May 26th - 30th, 2015 ICRA 2015 Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, Washington

2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
May 26-30, 2015, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington

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Last updated on May 31, 2015. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday May 28, 2015

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ThPlenary Plenary Session, WSCC 4A Add to My Program 
Plenary: Helen Greiner - Robotics Innovation at Start-Ups  
Chair: Parker, LynneUniv. of Tennessee
08:15-09:05, Paper ThPlenary.1 Add to My Program
Robotics Innovation at Start-Ups
Greiner, HelenCyPhy Works, Inc.
ThA1T1 Regular Session, WSCC 602/603 Add to My Program 
Motion and Path Planning I  
Chair: Kurniawati, HannaUniv. of Queensland
Co-Chair: Murphey, ToddNorthwestern Univ
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T1.1 Add to My Program
Path-Guided Artificial Potential Fields with Stochastic Reachable Sets for Motion Planning in Highly Dynamic Environments
Chiang, Hao-TienUniv. of New Mexico
Malone, NicholasUniv. of New Mexico
Lesser, KendraUniv. of New Mexico
Oishi, MeekoUniv. of New Mexico
Tapia, LydiaUniv. of New Mexico
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T1.2 Add to My Program
Efficient Path Planning for High-DOF Articulated Robots with Adaptive Dimensionality
Kim, DonghyungHanyang Univ
Choi, YounsungHanyang Univ
Park, TaejoonHanyang Univ
Lee, Ji-YeongHanyang Univ
Han, Chang-SooHanyang Univ
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T1.3 Add to My Program
A Motion Planning Approach to Automatic Obstacle Avoidance During Concentric Tube Robot Teleoperation
Torres, Luis G.Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kuntz, AlanUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Gilbert, Hunter B.Vanderbilt Univ
Swaney, Philip J.Vanderbilt Univ
Hendrick, RichardVanderbilt Univ. Department of Mechanical Engineering
Webster III, Robert JamesVanderbilt Univ
Alterovitz, RonUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T1.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Sampling-Based Motion Planning under Differential Constraints: The Driftless Case
Schmerling, EdwardStanford Univ
Janson, LucasStanford Univ
Pavone, MarcoStanford Univ
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T1.5 Add to My Program
Dynamic Multi-Heuristic A*
Islam, FahadCarnegie Mellon Univ
Narayanan, VenkatramanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Likhachev, MaximCarnegie Mellon Univ
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T1.6 Add to My Program
Operation of the Ballbot on Slopes and with Center-Of-Mass Offsets
Vaidya, BhaskarCarnegie Mellon Univ
Shomin, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ
Hollis, RalphCarnegie Mellon Univ
Kantor, GeorgeCarnegie Mellon Univ
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T1.7 Add to My Program
The Planner Ensemble: Motion Planning by Executing Diverse Algorithms
Choudhury, SanjibanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Arora, SankalpCarnegie Mellon Univ
Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon Univ
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T1.8 Add to My Program
Planning the Motion of a Sliding and Rolling Sphere
Jia, Yan-BinIowa State Univ
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T1.9 Add to My Program
Maximizing Fisher Information Using Discrete Mechanics and Projection-Based Trajectory Optimization
Wilson, AndrewNorthwestern Univ
Murphey, ToddNorthwestern Univ
ThA1T2 Regular Session, WSCC 606 Add to My Program 
Visual Tracking  
Chair: Song, DezhenTexas A&M Univ
Co-Chair: Bohg, JeannetteMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T2.1 Add to My Program
Robust 3D Tracking of Unknown Objects
Pieropan, AlessandroKTH
Bergström, NiklasUniv. of Tokyo
Ishikawa, MasatoshiUniv. of Tokyo
Kjellstrom, HedvigKTH
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T2.2 Add to My Program
Distortion Invariant Joint-Feature for Visual Tracking in Catadioptric Omnidirectional Vision
Tang, YazheShanghai Univ
Li, Y.F.City Univ. of Hong Kong
Ge, Shuzhi SamNational Univ. of Singapore
Ren, HongliangFaculty of Engineering, National Univ. of Singapore
Luo, JunShanghai Univ
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T2.3 Add to My Program
Human Feet Tracking Guided by Locomotion Model
Li, YingThe Ohio State Univ
Ding, SihaoThe Ohio State Univ
Zhai, QiangThe Ohio State Univ
Zheng, Yuan F.The Ohio State Univ
Xuan, DongThe Ohio-State Univ
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T2.4 Add to My Program
Real-Time Tracking of Deformable Target in 3D Ultrasound Images
Royer, LucasInst. De Recherche Tech. B-Com/ Insa De Rennes / Inri
Marchal, MaudINSA/INRIA
Le Bras, AnthonyCHU De Rennes
Dardenne, GuillaumeInst. De Recherche Tech. B-Com
Krupa, AlexandreINRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T2.5 Add to My Program
Tracking Handheld Object Using Three Layer RGB-D Image Space
Chaudhary, Krishneel ChandThe Univ. of Tokyo
Mae, YasushiOsaka Univ
Kojima, MasaruOsaka Univ
Arai, TatsuoOsaka Univ
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T2.6 Add to My Program
Robust Ground Plane Tracking in Cluttered Environments from Egocentric Stereo Vision
Schwarze, TobiasKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Lauer, MartinKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T2.7 Add to My Program
Tracking Benchmark and Evaluation for Manipulation Tasks
Roy, AnkushUniv. of Alberta
Zhang, XiUniv. of Alberta
Wolleb, NinaUniv. of Alberta
Perez Quintero, Camilo AlfonsoUniv. of Alberta
Jagersand, MartinUniv. of Alberta
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T2.8 Add to My Program
The Coordinate Particle Filter - a Novel Particle Filter for High Dimensional Systems
Wüthrich, ManuelMax-Planck-Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Bohg, JeannetteMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Kappler, DanielMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Pfreundt, ClaudiaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Schaal, StefanMPI Intelligent Systems & Univ. of Southern California
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T2.9 Add to My Program
Segmentation Performance in Tracking Deformable Objects Via WNNs
Staffa, MariacarlaUniv. of Naples "Federico II"
Rossi, SilviaUniv. of Naples "Federico II"
Giordano, MaurizioIstituto Di Cibernetica “Eduardo Caianiello”, CNR
De Gregorio, MassimoIstituto Di Cibernetica “Eduardo Caianiello”, CNR
Siciliano, BrunoUniv. Napoli Federico II
ThA1T3 Regular Session, WSCC 607 Add to My Program 
Manipulation Planning I  
Chair: Beetz, MichaelUniv. of Bremen
Co-Chair: Berenson, DmitryWorcester Pol. Inst. (WPI)
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T3.1 Add to My Program
Quasi-Direct Nonprehensile Catching with Uncertain Object States
Schill, Markus MichaelTech. Univ. München
Gruber, FelixTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. München
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T3.2 Add to My Program
A Stochastic Dynamic Motion Planning Algorithm for Object-Throwing
Sintov, AvishaiBen Gurion Univ. of the Negev
Shapiro, AmirBen Gurion Univ. of the Negev
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T3.3 Add to My Program
Online Deformation of Optimal Trajectories for Constrained Nonprehensile Manipulation
Pekarovskiy, AlexanderTech. Univ. Muenchen
Nierhoff, ThomasTU München
Schenek, JochenTech. Univ. München
Nakamura, YoshihikoUniv. of Tokyo
Hirche, SandraTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. München
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T3.4 Add to My Program
An Online Method for Tight-Tolerance Insertion Tasks for String and Rope
Wang, WeifuDartmouth Coll
Berenson, DmitryWorcester Pol. Inst. (WPI)
Balkcom, DevinDartmouth Coll
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T3.5 Add to My Program
Multi-Step Planning for Robotic Manipulation
Pflueger, MaxUniv. of Southern California
Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T3.6 Add to My Program
Dynamic Nonprehensile Manipulation by Using Active-Passive Hybrid Joint with Nonparallel Axes
Natsuhara, HiroyaOsaka Univ
Higashimori, MitsuruOsaka Univ
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T3.7 Add to My Program
Nonprehensile Whole Arm Rearrangement Planning with Physics Manifolds
King, JenniferCarnegie Mellon Univ
Haustein, Joshua AlexanderKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Srinivasa, SiddharthaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Asfour, TamimKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T3.8 Add to My Program
A Scheme for Manipulating a Passive Object Using an Active Plate
Aoyama, TadayoshiHiroshima Univ
Harada, YujiHIROTEC
Gu, QingyiHiroshima Univ
Takaki, TakeshiHiroshima Univ
Ishii, IdakuHiroshima Univ
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T3.9 Add to My Program
Sample-Based Motion Planning for Robot Manipulators with Closed Kinematic Chains
Bonilla, ManuelUniv. of Pisa, Centro "E. Piaggio"
Farnioli, EdoardoUniv. Di Pisa
Pallottino, LuciaUniv. Di Pisa
Bicchi, AntonioUniv. Di Pisa & Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
ThA1T4 Regular Session, WSCC 608 Add to My Program 
Soft Robotics  
Chair: Onal, Cagdas DenizelWPI
Co-Chair: Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T4.1 Add to My Program
Dynamics and Trajectory Optimization for a Soft Spatial Fluidic Elastomer Manipulator
Marchese, AndrewMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Rus, DanielaMIT
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T4.2 Add to My Program
An under Actuated Robotic Arm with Adjustable Stiffness Shap Memory Polymer Joints
Firouzeh, AmirEPFL
Mirrazavi Salehian, Seyed SinaEPFL
Billard, AudeEPFL
Paik, JamieEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T4.3 Add to My Program
Feedforward Augmented Sliding Mode Motion Control of Antagonistic Soft Pneumatic Actuators
Skorina, ErikWorcester Pol. Inst
Luo, MingWorcester Pol. Inst
Ozel, SelimWorcester Pol. Inst
Chen, FuchenWorcester Pol. Inst
Tao, WeijiaWorcester Pol. Inst
Onal, Cagdas DenizelWPI
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T4.4 Add to My Program
Real-Time Control of Soft-Robots Using Asynchronous Finite Element Modeling
Largilliere, FrederickUniv. of Lille
Verona, ValerianTelecom Physique Strasbourg / Inria
Coevoet, EulalieINRIA
Sanz Lopez, MarioINRIA
Dequidt, JeremieLab. D'informatique Fondamentale De Lille
Duriez, ChristianINRIA
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T4.5 Add to My Program
Tendon and Pressure Actuation for a Bio-Inspired Manipulator Based on an Antagonistic Principle
Maghooa, FarahnazPol. Paris (Univ. Pierre and Marie Curie) Engineering S
Stilli, AgostinoKing's Coll. London
Noh, YohanKing's Coll. London
Althoefer, KasparKing's Coll. London
Wurdemann, Helge ArneKing's Coll. London
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T4.6 Add to My Program
Design of Robotic Fingers with Human-Like Passive Parallel Compliance
Kuo, Pei-HsinUniv. of Texas Austin
DeBacker, JamesThe Univ. of Texas
Deshpande, AshishUniv. of Texas
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T4.7 Add to My Program
Wearable Soft Artificial Skin for Hand Motion Detection with Embedded Microfluidic Strain Sensing
Chossat, Jean-BaptisteÉcole De Tech. Supérieure, CoRo
Tao, YiweiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Duchaine, VincentEc. De Tech. Superieure
Park, Yong-LaeCarnegie Mellon Univ
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T4.8 Add to My Program
Patterned Compliance in Robotic Finger Pads for Versatile Surface Usage in Dexterous Manipulation
Bullock, IanYale Univ
Guertler, CharlotteWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Dollar, AaronYale Univ
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T4.9 Add to My Program
Towards High Frequency Actuation of SMA Spring for the Neurosurgical Robot - MINIR-II
Cheng, Shing ShinUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Desai, Jaydev P.Univ. of Maryland
ThA1T5 Regular Session, WSCC 609 Add to My Program 
Learning and Adaptive Systems II  
Chair: Bethel, CindyMississippi State Univ
Co-Chair: Schwager, MacBoston Univ
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T5.1 Add to My Program
Sparse Gaussian Process Regression for Compliant, Real-Time Robot Control
Schreiter, JensRobort Bosch GmbH
Englert, PeterU Stuttgart
Nguyen-Tuong, DuyRobert Bosch GmbH, Corp. Res
Toussaint, MarcUniv. of Stuttgart
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T5.2 Add to My Program
High-Level Learning from Demonstration with Conceptual Spaces and Subspace Clustering
Cubek, RichardRavensburg-Weingarten Univ. of Applied Sciences, Weingarten
Ertel, WolfgangUniv. of Applied Sciences, Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany
Palm, GuentherUniv. of Ulm
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T5.3 Add to My Program
Active Exploration of Joint Dependency Structures
Kulick, JohannesUniv. Stuttgart
