aachen University
Vossen, ReneRWTH Aachen University
Hees, FrankRWTH Aachen University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.3 Add to My Program
Incremental Learning of Spatial-Temporal Features in Human Motion Patterns with Mixture Model for Planning Motion of a Collaborative Robot in Assembly Lines
Kanazawa, AkiraTohoku University
Kinugawa, JunTohoku University
Kosuge, KazuhiroTohoku University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.4 Add to My Program
Learning Quickly to Plan Quickly Using Modular Meta-Learning
Chitnis, RohanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Kaelbling, LeslieMIT
Lozano-Perez, TomasMIT
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.5 Add to My Program
Deep Multi-Sensory Object Category Recognition Using Interactive Behavioral Exploration
Tatiya, GyanTufts University
Sinapov, JivkoTufts University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-24.6 Add to My Program
Force, Impedance, and Trajectory Learning for Contact Tooling and Haptic Identification (I)
Li, YananUniversity of Sussex
Ganesh, GowrishankarCentre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Jarrassé, NathanaelUMR7222, Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Haddadin, SamiTechnical University of Munich
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aerospace Center
Burdet, EtienneImperial College London
WeAT1-25 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Learning and Manipulation II - 3.1.25  
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.1 Add to My Program
Discontinuity-Sensitive Optimal Control Learning by Mixture of Experts
Tang, GaoDuke University
Hauser, KrisDuke University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.2 Add to My Program
Wormhole Learning
Zanardi, AlessandroEth Zürich
Zilly, JulianETH Zurich
Aumiller, Andreas JianhaoETH Zürich
Censi, AndreaETH Zürich & NuTonomy
Frazzoli, EmilioETH Zürich
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.3 Add to My Program
Sharing the Load: Human-Robot Team Lifting Using Muscle Activity
DelPreto, JosephMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.4 Add to My Program
Position Control of Medical Cable-Driven Flexible Instruments by Combining Machine Learning and Kinematic Analysis
Aleluia Porto, RafaelUniversity of Strasbourg
Nageotte, FlorentUniversity of Strasbourg
Zanne, PhilippeUniversity of Strasbourg
de Mathelin, MichelUniversity of Strasbourg
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.5 Add to My Program
Online Learning for Proactive Obstacle Avoidance with Powered Transfemoral Prostheses
Gordon, MaxNorth Carolina State University
Thatte, NitishCarnegie Mellon University
Geyer, HartmutCarnegie Mellon University
09:40-10:55, Paper WeAT1-25.6 Add to My Program
Passive Dynamic Object Locomotion by Rocking and Walking Manipulation
Nazir, Syed AbdullahThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Seo, JungwonThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
WeAT2 Forum, 518ab Add to My Program 
ICRA X: Robotic Art Forum - Session I  
WeBT1 220
PODS: Wednesday Session II Interactive Session
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-01, 220
Marine Robotics VI - 3.2.01   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-02, 220
Human Robot Communication - 3.2.02   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-03, 220
Cooperative and Distributed Robot Systems I - 3.2.03   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-04, 220
Cognitive HRI - 3.2.04   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-05, 220
Calibration and Identification - 3.2.05   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-06, 220
Semantic Scene Understanding II - 3.2.06   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-07, 220
SLAM - Session VIII - 3.2.07   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-08, 220
AI-Based Methods II - 3.2.08   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-09, 220
Simulation and Animation - 3.2.09   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-10, 220
Object Recognition & Segmentation IV - 3.2.10   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-11, 220
Haptics and Manipulation - 3.2.11   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-12, 220
Compliant Actuators I - 3.2.12   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-13, 220
Soft Robots VI - 3.2.13   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-14, 220
Legged Robots IV - 3.2.14   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-15, 220
Robot Safety II - 3.2.15   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-16, 220
Wheeled Robotics II - 3.2.16   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-17, 220
Motion Planning - 3.2.17   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-18, 220
Autonomous Vehicles II - 3.2.18   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-19, 220
Manipulation IV - 3.2.19   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-20, 220
Medical Computer Vision - 3.2.20   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-21, 220
Active Perception - 3.2.21   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-22, 220
Planning - 3.2.22   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-23, 220
Vision-Based Navigation - 3.2.23   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:30-12:45, Subsession WeBT1-24, 220
Medical Robotics VIII - 3.2.24   Interactive Session, 6 papers
WeBT1-01 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Marine Robotics VI - 3.2.01  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.1 Add to My Program
Autonomous Latching System for Robotic Boats
Mateos, LuisMIT
Wang, WeiMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Gheneti, BantiMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Duarte, FábioMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Ratti, CarloMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.2 Add to My Program
Streaming Scene Maps for Co-Robotic Exploration in Bandwidth Limited Environments
Girdhar, YogeshWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Cai, LeviMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Jamieson, StewartMassachusetts Institute of Technology
McGuire, NathanNortheastern University
Flaspohler, GenevieveMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Suman, StefanoWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Claus, BrianWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.3 Add to My Program
UWStereoNet: Unsupervised Learning for Depth Estimation and Color Correction of Underwater Stereo Imagery
Skinner, Katherine A.University of Michigan
Junming, ZhangUniversity of Michigan
Olson, ElizabethUniversity of Michigan
Johnson-Roberson, MatthewUniversity of Michigan
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.4 Add to My Program
Design and Parameter Optimization of a 3-PSR Parallel Mechanism for Replicating Wave and Boat Motion
Talke, KurtSpawar Systems Center Pacific
Drotman, DylanUniversity of California, San Diego
Stroumtsos, NicholasSpawar Systems Center Pacific
de Oliveira, MauricioUniversity of California, San Diego
Bewley, ThomasFlow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.5 Add to My Program
Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: Real-Time Experiments Using Computer Vision
Manzanilla, AdriánCentro De Investigación Y De Estudios Avanzados Del Instituto Po
Reyes Sanchez, SergioUmi Lafmia Cinvestav
Garcia Rangel, Miguel AngelCINVESTAV
