2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
May 19-23, 2008, Pasadena Conference Center, Pasadena, CA, USA

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Last updated on May 26, 2008. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday May 23, 2008

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Humanoid Robot Locomotion Regular Sessions
Chair: Laumond, Jean-PaulLAAS-CNRS
Co-Chair: Berkemeier, MatthewAutonomous Solutions, Inc.

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA1.1

Whole Body Humanoid Control from Human Motion Descriptors
Dariush, BehzadHonda Res. Inst. USA
Gienger, MichaelHonda Res. Inst. Europe
Jian, BingUniv. of Florida
Goerick, ChristianHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
Fujimura, KikuoHonda Res. Inst.

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA1.2

On the Implementation of Model Predictive Control for On-Line Walking Pattern Generation
Dimitrov, DimitarINRIA, 38331 St Ismier Cedex, France
Wieber, Pierre-BriceINRIA Rhône-Alpes
Ferreau, Hans JoachimK.U. Leuven
Diehl, MoritzUniv. of Heidelberg

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA1.3

Homogeneous Matric Approach for the Operational Space Control of Bipedal Robots with Flexible Feet
Bruneau, OlivierUVSQ / LISV
Gravez, FabriceCEA LIST
Ouezdou, FathiUniv. de Versailles

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA1.4

On Human Motion Imitation by Humanoid Robot
Suleiman, WaelLAAS - CNRS
Yoshida, EiichiNational Inst. of AIST
Kanehiro, FumioNational Inst. of AIST
Laumond, Jean-PaulLAAS-CNRS
Monin, AndreLAAS-CNRS

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA1.5

Hierarchical Motor Learning and Synthesis with Passivity-Based Controller and Phase Oscillator
Hyon, Sang-HoJST-ICORP / ATR Computational Neuroscience Lab.
Cheng, GordonATR Computational Neuroscience Lab.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA1.6

Low-Dimensional Feature Extraction for Humanoid Locomotion Using Kernel Dimension Reduction
Hyon, Sang-HoJST-ICORP / ATR Computational Neuroscience Lab.
Atkeson, ChristopherCMU
Cheng, GordonATR Computational Neuroscience Lab.


Vision for Outdoor Navigation Regular Sessions
Chair: Johnson, AndrewJet Propulsion Lab. - CaliforniaInstituteofTechnology
Co-Chair: Kodagoda, SarathUniv. of Tech. Sydney

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA2.1

Autonomous Image-Based Exploration for Mobile Robot Navigation
D., SantoshCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Achar, SupreethIIIT, Hyderabad
Jawahar, C.V.IIIT, Hyderabad

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA2.2

Image-Based Path Planning for Outdoor Mobile Robots
Ollis, MarkApplied Perception, Inc.
Huang, WesApplied Perception
Happold, MichaelApplied Perception, Inc.
Stancil, Brian AlanFoster-Miller

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA2.3

A Single Camera Terrain Slope Estimation Technique for Natural Arctic Environments
Williams, StephenGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Howard, AyannaGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA2.4

Stereo Vision and Shadow Analysis for Landing Hazard Detection
Matthies, LarryJet Propulsion Lab.
Huertas, AndresJPL
Cheng, YangJPL
Johnson, AndrewJet Propulsion Lab. - California Inst. of Tech.

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA2.5

UAV Attitude Estimation by Vanishing Points in Catadioptric Images
Bazin, Jean-CharlesRCV Lab. KAIST
Kweon, In SoKAIST
Demonceaux, CedricUniv. of Picardie - Jules Verne
Vasseur, PascalUniv. of Picardie - Jules Verne

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA2.6

Online, Self-Supervised Terrain Classification Via Discriminatively Trained Submodular Markov Random Fields
Vernaza, PaulUniv. of Pennsylvania
Taskar, BenUniv. of Pennsylvania
Lee, Daniel D.Univ. of Pennsylvania


Particle Filtering Regular Sessions
Chair: Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
Co-Chair: Bennewitz, MarenUniv. of Freiburg

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA3.1

Efficient Active Global Localization for Mobile Robots Operating in Large and Cooperative Environments
Corominas Murtra, AndreuInst. de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial
Mirats Tur, Josep M.CSIC-UPC
Sanfeliu, AlbertoUniv. Pol. de Cataluyna

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA3.2

Negative Information and Line Observations for Monte Carlo Localization
Hester, ToddUniv. of Texas at Austin
Stone, PeterUniv. of Texas at Austin

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA3.3

Hyper-Particle Filtering for Stochastic Systems
Davidson, JamesThe Beckman Inst. at the Univ. of Illinois
Hutchinson, SethUniv. of Illinois

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA3.4

Lazy Localization Using the Frozen-Time Smoother
Censi, AndreaCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Tipaldi, Gian DiegoUniv. of Rome

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA3.5

A Scalable Algorithm for Monte Carlo Localization Using an Incremental E2LSH-Database of High Dimensional Features
Tanaka, KanjiKyushu Univ.
Kondo, EijiKyushu Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA3.6

Using Incomplete Online Metric Maps for Topological Exploration with the Gap Navigation Tree
Murphy, ElizabethOxford Univ.
Newman, PaulOxford Univ.


Multi-Robot Searching and Exploring Regular Sessions
Chair: Andersson, Lars A. A.Linköping Univ.
Co-Chair: Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Freiburg

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA4.1

C-SAM: Multi-Robot SLAM Using Square Root Information Smoothing
Andersson, Lars A. A.Linköping Univ.
Nygards, Per Eric JonasSwedish Defence Res. Agency

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA4.2

A Bacterial Colony Growth Framework for Collaborative Multi-Robot Localization
Gasparri, AndreaUniv. degli Studi Roma Tre
Prosperi, Mattia CFUniv. of Roma TRE

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA4.3

Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Motion Planning
Rickert, MarkusTech. Univ. München
Brock, OliverUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
Knoll, AloisTU Munich

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA4.4

Experimental Evaluation of Some Exploration Strategies for Mobile Robots
Amigoni, FrancescoPol. di Milano

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA4.5

Robot-Assisted Discovery of Evacuation Routes in Emergency Scenarios
Ferranti, EttoreUniv. of Oxford
Trigoni, NikiUniv. of Oxford

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA4.6

Estimation and Control for Cooperative Autonomous Searching in Crowded Urban Emergencies
Lavis, BenjaminUniv. of New South Wales
Yokokohji, YasuyoshiKyoto Univ.
Furukawa, TomonariUniv. of New South Wales


Learning Regular Sessions
Chair: Ramamoorthy, SubramanianThe Univ. of Edinburgh
Co-Chair: Burschka, DariusTech. Univ. München

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA5.1

Towards Schema-Based, Constructivist Robot Learning: Validating an Evolutionary Search Algorithm for Schema Chunking
Tang, YifanUniv. of Tennessee, Knoxville
Parker, LynneUniv. of Tennessee

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA5.2

Bayesian Reinforcement Learning in Continuous POMDPs with Application to Robot Navigation
Ross, StephaneMcGill Univ.
Chaib-draa, BrahimLaval Univ.
Pineau, JoelleMcGill Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA5.3

Anticipatory Robot Control for a Partially Observable Environment Using Episodic Memories
Endo, YoichiroGeorgia Tech. Mobile Robot Lab.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA5.4

A Bayesian Approach to Empirical Local Linearization for Robotics
Ting, Jo-AnneUniv. of Southern California
D'Souza, AaronGoogle
Vijayakumar, SethuUniv. of Edinburgh
Schaal, StefanUniv. of Southern California

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA5.5

Human-Machine Skill Transfer Extended by a Scaffolding Framework
Mayer, Hermann GeorgTU Munich
Burschka, DariusTech. Univ. München
Knoll, AloisTU Munich
Braun, Eva U.German Heart Center Munich
Bauernschmitt, RobertGerman Heart Center Munich
Lange, RudigerGerman Heart Center Munich

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA5.6

Real-Time Learning of Resolved Velocity Control on a Mitsubishi PA-10
Peters, JanMax-Planck Inst. for Biological Cybernetics
Nguyen-Tuong, DuyMax Planck Inst.