Otte, StefanUniv. Stuttgart
Toussaint, MarcUniv. of Stuttgart
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T5.4 Add to My Program
Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Robots Using Informative Simulated Priors
Cutler, MarkMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
How, Jonathan PatrickMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T5.5 Add to My Program
Learning Null Space Projections
Lin, Hsiu-ChinUniv. of Edinburgh
Howard, MatthewKing's Coll. London
Vijayakumar, SethuUniv. of Edinburgh
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T5.6 Add to My Program
Reducing Hardware Experiments for Model Learning and Policy Optimization
Ha, SehoonGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Yamane, KatsuDisney
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T5.7 Add to My Program
Bottom-Up Learning of Object Categories, Action Effects and Logical Rules: From Continuous Manipulative Exploration to Symbolic Planning
Ugur, EmreUniv. of Innsbruck
Piater, JustusUniv. of Innsbruck
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T5.8 Add to My Program
Dense Visual-Inertial Navigation System for Mobile Robots
Omari, SammyETH Zurich
Bloesch, MichaelETH Zurich
Gohl, PascalETH Zurich / Skybotix AG
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T5.9 Add to My Program
Learning Driving Styles for Autonomous Vehicles from Demonstration
Kuderer, MarkusUniv. of Freiburg
Gulati, ShilpaUniv. of Texas at Austin
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
ThA1T6 Regular Session, WSCC 611 Add to My Program 
Automation Technologies from Factory to Field  
Chair: Guo, YiStevens Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T6.1 Add to My Program
Model-Based 3D Object Recognition and Fetching by a 7-DoF Robot with Online Obstacle Avoidance for Factory Automation
Luo, RenNational Taiwan Univ
Kuo, Chia-WenNational Taiwan Univ
Chung, Yi-TingNational Taiwan Univ
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T6.2 Add to My Program
Robotic Simulation of Dynamic Plume Tracking by Unmanned Surface Vessels
Fahad, MuhammadStevens Inst. of Tech
Saul, NathanielUniv. of Hawaii - Manoa
Guo, YiStevens Inst. of Tech
Bingham, BrianUniv. of Hawaii
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T6.3 Add to My Program
Evaluation of a Direct Optimization Method for Trajectory Planning of a 9-DOF Redundant Fruit-Picking Manipulator
Schuetz, ChristophTech. Univ. München
Baur, JoergTech. Univ. München
Pfaff, JulianTech. Univ. München
Buschmann, ThomasTech. Univ. Muenchen
Ulbrich, HeinzTech. Univ. Muenchen
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T6.4 Add to My Program
Automated Micro-Aspiration of Mouse Embryo Limb Bud Tissue
Wen, JunUniv. of Toronto
Liu, JunUniv. of Toronto
Lau, KimberlyThe Hospital for Sick Children
Liu, HaijiaoUniv. of Toronto
Hopyan, SevanThe Hospital for Sick Children
Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T6.5 Add to My Program
Inversion-Free Feedforward Dynamic Compensation of Hysteresis Nonlinearities in Piezoelectric Micro/nano Positioning Actuators
Omar, AljanaidehConcordia Univ
Al Janaideh, MohammadThe Univ. of Jordan & the Univ. of Michigan
Rakotondrabe, MickyFEMTO-St Inst. UMR CNRS 6174 - UFC / ENSMM / UTBM
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T6.6 Add to My Program
Electroplated Nickel Microspring and Low-Friction Precision Linear Slider: A Novel Micro-Force Sensing Tool
Saketi, PooyaTampere Univ. of Tech
Wangyang, PeihuaRes. Inst. of Micro/Nano Science and Tech. Shangha
Li, HaihuaRes. Inst. of Micro/Nano Science and Tech. Shangha
Wang, QingkangRes. Inst. of Micro/Nano Science and Tech. Shangha
Kallio, Pasi JohannesTampere Univ. of Tech
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T6.7 Add to My Program
Automated Robotic Vitrification of Embryos
Liu, JunUniv. of Toronto
Shi, ChaoyangImperial Coll. London
Wen, JunUniv. of Toronto
Pyne, DerekUniv. of Toronto
Liu, HaijiaoUniv. of Toronto
Ru, ChanghaiSoochow Univ
Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T6.8 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Actuator System for Single Particle Manipulation on a Microfluidic Chip
Heo, Young JinPohang Univ. of Science and Tech. (POSTECH)
Kang, JunsuPostech
Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ
Chung, Wan KyunPOSTECH
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T6.9 Add to My Program
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Assembly of Alginate Microfibers Using Microfluidic "printing" Method
Sun, TaoBeijing Inst. of Tech
Huang, QiangBeijing Inst. of Tech
Shi, QingBeijing Inst. of Tech
Wang, HuapingBeijig Inst. of Tech
Nakajima, MasahiroNagoya Univ
Fukuda, ToshioMeijo Univ
ThA1T7 Regular Session, WSCC 612 Add to My Program 
Mechanism Design and Control of Manipulators  
Chair: Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich
Co-Chair: Melchiorri, ClaudioUniv. of Bologna
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T7.1 Add to My Program
Origami-Inspired Printable Tele-Micromanipulation System
Yim, SehyukMIT
Kim, SangbaeMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T7.2 Add to My Program
Kinematic Analysis and Design Considerations for Optimal Base Frame Arrangement of Humanoid Shoulders
Bagheri, MostafaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT)
Ajoudani, ArashFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Lee, JinohFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Caldwell, Darwin G.Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikosIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T7.3 Add to My Program
Mechanism and Control of Robotic Arm Using Rotational Counterweights
Kawamura, AkihiroRitsumeikan Univ
Gang, ByunghyunRitsumeikan Univ
Uemura, MitsunoriOsaka Univ
Kawamura, SadaoRitsumeikan Univ
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T7.4 Add to My Program
A Novel Method for Measuring the Coupled Linear and Angular Motions of XYΘ -Type Flexure-Based Manipulators
Qin, YandingNankai Univ
Zhao, XinNankai Univ
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T7.5 Add to My Program
Low-Cost, Fast and Accurate Reconstruction of Robotic and Human Postures Via IMU Measurements
Santaera, GaspareUniv. of Pisa, Centro Di Ricerca "E. Piaggio"
Luberto, EmanueleUniv. of Pisa, Centro Di Ricerca "E. Piaggio"
Serio, AlessandroUniv. of Pisa
Gabiccini, MarcoUniv. of Pisa
Bicchi, AntonioUniv. Di Pisa & Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T7.6 Add to My Program
Design of Tendon-Driven Mechanisms for Fault Tolerance from Tendon-Breaking by Using Centroid Vectors
Ozawa, RyutaRitsumeikan Univ
Kobayashi, HiroakiMeiji Univ
Hyodo, KazuhitoKanagawa Inst. of Tech
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T7.7 Add to My Program
Feedback Linearization of Variable Stiffness Joints Based on Twisted String Actuators
Palli, GianlucaUniv. of Bologna
Pan, LeUniv. of Bologna
Hosseini, MohssenUniv. of Bologna
Moriello, LorenzoUniv. of Bologna
Melchiorri, ClaudioUniv. of Bologna
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T7.8 Add to My Program
Reactive Motion Planning and Control for Compliant and Constraint-Based Task Execution
Zanchettin, Andrea MariaPol. Di Milano
Rocco, PaoloPol. Di Milano
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T7.9 Add to My Program
Power Analysis of a Series Elastic Actuator for Ankle Joint Gait Rehabilitation
Ben Farah, OussamaUniv. of Stuttgart
Guo, ZhaoNational Univ. of Singapore
Chen, GongNational Univ. of Singapore
Yu, HaoyongNational Univ. of Singapore
Zhu, ChiMaebashi Inst. of Tech
ThA1T8 Regular Session, WSCC 613/614 Add to My Program 
Localization and Navigation  
Chair: Zhu, XiaoruiHarbin Inst. of Tech. Shenzhen Graduate School
Co-Chair: Carpin, StefanoUniv. of California, Merced
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T8.1 Add to My Program
Predictive Exploration Considering Previously Mapped Environments
Perea Ström, DanielUniv. De La Laguna
Nenci, FabrizioInst. Für Geodäsie Und Geoinformation, Univ. of Bonn
Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Bonn
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T8.2 Add to My Program
The Gist of Maps - Summarizing Experience for Lifelong Localization
Dymczyk, Marcin TomaszETH Zurich, Autonomous Systems Lab
Lynen, SimonETH Zurich
Cieslewski, TitusETH Zurich
Bosse, MichaelETH Zürich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Furgale, Paul TimothyETH Zürich
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T8.3 Add to My Program
Efficient and Effective Matching of Image Sequences under Substantial Appearance Changes Exploiting GPS Priors
Vysotska, OlgaUniv. of Bonn
Naseer, TayyabUniv. of Freiburg
Spinello, LucianoUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Bonn
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T8.4 Add to My Program
LexTOR: Lexicographic Teach Optimize and Repeat Based on User Preferences
Mazuran, MladenUniv. of Freiburg
Sprunk, ChristophUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
Tipaldi, Gian DiegoUniv. of Freiburg
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T8.5 Add to My Program
Fast and Robust Vehicle Positioning on Graph-Based Representation of Drivable Maps
Merriaux, PierreIrseem/Esigelec
Dupuis, YohanCEREMA
Vasseur, PascalUniv. De Rouen
Savatier, XavierIrseem Ea 4353
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T8.6 Add to My Program
Curb Feature Based Localization of a Mobile Robot in Urban Road Environments
Lee, HyunsukKorea Univ
Park, JooyoungKorea Univ
Chung, WoojinKorea Univ
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T8.7 Add to My Program
Asynchronous Blind Signal Decomposition Using Tiny-Length Code for Visible Light Communication-Based Indoor Localization
Zhang, FangyiThe Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
Qiu, KejieThe Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
Liu, MingHong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T8.8 Add to My Program
Distributed Map Fusion with Sporadic Updates for Large Domains
Niedfeldt, PeterBrigham Young Univ
Speranzon, AlbertoUnited Tech. Res. Center
Surana, AmitUTRC
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T8.9 Add to My Program
Fast LIDAR Localization Using Multiresolution Gaussian Mixture Maps
Wolcott, RyanUniv. of Michigan
Eustice, RyanUniv. of Michigan
ThA1T9 Regular Session, WSCC 615/616 Add to My Program 
Space Robotics  
Chair: Barfoot, TimothyUniv. of Toronto
Co-Chair: Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aerospace Center
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T9.1 Add to My Program
Experimental Evaluation of Gripping Characteristics Based on Frictional Theory for Ground Grip Locomotive Robot on an Asteroid
Yuguchi, YudaiTohoku Univ
Ribeiro, Warley Francisco RochaPontifical Catholic Univ. of Minas Gerais
Nagaoka, KenjiTohoku Univ
Yoshida, KazuyaTohoku Univ
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T9.2 Add to My Program
Scaling Controllable Adhesives to Grapple Floating Objects in Space
Jiang, HaoStanford Univ
Hawkes, Elliot WrightStanford Univ
Arutyunov, VladimirJet Propulsion Lab
Tims, JacobMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Fuller, ChristineCaltech
King, JonathanThe Ohio State Univ
Seubert, Carl ReinerJet Propulsion Lab
Chang, HerrickJet Propulsion Lab
Parness, AaronNasa Jet Propulsion Lab
Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T9.3 Add to My Program
On Some Practical Reactionless Motion Tasks with a Free-Floating Space Robot
Sone, HirokiTokyo City Univ
Nenchev, DragomirTokyo City Univ
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T9.4 Add to My Program
A New Actuator for On-Orbit Inspection
Reinhardt, BenjaminCornell Univ
Peck, MasonCornell Univ
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T9.5 Add to My Program
Comparison of an Attitude Estimator Based on the Lagrange-D'alembert Principle with Some State-Of-The-Art Filters
Izadi, MaziarNew Mexico State Univ
Samiei, EhsanNew Mexico State Univ
Sanyal, AmitNew Mexico State Univ
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T9.6 Add to My Program
The OOS-SIM: An On-Ground Simulation Facility for On-Orbit Servicing Robotic Operations
Artigas, JordiDLR - German Aerospace Center
De Stefano, MarcoDLR - German Aerospace Center
Rackl, WolfgangDLR - German Aerospace Center
Brunner, BernhardGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Lampariello, RobertoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Bertleff, WielandGerman Aerospace Center
Burger, RobertGerman Aerospace Center
Porges, OliverDLR-RM
Giordano, AlessandroDLR - German Aerospace Center
Borst, ChristophGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aerospace Center
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T9.7 Add to My Program
Simultaneous Estimation of Shape and Motion of an Asteroid for Automatic Navigation
Takeishi, NaoyaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yairi, TakehisaUniv. of Tokyo
Tsuda, YuichiJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Terui, FuyutoJAXA