Mercado Ravell, Diego AlbertoCatedra CONACyT, CIMAT-Zacatecas
Lozano, RogelioUniversité De Tech. De Compiègne
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-01.6 Add to My Program
A Framework for On-Line Learning of Underwater Vehicles Dynamic Models
Wehbe, BilalGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Hildebrandt, MarcDFKI RIC Bremen
Kirchner, FrankUniversity of Bremen
WeBT1-02 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Human Robot Communication - 3.2.02  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.1 Add to My Program
Incorporating End-To-End Speech Recognition Models for Sentiment Analysis
Lakomkin, EgorUniversity of Hamburg
Zamani, Mohammad AliUniversity of Hamburg
Weber, CorneliusKnowledge Technology Group, University of Hamburg
Magg, SvenUniversity of Hamburg
Wermter, StefanUniversity of Hamburg
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.2 Add to My Program
Improved Optical Flow for Gesture-Based Human Robot Interaction
Chang, Jen-YenThe Unversity of Tokyo
Tejero-de-Pablos, AntonioThe University of Tokyo
Harada, TatsuyaThe University of Tokyo
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.3 Add to My Program
Decentralization of Multiagent Policies by Learning What to Communicate
Paulos, JamesUniversity of Pennsylvania
Chen, Steven WUniversity of Pennsylvania
Shishika, DaigoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Kumar, VijayUniversity of Pennsylvania
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.4 Add to My Program
Acquisition of Word-Object Associations from Human-Robot and Human-Human Dialogues
Sadeghi, SepidehTufts University
Oosterveld, BradTufts University
Krause, EvanTufts University
Scheutz, MatthiasTufts University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.5 Add to My Program
Robot Object Referencing through Situated Legible Projections
Weng, ThomasCarnegie Mellon University
Perlmutter, LeahUniversity of Washington
Nikolaidis, StefanosCarnegie Mellon University
Srinivasa, SiddharthaUniversity of Washington
Cakmak, MayaUniversity of Washington
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-02.6 Add to My Program
Security-Aware Synthesis of Human-UAV Protocols
Elfar, MahmoudDuke University
Zhu, HaibeiDuke University
Cummings, M. L.Duke
Pajic, MiroslavDuke University
WeBT1-03 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Cooperative and Distributed Robot Systems I - 3.2.03  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.1 Add to My Program
Underwater Communication Using Full-Body Gestures and Optimal Variable-Length Prefix Codes
Koreitem, KarimMcGill University
Li, JimmyMcGill University
Karp, IanMcGill University
Manderson, TravisMcGill University
Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.2 Add to My Program
WISDOM: WIreless Sensing-Assisted Distributed Offline Mapping
Adhivarahan, CharuvahanUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New York
Dantu, KarthikUniversity of Buffalo
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.3 Add to My Program
Learning Recursive Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling of Moving Targets Via Mobile Decentralized Sensors
Liu, ChangUniversity of California, Berkeley
Chen, YuchengCornell University
Gemerek, JakeCornell University
Yang, HengyeCornell University
Ferrari, SilviaCornell University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.4 Add to My Program
UAV/UGV Autonomous Cooperation: UAV Assists UGV to Climb a Cliff by Attaching a Tether
Miki, TakahiroUniversity of Tokyo
Khrapchenkov, PetrThe University of Tokyo
Hori, KoichiUniversity of Tokyo
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.5 Add to My Program
Distributed Motion Tomography for Reconstruction of Flow Fields
Chang, DongsikUniversity of Michigan
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Institute of Technology
Sun, JingUniversity of Michigan
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-03.6 Add to My Program
Adaptive Sampling and Reduced Order Modeling of Dynamic Processes by Robot Teams
Salam, Tahiya1995
Hsieh, M. AniUniversity of Pennsylvania
WeBT1-04 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Cognitive HRI - 3.2.04  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-04.1 Add to My Program
Who Takes What: Using RGB-D Camera and Inertial Sensor for Unmanned Monitor
Kao, Hsin-WeiNational Chiao Tung University
Ke, Ting-YuanNational Chiao Tung University
Lin, Kate Ching-JuNational Chiao Tung University
Tseng, Yu-CheeNational Chiao Tung University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-04.2 Add to My Program
Sound-Indicated Visual Object Detection for Robotic Exploration
Wang, FengTsinghua University
Guo, DiTsinghua University
Liu, HuapingTsinghua University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-04.3 Add to My Program
HG-DAgger: Interactive Imitation Learning with Human Experts
Kelly, MichaelStanford University
Sidrane, Chelsea RoseStanford University
Driggs-Campbell, Katherine RoseStanford University
Kochenderfer, MykelStanford University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-04.4 Add to My Program
Proximity Human-Robot Interaction Using Pointing Gestures and a Wrist-Mounted IMU
Gromov, BorisIDSIA
Abbate, GabrieleUniversity of Milano-Bicocca
Gambardella, LucaUSI-SUPSI
Giusti, AlessandroIDSIA Lugano, SUPSI
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-04.5 Add to My Program
Bayesian Active Learning for Collaborative Task Specification Using Equivalence Regions
Wilde, NilsUniversity of Waterloo
Kulic, DanaUniversity of Waterloo
Smith, Stephen L.University of Waterloo
WeBT1-05 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Calibration and Identification - 3.2.05  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.1 Add to My Program
Lidar Measurement Bias Estimation Via Return Waveform Modelling in a Context of 3D Mapping
Laconte, JohannInstitut Pascal
Deschênes, Simon-PierreLaval University
Labussière, MathieuInstitut Pascal
Pomerleau, FrancoisLaval University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.2 Add to My Program
An Extrinsic Calibration Tool for Radar, Camera and Lidar
Domhof, JorisDelft University of Technology
Kooij, JulianTU Delft
Gavrila, DariuDaimler
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.3 Add to My Program
Unified Motion-Based Calibration of Mobile Multi-Sensor Platforms with Time Delay Estimation
Della Corte, BartolomeoSapienza University of Rome
Andreasson, HenrikÖrebro University
Stoyanov, TodorÖrebro University
Grisetti, GiorgioSapienza University of Rome
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.4 Add to My Program
Degenerate Motion Analysis for Aided INS with Online Spatial and Temporal Sensor Calibration
Yang, YulinUniversity of Delaware
Geneva, PatrickUniversity of Delaware
Eckenhoff, KevinUniversity of Delaware
Huang, GuoquanUniversity of Delaware
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.5 Add to My Program
Compensation of Measurement Noise and Bias in Geometric Attitude Estimation
Mitikiri, YujendraUniversity of Florida
Mohseni, KamranUniversity of Florida at Gainesville
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-05.6 Add to My Program
Geometric Calibration of Continuum Robots: Joint Space and Equilibrium Shape Deviations (I)
Wang, LongColumbia University
Simaan, NabilVanderbilt University
WeBT1-06 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Semantic Scene Understanding II - 3.2.06  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-06.1 Add to My Program
