2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
May 20-24, 2019, Palais des congres de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

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Last updated on May 27, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday May 21, 2019

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TuPL Plenary Session, 210 Add to My Program 
Plenary Session II  
Chair: Desai, Jaydev P.Georgia Institute of Technology
08:30-09:30, Paper TuPL.1 Add to My Program
Opportunities and Challenges for Autonomy in Micro Aerial Vehicles
Kumar, VijayUniversity of Pennsylvania
TuKN1 Keynote Session, 517ab Add to My Program 
Keynote Session III  
Chair: Desai, Jaydev P.Georgia Institute of Technology
09:45-10:30, Paper TuKN1.1 Add to My Program
Embracing Failure
Mason, Matthew T.Carnegie Mellon University
TuKN2 Keynote Session, 517cd Add to My Program 
Keynote Session IV  
Chair: Dudek, GregoryMcGill University
09:45-10:30, Paper TuKN2.1 Add to My Program
Robotic Dresses and Emotional Interfaces
Wipprecht, AnoukSelf-Employed / Freelance / Hi-Tech Fashion Designer
TuAT1 220
PODS: Tuesday Session I Interactive Session
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-01, 220
Marine Robotics I - 2.1.01   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-02, 220
Pose Estimation - 2.1.02   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-03, 220
Visual Odometry I - 2.1.03   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-04, 220
Space Robotics I - 2.1.04   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-05, 220
Deep Learning for Manipulation - 2.1.05   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-06, 220
Product Design, Development and Prototyping - 2.1.06   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-07, 220
Humanoid Robots IV - 2.1.07   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-08, 220
Human-Robot Interaction I - 2.1.08   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-09, 220
Perception for Manipulation I - 2.1.09   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-10, 220
Intelligent Transportation I - 2.1.10   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-11, 220
Medical Robotics V - 2.1.11   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-12, 220
Field Robotics II - 2.1.12   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-13, 220
Soft Robots II - 2.1.13   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-14, 220
Haptics & Interfaces I - 2.1.14   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-15, 220
SLAM - Session IV - 2.1.15   Interactive Session, 5 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-16, 220
Mapping - 2.1.16   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-17, 220
Aerial Systems: Mechanisms I - 2.1.17   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-18, 220
Aerial Systems: Applications III - 2.1.18   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-19, 220
Automation Technology - 2.1.19   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-20, 220
Force and Tactile Sensing I - 2.1.20   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-21, 220
Social HRI II - 2.1.21   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-22, 220
Object Recognition & Segmentation I - 2.1.22   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-23, 220
Localization and Estimation - 2.1.23   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-24, 220
Under-Actuated Robots - 2.1.24   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-25, 220
Human-Robot Interaction II - 2.1.25   Interactive Session, 6 papers
11:00-12:15, Subsession TuAT1-26, 220
Multi-Robot Systems V - 2.1.26   Interactive Session, 6 papers
TuAT1-01 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Marine Robotics I - 2.1.01  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.1 Add to My Program
Online Estimation of Ocean Current from Sparse GPS Data for Underwater Vehicles
Lee, Ki Myung BrianUniversity of Technology Sydney
Yoo, ChanyeolUniversity of Technology Sydney
Hollings, BenBlue Ocean Monitoring Ltd
Anstee, Stuart DavidDefence Science and Technology Group
Huang, ShoudongUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Fitch, RobertUniversity of Technology Sydney
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.2 Add to My Program
Working towards Adaptive Sensing for Terrain-Aided Navigation
Zhou, MingxiUniversity of Rhode Island
Bachmayer, RalfUniversity of Bremen
deYoung, BradMemorial University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.3 Add to My Program
Non-Gaussian SLAM Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Sonar
Cheung, Mei YiMIT
Fourie, DehannMassachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanograph
Rypkema, Nicholas RahardiyanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Vaz Teixeira, PedroMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Schmidt, HenrikMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Leonard, JohnMIT
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.4 Add to My Program
Easily Deployable Underwater Acoustic Navigation System for Multi-Vehicle Environmental Sampling Applications
Quraishi, Anwar AhmadÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Bahr, AlexanderEcole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
Schill, FelixEcole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Martinoli, AlcherioEPFL
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.5 Add to My Program
Underwater Terrain Reconstruction from Forward-Looking Sonar Imagery
Wang, JinkunStevens Institute of Technology
Shan, TixiaoStevens Institute of Technology
Englot, BrendanStevens Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-01.6 Add to My Program
Through-Water Stereo SLAM with Refraction Correction for AUV Localization
Suresh, SudharshanCarnegie Mellon University
Westman, EricCarnegie Mellon University
Kaess, MichaelCarnegie Mellon University
TuAT1-02 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Pose Estimation - 2.1.02  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.1 Add to My Program
Detect in RGB, Optimize in Edge: Accurate 6D Pose Estimation for Texture-Less Industrial Parts
Zhang, HaoruoShanghai Jiao Tong University, Research Institute of Robotics
Cao, QixinShanghai Jiao Tong University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.2 Add to My Program
POSEAMM: A Unified Framework for Solving Pose Problems Using an Alternating Minimization Method
Campos, JoãoISR-Lisbon
Cardoso, JoãoCoimbra Polytechnic - ISEC
Miraldo, PedroKTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.3 Add to My Program
Learning Object Localization and 6D Pose Estimation from Simulation and Weakly Labeled Real Images
Mercier, Jean-PhilippeUniversite Laval
Mitash, ChaitanyaRutgers University
Giguere, PhilippeUniversité Laval
Boularias, AbdeslamCarnegie Mellon University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.4 Add to My Program
Stampede: A Discrete-Optimization Method for Solving Pathwise-Inverse Kinematics
Rakita, DanielUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Mutlu, BilgeUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
Gleicher, MichaelUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.5 Add to My Program
Reconstructing Human Hand Pose and Configuration Using a Fixed-Base Exoskeleton
Pereira, AaronTechnische Universität München
Stillfried, GeorgGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Baker, ThomasTechnische Universität München
Schmidt, AnnikaGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Maier, AnnikaGerman Aerospace Center
Pleintinger, BenediktInstitute of Robotics andMechatronics, GermanAerospaceCenter (DLR
Chen, ZhaopengInstitute of Robotics and Mechatronics, GermanAerospaceCenter, D
Hulin, ThomasGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Lii, Neal Y.German Aerospace Center (DLR)
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-02.6 Add to My Program
Learning Pose Estimation for High-Precision Robotic Assembly Using Simulated Depth Images
Litvak, YuvalBen-Gurion University, Be'er Sheva
Biess, ArminBen-Gurion University of the Negev
Bar-Hillel, AharonBen Gurion University of the Negev
TuAT1-03 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Visual Odometry I - 2.1.03  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.1 Add to My Program
Aided Inertial Navigation: Unified Feature Representations and Observability Analysis
Yang, YulinUniversity of Delaware
Huang, GuoquanUniversity of Delaware
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.2 Add to My Program
A Linear-Complexity EKF for Visual-Inertial Navigation with Loop Closures
Geneva, PatrickUniversity of Delaware
Eckenhoff, KevinUniversity of Delaware
Huang, GuoquanUniversity of Delaware
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.3 Add to My Program
Sensor-Failure-Resilient Multi-IMU Visual-Inertial Navigation
Eckenhoff, KevinUniversity of Delaware
Geneva, PatrickUniversity of Delaware
Huang, GuoquanUniversity of Delaware
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.4 Add to My Program
Learning Monocular Visual Odometry through Geometry-Aware Curriculum Learning
Saputra, Muhamad Risqi U.University of Oxford
Porto Buarque de Gusmão, PedroUniversity of Oxford
Wang, SenEdinburgh Centre for Robotics, Heriot-Watt University
Markham, AndrewOxford University
Trigoni, NikiUniversity of Oxford
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.5 Add to My Program
Visual-Odometric Localization and Mapping for Ground Vehicles Using SE(2)-XYZ Constraints
Zheng, FanThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Liu, YunhuiChinese University of Hong Kong
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-03.6 Add to My Program
Keyframe-Based Direct Thermal–Inertial Odometry
Khattak, ShehryarUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Papachristos, ChristosUniversity of Nevada Reno
Alexis, KostasUniversity of Nevada, Reno
TuAT1-04 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Space Robotics I - 2.1.04  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.1 Add to My Program
On Parameter Estimation of Space Manipulator Systems with Flexible Joints Using the Energy Balance
Nanos, KostasNational Technical University of Athens
Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Technical University of Athens
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.2 Add to My Program
Coordinated Control of Spacecraft's Attitude and End-Effector for Space Robots
Giordano, Alessandro MassimoDLR (German Aerospace Center)
Ott, ChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aerospace Center
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.3 Add to My Program
Central Pattern Generators Control of Momentum Driven Compliant Structures
Bonardi, StephaneInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan Aeros
Romanishin, JohnMIT
Rus, DanielaMIT
Kubota, TakashiJAXA ISAS
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.4 Add to My Program
Rover-IRL: Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Soft Value Iteration Networks for Planetary Rover Path Planning
Pflueger, MaxUniversity of Southern California
Agha-mohammadi, Ali-akbarNASA-JPL, Caltech
Sukhatme, GauravUniversity of Southern California
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.5 Add to My Program
Contact-Event-Triggered Mode Estimation for Dynamic Rigid Body Impedance-Controlled Capture
Kato, HirokiJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Hirano, DaichiJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Ota, JunThe University of Tokyo
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-04.6 Add to My Program
Multi-Rate Tracking Control for a Space Robot on a Controlled Satellite: A Passivity-Based Strategy
De Stefano, MarcoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Mishra, HrishikGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Balachandran, RibinDLR
Lampariello, RobertoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Ott, ChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Secchi, CristianUniv. of Modena & Reggio Emilia
TuAT1-05 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Deep Learning for Manipulation - 2.1.05  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.1 Add to My Program
Leveraging Contact Forces for Learning to Grasp
Merzic, HamzaHerr
Bogdanovic, MiroslavMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Kappler, DanielX (Google)
Righetti, LudovicNew York University
Bohg, JeannetteStanford University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.2 Add to My Program
Learning Latent Space Dynamics for Tactile Servoing
Sutanto, GiovanniUniversity of Southern California
Ratliff, NathanLula Robotics Inc
Sundaralingam, BalakumarUniversity of Utah
Chebotar, YevgenUniversity of Southern California
Su, ZheUniversity of Southern California
Handa, AnkurIIIT Hyderabad
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.3 Add to My Program
PointNetGPD: Detecting Grasp Configurations from Point Sets
Liang, HongzhuoUniversity of Hamburg
Ma, XiaojianTsinghua University
Li, ShuangUniversity of Hamburg
Görner, MichaelUniversity of Hamburg
Tang, SongUniversity of Hamburg
Fang, BinTsinghua University
Sun, FuchunTsinghua University
Zhang, JianweiUniversity of Hamburg
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.4 Add to My Program
Learning Deep Visuomotor Policies for Dexterous Hand Manipulation
Jain, DivyeUniversity of Washington
Li, AndrewUniversity of Washington
Singhal, ShivamUniversity of Washington
Rajeswaran, AravindUniversity of Washington
Kumar, VikashGoogle-Brain
Todorov, EmanuelUniversity of Washington
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.5 Add to My Program
Learning to Identify Object Instances by Touch: Tactile Recognition Via Multimodal Matching