Ogawa, NaokoJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Mimasu, YuyaJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T9.8 Add to My Program
System Design and Locomotion of SUPERball, an Untethered Tensegrity Robot
Sabelhaus, Andrew P.Univ. of California Berkeley
Bruce, JonathanUniv. of California Santa Cruz, Univ. Space Res
Caluwaerts, KenNASA Ames Res. Center/ORAU
Manovi, PavloUniv. of California Santa Cruz
Fallah Firoozi, RoyaUniv. of California Berkeley
Dobi, SarahUniv. of California Berkeley
Agogino, AliceUniv. of California Berkeley
SunSpiral, VytasSGT Inc. / NASA Ames Res. Center
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T9.9 Add to My Program
Towards Orbital Based Global Rover Localization
Boukas, EvangelosDemocritus Univ. of Thrace
Gasteratos, AntoniosDemocritus Univ. of Thrace
Visentin, GianfrancoEuropean Space Agency
ThA1T10 Regular Session, WSCC 619/620 Add to My Program 
Medical Robotics III  
Chair: Kim, SungwanSeoul National Univ. Coll. of Medicine
Co-Chair: Nuechter, AndreasUniv. of Würzburg
09:15-09:19, Paper ThA1T10.1 Add to My Program
An Integrated Framework for Humanoid Embodiment with a BCI
Petit, DamienCNRS-AIST JRL (Joint Robotics Lab. UMI3218/CRT
Gergondet, PierreCNRS
Cherubini, AndreaLIRMM - Univ. De Montpellier 2 CNRS
Kheddar, AbderrahmaneCNRS-AIST JRL (Joint Robotics Lab. UMI3218/CRT
09:19-09:23, Paper ThA1T10.2 Add to My Program
Libra3d: Body Weight Estimation for Emergency Patients in Clinical Environments with a 3D Structured Light Sensor
Pfitzner, ChristianNuremberg Campus of Tech
May, StefanNuremberg Inst. of Tech. Georg Simon Ohm
Merkl, ChristianNuremberg Inst. of Tech
Breuer, LorenzUniv. Erlangen
Köhrmann, MartinUniv. Erlangen
Dirauf, FranzSiemens AG, Kemnath
Braun, JoelSiemens AG, Kemnath
Nuechter, AndreasUniv. of Würzburg
09:23-09:27, Paper ThA1T10.3 Add to My Program
Optimal Needle Grasp Selection for Automatic Execution of Suturing Tasks in Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery
Liu, TaomingCase Western Res. Univ
Cavusoglu, M. CenkCase Western Res. Univ
09:27-09:31, Paper ThA1T10.4 Add to My Program
New STIFF-FLOP Module Construction Idea for Improved Actuation and Sensing
Fraś, JanIndustrial Res. Inst. for Automation and Measurements
Czarnowski, JanIndustrial Res. Inst. for Automation and Measurements
Maciaś, MateuszIndustrial Res. Inst. for Automation and Measurements
Główka, JakubIndustrial Res. Inst. for Automation and Measurements
Cianchetti, MatteoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Menciassi, AriannaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna - SSSA
09:31-09:35, Paper ThA1T10.5 Add to My Program
Soft Oral Interventional Rehabilitation Robot Based on Low-Profile Soft Pneumatic Actuator
Sun, YiNational Univ. of Singapore
Lim, Chwee MingNational Univ. of Singapore
Tan, Hee HonNational Univ. of Singapore
Ren, HongliangFaculty of Engineering, National Univ. of Singapore
09:35-09:39, Paper ThA1T10.6 Add to My Program
Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation and Task Specific Training
Polygerinos, PanagiotisHarvard Univ
Galloway, KevinWyss Inst
Savage, EmilyHarvard Univ
Herman, MaxwellHarvard Univ. - Wyss Inst
O'Donnell, KathleenHarvard Univ. - Wyss Inst
Walsh, Conor JamesHarvard Univ
09:39-09:43, Paper ThA1T10.7 Add to My Program
A Proposal of a Light-Weight Walking Assist Wear Using PVC Gel Artificial Muscles
Li, YiShinshu Univ
Hashimoto, MinoruShinshu Univ
09:43-09:47, Paper ThA1T10.8 Add to My Program
A Pressure-Redistributing Insole Using Soft Sensors and Actuators
Low, Jin HuatNational Univ. of Singapore
Khin, Phone MayNational Univ. of Singapore
Yeow, Chen-HuaNational Univ. of Singapore
09:47-09:51, Paper ThA1T10.9 Add to My Program
A Dynamically Consistent Hierarchical Control Architecture for Robotic-Assisted Tele-Echography with Motion and Contact Dynamics Driven by a 3D Time-Of-Flight Camera and a Force Sensor
Santos, LuísUniv. of Coimbra
Cortesao, RuiUniv. of Coimbra, Inst. of Systems and Robotics
ThA1T11 , WSCC 604 Add to My Program 
Government Forum - A1  
09:15-10:30, Paper ThA1T11.1 Add to My Program
Government Forum
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Rus, DanielaMIT
ThAMCoffee_Break , WSCC 4B Add to My Program 
Break - Thu AM  
ThA2T1 Regular Session, WSCC 602/603 Add to My Program 
Motion and Path Planning II  
Chair: Lien, Jyh-MingGeorge Mason Univ
Co-Chair: Hauser, KrisDuke Univ
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T1.1 Add to My Program
Plan Folding Motion for Rigid Self-Folding Machine Via Discrete Domain Sampling
Xi, ZhonghuaGeorge Mason Univ
Lien, Jyh-MingGeorge Mason Univ
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T1.2 Add to My Program
Completely Randomized RRT-Connect: A Case Study on 3D Rigid Body Motion Planning
Schneider, DanielHFT Stuttgart
Schömer, ElmarMainz Univ
Wolpert, NicolaHFT Stuttgart
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T1.3 Add to My Program
Lazy Collision Checking in Asymptotically-Optimal Motion Planning
Hauser, KrisDuke Univ
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T1.4 Add to My Program
The Free Configuration Space of a Kirchhoff Elastic Rod Is Path-Connected
Borum, AndyUniv. of Illinois
Bretl, TimothyUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T1.5 Add to My Program
Task-Constrained Motion Planning for Underactuated Robots
Cefalo, MassimoSapienza Univ. of Rome
Oriolo, GiuseppeSapienza Univ. of Rome
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T1.6 Add to My Program
Fractal Trajectories for Online Non-Uniform Aerial Coverage
Sadat Kooch Mohtasham, Seyed AbbasSimon Fraser Univ
Wawerla, JensSimon Fraser Univ
Vaughan, RichardSimon Fraser Univ
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T1.7 Add to My Program
Reachable Volume RRT
McMahon, TroyTexas A&M
Thomas, ShawnaTexas A&M Univ
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T1.8 Add to My Program
Efficient High-Quality Motion Planning by Fast All-Pairs R-Nearest-Neighbors
Kleinbort, MichalTel Aviv Univ
Salzman, OrenTel-Aviv Univ
Halperin, DanTel Aviv Univ
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T1.9 Add to My Program
A Predictive Model for Narrow Passage Path Planner by Using Support Vector Machine in Changing Environments
Liu, HongPeking Univ
Xiao, FangShenzhen Graduate School of Peking Univ
Wang, CanPekiing Univ
ThA2T2 Regular Session, WSCC 606 Add to My Program 
Chair: Gupta, ShalabhUniv. of Connecticut
Co-Chair: Kyrki, VilleAalto Univ
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T2.1 Add to My Program
A LLE-HMM-Based Framework for Recognizing Human Gait Movement from EMG
Pham, HangToyota Tech. Inst
Kawanishi, MichihiroToyota Tech. Inst
Narikiyo, TatsuoToyota Tech. Inst
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T2.2 Add to My Program
Temporal Integration of Feature Correspondences for Enhanced Recognition in Cluttered and Dynamic Environments
Fäulhammer, ThomasUniv. of Tech. Vienna
Aldoma, AitorVienna Univ. of Tech
Zillich, MichaelVienna Univ. of Tech
Vincze, MarkusVienna Univ. of Tech
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T2.3 Add to My Program
Comparison of Rigid Body Motion Trajectory Descriptors for Motion Representation and Recognition
Vochten, MaximKU Leuven
De Laet, TinneUniv. of Leuven
De Schutter, JorisKU Leuven
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T2.4 Add to My Program
Human Activity Recognition Using LZW-Coded Probabilistic Finite State Automata
Wilson, JamesUniv. of Connecticut
Najjar, NayeffUniv. of Connecticut
Hare, JamesUniv. of Connecticut
Gupta, ShalabhUniv. of Connecticut
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T2.5 Add to My Program
Gesture Recognition Using Hybrid Generative-Discriminative Approach with Fisher Vector
Goutsu, YusukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Takano, WataruUniv. of Tokyo
Nakamura, YoshihikoUniv. of Tokyo
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T2.6 Add to My Program
Pole-Like Object Detection and Classification from Urban Point Clouds
Huang, JingUniv. of Southern California
You, SuyaUniv. of Southern California
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T2.7 Add to My Program
Real-Time Full-Body Human Gender Recognition in (RGB)-D Data
Linder, TimmUniv. of Freiburg
Wehner, SvenUniv. of Freiburg
Arras, Kai OliverUniv. of Freiburg
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T2.8 Add to My Program
Pushbroom Stereo for High-Speed Navigation in Cluttered Environments
Barry, Andrew J.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T2.9 Add to My Program
Bio-Inspired Predictive Orientation Decomposition of Skeleton Trajectories for Real-Time Human Activity Prediction
Zhang, HaoColorado School of Mines
Parker, LynneUniv. of Tennessee
ThA2T3 Regular Session, WSCC 607 Add to My Program 
Manipulation Planning II  
Chair: Ciocarlie, MateiColumbia Univ
Co-Chair: Asfour, TamimKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T3.1 Add to My Program
Extending the Knowledge of Volumes Approach to Robot Task Planning with Efficient Geometric Predicates
Gaschler, Andre K.Fortiss Tech. Univ. Muenchen
Kessler, IngmarFortiss GmbH
Petrick, RonUniv. of Edinburgh
Knoll, AloisTech. Univ. Muenchen TUM
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T3.2 Add to My Program
Batch Informed Trees (BIT*): Sampling-Based Optimal Planning Via the Heuristically Guided Search of Implicit Random Geometric Graphs
Gammell, Jonathan DavidUniv. of Toronto
Srinivasa, SiddharthaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Barfoot, TimothyUniv. of Toronto
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T3.3 Add to My Program
Kinodynamic Randomized Rearrangement Planning Via Dynamic Transitions between Statically Stable States
Haustein, Joshua AlexanderKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
King, JenniferCarnegie Mellon Univ
Srinivasa, SiddharthaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Asfour, TamimKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T3.4 Add to My Program
A New Algebraic Approach for the Description of Robotic Manipulation Tasks
Lana, Ernesto PabloFederal Univ. of Minas Gerais
Adorno, Bruno VilhenaFederal Univ. of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
Maia, Carlos AndreyUFMG
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T3.5 Add to My Program
Robust Trajectory Design for Object Throwing Based on Sensitivity for Model Uncertainties
Okada, MasafumiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Pekarovskiy, AlexanderTech. Univ. Muenchen
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. München
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T3.6 Add to My Program
Task-Oriented Planning for Manipulating Articulated Mechanisms under Model Uncertainty
Narayanan, VenkatramanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Likhachev, MaximCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T3.7 Add to My Program
Physics-Based Trajectory Optimization for Grasping in Cluttered Environments
Kitaev, NikitaUniv. of California, Berkeley
Mordatch, IgorUniv. of Washington
Patil, SachinUniv. of California Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T3.8 Add to My Program
Planning on Searching Occluded Target Object with a Mobile Robot Manipulator
Lin, Yu-ChiNational Taiwan Univ
Wei, Shao-TingNational Taiwan Univ
Yang, Shih-AnNational Taiwan Univ
Fu, Li-ChenNational Taiwan Univ
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T3.9 Add to My Program
Manipulation Planning with Contacts for an Extensible Elastic Rod by Sampling on the Submanifold of Static Equilibrium Configurations
Roussel, OlivierLAAS-CNRS
Borum, AndyUniv. of Illinois
Taïx, MichelLAAS-CNRS/Univ. Paul Sabatier
Bretl, TimothyUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ThA2T4 Regular Session, WSCC 608 Add to My Program 
Bio-Inspired Robotics and Soft Robotics  
Chair: Sitti, MetinMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Co-Chair: Paik, JamieEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T4.1 Add to My Program
Fiberbot: A Miniature Crawling Robot Using a Directional Fibrillar Pad
Han, YuanfengCarnegie Mellon Univ
Marvi, HamidrezaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Sitti, MetinMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T4.2 Add to My Program
Comparing the Effect of Different Spine and Leg Designs for a Small Bounding Quadruped Robot
Eckert, PeterBiorob-Lab. EPFL
Sproewitz, AlexanderEPFL
Witte, HartmutTech. Univ. of Ilmenau
Ijspeert, AukeEPFL
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T4.3 Add to My Program
A Passively Sprawling Miniature Legged Robot
Stager, AdamUniv. of Delaware
Karydis, KonstantinosUniv. of Delaware
Tanner, Herbert G.Univ. of Delaware
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T4.4 Add to My Program
Obstacle Crossing of a Real, Compliant Robot Based on Local Evasion Movements and Averaging of Stance Heights Using Singular Value Decomposition
Paskarbeit, JanUniv. of Bielefeld
Schilling, MalteUniv. of Bielefeld
Schmitz, JosefUniv. of Bielefeld
Schneider, AxelUniv. of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T4.5 Add to My Program