Robot Control and Dynamics Regular Sessions
Chair: Luecke, Greg R.Iowa State Univ.
Co-Chair: Hamel, William R.Univ. of Tennessee

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA6.1

Virtual Interactions Using Under-Actuated Robots
Luecke, Greg R.Iowa State Univ.
Beckman, JohnIowa State Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA6.2

Influence of Internal Vibration Modes on the Stability of Haptic Rendering
Gil, Jorge JuanCEIT

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA6.3

Continuous Impulsive Force Controller for Forbidden-Region Virtual Fixtures
Hennekens, DaanTech. Univ. of Eindhoven
Constantinescu, DanielaUniv. of Victoria
Steinbuch, MaartenEindhoven Univ. of Tech.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA6.4

Experimental Verification on Vibration Suppression of a Flexible Manipulator Using MPID Controller
Mansour, TamerTohoku Univ.
Jiang, XinTohoku Univ.
Konno, AtsushiTohoku Univ.
Uchiyama, MasaruTohoku Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA6.5

Expanding the Twin Pulse Swing Free Profile
Bowling, DavidMicroDexterity Systems
Starr, GregUniv. of New Mexico
Wood, JohnUniv. of New Mexico
Lumia, RonUniv. of New Mexico

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA6.6

Collision Avoidance Techniques for Tele-Operated and Autonomous Manipulators in Overlapping Workspaces
Spencer, AndrewUniv. of Texas at Austin
Pryor, MitchUniv. of Texas at Austin
Kapoor, ChetanUniv. of Texas at Austin
Tesar, DelbertUT Austin


Sensing for Medical Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Cavusoglu, M. CenkCase Western Res. Univ.
Co-Chair: Webster, III, Robert JamesVanderbilt Univ.

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA7.1

Prediction of Heartbeat Motion with a Generalized Adaptive Filter
Franke, TimothyCase Western Res. Univ.
Bebek, OzkanCase Western Res. Univ.
Cavusoglu, M. CenkCase Western Res. Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA7.2

Swimming Capsule Endoscope Using Static and RF Magnetic Field of MRI for Propulsion
Kosa, GaborETH Zurich
Jakab, PeterBrigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Jolesz, FerencBrigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Hata, NobuhikoBrigham and Women's Hospital

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA7.3

Physiological Motion Rejection in Flexible Endoscopy Using Visual Servoing
Ott, LaurentLSIIT - AVR - Univ. of Strasbourg
Zanne, PhilippeUniv. of Strasbourg
Nageotte, FlorentLSIIT, UMR 7005 CNRS - ULP, Univ. of Strasbourg
de Mathelin, MichelUniv. of Strasbourg
Gangloff, JacquesStrasbourg I Univ.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA7.4

Optical Fiber Sensor for Soft Tissue Investigation During Minimally Invasive Surgery
Puangmali, PinyoKing's Coll. London
Liu, HongbinKing's Coll. London
Althoefer, KasparKings Coll. London
Seneviratne, LakmalKings Coll. London

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA7.5

Vision Based 3-D Shape Sensing of Flexible Manipulators
Camarillo, David B.Stanford Univ.
Loewke, KevinStanford Univ.
Carlson, ChristopherHansen Medical Inc
Salisbury, KennethStanford Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA7.6

Insertable Surgical Imaging Device with Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and Lighting
Hu, TieColumbia Univ.
Allen, PeterColumbia Univ.
Hogle, NancyNYPH
Fowler, DennisColumbia Univ.


Applications of Medical Robotics Technologies Regular Sessions
Chair: Salcudean, Septimiu E.Univ. of British Columbia
Co-Chair: Farritor, ShaneUniv. of Nebraska Lincoln

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA8.1

Postural Kyphosis Detection Using Intelligent Shoes
Chen, MengThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Huang, BufuThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Xu, YangshengThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA8.2

Integrated System for Robot-Assisted in Prostate Biopsy in Closed MRI Scanner
Mewes, Philip WalterBrigham and Women's Hospital
Hata, NobuhikoBrigham and Women's Hospital
Tokuda, JunichiBrigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Tempany, ClareBrigham & Women's hospital, Harvard MEDICAL sCHOOL
Csoma, CsabaJohns Hopkins Univ.
DiMaio, Simon P.Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Fichtinger, GaborQueen's Univ.
Fischer, GregoryJohns Hopkins Univ. - CISST ERC
Gobbi, David G.Queen's Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA8.3

Development of a Skincare Robot
Tsumaki, YuichiHirosaki Univ.
Suginuma, AsamiMEC Information Development Co., Ltd.
Imada, KeiVuteq Corp.
Sekiguchi, AkinoriHirosaki Univ.
Nenchev, DragomirMusashi Inst. of Tech.
Nakano, HajimeHirosaki Univ. Graduate School of Mdicine
Hanada, KatsumiHirosaki Univ. Hospital

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA8.4

Robotic Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery
Lehman, Amy C.Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dumpert, JasonUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Wood, Nathan A.Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Oleynikov, DmitryUniv. of Nebraska Medical Center
Farritor, ShaneUniv. of Nebraska Lincoln

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA8.5

A Robotic Needle Guide for Prostate Brachytherapy
Salcudean, Septimiu E.Univ. of British Columbia
Prananta, Thomas D.Univ. of British Columbia
Morris, William J.BC Cancer Agency
Spadinger, IngridBC Cancer Agency

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA8.6

MIRA V: An Integrated System for Minimally Invasive Robot-Assisted Lung Brachytherapy
Trejos, Ana LuisaLondon Health Sciences Centre
Lin, Amy WeiUniv. of Western Ontario
Mohan, ShivaThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Bassan, HarmanpreetThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Edirisinghe, ChandimaUniv. of Western Ontario
Patel, RajniThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Lewis, CraigLondon Health Sciences Centre
Yu, EdwardUniv. of Western Ontario
Fenster, AaronRobarts Res. Inst.
Malthaner, RichardUniv. of Western Ontario


Range Sensing Regular Sessions
Chair: Ikeuchi, KatsushiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Howard, AndrewJPL

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA9.1

4D Scan Registration with the SR-3000 LIDAR
Stipes, JasonJHU/APL
Cole, JohnJHU/APL

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA9.2

Rigorously Bayesian Range Finder Sensor Model for Dynamic Environments
De Laet, TinneKatholieke Univ. Leuven
De Schutter, JorisKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Bruyninckx, HermanKatholieke Univ. Leuven

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA9.3

A Low-Cost Laser Distance Sensor
Konolige, KurtSRI International
Augenbraun, JosephNeato Robotics
Donaldson, NickNeato Robotics
Fiebig, CharlesNeato Robotics
Shah, PankajNeato Robotics

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA9.4

Dealing with Laser Scanner Failure: Mirrors and Windows
Yang, Shao-WenNational Taiwan Univ.
Wang, Chieh-ChihNational Taiwan Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA9.5

Antipodal Gray Codes for Structured Light
Kim, DaesikSungkyunkwan Univ.
Ryu, MoonwookSungkyunkwan Univ.
Lee, SukhanSungkyunkwan Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA9.6

A 200Hz Small Range Image Sensor Using a Multi-Spot Laser Projector
Tateishi, MasateruChuo Univ.
Ishiyama, HidetoshiChuo Univ.
Umeda, KazunoriChuo Univ.


Climbing Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Provancher, WilliamUniv. of Utah
Co-Chair: Hirose, ShigeoTokyo Inst. of Tech.