Lin, JustinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Calandra, RobertoFacebook
Levine, SergeyUC Berkeley
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-05.6 Add to My Program
Dexterous Manipulation with Deep Reinforcement Learning: Efficient, General, and Low-Cost
Gupta, AbhishekUC Berkeley
Zhu, HenryUC Berkeley
Rajeswaran, AravindUniversity of Washington
Levine, SergeyUC Berkeley
Kumar, VikashGoogle-Brain
TuAT1-06 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Product Design, Development and Prototyping - 2.1.06  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.1 Add to My Program
Inkjet Printable Actuators and Sensors for Soft-Bodied Crawling Robots
Ta, Tung D.The University of Tokyo
Umedachi, TakuyaThe University of Tokyo
Kawahara, YoshihiroThe University of Tokyo
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.2 Add to My Program
Design and Evaluation of an Energy-Saving Drive for a Versatile Robotic Gripper
Neven, Johannes JobDelft University of Technology
Baioumy, MohamedDelft University of Technology
Wolfslag, WouterUniversity of Edinburgh
Wisse, MartijnDelft University of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.3 Add to My Program
Generative Deformation: Procedural Perforation for Elastic Structures
Transue, ShaneUniversity of Colorado Denver
Choi, Min-HyungUniversity of Colorado Denver
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.4 Add to My Program
Robotics Education and Research at Scale: A Remotely Accessible Robotics Development Platform
Wiedmeyer, WolfgangKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Mende, MichaelKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Hartmann, DennisKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Bischoff, RainerKUKA Roboter GmbH
Ledermann, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Kroeger, TorstenKarlsruher Institut Für Technologie (KIT)
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.5 Add to My Program
Automated Seedling Height Assessment for Tree Nurseries Using Point Cloud Processing
Wanasinghe, Thumeera RuwansiriMemorial University of Newfoundland
De Silva, OscarMemorial University of Newfoundland
Mann, George K. I.Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dowden, BenjaminMemorial University of Newfoundland
Lundrigan, Cyril GerardGovernment of Newfoundland & Labrador
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-06.6 Add to My Program
Adsorption Pad Using Capillary Force for Uneven Surface
Ichikawa, AkihikoMeijo University
Shinya, KajinoMeijo University
Atsusi, TakeyamaMeijo University
Yamato, AdachiMeijo University
Keisuke, TotsukaMeijo University
Ikemoto, YusukeMeijo University
Ohara, KenichiMeijo University
Oomichi, TakeoMeijo University
Fukuda, ToshioMeijo University
TuAT1-07 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Humanoid Robots IV - 2.1.07  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.1 Add to My Program
Effects of Foot Stiffness and Damping on Walking Robot Performance
Schumann, EthanUniversity of Pittsburgh
Smit-Anseeuw, NilsUniversity of Michigan
Zaytsev, PetrUniversity of Stuttgart
Gleason, RodneyUniversity of Michigan
Shorter, AlexUniversity of Michigan
Remy, C. DavidUniversity of Michigan
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.2 Add to My Program
Dynamic Walking on Slippery Surfaces: Demonstrating Stable Bipedal Gaits with Planned Ground Slippage
Ma, WenlongCalifornia Institute of Technology
Or, YizharTechnion
Ames, AaronCaltech
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.3 Add to My Program
Torque and Velocity Controllers to Perform Jumps with a Humanoid Robot: Theory and Implementation on the iCub Robot
Bergonti, FabioItalian Institute of Technology
Fiorio, LucaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Pucci, DanieleItalian Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.4 Add to My Program
Safe Adaptive Switching among Dynamical Movement Primitives: Application to 3D Limit-Cycle Walkers
Veer, SushantUniversity of Delaware
Poulakakis, IoannisUniversity of Delaware
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.5 Add to My Program
Torque-Based Balancing for a Humanoid Robot Performing High-Force Interaction Tasks
Abi-Farraj, FirasCNRS-Irisa
Henze, BerndGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Ott, ChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Robuffo Giordano, PaoloCentre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Roa, Maximo A.DLR - German Aerospace Center
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-07.6 Add to My Program
Humanoid Dynamic Synchronization through Whole-Body Bilateral Feedback Teleoperation (I)
Ramos, JoaoMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Kim, SangbaeMassachusetts Institute of Technology
TuAT1-08 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Interaction I - 2.1.08  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.1 Add to My Program
Interactive Open-Ended Object, Affordance and Grasp Learning for Robotic Manipulation
Mohades Kasaei, Seyed HamidrezaUniversity of Groningen
Shafii, NimaUniversity of Aveiro
Seabra Lopes, LuísUniversidade De Aveiro
Tomé, Ana MariaUniversidade De Aveiro
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.2 Add to My Program
A Parallel Low-Impedance Sensing Approach for Highly Responsive Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Boucher, GabrielUniversité Laval
Laliberte, ThierryUniversite Laval
Gosselin, ClementUniversité Laval
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.3 Add to My Program
Safe Human Robot Cooperation in Task Performed on the Shared Load
Anvaripour, MohammadUniversity of Windsor
Khoshnam Tehrani, MahtaSimon Fraser University
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser University
Saif, MehrdadDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University Of
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.4 Add to My Program
A Multi-Modal Sensor Array for Safe Human-Robot Interaction and Mapping
Abah, ColetteVanderbilt University
Orekhov, AndrewVanderbilt University
Johnston, GarrisonVanderbilt University
Yin, PengCarnegie Mellon University
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon University
Simaan, NabilVanderbilt University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.5 Add to My Program
Disturbance-Observer-Based Compliance Control of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators with Backdrivability
Lee, WoongyongPOSTECH
Chung, Wan KyunPOSTECH
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-08.6 Add to My Program
Dynamic Primitives in Human Manipulation of Non-Rigid Objects
Guang, HuiTsinghua University
Bazzi, SalahNortheastern University
Sternad, DagmarNortheastern University
Hogan, NevilleMassachusetts Institute of Technology
TuAT1-09 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Perception for Manipulation I - 2.1.09  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.1 Add to My Program
State Estimation in Contact-Rich Manipulation
Wirnshofer, FlorianSiemens AG
Schmitt, Philipp SebastianSiemens Corporate Technology
Meister, PhilineSiemens
v. Wichert, GeorgSiemens AG
Burgard, WolframUniversity of Freiburg
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.2 Add to My Program
Improved Proximity, Contact, and Force Sensing Via Optimization of Elastomer-Air Interface Geometry
Lancaster, PatrickUniversity of Washington
Smith, Joshua R.University of Washington
Srinivasa, SiddharthaUniversity of Washington
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.3 Add to My Program
Improving Haptic Adjective Recognition with Unsupervised Feature Learning
Richardson, Benjamin A.Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Kuchenbecker, Katherine J.Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.4 Add to My Program
Tactile Mapping and Localization from High-Resolution Tactile Imprints
Bauza Villalonga, MariaMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Canal Anton, OleguerMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rodriguez, AlbertoMassachusetts Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.5 Add to My Program
Maintaining Grasps within Slipping Bounds by Monitoring Incipient Slip
Dong, SiyuanMIT
Ma, DaolinMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Donlon, ElliottMIT
Rodriguez, AlbertoMassachusetts Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-09.6 Add to My Program
From Pixels to Percepts: Highly Robust Perception and Exploration Using Deep Learning and an Optical Biomimetic Tactile Sensor
Lepora, NathanUniversity of Bristol
Church, AlexUniversity of Bristol
de Kerckhove, ConradUniversity of Bristol
Hadsell, RaiaDeepMind
Lloyd, JohnUniversity of Bristol
TuAT1-10 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Intelligent Transportation I - 2.1.10  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.1 Add to My Program
Road Detection through CRF Based LiDAR-Camera Fusion
Gu, ShuoNanjing University of Science and Technology
Zhang, YigongNanjing University of Science and Technology
Tang, JinhuiNanjing University of Science and Technology
Yang, JianNanjing University of Science & Technology
Kong, HuiNanjing University of Science and Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.2 Add to My Program
Semantic Mapping Extension for OpenStreetMap Applied to Indoor Robot Navigation
Naik, LakshadeepHochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Science
Blumenthal, SebastianLocomotec
Huebel, NicoKU Leuven
Bruyninckx, HermanUniversity of Leuven
Prassler, ErwinBonn-Rhein-Sieg Univ. of Applied Sciences
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.3 Add to My Program
Adaptive Probabilistic Vehicle Trajectory Prediction through Physically Feasible Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network
Tang, ChenUniversity of California Berkeley
Chen, JianyuUC Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniversity of California
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.4 Add to My Program
Optimizing Vehicle Distributions and Fleet Sizes for Shared Mobility-On-Demand
Wallar, AlexanderMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Alonso-Mora, JavierDelft University of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.5 Add to My Program
Global Vision-Based Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Road Surfaces Using Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter
Li, DiyaVirginia Tech
Furukawa, TomonariVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-10.6 Add to My Program
Deep Metadata Fusion for Traffic Light to Lane Assignment
Langenberg, TristanDaimler AG
Lüddecke, TimoUniversity of Göttingen
Wörgötter, FlorentinUniversity of Göttingen
TuAT1-11 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Medical Robotics V - 2.1.11  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-11.1 Add to My Program
Autonomous Tissue Manipulation Via Surgical Robot Using Learning Based Model Predictive Control
Shin, ChangyeobUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Ferguson, PeterUniversity of California Los Angeles
Aghajani Pedram, SahbaUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Ma, JiUniversity of California Los Angeles
Dutson, ErikUCLA
Rosen, JacobUniversity of California at Santa Cruz
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-11.2 Add to My Program
Robotic Control of a Multi-Modal Rigid Endoscope Combining Optical Imaging with All-Optical Ultrasound
Dwyer, GeorgeUniversity College London
Colchester, Richard JUCL
Alles, Erwin J.University College London
Maneas, EfthymiosDepartment of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Univer
Ourselin, SebastienUniversity College London
Vercauteren, TomKing's College London
Deprest, JanUniversity Hospital Leuven
Vander Poorten, Emmanuel BKU Leuven
De Coppi, PaoloUCL
Desjardins, AdrienDepartment of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Univer
Stoyanov, DanailUniversity College London
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-11.3 Add to My Program
Enabling Technology for Safe Robot-Assisted Retinal Surgery: Early Warning for Unsafe Scleral Force
He, ChangyanBeihang University
Patel, NiravkumarJohns Hopkins University
Iordachita, Ioan IulianJohns Hopkins University
Kobilarov, MarinJohns Hopkins University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-11.4 Add to My Program
Robotic Bronchoscopy Drive Mode of the Auris Monarch Platform
Graetzel, ChaunceyAuris Health Inc
Sheehy, AlexanderAuris Health Inc
Noonan, DavidAuris Health Inc
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-11.5 Add to My Program
Using Comanipulation with Active Force Feedback to Undistort Stiffness Perception in Laparoscopy
Schmitt, FrançoisICube, University of Strasbourg
Sulub, JosueISIR-Agathe, Sorbonne Universités, CNRS
Avellino, IgnacioSorbonne Université, CNRS, INSERM, ISIR-Agathe
Da Silva, JimmySorbonne Université, CNRS, INSERM, ISIR-Agathe
Barbé, LaurentUniversity of Strasbourg, ICUBE CNRS
Piccin, OlivierICube-AVR
Bayle, BernardUniversity of Strasbourg
Morel, GuillaumeUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie - Paris 6
TuAT1-12 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Field Robotics II - 2.1.12  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.1 Add to My Program
VIKINGS : An Autonomous Inspection Robot for the ARGOS Challenge (I)
Merriaux, PierreIrseem/Esigelec
Rossi, RomainESIGELEC
Boutteau, RémiIRSEEM
Vauchey, VincentESIGELEC
Chanuc, PailinESIGELEC
Rigaud, FlorentCompagnie Nationale Du Rhône
Roger, FlorentSOMINEX
Benoit, DecouxEsigelec
Savatier, XavierIrseem Ea 4353
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.2 Add to My Program
Coordinated Control of a Dual-Arm Space Robot (I)
Shi, LinglingBeijing Institute of Technology
