2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
May 19-23, 2008, Pasadena Conference Center, Pasadena, CA, USA

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Last updated on May 26, 2008. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday May 21, 2008

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Mobile Robot Localization Regular Sessions
Chair: Newman, PaulOxford Univ.
Co-Chair: Barfoot, TimothyUniv. of Toronto

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA1.1

Orthogonal Wall Correction for Visual Motion Estimation
Stückler, JörgUniv. of Freiburg
Behnke, SvenUniv. of Freiburg

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA1.2

High Quality 3D Laser Ranging under General Vehicle Motion
Harrison, AlastairUniv. of Oxford
Newman, PaulOxford Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA1.3

Efficient Hierarchical Localization Method in an Omnidirectional Images Memory
Courbon, JonathanUniv. Blaise Pascal
Mezouar, YoucefBlaise Pascal Univ.
Eck, LaurentCEA
Martinet, PhilippeBlaise Pascal Univ.

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA1.4

An ICP Variant Using a Point-To-Line Metric
Censi, AndreaCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA1.5

Vision-Based Docking Using an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Dunbabin, Matthew DavidCSIRO ICT Centre
Lang, BrentonGriffith Univ.
Wood, BrettGriffith Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA1.6

Robust Method for Outdoor Localization of a Mobile Robot Using Received Signal Strength in Low Power Wireless Networks
Graefenstein, JuergenEberhard Karls Univ. Tuebingen
Bouzouraa, Mohamed EssayedUniv. of Karlsruhe


Vision-Based Tracking and Navigation Regular Sessions
Chair: Matthies, LarryCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Oh, Paul Y.Drexel Univ.

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA2.1

Robust and Efficient Stereo Feature Tracking for Visual Odometry
Johnson, AndrewJet Propulsion Lab. - California Inst. of Tech.
Goldberg, SteveIndelible Systems
Cheng, YangJPL
Matthies, LarryCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA2.2

Memory-Based Learning for Visual Odometry
Roberts, RichardGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Nguyen, HaiGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Krishnamurthi, NiyantGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Balch, TuckerGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA2.3

Robot Navigation Using a Sparse Distributed Memory
Mendes, MateusInst. Pol. de Coimbra
Crisóstomo, Manuel MarquesInst. Sys & Robotics - U. of Coimbra
Coimbra, A. PauloInst. of Systems and Robotics - Univ. of Coimbra

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA2.4

Target Detection and Position Likelihood Using an Aerial Image Sensor
Kim, ZuWhanUniv. of California, Berkeley
Sengupta, RajaUniv. of California, Berkeley

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA2.5

Tracking Ground Targets with Measurements Obtained from a Single Monocular Camera Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Deneault, DustinKansas State Univ.
Schinstock, DaleKansas State Univ.
Lewis, ChristopherKansas State Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA2.6

Holographic Navigation
Rikoski, RichardNaval Surface Warfare Center Panama City
Brown, DanielNaval Surface Warfare Center Panama City


Features for Visual Servoing Regular Sessions
Chair: Hashimoto, KoichiTohoku Univ.
Co-Chair: Marchand, EricINRIA

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA3.1

Visual Servoing Set Free from Image Processing
Collewet, ChristopheINRIA
Marchand, EricINRIA
Chaumette, FrancoisINRIA

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA3.2

Adaptive Visual Servoing Using Common Image Features with Unknown Geometry
Liu, YunhuiChinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Wang, HeshengThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Wang, ZhongliThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA3.3

3D Structure Identification from Image Moments
Robuffo Giordano, PaoloUniv. di Roma "La Sapienza"
De Luca, AlessandroUniv. di Roma La Sapienza
Oriolo, GiuseppeUniv. di Roma

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA3.4

Visual Tracking with Occlusion Handling for Visual Servo Control
Iwatani, YasushiTohoku Univ.
Watanabe, KeiTohoku Univ.
Hashimoto, KoichiTohoku Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA3.5

High-Speed Pose and Velocity Measurement from Vision
Dahmouche, RedwanUniv. Blaise Pascal
Ait-Aider, OmarUniv. Blaise Pascal
Andreff, NicolasUniv. Blaise Pascal
Mezouar, YoucefBlaise Pascal Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA3.6

Image Moments-Based Ultrasound Visual Servoing
Mebarki, RafikUniv. de Rennes1, IRISA, INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique
Krupa, AlexandreIRISA / INRIA Rennes
Chaumette, FrancoisINRIA


Algorithmic Methods in Distributed Robotics Invited Sessions
Chair: Martinez, SoniaUC San Diego
Co-Chair: Fierro, RafaelUniv. of New Mexico
Organizer: Martinez, SoniaUC San Diego
Organizer: Zhang, FuminGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Organizer: Fierro, RafaelUniv. of New Mexico