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA10.1

Electroadhesive Robots — Wall Climbing Robots Enabled by a Novel, Robust, and Electrically Controllable Adhesion Technology
Prahlad, HarshaSRI International
Pelrine, RonSRI International
Stanford, ScottSRI International
Marlow, JohnSRI International
Kornbluh, RoySRI International

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA10.2

Basic Systematic Experiments and New Type Child Unit of Anchor Climber: Swarm Type Wall Climbing Robot System
Suzuki, MasatakaTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Kitai, ShinyaTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Hirose, ShigeoTokyo Inst. of Tech.

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA10.3

ROCR: Dynamic Vertical Wall Climbing with a Pendular Two-Link Mass-Shifting Robot
Jensen-Segal, SamuelUniv.
Virost, StevenUniv.
Provancher, WilliamUniv. of Utah

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA10.4

A Body Joint Improves Vertical to Horizontal Transitions of a Wall-Climbing Robot
Daltorio, Kathryn ACase Western Res. Univ.
Witushynsky, TimothyCase Western Res. Univ.
Wile, GregoryCase Western Res. Univ.
Palmer, LutherCase Western Res. Univ.
Malek, AnasCase Western Res. Univ.
Ahmad, Mohd RasyidCase Western Res. Univ.
Southard, LoriCase.Western Res. Univ. Biologically Inspired
Gorb, Stanislav NMax-Planck-Inst. for Metals Res.
Ritzmann, Roy EarlCase Western Res. Univ.
Quinn, Roger, D.Case Western Res. Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA10.5

Ladder Climbing Control for Limb Mechanism Robot ``ASTERISK''
Fujii, ShotaOsaka Univ.
Inoue, KenjiYamagata Univ.
Takubo, TomohitoOsaka Univ.
Mae, YasushiOsaka Univ.
Arai, TatsuoGraduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA10.6

Gecko Inspired Micro-Fibrillar Adhesives for Wall Climbing Robots on Micro/Nanoscale Rough Surfaces
Aksak, BurakCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Murphy, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Sitti, MetinCarnegie Mellon Univ.


Motion and Action Recognition Regular Sessions
Chair: Su, JianboShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Co-Chair: Prassler, ErwinUniv. Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA11.1

Ubiquitous Robotics in Physical Human Action Recognition: A Comparison between Dynamic ANNs and GP
Theodoridis, TheodorosUni. of Essex

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA11.2

A Hierarchical Motion Trajectory Signature Descriptor
Wu, ShandongCity Univ. of Hong Kong
Li, Y.F.City Univ. of Hong Kong
Zhang, JianweiUniv. of Hamburg

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA11.3

Motion Estimation Using Multiple Non-Overlapping Cameras for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Kim, Jun-SikCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Hwangbo, MyungCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Kanade, TakeoCarnegie Mellon Univ.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA11.4

Trajectory Specification Via Sparse Waypoints for Eye-In-Hand Robots Requiring Continuous Target Visibility
Chan, AmbroseUniv. of British Columbia
Croft, ElizabethUniv. of British Columbia
Little, James J.UBC

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA11.5

Natural Hand Posture Recognition Based on Zernike Moments and Hierarchical Classifier
Gu, LizhongShanghai Jiaotong Univ.
Su, JianboShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA11.6

Basic Behavior Acquisition Based on Multisensor Integration of a Robot Head
Liu, ChenggangShanghai Jiaotong Univ.
Su, JianboShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.


Actuation, Sensing, and Manipulation for Micro-Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
Co-Chair: van West, Ewoud FrankThe Univ. of Tokyo

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA12.1

MicroNewton Force-Controlled Manipulation of Biomaterials Using a Monolithic MEMS Microgripper with Two-Axis Force Feedback
Kim, KeekyoungUniv. of Toronto
Liu, XinyuUniv. of Toronto
Zhang, YongUniv. of Toronto
Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA12.2

Development of a Compact Vision System for “Automated Nuclear Transplantation Project”
Uvet, HuseyinOsaka Univ.
Arai, TatsuoGraduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ.
Mae, YasushiOsaka Univ.
Takubo, TomohitoOsaka Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA12.3

Optimum Design and Development of a XY Flexure Micromanipulator for Micro Scale Positioning
Li, YangminUniv. of Macau
Xu, QingsongUniv. of Macau

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA12.4

Simulation and Experimental Evaluation of Laser-Structured Actuators for a Mobile Microrobot
Edeler, ChristophUniv. of Oldenburg
Fatikow, SergejUniv. of Oldenburg

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA12.5

Serial Algorithm for High-Speed Autofocusing of Cells Using Depth from Diffraction (DFDi) Method
Makise, SoshiroUniv. of Tokyo
Oku, HiromasaUniv. of Tokyo
Ishikawa, MasatoshiUniv. of Tokyo

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA12.6

Mobile Microscope: A New Concept for Hand-Held Microscopes with Image Stabilization
Ishikawa, TakahikoUniv. of Tokyo
Oku, HiromasaUniv. of Tokyo
Ishikawa, MasatoshiUniv. of Tokyo


Modular and Distributed Robotics Programming Regular Sessions
Chair: Campbell, JasonIntel Americas, Inc.
Co-Chair: Mostofi, YasaminUniv. of New Mexico

08:40-09:00, Paper FrA13.1

Distributed, Dynamic, and Autonomous Reconfiguration Planning for Chain-Type Self-Reconfigurable Robots
Hou, FeiliUniv. of Soutern California
Shen, Wei-MinUSC Information Science Inst.

09:00-09:20, Paper FrA13.2

Anatomy-Based Organization of Modular Robots
Christensen, David JohanUniv. of Southern Denmark
Campbell, JasonIntel Americas, Inc.

09:20-09:40, Paper FrA13.3

EM-Cube: Cube-Shaped, Self-Reconfigurable Robots Sliding on Structure Surfaces
An, Byoung KwonDran Computer Science Lab.

09:40-10:00, Paper FrA13.4

Programming Modular Robots with Locally Distributed Predicates
De Rosa, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Campbell, JasonIntel Americas, Inc.
Pillai, PadmanabhanIntel Res. Pittsburgh
Goldstein, SethCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Lee, PeterCarnegie Mellon Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper FrA13.5

S+T: An Algorithm for Distributed Multirobot Task Allocation Based on Services for Improving Robot Cooperation
Viguria, AntidioGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Maza, IvanUniv. of Seville
Ollero, AnibalUniv. of Seville

10:20-10:40, Paper FrA13.6

Communication-Aware Motion Planning in Fading Environments (I)
Mostofi, YasaminUniv. of New Mexico


Plenary Session III Plenary Sessions
Chair: Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California
Co-Chair: Schaal, StefanUniv. of Southern California

11:00-12:00, Paper FrPP.1

Brain-Controlled Robots
Kawato, MitsuoATR


Humanoid Robot Manipulation Regular Sessions
Chair: Yoshida, EiichiNational Inst. of AIST
Co-Chair: Little, James J.UBC

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB1.1

Humanoid Teleoperation for Whole Body Manipulation
Stilman, MikeCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Nishiwaki, KoichiNational Inst. of AIST
Kagami, SatoshiNational Inst. of AIST

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB1.2

Whole-Body Motion Planning for Pivoting Based Manipulation by Humanoids
Yoshida, EiichiNational Inst. of AIST
Poirier, MathieuLAAS-CNRS
Laumond, Jean-PaulLAAS-CNRS
Kanoun, OussamaLAAS-CNRS
Lamiraux, FlorentCNRS
Alami, RachidCNRS
Yokoi, KazuhitoNational Inst. of AIST

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB1.3

Robust Balance Optimization Control of Humanoid Robots with Multiple Non Coplanar Grasps and Frictional Contacts.
Collette, CyrilleCommissariat à l'Energie Atomique
Micaelli, AlainCommissariat à l'Energie Atomique
Lemerle, PierreInst. National de Recherche et de Sécurité
Andriot, ClaudeLab. de Simulation Interactives