Hierarchical Depthwise Graph Convolutional Neural Network for 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
Liang, ZhidongShanghai Jiao Tong University
Yang, MingShanghai Jiao Tong University
Deng, LiuyuanShanghai Jiao Tong University
Wang, ChunxiangShanghai Jiaotong University
Wang, BingShanghai Jiao Tong University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-06.2 Add to My Program
Monocular Semantic Occupancy Grid Mapping with Convolutional Variational Encoder-Decoder Networks
Lu, ChenyangEindhoven University of Technology
van de Molengraft, Marinus Jacobus GerardusUniversity of Technology Eindhoven
Dubbelman, GijsEindhoven University of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-06.3 Add to My Program
Asynchronous Spatial Image Convolutions for Event Cameras
Scheerlinck, CedricThe Australian National University
Barnes, NickNational ICT Australia
Mahony, RobertAustralian National University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-06.4 Add to My Program
Where Should I Walk? Predicting Terrain Properties from Images Via Self-Supervised Learning
Wellhausen, LorenzETH Zürich
Dosovitskiy, AlexeyIntel
Ranftl, ReneIntel
Walas, Krzysztof, TadeuszPoznan University of Technology
Cadena Lerma, CesarETH Zurich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-06.5 Add to My Program
Adapting Semantic Segmentation Models for Changes in Illumination and Camera Perspective
Zhou, WeiUniversity of Sydney
Zyner, AlexThe University of Sydney
Worrall, StewartUniversity of Sydney
Nebot, EduardoUnversity of Sydney
WeBT1-07 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
SLAM - Session VIII - 3.2.07  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-07.1 Add to My Program
CELLO-3D: Estimating the Covariance of ICP in the Real World
Landry, DavidLaval University
Pomerleau, FrancoisLaval University
Giguere, PhilippeUniversité Laval
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-07.2 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Appearance-Based Place Recognition through Bag of Tracked Words
Tsintotas, Konstantinos A.Democritus University of Thrace
Bampis, LoukasDemocritus University of Thrace
Gasteratos, AntoniosDemocritus University of Thrace
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-07.3 Add to My Program
A White-Noise-On-Jerk Motion Prior for Continuous-Time Trajectory Estimation on SE(3)
Tang, Tim YuqingUniversity of Toronto
Yoon, David JunyUniversity of Toronto
Barfoot, TimothyUniversity of Toronto
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-07.4 Add to My Program
Low-Latency Visual SLAM with Appearance-Enhanced Local Map Building
Zhao, YipuGeorgia Institute of Technology
Ye, WenkaiGeorgia Institute of Technology
Vela, PatricioGeorgia Institute of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-07.5 Add to My Program
Incremental Visual-Inertial 3D Mesh Generation with Structural Regularities
Rosinol Vidal, AntoniMIT
Sattler, TorstenChalmers University of Technology
Pollefeys, MarcETH Zurich
Carlone, LucaMassachusetts Institute of Technology
WeBT1-08 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
AI-Based Methods II - 3.2.08  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-08.1 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Out-Of-Context Action Understanding
Kataoka, HirokatsuNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Satoh, YutakaAIST
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-08.2 Add to My Program
Air-To-Ground Surveillance Using Predictive Pursuit
Dutta, SouravUniversity at Albany
Ekenna, ChinweUniversity at Albany
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-08.3 Add to My Program
Online Planning for Target Object Search in Clutter under Partial Observability
Xiao, YuchenNortheastern Univerisity
Katt, SammieNortheastern
ten Pas, AndreasNortheastern University
Chen, ShengjianTsinghua University
Amato, ChristopherNortheastern University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-08.4 Add to My Program
Learning to Drive in a Day
Kendall, AlexUniversity of Cambridge
Hawke, JeffreyWayve
Janz, DavidUniversity of Cambridge
Mazur, PrzemysławWayve Technologies
Reda, DanieleWayve
Allen, John-Mark A.Wayve Technologies
Lam, Vinh-DieuWayve Technologies
Bewley, AlexWayve
Shah, AmarWayve
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-08.5 Add to My Program
Human-Robot Collaborative Site Inspection under Resource Constraints (I)
Cai, HongUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Mostofi, YasaminUniversity of California Santa Barbara
WeBT1-09 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Simulation and Animation - 3.2.09  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-09.1 Add to My Program
Generating Adversarial Driving Scenarios in High-Fidelity Simulators
Abeysirigoonawardena, YasasaMcGill University
Shkurti, FlorianUniversity of Toronto
Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-09.2 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Contact Clustering for Robot Simulation
Kim, MyungsinSeoul National University
Yoon, JaeminSeoul National University
Son, DongwonSeoul National University
Lee, DongjunSeoul National University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-09.3 Add to My Program
Pavilion: Bridging Photo-Realism and Robotics
Jiang, FanSouthern University of Science and Technology
Hao, QiSouthern University of Science and Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-09.4 Add to My Program
A Real-Time Interactive Augmented Reality Depth Estimation Technique for Surgical Robotics
Kalia, MeghaUniversity of British Columbia
Navab, NassirTU Munich
Salcudean, Septimiu E.University of British Columbia
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-09.5 Add to My Program
Force-Based Heterogeneous Traffic Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle Testing
Chao, QianwenXidian University
Jin, XiaogangState Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University
Huang, Hen-WeiMIT
Foong, ShaohuiSingapore University of Technology and Design
Yu, Lap-FaiUniversity of Massachusetts Boston
Yeung, Sai-KitSingapore University of Technology and Design
WeBT1-10 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Object Recognition & Segmentation IV - 3.2.10  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.1 Add to My Program
Dual Refinement Network for Single-Shot Object Detection
Chen, XingyuInstitute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science
Yang, XiyuanUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kong, ShihanInstitute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wu, ZhengxingChinese Academy of Sciences
Yu, JunzhiChinese Academy of Sciences
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.2 Add to My Program
Distant Vehicle Detection Using Radar and Vision
Chadwick, SimonUniversity of Oxford
Maddern, WillNuro
Newman, PaulOxford University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.3 Add to My Program
Customizing Object Detectors for Indoor Robots
Alabachi, SaifUniversity of Central Florida
Sukthankar, GitaUniversity of Central Florida
Sukthankar, RahulIntel Labs and Carnegie Mellon
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.4 Add to My Program
Semi Supervised Deep Quick Instance Detection and Segmentation
Kumar, AshishIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Behera, LaxmidharIIT Kanpur
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.5 Add to My Program
Mixed Frame-/Event-Driven Fast Pedestrian Detection