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA4.1

Consensus--Based Distributed Intrusion Detection for Multi--Robot Systems (I)
Fagiolini, AdrianoUniv. of Pisa
Pellinacci, MarcoUniv. of Pisa
Valenti, GianniUniv. of Pisa
Dini, GianlucaUniv. of Pisa
Bicchi, AntonioUniv. of Pisa

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA4.2

Distributed Multi-Robot Task Assignment and Formation Control
Michael, NathanUniv. of Pennsylvania
Zavlanos, Michael M.Univ. of Pennsylvania
Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Pappas, George J.Univ. of Pennsylvania

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA4.3

Automatic Deployment and Formation Control of Decentralized Multi-Agent Networks (I)
Smith, BrianGeorgia Tech.
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Howard, AyannaGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA4.4

Deployment Algorithms for a Power-Constrained Mobile Sensor Network (I)
Kwok, AndrewUniv. of California, San Diego
Martinez, SoniaUC San Diego

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA4.5

Multi-Agent Probabilistic Search in a Sequential Decision-Theoretic Framework (I)
Chung, Timothy H.Naval Postgraduate School
Burdick, JoelCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA4.6

Boundary Following by Robot Formations without GPS (I)
Zhang, FuminGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Haq, SalmanAdvanced Simulation Tech. Inc


UAV Control Regular Sessions
Chair: Zefran, MilosUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Co-Chair: Saripalli, SrikanthJet Propulsion Lab.

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA5.1

Touchdown Dynamics of for Sample Collection in Hayabusa Mission
Kubota, TakashiJAXA ISAS
Otsuki, MasatsuguInst. of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
Hashimoto, TatsuakiJAXA

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA5.2

Bounded Control of a Flapping Wing Micro Drone in Three Dimensions
Rifai, HalaGIPSA-Lab.
Marchand, NicolasGIPSA-Lab. CNRS/INRIA/U of Grenoble
Poulin, GuylaineG2E-Lab.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA5.3

Hierarchical Distributed Control for Search and Tracking by Heterogeneous Aerial Robot Networks
Elston, JackUniv. of Colorado, Boulder
Frew, Eric W.Univ. of Colorado

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA5.4

Optimal Control of Robotic Systems with Logical Constraints: Application to UAV Path Planning
Wei, ShangmingUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Zefran, MilosUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
DeCarlo, Raymond A.Purdue Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA5.5

Landing a UAV on a Runway Using Image Registration
Miller, AndrewUniv. of Central Florida
Shah, MubarakUniv. of Central Florida
Harper, DonUniv. of Central Florida

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA5.6

Robotic Airship Trajectory Tracking Control Using a Backstepping Methodology
Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Repoulias, FiloktimonNational Tech. Univ. of Athens


Transparency for Teleoperation Regular Sessions
Chair: Hannaford, BlakeUniv. of Washington
Co-Chair: Tzafestas, Costas S.National Tech. Univ. of Athens (NTUA)

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA6.1

Improving Force Feedback Fidelity in Wave-Variable-Based Teleoperation
Ye, YongqiangCarleton Univ.
Liu, Peter X.Carleton Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA6.2

Transparency in Time for Teleoperation Systems
Slawiñski, EmanuelUniv. Nacional de San Juan
Mut, VicenteUniv. Nacional de San Juan

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA6.3

Experimental Comparison of Internet Haptic Collaboration with Time-Delay Compensation Techniques
Sankaranarayanan, GaneshRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Hannaford, BlakeUniv. of Washington

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA6.4

Adaptive Impedance Control in Haptic Teleoperation to Improve Transparency under Time-Delay
Tzafestas, Costas S.National Tech. Univ. of Athens (NTUA)
Velanas, SpyrosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Fakiridis, GeorgeNational Tech. Univ. of Athens

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA6.5

Identification of Cutaneous Detection Thresholds against Time-Delay Stimuli for Tactile Displays
Okamoto, ShogoTohoku Univ.
Konyo, MasashiTohoku Univ.
Saga, SatoshiTohoku Univ.
Tadokoro, SatoshiTohoku Univ.


Biological Principles in Robotics Regular Sessions
Chair: Quinn, Roger, D.Case Western Res. Univ.
Co-Chair: Regli, WilliamDrexel Univ.

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA7.1

Optimal Jumps for Biarticular Legged Robots
Lim, BokmanSeoul National Univ.
Babic, JanJozef Stefan Inst.
Park, FrankSeoul National Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA7.2

An Asymmetric Robotic Catapult Based on the Closed Elastica for Jumping Robot
Yamada, AtsushiNagoya Inst. of Tech.
Watari, MasamitsuNagoya Inst. of Tech.
Mochiyama, HiromiUniv. of Tsukuba
Fujimoto, HideoNagoya Inst. of Tech.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA7.3

Locomotion Strategy for a Peristaltic Crawling Robot in a 2-Dimensional Space
Nakamura, TaroChuo Univ.
Tomohide, IwanagaCANON

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA7.4

Performance of Different Foot Designs for a Water Running Robot
Floyd, StevenCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Adilak, SerhatSabanci Univ.
Ramirez, StevenCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Rogman, RaphaelCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Sitti, MetinCarnegie Mellon Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA7.5

BILL-LEGS: Low Computation Emergent Gait System for Small Mobile Robots
Lewinger, WilliamCase Western Res. Univ.
Quinn, Roger, D.Case Western Res. Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA7.6

Toward a Multi-Disciplinary Model for Bio-Robotic Systems
Primerano, RichDrexel Univ.
Wilkie, DavidDrexel Univ.
Regli, WilliamDrexel Univ.