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB1.4

How to Learn Accurate Grid Maps with a Humanoid
Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Freiburg
Bennewitz, MarenUniv. of Freiburg
Grisetti, GiorgioUnviersität Freiburg
Behnke, SvenUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB1.5

Real-Time (self)-Collision Avoidance Task on a HRP-2 Humanoid Robot
Stasse, OlivierCNRS/AIST
Escande, AdrienCNRS/AIST
Mansard, NicolasAIST/CNRS JRL-Japan
Miossec, SylvainNational Inst. of Advance Industrial Science and
Evrard, PaulCNRS/AIST
Kheddar, AbderrahmaneAIST/CNRS

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB1.6

Coordination between Oscillators: An Important Feature for Robust Bipedal Walking
Huang, WeiweiNational Univ. of Singapore
Chew, Chee MengNational Univ. of Singapore
Hong, Geok SoonNational Univ. of Singapore


Visual Servoing Systems Regular Sessions
Chair: De Luca, AlessandroUniv. di Roma La Sapienza
Co-Chair: Hashimoto, KoichiTohoku Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB2.1

On the Efficient Second Order Minimization and Image-Based Visual Servoing
Tahri, TahriBlaise Pascal
Mezouar, YoucefBlaise Pascal Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB2.2

Efficient Visual Servoing with the ABCshift Tracking Algorithm
Stolkin, RustamStevens Inst. of Tech.
Florescu, IonutStevens Inst. of Tech.
Baron, MorganStevens Inst. of Tech.
Harrier, ColinStevens Inst. of Tech.
Kocherov, BorisStevens Inst. of Tech.

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB2.3

Visual Servoing Based on Gaussian Mixture Models
Abdul Hafez, A. H.Osmania Uiversity
Achar, SupreethIIIT, Hyderabad
Jawahar, C.V.IIIT, Hyderabad

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB2.4

Visual Servoing with Exploitation of Redundancy: An Experimental Study
De Luca, AlessandroUniv. di Roma La Sapienza
Ferri, MassimoUniv. di Roma "La Sapienza"
Oriolo, GiuseppeUniv. di Roma
Robuffo Giordano, PaoloUniv. di Roma "La Sapienza"

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB2.5

New Decoupled Visual Servoing Scheme Based on Invariants from Projection Onto a Sphere
Tahri, TahriBlaise Pascal
Chaumette, FrancoisINRIA
Mezouar, YoucefBlaise Pascal Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB2.6

Analysis of Classical and New Visual Servoing Control Laws
Marey, MohammedIRISA, INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique
Chaumette, FrancoisINRIA


Filtering and Classification Regular Sessions
Chair: Roberts, RodneyFlorida State Univ.
Co-Chair: Riviere, CameronCarnegie Mellon Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB3.1

Kalman Filtering of Accelerometer and Electromyography (EMG) Data in Pathological Tremor Sensing System
Widjaja, FerdinanNanyang Tech. Univ. Singapore
Shee, Cheng YapNanyang Tech. Univ. Singapore
Tun Latt, WinNanyang Tech. Univ.
Au, Wing LokNational Neuroscience Inst.
Poignet, PhilippeLIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS UM2
Ang, Wei TechNanyang Tech. Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB3.2

A State Estimator for Rejecting Noise and Tracking Bias in Inertial Sensors
Johnson, Eric AllenUniv. of Utah
Bamberg, StacyUniv. of Utah
Minor, MarkUniv. of Utah

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB3.3

Human Detection Using Multimodal and Multidimensional Features
Spinello, LucianoETH Zurich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB3.4

A Boosting Approach for Object Classification in Biosonar Based Robot Navigation
Beigi, MajidUniv. of Tuebingen
Zell, AndreasUniv. of Tübingen

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB3.5

Vibration-Based Terrain Classification Using Surface Profile Input Frequency Responses
Collins, EmmanuelFAMU-FSU Coll. of Engineering
Coyle, Eric JoeFlorida State Univ. Florida A&M Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB3.6

Terrain Classification for Mobile Robots Traveling at Various Speeds: An Eigenspace Manifold Approach
DuPont, EdmondFAMU-FSU Coll. of Engineering
Moore, Carl A.FAMU/FSU Coll. of Engineering
Roberts, RodneyFlorida State Univ.


Swarms and Networks Regular Sessions
Chair: Pappas, George J.Univ. of Pennsylvania
Co-Chair: Poduri, SameeraUSC

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB4.1

Exploration of an Incremental Suite of Microscopic Models for Acoustic Event Monitoring Using a Robotic Sensor Network
Cianci, Christopher M.Ec. Pol. Federale de Lausanne
Pugh, JimEPFL
Martinoli, AlcherioEPFL

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB4.2

Two Distributed Algorithms for Heterogeneous Sensor Network Deployment towards Maximum Coverage
Lam, Miu-lingThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Liu, YunhuiChinese Univ. of Hong Kong

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB4.3

Parameter Estimation and Optimal Control of Swarm-Robotic Systems: A Case Study in Distributed Task Allocation
Correll, NikolausMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB4.4

Cooperative Anchoring in Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems
LeBlanc, KevinOrebro Univ.
Saffiotti, AlessandroOrebro Univ.


Learning Systems Regular Sessions
Chair: Jenkins, Odest ChadwickeBrown Univ.
Co-Chair: Lopez de Mantaras, RamonSpanish National Res. Council

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB5.1

Sparse Incremental Learning for Interactive Robot Control Policy Estimation
Grollman, DanielBrown Univ.
Jenkins, Odest ChadwickeBrown Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB5.2

Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation for Cooperative Navigation Tasks
Melo, Francisco S.Inst. for Systems and Robotics, Inst. Superior
Ribeiro, IsabelInst. Superior Tecnico

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB5.3

Unsupervised Body Scheme Learning through Self-Perception
Sturm, JürgenUniv. of Freiburg
Plagemann, ChristianUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB5.4

Human-Inspired Robot Task Learning from Human Teaching
Wu, XianghaiUniv. of Waterloo
Kofman, JonathanUniv. of Waterloo

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB5.5

Learning Tactic-Based Motion Models with Fast Particle Smoothing
Gu, YangCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB5.6

An Approximate Algorithm for Solving Oracular POMDPs
Armstrong-Crews, NicholasCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon Univ.


Robot Manipulator Control Regular Sessions
Chair: Scott, NicholasNational Inst. of Standards and Tech.
Co-Chair: Carreira-Perpinan, MiguelUniv. of California, Merced

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB6.1

A Line-Based Obstacle Avoidance Technique for Dexterous Manipulator Operations
Scott, NicholasNational Inst. of Standards and Tech.
Carignan, CraigGeorgetown Univ. ISIS Center

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB6.2

Continuous Control Law from Unilateral Constraints
Mansard, NicolasAIST/CNRS JRL-Japan
Khatib, OussamaStanford Univ.