Jiang, ZhuangyiTechnical University of Munich
Xia, PengfeiTechnical University of Munich
Huang, KaiSun Yat-Sen University
Stechele, WalterTechnical University of Munich
Chen, GuangTongji Univerisity
Bing, ZhenshanTechnical University of Munich
Knoll, AloisTech. Univ. Muenchen TUM
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-10.6 Add to My Program
Real-Time Vehicle Detection from Short-Range Aerial Image with Compressed MobileNet
He, YuhangWuhan University, Hubei, China
Pan, ZiyuSun Yat-Sen University
Li, LingxiIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Shan, YunxiaoSun Yat-Sen University
Cao, DongpuUniversity of Waterloo
Chen, LongSun Yat-Sen University
WeBT1-11 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Haptics and Manipulation - 3.2.11  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.1 Add to My Program
Guaranteed Active Constraints Enforcement on Point Cloud-Approximated Regions for Surgical Applications
Kastritsi, TheodoraAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Papageorgiou, DimitriosAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Sarantopoulos, IasonAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Stavridis, SotirisAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Doulgeri, ZoeAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Rovithakis, GeorgeAristotel University of Thessaloniki
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.2 Add to My Program
Designing an Accurate and Customizable Epidural Anaesthesia Haptic Simulator
Sénac, ThibaultEcole Centrale Lyon
Lelevé, ArnaudINSA De Lyon (Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees), Univer
Moreau, RichardINSA-Lyon
Krahenbuhl, LaurentEcole Centrale Lyon
Sigwalt, FlorentHôpital De La Croix Rousse
Bauer, ChristianDepartment of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Hopital De La Croix
Rouby, QuentinINSA Lyon
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.3 Add to My Program
Sleeve Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for Antagonistically Actuated Joints
Cullinan, Michael F.Trinity College Dublin
McGinn, ConorTrinity College Dublin
Kelly, KevinTrinity College Dublin
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.4 Add to My Program
Sensing Shear Forces During Food Manipulation: Resolving the Trade-Off between Range and Sensitivity
Song, HanjunUniversity of Washington
Bhattacharjee, TapomayukhUniversity of Washington
Srinivasa, SiddharthaUniversity of Washington
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.5 Add to My Program
Benchmarking Resilience of Artificial Hands
Negrello, FrancescaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Catalano, Manuel GiuseppeIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Garabini, ManoloUniversità Di Pisa
Grioli, GiorgioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Bicchi, AntonioUniversità Di Pisa
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-11.6 Add to My Program
CHiMP: A Contact Based Hilbert Map Planner
Uhde, ConstantinTechnical University of Munich
Dean-Leon, EmmanuelTechnischen Universitaet Muenchen
Cheng, GordonTechnical University of Munich
WeBT1-12 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Compliant Actuators I - 3.2.12  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-12.1 Add to My Program
A Novel Reconfigurable Revolute Joint with Adjustable Stiffness
Li, ZhongyiAalborg University
Chen, WeihaiBeijing University of Aeronaurics and Astronautics
Bai, ShaopingAalborg University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-12.2 Add to My Program
A Novel Force Sensor with Zero Stiffness at Contact Transition Based on Optical Line Generation
Begey, JérémyUniversity of Strasbourg
Nierenberger, MathieuUniversity of Strasbourg, ICube
Pfeiffer, PierreUniversity of Strasbourg
Lecler, SylvainUniversity of Strasbourg
Renaud, PierreICube AVR
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-12.3 Add to My Program
Hydraulically-Actuated Compliant Revolute Joint for Medical Robotic Systems Based on Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing
Pfeil, AntoineICUBE - University of Strasbourg
Siegfarth, MariusFraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automatio
Geiskopf, FrancoisINSA De Strasbourg
Pusch, Tim PhilippFraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automatio
Barbé, LaurentUniversity of Strasbourg, ICUBE CNRS
Renaud, PierreICube AVR
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-12.4 Add to My Program
Model-Based On-Line Estimation of Time-Varying Nonlinear Joint Stiffness on an E-Series Universal Robots Manipulator
Madsen, EmilAarhus University
Rosenlund, Oluf SkovUniversal Robots A/S
Brandt, DavidUniversal-Robots
Zhang, XupingAarhus University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-12.5 Add to My Program
A Rolling Flexure Mechanism for Progressive Stiffness Actuators
Malzahn, JörnIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Barrett, Eamon(Fondazione) Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
WeBT1-13 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Soft Robots VI - 3.2.13  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.1 Add to My Program
Locomotion Dynamics of a Miniature Wave-Like Robot, Modeling and Experiments
Drory, Lee-HeeBen Gurion University of the Negev
Zarrouk, DavidBen Gurion University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.2 Add to My Program
Fabric Soft Poly-Limbs for Physical Assistance of Daily Living Tasks
Pham, Huy NguyenArizona State University
Mohd, Imran Irfan BinArizona State University
Sparks, CurtisArizona State University
Lopez Arellano, FranciscoArizona State University
Zhang, WenlongArizona State University
Polygerinos, PanagiotisArizona State University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.3 Add to My Program
Design of a Soft Ankle-Foot Orthosis Exosuit for Foot Drop Assistance
Thalman, CarlyArizona State University
Hsu, JoshuaArizona State University
Snyder, LauraBarrow Neurological Institute at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hos
Polygerinos, PanagiotisArizona State University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.4 Add to My Program
A Depth Camera-Based Soft Fingertip Device for Contact Region Estimation and Perception-Action Coupling
Huang, IsabellaUC Berkeley
Liu, JingjunUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Bajcsy, RuzenaUniv of California, Berkeley
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.5 Add to My Program
A Pipe-Climbing Soft Robot
Singh, GauravUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Patiballa, SreekalyanUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Zhang, XiaotianUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Krishnan, GirishUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-13.6 Add to My Program
Bio-Inspired Terrestrial Motion of Magnetic Soft Millirobots
Kalpathy Venkiteswaran, VenkatasubramanianUniversity of Twente
Peña Samaniego, Luis FernandoUniversity of Twente
Sikorski, JakubUniversity of Twente
Misra, SarthakUniversity of Twente
WeBT1-14 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Legged Robots IV - 3.2.14  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.1 Add to My Program
Generation of Stealth Walking Gait on Low-Friction Road Surface
Asano, FumihikoJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.2 Add to My Program
Support Surface Estimation for Legged Robots
Homberger, TimonETH Zurich
Wellhausen, LorenzETH Zürich