Jayakody, Hiranya SamangaUniversity of New South Wales
Katupitiya, JayanthaThe University of New South Wales
Jin, XinBeijing Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.3 Add to My Program
Radiological Monitoring of Nuclear Facilities Using the Continuous Autonomous Radiation Monitoring Assistance (CARMA) Robot (I)
Bird, BenjaminThe University of Manchester
Griffiths, ArronThe University of Manchester
Martin, HoratioThe University of Manchester
Codres, EduardThe University of Manchester
Jones, JenniferThe University of Manchester
Stancu, AlexandruThe University of Manchester
Lennox, BarryThe University of Manchester
Watson, SimonUniversity of Manchester
Poteau, XavierSellafield Ltd
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.4 Add to My Program
Robot Foraging: Autonomous Sample Return in a Large Outdoor Environment (I)
Gu, YuWest Virginia University
Strader, JaredWest Virginia University
Ohi, NicholasWest Virginia University
Harper, ScottWest Virginia University
Lassak, KyleWest Virginia University
Yang, ChizhaoWest Virginia University
Kogan, LisaWest Virginia University
Hu, BoyiHarvard University
Gramlich, MatthewWest Virginia University
Kavi, RahulWest Virginia University
Gross, JasonWest Virginia University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.5 Add to My Program
Pictobot : A Cooperative Painting Robot for Interior Finishing of Industrial Developments (I)
Asadi, EhsanNanyang Technological University
Li, BingbingNanyang Technological University
Chen, I-MingNanyang Technological University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-12.6 Add to My Program
Teleoperated In-Situ Repair of an Aeroengine (I)
Alatorre, DavidUniversity of Nottingham
Nasser, BilalRolls-Royce Plc
Rabani, AmirThe University of Nottingham
Nagy, AdamUniversity of Nottingham
Dong, XinUniversity of Nottingham
Axinte, DragosUniversity of Nottingham
Kell, JamesUniversity of Nottingham
TuAT1-13 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Soft Robots II - 2.1.13  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.1 Add to My Program
Stiffness-Tuneable Limb Segment with Flexible Spine for Malleable Robots
Clark, Angus BenedictImperial College London
Rojas, NicolasImperial College London
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.2 Add to My Program
A Reconfigurable Variable Stiffness Manipulator by a Sliding Layer Mechanism
Li, Dickson Chun FungThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wang, ZeruiThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ouyang, BoCity University of Hong Kong
Liu, YunhuiChinese University of Hong Kong
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.3 Add to My Program
A Novel Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on Pneumatic Actuation and Supercoiled Polymer Artificial Muscles
Yang, YangThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kan, ZichengThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Zhang, YazhanThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tse, Yu AlexanderThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wang, Michael YuHong Kong University of Science & Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.4 Add to My Program
Design and Analysis of Pneumatic 2-DoF Soft Haptic Devices for Shear Display
Kanjanapas, SmitaStanford University
Nunez, Cara M.Stanford University
Williams, Sophia R.Stanford University
Okamura, Allison M.Stanford University
Luo, MingStanford University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.5 Add to My Program
Pre-Charged Pneumatic Soft Gripper with Close Loop Control
Li, YunquanThe University of Hong Kong
Chen, YonghuaThe University of Hong Kong
Li, YingtianThe University of Hong Kong
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-13.6 Add to My Program
A Novel Iterative Learning Model Predictive Control Method for Soft Bending Actuators
Tang, ZhiQiangThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Heung, Ho LamThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tong, Kai YuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Li, ZhengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
TuAT1-14 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Haptics & Interfaces I - 2.1.14  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.1 Add to My Program
Design and Experimental Validation of a 2DOF Sidestick Powered by Hyper-Redundant Magnetorheological Actuators Providing Active Feedback
Begin, Marc-AndreUniversite De Sherbrooke
Denninger, MarcUniversité De Sherbrooke
Plante, Jean-SebastienUniversité De Sherbrooke
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.2 Add to My Program
A Lightweight Force-Controllable Wearable Arm Based on Magnetorheological-Hydrostatic Actuators
Veronneau, CatherineUniversite De Sherbrooke
Denis, JeffUniversité De Sherbrooke
Lebel, Louis-PhilippeUniversité De Sherbrooke
Denninger, MarcUniversité De Sherbrooke
Plante, Jean-SebastienUniversité De Sherbrooke
Girard, AlexandreUniversité De Sehrbrooke
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.3 Add to My Program
Effects of Different Hand-Grounding Locations on Haptic Performance with a Wearable Kinesthetic Haptic Device
Nisar, SajidKyoto University
Orta Martinez, MelisaStanford University
Endo, TakahiroKyoto University
Matsuno, FumitoshiKyoto University
Okamura, Allison M.Stanford University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.4 Add to My Program
Optical Force Sensing in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
Hadi Hosseinabadi, Amir HosseinUniversity of British Columbia
Honarvar, MohammadUniversity of British Columbia
Salcudean, Septimiu E.University of British Columbia
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.5 Add to My Program
Mechanical Framework Design with Experimental Verification of a Wearable Exoskeleton Chair
Han, BinHuazhong University of Science and Technology
Du, ZihaoHuazhong University of Science and Technology
Huang, TiantianHuazhong University of Science and Technology
Zhang, TaoTsinghua University
Li, ZhiyuanTsinghua University
Bai, OuFIU
Chen, XuedongHuazhong University of Science and Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-14.6 Add to My Program
Fluidic Elastomer Actuators for Haptic Interactions in Virtual Reality
Barreiros, JoseCornell University
Claure, HoustonCornell University
Peele, BryanCornell University
Shapira, OmerNVIDIA
Spjut, JosefNVIDIA Corporation
Luebke, DavidNVIDIA
Jung, MalteCornell University
Shepherd, RobertCornell University
TuAT1-15 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
SLAM - Session IV - 2.1.15  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-15.1 Add to My Program
KO-Fusion: Dense Visual SLAM with Tightly-Coupled Kinematic and Odometric Tracking
Houseago, CharlieImperial College London
Bloesch, MichaelImperial College
Leutenegger, StefanImperial College London
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-15.2 Add to My Program
Diffraction-Aware Sound Localization for a Non-Line-Of-Sight Source
An, InkyuKAIST
Lee, DoheonKAIST
Choi, Jung-WooKAIST
Manocha, DineshUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Yoon, Sung-euiKAIST
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-15.3 Add to My Program
DeepFusion: Real-Time Dense 3D Reconstruction for Monocular SLAM Using Single-View Depth and Gradient Predictions
Laidlow, TristanImperial College London
Czarnowski, JanImperial College London
Leutenegger, StefanImperial College London
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-15.4 Add to My Program
Sparse2Dense: From Direct Sparse Odometry to Dense 3D Reconstruction
Tang, JiexiongKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Folkesson, JohnKTH
Jensfelt, PatricKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-15.5 Add to My Program
Loosely-Coupled Semi-Direct Monocular SLAM
Lee, Seong HunUniversity of Zaragoza
Civera, JavierUniversidad De Zaragoza
TuAT1-16 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Mapping - 2.1.16  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.1 Add to My Program
Dynamic Hilbert Maps: Real-Time Occupancy Predictions in Changing Environments
Guizilini, VitorUniversity of Sydney
Senanayake, RansaluUniversity of Sydney
Ramos, FabioUniversity of Sydney
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.2 Add to My Program
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Perspective Aware Planning with Panoramas
Mox, DanielUniversity of Pennsylvania
Cowley, AnthonyUniversity of Pennsylvania
Hsieh, M. AniUniversity of Pennsylvania
Taylor, Camillo JoseUniversity of Pennsylvania
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.3 Add to My Program
Actively Improving Robot Navigation on Different Terrains Using Gaussian Process Mixture Models
Nardi, LorenzoUniversity of Bonn
Stachniss, CyrillUniversity of Bonn
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.4 Add to My Program
Continuous Occupancy Map Fusion with Fast Bayesian Hilbert Maps
Zhi, WeimingUniversity of Sydney
Ott, LionelUniversity of Sydney
Senanayake, RansaluUniversity of Sydney
Ramos, FabioUniversity of Sydney
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.5 Add to My Program
Regeneration of Normal Distributions Transform for Target Lattice Based on Fusion of Truncated Gaussian Components
Hong, HyunkiSeoul National University
Yu, HyeonwooSeoul National University
Lee, Beom-HeeSeoul National University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-16.6 Add to My Program
Robust Global Structure from Motion Pipeline with Parallax on Manifold Bundle Adjustment and Initialization
Liu, LiyangUniversity of Technology Sydney
Zhang, TengUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Leighton, BrentonUniversity of Technology Sydney
Zhao, LiangImperial College London
Huang, ShoudongUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Dissanayake, GaminiUniversity of Technology Sydney
TuAT1-17 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Aerial Systems: Mechanisms I - 2.1.17  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.1 Add to My Program
Fault-Tolerant Flight Control of a VTOL Tailsitter UAV
Fuhrer, SilvanETH Zurich
Verling, SebastianETH Zurich
Stastny, ThomasSwiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.2 Add to My Program
Modeling and Control of a Passively-Coupled Tilt-Rotor Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft
Chiappinelli, RomainCoriolis Games Corporation
Cohen, MitchellMcGill University
Doff-Sotta, MartinMcGill University
Nahon, MeyerMcGill University
Forbes, James RichardMcGill University
Apkarian, JacobCoriolis G
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.3 Add to My Program
Power-Minimizing Control of a Variable-Pitch Propulsion System for Versatile Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Henderson, TravisCSE, UMN
Papanikolopoulos, NikosUniversity of Minnesota
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.4 Add to My Program
Rapid Inertial Reorientation of an Aerial Insect-Sized Robot Using a Piezo-Actuated Tail
Singh, AvinashUniversity of Washington
Libby, ThomasUniversity of Washington
Fuller, SawyerUniversity of Washington
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.5 Add to My Program
Contact-Based Navigation Path Planning for Aerial Robots
Khedekar, Nikhil VijayBirla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani
Mascarich, FrankUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Papachristos, ChristosUniversity of Nevada Reno
Dang, TungUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Alexis, KostasUniversity of Nevada, Reno
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-17.6 Add to My Program
Cargo Transportation Strategy Using T3-Multirotor UAV
Lee, Seung JaeSeoul National University
Kim, H. JinSeoul National University
TuAT1-18 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Aerial Systems: Applications III - 2.1.18  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.1 Add to My Program
Experimental Learning of a Lift-Maximizing Central Pattern Generator for a Flapping Robotic Wing
Bayiz, Yagiz EfePennsylvania State University
Hsu, Shih-JungPenn State University
Aguiles, AaronThe Pennsylvania State University
Shade-Alexander, YanoPennsylvania State University
Cheng, BoPennsylvania State University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.2 Add to My Program
Toward Lateral Aerial Grasping & Manipulation Using Scalable Suction
Kessens, Chad C.United States Army Research Laboratory
Horowitz, MatthewEngility Corp
Liu, ChaoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Dotterweich, JamesEngility Corp
Yim, MarkUniversity of Pennsylvania
Edge, HarrisUS Army Research Lab
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.3 Add to My Program
Light-Weight Whiskers for Contact, Pre-Contact and Fluid Velocity Sensing
Deer, WilliamUniversity of Queensland
Pounds, PaulineThe University of Queensland
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.4 Add to My Program
There's No Place Like Home: Visual Teach and Repeat for Emergency Return of Multirotor UAVs During GPS Failure
Warren, MichaelUniversity of Toronto
Greeff, MelissaUniversity of Toronto
Patel, BhavitUniversity of Toronto
Collier, JackDefence R&D Canada
Schoellig, Angela P.University of Toronto
Barfoot, TimothyUniversity of Toronto
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.5 Add to My Program
Human Gaze-Driven Spatial Tasking of an Autonomous MAV
Yuan, LiangzheUniversity of Pennsylvania
Reardon, Christopher M.U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Warnell, GarrettU.S. Army Research Laboratory
Loianno, GiuseppeNew York University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-18.6 Add to My Program
Optimal Trajectory Generation for Quadrotor Teach-And-Repeat