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB6.3

A Velocity Observer Based on Friction Adaptation
Lenain, RolandCemagref
Robertsson, AndersLTH, Lund Univ.
Johansson, RolfLTH, Lund Univ.
Shiriaev, AntonUmea Univ.
Berducat, MichelCemagref

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB6.4

Adaptive Neural Network Tracking Control of Manipulators Using Quaternion Feedback
Cheng, LongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Hou, Zeng-GuangInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Science
Tan, MinInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB6.5

Practical Robust Control for Flexible Joint Robot Manipulator
Yeon, Je SungHanyang Univ.
Park, Jong HyeonHanyang Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB6.6

Global Continuous Finite-Time Output Feedback Regulation of Robot Manipulators
Su, YuxinXidian Univ.
Zheng, ChunhongXidian Univ.
Muller, Peter C.Univ. of Wuppertal


Medical Robots and Systems Regular Sessions
Chair: Kumar, RajeshJohns Hopkins Univ.
Co-Chair: Sarkar, NilanjanVanderbilt Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB7.1

Deformation Analysis and Active Compensation of Surgical Milling Robot Based on System Error Evaluation
Sugita, NaohikoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Osa, TakayukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Nakajima, YoshikazuThe Univ. of Tokyo
Mitsuishi, MamoruThe Univ. of Tokyo

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB7.2

Methods for End-Effector Coupling in Robot Assisted Interventions
Burgner, JessicaUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Zhang, YaokunUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Raczkowsky, JoergUniv. of Karlsruhe (TH)
Eggers, GeorgUniv. Heidelberg
Muehling, JoachimUniv. Heidelberg
Woern, HeinzUniv. Karlsruhe

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB7.3

A Constrained Optimization Approach to Virtual Fixtures for Multi-Handed Tasks
Kapoor, AnkurJohns Hopkins Univ.
Taylor, Russell H.The Johns Hopkins Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB7.4

Modeling of a Closed Loop Cable-Conduit Transmission System
Agrawal, VarunPurdue Univ.
Peine, WilliamPurdue Univ.
Yao, BinPurdue Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB7.5

Integrated Vision and Force Control in Suspended Cell Injection System: Towards Automatic Batch Biomanipulation
Huang, HaiboCity Univ. of Hong Kong
Sun, DongCity Univ. of Hong Kong
Mills, James K.Univ. of Toronto
Cheng, Shuk HanCity Univ. of Hong Kong

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB7.6

Modeling and Analysis of DNA Hybridization Dynamics at Microarray Surface in Moving Fluid
Hogg, TadHP Lab.
Zhang, MingjunAgilent
Yang, RuotingWashington Univ. in St. Louis


Force and Tactile Sensing Regular Sessions
Chair: Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ.
Co-Chair: Ott, ChristianUniv. of Tokyo

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB8.1

A Robotic Finger Equipped with an Optical Three-Axis Tactile Sensor
Ohka, MasahiroNagoya Univ. Graduate School of Information Science
Morisawa, NobuyukiNagoya Univ. Graduate School of Engineering
Suzuki, HirofumiNagoya Univ. Graduate School of Engineering
Takata, JumpeiOlympus Corp.
Kobayashi, HiroakiToyota Industries Company
Yussof, HanafiahNagoya Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB8.2

Fingertip Force Control with Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Park, Yong-LaeStanford Univ.
Ryu, Seok ChangStanford Univ.
Black, Richard J.Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corp.
Moslehi, BehzadIntelligent Fiber Optics Systems Corp.
Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ.

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB8.3

Nonlinear Modeling of Low Cost Force Sensors
Lebossé, CyrilleLSIIT
Bayle, BernardUniv. of Strasbourg
Renaud, PierreINSA Strasbourg
de Mathelin, MichelUniv. of Strasbourg

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB8.4

Low Force Control Scheme for Object Hardness Distinction in Robot Manipulation Based on Tactile Sensing
Yussof, HanafiahNagoya Univ.
Ohka, MasahiroNagoya Univ. Graduate School of Information Science
Takata, JumpeiOlympus Corp.
Nasu, YasuoYamagata Univ.
Yamano, MitsuhiroYamagata Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB8.5

A Wrench-Sensitive Touch Pad Based on a Parallel Structure
Frigola, RogerUPC-CSIC
Ros, LluisUPC-CSIC
Roure, FrancescUPC
Thomas, FedericoCSIC-UPC

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB8.6

12D Force and Acceleration Sensing: A Helpful Experience Report on Sensor Characteristics
Kroeger, TorstenTech. Univ. of Braunschweig
Kubus, DanielTech. Univ. of Braunschweig
Wahl, Friedrich M.Tech. Univ. of Braunschweig


Human Robot Auditory Interaction Regular Sessions
Chair: Lee, Ju-JangKAIST

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB9.1

Embedded Auditory System for Small Mobile Robots
Brière, SimonUniv. de Sherbrooke
Valin, Jean MarcCSIRO
Michaud, FrancoisUniv. de Sherbrooke
Létourneau, DominicUniv. de Sherbrooke

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB9.2

A Robot Referee for Rock-Paper-Scissors Sound Games
Nakadai, KazuhiroHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd.
Yamamoto, ShunichiGraduate School of Informatics, Kyoto Univ.
Okuno, Hiroshi G.Kyoto Univ.
Nakajima, HirofumiHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd.
Hasegawa, YujiHonda Res. Inst. Japan Co., Ltd.
Tsujino, HiroshiHonda Res. Inst. Co., Ltd.

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB9.3

Robust Estimation of Sound Direction for Robot Interface
Kim, Cheol-TaekKorea Advanced Inst. of Science & Tech.
Choi, Tae-YongKorea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech.
Choi, ByoungSukPusan National Univ.
Lee, Ju-JangKAIST

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB9.4

Try Something Else! When Users Change Their Discursive Behavior in Human-Robot Interaction
Lohse, ManjaBielefeld Univ.
Rohlfing, KatharinaBielefeld Univ.
Wrede, BrittaBielefeld Univ.
Sagerer, GerhardUniv. of Bielefeld, Faculty of Tech.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB9.5

Experimental Examination in Simulated Interactive Situation between People and Mobile Robot with Preliminary-Announcement and Indication Function of Upcoming Operation
Matsumaru, TakafumiShizuoka Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB9.6

Two-Channel-Based Voice Activity Detection for Humanoid Robots in Noisy Home Environments
Kim, Hyun-DonKyoto Univ.
Komatani, KazunoriKyoto Univ.
Ogata, TetsuyaKyoto Univ.
Okuno, Hiroshi G.Kyoto Univ.


Modular Robotics Design Regular Sessions
Chair: Sproewitz, AlexanderEPFL
Co-Chair: Yim, MarkUniv. of Pennsylvania

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB10.1

Development of Modular and Reconfigurable Robot Development of Modular and Reconfigurable Robot with Multiple Working Modes
Liu, GuangjunRyerson Univ.
He, XiaojiaRyerson Univ.
Yuan, JingRyerson Univ.
Abdul, SajanRyerson Univ.
Goldenberg, AndrewUniv. of Toronto

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB10.2

An Active Connection Mechanism for Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems Based on Physical Latching
Sproewitz, AlexanderEPFL
Asadpour, MasoudEPFL
Bourquin, YvanSwiss Federal Inst. of Tech. (EPFL)
Ijspeert, AukeEPFL

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB10.3

From Crystals to Lattice Robots
Brener, NicolasUniv. Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Lab.
Ben Amar, FaizUniv. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6
Bidaud, PhilippeUniv. Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB10.4

Decentralised Fault Tolerance and Fault Detection of Modular and Reconfigurable Robots with Joint Torque Sensing
Abdul, SajanRyerson Univ.
Liu, GuangjunRyerson Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB10.5

Adaptive Reconfiguration of a Modular Robot through Heterogeneous Inter-Module Connections
Shimizu, MasahiroTohoku Univ.
Kato, TakumaTohoku Univ.
Lungarella, MaxArtificial Intelligence Lab.
Ishiguro, AkioTohoku Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB10.6

How Morphology Affects Self-Assembly in a Stochastic Modular Robot
Miyashita, ShuheiUniv. of Zurich
Lungarella, MaxArtificial Intelligence Lab.
Kessler, MarcoUniv. of Zurich


Social Robots and Gesture Recognition Regular Sessions
Chair: Breazeal, CynthiaMIT
Co-Chair: Dudek, GregoryMcGill Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB11.1

Learning from Human Teachers with Socially Guided Exploration
Breazeal, CynthiaMIT
Thomaz, Andrea LockerdGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB11.2

Toward Designing a Robot That Learns Actions from Parental Demonstrations
Nagai, YukieBielefeld Univ.
Muhl, ClaudiaBielefeld Univ.
Rohlfing, KatharinaBielefeld Univ.