Fankhauser, PéterETH Zurich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.3 Add to My Program
ALMA - Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation for a Torque-Controllable Robot
Bellicoso, C. DarioETH Zurich
Krämer, KoenETH Zurich
Stäuble, MarkusETH Zürich
Sako, DhionisETH Zurich -Robotic System Lab
Jenelten, FabianETH Zurich
Bjelonic, MarkoETH Zurich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.4 Add to My Program
Real-Time Model Predictive Control for Versatile Dynamic Motions in Quadrupedal Robots
Ding, YanranUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pandala, AbhishekUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Park, Hae-WonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.5 Add to My Program
Online Gait Transitions and Disturbance Recovery for Legged Robots Via the Feasible Impulse Set
Boussema, ChihebEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Powell, MatthewMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Bledt, GerardoMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ijspeert, AukeEPFL
Wensing, Patrick M.University of Notre Dame
Kim, SangbaeMassachusetts Institute of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-14.6 Add to My Program
Walking and Running with Passive Compliance: Lessons from Engineering a Live Demonstration of the ATRIAS Biped (I)
Hubicki, ChristianFlorida State University
Abate, AndyAgility Robotics
Clary, PatrickOregon State University
Rezazadeh, SiavashUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Jones, MikhailAgility Robotics
Peekema, AndrewOregon State University
Van Why, JohnathanOregon State University
Domres, RyanOregon State University
Wu, AlbertCarnegie Mellon University
Martin, WilliamCarnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
Geyer, HartmutCarnegie Mellon University
Hurst, JonathanOregon State University
WeBT1-15 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Robot Safety II - 3.2.15  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.1 Add to My Program
Scanning the Internet for ROS: A View of Security in Robotics Research
DeMarinis, NicholasBrown University
Tellex, StefanieBrown
Kemerlis, Vasileios P.Brown University
Konidaris, GeorgeBrown University
Fonseca, RodrigoBrown Uninversity
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.2 Add to My Program
Risk Averse Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
Pan, XinleiUC Berkeley
Seita, DanielUniversity of California, Berkeley
Gao, YangUC Berkeley
Canny, John F.University of California, Berkeley
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.3 Add to My Program
Bounded Collision Force by the Sobolev Norm
Haninger, KevinFraunhofer IPK
Surdilovic, DragoljubFraunhofer IPK
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.4 Add to My Program
Liability, Ethics, and Culture-Aware Behavior Specification Using Rulebooks
Censi, AndreaETH Zürich & NuTonomy
Konstantin, SlutskyNuTonomy
Wongpiromsarn, TichakornNuTonomy
Pendleton, Scott DrewNuTonomy
Fu, James Guo MingNuTonomy
Yershov, DmitryNuTonomy
Frazzoli, EmilioETH Zürich
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.5 Add to My Program
Early Failure Detection of Deep End-To-End Control Policy by Reinforcement Learning
Lee, KeuntaekGeorgia Institute of Technology
Saigol, KamilGeorgia Institute of Technology
Theodorou, EvangelosGeorgia Institute of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-15.6 Add to My Program
Bridging Hamilton-Jacobi Safety Analysis and Reinforcement Learning
Fisac, Jaime F.University of California, Berkeley
Lugovoy, NeilUC Berkeley
Rubies Royo, VicencUC Berkeley
Ghosh, ShromonaUniversity of California, Berkeley
Tomlin, ClaireUC Berkeley
WeBT1-16 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Wheeled Robotics II - 3.2.16  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-16.1 Add to My Program
Trajectory Planning for a Tractor with Multiple Trailers in Extremely Narrow Environments: A Unified Approach
Li, BaiJD Inc
Zhang, YouminConcordia University
Acarman, TankutComputer Engineering Department, Galatasaray University
Kong, QiJDR&D Center of Automated Driving, JD Inc
Zhang, YueBoston University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-16.2 Add to My Program
A Friction-Based Kinematic Model for Skid-Steer Wheeled Mobile Robots
Rabiee, SadeghUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Biswas, JoydeepUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-16.3 Add to My Program
Turning a Corner with a Dubins Car
Koval, AlanUniversity of Minnesota Twin Cities
Isler, VolkanUniversity of Minnesota
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-16.4 Add to My Program
Modeling and State Estimation of a Micro Ball-Balancing Robot Using a High Yaw-Rate Dynamic Model and an Extended Kalman Filter
Sihite, EricUniversity of California San Diego
Yang, DanielUniversity of California San Diego
Bewley, ThomasFlow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-16.5 Add to My Program
Near-Optimal Path Planning for a Car-Like Robot Visiting a Set of Waypoints with Field of View Constraints
Rathinam, SivakumarTAMU
Manyam, Satyanarayana GuptaInfoscitex Corporation
Zhang, YuntaoTexas a & M University
WeBT1-17 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Motion Planning - 3.2.17  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.1 Add to My Program
Orientation-Aware Motion Planning in Complex Workspaces Using Adaptive Harmonic Potential Fields
Vlantis, PanagiotisNational Technical University of Athens
Vrohidis, ConstantinosNational Technical University of Athens
Bechlioulis, CharalamposNational Technical University of Athens
Kyriakopoulos, KostasNational Technical Univ. of Athens
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.2 Add to My Program
Energy-Aware Temporal Logic Motion Planning for Mobile Robots
Kundu, TanmoyIndian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
Saha, IndranilIIT Kanpur
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.3 Add to My Program
Using Local Experiences for Global Motion Planning
Chamzas, ConstantinosRice University
Shrivastava, AnshumaliRice University
Kavraki, LydiaRice University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.4 Add to My Program
DMP Based Trajectory Tracking for a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with Automatic Goal Adaptation and Obstacle Avoidance
Sharma, Radhe ShyamIIT Kanpur
Shukla, SantoshIIT Kanpur
Karki, HamadPetroleum Institute
Shukla, AmitThe Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi
Behera, LaxmidharIIT Kanpur
Subramanian, K. VenkateshIndian Intitute of Technology Kanpur
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.5 Add to My Program
Predictive Collision Avoidance for the Dynamic Window Approach
Missura, MarcellUniversity of Bonn
Bennewitz, MarenUniversity of Bonn
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-17.6 Add to My Program
Kinematic Constraints Based Bi-Directional RRT (KB-RRT) with Parameterized Trajectories for Robot Path Planning in Cluttered Environment
Ghosh, DibyenduIntel Corporation
Nandakumar, GaneshramIntel Technology India Pvt Ltd
Narayanan, KarthikIntel Corporation
Honkote, VinayakIntel Corporation
Sharma, SidharthIIIT Delhi
WeBT1-18 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Autonomous Vehicles II - 3.2.18  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.1 Add to My Program
Predicting Vehicle Behaviors Over an Extended Horizon Using Behavior Interaction Network