Gao, FeiHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wang, LuqiHKUST
Wang, KaixuanHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wu, WilliamHKUST
Zhou, BoyuHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Han, LuxinHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Shen, ShaojieHong Kong University of Science and Technology
TuAT1-19 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Automation Technology - 2.1.19  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.1 Add to My Program
Design and Implementation of Computer Vision Based In-Row Weeding System
Wu, XiaolongGeorgia Institute of Technology
Aravecchia, StephanieUmi 2958 Gt-Cnrs
Pradalier, CedricGeorgiaTech Lorraine
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.2 Add to My Program
LSTM-Based Network for Human Gait Stability Prediction in an Intelligent Robotic Rollator
Chalvatzaki, GeorgiaNational Technical University of Athens
Koutras, PetrosNational Technical University of Athens
Hadfield, JackNational Technical University of Athens
Papageorgiou, Xanthi S.National Technical University of Athens
Tzafestas, Costas S.ICCS - Inst of Communication and Computer Systems
Maragos, PetrosNational Technical University of Athens
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.3 Add to My Program
Urban Swarms: A New Approach for Autonomous Waste Management
Alfeo, Antonio LucaUniversity of Pisa
Castello Ferrer, EduardoMIT
Lizarribar Carrillo, YagoMIT
Grignard, ArnaudMIT
Alonso Pastor, LuisMIT
Sleeper, Dylan T.MIT
Cimino, Mario G. C. A.University of Pisa
Lepri, BrunoBruno Kessler Foundation
Vaglini, GigliolaUniversity of Pisa
Larson, KentMIT
Dorigo, MarcoUniversité Libre De Bruxelles
Pentland, Alex ('Sandy')MIT
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.4 Add to My Program
Automated Aortic Pressure Regulation in Ex Vivo Heart Perfusion
Xin, LimingUniversity of Toronto
Yao, WeiranHarbin Institute of Technology
Peng, YanShanghai University
Qi, NaimingHarbin Institute of Technology
Badiwala, MiteshUniversity of Toronto
Sun, YuUniversity of Toronto
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.5 Add to My Program
A Robotic Microscope System to Examine TCR Quality against Tumor Neoantigens: A New Tool for Cancer Immunotherapy Research
Ong, Lee-Ling SharonTilburg University
Zhu, HaiSingapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Banik, DebasisSingapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Guan, ZhenpingSingapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Feng, YinnianVanderbilt University
Reinherz, EllisDana-Farber Cancer Institute
Lang, MatthewVanderbilt
Asada, HarryMIT
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-19.6 Add to My Program
A Multi-Vehicle Trajectories Generator to Simulate Vehicle-To-Vehicle Encountering Scenarios
Ding, WenhaoTsinghua University
Wang, WenshuoCarnegie Mellon University
Zhao, DingCarnegie Mellon University
TuAT1-20 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Force and Tactile Sensing I - 2.1.20  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.1 Add to My Program
Deep N-Shot Transfer Learning for Tactile Material Classification with a Flexible Pressure-Sensitive Skin
Bäuml, BertholdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Tulbure, Andreea RoxanaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.2 Add to My Program
Towards Effective Tactile Identification of Textures Using a Hybrid Touch Approach
Taunyazov, TasbolatNational University of Singapore
Koh, Hui FangNanyang Technological University
Wu, YanA*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research
Cai, CaixiaInstitute for Infocomm Research(I2R), A*STAR
Soh, HaroldNational Universtiy of Singapore
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.3 Add to My Program
"Touching to See" and "Seeing to Feel": Robotic Cross-Modal Sensory Data Generation for Visual-Tactile Perception
Lee, Jet-TsynUniversity of Liverpool
Bollegala, DanushkaUniversity of Liverpool
Luo, ShanUniversity of Liverpool
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.4 Add to My Program
Shear-Invariant Sliding Contact Perception with a Soft Tactile Sensor
Aquilina, KirstyUniversity of Bristol
Barton, David A. W.University of Bristol
Lepora, NathanUniversity of Bristol
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.5 Add to My Program
Soft Tactile Sensing: Retrieving Force, Torque and Contact Point Information from Deformable Surfaces
Ciotti, SimoneUniversity of Pisa
Sun, TengKing's College London
Battaglia, EdoardoUniversity of Pisa - Research Center E. Piaggio
Bicchi, AntonioUniversità Di Pisa
Liu, HongbinKing's College London
Bianchi, MatteoUniversity of Pisa
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-20.6 Add to My Program
Miniaturization of Multistage High Dynamic Range Six-Axis Force Sensor Composed of Resin Material
Okumura, DaisukeSaitama University
Sakaino, ShoSaitama University
Tsuji, ToshiakiSaitama University
TuAT1-21 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Social HRI II - 2.1.21  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.1 Add to My Program
Robots Learn Social Skills: End-To-End Learning of Co-Speech Gesture Generation for Humanoid Robots
Yoon, YoungwooElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Ko, Woo-RiETRI
Jang, MinsuElectronics & Telecommunications Research Institute
Lee, JaeyeonETRI
Kim, JaehongElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Lee, GeehyukKAIST
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.2 Add to My Program
The Doctor Will See You Now: Could a Robot Be a Medical Receptionist?
Sutherland, CraigUniversity of Auckland
Ahn, Byeong-KyuSungkyunkwan University
Brown, BiancaThe University of Auckland
Lim, Jong YoonUniversity of Auckland
Johanson, DeborahThe University of Auckland
Broadbent, ElizabethUniversity of Auckland
MacDonald, BruceUniversity of Auckland
Ahn, Ho SeokThe University of Auckland, Auckland
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.3 Add to My Program
Designing a Personality-Driven Robot for a Human-Robot Interaction Scenario
Beik Mohammadi, HadiUniversity of Hamburg
Xirakia, NikolettaUniversität Hamburg
Abawi, FaresUniversität Hamburg
Barykina, IrinaUniversität Hamburg
Chandran, KrishnanUniversität Hamburg
Nair, GitanjaliUniversität Hamburg
Nguyen, CuongUniversität Hamburg
Speck, DanielUniversität Hamburg
Alpay, TayfunUniversität Hamburg
Griffiths, SaschaUniversität Hamburg
Heinrich, StefanUniversität Hamburg
Strahl, ErikUniversität Hamburg
Weber, CorneliusKnowledge Technology Group, University of Hamburg
Wermter, StefanUniversity of Hamburg
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.4 Add to My Program
How Shall I Drive? Interaction Modeling and Motion Planning towards Empathetic and Socially-Graceful Driving
Ren, YiArizona State University
Elliott, StevenArizona State University
Wang, YiweiArizona State University
Yang, YezhouArizona State University
Zhang, WenlongArizona State University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.5 Add to My Program
It Would Make Me Happy If You Used My Guess: Comparing Robot Persuasive Strategies in Social Human-Robot Interaction
Saunderson, ShaneUniversity of Toronto
Nejat, GoldieUniversity of Toronto
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-21.6 Add to My Program
Enabling Robots to Infer How End-Users Teach and Learn through Human-Robot Interaction
Losey, DylanStanford University
O'Malley, MarciaRice University
TuAT1-22 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Object Recognition & Segmentation I - 2.1.22  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.1 Add to My Program
Detection-By-Localization: Maintenance-Free Change Object Detector
Tanaka, KanjiUniversity of Fukui
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.2 Add to My Program
Customized Object Recognition and Segmentation by One Shot Learning with Human Robot Interaction
Guo, PingIntel
Cao, LuIntel
Zhang, LidanIntel
Ren, HaibingIntel Labs China
Zhang, YiminIntel Corporation
Shen, YingzheIntel Labs China
Shi, XuesongIntel
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.3 Add to My Program
SEG-VoxelNet for 3D Vehicle Detection from RGB and LiDAR Data
Dou, JianXian Jiaotong University
Xue, JianruXi'an Jiaotong University
Fang, JianwuXian Jiaotong University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.4 Add to My Program
Object Classification Based on Unsupervised Learned Multi-Modal Features for Overcoming Sensor Failures
Nitsch, JuliaIbeo Automotive Systems GmbH
Nieto, JuanETH Zürich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Schmidt, MaxIbeo Automotive Systems GmbH
Cadena Lerma, CesarETH Zurich
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.5 Add to My Program
SqueezeSegV2: Improved Model Structure and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Road-Object Segmentation from a LiDAR Point Cloud
Wu, BichenUC Berkeley
Zhou, XuanyuUniversity of California Berkeley
Zhao, SichengUniversity of California Berkeley
Yue, XiangyuUC Berkeley
Keutzer, KurtUC Berkeley
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-22.6 Add to My Program
Fully Automated Annotation with Noise-Masked Visual Markers for Deep Learning-Based Object Detection
Kiyokawa, TakuyaNara Institute of Science and Technology
Tomochika, KeitaNara Institute of Science and Technology
Takamatsu, JunNara Institute of Science and Technology
Ogasawara, TsukasaNara Institute of Science and Technology
TuAT1-23 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Localization and Estimation - 2.1.23  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.1 Add to My Program
RoPose-Real: Real World Dataset Acquisition for Data-Driven Industrial Robot Arm Pose Estimation
Gulde, ThomasReutlingen University
Ludl, DennisReutlingen University
Andrejtschik, JohannReutlingen University
Thalji, Salma Maath AhmadReutlingen University
Curio, CristóbalReutlingen University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.2 Add to My Program
A Framework for Self-Training Perceptual Agents in Simulated Photorealistic Environments
Mania, PatrickUniversitaet Bremen
Beetz, MichaelUniversity of Bremen
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.3 Add to My Program
Fast and Precise Detection of Object Grasping Positions with Eigenvalue Templates
Mano, KousukeChubu University
Hasegawa, TakahiroChubu University
Yamashita, TakayoshiChubu University
Fujiyoshi, HironobuChubu University
Domae, YukiyasuThe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Techno
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.4 Add to My Program
Improved Coverage Path Planning Using a Virtual Sensor Footprint: A Case Study on Demining
Dogru, SedatUniversity of Coimbra
Marques, LinoUniversity of Coimbra
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.5 Add to My Program
Model-Based Estimation of the Gravity-Loaded Shape and Scene Depth for a Slim 3-Actuator Continuum Robot with Monocular Visual Feedback
Chen, YuyangShanghai Jiao Tong University
Zhang, Shu'anShanghai Jiao Tong University
Zeng, LingyunShanghai Jiao Tong University
Zhu, XiangyangShanghai Jiao Tong University
Xu, KaiShanghai Jiao Tong University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-23.6 Add to My Program
PedX: Benchmark Dataset for Metric 3D Pose Estimation of Pedestrians in Complex Urban Intersections
Kim, WonhuiUniversity of Michigan
Srinivasan Ramanagopal, ManikandasriramUniversity of Michigan
Barto, CharlesUniversity of Michigan
Yu, Ming-YuanUniversity of Michigan
Rosaen, KarlUniversity of Michigan
Goumas, NickUniversity of Michigan
Vasudevan, RamUniversity of Michigan
Johnson-Roberson, MatthewUniversity of Michigan
TuAT1-24 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Under-Actuated Robots - 2.1.24  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.1 Add to My Program
Design of a Modular Continuum Robot Segment for Use in a General Purpose Manipulator
Castledine, Nicholas PeterUniversity of Leeds
Boyle, Jordan HylkeUniversity of Leeds
Kim, JongraeUniversity of Leeds
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.2 Add to My Program
Reshaping Particle Configurations by Collisions with Rigid Objects
Shahrokhi, ShivaUniversity of Houston
Zhao, HaoranUniversity of Houston
Becker, AaronUniversity of Houston
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.3 Add to My Program
Velocity Constrained Trajectory Generation for a Collinear Mecanum Wheeled Robot
Watson, Matthew ThomasUniversity of Sheffield
Gladwin, Daniel TUniversity of Sheffield
Prescott, Tony JUniversity of Sheffield
Conran, SebastianConsequential Robotics Ltd
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.4 Add to My Program
Vibration Control for Manipulators on a Translationally Flexible Base
Beck, FabianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Garofalo, GianlucaGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Ott, ChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.5 Add to My Program
Gaussian Processes Model-Based Control of Underactuated Balance Robots
Chen, KuoRutgers University
Yi, JingangRutgers University
Song, DezhenTexas A&M University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-24.6 Add to My Program
Analysis of 3D Position Control for a Multi-Agent System of Self-Propelled Agents Steered by a Shared, Global Control Input
Huang, LiUniversity of Houston
Julien, LeclercUniversity of Houston
Becker, AaronUniversity of Houston
TuAT1-25 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Interaction II - 2.1.25  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.1 Add to My Program
Working with Walt: How a Cobot Was Developed and Inserted on an Auto Assembly Line (I)
El Makrini, IliasVrije Universiteit Brussel
Elprama, Shirley A.Imec-SMIT-VUB
Van den Bergh, JanHasselt University - tUL - Flanders Make