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB11.3

Auditory Mood Detection for Social and Educational Robots
Ruvolo, PaulUCSD
Fasel, IanUniv. of Texas at Austin
Movellan, JavierUniv. California San Diego

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB11.4

A Natural Gesture Interface for Operating Robotic Systems
Xu, AnqiMcGill Univ.
Dudek, GregoryMcGill Univ.
Sattar, JunaedMcGill Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB11.5

Can I Be of Assistance? the Intelligence behind an Assistive Robot
Nejat, GoldieSUNY at Stony Brook
Ficocelli, MaurizioState Univ. of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB11.6

An Intuitive Interface for a Cognitive Programming by Demonstration System
Brageul, DavidThe Univ. of Auckland
Vukanovic, SlobodanUniv. of Auckland
MacDonald, BruceUniv. of Auckland


Novel Actuators for Manipulation Regular Sessions
Chair: Asada, HarryMIT
Co-Chair: Wood, RobertHarvard Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB12.1

Smart Manipulator Actuated by Ultra-Sonic Motors for Lunar Exploration
Kubota, TakashiJAXA ISAS
Tada, KouheiChuo Univ.
Kunii, YasuharuChuo Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB12.2

Static Lumped Parameter Model for Nested PZT Cellular Actuators with Exponential Strain Amplification Mechanisms
Ueda, JunNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Secord, ThomasMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Asada, HarryMIT

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB12.3

A Linked Manipulator with Ion-Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC) Joints for Soft and Micromanipulation
Kruusmaa, MaarjaTartu Univ.
Hunt, AndresTartu Univ.
Punning, AndresTartu Univ.
Anton, MartTartu Univ.
Aabloo, AlvoTartu Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB12.4

Development of a New Linear Actuator for Androids
Mishima, MasayukiOsaka Univ.
Ishiguro, HiroshiOsaka Univ.
Hirata, KatsuhiroOsaka Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB12.5

Micro Rotary-Linear Ultrasonic Motor for Endovascular Diagnosis and Surgery
Mashimo, TomoakiTUAT
Toyama, ShigekiTUAT

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB12.6

Differential Elastic Actuator for Robotic Interaction Tasks
Lauria, MichelUniv. de Sherbrooke
Legault, Marc-AntoineUniv. de Sherbrooke
Lavoie, Marc-AndréUniv. de Sherbrooke
Michaud, FrancoisUniv. de Sherbrooke


Assembly and Manufacturing Regular Sessions
Chair: Suarez, RaulTech. Univ. of Catalonia
Co-Chair: Tornero, JosepTech. Univ. of valencia

13:40-14:00, Paper FrB13.1

A Novel Optimal Assembly Algorithm for the Haptic Interface Application of a Virtual Maintenance System
, ChristiandGyeongsang National Univ.
Yoon, JungwonGyeongsang National Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper FrB13.2

Modeling and Analysis of Bernoulli Production Systems with Split and Merge
Liu, YangUniv. of Kentucky
Li, JingshanUniv. of Kentucky

14:20-14:40, Paper FrB13.3

Quantitative Evaluation of Physical Assembly Support in Human Supporting Production System "Attentive Workbench"
Sugi, MasaoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Matsumura, IppeiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Tamura, YusukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Ota, JunThe Univ. of Tokyo
Arai, TamioUniv. of Tokyo

14:40-15:00, Paper FrB13.4

Development of a Dual-Stage Virtual Metrology Architecture for TFT-LCD Manufacturing
Su, Yu-ChuanFar East Univ.
Tsai, Wen-HuangNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Cheng, Fan-TienNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Wu, Wei-MingNational Cheng Kung Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper FrB13.5

A Novel Key-Variable Sifting Algorithm for Virtual Metrology
Lin, Tung-HoNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Cheng, Fan-TienNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Ye, Aeo-JuoNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Wu, Wei-MingNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Hung, Min-HsiungChung Cheng Inst. of Tech. National Defense

15:20-15:40, Paper FrB13.6

Demonstrating the Safety and Performance of a Velocity Sourced Series Elastic Actuator
Wyeth, Gordon FraserUniv. of Queensland


Humanoid Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Kiguchi, KazuoSaga Univ.
Co-Chair: Peters, JanMax-Planck Inst. for Biological Cybernetics

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC1.1

Control Methods Based on Neural Network Forward and Inverse Models for a Biomechanical Structured Vocal Cord Model on an Anthropomorphic Talking Robot
Fukui, KotaroWaseda Univ.
Shintaku, EijiWaseda Univ.
Shimomura, AkihiroWaseda Uniuversity
Sakakibara, NanaWaseda Univ.
Ishikawa, YumaWaseda Univ.
Honda, MasaakiWaseda Univ.
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC1.2

Development of Waseda Flutist Robot WF-4RIV: Implementation of Auditory Feedback System
Solis, JorgeWaseda Univ.
Taniguchi, KoichiWaseda Univ.
Ninomiya, TakeshiWaseda Univ.
Yamamoto, TetsuroWaseda Univ.
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC1.3

Who Am I Talking with? a Face Memory for Social Robots
Hanheide, MarcFaculty of Tech. Bielefeld Univ.
Wrede, SebastianBielefeld Univ.
Lang, ChristianBielefeld Univ.
Sagerer, GerhardUniv. of Bielefeld, Faculty of Tech.

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC1.4

A Study of a 4DOF Upper-Limb Power-Assist Intelligent Exoskeleton with Visual Information for Perception-Assist
Kiguchi, KazuoSaga Univ.
Liyanage, ManojUniv. of Saga, Japan

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC1.5

Biomechanical Energy Harvesting: Apparatus and Method
Li, Qingguosimon fraser Univ.
Naing, Veronicasimon fraser Univ.
Hoffer, Andysimon fraser Univ.
Weber, DougUniv. of Pittsburgh
Kuo, ArthurUniv. of Michigan
Donelan, Maxsimon fraser Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC1.6

Smooth and Continuous Human Gait Phase Detection Based on Foot Pressure Patterns
Kong, KyoungchulUniv. of California, Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniv. of California


Visual SLAM Regular Sessions
Chair: Wyeth, Gordon FraserUniv. of Queensland
Co-Chair: Mourikis, AnastasiosUniv. of Minnesota

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC2.1

Single Camera Vision-Only SLAM on a Suburban Road Network
Milford, MichaelThe Univ. of Queensland
Wyeth, Gordon FraserUniv. of Queensland

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC2.2

Active Gaze Control for Attentional Visual SLAM
Frintrop, SimoneUniv. of Bonn
Jensfelt, PatricRoyal Inst. of Tech.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC2.3

Removing Scale Biases and Ambiguity from 6DoF Monocular SLAM Using Inertial
Lupton, ToddUniv. of Sydney
Sukkarieh, SalahUniv. of Sydney

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC2.4

Interacting Multiple Model Monocular SLAM
Civera, JavierUniv. de Zaragoza
Davison, Andrew JImperial Coll. London
Montiel, J.M.MUniv. de Zaragoza

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC2.5

A Square Root Unscented Kalman Filter for Visual Monoslam
Holmes, StevenUniv. of Oxford
Klein, GeorgUniv. of Oxford
Murray, DavidUniv. of Oxford

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC2.6

Gamma-SLAM: Using Stereo Vision and Variance Grid Maps for SLAM in Unstructured Environments
Marks, Tim K.Univ. of California San Diego
Howard, AndrewJPL
Bajracharya, MaxJPL
Cottrell, Garrison W.Univ. of California at San Diego
Matthies, LarryCalifornia Inst. of Tech.