Ding, WenchaoHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chen, JingHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Shen, ShaojieHong Kong University of Science and Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.2 Add to My Program
Multimodal Spatio-Temporal Information in End-To-End Networks for Automotive Steering Prediction
Abouhussein, MohamedUniversity of Freiburg
Boedecker, JoschkaUniversity of Freiburg
Muller, StefanBMW
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.3 Add to My Program
OVPC Mesh: 3D Free-Space Representation for Local Ground VehicleNavigation
Ruetz, FabioETH Zurich
Hernandez, EmiliCSIRO
Pfeiffer, MarkETH Zurich
Oleynikova, HelenETH Zürich
Cox, MarkCSIRO
Lowe, TomCSIRO
Borges, Paulo Vinicius KoerichCSIRO
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.4 Add to My Program
Attention-Based Lane Change Prediction
Scheel, OliverBMW Group
Nagaraja, Naveen ShankarBMW Group
Schwarz, LorenBMW Group
Navab, NassirTU Munich
Tombari, FedericoTechnische Universität München
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.5 Add to My Program
Safe Reinforcement Learning with Model Uncertainty Estimates
Lutjens, BjornMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Everett, MichaelMassachusetts Institute of Technology
How, Jonathan PatrickMassachusetts Institute of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-18.6 Add to My Program
Using DP towards a Shortest Path Problem-Related Application
Jiao, JianhaoThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Fan, RuiThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ma, HanTsinghua University
Liu, MingHong Kong University of Science and Technology
WeBT1-19 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Manipulation IV - 3.2.19  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.1 Add to My Program
Improving Dual-Arm Assembly by Master-Slave Compliance
Suomalainen, MarkkuUniversity of Oulu
Calinon, SylvainIdiap Research Institute
Pignat, EmmanuelIdiap Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland
Kyrki, VilleAalto University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.2 Add to My Program
Generation of Synchronized Configuration Space Trajectories of Multi-Robot Systems
Kabir, Ariyan MUniversity of Southern California
Kanyuck, AlecUniversity of Southern California
Malhan, RishiUniversity of Southern California
Shembekar, AniruddhaUniversity of Southern California
Thakar, ShantanuUniversity of Southern California
Shah, Brual C.University of Maryland, College Park
Gupta, Satyandra K.University of Southern California
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.3 Add to My Program
REPLAB: A Reproducible Low-Cost Arm Benchmark for Robotic Learning
Yang, BrianUniversity of California, Berkeley
Jayaraman, DineshUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhang, JesseUC Berkeley
Levine, SergeyUC Berkeley
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.4 Add to My Program
Stable Bin Packing of Non-Convex 3D Objects with a Robot Manipulator
Wang, FanDuke University
Hauser, KrisDuke University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.5 Add to My Program
A Constraint Programming Approach to Simultaneous Task Allocation and Motion Scheduling for Industrial Dual-Arm Manipulation Tasks
Behrens, Jan KristofRobert Bosch GmbH
Lange, RalphRobert Bosch GmbH
Mansouri, MasoumehÖrebro University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-19.6 Add to My Program
Exploiting Symmetries in Reinforcement Learning of Bimanual Robotic Tasks
Amadio, FabioUniversità Di Padova
Colomé, AdriàInstitut De Robòtica I Informàtica Industrial (CSIC-UPC), Q28180
Torras, CarmeCsic - Upc
WeBT1-20 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Medical Computer Vision - 3.2.20  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.1 Add to My Program
Self-Supervised Surgical Tool Segmentation Using Kinematic Information
da Costa Rocha, CristianNTNU
Padoy, NicolasUniversity of Strasbourg
Rosa, BenoîtCNRS, France
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.2 Add to My Program
Needle Localization for Robot-Assisted Subretinal Injection Based on Deep Learning
Zhou, MingchuanTechnische Universität München
Wang, XijiaTechnische Universität München
Weiss, JakobTechnische Universität München
Eslami, AbouzarCarl Zeiss Meditec AG
Huang, KaiSun Yat-Sen University
Maier, MathiasKlinikum Rechts Der Isar Der TU München
Lohmann, Chris P.Klinikum Rechts Der Isar Der TU München
Navab, NassirTU Munich
Knoll, AloisTech. Univ. Muenchen TUM
Nasseri, M. AliTechnische Universitaet Muenchen
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.3 Add to My Program
Robust Generalized Point Set Registration Using Inhomogeneous Hybrid Mixture Models Via Expectation Maximization
Min, ZheThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Meng, Max Q.-H.The Chinese University of Hong Kong
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.4 Add to My Program
Visual Guidance and Automatic Control for Robotic Personalized Stent Graft Manufacturing
Guo, YuImperial College London
Sun, MiaoImperial College London
Lo, Po WenImperial College London
Lo, Benny Ping LaiImperial College London
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.5 Add to My Program
3D Path Planning from a Single 2D Fluoroscopic Image for Robot Assisted Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair
Zheng, Jian-QingImperial College London
Zhou, Xiao-YunImperial College London
Riga, CeliaImperial College London
Yang, Guang-ZhongImperial College London
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-20.6 Add to My Program
Context-Aware Depth and Pose Estimation for Bronchoscopic Navigation
Shen, MaliThe Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London
Liu, NingImperial College London
Yang, Guang-ZhongImperial College London
WeBT1-21 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Active Perception - 3.2.21  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.1 Add to My Program
Multi-View Picking: Next-Best-View Reaching for Improved Grasping in Clutter
Morrison, DouglasAustralian Centre for Robotic Vision
Corke, PeterQueensland University of Technology
Leitner, JurgenAustralian Centre for Robotic Vision / QUT
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.2 Add to My Program
A Multi-Sensor Next-Best-View Framework for Geometric Model-Based Robotics Applications
Cui, JindaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Wen, JohnRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Trinkle, JeffRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.3 Add to My Program
Model-Free Optimal Estimation and Sensor Placement Framework for Elastic Kinematic Chain
Ahn, JoonmoSeoul National University
Yoon, JaeminSeoul National University
Lee, JeongseobSeoul National University
Lee, DongjunSeoul National University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.4 Add to My Program
Efficient Autonomous Exploration Planning of Large Scale 3D-Environments
Selin, MagnusLinköping University
Tiger, MattiasDepartment of Computer and Information Science, Linköping Univer
Duberg, DanielKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Heintz, FredrikLinköping University
Jensfelt, PatricKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.5 Add to My Program
Tree Search Techniques for Minimizing Detectability and Maximizing Visibility
Zhang, ZhongshunVirginia Tech
Lee, JosephU.S. Army TARDEC
Smereka, Jonathon M.U.S. Army TARDEC
Sung, YoonchangVirginia Tech
Zhou, LifengVirginia Tech
Tokekar, PratapVirginia Tech