Finding Answers to Biological Control Methods Using Modulated Patterns: An Application to Bio-Inspired Robotic Fish
Roy Chowdhury, AbhraNATIONAL Univ. OF SINGAPORE
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T4.6 Add to My Program
A Jumping Robot Using Soft Pneumatic Actuator
Ni, FengHong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
Rojas, DanielKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Tang, KaiHong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
Cai, LilongThe Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Tech
Asfour, TamimKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T4.7 Add to My Program
Self-Folding and Self-Actuating Robots: A Pneumatic Approach
Sun, XuMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Felton, SamuelHarvard Univ
Niiyama, RyumaUniv. of Tokyo
Wood, RobertHarvard Univ
Kim, SangbaeMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T4.8 Add to My Program
A Self-Deployable Origami Structure with Locking Mechanism Induced by Buckling Effect
Kim, JongwooSeoul National Univ
Lee, Dae-youngSeoul National Univ
Kim, Sa-reumSeoul National Univ
Cho, Kyu-JinSeoul National Univ. Biorobotics Lab
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T4.9 Add to My Program
A Miniature Surface Tension-Driven Robot Mimicking the Water-Surface Locomotion of Water Strider
Zhang, XinbinHarbin Inst. of Tech
Yan, JihongHarbin Inst. of Tech
Zhao, JieHarbin Inst. of Tech
Liu, GangfengHarbin Inst. of Tech
Cai, HegaoHarbin Inst. of Tech
Pan, QinminHarbin Inst. of Tech
ThA2T5 Regular Session, WSCC 609 Add to My Program 
Learning and Adaptive Systems III  
Chair: Kulic, DanaUniv. of Waterloo
Co-Chair: Ivaldi, SerenaINRIA
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T5.1 Add to My Program
Learning to Assess Terrain from Human Demonstration Using an Introspective Gaussian-Process Classifier
Berczi, Laszlo-PeterUniv. of Toronto
Posner, IngmarOxford Univ
Barfoot, TimothyUniv. of Toronto
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T5.2 Add to My Program
Learning Inverse Dynamics Models with Contacts
Calandra, RobertoTech. Univ. Darmstadt
Ivaldi, SerenaINRIA
Deisenroth, Marc PeterImperial Coll. London
Rueckert, ElmarTU Darmstadt
Peters, JanTech. Univ. Darmstadt
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T5.3 Add to My Program
Learning Movement Primitives for Force Interaction Tasks
Kober, JensTU Delft
Gienger, MichaelHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Steil, Jochen J.Bielefeld Univ
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T5.4 Add to My Program
Self-Supervised Learning of Grasp Dependent Tool Affordances on the Icub Humanoid Robot
Mar, TanisIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tikhanoff, VadimItalian Inst. of Tech
Metta, GiorgioIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT)
Natale, LorenzoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T5.5 Add to My Program
Learning Predictive State Representation for In-Hand Manipulation
Stork, Johannes AndreasKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Ek, Carl HenrikRoyal Inst. of Tech
Bekiroglu, YaseminKTH
Kragic, DanicaKTH
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T5.6 Add to My Program
Inverse Reinforcement Learning of Behavioral Models for Online-Adapting Navigation Strategies
Herman, MichaelRobert Bosch GmbH
Fischer, VolkerRobert Bosch GmbH
Gindele, TobiasKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T5.7 Add to My Program
Deep Learning Helicopter Dynamics Models
Punjani, AliUC Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T5.8 Add to My Program
Beyond Lowest-Warping Cost Action Selection in Trajectory Transfer
Hadfield-Menell, DylanUC Berkeley
Lee, Alex XavierUC Berkeley
Finn, ChelseaUC Berkeley
Tzeng, EricUC Berkeley
Huang, SandyUniv. of California, Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T5.9 Add to My Program
Optimism-Driven Exploration for Nonlinear Systems
Moldovan, Teodor MihaiUC Berkeley
Levine, SergeyUC Berkeley
Jordan, Michael I.UC Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
ThA2T6 Regular Session, WSCC 611 Add to My Program 
Industrial Robot Safety, Monitoring & Control  
Chair: Hsieh, M. AniDrexel Univ
Co-Chair: Anderson, MonicaThe Univ. of Alabama
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T6.1 Add to My Program
Plan Execution Monitoring through Detection of Unmet Expectations about Action Outcomes
Mendoza, Juan PabloCarnegie Mellon Univ
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Simmons, ReidCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T6.2 Add to My Program
Zig-Zag Wanderer: Towards Adaptive Tracking of Time-Varying Coherent Structures in the Ocean
Kularatne, DhanushkaDrexel Univ
Smith, Ryan N.Fort Lewis Coll
Hsieh, M. AniDrexel Univ
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T6.3 Add to My Program
Safe Motion Using Viability Kernels
Bouguerra, Mohamed AmineUniv. of Annaba
Fraichard, ThierryINRIA
Fezari, MohamedUniv. of Annaba
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T6.4 Add to My Program
Decentralized Smart Sensor Scheduling for Multiple Target Tracking for Border Surveillance
Hare, JamesUniv. of Connecticut
Gupta, ShalabhUniv. of Connecticut
Wilson, JamesUniv. of Connecticut
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T6.5 Add to My Program
A Framework for Infrastructure-Free Warehouse Navigation
Gadd, MatthewUniv. of Oxford
Newman, PaulOxford Univ
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T6.6 Add to My Program
Connected Invariant Sets for High-Speed Motion Planning in Partially-Known Environments
Althoff, DanielCarnegie Mellon Univ
Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T6.7 Add to My Program
An Approach to Base Placement for Effective Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial Robots
Hassan, MahdiUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Liu, DikaiUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Paul, GavinUniv. of Tech
Huang, ShoudongUniv. of Tech. Sydney
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T6.8 Add to My Program
A Dynamic Routing Strategy for the Traffic Control of AGVs in Automatic Warehouses
Secchi, CristianUniv. of Modena & Reggio Emilia
Olmi, RobertoElettric80 SpA
Rocchi, FabioUniv. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Fantuzzi, CesareUniv. Di Modena E Reggio Emilia
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T6.9 Add to My Program
Affecting Operator Trust in Intelligent Multirobot Surveillance Systems*
Dawson, ShamekaThe Univ. of Alabama
Crawford, ChrisThe Univ. of Alabama
Dillon, EdwardUniv
Anderson, MonicaThe Univ. of Alabama
ThA2T7 Regular Session, WSCC 612 Add to My Program 
Estimation and Sensing  
Chair: Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California
Co-Chair: Frazzoli, EmilioMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T7.1 Add to My Program
Active Articulation Model Estimation through Interactive Perception
Hausman, KarolUniv. of Southern California
Niekum, ScottCarnegie Mellon Univ
Osentoski, SarahRobert Bosch LLC
Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T7.2 Add to My Program
Minimalistic Sensor Design in Visual-Inertial Structure from Motion
Martinelli, AgostinoINRIA Grenoble-Rhone-Alpes
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T7.3 Add to My Program
A Power-Performance Approach to Comparing Sensor Families, with Application to Comparing Neuromorphic to Traditional Vision Sensors
Censi, AndreaMIT
Mueller, ErichMIT
Frazzoli, EmilioMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Soatto, StefanoUniv. of California, Los Angeles
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T7.4 Add to My Program
Multisensor Placement in 3D Environments Via Visibility Estimation and Derivative-Free Optimization
De Rainville, François-MichelUniv. Laval
Mercier, Jean-PhilippeUniv. Laval
Gagné, ChristianUniv. Laval
Giguere, PhilippeUniv. Laval
Laurendeau, DenisLaval Univ
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T7.5 Add to My Program
Sensitivity Study and Object Reconstruction Using a Network of Time-Of-Flight Depth Sensors
Xu, GeorgeSimon Fraser Univ
Payandeh, ShahramSimon Fraser Univ
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T7.6 Add to My Program
Battery-Aware Dynamical Modeling and Identification for the Total Thrust in Multi-Rotor UAVs Using Only an Onboard Accelerometer
Staub, NicolasLAAS-CNRS
Franchi, AntonioLAAS-CNRS
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T7.7 Add to My Program
Temporal Smearing Compensation in Reverberant Environment for Speech-Based Human-Robot Interaction
Gomez, RandyHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
Nakamura, KeisukeHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
Mizumoto, TakeshiHonda Res. Inst. Japan, Co. Ltd
Nakadai, KazuhiroHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T7.8 Add to My Program
On-The-Spot Calibration of Microphone Array Transfer Functions for Robot Audition
Nakamura, KeisukeHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
Ambrose, SuryaEc. Centrale Paris
Nakadai, KazuhiroHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T7.9 Add to My Program
Joint Tracking and Non-Parametric Shape Estimation of Arbitrary Extended Objects
Wyffels, KevinCornell Univ
Campbell, MarkCornell Univ
ThA2T8 Regular Session, WSCC 613/614 Add to My Program 
Robots in the Field  
Chair: Birk, AndreasJacobs Univ
Co-Chair: Isler, VolkanUniv. of Minnesota
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T8.1 Add to My Program
Tire Longitudinal Grip Estimation for Improved Safety of Vehicles in Off-Road Conditions
Nizard, AngeClermont Univ. Univ. Blaise Pascal, Inst. Pascal,
Thuilot, BenoitClermont-Ferrand Univ
Lenain, RolandIrstea
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T8.2 Add to My Program
Fuel Consumption in a Driving Test Cycle by Robotic Driver Considering System Dynamics
Hirata, NariakiMie Univ
Mizutani, NaotoMie Univ
Matsui, HIrokazuMie Univ
Yano, Ken'ichiMie Univ
Takahashi, ToshimichiMEIDENSHA Corp
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T8.3 Add to My Program
Segmentation and Classification Using Active Contours Based Superellipse Fitting on Side Scan Sonar Images for Marine Demining
Köhntopp, DanielJacobs Univ
Lehmann, BenjaminATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH
Kraus, DieterUniv. of Applied Science Bremen
Birk, AndreasJacobs Univ
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T8.4 Add to My Program
A General Algorithm for Exploration with Gaussian Processes in Complex, Unknown Environments
Viseras Ruiz, AlbertoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Olariu, CalinGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T8.5 Add to My Program
Bayesian Fusion Using Conditionally Independent Submaps for High Resolution 2.5D Mapping
Sun, LiyeUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Vidal-Calleja, Teresa A.Univ. of Tech. Sydney
Valls Miro, JaimeUniv. of Tech. Sydney
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T8.6 Add to My Program
Increasing Allocated Tasks with a Time Minimization Algorithm for a Search and Rescue Scenario
Turner, JoannaLoughborough Univ
Meng, QinggangLoughborough Univ
Schaefer, GeraldLoughborough Univ
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T8.7 Add to My Program
Sensor Coverage by Robot Swarms Using Local Sensing without Metric Information
Ramaithitima, RattanachaiUniv. of Pennsylvania
Whitzer, MichaelUniv. of Pennsylvania
Bhattacharya, SubhrajitUniv. of Pennsylvania
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T8.8 Add to My Program
Comparison of Flight Paths from Fixed-Wing and Rotorcraft Small Unmanned Aerial Systems at SR530 Mudslide Washington State
Duncan, BrittanyTexas A&M Univ
Murphy, RobinTexas A&M
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T8.9 Add to My Program
Scheduling and Motion Planning for Autonomous Grain Carts
Zhang, MengzheIowa State Univ
Bhattacharya, SourabhIowa State Univ
ThA2T9 Regular Session, WSCC 615/616 Add to My Program 
Applications of Robot Sensing  
Chair: Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon Univ
Co-Chair: Hollinger, GeoffreyOregon State Univ
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T9.1 Add to My Program
Efficient Measurement Planning for Remote Gas Sensing with Mobile Robots
Arain, Muhammad AsifOrebro Univ
Cirillo, MarcelloÖrebro Univ
Hernandez Bennetts, Victor ManuelÖrebro Univ
Schaffernicht, ErikÖrebro Univ. AASS Res. Center
Trincavelli, MarcoÖrebro Univ
Lilienthal, Achim J.Örebro Univ
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T9.2 Add to My Program
Agent Classification Using Implicit Models
Stiffler, NicholasUniv. of South Carolina
O'Kane, JasonUniv. of South Carolina
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T9.3 Add to My Program
Automatic Detection of Ceratocystis Wilt in Eucalyptus Crops from Aerial Images
Souza, Jefferson R.Federal Univ. of Uberlândia
Mendes, CaioUniv. of Sao Paulo
Guizilini, VitorUniv. of Sydney
Vivaldini, Kelen Cristiane TeixeiraEesc - Usp
Colturato, AdimaraUniv. of Sao Paulo