Motion and Path Planning Regular Sessions
Chair: Kuffner, JamesCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Co-Chair: Kobilarov, MarinUniv. of Southern California

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC3.1

Towards Locally Computable Polynomial Navigation Functions for Convex Obstacle Workspaces
Lionis, GrigorisNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Papageorgiou, XanthiNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Kyriakopoulos, KostasNational Tech. Univ. of Athens

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC3.2

Artificial Potential Functions for Highway Driving with Collision Avoidance
Wolf, MichaelCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Burdick, JoelCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC3.3

Efficient Path Planning for Mobile Robots in Environments with Deformable Objects
Frank, BarbaraUniv. of Freiburg
Becker, MarkusUniv. of Freiburg
Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg
Teschner, MatthiasUniv. of Freiburg

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC3.4

An Efficient Retraction-Based RRT Planner
Zhang, LiangjunUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Manocha, DineshUniv. of north carolina at chapel hill

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC3.5

Impact of Workspace Decompositions on Discrete Search Leading Continuous Exploration (DSLX) Motion Planning
Plaku, ErionRice Univ.
Kavraki, LydiaRice Univ.
Moshe, VardiRice Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC3.6

Adaptive Workspace Biasing for Sampling-Based Planners
Zucker, MatthewCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Kuffner, JamesCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Bagnell, JamesCarnegie Mellon Univ.


Formation Control Regular Sessions
Chair: Gu, DongbingUniv. of Essex
Co-Chair: Cheah, C. C.Nanyang Tech. Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC4.1

Cluster Space Specification and Control of a 3-Robot Mobile System
Mas, IgnacioSanta Clara Univ.
Petrovic, OgnjenSanta Clara Univ.
Kitts, ChristopherSanta Clara Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC4.2

Robot Formations: Robots Allocation and Leader--Follower Pairs
Monteiro, SergioUniv. of Minho
Bicho, EstelaUniv. of Minho

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC4.3

Non-Collision Conditions in Multi-Agent Robots Formation Using Local Potential Functions
Hernández Martínez, Eduardo GamalielCINVESTAV
Aranda-Bricaire, EduardoCINVESTAV

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC4.4

Using Dynamic Processing Windows for Robot Group Control
Qadi, Ala' QadiUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Goddard, Steve GoddarUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Huang, Jiagyang HuangItron, Inc
Farritor, ShaneUniv. of Nebraska Lincoln

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC4.5

A Local Sensor Based Leader-Follower Flocking System
Wang, ZongyaoUniv. of Essex
Gu, DongbingUniv. of Essex

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC4.6

Region Following Formation Control for Multi-Robot Systems
Cheah, C. C.Nanyang Tech. Univ.
Hou, Saing PaulNanyang Tech. Univ.
Slotine, Jean-Jacques E.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.


Task and Behavioral Learning Regular Sessions
Chair: Grupen, RodUniv. of Massachusetts
Co-Chair: Melo, Francisco S.Carnegie Mellon Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC5.1

Using Learned Affordances for Robotic Behavior Development
Dogar, Mehmet RemziDIST- Univ. of Genoa and Italian Istitute of Tech.
Ugur, EmreMiddle East Tech. Univ.
Sahin, ErolMiddle East Tech. Univ.
Cakmak, MayaGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC5.2

Pushing Using Learned Manipulation Maps
Walker, SeanStanford Univ.
Salisbury, KennethStanford Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC5.3

Intrinsically Motivated Hierarchical Manipulation
Hart, StephenUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
Sen, ShirajUniv. of Massachusetts
Grupen, RodUniv. of Massachusetts

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC5.4

Skill Decomposition by Self-Categorizing Stimulus-Response Units
Lin, Hsien-IPurdue Univ.
Lee, C. S. GeorgeNational Science Foundation

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC5.5

An Efficient Decentralized Learning by Exploiting Biarticular Muscles
Watanabe, WataruTohoku Univ.
Sato, TakahideTohoku Univ.
Ishiguro, AkioTohoku Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC5.6

Learning Robot Stiffness for Contact Tasks Using the Natural Actor-Critic
Kim, ByungchanKorea Univ.
Kang, ByungdukKorea Univ.
Park, ShinsukKorea Univ.
Kang, Sung-ChulKorea Inst. of Sci. and Tech.


Kinematics and Statics of Parallel Manipulators Regular Sessions
Chair: Merlet, Jean-PierreINRIA
Co-Chair: Selig, J.M.London South Bank Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC6.1

Certified Workspace Analysis of 3RRR Planar Parallel Flexure Mechanism
Oetomo, DennyINRIA Sophia Antipolis
Daney, DavidINRIA Sophia Antipolis
Shirinzadeh, BijanMonash Univ.
Merlet, Jean-PierreINRIA

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC6.2

Architecture Singularities in Flagged Parallel Manipulators
Borràs Sol, JúliaInst. de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (CSIC-UPC)
Thomas, FedericoCSIC-UPC
Torras, CarmeCSIC - UPC

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC6.3

Direct Kinematics of Zero-Torsion Parallel Mechanisms
Bonev, IlianÉcole de Tech. supérieure

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC6.4

Kinematics of the Wire-Driven Parallel Robot MARIONET Using Linear Actuators
Merlet, Jean-PierreINRIA

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC6.5

Improving the Pose Accuracy of a Planar 3RRR Parallel Manipulator Using Kinematic Redundancy and Optimized Switching Patterns
Kotlarski, JensLeibniz Univ. Hannover
Abdellatif, HoussemUniv. of Hannover, Germany
Heimann, BodoUniv. of Hannover, Germany

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC6.6

A Real-Time Capable Force Calculation Algorithm for Redundant Tendon-Based Parallel Manipulators
Mikelsons, LarsUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
Bruckmann, TobiasUniv. of Duisburg-Essen
Schramm, DieterUniv. Duisburg-Essen
Hiller, ManfredUniv. of Duisburg-Essen


Medical Robots for Surgeries Regular Sessions
Chair: Howe, Robert D.Harvard Univ.
Co-Chair: Podder, TarunMedical Coll. of Thomas Jefferson Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC7.1

Quasiperiodic Predictive Filtering for Robot-Assisted Beating Heart Surgery
Yuen, SheltenHarvard Univ.
Novotny, PaulHarvard Univ.
Howe, Robert D.Harvard Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC7.2

Human-Guided Surgical Robot System for Spinal Fusion Surgery: CoRASS
Lee, JongwonPOSTECH
Kim, KeehoonNorthwestern Univ.
Chung, Wan KyunPOSTECH
Choi, SeungmoonPOSTECH
Kim, Young SooSchool of Medicine, Hanyang Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC7.3

Kinematics and Calibration of Active Cannulas
Webster, III, Robert JamesVanderbilt Univ.
Romano, Joseph M.Univ. of Pennsylvania
Cowan, Noah J.Johns Hopkins Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC7.4

Assemblable Three Fingered Five-DOF Hand for Laparoscopic Surgery
Ohshima, RitsuyaTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Takayama, ToshioTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Omata, ToruTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Ohya, ToshikiTokyo Medical and Dental Univ.
Kojima, KazuyukiTokyo Medical and Dental Univ. Graduate School OfMedicine
Takase, KozoTokyo Medical and Dental Univ.
Tanaka, NaofumiTokyo Medical and Dental Univ.

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC7.5

Master Manipulator with Higher Operability Designed for Micro Neuro Surgical System
Takahashi, HirokiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yonemura, TsubasaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sugita, NaohikoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Mitsuishi, MamoruThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sora, ShigeoKanto Medical Center NTT Ec.
Morita, AkioKanto Medical Center NTT Ec.
Mochizuki, RyoNHK Engineering Service Inc.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC7.6

Assemblable Pursestring Suture Instrument for Laparoscopic Surgery
Takayama, ToshioTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Omata, ToruTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Kojima, KazuyukiTokyo Medical and Dental Univ. Graduate School OfMedicine
Tanaka, NaofumiTokyo Medical and Dental Univ.