Vanderborght, BramVrije Universiteit Brussel
Jewell, Charlotte. Isabelle. CatherineImec-Smit-Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Jacobs, AnIMinds-SMIT-VUB
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.2 Add to My Program
Intuitive Physical Human-Robot Interaction Using a Passive Parallel Mechanism (I)
Badeau, NicolasUniversité Laval
Gosselin, ClementUniversité Laval
Foucault, SimonUniversité Laval
Laliberte, ThierryUniversite Laval
Abdallah, MuhammadGeneral Motors R&D
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.3 Add to My Program
SMErobotics: Smart Robots for Flexible Manufacturing (I)
Perzylo, Alexander CliffordFortiss GmbH - An-Institut Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Rickert, MarkusFortiss, An-Institut Technische Universität München
Kahl, BjoernUniv. of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Somani, NikhilAgency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Lehmann, ChristianLehmann Robotic Solutions
Kuss, AlexanderFraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automatio
Profanter, StefanFortiss GmbH - An-Institut Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Beck, Anders BillesøTechnical University of Denmark, Danish Technological Institute
Haage, MathiasLund University
Hansen, Mikkel RathDanish Technological Institute
Roa, Maximo A.DLR - German Aerospace Center
Sornmo, OlofCognibotics AB
Gestegård Robertz, SvenLund University
Thomas, UlrikeChemnitz University of Technology
Veiga, GermanoINESC TEC
Topp, Elin AnnaLund University - LTH
Kessler, IngmarFortiss GmbH
Danzer, MarinusKUKA
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.4 Add to My Program
The Playful Software Platform: Reactive Programming for Orchestrating Robotic Behavior (I)
Berenz, VincentMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Schaal, StefanMPI Intelligent Systems & University of Southern California
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.5 Add to My Program
Better Teaming through Visual Cues: How Projecting Imagery in a Workspace Can Improve Human-Robot Collaboration (I)
Kalpagam Ganesan, RamsundarArizona State University
Rathore, YashArizona State University
Ross, HeatherArizona State University
Ben Amor, HeniArizona State University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-25.6 Add to My Program
A Lower-Back Robotic Exoskeleton: Industrial Handling Augmentation Used to Provide Spinal Support (I)
Zhang, TingSoochow University
Huang, He (Helen)North Carolina State University
TuAT1-26 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Multi-Robot Systems V - 2.1.26  
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.1 Add to My Program
A Heuristic for Task Allocation and Routing of Heterogeneous Robots While Minimizing Maximum Travel Cost
Bae, JungyunKorea University
Lee, JunghoKorea University
Chung, WoojinKorea University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.2 Add to My Program
Solving Methods for Multi-Robot Missions Planning with Energy Capacity Consideration
Habibi, Muhammad Khoirul KhakimONERA - the French Aerospace Lab
Grand, ChristopheONERA
Lesire, CharlesONERA
Pralet, CedricONERA
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.3 Add to My Program
Salty–A Domain Specific Language for GR(1) Specifications and Designs
Elliott, TrevorGroq, Inc
Alshiekh, MohammedUniversity of Texas at Austin
Humphrey, LauraAir Force Research Laboratory
Pike, LeeGroq, Inc
Topcu, UfukThe University of Texas at Austin
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.4 Add to My Program
Persistent Multi-Robot Mapping in an Uncertain Environment
Mitchell, DerekCarnegie Mellon University
Michael, NathanCarnegie Mellon University
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.5 Add to My Program
A Fog Robotics Approach to Deep Robot Learning: Application to Object Recognition and Grasp Planning in Surface Decluttering
Tanwani, Ajay KumarUC Berkeley
Mor, NiteshUC Berkeley
Kubiatowicz, JohnUC Berkeley
Gonzalez, Joseph E.UC Berkeley
Goldberg, KenUC Berkeley
11:00-12:15, Paper TuAT1-26.6 Add to My Program
Multirobot Reconnection on Graphs: Problem, Complexity, and Algorithms (I)
Banfi, JacopoCornell University
Basilico, NicolaUniversity of Milan
Amigoni, FrancescoPolitecnico Di Milano
TuAT2 Regular Session, 517d Add to My Program 
Award Session IV  
Chair: Brock, OliverTechnische Universität Berlin
Co-Chair: Aloimonos, YiannisUniversity of Maryland
11:00-11:12, Paper TuAT2.1 Add to My Program
Efficient Symbolic Reactive Synthesis for Finite-Horizon Tasks
He, KeliangRice University
Wells, AndrewRice University
Kavraki, LydiaRice University
Moshe, VardiRice University
11:12-11:24, Paper TuAT2.2 Add to My Program
Combined Task and Motion Planning under Partial Observability: An Optimization-Based Approach
Phiquepal, CamilleUniversity of Stuttgart
Toussaint, MarcUniversity of Stuttgart
11:24-11:36, Paper TuAT2.3 Add to My Program
Making Sense of Vision and Touch: Self-Supervised Learning of Multimodal Representations for Contact-Rich Tasks
Lee, MichelleStanford University
Zhu, YukeStanford University
Srinivasan, KrishnanStanford University
Shah, ParthStanford University
Savarese, SilvioStanford University
Fei-Fei, LiStanford University
Garg, AnimeshStanford University
Bohg, JeannetteStanford University
11:36-11:48, Paper TuAT2.4 Add to My Program
Deep Visuo-Tactile Learning: Estimation of Tactile Properties from Images
Takahashi, KuniyukiPreferred Networks
Tan, JethroPreferred Networks, Inc
11:48-12:00, Paper TuAT2.5 Add to My Program
Variational End-To-End Navigation and Localization
Amini, AlexanderMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rosman, GuyMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Karaman, SertacMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
TuAT3 Forum, 518ab Add to My Program 
Government Forum - Session I  
TuLLKN Social, 519 Add to My Program 
Lunch and Learn Keynote  
TuLU Social, 220 Add to My Program 
Lunch Break  
TuBT1 220
PODS: Tuesday Session II Interactive Session
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-01, 220
Marine Robotics II - 2.2.01   Interactive Session, 5 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-02, 220
Marine Robotics III - 2.2.02   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-03, 220
Visual Odometry II - 2.2.03   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-04, 220
Space Robotics II - 2.2.04   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-05, 220
Deep Visual Learning I - 2.2.05   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-06, 220
Biological Cell Manipulation - 2.2.06   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-07, 220
Human Detection and Tracking - 2.2.07   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-08, 220
Visual Localization II - 2.2.08   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-09, 220
Perception for Manipulation II - 2.2.09   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-10, 220
Human-Robot Interaction III - 2.2.10   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-11, 220
Medical Robotics VI - 2.2.11   Interactive Session, 5 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-12, 220
Rehabilitation Robotics II - 2.2.12   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-13, 220
Soft Robots III - 2.2.13   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-14, 220
Haptics & Interfaces II - 2.2.14   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-15, 220
SLAM - Session V - 2.2.15   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-16, 220
Humanoid Robots V - 2.2.16   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-17, 220
Aerial Systems: Mechanisms II - 2.2.17   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-19, 220
Flexible Robots - 2.2.19   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-20, 220
Force and Tactile Sensing II - 2.2.20   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-21, 220
Deep Visual Learning II - 2.2.21   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-22, 220
Object Recognition & Segmentation II - 2.2.22   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-23, 220
Motion and Path Planning II - 2.2.23   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-24, 220
Industrial Robotics - 2.2.24   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-25, 220
Intelligent Transportation II - 2.2.25   Interactive Session, 6 papers
13:30-14:45, Subsession TuBT1-26, 220
Aerial Systems: Applications IV - 2.2.18   Interactive Session, 6 papers
TuBT1-01 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Marine Robotics II - 2.2.01  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-01.1 Add to My Program
Streamlines for Motion Planning in Underwater Currents
To, Kwun Yiu CadmusUniversity of Technology Sydney
Lee, Ki Myung BrianUniversity of Technology Sydney
Yoo, ChanyeolUniversity of Technology Sydney
Anstee, Stuart DavidDefence Science and Technology Group
Fitch, RobertUniversity of Technology Sydney
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-01.2 Add to My Program
A Distributed Predictive Control Approach for Cooperative Manipulation of Multiple Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems
Heshmati-alamdari, Shahab​KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Karras, GeorgeNational Technical University of Athens
Kyriakopoulos, KostasNational Technical Univ. of Athens
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-01.3 Add to My Program
Coordinated Control of a Reconfigurable Multi-Vessel Platform: Robust Control Approach
Park, ShinkyuMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Kayacan, ErkanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Ratti, CarloMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rus, DanielaMIT
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-01.4 Add to My Program
Ambient Light Based Depth Control of Underwater Robotic Unit AMussel
Vasiljevic, GoranFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia
Arbanas, BarbaraUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp
Bogdan, StjepanUniversity of Zagreb
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-01.5 Add to My Program
A Unified Closed-Loop Motion Planning Approach for an I-AUV in Cluttered Environment with Localization Uncertainty
Yu, HuanUniversity of Technology Sydney
Lu, WenjieDuke University
Liu, DikaiUniversity of Technology, Sydney
TuBT1-02 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Marine Robotics III - 2.2.02  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.1 Add to My Program
A Bio-Robotic Remora Disc with Attachment and Detachment Capabilities for Reversible Underwater Hitchhiking
Wang, SiqiBeihang University
Li, LeiBeihang University
Chen, YuFengMicrorobotics Laboratory, School of Applied Sciences and Enginee
Wang, YuepingBeihang University
Sun, WenguangBeihang University
Xiao, JunfeiBeihang University
Wainwright, DylanHarvard University
Wang, TianmiaoBeihang University
Wood, RobertHarvard University
Wen, LiBeihang University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.2 Add to My Program
Robot Communication Via Motion: Closing the Human-Robot Interaction Loop Underwater
Fulton, MichaelUniversity of Minnesota
Edge, ChelseyUniversity of Minnesota
Sattar, JunaedUniversity of Minnesota
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.3 Add to My Program
Three-Dimensionally Maneuverable Robotic Fish Enabled by Servo Motor and Water Electrolyser
Zuo, WenyuUniversity of Houston
Keow, Alicia Li JenUniversity of Houston
Chen, ZhengUniversity of Houston
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.4 Add to My Program
A Multimodal Aerial Underwater Vehicle with Extended Endurance and Capabilities
Lu, DiShanghai Jiao Tong University
Xiong, ChengkeShanghai Jiaotong University
Zeng, ZhengShanghai Jiao Tong University
Lian, LianShanghai Jiaotong University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.5 Add to My Program
Design and Experiments of a Squid-Like Aquatic-Aerial Vehicle with Soft Morphing Fins and Arms
Hou, TaogangBeihang University
Yang, XingbangBeihang University
Su, HaohongBeihang University
Jiang, BuhuiBeihang University
Chen, LingkunBeihang University
Wang, TianmiaoBeihang University
Liang, JianhongBeihang University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-02.6 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Orientation Controller for a Compliant Robotic Fish Based on Asymmetric Actuation
Meurer, ChristianTallinn University of Technology
Simha, AshutoshTallinn University of Technology
Kotta, ÜlleTallinn University of Technology
Kruusmaa, MaarjaTallinn University of Technology
TuBT1-03 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Visual Odometry II - 2.2.03  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.1 Add to My Program
Project AutoVision: Localization and 3D Scene Perception for an Autonomous Vehicle with a Multi-Camera System
Heng, LionelDSO National Laboratories
Choi, BenjaminDSO National Laboratories
Cui, ZhaopengETH Zurich
Geppert, MarcelETH Zürich
Hu, SixingNational University of Singapore
Kuan, BensonDSO National Laboratories
Liu, PeidongETH Zurich
Nguyen, RangHo Chi Minh City University of Technology
Yeo, YeChuanDSO National Laboratories
Geiger, AndreasMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen
Lee, Gim HeeNational University of Singapore
Pollefeys, MarcETH Zurich
Sattler, TorstenETH Zurich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.2 Add to My Program
Improving the Robustness of Visual-Inertial Extended Kalman Filtering
Jackson, JamesBrigham Young University
Nielsen, JerelBrigham Young University
McLain, T.W.Bringham Young University
Beard, RandalBrigham Young University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.3 Add to My Program