Grasping in Unstructured Environments Regular Sessions
Chair: Brock, OliverUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
Co-Chair: Matsuoka, YokyUniv. of Washington

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA8.1

Adaptive Grasping by Multi Fingered Hand with Tactile Sensor Based on Robust Force and Position Control
Takahashi, TaroSony Corp.
Tsuboi, ToshimitsuSony Corp.
Kishida, TakeoSony Corp.
Kawanami, YasunoriSony Corp.
Shimizu, SatoruSony Corp.
Iribe, MasatsuguOsaka Electro-Communication Univ.
Fukushima, TetsuharuSony Corp.
Fujita, MasahiroSony Corp.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA8.2

Manipulating Articulated Objects with Interactive Perception
Katz, DovUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
Brock, OliverUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA8.3

Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of the Intrinsically Passive Controller (IPC) for Multifingered Hands
Wimboeck, ThomasGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Ott, ChristianUniv. of Tokyo
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA8.4

Opening a Door with a Humanoid Robot Using Multi-Sensory Tactile Feedback
Schmid, AndreasUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Gorges, NicolasUniv. Karlsruhe
Goeger, DirkUniv. Karlsruhe
Woern, HeinzUniv. Karlsruhe

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA8.5

Automated Modeling and Robotic Grasping of Unknown Three-Dimensional Objects
Bone, GaryMcMaster Univ.
Lambert, AndrewMcMaster Univ.
Edwards, MarkMcMaster Univ.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA8.6

Shape Recognition and Grasping by Robotic Hands with Soft Fingers and Omnidirectional Camera
Yoshikawa, TsuneoRitsumeikan Univ.
Koeda, MasanaoRitsumeikan Univ.
Fujimoto, HiroshiRitsumeikan Univ.


Exotic Sensors Regular Sessions
Chair: Michaud, FrancoisUniv. de Sherbrooke
Co-Chair: Buss, MartinTech. Univ. Muenchen

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA9.1

Fabrication of Functional Gel-Microbead for Local Environment Measurement in Microchip
Maruyama, HisatakaNagoya Univ.
Arai, FumihitoTohoku Univ.
Fukuda, ToshioNagoya Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA9.2

A Low-Cost Motion Tracker and Its Error Analysis
Dong, WeiNanyang Tech. Univ.
Lim, Kwang YongNanyang Tech. Univ.
Goh, Young KoonNanyang Tech. Univ.
Nguyen, Kim DoangNanyang Tech. Univ.
Chen, I-MingNanyang Tech. Univ.
Yeo, Song HuatNanyang Tech. Univ.
Duh, Been-LirnNanyang Tech. Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA9.3

Concept of a Liquid Rate Gyroscope Using an Electro-Conjugate Fluid
Yokota, ShinichiTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Suzuki, MamoruTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Takemura, KenjiroTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Edamura, KazuyaNew Tech. Management Co.,Ltd.
Kumagai, HideoTamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd.
Imamura, TsunehikoTamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd.

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA9.4

Ultrasonic Relative Positioning for Multi-Robot Systems
Rivard, FrédéricUniv. de Sherbrooke
Bisson, JonathanUniv. de Sherbrooke
Létourneau, DominicUniv. de Sherbrooke
Michaud, FrancoisUniv. de Sherbrooke

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA9.5

Lateral Optical Sensor with Slip Detection of Natural Objects on Moving Conveyor
Lee, Kok-MengGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Foong, ShaohuiGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA9.6

An FPGA Implementation of Insect-Inspired Motion Detector for High-Speed Vision Systems
Zhang, TianguangTech. Univ. Muenchen
Wu, HaiyanTech. Univ. Muenchen
Borst, AlexanderMax-Planck-Inst. of Neurobiology
Kuehnlenz, KoljaTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. Muenchen


Dynamic Walking Regular Sessions
Chair: Bowling, AlanUniv. of Notre Dame
Co-Chair: Lefeber, DirkVrije Univ. Brussel

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA10.1

On the Embodiment That Enables Passive Dynamic Bipedal Running
Owaki, DaiTohoku Univ.
Osuka, KoichiKobe Univ.
Ishiguro, AkioTohoku Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA10.2

Stability of a Trotting Quadruped Robot with Passive, Underactuated Legs
Meek, SanfordUniv. of Utah
Kim, JongwonUniv. of Utah
Anderson, MichaelUniv. of Utah

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA10.3

Evolution of a Jump in an Articulated Leg with Series-Elastic Actuation
Curran, SimonThe Ohio State Univ.
Orin, DavidThe Ohio State Univ.