Ramos, FabioUniv. of Sydney
Wolf, Denis FernandoUniv. of Sao Paulo
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T9.4 Add to My Program
Decentralized Target Tracking Based on Multi-Robot Cooperative Triangulation
Dias, AndréINESC TEC and School of Engineering, Pol. Inst. of Po
Capitan, JesusUniv. of Seville
Merino, LuisPablo De Olavide Univ
Almeida, JoseISEP - Inst. Superior De Engenharia Do Porto
Lima, PedroInst. Superior Técnico - Inst. for Systems and Robotics
Silva, Eduardo Alexandre Pereira daInst. Superior De Engenharia Do Porto
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T9.5 Add to My Program
Indoor Human/Robot Localization Using Robust Multi-Modal Data Fusion
Amri, Mohamed HédiUniv. D'orléans
Becis, YasminaUniv. D'orléans
Aubry, DidierUniv. of Orléans
Ramdani, NacimUniv. Orléans
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T9.6 Add to My Program
Surface Classification for Sensor Deployment from UAV Landings
Anthony, DavidUniv. of Nebraska Lincoln
Basha, ElizabethUniv. of the Pacific
Ostdiek, JaredStanford Univ
Ore, John-PaulUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Detweiler, CarrickUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T9.7 Add to My Program
3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Landing Zone Detection from LiDAR
Maturana, DanielCarnegie Mellon Univ
Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T9.8 Add to My Program
PASP: Policy Based Approach for Sensor Planning
Arora, SankalpCarnegie Mellon Univ
Scherer, SebastianCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T9.9 Add to My Program
Building with Drones: Accurate 3D Facade Reconstruction Using MAVs
Daftry, ShreyanshCarnegie Mellon Univ
Hoppe, ChristofGraz Univ. of Tech
Bischof, HorstGraz Univ. of Tech
ThA2T10 Regular Session, WSCC 619/620 Add to My Program 
Micro-Nano Robots I  
Chair: Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ
Co-Chair: Sun, DongCity Univ. of Hong Kong
11:00-11:04, Paper ThA2T10.1 Add to My Program
Fluorescence Sensor Array for Non-Contact Measurement of Oxygen Consumption Rate of Single Oocyte on a Microfluidic Chip
Maruyama, HisatakaNagoya Univ
Kito, MasanobuNagoya Univ
Arai, FumihitoNagoya Univ
11:04-11:08, Paper ThA2T10.2 Add to My Program
Compensating Asymmetric Hysteresis for Nanorobot Motion Control
Sun, ZhiyongMichigan State Univ
Song, BoMichigan State Univ
Xi, NingMichigan State Univ
Yang, RuiguoMichigan State Univ
Hao, LinaNortheastern Univ
Chen, LiangliangMichigan State Univ
11:08-11:12, Paper ThA2T10.3 Add to My Program
Algorithms for Simultaneous Motion Control of Multiple T. Pyriformis Cells: Model Predictive Control and Particle Swarm Optimization
Ou, YanRensselaer Pol. Inst
Kang, PeterRensselaer Pol. Inst
Kim, MinJunDrexel Univ
Julius, AgungRensselaer Pol. Inst
11:12-11:16, Paper ThA2T10.4 Add to My Program
On-Chip Measurement of Cellular Mechanical Properties Using Moiré Fringe
Sugiura, HirotakaNagoya Univ
Sakuma, ShinyaNagoya Univ
Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ
Arai, FumihitoNagoya Univ
11:16-11:20, Paper ThA2T10.5 Add to My Program
Optically Addressing Microscopic Bioactuators for Real-Time Control
Steager, EdwardUniv. of Pennsylvania
Wong, DeniseUniv. of Pennsylvania
Chodosh, NathanielThe Univ. of Pennsylvania
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
11:20-11:24, Paper ThA2T10.6 Add to My Program
Wireless Obstacle Detection and Characterization by Multimodal Helical Nanoswimmers
Barbot, AntoineLPN-CNRS
Decanini, DominiqueLPN-CNRS
Hwang, GilguengCNRS
11:24-11:28, Paper ThA2T10.7 Add to My Program
Swarm-Inspired Transportation of Biological Cells Using Saturation-Controlled Optical Tweezers
Chen, HaoyaoHarbin Inst. of Tech. Shenzhen Graduate School
Sun, DongCity Univ. of Hong Kong
11:28-11:32, Paper ThA2T10.8 Add to My Program
Catalytic Tubular Microjet Propulsion Model for Endovascular Navigation
Sarkis, BrunoIt Has Nothing to Do with My Future Publications
Folio, DavidINSA Centre Val De Loire, Univ. D'orléans, PRISME EA 4229,
Ferreira, AntoineINSA Centre Val De Loire
11:32-11:36, Paper ThA2T10.9 Add to My Program
Optical Micromanipulation of Multiple Groups of Cells
Haghighi, RezaNanyang Tech. Univ
Cheah, C. C.Nanyang Tech. Univ
ThA2T11 , WSCC 604 Add to My Program 
Government Forum - A2  
11:00-12:15, Paper ThA2T11.1 Add to My Program
Government Forum
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Rus, DanielaMIT
ThAwards_Lunch Plenary Session, WSCC 6A/6B/6C Add to My Program 
Awards Lunch  
ThTownHall Plenary Session, WSCC 6A/6B/6C Add to My Program 
RAS Town Hall  
ThP1T1 Regular Session, WSCC 602/603 Add to My Program 
Motion Planning and Control  
Chair: Tapia, LydiaUniv. of New Mexico
Co-Chair: Patil, SachinUniv. of California Berkeley
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T1.1 Add to My Program
Active Sensor Networks for Nuclear Detection
Sun, JianxinUniv. of Delaware
Tanner, Herbert G.Univ. of Delaware
Poulakakis, IoannisUniv. of Delaware
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T1.2 Add to My Program
Preference-Balancing Motion Planning under Stochastic Disturbances
Faust, AleksandraSandia National Lab
Malone, NicholasUniv. of New Mexico
Tapia, LydiaUniv. of New Mexico
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T1.3 Add to My Program
Task-Dependent Distribution and Constrained Optimization of Via-Points for Smooth Robot Motions
Sung, ChangHyunNagoya Univ
Mühlig, ManuelHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Gienger, MichaelHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Uno, YojiNagoya Univ
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T1.4 Add to My Program
Incremental Kinesthetic Teaching of End-Effector and Null-Space Motion Primitives
Saveriano, MatteoTech. Univ. of Munich
An, Sang-ikTech. Univ. of Munich
Lee, DongheuiTech. Univ. of Munich
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T1.5 Add to My Program
Motion Planning and Irreducible Trajectories
Orthey, AndreasINPT
Stasse, OlivierCNRS
Lamiraux, FlorentCNRS
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T1.6 Add to My Program
Phase Space Planning and Optimization of Foot Placements in Rough Planar Environments
Barrios, LueninUniv. of Southern California
Shen, Wei-MinUSC Information Science Inst
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T1.7 Add to My Program
Prioritized Optimal Control: A Hierarchical Differential Dynamic Programming Approach
Romano, FrancescoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Del Prete, AndreaCNRS
Mansard, NicolasCNRS
Nori, FrancescoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T1.8 Add to My Program
Development of a Bipedal Robot That Walks Like an Animation Character
Song, SeungmoonCarnegie Mellon Univ
Kim, JoohyungDisney Res. Pittsburgh
Yamane, KatsuDisney
ThP1T2 Regular Session, WSCC 606 Add to My Program 
Range Sensing and Computer Vision  
Chair: Fox, DieterUniv. of Washington
Co-Chair: Eustice, RyanUniv. of Michigan
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T2.1 Add to My Program
Image-Based Mapping, Global Localization and Position Tracking Using VG-RAM Weightless Neural Networks
Lyrio Júnior, Lauro JoséUniv. Federal Do Espírito Santo
Oliveira-Santos, ThiagoUniv. Federal Do Espirito Santo - UFES
Badue, Claudine BadueUniv. Federal Do Espírito Santo
De Souza, Alberto F.Univ. Federal Do Espírito Santo
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T2.2 Add to My Program
Extrinsic Calibration of a 2D Laser-Rangefinder and a Camera Based on Scene Corners
Gomez-Ojeda, RubenUniv. of Málaga
Briales, JesusUniv. of Málaga
Fernández-Moral, EduardoUniv. of Málaga
González-Jiménez, JavierUniv. of Málaga
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T2.3 Add to My Program
Range Sensor and Silhouette Fusion for High-Quality 3D Scanning
Narayan, KarthikUC Berkeley
Sha, JamesUC Berkeley
Singh, ArjunUniv. of California, Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T2.4 Add to My Program
Efficient Radius Neighbor Search in Three-Dimensional Point Clouds
Behley, JensUniv. of Bonn
Steinhage, VolkerUniv. of Bonn
Cremers, ArminUniv. of Bonn
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T2.5 Add to My Program
Beyond Points: Evaluating Recent 3D Scan-Matching Algorithms
Magnusson, MartinÖrebro Univ
Vaskevicius, NarunasJacobs Univ
Stoyanov, TodorCenter for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems
Pathak, KaustubhJacobs Univ. Bremen
Birk, AndreasJacobs Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T2.6 Add to My Program
Coresets for Visual Summarization with Applications to Loop Closure
Volkov, MikhailMIT
Rosman, GuyMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Feldman, DanMit Csail
Fisher, John W.MIT
Rus, DanielaMIT
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T2.7 Add to My Program
2-Point RANSAC for Scene Image Matching under Large Viewpoint Changes
Chou, Chih ChungNational Taiwan Univ
Wang, Chieh-ChihNational Taiwan Univ
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T2.8 Add to My Program
High Level Visual Features for Underwater Place Recognition
Li, JieUniv. of Michigan
Eustice, RyanUniv. of Michigan
Johnson-Roberson, MatthewUniv. of Michigan
ThP1T3 Regular Session, WSCC 607 Add to My Program 
Dexterous Manipulation  
Chair: Dollar, AaronYale Univ
Co-Chair: Mason, Matthew T.Carnegie Mellon Univ
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T3.1 Add to My Program
Design Method for an Anthropomorphic Hand Able to Gesture and Grasp
Cerruti, GiulioIRCCyN, Aldebaran
Chablat, DamienInst. De Recherche En CommunicationsetCybernétiquedeNantes
Gouaillier, DavidAldebaran Robotics
Sakka, SophieIRCCyN / Univ. of Poitiers
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T3.2 Add to My Program
Object-Level Impedance Control for Dexterous Manipulation with Contact Uncertainties Using an LMI-Based Approach
Caldas, AlexCea List
Micaelli, AlainCommissariat à L'energie Atomique
Grossard, MathieuCEA LIST - Interactive Robotic Lab
Makarov, MariaSUPELEC Systems Sciences (E3S)
Rodriguez-Ayerbe, PedroSUPELEC Systems Sciences (E3S)
Dumur, DidierSupelec
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T3.3 Add to My Program
A General Framework for Open-Loop Pivoting
Holladay, AnnieCarnegie Mellon Univ
Paolini, RobertCarnegie Mellon Univ
Mason, Matthew T.Carnegie Mellon Univ
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T3.4 Add to My Program
Interaction Skills for a Coat-Check Robot: Identifying and Handling the Boundary Components of Clothes
Twardon, LukasBielefeld Univ
Ritter, Helge JoachimBielefeld Univ
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T3.5 Add to My Program
Characterizing Device Dynamics for Haptic Manipulation and Navigation
Gallacher, ColinMcGill Univ
Harrison, JamesMcGill Univ
Kovecses, JozsefMcGill Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T3.6 Add to My Program
Planning Finger Movements to Lift up Deformable 2D Objects
Guo, FengIowa State Univ
Jia, Yan-BinIowa State Univ
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T3.7 Add to My Program
Exploiting Symmetries and Extrusions for Grasping Household Objects
Huaman, AnaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Milville, BenoîtInst. for Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Georgia Inst
Erdogan, CanGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Marco A., GutierrezUniv. of Extremadura
Christensen, Henrik IskovGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Ben Amor, HeniGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Stilman, MikeGeorgia Tech
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T3.8 Add to My Program
State Estimation for Dynamic Systems with Intermittent Contact
Li, ShuaiRPI
Lyu, SiweiSUNY Albany
Trinkle, JeffRensselaer Pol. Inst
ThP1T4 Regular Session, WSCC 608 Add to My Program 
Bio-Inspired Robotics: Snakes and Climbing  
Chair: Vela, PatricioGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T4.1 Add to My Program
Modular Snake Robot Velocity for Side-Winding Gaits
Melo, KamiloKM-RoBoTa
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T4.2 Add to My Program
Analysis of Rectilinear Motion of a Three-Segment Snake Robot under Action of Dry Friction
Tang, WenbinRitsumeikan Univ
Ma, ShugenRitsumeikan Univ
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T4.3 Add to My Program
Incorporating Frictional Anisotropy in the Design of a Robotic Snake through the Exploitation of Scales
Serrano, MiguelGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Chang, AlexanderGEORGIA Inst. OF Tech
Zhang, GuangcongGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Vela, PatricioGeorgia Inst. of Tech
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T4.4 Add to My Program
Locomotive Reduction for Snake Robots
Xiao, XuesuCarnegie Mellon Univ
Cappo, EllenCarnegie Mellon Univ
Zhen, WeikunCarnegie Mellon Univ
Dai, JinCarnegie Mellon Univ
Sun, KeCarnegie Mellon Univ
Gong, ChaohuiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Travers, MatthewCarnegie Mellon Univ
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T4.5 Add to My Program