Towards Fully Dense Direct Filter-Based Monocular Visual-Inertial Odometry
Hardt-Stremayr, AlexanderAlpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Weiss, StephanAlpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.4 Add to My Program
Enhancing V-SLAM Keyframe Selection with an Efficient ConvNet for Semantic Analysis
Alonso, IñigoUniversity of Zaragoza
Riazuelo, LuisInstituto De Investigación En IngenieríadeAragón, University of Z
Murillo, Ana CristinaUniversity of Zaragoza
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.5 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Depth and Ego-Motion Using Multiple Masks
Wang, GuangmingShanghai Jiao Tong University
Wang, HeshengShanghai Jiao Tong University
Liu, YilingShanghai Jiao Tong University
Chen, WeidongShanghai Jiao Tong University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-03.6 Add to My Program
Experimental Comparison of Visual-Aided Odometry Methods for Rail Vehicles
Tschopp, FlorianETH Zurich
Schneider, ThomasETH Zürich
Palmer, Andrew WilliamSiemens
Nourani-Vatani, NavidSiemens
Cadena Lerma, CesarETH Zurich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Nieto, JuanETH Zürich
TuBT1-04 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Space Robotics II - 2.2.04  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.1 Add to My Program
Characterizing the Effects of Reduced Gravity on Rover Wheel-Soil Interactions Using Computer Vision Techniques
Niksirat, ParnaConcordia University
Skonieczny, KrzysztofConcordia University
Forough Nassiraei, AmirConcordia University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.2 Add to My Program
Adaptive H∞ Controller for Precise Manoeuvring of a Space Robot
Seddaoui, AsmaUniversity of Surrey
Saaj, ChakravarthiniUniversity of Surrey
Eckersley, SteveSurrey Satellite Technology Ltd
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.3 Add to My Program
Belief Space Planning for Reducing Terrain Relative Localization Uncertainty in Noisy Elevation Maps
Fang, EugeneCarnegie Mellon University
Furlong, MichaelSGT/KBRWyle
Whittaker, WilliamCarnegie Mellon University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.4 Add to My Program
Soil Displacement Terramechanics for Wheel-Based Trenching with a Planetary Rover
Pavlov, CatherineCarnegie Mellon University
Johnson, AaronCarnegie Mellon University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.5 Add to My Program
Haptic Inspection of Planetary Soils with Legged Robots
Kolvenbach, HendrikETHZ
Bärtschi, ChristianETH Zürich
Wellhausen, LorenzETH Zürich
Grandia, RubenETH Zurich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-04.6 Add to My Program
Experimental Evaluation of Teleoperation Interfaces for Cutting of Satellite Insulation
Pryor, WillJohns Hopkins University
Vagvolgyi, BalazsJohns Hopkins University
Gallagher, WilliamGeorgia Institute of Technology
Deguet, AntonJohns Hopkins University
Leonard, SimonThe Johns Hopkins University
Whitcomb, LouisThe Johns Hopkins University
Kazanzides, PeterJohns Hopkins University
TuBT1-05 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Deep Visual Learning I - 2.2.05  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.1 Add to My Program
OmniDRL: Robust Pedestrian Detection Using Deep Reinforcement Learning on Omnidirectional Cameras
Dias Pais, GonçaloInstituto Sistemas E Robótica, Lisboa
Dias, TiagoInstitute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior Técnico,
Nascimento, JacintoInstituto De Sistemas E Robótica,
Miraldo, PedroKTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.2 Add to My Program
2D3D-MatchNet: Learning to Match Keypoints across 2D Image and 3D Point Cloud
Feng, MengdanNational University of Singapore
Hu, SixingNational University of Singapore
Ang Jr, Marcelo HNational University of Singapore
Lee, Gim HeeNational University of Singapore
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.3 Add to My Program
Teaching Robots to Draw
Kotani, AtsunobuBrown University
Tellex, StefanieBrown
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.4 Add to My Program
Learning Probabilistic Multi-Modal Actor Models for Vision-Based Robotic Grasping
Yan, MengyuanStanford University
Li, AdrianX
Kalakrishnan, MrinalX
Pastor, PeterGoogle X
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.5 Add to My Program
Self-Supervised Learning for Single View Depth and Surface Normal Estimation
Zhan, HuangyingThe University of Adelaide
Weerasekera, Chamara SarojThe University of Adelaide
Garg, RaviThe University of Adelaide
Reid, IanUniversity of Adelaide
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-05.6 Add to My Program
Learning to Drive from Simulation without Real World Labels
Bewley, AlexGoogle AI
Rigley, JessicaWayve Technologies
Liu, YuxuanWayve Technologies LTD
Hawke, JeffreyWayve
Shen, RichardWayve
Lam, Vinh-DieuWayve Technologies
Kendall, AlexEngineering Department, University of Cambridge
TuBT1-06 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Biological Cell Manipulation - 2.2.06  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.1 Add to My Program
Fabrication and Characterization of Muscle Rings Using Circular Mould and Rotary Electrical Stimulation for Bio-Syncretic Robots
Zhang, ChuangShenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shi, JialinShenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wang, WenxueShenyang Institute of Automation, CAS
Xi, NingThe University of Hong Kong
Wang, YuechaoShenyang Inst. of Automation
Liu, LianqingShenyang Institute of Automation
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.2 Add to My Program
Cell Injection Microrobot Development and Evaluation in Microfluidic Chip
Feng, LinBeihang University
Chen, DixiaoBeihang University
Zhou, QiangBeihang University
Zhang, WeiBeihang University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.3 Add to My Program
Orienting Oocytes Using Vibrations for In-Vitro Fertilization Procedures
Meyer, DanielStanford University
Perez Colon, Martin LuisStanford University
Vahid Alizadeh, HosseinStanford University
Su, LisaStanford University
Behr, BarryStanford University
Camarillo, David B.Stanford University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.4 Add to My Program
Vision-Based Automated Sorting of C. Elegans on a Microfluidic Device
Dong, XiankeMcGill University
Song, PengfeiMcGill University
Liu, XinyuUniversity of Toronto
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.5 Add to My Program
Automated Laser Ablation of Motile Sperm for Immobilization
Zhang, ZhuoranUniversity of Toronto
Dai, ChangshengUniversity of Toronto
Wang, XianUniversity of Toronto
Ru, ChanghaiSoochow University
Abdalla, KhaledCReATe Fertility Centre
Jahangiri, SaharCReATe Fertility Centre
Librach, CliffordUniversity of Toronto
Jarvi, KeithMount Sinai Hospital
Sun, YuUniversity of Toronto
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-06.6 Add to My Program
A Microrobotic System for Simultaneous Measurement of Turgor Pressure and Cell-Wall Elasticity of Individual Growing Plant Cells
Burri, Jan ThomasETH Zurich
Vogler, HannesInstitute of Plant Biology and Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center
Munglani, GautamUniversity of Zürich
Läubli, Nino FabianETH Zürich
Grossniklaus, UeliInstitute of Plant Biology and Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center
Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich
TuBT1-07 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Human Detection and Tracking - 2.2.07  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.1 Add to My Program
Asymmetric Local Metric Learning with PSD Constraint for Person Re-Identification
Wen, ZhijieShanghai University
Sun, MingyangShanghai University
Li, YingShanghai University
Ying, ShihuiSchool of Science, ShanghaiUniversity
Peng, YaxinShanghai University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.2 Add to My Program
A Fast and Robust 3D Person Detector and Posture Estimator for Mobile Robotic Applications
Lewandowski, BenjaminIlmenau University of Technology
Liebner, JonathanIlmenau University of Technology
Wengefeld, TimIlmenau University of Technology
Mueller, SteffenIlmenau University of Technology
Gross, Horst-MichaelIlmenau University of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.3 Add to My Program
Spatiotemporal and Kinetic Gait Analysis System Based on Multisensor Fusion of Laser Range Sensor and Instrumented Insoles
Eguchi, RyoKeio University
Yorozu, AyanoriKeio University
Takahashi, MasakiKeio University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.4 Add to My Program
Part Segmentation for Highly Accurate Deformable Tracking in Occlusions Via Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
Wan, WeilinUniversity of Washington
Walsman, AaronUniversity of Washington
Fox, DieterUniversity of Washington
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.5 Add to My Program
Using Variable Natural Environment Brain-Computer Interface Stimuli for Real-Time Humanoid Robot Navigation
Nik Aznan, Nik KhadijahDurham University
Connolly, JasonDurham University
Al Moubayed, NouraDurham University
Breckon, TobyDurham University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-07.6 Add to My Program
General Hand-Eye Calibration Based on Reprojection Error Minimization
Koide, KenjiUniversity of Padova
Menegatti, EmanueleThe University of Padua
TuBT1-08 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Visual Localization II - 2.2.08  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.1 Add to My Program
Estimating the Localizability in Tunnel-Like Environments Using LiDAR and UWB
Zhen, WeikunCarnegie Mellon University
Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.2 Add to My Program
Global Localization with Object-Level Semantics and Topology
Liu, YuHeriot-Watt University
Petillot, Yvan R.Heriot-Watt University
Lane, DavidHeriot-Watt University
Wang, SenEdinburgh Centre for Robotics, Heriot-Watt University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.3 Add to My Program
Look No Deeper: Recognizing Places from Opposing Viewpoints under Varying Scene Appearance Using Single-View Depth Estimation
Garg, SouravQueensland University of Technology
Vankadari, Madhu BabuTCS
Dharmasiri, ThanujaMonash University
Hausler, StephenQueensland University of Technology
Sünderhauf, NikoQueensland University of Technology
Kumar, SwagatTata Consultancy Services
Drummond, TomMonash University
Milford, Michael JQueensland University of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.4 Add to My Program
Geometric Relation Distribution for Place Recognition
Lodi Rizzini, DarioUniversity of Parma
Galasso, FrancescoElettric80 S.p.A
Caselli, StefanoUniversity of Parma
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.5 Add to My Program
Multi-Process Fusion: Visual Place Recognition Using Multiple Image Processing Methods
Hausler, StephenQueensland University of Technology
Jacobson, AdamQueensland University of Technology
Milford, Michael JQueensland University of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-08.6 Add to My Program
Effective Visual Place Recognition Using Multi-Sequence Maps
Vysotska, OlgaUniversity of Bonn
Stachniss, CyrillUniversity of Bonn
TuBT1-09 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Perception for Manipulation II - 2.2.09  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.1 Add to My Program
Exploiting Trademark Databases for Robotic Object Fetching
Song, JoshuaThe University of Queensland
Kurniawati, HannaAustralian National University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.2 Add to My Program
Object Detection Approach for Robot Grasp Detection
Karaoguz, HakanRoyal Institute of Technology KTH
Jensfelt, PatricKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.3 Add to My Program
MetaGrasp: Data Efficient Grasping by Affordance Interpreter Network
Cai, JunhaoSun Yat-Sen University
Cheng, HuiSun Yat-Sen University
Zhang, ZhanpengSenseTime Group Limited
Su, JingchengSun Yat-Sen University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.4 Add to My Program
Toward Fingertip Non-Contact Material Recognition and Near-Distance Ranging for Robotic Grasping
Fang, ChengTexas A&M University
Wang, DiTexas A&M University
Song, DezhenTexas A&M University
Zou, JunTexas A&M University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.5 Add to My Program
Video-Based Prediction of Hand-Grasp Preshaping with Application to Prosthesis Control
Taverne, Luke T.ETH Zurich
Cognolato, MatteoUniversity of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO)
Bützer, TobiasETH Zurich
Gassert, RogerETH Zurich
Hilliges, OtmarETH Zurich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-09.6 Add to My Program
Learning Affordance Segmentation for Real-World Robotic Manipulation Via Synthetic Images
Chu, Fu-JenUniversity of Michigan
Xu, RuinianGeorgia Institute of Technology
Vela, PatricioGeorgia Institute of Technology
TuBT1-10 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Interaction III - 2.2.10  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.1 Add to My Program
Reactive Walking Based on Upper-Body Manipulability: An Application to Intention Detection and Reaction
Mohammadi, PouyaBraunschweig University of Technology
Mingo Hoffman, EnricoFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Muratore, LucaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Steil, Jochen J.Technische Universität Braunschweig
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.2 Add to My Program
A Self-Modulated Impedance Multimodal Interaction Framework for Human-Robot Collaboration
Muratore, LucaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Laurenzi, ArturoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.3 Add to My Program