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA10.4

Trajectory Generation for Dynamic Bipedal Walking through Qualitative Model Based Manifold Learning
Ramamoorthy, SubramanianThe Univ. of Edinburgh
Kuipers, BenjaminThe Univ. of Texas at Austin

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA10.5

Enlarging Regions of Stable Running with Segmented Legs
Rummel, JuergenUniv. of Jena
Iida, FumiyaMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Smith, JamesUniv. of Jena
Seyfarth, AndreUniv. of Jena

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA10.6

A Miniature 7g Jumping Robot
Kovac, MirkoEPFL
Fuchs, MartinEc. Pol. Federale de Lausanne
Guignard, AndreEc. Pol. Federal, Lausanne (EPFL)
Zufferey, Jean-ChristopheEPFL
Floreano, DarioEc. Pol. Federal, Lausanne


Automation Regular Sessions
Chair: Goldberg, KenUC Berkeley
Co-Chair: Balkcom, DevinDartmouth Coll.

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA11.1

Knot Tying with Single Piece Fixtures
Bell, MatthewDartmouth Coll.
Balkcom, DevinDartmouth Coll.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA11.2

On the Design of Traps for Feeding 3D Parts on Vibratory Tracks
Goemans, OnnoUtrecht Univ.
van der Stappen, FrankUtrecht Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA11.3

Distributed Implementations of Global Temporal Logic Motion Specifications
Kloetzer, MariusBoston Univ.
Belta, CalinBoston Univ.

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA11.4

Dexterous Hyper Plate Inspired by Pizza Manipulation
Higashimori, MitsuruOsaka Univ.
Utsumi, KeisukeHiroshima Univ.
Kaneko, MakotoOsaka Univ.

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA11.5

A Microrobotic Adherent Cell Injection System for Investigating Intracellular Behavior of Quantum Dots
Wang, WenhuiUniv. of Canterbury
Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
Zhang, MingToronto General Res. Inst.
Anderson, RobinUniv. of Toronto
Langille, LowellToronto General Res. Inst.
Chan, WarrenUniv. of Toronto


Micro/Nano Robotic Applications Regular Sessions
Chair: Correll, NikolausMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Bergbreiter, SarahUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park

08:40-09:00, Paper WeA12.1

Fabrication of Biodegradable Scaffolds by Use of Self-Assembled Magnetic Sugar Particles As a Casting Template
Uchida, TomoyukiNagoya Univ.
Oura, HiroyukiNagoya Univ.
Ikeda, SeiichiNagoya Univ.
Arai, FumihitoTohoku Univ.
Negoro, MakotoFujita Health Univ.
Fukuda, ToshioNagoya Univ.

09:00-09:20, Paper WeA12.2

An Untethered Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robot Capable of Motion on Arbitrary Surfaces
Floyd, StevenCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Pawashe, ChytraCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Sitti, MetinCarnegie Mellon Univ.

09:20-09:40, Paper WeA12.3

Event-Based Two Degree-Of-Freedom Control for Micro-/Nanoscale Systems Based on Differential Flatness
Yang, RuotingWashington Univ. in St. Louis
Tarn, T. J.Washington Univ.
Zhang, MingjunAgilent

09:40-10:00, Paper WeA12.4

Detection and Real-Time Correction of Faulty Visual Feedback in Atomic Force Microscopy Based Nanorobotic Manipulation
Liu, LianqingShenyang Inst. of Automation
Xi, NingMichigan State Univ.
Wang, YuechaoShenyang Inst. of Automation
Luo, YilunMichigan State Univ.
Zhang, JiangboMichigan State Univ.
Li, GuangyongUniv. of Pittsburgh

10:00-10:20, Paper WeA12.5

CameraMan: A Multirobot System for Nanohandling in a Scanning Electron Microscope
Fatikow, SergejUniv. of Oldenburg
Jasper, DanielUniv. of Oldenburg
Edeler, ChristophUniv. of Oldenburg
Dahmen, ChristianUniv. of Oldenburg

10:20-10:40, Paper WeA12.6

Design and Computational Analysis of a Linear Nanotube Servomotor Using DNA Actuation
Hamdi, MustaphaENSI Bourges - Univ. d'Orléans
Ferreira, AntoineUniv. of Orléans


Plenary Session I Plenary Sessions
Chair: Schaal, StefanUniv. of Southern California
Co-Chair: Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California

11:00-12:00, Paper WePP.1

Probabilistic Inference in Machine Vision Systems
Blake, AndrewMicrosoft Res. Cambridge


Localization Regular Sessions
Chair: Takashi, TsubouchiSys. and Info. Eng., U of Tsukuba
Co-Chair: Roumeliotis, StergiosUniv. of Minnesota