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-21.6 Add to My Program
Autonomous Exploration of Complex Underwater Environments Using a Probabilistic Next-Best-View Planner
Palomeras, NarcisUniversitat De Girona
Hurtos, NataliaUniversity of Girona
Vidal Garcia, EduardUniversitat De Girona
Carreras, MarcUniversitat De Girona
WeBT1-22 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Planning - 3.2.22  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.1 Add to My Program
Chance Constrained Motion Planning for High-Dimensional Robots
Dai, SiyuMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Schaffert, ShawnMassachusetts Institute of Technology
M. Jasour, AshkanMIT
Hofmann, AndreasMIT
Williams, BrianMIT
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.2 Add to My Program
Complete and Near-Optimal Path Planning for Simultaneous Sensor-Based Inspection and Footprint Coverage in Robotic Crack Filling
Yu, KaiyanBinghamton University
Guo, ChaokeRutgers University
Yi, JingangRutgers University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.3 Add to My Program
Approximate Stability Analysis for Drystacked Structures
Liu, YifangUniversity at Buffalo
Saboia Da Silva, MairaUniversity at Buffalo
Thangavelu, VivekanandhanUniversity at Buffalo
Napp, NilsSUNY Buffalo
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.4 Add to My Program
User-Guided Offline Synthesis of Robot Arm Motion from 6-DoF Paths
Praveena, PragathiUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Rakita, DanielUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Mutlu, BilgeUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
Gleicher, MichaelUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.5 Add to My Program
Visual Robot Task Planning
Paxton, ChrisNVIDIA Research
Barnoy, YotamJohns Hopkins
Katyal, KapilJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Arora, RamanJohns Hopkins University
Hager, GregoryJohns Hopkins University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-22.6 Add to My Program
Towards Blended Reactive Planning and Acting Using Behavior Trees
Colledanchise, MicheleIIT - Italian Institute of Technology
Almeida, DiogoRoyal Institute of Technology, KTH
Ogren, PetterRoyal Institute of Technology (KTH)
WeBT1-23 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Vision-Based Navigation - 3.2.23  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.1 Add to My Program
Visual Representations for Semantic Target Driven Navigation
Mousavian, ArsalanNVIDIA
Toshev, AlexanderGoogle
Fiser, MarekGoogle
Kosecka, JanaGeorge Mason University
Wahid, AyzaanGoogle
Davidson, JamesGoogle Inc
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.2 Add to My Program
Deep Object-Centric Policies for Autonomous Driving
Wang, DequanUC Berkeley
Devin, ColineUniversity of California, Berkeley
Cai, Qi-ZhiNanjing University
Yu, FisherUC Berkeley
Darrell, TrevorUC Berkeley
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.3 Add to My Program
Neural Autonomous Navigation with Riemannian Motion Policy
Meng, XiangyunUniversity of Washington
Ratliff, NathanLula Robotics Inc
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.4 Add to My Program
The Oxford Multimotion Dataset: Multiple SE(3) Motions with Ground Truth
Judd, Kevin MichaelUniversity of Oxford
Gammell, JonathanUniversity of Oxford
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.5 Add to My Program
Safe Navigation with Human Instructions in Complex Scenes
Hu, ZheCity University of Hong Kong
Pan, JiaThe City University of Hong Kong
Fan, TingxiangDorabot
Yang, RuigangUniversity of Kentucky
Manocha, DineshUniversity of Maryland
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-23.6 Add to My Program
Two-Stage Transfer Learning for Heterogeneous Robot Detection and 3D Joint Position Estimation in a 2D Camera Image Using CNN
Miseikis, JustinasUniversity of Oslo
Brijacak, InkaJoanneum Research
Yahyanejad, SaeedJoanneum Research
Glette, KyrreUniversity of Oslo
Elle, Ole JakobOslo University Hospital
Torresen, JimUniversity of Oslo
WeBT1-24 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Medical Robotics VIII - 3.2.24  
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.1 Add to My Program
3D Control of Rotating Millimeter-Scale Swimmers through Obstacles
Julien, LeclercUniversity of Houston
Zhao, HaoranUniversity of Houston
Becker, AaronUniversity of Houston
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.2 Add to My Program
Automatic Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Stationary and Moving Eyes with a Robotically-Aligned Scanner
Draelos, MarkDuke University
Ortiz, PabloDuke University
Qian, RuobingDuke University
Keller, BrentonDuke University
Hauser, KrisDuke University
Kuo, AnthonyDuke University
Izatt, JosephDuke University
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.3 Add to My Program
Dense-ArthroSLAM: Dense Intra-Articular 3D Reconstruction with Robust Localization Prior for Arthroscopy
Marmol, AndresQueensland University of Technology
Banach, ArturImperial College London
Peynot, ThierryQueensland University of Technology (QUT)
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.4 Add to My Program
3D Image Reconstruction of Biological Organelles with a Robot-Aided Microscopy System for Intracellular Surgery
Gao, WendiCityU of Hong Kong
Shakoor, AdnanCity University of Hong Kong
Zhao, LiboXi'an Jiaotong University
Jiang, ZhuangdeXi'an Jiaotong University
Sun, DongCity University of Hong Kong
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.5 Add to My Program
Autonomous Data-Driven Manipulation of Unknown Anisotropic Deformable Tissues Using Unmodelled Continuum Manipulators
Alambeigi, FarshidJohns Hopkins University
Wang, ZeruiThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hegeman, RachelJohns Hopkins University
Liu, YunhuiChinese University of Hong Kong
Armand, MehranJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11:30-12:45, Paper WeBT1-24.6 Add to My Program
Magnetic Levitation for Soft-Tethered Capsule Colonoscopy Actuated with a Single Permanent Magnet: A Dynamic Control Approach
Pittiglio, GiovanniUniversity of Leeds
Barducci, LaviniaUniversity of Leeds
Martin, James WilliamUniversity of Leeds
Norton, JosephUniversity of Leeds
Avizzano, Carlo AlbertoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Obstein, KeithVanderbilt University
Valdastri, PietroUniversity of Leeds
WeBT2 Forum, 518ab Add to My Program 
ICRA X: Robotic Art Forum - Session II  
WeLB Social, 210 Add to My Program 
Awards Luncheon  
WeKN1 Keynote Session, 517ab Add to My Program 
Keynote Session V  
Chair: Desai, Jaydev P.Georgia Institute of Technology
14:45-15:30, Paper WeKN1.1 Add to My Program
Robotic Technologies and Targeted Therapy: Challenges and Opportunities
Menciassi, AriannaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna - SSSA
WeKN2 Keynote Session, 517cd Add to My Program 
Keynote Session VI  
Chair: Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
14:45-15:30, Paper WeKN2.1 Add to My Program
Mocap As a Service
Nakamura, YoshihikoUniversity of Tokyo
WeCT1 220
PODS: Wednesday Session III Interactive Session
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-01, 220
Award Finalists I - 3.3.01   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-02, 220
Award Finalists II - 3.3.02   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-03, 220
Award Finalists III - 3.3.03   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-04, 220