SMT-Based Control and Feedback for Social Navigation
Campos, ThaisCornell University
Pacheck, AdamCornell University
Hoffman, GuyCornell University
Kress-Gazit, HadasCornell University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.4 Add to My Program
Safe and Efficient High Dimensional Motion Planning in Space-Time with Time Parameterized Prediction
Li, ShenMIT
Shah, Julie A.MIT
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.5 Add to My Program
Fast Online Segmentation of Activities from Partial Trajectories
Iqbal, TariqMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Li, ShenMIT
Fourie, Christopher KMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Hayes, BradleyUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Shah, Julie A.MIT
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-10.6 Add to My Program
Tactile-Based Whole-Body Compliance with Force Propagation for Mobile Manipulators (I)
Leboutet, QuentinTechnical University of Munich
Dean-Leon, EmmanuelTechnischen Universitaet Muenchen
Bergner, FlorianTechnical University of Munich
Cheng, GordonTechnical University of Munich
TuBT1-11 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Medical Robotics VI - 2.2.11  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-11.1 Add to My Program
Laparoscopy Instrument Tracking for Single View Camera and Skill Assessment
Gautier, BenjaminHeriot-Watt University
Harun, TugalHeriot-Watt University
Erden, Mustafa SuphiHeriot-Watt University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-11.2 Add to My Program
OffsetNet: Deep Learning for Localization in the Lung Using Rendered Images
Sganga, JakeStanford University
Eng, DavidStanford
Graetzel, ChaunceyAuris Health Inc
Camarillo, David B.Stanford University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-11.3 Add to My Program
A Self-Adaptive Motion Scaling Framework for Surgical Robot Remote Control
Zhang, DandanImperial College London
Xiao, BoKing's College London
Huang, BaoruImperial College London
Zhang, LinImperial College London
Liu, JindongImperial College London
Yang, Guang-ZhongImperial College London
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-11.4 Add to My Program
Autonomous Flexible Endoscope for Minimally Invasive Surgery with Enhanced Safety
Ma, XinChinese Univerisity of HongKong
Song, ChengzhiChinese University of Hong Kong,
Chiu, WAI, YAN PhilipChinese University of Hong Kong
Li, ZhengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-11.5 Add to My Program
Using Augmentation to Improve the Robustness to Rotation of Deep Learning Segmentation in Robotic-Assisted Surgical Data
Itzkovich, DanitBen-Gurion University of the Negev
Sharon, YardenBen-Gurion University of the Negev
Jarc, TonyIntuitive Surgical
Refaely, YaelSoroka Medical Center
Nisky, IlanaBen Gurion University of the Negev
TuBT1-12 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Rehabilitation Robotics II - 2.2.12  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.1 Add to My Program
Deep Learning Based Motion Prediction for Exoskeleton Robot Control in Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Ren, JialiangNational Taiwan University
Chien, Ya-HuiNational Taiwan University
Chia, En-YuNational Taiwan University
Fu, Li-ChenNational Taiwan University
Lai, Jin-ShinNational Taiwan University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.2 Add to My Program
Adaptive Gait Planning for Walking Assistance Lower Limb Exoskeletons in Slope Scenarios
Zou, ChaobinUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Huang, RuiUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Cheng, HongUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology
Chen, QimingUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Qiu, JingUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.3 Add to My Program
A Data-Driven Predictive Model of Individual-Specific Effects of FES on Human Gait Dynamics
Drnach, LukeGeorgia Institute of Technology
Allen, JessicaWest Virginia University
Essa, IrfanGeorgia Institute of Technology
Ting, LenaEmory University and Georgia Tech
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.4 Add to My Program
The (Sensorized) Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye: Restoring Grasping Speed and Confidence for Amputees with Tactile Reflexes
Fishel, JeremySynTouch, LLC
Matulevich, BlaineCalifornia Institute of Technology
Muller, Kelsey A.SynTouch
Berke, Gary M.Berke Prosthetics
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.5 Add to My Program
Development of a Soft Power Suit for Lower Back Assistance
Yao, ZhejunHelmut Schmidt University
Linnenberg, ChristineUniversity of Innsbruck
Weidner, RobertHelmut Schmidt University
Wulfsberg, JensHelmut Schmidt University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-12.6 Add to My Program
Toward Controllable Hydraulic Coupling of Joints in a Wearable Robot (I)
Treadway, EmmaUniversity of Michigan
Gan, ZhenyuUniversity of Michigan
Remy, C. DavidUniversity of Michigan
Gillespie, BrentUniversity of Michigan
TuBT1-13 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Soft Robots III - 2.2.13  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.1 Add to My Program
A New Soft Fingertip Based on Electroactive Hydrogels
López-Díaz, AntonioUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Martin Pacheco, AnaUniversity of Castilla La Mancha (IRICA)
Fernandez, RaulUniversidad De Castilla La Mancha
Rodríguez, Antonio M.UCLM
Herrero, María AntoniaUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
Vázquez, EsterUniversidad De Castilla La Mancha
Vazquez, Andres S.Universidad De Castilla La Mancha
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.2 Add to My Program
Open Loop Position Control of Soft Continuum Arm Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Satheeshbabu, SreeshankarUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Uppalapati, Naveen KumarUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chowdhary, GirishUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Krishnan, GirishUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.3 Add to My Program
Motion Planning for High-DOF Manipulation Using Hierarchical System Identification
Pan, ZherongThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jia, BiaoUniversity of Maryland at College Park
Manocha, DineshUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.4 Add to My Program
Resilient Task Planning and Execution for Reactive Soft Robots
Hamill, ScottCornell University
Whitehead, JohnCornell University
Ferenz, PeterCornell University
Shepherd, RobertCornell University
Kress-Gazit, HadasCornell University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.5 Add to My Program
Dynamic Morphological Computation through Damping Design of Soft Material Robots: Application to Under-Actuated Grippers
Di Lallo, AntonioUniversità Di Pisa
Catalano, Manuel GiuseppeIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Garabini, ManoloUniversità Di Pisa
Grioli, GiorgioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Gabiccini, MarcoUniversity of Pisa
Bicchi, AntonioUniversità Di Pisa
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-13.6 Add to My Program
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Closed-Loop Dynamic Control of Soft Robotic Manipulators (I)
George Thuruthel, ThomasThe BioRobotics Institute - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Falotico, EgidioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Renda, FedericoKhalifa University of Science and Technology
Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
TuBT1-14 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Haptics & Interfaces II - 2.2.14  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.1 Add to My Program
Augmented Reality Assisted Instrument Insertion and Tool Manipulation for the First Assistant in Robotic Surgery
Qian, LongJohns Hopkins University
Deguet, AntonJohns Hopkins University
Wang, ZeruiThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Liu, YunhuiChinese University of Hong Kong
Kazanzides, PeterJohns Hopkins University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.2 Add to My Program
High-Fidelity Grasping in Virtual Reality Using Glove-Based System
Liu, HangxinUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Zhang, ZhenliangBeijing Institute of Technology
Zhu, YixinUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Zhu, Song-ChunUCLA
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.3 Add to My Program
On the Role of Wearable Haptics for Force Feedback in Teleimpedance Control for Dual-Arm Robotic Teleoperation
Clark, JanelleRice University
Lentini, GianlucaUniversity of Pisa
Barontini, FedericaItalian Institute of Technology
Catalano, Manuel GiuseppeIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Bianchi, MatteoUniversity of Pisa
O'Malley, MarciaRice University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.4 Add to My Program
Application of a Redundant Haptic Interface in Enhancing Soft-Tissue Stiffness Discrimination
Torabi, AliUniversity of Alberta
Khadem, MohsenUniversity of Edinburgh
Zareinia, KouroshRyerson University
Sutherland, GarnetteUniversity of Calgary
Tavakoli, MahdiUniversity of Alberta
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.5 Add to My Program
Towards Robotic Feeding: Role of Haptics in Fork-Based Food Manipulation
Bhattacharjee, TapomayukhUniversity of Washington
Lee, GilwooUniversity of Washington
Song, HanjunUniversity of Washington
Srinivasa, SiddharthaUniversity of Washington
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-14.6 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Haptic Modeling of Normal Interactions on Viscoelastic Deformable Objects Using a Random Forest
Bhardwaj, AmitPohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Cha, HojunComputer Science and Technology
Choi, SeungmoonPOSTECH
TuBT1-15 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
SLAM - Session V - 2.2.15  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.1 Add to My Program
CNN-SVO: Improving the Mapping in Semi-Direct Visual Odometry Using Single-Image Depth Prediction
Loo, Shing YanUniversity of Alberta, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Jahani Amiri, AliUniversity of Alberta
Mashohor, SyamsiahUniversiti Putra Malaysia
Tang, Sai HongUniversity Putra Malaysia
Zhang, HongUniversity of Alberta
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.2 Add to My Program
A Unified Framework for Mutual Improvement of SLAM and Semantic Segmentation
Wang, KaiCloudMinds Technologies
Lin, YiminCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Wang, LuoweiCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Han, LimingCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Hua, MinjieCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Wang, XiangCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Lian, ShiguoCloudMinds Technologies Inc
Huang, BillCloudMinds Technologies Inc
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.3 Add to My Program
MID-Fusion: Octree-Based Object-Level Multi-Instance Dynamic SLAM
Xu, BinbinImperial College London
Li, WenbinImperial College London
Tzoumanikas, DimosImperial College London
Bloesch, MichaelImperial College
Davison, Andrew JImperial College London
Leutenegger, StefanImperial College London
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.4 Add to My Program
Surfel-Based Dense RGB-D Reconstruction with Global and Local Consistency
Yang, YiCarnegie Mellon University
Dong, WeiCarnegie Mellon University
Kaess, MichaelCarnegie Mellon University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.5 Add to My Program
A-SLAM: Human-In-The-Loop Augmented SLAM
Sidaoui, AbbasAmerican University of Beirut
Kassem Zein, MohammadAmerican University of Beirut (AUB)
Elhajj, ImadAmerican University of Beirut
Asmar, DanielAmerican University of Beirut
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-15.6 Add to My Program
Iteratively Reweighted Midpoint Method for Fast Multiple View Triangulation
Yang, KuiBeihang University
Fang, WeiBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Zhao, YanBeihang University
Deng, NianmaoBeihang University
TuBT1-16 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Humanoid Robots V - 2.2.16  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.1 Add to My Program
Balance Map Analysis As a Measure of Walking Balance Based on Pendulum-Like Leg Movements
Kagawa, TakahiroAichi Institute of Technoogy
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.2 Add to My Program
Non-Parametric Imitation Learning of Robot Motor Skills
Huang, YanlongIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Rozo, LeonelBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Silvério, JoãoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Caldwell, Darwin G.Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.3 Add to My Program
Dynamic Stepping on Unknown Obstacles with Upper-Body Compliance and Angular Momentum Damping from the Reaction Null-Space
Hidaka, YukiTokyo City University
Nishizawa, KajunTokyo City University
Nenchev, DragomirTokyo City University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.4 Add to My Program
Efficient Humanoid Contact Planning Using Learned Centroidal Dynamics Prediction
Lin, Yu-ChiUniversity of Michigan
Ponton, BrahayamMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Righetti, LudovicNew York University
Berenson, DmitryUniversity of Michigan
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.5 Add to My Program
Sparse Optimization of Contact Forces for Balancing Control of Multi-Legged Humanoids
Parigi Polverini, MatteoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Mingo Hoffman, EnricoFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Laurenzi, ArturoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-16.6 Add to My Program