Modeling Rolling Gaits of a Snake Robot
Zhen, WeikunCarnegie Mellon Univ
Gong, ChaohuiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T4.6 Add to My Program
Limbless Locomotors That Turn in Place
Gong, ChaohuiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Travers, MatthewCarnegie Mellon Univ
Astley, HenryGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Goldman, DanielGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T4.7 Add to My Program
Spatial Kinematic Modeling of a Long and Thin Continuum Robotic Cable
Tonapi, ManasClemson Univ
Godage, Isuru S.Vanderbilt Univ
Vijaykumar, Amith MysoreClemson Univ
Walker, IanClemson Univ
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T4.8 Add to My Program
Vertical Dry Adhesive Climbing with a 100x Bodyweight Payload
Hawkes, Elliot WrightStanford Univ
Christensen, DavidStanford Univ
Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ
ThP1T5 Regular Session, WSCC 609 Add to My Program 
Human-Robot Interaction  
Chair: Mataric, MajaUniv. of Southern California
Co-Chair: Chernova, SoniaWorcester Pol. Inst
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T5.1 Add to My Program
On the Role Duality and Switching in Human-Robot Cooperation: An Adaptive Approach
Whitsell, BryanArizona State Univ
Artemiadis, PanagiotisArizona State Univ
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T5.2 Add to My Program
A Position Generation Algorithm Utilizing a Biomechanical Model for Robot-Human Object Handover
Suay, Halit BenerWorcester Pol. Inst
Sisbot, Emrah AkinToyota InfoTechnology Center
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T5.3 Add to My Program
Collaborative Human-Robot Manipulation of Highly Deformable Materials
Kruse, DanielRensselaer Pol. Inst
Radke, RichardRPI
Wen, JohnRensselaer Pol. Inst
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T5.4 Add to My Program
Using Tactile Sensation for Learning Contact Knowledge: Discriminate Collision from Physical Interaction
Golz, SaskiaLeibniz Univ. Hanover
Osendorfer, ChristianTech. Univ. München
Haddadin, SamiLeibniz Univ. Hanover
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T5.5 Add to My Program
Sit-To-Stand Assistance with a Balancing Mobile Robot
Shomin, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ
Forlizzi, JodiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Hollis, RalphCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T5.6 Add to My Program
Learning Symbolic Representations of Actions from Human Demonstrations
Ahmadzadeh, Seyed RezaFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Paikan, AliItalian Inst. of Tech. (IIT)
Mastrogiovanni, FulvioUniv. of Genoa
Natale, LorenzoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Kormushev, PetarIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Caldwell, Darwin G.Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T5.7 Add to My Program
Optimal Gain Schedules for Visuomotor Skill Training Using Error-Augmented Feedback
Parmar, PriteshU. of Illinois at Chicago, Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Patton, JamesU. of Illinois at Chicago, RehabilitaitonInstituteofChicago
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T5.8 Add to My Program
Physics-Based Hand Interaction with Virtual Objects
Kim, Jun-SikKorea Inst. of Science & Tech
Park, Jung-MinKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
ThP1T6 Regular Session, WSCC 611 Add to My Program 
Discrete-Event Automation Systems  
Chair: Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Hu, HesuanXidian Univ
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T6.1 Add to My Program
Controllability of Complex Siphons for Deadlock Prevention in Systems of Simple Sequential Processes with Resources
Wang, ShouguangZhejiang Gongshang Univ
You, DanZhejiang Gongshang Univ
Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T6.2 Add to My Program
Supervisor Design and Simplification for Automated Manufacturing Systems Using Colored Petri Nets
Hu, HesuanXidian Univ
Yang, YanXidian Univ
Liu, YangNanyang Tech. Univ
Chen, ChenXidian Univ
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T6.3 Add to My Program
Time-Varying Automated Manufacturing Systems and Their Event-Based Control: A Petri Net Approach
Chen, ChenXidian Univ
Hu, HesuanXidian Univ
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T6.4 Add to My Program
An Approach to Specification Simplification in Automated Manufacturing Systems Using Invariance and Inequality Analysis
Chen, ChenXidian Univ
Hu, HesuanXidian Univ
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T6.5 Add to My Program
A Coupled Discrete-Event and Motion Planning Methodology for Automated Safety Assessment in Construction Projects
Rahman, Md MahbuburFlorida International Univ
Carmenate, TrianaFlorida International Univ
Bobadilla, LeonardoFlorida International Univ
Zanlongo, SebastianFlorida International Univ
Mostafavi, AliFlorida International Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T6.6 Add to My Program
Approximately Optimal Computing-Budget Allocation for Subset Ranking
Zhang, JunqiTongji Univ
Li, ZeZhouTongji Univ
Wang, ChengTongji Univ
Zang, DiTongji Univ
Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T6.7 Add to My Program
New Reachability Trees for Unbounded Petri Nets
Wang, ShouguangZhejiang Gongshang Univ
Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Gan, MengdiTongji Univ
You, DanZhejiang Gongshang Univ
Li, YueZhejiang Gongshang Univ
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T6.8 Add to My Program
Semi-Autonomous Simulated Brain Tumor Ablation with RavenII Surgical Robot Using Behavior Tree
Hu, DanyingUniv. of Washington
Gong, YuanzhengUniv. of Washington
Hannaford, BlakeUniv. of Washington
Seibel, Eric J.Univ. of Washington
ThP1T7 Regular Session, WSCC 612 Add to My Program 
Force and Tactile Sensing  
Chair: Johansson, RolfLund Univ
Co-Chair: Althoefer, KasparKing's Coll. London
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T7.1 Add to My Program
Development and Characterization of a Dynamic Smart Structure Providing Multi-Axis Force Sensing for Robotic Applications
Castano Cano, DavinsonCEA
Grossard, MathieuCEA LIST - Interactive Robotic Lab
Hubert, ArnaudUniv. of Franche-Comte
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T7.2 Add to My Program
Integrated Force/Tactile Sensing: The Enabling Technology for Slipping Detection and Avoidance
De Maria, GiuseppeSeconda Univ. Degli Studi Di Napoli
Falco, PietroSeconda Univ. Di Napoli
Natale, CiroSeconda Univ. Di Napoli
Pirozzi, SalvatoreSeconda Univ. Degli Studi Di Napoli
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T7.3 Add to My Program
High Resolution Pressure Sensing Using Sub-Pixel Shifts on Low Resolution Load-Sensing Tiles
Andries, MihaiInria, Univ. De Lorraine, LORIA
Charpillet, FrancoisINRIA, Loria
Simonin, OlivierINSA De Lyon
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T7.4 Add to My Program
Robotic Force Estimation Using Dithering to Decrease the Low Velocity Friction Uncertainties
Stolt, AndreasLund Univ
Robertsson, AndersLTH, Lund Univ
Johansson, RolfLund Univ
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T7.5 Add to My Program
Localizing the Object Contact through Matching Tactile Features with Visual Map
Luo, ShanKing's Coll. London
Mou, WenxuanQueen Mary Univ. of London
Althoefer, KasparKing's Coll. London
Liu, HongbinKing's Coll. London
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T7.6 Add to My Program
Bayesian Tactile Object Recognition: Learning and Recognising Objects Using a New Inexpensive Tactile Sensor
Corradi, TadeoUniv. of Bath
Hall, PeterUniv. of Bath
Iravani, PejmanUniv. of Bath
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T7.7 Add to My Program
Underwater Robot-Object Contact Perception Using Machine Learning on Force/Torque Sensor Feedback
Jamali, NawidFondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Kormushev, PetarIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Carrera, ArnauUniv. De Girona
Carreras, MarcUniv. De Girona
Caldwell, Darwin G.Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T7.8 Add to My Program
Protection of Wide-Range QCR Load Sensor Using Robust Outer Case for Stable Detection of Biosignals
Murozaki, YuichiNagoya Univ
Sakuma, ShinyaNagoya Univ
Arai, FumihitoNagoya Univ
ThP1T8 Regular Session, WSCC 613/614 Add to My Program 
Navigation and Traversability for Field Robotics  
Chair: Upcroft, BenQueensland Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Carpin, StefanoUniv. of California, Merced
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T8.1 Add to My Program
Ground or Obstacles? Detecting Clear Paths in Vehicle Navigation
Aeschimann, RalphETH Zurich
Borges, Paulo Vinicius KoerichCSIRO
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T8.2 Add to My Program
Online Novelty-Based Visual Obstacle Detection for Field Robotics
Ross, PatrickQueensland Univ. of Tech
English, AndrewQueensland Univ. of Tech
Ball, DavidQueensland Univ. of Tech
Upcroft, BenQueensland Univ. of Tech
Corke, PeterQUT
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T8.3 Add to My Program
Traversability Analysis for Mobile Robots in Outdoor Environments: A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach Based on 3D-Lidar Data
Suger, BenjaminUniv. of Freiburg
Steder, BastianUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T8.4 Add to My Program
Terrain Traversability Prediction by Imaging Thermal Transients
Cunningham, ChristopherCarnegie Mellon Univ
Nesnas, IssaJet Propulsion Lab
Whittaker, WilliamCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T8.5 Add to My Program
Planning Routes of Continuous Illumination and Traversable Slope Using Connected Component Analysis
Otten, NathanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Jones, HeatherCarnegie Mellon Univ
Wettergreen, DavidCarnegie Mellon Univ
Whittaker, WilliamCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T8.6 Add to My Program
Adaptive Traversability of Partially Occluded Obstacles
Zimmermann, KarelCzech Tech. Univ. Prague
Zuzanek, PetrCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
Reinstein, MichalCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
Petricek, TomasDepartment of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Cz
Hlavac, VaclavCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T8.7 Add to My Program
Fuzzy Based Traversability Analysis for a Mobile Robot on Rough Terrain
Tanaka, YusukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Ji, YonghoonThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yamashita, AtsushiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Asama, HajimeThe Univ. of Tokyo
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T8.8 Add to My Program
HCMDP: A Hierarchical Solution to Constrained Markov Decision Processes
Feyzabadi, SeyedshamsUC Merced
Carpin, StefanoUniv. of California, Merced
ThP1T9 Regular Session, WSCC 615/616 Add to My Program 
Aerial Robots Design and Control  
Chair: Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Co-Chair: Kyriakopoulos, KostasNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T9.1 Add to My Program
A Water Jet Thruster for an Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle
Siddall, RobertImperial Coll. London
Kovac, MirkoImperial Coll. London
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T9.2 Add to My Program
A Solar-Powered Hand-Launchable UAV for Low-Altitude Multi-Day Continuous Flight
Oettershagen, PhilippETH Zurich
Melzer, AmirETH Zurich
Mantel, ThomasETH Zurich
Rudin, KonradETH Zurich
Lotz, RainerETH Zurich
Siebenmann, DieterETH Zurich
Leutenegger, StefanETH Zurich
Alexis, KostasETH Zürich - Eidgenössische Tech. Hochschule Zürich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T9.3 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Observer-Based Tracking Control of Link Stress and Elevation for a Tethered Aerial Robot Using Inertial-Only Measurements
Tognon, MarcoLAAS-CNRS
Franchi, AntonioLAAS-CNRS
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T9.4 Add to My Program
Estimating Camera Pose Using Bundle Adjustment and Digital Terrain Model Constraints
Geva, AmirThe Tech
Briskin, GilGoogle
Rivlin, EhudThe Tech
Rotstein, HectorRafael - Advanced Defense Systems Ltd
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T9.5 Add to My Program
Modeling, Control and Design Optimization for a Fully-Actuated Hexarotor Aerial Vehicle with Tilted Propellers
Rajappa, SujitMax Planck Inst. for Biological Cybernetics
Ryll, MarkusLab. for Analysis and Architecture of Systems
Buelthoff, Heinrich H.Max Planck Inst. for Biol. Cybernetics
Franchi, AntonioLAAS-CNRS
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T9.6 Add to My Program
A Multilayer Control for Multirotor UAVs Equipped with a Servo Robot Arm
Ruggiero, FabioUniv. Di Napoli Federico II
Trujillo, Miguel AngelCenter for Advanced Aerospace Tech
Ascorbe, HectorCenter for Advanced Aerospace Tech. (CATEC)
Viguria, AntidioCenter for Advanced Aerospace Tech. (CATEC)
Perez, CarlosCenter for Advanced Aerospace Tech. (CATEC)