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB1.1

Vehicle Localization in Outdoor Woodland Environments with Sensor Fault Detection
Morales Saiki, Luis YoichiU of Tsukuba, Intelligent Robot Lab.
Takeuchi, EijiroUniv. of Tsukuba
Takashi, TsubouchiSys. and Info. Eng., U of Tsukuba

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB1.2

Scan-To-Map Matching Using the Hausdorff Distance for Robust Mobile Robot Localization
Torres-Torriti, MiguelPontificia Univ. Catolica de Chile
Guesalaga, AndresPontificia Univ. Catolica de Chile

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB1.3

An Optimal Filtering Algorithm for Non-Parametric Observation Models in Robot Localization
Blanco, Jose-LuisUniv. of Malaga
Gonzalez, JavierUniv. of Malaga
Fernandez-Madrigal, Juan-AntonioUniv. of Malaga

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB1.4

Gaussian Mixture Models for Probabilistic Localization
Pfaff, PatrickUniv. of Freiburg
Plagemann, ChristianUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB1.5

Analysis and Improvement of the Consistency of Extended Kalman Filter Based SLAM
Huang, GuoquanUniv. of Minnesota
Mourikis, AnastasiosUniv. of Minnesota
Roumeliotis, StergiosUniv. of Minnesota

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB1.6

On the Solvability of the Localization Problem in Robot Networks
Dieudonné, YoannUniv. de Picardie Jules Verne
Labbani-Igbida, OuiddadUniv. de Picardie Jules Verne
Petit, FranckUniv. de Picardie Jules Verne


Vision-Based Estimation and Control Regular Sessions
Chair: Sagawa, RyusukeOsaka Univ.
Co-Chair: Chaumette, FrancoisINRIA

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB2.1

Vision-Based Estimation of Slip Angle for Mobile Robots and Planetary Rovers
Reina, GiulioUniv. of Salento
Ishigami, GenyaTohoku Univ.
Nagatani, KeijiTohoku Univ.
Yoshida, KazuyaTohoku Univ.

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB2.2

Robust and Real-Time Egomotion Estimation Using a Compound Omnidirectional Sensor
Ngo, Thanh TrungISIR, Osaka Univ.
Nagahara, Hajime Graduate School of Engineering Science , Osaka Univ.
Sagawa, RyusukeOsaka Univ.
Mukaigawa, YasuhiroOsaka Univ.
Yachida, Masahiko Graduate School of Engineering Science , Osaka Univ.
Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB2.3

Hybrid Image-Plane/Stereo (HIPS) for Orientation Control of Manipulators
Nickels, KevinTrinity Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB2.4

Vision-Based Range Estimation Via Immersion and Invariance for Robot Formation Control
Morbidi, FabioUniv. of Siena
Mariottini, Gian LucaUniv. of Siena
Prattichizzo, DomenicoUniv. of Siena

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB2.5

Visual Predictive Control for Manipulators with Catadioptric Camera
Allibert, GuillaumeLab. of Vision and Robotic
Courtial, EstelleLab. of Vision and Robotic
Touré, YoussoufiUniv. d'Orléans

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB2.6

Robot and Obstacles Localization and Tracking with an External Camera Ring
Pizarro, DanielUniv. of Alcala
Marron, MartaUniv. of Alcala (UAH)
Peón, DanielUniv. of Alcala (UAH)
Mazo Quintas, ManuelUniv. of Alcala (UAH)
Garcia Garcia, Juan CarlosUniv. of Alcala (UAH)
Sotelo Vázquez, Miguel ÁngelUniv. of Alcalá
Santiso Gómez, EnriqueUniv. of Alcala (UAH)


Vision-Based Localization Regular Sessions
Chair: Behnke, SvenUniv. of Freiburg
Co-Chair: MacDonald, BruceUniv. of Auckland

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB3.1

SVM-Based Discriminative Accumulation Scheme for Place Recognition
Pronobis, AndrzejRoyal Inst. of Tech.
Martinez Mozos, OscarUniv. of Freiburg
Caputo, BarbaraIDIAP Res. Inst.

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB3.2

Towards Robust Place Recognition for Robot Localization
Ullah, Muhammad MuneebIDIAP Res. Inst. Martigny, Switzerland.
Pronobis, AndrzejRoyal Inst. of Tech.
Caputo, BarbaraIDIAP Res. Inst.
Luo, JieIDIAP Res. Inst. / EPFL
Jensfelt, PatricRoyal Inst. of Tech.
Christensen, Henrik IskovGeorgia Inst. of Tech.