Scalable Closed-Form Trajectories for Periodic and Non-Periodic Human-Like Walking
Faraji, SalmanEPFL
Ijspeert, AukeEPFL
TuBT1-17 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Aerial Systems: Mechanisms II - 2.2.17  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.1 Add to My Program
Flying STAR, a Hybrid Crawling and Flying Sprawl Tuned Robot
Meiri, NirBen Gurion University of the Negev
Zarrouk, DavidBen Gurion University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.2 Add to My Program
Autonomous Cooperative Flight of Rigidly Attached Quadcopters
González Morín, DiegoEricsson Research
Araujo, JoseEricsson
Tayamon, SomaEricsson
Andersson, Lars A. A.Ericsson Research
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.3 Add to My Program
Energy Optimal Control Allocation in a Redundantly Actuated Omnidirectional UAV
Dyer, EricMcMaster University
Sirouspour, ShahinMcMaster University
Jafarinasab, MohammadMcMaster University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.4 Add to My Program
Development of SAM: Cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator
Sarkisov, YuriSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Kim, Min JunDLR
Bicego, DavideLAAS-CNRS
Tsetserukou, DzmitrySkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Ott, ChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Franchi, AntonioLAAS-CNRS
Kondak, KonstantinGerman Aerospace Center
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.5 Add to My Program
The Phoenix Drone: An Open-Source Dual-Rotor Tail-Sitter Platform for Research and Education
Wu, YilunUniversity of Toronto
Du, XintongUniversity of Toronto
Duivenvoorden, Rikky Ricardo Petrus RufinoUniversity of Toronto
Kelly, JonathanUniversity of Toronto
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-17.6 Add to My Program
Fast and Efficient Aerial Climbing of Vertical Surfaces Using Fixed-Wing UAVs
Mehanovic, DinoUniversité De Sherbrooke
Rancourt, DavidUniversité De Sherbrooke
Lussier Desbiens, AlexisUniversité De Sherbrooke
TuBT1-19 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Flexible Robots - 2.2.19  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.1 Add to My Program
1-Actuator 3-DoF Manipulation Using an Underactuated Mechanism with Multiple Nonparallel and Viscoelastic Passive Joints
Kurita, TaisukeOsaka University
Higashimori, MitsuruOsaka University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.2 Add to My Program
Spline Based Curve Path Following of Underactuated Snake Robots
Yang, WeixinUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Wang, GangUniversity of Nevada
Shao, HaiyanUniversity of Jinan
Shen, YantaoUniversity of Nevada, Reno
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.3 Add to My Program
High-Bandwidth Control of Twisted String Actuators
Nedelchev, SimeonKorea University of Technology and Education
Gaponov, IgorKorea University of Technology and Education
Ryu, Jee-HwanKorea Univ. of Tech. and Education
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.4 Add to My Program
TREE: A Variable Topology, Branching Continuum Robot
Lastinger, MichaelClemson University
Verma, SiddharthClemson University
Kapadia, ApoorvaClemson University
Walker, IanClemson University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.5 Add to My Program
Learning a State Transition Model of an Underactuated Adaptive Hand
Sintov, AvishaiRutgers University
Morgan, AndrewYale University
Kimmel, AndrewRutgers University
Dollar, AaronYale University
Bekris, Kostas E.Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Boularias, AbdeslamCarnegie Mellon University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-19.6 Add to My Program
Continuum Robot Stiffness under External Loads and Prescribed Tendon Displacements (I)
Oliver-Butler, KaitlinUniversity of Tennessee
Till, JohnUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Rucker, CalebUniversity of Tennessee
TuBT1-20 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Force and Tactile Sensing II - 2.2.20  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.1 Add to My Program
Model Based in Situ Calibration with Temperature Compensation of 6 Axis Force Torque Sensors
Andrade Chavez, Francisco JavierInstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Nava, GabrieleIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Traversaro, SilvioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Nori, FrancescoDeepMind
Pucci, DanieleItalian Institute of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.2 Add to My Program
Whole-Body Active Compliance Control for Humanoid Robots with Robot Skin
Dean-Leon, EmmanuelTechnischen Universitaet Muenchen
Guadarrama-Olvera, Julio RogelioTechnical University of Munich
Bergner, FlorianTechnical University of Munich
Cheng, GordonTechnical University of Munich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.3 Add to My Program
Internal Array Electrodes Improve the Spatial Resolution of Soft Tactile Sensors Based on Electrical Resistance Tomography
Lee, HyosangMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Park, KyungseoKAIST
Kim, JungKAIST
Kuchenbecker, Katherine J.Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.4 Add to My Program
Dense Tactile Force Estimation Using GelSlim and Inverse FEM
Ma, DaolinMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Donlon, ElliottMIT
Dong, SiyuanMIT
Rodriguez, AlbertoMassachusetts Institute of Technology
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.5 Add to My Program
Sensing the Frictional State of a Robotic Skin Via Subtractive Color Mixing
Lin, XiISM, CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université
Wiertlewski, MichaelCNRS, Aix Marseille University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-20.6 Add to My Program
A Sense of Touch for the Shadow Modular Grasper
Pestell, NicholasUniversity of Bristol
Cramphorn, LukeBristol University
Papadopoulos, FotiosPlymouth University
Lepora, NathanUniversity of Bristol
TuBT1-21 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Deep Visual Learning II - 2.2.21  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.1 Add to My Program
Pose Graph Optimization for Unsupervised Monocular Visual Odometry
Li, YangThe University of Tokyo
Ushiku, YoshitakaOMRON SINIC X Corpolation
Harada, TatsuyaThe University of Tokyo
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.2 Add to My Program
Probably Unknown: Deep Inverse Sensor Modelling in Radar
Weston, Robert JamesOxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford
Cen, Sarah HuiyiUniversity of Oxford
Newman, PaulOxford University
Posner, IngmarOxford University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.3 Add to My Program
Uncertainty-Aware Occupancy Map Prediction Using Generative Networks for Robot Navigation
Katyal, KapilJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Popek, KatieJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Paxton, ChrisNVIDIA Research
Burlina, PhilippeJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Hager, GregoryJohns Hopkins University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.4 Add to My Program
Empty Cities: Image Inpainting for a Dynamic-Object-Invariant Space
Bescos, BertaUniversity of Zaragoza
Neira, JoséUniversidad De Zaragoza
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Cadena Lerma, CesarETH Zurich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.5 Add to My Program
Autonomous Exploration, Reconstruction, and Surveillance of 3D Environments Aided by Deep Learning
Ly, LouisUT Austin
Tsai, RichardUT Austin
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-21.6 Add to My Program
GANVO: Unsupervised Deep Monocular Visual Odometry and Depth Estimation with Generative Adversarial Networks
Almalioglu, YasinThe University of Oxford
Saputra, Muhamad Risqi U.University of Oxford
Porto Buarque de Gusmão, PedroUniversity of Oxford
Markham, AndrewOxford University
Trigoni, NikiUniversity of Oxford
TuBT1-22 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Object Recognition & Segmentation II - 2.2.22  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.1 Add to My Program
Fast Instance and Semantic Segmentation Exploiting Local Connectivity, Metric Learning, and One-Shot Detection for Robotics
Milioto, AndresUniversity of Bonn
Mandtler, LeonardUniversity of Bonn
Stachniss, CyrillUniversity of Bonn
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.2 Add to My Program
Adding Cues to Binary Feature Descriptors for Visual Place Recognition
Schlegel, DominikSapienza - University of Rome
Grisetti, GiorgioSapienza University of Rome
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.3 Add to My Program
Recursive Bayesian Classification for Perception of Evolving Targets Using a Gaussian Toroid Prediction Model
Steckenrider, J. JosiahVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Furukawa, TomonariVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.4 Add to My Program
Large-Scale Object Mining for Object Discovery from Unlabeled Video
Osep, AljosaRWTH Aachen University
Voigtlaender, PaulRWTH Aachen University
Luiten, JonathonMr
Breuers, StefanRWTH Aachen University
Leibe, BastianRWTH Aachen University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.5 Add to My Program
Goal-Oriented Object Importance Estimation in On-Road Driving Videos
Gao, MingfeiUniversity of Maryland
Tawari, AshishHonda Research Institute
Martin, SujithaHonda Research Institute
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-22.6 Add to My Program
Priming Deep Pedestrian Detection with Geometric Context
Chakraborty, IshaniMicrosoft
Hua, GangStevens Institute of Technology
TuBT1-23 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Motion and Path Planning II - 2.2.23  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.1 Add to My Program
The Robust Canadian Traveler Problem Applied to Robot Routing
Guo, HengweiUniversity of Toronto
Barfoot, TimothyUniversity of Toronto
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.2 Add to My Program
Improved A-Search Guided Tree Construction for Kinodynamic Planning
Wang, YebinMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.3 Add to My Program
Balancing Global Exploration and Local-Connectivity Exploitation with Rapidly-Exploring Random Disjointed-Trees
Lai, TinUniversity of Sydney
Ramos, FabioUniversity of Sydney
Francis, GiladThe University of Sydney
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.4 Add to My Program
Locomotion Planning through a Hybrid Bayesian Trajectory Optimization
Seyde, Tim NiklasMIT, ETH Zurich
Carius, JanETH Zurich
Grandia, RubenETH Zurich
Farshidian, FarbodETH Zurich
Hutter, MarcoETH Zurich
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.5 Add to My Program
Dynamic Channel: A Planning Framework for Crowd Navigation
Cao, ChaoCarnegie Mellon University
Trautman, PeterGalois Inc
Iba, SoshiHonda Research Institute USA
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-23.6 Add to My Program
Composition of Local Potential Functions with Reflection
Stager, AdamUniversity of Delaware
Tanner, Herbert G.University of Delaware
TuBT1-24 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Industrial Robotics - 2.2.24  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.1 Add to My Program
Analyzing Electromagnetic Actuator Based on Force Analysis
Ahn, JaewonDGIST
Yun, DongwonDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.2 Add to My Program
A Novel Robotic System for Finishing of Freeform Surfaces
Wen, YalunTexas A&M University
Hu, JieTexas A&M University
Pagilla, Prabhakar ReddyTexas A&M University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.3 Add to My Program
Context-Dependent Compensation Scheme to Reduce Trajectory Execution Errors for Industrial Manipulators
Bhatt, PraharUniversity of Southern California
Rajendran, PradeepUniversity of Southern California
McKay, KeithHexagon AB
Gupta, Satyandra K.University of Southern California
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.4 Add to My Program
Identifying Feasible Workpiece Placement with Respect to Redundant Manipulator for Complex Manufacturing Tasks
Malhan, RishiUniversity of Southern California
Kabir, Ariyan MUniversity of Southern California
Shah, Brual C.University of Maryland, College Park
Gupta, Satyandra K.University of Southern California
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.5 Add to My Program
Geometric Search Based Inverse Kinematics of 7-DoF Redundant Manipulator with Multiple Joint Offsets
Sinha, AnirbanStony Brook University
Chakraborty, NilanjanStony Brook University
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-24.6 Add to My Program
New Automated Guided Vehicle System Using Real-Time Holonic Scheduling for Warehouse Picking
Yoshitake, HiroshiHitachi, Ltd
Kamoshida, RyotaHitachi, Ltd
Nagashima, YoshikazuHitachi, Ltd
TuBT1-25 Interactive Session, 220 Add to My Program 
Intelligent Transportation II - 2.2.25  
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-25.1 Add to My Program
Design and Formal Verification of a Safe Stop Supervisor for an Automated Vehicle
Krook, JonasZenuity
Svensson, LarsKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Li, YuchaoKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Feng, LeiKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fabian, MartinDepartment of Electrical Engineering
13:30-14:45, Paper TuBT1-25.2 Add to My Program
Optimization-Based Terrain Analysis and Path Planning in Unstructured Environments
Graf, Ueli9T Labs AG
Borges, Paulo Vinicius KoerichCSIRO
Hernandez, EmiliCSIRO
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Dubé, RenaudETH Zürich