Robotic Wheelchairs Regular Sessions
Chair: Valls Miro, JaimeUniv. of Tech. Sydney (UTS)
Co-Chair: Tsui, KatherineUniv. of Massachusetts, Lowell

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC8.1

Real-Time Analog Input Device Using Breath Pressure for the Operation of Powered Wheelchair
Yamamoto, MotojiKyushu Univ.
Ikeda, TakeshiKyushu Univ.
Sasaki, Yoshinobu, YoshinobuKyushu Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC8.2

POMDP-Based Long-Term User Intention Prediction for Wheelchair Navigation
Taha, TarekCentre of Excellence Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems
Valls Miro, JaimeUniv. of Tech. Sydney (UTS)
Dissanayake, GaminiUniv. of Tech. Sydney (UTS)

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC8.3

Human-Wheelchair Collaboration through Prediction of Intention and Adaptive Assistance
Carlson, TomImperial Coll. London
Demiris, YiannisImperial Coll. London

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC8.4

High Performance Control for Graceful Motion of an Intelligent Wheelchair.
Gulati, ShilpaUniv. of Texas at Austin
Kuipers, BenjaminThe Univ. of Texas at Austin


Intelligent and Flexible Systems Regular Sessions
Chair: Xi, NingMichigan State Univ.
Co-Chair: Ishikawa, MasatoshiUniv. of Tokyo

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC9.1

Automated Data Processing for a Rapid 3D Surface Inspection System
Shi, QuanMichigan State Univ.
Xi, NingMichigan State Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC9.2

Acquiring Change Models for Sensor-Based Robot Manipulation
Deiterding, JanUniv. of Bayreuth
Henrich, DominikUniv. of Bayreuth

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC9.3

Intuitive and Model-Based On-Line Programming of Industrial Robots: A Modular On-Line Programming Environment
Hein, BjörnUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Hensel, MartinUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Woern, HeinzUniv. Karlsruhe

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC9.4

Workspace Characterization of a Robotic System Using Reliability-Based Design Optimization
Newkirk, JeremyUniv. of Notre Dame
Bowling, AlanUniv. of Notre Dame
Renaud, JohnUniv. of Notre Dame

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC9.5

A New Framework for Microrobotic Control of Motile Cells Based on High-Speed Tracking and Focusing
Hasegawa, TakeshiUniv. of Tokyo
Ogawa, NaokoUniv. of Tokyo
Oku, HiromasaUniv. of Tokyo
Ishikawa, MasatoshiUniv. of Tokyo


Inspection Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Kelly, AlonzoCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Co-Chair: Stroupe, Ashley W.Jet Propulsion Lab.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC10.1

Geometric Design of the LineScout, a Teleoperated Robot for Power Line Inspection and Maintenance
Pouliot, NicolasHydro-Québec Res. Inst.
Montambault, SergeHydro-Québec Res. Inst.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC10.2

Expliner – Robot for Inspection of Transmission Lines
Debenest, PauloTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Guarnieri, MicheleTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Takita, KensukeHiBot Corp.
Fukushima, Edwardo F.Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Hirose, ShigeoTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Tamura, KiyoshiKansai Electric Power Compnay
Kimura, AkihiroKansai Electric Power Company
Kubokawa, HiroshiJ-Power Systems
Iwama, NarumiJ-Power Systems
Shiga, FuminoriJ-Power Systems

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC10.3

Development and Application of a Novel Rail Runner Mechanism for Double Hull Structures of Ships
Lee, DonghunSeoul National Univ.
Lee, SungcheulSeoul National Univ.
Ku, Namkukthe Department of the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Lim, ChaemookSeoul National Univ.
Lee, Kyu-YeulSeoul National Univ.
Kim, TaewanSeoul National Univ.
Kim, JongwonSeoul National Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC10.4

Design of a Mobile Mechanism Possessing Driving Ability and Detecting Function for In-Pipe Inspection
Li, PengShenyang Inst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. ofSciences
Ma, ShugenShenyang Inst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of
Li, BinShenyang Inst. of Automation
Wang, YuechaoShenyang Inst. of Automation

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC10.5

Design and Motion Planning of a Two-Moduled Indoor Pipeline Inspection Robot
Kwon, Young-SikHanyang Univ.
Lim, HoonHanyang Univ.
Jung, Eui-jungHanyang Univ.
Yi, Byung-JuHanayang Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC10.6

SLAM in Indoor Pipelines with 15mm Diameter
Lim, HoonHanyang Univ.
Jae Yeon, ChoiHanayang Univ.
Jung, Eui-jungHanyang Univ.
Kwon, Young-SikHanyang Univ.
Yi, Byung-JuHanayang Univ.


Range Data Processing for Detection and Classification Regular Sessions
Chair: Lee, SukhanSungkyunkwan Univ.
Co-Chair: Carpin, StefanoUniv. of California, Merced

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC11.1

Integrated Laser-Camera Sensor for the Detection and Localization of Landmarks for Robotic Applications
Amarasinghe, DilanMemorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Mann, George K. I.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Gosine, Raymond G.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC11.2

Learning Long-Range Terrain Classification for Autonomous Navigation
Bajracharya, MaxJPL
Tang, BenyangJPL
Howard, AndrewJPL
Turmon, MichaelJPL
Matthies, LarryJet Propulsion Lab.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC11.3

Registration of Colored 3D Point Clouds with a Kernel-Based Extension to the Normal Distributions Transform
Huhle, BenjaminUniv. of Tuebingen
Magnusson, MartinÖrebro Univ.
Strasser, WolfgangUniv. of Tuebingen
Lilienthal, Achim, J.Örebro Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC11.4

Obstacle Detection and Localization Method Based on 3D Model: Distance Validation with Ladar
Cappelle, CindyLAGIS
El Badaoui El Najjar, MaanLAGIS
Charpillet, FrancoisINRIA, Loria
Pomorski, DenisLAGIS

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC11.5

Incremental Object Part Detection Toward Object Classification in a Sequence of Noisy Range Images
Gachter, StefanSwiss Federal Inst. of Tech. (ETHZ)
Harati, AhadETHZ
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC11.6

A Clustering Method for Efficient Segmentation of 3D Laser Data
Klasing, KlaasTech. Univ. Muenchen
Wollherr, DirkTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. Muenchen


Robot Applications Regular Sessions
Chair: Roberts, JonathanCSIRO ICT Centre
Co-Chair: Song, DezhenTexas A&M Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper FrC12.1

Virtual Environment Teleoperation of a Hydraulic Forestry Crane
Westerberg, SimonUmeå Univ.
Manchester, IanUmeå Univ.
Mettin, UweUmeå Univ.
La Hera, PedroUmeå Univ.
Shiriaev, AntonUmea Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper FrC12.2

Piercing Based Grasping by Using Self-Tightening Effect
Sakamoto, NaokiMayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Higashimori, MitsuruOsaka Univ.
Tsuji, ToshioHiroshima Univ.
Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper FrC12.3

Concurrent Multi-Link Deployment of a Gravity-Assisted Underactuated Snake Robot for Aircraft Assembly
Roy, BinayakMIT
Asada, HarryMIT

17:00-17:20, Paper FrC12.4

Generating Robust Assembly Plans in Constrained Environments
Heger, Frederik W.Carnegie Mellon Univ. The Robotics Inst.

17:20-17:40, Paper FrC12.5

CMDragons: Dynamic Passing and Strategy on a Champion Robot Soccer Team
Bruce, James RobertCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Veloso, ManuelaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Zickler, StefanCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Licitra, MichaelCarnegie Mellon Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper FrC12.6

A Novel Real-Time Control Architecture for Internet-Based Thin-Client Robot; Simulacrum-Based Approach
Suh, Il HongHanyang Univ.
Kim, SunghoonETRI
Oh, Sang-RokMIC