Lippiello, VincenzoUniv. of Naples FEDERICO II
Ollero, AnibalUniv. of Seville
Siciliano, BrunoUniv. Napoli Federico II
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T9.7 Add to My Program
Cooperative Localization and Mapping of MAVs Using RGB-D Sensors
Loianno, GiuseppeUniv. of Pennsylvania
Thomas, JustinUniv. of Pennsylvania
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T9.8 Add to My Program
Coordinated Launching of an Ornithopter with a Hexapedal Robot
Rose, CameronUniv. of California, Berkeley
Mahmoudieh, ParsaUniv. of California, Berkeley
Fearing, RonaldUniv. of California at Berkeley
ThP1T10 Regular Session, WSCC 619/620 Add to My Program 
Micro-Nano Robots II  
Chair: Arai, TatsuoOsaka Univ
Co-Chair: Abbott, JakeUniv. of Utah
15:00-15:04, Paper ThP1T10.1 Add to My Program
Development of a Real-Time Local Environment Stimulation System with Visual Feedback Control
Motoyoshi, TakahiroOsaka Univ
Kojima, MasaruOsaka Univ
Ohara, KenichiMeijo Univ
Horade, MitsuhiroOsaka Univ
Kamiyama, KazutoOsaka Univ
Mae, YasushiOsaka Univ
Arai, TatsuoOsaka Univ
15:04-15:08, Paper ThP1T10.2 Add to My Program
RodBot: A Rolling Microrobot for Micromanipulation
Pieters, Roel S.ETH Zurich
Tung, Hsi-WenETH Zurich
Charreyron, SamuelETH Zürich
Sargent, David FisherInst. Molecular BIology and Biophysics, ETHZ
Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich
15:08-15:12, Paper ThP1T10.3 Add to My Program
µTugs: Enabling Microrobots to Deliver Macro Forces with Controllable Adhesives
Christensen, DavidStanford Univ
Hawkes, Elliot WrightStanford Univ
Suresh, SrinivasanStanford Univ
Ladenheim, KarenStanford Univ
Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ
15:12-15:16, Paper ThP1T10.4 Add to My Program
Generating Two Independent Rotating Magnetic Fields with a Single Magnetic Dipole for the Propulsion of Untethered Magnetic Devices
Nelson, Nathan DavidUniv. of Utah
Abbott, JakeUniv. of Utah
15:16-15:20, Paper ThP1T10.5 Add to My Program
The GRITSBot in Its Natural Habitat - a Multi-Robot Testbed
Pickem, DanielGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Lee, MyronGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Inst. of Tech
15:20-15:24, Paper ThP1T10.6 Add to My Program
Paramagnetic Microparticles Sliding on a Surface: Characterization and Closed-Loop Motion Control
Youakim, KareemGerman Univ. in Cairo
Ehab, MohamedGerman Univ. in Cairo
Hatem, OmarGerman Univ. in Cairo
Misra, SarthakUniv. of Twente
Khalil, Islam S.M.German Univ. in Cairo
15:24-15:28, Paper ThP1T10.7 Add to My Program
Lab in a Droplet (LiD): Self-Assembly of Micro-Nano Structures Inside a Droplet Using Surface Tension
Takeuchi, MasaruNagoya Univ
Ichikawa, AkihikoMeijo Univ
Nakajima, MasahiroNagoya Univ
Fukuda, ToshioMeijo Univ
Hasegawa, YasuhisaNagoya Univ
Huang, QiangIntelligent Robotics Inst. Beijing Inst. of Tech
15:28-15:32, Paper ThP1T10.8 Add to My Program
Switched Fuzzy-PD Control of Contact Forces in Robotic Micromanipulation of Drosophila Larvae
Zhang, WeizeMcgill Univ
Dong, XiankeMcGill Univ
Liu, XinyuMcGill Univ
ThP1T11 , WSCC 604 Add to My Program 
Government Forum - P1  
15:00-16:10, Paper ThP1T11.1 Add to My Program
Government Forum
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Rus, DanielaMIT
ThPosterSession Poster Session, WSCC 4B Add to My Program 
Late Breaking Results Poster Session  
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.1 Add to My Program
A General Region-Based Framework for Collaborative Planning
Denny, JoryTexas A&M Univ
Sandstrom, ReadTexas A&M Univ
Taylor, BrennenTexas A&M Univ
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.2 Add to My Program
Meaningfulness in Surgical Skill Assessment: Mapping Semantic Descriptors to Quality of Movement
Ershad, MarziehMechanical Engineering, Univ. of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, T
Zahid, ImadDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Texas at Dal
Majewicz, AnnUniv. of Texas at Dallas
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.3 Add to My Program
Simulation Study towards Optimized Design of Electrodes for 3-D Particle Rotation
Wang, WenhuiTsinghua Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.4 Add to My Program
Dynamic Motion Control of Humanoids Based on Kinematics and Learning Control: Is It Possible without the Equation of Motion?
Masuda, MiwaTokyo Denki Univ
Ishikawa, JunTokyo Denki Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.5 Add to My Program
Steerable Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Capable of Turning
Ficanha, EvandroMichigan Tech. Univ.
Rastgaar, MohammadMichigan Tech.
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.6 Add to My Program
Trajectory Generation for Path-Accurate Jerk-Limited Sensor-Based Path Corrections of Robot Arms
Lange, FriedrichGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Suppa, MichaelRoboCeption GmbH
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.7 Add to My Program
Learning and Implementing Robotic Assembly Skills through Human Demonstration
Gu, YeOklahoma State Univ
Sheng, WeihuaOklahoma State Univ
Crick, ChristopherOklahoma State Univ
Ou, YongshengLehigh Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.8 Add to My Program
Proactive Robotic 3D Mapping in Indoor Environments
Du, JianhaoOklahoma State Univ
Sheng, WeihuaOklahoma State Univ
Liu, MeiqinZhejiang Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.9 Add to My Program
Developing Learning from Demonstration Techniques for Individuals with Physical Disabilities
Curran, WilliamOregon State Univ
Smart, WilliamOregon State Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.10 Add to My Program
Workspace Boundary Determination and Performance Comparison of Symmetrical 3-DOF Parallel Kinematic Machines
Prause, IsabelAachen Univ
Burkhard, CorvesRWTH Aachen Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.11 Add to My Program
Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Remote Inventory Validation
Anderson, BlakeThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Allevato, AdamUniv. of Texas
von Sternberg, Rusty AlexThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Thompson, Jack LyleThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Pryor, MitchUniv. of Texas at Austin
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.12 Add to My Program
Development and Functional Review of Two Types of Robot End-Effectors to Perform Automated Robotic Biopsy
Moon, YoungjinAsan Medical Center
Choi, JaesoonAsan Medical Center
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.13 Add to My Program
Improving USAR Teleoperation Performance Using a New Computer Game Interface
Baberg, FredrikRoyal Inst. of Tech
Caccamo, SergioKTH Royal Inst. of Tech
Ogren, PetterRoyal Inst. of Tech. (KTH)
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.14 Add to My Program
Bat Bot (B2), an Articulated-Winged Bat Robot
Ramezani, AlirezaUniv. of Michigan
Shi, XichenUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chung, Soon-JoUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hutchinson, SethUniv. of Illinois
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.15 Add to My Program
On the Kinematic Modelling Methodology of Soft Manipulator Robots
Morales Bieze, Thor EnriqueUniv. of Lille
Largilliere, FrederickUniv. of Lille
Kruszewski, AlexandreEc. Centrale De Lille
Merzouki, RochdiPol. Univ. of Lille1
Duriez, ChristianINRIA
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.16 Add to My Program
Developing a 3-DOF Compliant Perching Arm for a Free-Flying Robot on the International Space Station
Park, In-WonNASA Ames Res. Center
Smith, TreyCarnegie Mellon Univ
Sanchez, HugoNASA Ames Res. Center
Wong, Sze WunColumbia Univ
Piacenza, PedroColumbia Univ
Ciocarlie, MateiColumbia Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.17 Add to My Program
Lifelong Exploration of Dynamic Environments
Santos, João MachadoUniv. of Lincoln
Krajník, TomášUniv. of Lincoln
Pulido Fentanes, JaimeUniv. of Lincoln
Duckett, TomUniv. of Lincoln
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.18 Add to My Program
End-To-End Training of Deep Visuomotor Policies
Levine, SergeyUC Berkeley
Finn, ChelseaUC Berkeley
Darrell, TrevorUC Berkeley
Abbeel, PieterUC Berkeley
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.19 Add to My Program
Automated Independent Actuation of Multiple Bubble Microrobots in Parallel
Rahman, M ArifurUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Cheng, JulianUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Fan, QihuiUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
Ohta, AaronUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.20 Add to My Program
Egocentric Computer Vision Based Wheelchair Robot Control
Li, HaoxiangStevens Inst. of Tech
Hua, GangStevens Inst. of Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.21 Add to My Program
A Control Policy for Human-Robot Cooperation Based on Internal Force Model
Noohi, EhsanUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Zefran, MilosUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.22 Add to My Program
Fast, Cheap & (Almost) Toolless Assembly: Design of a 3D-Printed Underactuated Robotic Hand
Hirano, YasuyukiRitumeikan Univ
Ozawa, RyutaRitsumeikan Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.27 Add to My Program
Immersive Real-Time Teleoperation with Oculus Rift HMD Using 3D Point-Cloud Data
Jang, Ga-RamKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Shin, YongDeukKITECH
Park, Jae-HanKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Baeg, Moon-HongKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.28 Add to My Program
Real-Time 3D Mapping with a Continuous Spinning 2D Laser Scanner
Shin, YongDeukKITECH
Jang, Ga-RamKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Park, Jae-HanKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Bae, Ji-HunKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Baeg, Moon-HongKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.29 Add to My Program
Intelligent Manipulation for Overcoming Perception Uncertainty
Kim, PeterSeoul National Univ
Park, HyeonjunSeoul National Univ
Jang, Ga-RamKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Shin, YongDeukKITECH
Bae, Ji-HunKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Park, Jae-HanKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Baeg, Moon-HongKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Park, JaeheungSeoul National Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.30 Add to My Program
Robotic Peg-In-Hole Assembly with Hand-Arm Coordination
Park, HyeonjunSeoul National Univ
Kim, PeterSeoul National Univ
Jang, Ga-RamKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Shin, YongDeukKITECH
Bae, Ji-HunKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Park, Jae-HanKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Baeg, Moon-HongKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech
Park, JaeheungSeoul National Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.31 Add to My Program
SEMAP - a Semantic Environment Mapping Framework
Deeken, HenningOsnabrueck Univ
Wiemann, ThomasOsnabrueck Univ
Hertzberg, JoachimUniv. of Osnabrueck
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.32 Add to My Program
Control of Robotic Falcon to Prevent Airport Bird Strikes
Shi, XichenUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gade, ShripadUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chung, Soon-JoUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.33 Add to My Program
Distributed Automation Intelligence Empowered by Vector Symbolic Architectures
Osipov, EvgenyLuleå Tekniska Univ
Papakonstantinou, NikolaosVTT Tech. Res. Centre of Finland
Kleyko, DenisLuleå Univ. of Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.34 Add to My Program
Introducing a Gaussian-Based Continuous Rotation Approach to Underactuated Control of Asymmetric Tip Needle Steering
Li, GangWorcester Pol. Inst
Patel, NiravkumarWORCESTER Pol. Inst
Shang, WeijianBrigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Fischer, Gregory ScottWorcester Pol. Inst. WPI
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.35 Add to My Program
Experiments in Autonomous Close Formation Flight and Docking
Wilson, Daniel BriggsAustralian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR)
Goktogan, Ali HaydarAustralian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR)
Sukkarieh, SalahUniv. of Sydney
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.36 Add to My Program
Studying Learning Techniques in Different Phases of Roadmap Construction for Motion Planning
Ekenna, ChinweTexas A&M Univ
Thomas, ShawnaTexas A&M Univ
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.37 Add to My Program
Planning under Uncertainty Using Action Sampling and Consensus
Traft, NeilUniv. of British Columbia
Mitchell, IanUniv. of British Columbia
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.38 Add to My Program
How to Operate a High-Resolution Acoustic Camera for a Multi-Legged Seabed Walking Robot; CRABSTER?