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB3.3

Mobile Robot Localization Using Panoramic Vision and Combinations of Feature Region Detectors
Ramisa, ArnauArtificial Intelligence Res. Inst. (IIIA-CSIC)
Tapus, AdrianaUniv. of Southern California
Lopez de Mantaras, RamonSpanish National Res. Council
Toledo Morales, RicardoUniv. Autónoma de Barcelona

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB3.4

Visual Localisation in Outdoor Industrial Building Environments
Nuske, StephenCSIRO
Roberts, JonathanCSIRO ICT Centre
Wyeth, Gordon FraserUniv. of Queensland

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB3.5

Localization in Urban Environments by Matching Ground Level Video Images with an Aerial Image
Leung, Keith Yu KitUniv. of Toronto Inst. of Aerospace Studies
Clark, C. M.California Pol. State Univ.
Huissoon, JanUniv. of Waterloo

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB3.6

Object-Based Place Recognition and Loop Closing with Jigsaw Puzzle Image Segmentation Algorithm
Cheng, ChangThe Univ. of Tennessee
Page, DavidThe Univ. of Tennessee
Abidi, MongiUniv. of Tennessee, Knoxville


Mobile Sensor Networks Regular Sessions
Chair: Singh, SanjivCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Co-Chair: Ollero, AnibalUniv. of Seville

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB4.1

Formation Control Over Delayed Communication Networks
Secchi, CristianUniv. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Fantuzzi, CesareUniv. di Modena e Reggio Emilia

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB4.2

Relocation of Hopping Sensors
Cen, ZhiweiGoogle Inc.
Mutka, MattMichigan State Uinversity

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB4.3

Employing Wave Variables for Coordinated Control of Robots with Distributed Control Architecture
Ott, ChristianUniv. of Tokyo
Nakamura, YoshihikoUniv. of Tokyo

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB4.4

Decentralized Mapping of Robot-Aided Sensor Networks
Djugash, JosephCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Singh, SanjivCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Grocholsky, BenCarnegie Mellon Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB4.5

Commanding Mobile Robots Via Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks - a Comparison of Four Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol Implementations
Zeiger, FlorianUniv. of Wuerzburg
Kraemer, NikolausUniv. of Würzburg
Schilling, KlausUniv. of Würzburg

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB4.6

A Particle Filtering Method for Wireless Sensor Network Localization with an Aerial Robot Beacon
Caballero, FernandoUniv. of Seville
Merino, LuisPablo de Olavide Univ.
Maza, IvanUniv. of Seville
Ollero, AnibalUniv. of Seville


Space and Underwater Robotics Regular Sessions
Chair: Estlin, TaraNASA Jet Propulsion Lab.
Co-Chair: Kaiser, WilliamUCLA

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB5.1

Rotary Hammer Ultrasonic/sonic Drill System
Badescu, MirceaCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Stroescu, SergiuHoneybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corp.
Sherrit, StewartCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Aldrich, JackCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Bao, XiaoqiCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Bar-Cohen, YosephJet Propulsion Lab. (JPL)
Chang, ZensheuCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Hernandez, WilsonHoneybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corp.
Ibrahim, AlaaHoneybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corp.

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB5.2

Experimental Validation of a Fuel-Efficient Robotic Maneuver Control Algorithm for Very Large Flexible Space Structures
Ono, MasahiroMIT
Boning, PeggyMIT
Nohara, TatsuroMIT
Dubowsky, StevenMIT

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB5.3

Spatial Coverage Planning for a Planetary Rover
Gaines, DanielJet Propulsion Lab.
Estlin, TaraNASA Jet Propulsion Lab.
Chouinard, CarolineJet Propulsion Lab.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB5.4

NIMS-AQ: A Novel System for Autonomous Sensing of Aquatic Environments
Stealey, Michael J.UCLA
Singh, AmarjeetUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Batalin, MaximCENS, UCLA
Kaiser, WilliamUCLA
Jordan, BrettUCLA, CENS

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB5.5

Towards Spatial and Semantic Mapping in Aquatic Environments
Chen, VictorUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Batalin, MaximCENS, UCLA
Kaiser, WilliamUCLA
Sukhatme, GauravUniv. of Southern California

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB5.6

Stability of Double-Integrator Plants Controlled Using Real-Time SLAM Maps
Hover, FranzMIT


Teleoperation Regular Sessions
Chair: Yokokohji, YasuyoshiKyoto Univ.
Co-Chair: Melchiorri, ClaudioUniv. of Bologna

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB6.1

Transparent Bilateral Control for Time-Delayed Teleoperation by State Convergence
Aracil, RafaelUniv. Pol. de Madrid
Perez, CarlosUniv. Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Garcia, NicolasUniv. Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Sabater Navarro, Jose M.Univ. Miguel Hernandez de Elche

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB6.2

Bilateral Telemanipulation of a Flexible Catheter in a Constrained Environment
Jayender, JagadeesanThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Azizian, MahdiUniv. of Western Ontario
Patel, RajniThe Univ. of Western Ontario

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB6.3

Robust Variable-Scale Bilateral Control for Micro Teleoperation
Vander Poorten, Emmanuel BenjaminKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Kanno, TakahiroKyoto Univ.
Yokokohji, YasuyoshiKyoto Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB6.4

A New Robust Stability Analysis and Design Tool for Bilateral Teleoperation Control Systems
Haddadi, AmirQueen's Univ.
Hashtrudi-Zaad, KeyvanQueen's Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB6.5

Bilateral Energy Transfer in Delayed Teleoperation on the Time Domain
Artigas, JordiDLR - German Aerospace Center
Borghesan, GianniUniv. of Bologna
Preusche, CarstenDLR
Melchiorri, ClaudioUniv. of Bologna
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB6.6

Stability of Bilateral Teleoperators with Projection-Based Force Reflection Algorithms
Polushin, Ilia G.Carleton Univ.
Liu, Peter X.Carleton Univ.
Lung, Chung-HorngCarleton Univ.