Award Finalists IV - 3.3.04   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-05, 220
Award Finalists V - 3.3.05   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-06, 220
Award Finalists VI - 3.3.06   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-07, 220
Medical Robotics IX - 3.3.07   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-08, 220
Aerial Robotics - 3.3.08   Interactive Session, 4 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-09, 220
Vision and Control - 3.3.09   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-10, 220
Mobile Robotics - 3.3.10   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-11, 220
Control - 3.3.11   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-12, 220
Compliant Actuators II - 3.3.12   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-13, 220
Soft Robots VII - 3.3.13   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-14, 220
Legged Robots V - 3.3.14   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-15, 220
Compliance - 3.3.15   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-16, 220
Object Recognition & Segmentation V - 3.3.16   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-17, 220
Autonomous Vehicles III - 3.3.17   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-18, 220
Neurorobotics - 3.3.18   Interactive Session, 5 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-19, 220
Cooperative and Distributed Robot Systems II - 3.3.19   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-20, 220
Machine Learning for Transportation - 3.3.20   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-21, 220
Legged Robots VI - 3.3.21   Interactive Session, 4 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-22, 220
Robot Learning II - 3.3.22   Interactive Session, 6 papers
16:00-17:15, Subsession WeCT1-23, 220
Medical Robotics X - 3.3.23   Interactive Session, 6 papers
WeCT1-01 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Award Finalists I - 3.3.01  
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.1 Add to My Program
Online Multilayered Motion Planning with Dynamic Constraints for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Vidal Garcia, EduardUniversitat De Girona
Moll, MarkRice University
Palomeras, NarcisUniversitat De Girona
Hernández, Juan DavidRice University
Carreras, MarcUniversitat De Girona
Kavraki, LydiaRice University
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.2 Add to My Program
Making Sense of Vision and Touch: Self-Supervised Learning of Multimodal Representations for Contact-Rich Tasks
Lee, MichelleStanford University
Zhu, YukeStanford University
Srinivasan, KrishnanStanford University
Shah, ParthStanford University
Savarese, SilvioStanford University
Fei-Fei, LiStanford University
Garg, AnimeshStanford University
Bohg, JeannetteStanford University
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.3 Add to My Program
Deep Visuo-Tactile Learning: Estimation of Tactile Properties from Images
Takahashi, KuniyukiPreferred Networks
Tan, JethroPreferred Networks, Inc
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.4 Add to My Program
Variational End-To-End Navigation and Localization
Amini, AlexanderMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rosman, GuyMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Karaman, SertacMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.5 Add to My Program
Geo-Supervised Visual Depth Prediction
Fei, XiaohanUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Wong, AlexUniversity of California Los Angeles
Soatto, StefanoUniversity of California, Los Angeles
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-01.6 Add to My Program
Closing the Sim-To-Real Loop: Adapting Simulation Randomization with Real World Experience
Chebotar, YevgenUniversity of Southern California
Handa, AnkurIIIT Hyderabad
Makoviichuk, ViktorNVIDIA
Macklin, MilesUniversity of Copenhagen, NVIDIA
Issac, JanMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Ratliff, NathanLula Robotics Inc
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
WeCT1-02 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Award Finalists II - 3.3.02  
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.1 Add to My Program
Robotic Orientation Control of Deformable Cells
Dai, ChangshengUniversity of Toronto
Zhang, ZhuoranUniversity of Toronto
Lu, YuchenUniversity of Toronto
Shan, GuanqiaoUniversity of Toronto
Wang, XianUniversity of Toronto
Zhao, QiliUniversity of Toronto
Sun, YuUniversity of Toronto
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.2 Add to My Program
Drift-Free Roll and Pitch Estimation for High-Acceleration Hopping
Yim, Justin K.University of California, Berkeley
Wang, Eric K.University of California, Berkeley
Fearing, RonaldUniversity of California at Berkeley
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.3 Add to My Program
Efficient Symbolic Reactive Synthesis for Finite-Horizon Tasks
He, KeliangRice University
Wells, AndrewRice University
Kavraki, LydiaRice University
Moshe, VardiRice University
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.4 Add to My Program
Combined Task and Motion Planning under Partial Observability: An Optimization-Based Approach
Phiquepal, CamilleUniversity of Stuttgart
Toussaint, MarcUniversity of Stuttgart
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.5 Add to My Program
Towards Robust Product Packing with a Minimalistic End-Effector
Shome, RahulRutgers University
Tang, Wei NeoRutgers University
Song, ChangkyuRutgers University
Mitash, ChaitanyaRutgers University
Kourtev, HristiyanRutgers University
Yu, JingjinRutgers University
Boularias, AbdeslamCarnegie Mellon University
Bekris, Kostas E.Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-02.6 Add to My Program
Contactless Robotic Micromanipulation in Air Using a Magneto-Acoustic System
Youssefi, OmidUniversity of Toronto
Diller, Eric D.University of Toronto
WeCT1-03 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Award Finalists III - 3.3.03  
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-03.1 Add to My Program
Pre-Grasp Sliding Manipulation of Thin Objects Using Soft, Compliant, or Underactuated Hands
Hang, KaiyuYale University
Morgan, AndrewYale University
Dollar, AaronYale University
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-03.2 Add to My Program
Gesture Recognition Via Flexible Capacitive Touch Electrodes
Dankovich IV, LouisUniversity of Maryland College Park
Bergbreiter, SarahCarnegie Mellon University
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-03.3 Add to My Program
Robust Learning of Tactile Force Estimation through Robot Interaction
Sundaralingam, BalakumarUniversity of Utah
Lambert, AlexGeorgia Institute of Technology
Handa, AnkurIIIT Hyderabad
Boots, ByronGeorgia Institute of Technology
Hermans, TuckerUniversity of Utah
Birchfield, StanNVIDIA
Ratliff, NathanLula Robotics Inc
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-03.4 Add to My Program
Deconfliction of Motion Paths with Traffic Inspired Rules in Robot–Robot and Human–Robot Interactions
Celi, FedericoUniversity of Pisa
Wang, LiGeorgia Institute of Technology
Pallottino, LuciaUniversità Di Pisa
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Institute of Technology
16:00-17:15, Paper WeCT1-03.5 Add to My Program
The Role of Closed-Loop Hand Control in Handshaking Interactions
Vigni, FrancescoUniversity of Siena
Knoop, EspenThe Walt Disney Company
Prattichizzo, DomenicoUniversity of Siena
Malvezzi, MonicaUniversity of Siena