Park, Jin-YeongKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Shim, HyungwonChungnam Univ
Baek, HyukKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Yoo, Seong-yeolKorea Res. Inst. of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Kim, BanghyunKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Lee, Gyeong-MokKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Kang, HangooKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Jeong, Woo-YoungKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Baek, Se-HoonKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Jun, Bong HuanKRISO(Korea Res. Inst. of Ships and Ocean Engineereing
Lee, Pan-MookKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.39 Add to My Program
Decomposition of Locomotion Pattern of Insect by Flight Muscle Electromyograms
Shigaki, ShunsukeTokyo Inst. of Tech
Fukushima, Shunpei, ShunpeiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Minegishi, RyoTokyo Inst. of Tech
Kurabayashi, DaisukeTokyo Inst. of Tech
Kanzaki, RyoheiThe Univ. of Tokyo
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.40 Add to My Program
Unfalsified Adaptive Control for Compliant Manipulators
Arango, JaimeUniv. Nacional De Colombia
Ocampo-Martinez, CarlosTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Bianchi, Fernando D.Inst. De Recerca En Energia De Catalunya (IREC)
Osorio, GustavoUniv. Nacional De Colombia Sede Manizales
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.41 Add to My Program
A Low-Cost, Highly-Customizable Robotic Platform for Testing Mobile Sensor Networks in Indoor Lab Environments
Castello, EduardoOsaka Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.43 Add to My Program
Robot Skills for Paper-Cutting Task
Tsumaki, YuichiYamagata Univ
Hoya, KazuakiYamagata Univ
Niwano, FumiakiYamagata Univ
Yoshitaka, KikuchiYamagata Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.44 Add to My Program
Energy-Aware Exploration with Mobile Robots
Rappaport, MichaUniv. of Klagenfurt, Austria
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.45 Add to My Program
Universal Hand for Parts Assembly Based on Granular Jamming
Harada, KensukeNational Inst. of AIST
Nagata, KazuyukiNational Inst. of AIST
Rojas, Juan LuisSun Yat Sen Univ.
Yamanobe, NatsukiAdvanced Industrial Science and Tech.
Onda, HiromuNational Inst. of AIST
Tsuji, TokuoKyushu Univ.
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.46 Add to My Program
The RIC Hybrid Knee Prosthesis
Lenzi, TommasoRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Sensinger, JonathonUniv. of New Brunswick
Lipsey, JamesRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
Kuiken, ToddRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.47 Add to My Program
Pose Estimation Method Using Rectangle Features with Stereo Vision
Lee, Jae-MinChungbuk National Univ
Shim, Young BoChungbuk National Univ
Kim, Gon-WooChungbuk National Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.48 Add to My Program
Optimizing the Parameters of Tilting Surfaces in Robotic Workcells
Cheung, Ernest C. H.The Univ. of Hong Kong
Wan, WeiweiNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech
Pan, JiaUC Berkeley
Harada, KensukeNational Inst. of AIST
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.49 Add to My Program
COSΦ : Vision-Based Artificial Pheromone System for Robotic Swarms
Krajník, TomášUniv. of Lincoln
Arvin, FarshadUniv. of Lincoln
Turgut, Ali EmreUniv
Yue, ShigangUniv. of Lincoln
Duckett, TomUniv. of Lincoln
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.50 Add to My Program
Aerial Manipulation Using Spherically-Connected Multiple-Quadrotor Tool System
Nguyen, Hai-NguyenSeoul National Univ
Park, SangyulSeoul National Univ
Lee, DongjunSeoul National Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.51 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Graph-Based SLAM Using a 2D Laser Scanner and a Camera for Environments with Laser Scan Ambiguity
Oh, TaekjunKAIST
Kim, HanguenKAIST
Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Adv. Inst. Sci. & Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.52 Add to My Program
Communication-Restricted Exploration for Multi-Robot Search Teams
Jensen, ElizabethUniv. of Minnesota
Gini, MariaUniv. of Minnesota
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.53 Add to My Program
Multimodal Deep Learning for Robust RGB-D Object Recognition
Eitel, AndreasUniv. of Freiburg
Springenberg, Jost TobiasAlbert-Ludwigs Univ. Freiburg
Spinello, LucianoAmazon
Riedmiller, MartinAlbert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.54 Add to My Program
Function Test of a Multi-Legged Underwater Robot Crabster for Seabed Explorations
Jeong, Woo-YoungKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Yoo, Seong-yeolKorea Res. Inst. of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Shim, HyungwonChungnam Univ
Baek, HyukKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Kim, BanghyunKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Lee, Gyeong-MokKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Kang, HangooKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Baek, Se-HoonKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Park, Jin-YeongKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Lee, Pan-MookKorea Res. Inst. of Ships & Ocean Engineering
Jun, Bong HuanKRISO(Korea Res. Inst. of Ships and Ocean Engineereing
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.55 Add to My Program
Experimental Validation of Underground Localization in a Directional Drilling Borehole Using Magnetic Strength Sequence and Graph SLAM
Park, ByeolteoKAIST
Kim, JongheonKAIST
Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Adv. Inst. Sci. & Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.56 Add to My Program
Differential Geometric SLAM
Zlotnik, David EvanUniv. of Michigan
Forbes, James RichardUniv. of Michigan
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.57 Add to My Program
Active Object Recognition Via Monte Carlo Tree Search
Lauri, MikkoTampere Univ. of Tech
Atanasov, NikolayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Pappas, George J.Univ. of Pennsylvania
Ritala, RistoTampere Univ. of Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.58 Add to My Program
Learning Spatio-Temporal Features of Prompting During Robot Intervention for Children with Autism
Ge, BiGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Park, Hae WonGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Howard, AyannaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.59 Add to My Program
Path Planning Management in Order to Provide Better Solutions to the Watchman Route Problem in Maritime and Terrestrial Scenarios
Johnson, BruceNaval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Div
An, VatanaNaval Surface Warfare Center
Isaacs, JasonFlorida State Univ. Coll. of Eng
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.60 Add to My Program
The Feature Gaussian Filter
Wüthrich, ManuelMax-Planck-Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Trimpe, SebastianMax Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Kappler, DanielMax-Planck Inst. for Intelligent Systems
Schaal, StefanMPI Intelligent Systems & Univ. of Southern California
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.61 Add to My Program
Optimization of Asset Locations for Long-Duration Underwater Replenishment
Tatum, RichardNSWCPCD
Bays, MatthewNaval Surface Warfare Center
Bouchard, AndrewVanderbilt Univ
Lucas, DrewNswc Pcd
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.62 Add to My Program
A Framework for Learning Common Task Elements from Demonstration
Paxton, ChrisJohns Hopkins Univ
Bohren, JonathanThe Johns Hopkins Univ
Hager, GregoryJohns Hopkins Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.63 Add to My Program
Planning Push Motions
Rodriguez, SamuelTexas A&M Univ
Morales, MarcoInst. Tecnológico Autónomo De México
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.64 Add to My Program
Magnetic Elastic Micro-Swimmers
Zhang, JiachenUniv. of Toronto
Diller, Eric D.Univ. of Toronto
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.65 Add to My Program
UAV-Based Pickup and Delivery with Different Customers Classes
Grippa, PasqualeUniv. of Klagenfurt
Bettstetter, ChristianUniv. of Klagenfurt
Wall, FriederikeUniv. of Klagenfurt
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.66 Add to My Program
Robustness Gains for Multi-Camera Parallel Tracking and Mapping
Waslander, Steven LakeUniv. of Waterloo
Das, ArunUniv. of Waterloo
El Bably, AbdelhamidUniv. of Waterloo
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.67 Add to My Program
Dependently Sampling DOFs for Multimodal Motion Planning
Wu, Chih-PengTexas A&M Univ
Yeh, Hsin-Yi (Cindy)Texas A&M Univ
Thomas, ShawnaTexas A&M Univ
Morales, MarcoInst. Tecnológico Autónomo De México
Rodriguez, SamuelTexas A&M Univ
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
16:15-17:45, Paper ThPosterSession.68 Add to My Program
Planning Motions for Shape-Memory Alloy Sheets
Ghosh, MukulikaTexas A&M Univ
Tomkins, DanielTexas A&M Univ
Denny, JoryTexas A&M Univ
Rodriguez, SamuelTexas A&M Univ
Morales, MarcoInst. Tecnológico Autónomo De México
Amato, NancyTexas A&M Univ
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Bio-Inspired Multi-Scale Representation for Navigation Learning
Llofriu, MartinUniv. of South Florida
Calderon, JuanUniv. of South Florida
Tejera López, Gonzalo DanielUniv. De La Republica, Facultad De Ingeniería, Inst. D
Fellous, Jean-MarcUniv. of Arizona
Weitzenfeld, AlfredoUniv. of South Florida Pol
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Localization of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Incorporating Flow Models and Acoustic Detection
Cho, SungjinGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Inst. of Tech
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Selection of a Learning Method for a Dynamic Pouring Task
Langsfeld, JoshuaUniv. of Maryland
Kaipa, Krishnanand N.Univ. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Gupta, Satyandra K.Univ. of Maryland, Coll. Park
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Towards Effective Human-Robot Interaction for Visually Impaired Adults
Min, Byung-CheolCarnegie Mellon Univ
Steinfeld, AaronCarnegie Mellon Univ
Dias, M. BernardineCarnegie Mellon Univ
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Optimal Whole-Body Non-Linear Control for a Quadrupedal Robot
Neunert, MichaelETH Zurich
Winkler, Alexander, WayneETH Zurich
Farshidian, FarbodETH Zurich
Buchli, JonasETH Zurich
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Force-Controllable Knee Exoskeleton for Stroke Mobility Assistance
Shepherd, MaxNorthwestern Univ
Rouse, ElliottNorthwestern Univ
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Semi-Autonomous Concurrent Driving-Stepping Locomotion
Schwarz, MaxUniv. Bonn
Behnke, SvenUniv. of Bonn
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Online Learning of Sagittal Push Recovery for Bipedal Robots
Missura, MarcellUniv. of Bonn
Behnke, SvenUniv. of Bonn
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Exploiting Time Varying Flow Fields to Generate Low Cost Paths for Unmanned Vehicles
Shah, Brual C.Univ. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Gupta, Satyandra K.Univ. of Maryland, Coll. Park
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Octopus Arm Kinematic Analysis for Use in Multi-Arm Underwater Robotic Swimmers
Kazakidi, AsiminaFoundation for Res. & Tech. - Hellas (FORTH)
Sfakiotakis, MichaelTech. Educational Inst. of Crete
Zabulis, XenophonFORTH
Tsakiris, DimitrisFORTH
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Autonomous Flights through Image-Defined Paths
Do, TienUniv. of Minnesota
Carrillo-Arce, Luis C.Univ. of Minnesota
Roumeliotis, StergiosUniv. of Minnesota
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Development of a Miniature Water Jumping Robot
Zhao, JianguoMichigan State Univ
Xi, NingMichigan State Univ
Xiao, LiMichigan State Univ
Mutka, MattMichigan State Uinversity
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Modeling of Dive Maneuvers in Flapping Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Roberts, LukeUniv. of Maryland Coll. Park
Bruck, HughUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Gupta, Satyandra K.Univ. of Maryland, Coll. Park