Biologically Inspired Robotic Fish Regular Sessions
Chair: Sitti, MetinCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Co-Chair: Zhang, WeizhongUniv. of Louisville

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB7.1

Maneuverability of a Robotic Tuna with Compliant Body
Mazumdar, AnirbanMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Valdivia y Alvarado, PabloMIT
Youcef-Toumi, KamalMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB7.2

Modeling of Biomimetic Robotic Fish Propelled by an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuator
Mbemmo, ErnestMichigan State Univ.
Chen, ZhengMichigan State Univ.
Shatara, StephanMichigan State Univ.
Tan, XiaoboMichigan State Univ.

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB7.3

Kinematic Modeling of a Bio-Inspired Robotic Fish
Zhou, ChaoInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Tan, MinInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Cao, ZhiqiangInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, ShuoInst. of Automation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Creighton, DougDeakin Univ.
Gu, NongDeakin Univ.
Nahavandi, SaeidDeakin Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB7.4

A Biorobotic Flapping Fin for Propulsion and Maneuvering
Tangorra, JamesDrexel Univ.
Lauder, GeorgeHarvard Univ.
Madden, PeterHarvard Univ.
Mittal, RajatGWU
Bozkurttas, MelihaGWU
Hunter, IanMIT

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB7.5

Design, Fabrication and Analysis of a Body-Caudal Fin Propulsion System for a Microrobotic Fish
Cho, Kyu-JinHarvard Univ.
Hawkes, Elliot WrightSchool of Engineering and Applied Scinces, Harvard Univ.
Quinn, ChrisHarvard
Wood, RobertHarvard Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB7.6

Experimental Investigation on Underwater Acoustic Ranging for Small Robotic Fish
Shatara, StephanMichigan State Univ.
Tan, XiaoboMichigan State Univ.
Mbemmo, ErnestMichigan State Univ.
Gingery, NathanMichigan State Univ.
Henneberger, StephanMichigan State Univ.


Assistive Hands Regular Sessions
Chair: Hasegawa, YasuhisaUniv. of Tsukuba
Co-Chair: Castellini, ClaudioUniv. of Genova

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB8.1

Five-Fingered Assistive Hand with Mechanical Compliance of Human Finger
Hasegawa, YasuhisaUniv. of Tsukuba
Mikami, YasuyukiUniv. of Tsukuba
Watanabe, KosukeUniv. of Tsukuba
Sankai, YoshiyukiUniv. of Tsukuba

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB8.2

Surface EMG for Force Control of Mechanical Hands
Castellini, ClaudioUniv. of Genova
van der Smagt, PatrickDLR
Sandini, GiulioItalian Inst. of Tech.
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB8.3

EMG-Based Control of an Exoskeleton Robot for Human Forearm and Wrist Motion Assist
Gopura, Ranathunga Arachchilage Ruwan ChandraSaga Univ.
Kiguchi, KazuoSaga Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB8.4

Biological Stiffness Control Strategies for the Anatomically Correct Testbed (ACT) Hand
Balasubramanian, RaviUniv. of Washington
Matsuoka, YokyUniv. of Washington

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB8.5

Design and Control of a Multifunction Myoelectric Hand with New Adaptive Grasping and Self-Locking Mechanisms
Chu, Jun-UkKyungpook National Univ.
Jung, Dong-HyunKyungpook National Univ.
Lee, Yun-JungKyungpook National Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB8.6

An Anthropomorphic Underactuated Robotic Hand with 15 Dofs and a Single Actuator
Gosselin, ClementUniv. Laval
Pelletier, FredericUniv. Laval
Laliberte, ThierryUniv. Laval


Novel Actuators Regular Sessions
Chair: Grant, EdwardNorth Carolina State Univ.
Co-Chair: Schenker, PaulJet Propulsion Lab.

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB9.1

Transportation of Hard Disk Media Using Electrostatic Levitation and Tilt Control
van West, Ewoud FrankThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yamamoto, AkioUniv. of Tokyo
Higuchi, ToshiroThe Univ. of Tokyo

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB9.2

Dynamic Analysis of a High-Bandwidth, Large-Strain, PZT Cellular Muscle Actuator with Layered Strain Amplification
Secord, ThomasMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Ueda, JunNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Asada, HarryMIT

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB9.3

Modeling and Fault Analysis of BLDC Motor Based Servo Actuators for Manipulators
Kim, SewoongAgency for Defense Development

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB9.4

Synergistic Design of a Humanoid Hand with Hybrid DC Motor – SMA Array Actuators Embedded in the Palm
Rosmarin, JosiahMIT
Asada, HarryMIT

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB9.5

A Review of Actuation and Power Electronics Options for Flapping-Wing Robotic Insects
Karpelson, MichaelHarvard Univ.
Wood, RobertHarvard Univ.
Wei, Gu-YeonHarvard Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB9.6

Adaptive Rate-Dependent Feedforward Controller for Hysteretic Piezoelectric Actuator
Tan, U-XuanNanyang Tech. Univ.
Widjaja, FerdinanNanyang Tech. Univ. Singapore
Tun Latt, WinNanyang Tech. Univ.
Veluvolu, Kalyana ChakravarthyNanyang Tech. Univ.
Shee, Cheng YapNanyang Tech. Univ. Singapore
Riviere, CameronCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Ang, Wei TechNanyang Tech. Univ.


Quadrapedal Locomotion Regular Sessions
Chair: Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Co-Chair: Minor, MarkUniv. of Utah

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB10.1

The Influence of DC Electric Drives on Sizing Quadruped Robots
Chatzakos, PanagiotisNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB10.2

Loper: A Quadruped-Hybrid Stair Climbing Robot
Herbert, SamUMN
Drenner, AndrewUMN
Papanikolopoulos, NikosUniv. of Minnesota

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB10.3

Use of a Novel Multipart Controller for the Parametric Study of a Trotting Quadruped Robot
Cherouvim, NicholasNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB10.4

A Control Architecture for Quadruped Locomotion Over Rough Terrain
Kolter, J. ZicoStanford Univ.
Rodgers, Mike P.Stanford Univ.
Ng, AndrewStanford Univ.

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB10.5

Pattern Generators with Sensory Feedback for the Control of Quadruped Locomotion
Righetti, LudovicEPFL
Ijspeert, AukeEPFL

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB10.6

Speed and Height Control for a Special Class of Running Quadruped Robots
Cherouvim, NicholasNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Papadopoulos, EvangelosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens


Calibration, Accuracy, Identification Regular Sessions
Chair: Bruyninckx, HermanKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Co-Chair: Gupta, KamalSimon Fraser Univ.

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB11.1

Observability Index Selection for Robot Calibration
Sun, YuUniv. of Utah
Hollerbach, JohnUniv. of Utah

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB11.2

A New Method for the Estimation of Position Accuracy in Parallel Manipulators with Joint Clearances by Screw Theory
Frisoli, AntonioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Solazzi, MassimilianoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Bergamasco, MassimoScuola Superiore S.Anna

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB11.3

Rolling Mechanical Imaging: A Novel Approach for Soft Tissue Modelling and Identification During Minimally Invasive Surgery
Liu, HongbinKing's Coll. London
Noonan, DavidImperial Coll. London
Althoefer, KasparKings Coll. London
Seneviratne, LakmalKings Coll. London

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB11.4

On-Line Identification of Contact Dynamics in the Presence of Geometric Uncertainties
Verscheure, DiederikKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Swevers, JanKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Bruyninckx, HermanKatholieke Univ. Leuven
De Schutter, JorisKatholieke Univ. Leuven

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB11.5

Hierarchical LS Parameter Estimation for Multi-Input, Multi-Output Systems
Yuan, PingJiangnan Univ.
Ding, FengUniv.
Liu, Peter X.Carleton Univ.

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB11.6

Wavelet Networks for Estimation of Coupled Friction in Robotic Manipulators
Naerum, EdvardUniv. of Oslo
Cornella, JordiRikshospitalet Medical Centre
Elle, Ole JakobRikshospitalet Univ. Hospital


Micro/Nano Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Fearing, RonUniv. of California at Berkeley
Co-Chair: Guo, YiStevens Inst. of Tech.

13:40-14:00, Paper WeB12.1

Injection and Cutting Methods of Animal Cells Using a Microfluidic Chip
Ichikawa, AkihikoNational Inst. of AIST
Takahashi, SeiyaNILGS
Matsukawa, KazutsuguNILGS
Tanikawa, TamioNational Inst. of AIST
Ohba, KohtaroNational Inst. of AIST

14:00-14:20, Paper WeB12.2

Modeling Assembled-MEMS Microrobots for Wireless Magnetic Control
Nagy, ZoltanETH Zurich
Ergeneman, OlgaçETH Zurich
Abbott, JakeETH Zurich
Marco, HutterETH Zurich
Hirt, Ann M.ETH-Zurich
Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich

14:20-14:40, Paper WeB12.3

Biohybrid Microsystems Actuated by Cardiomyocytes: Microcantilever, Microrobot, and Micropump
Park, SukhoChonnam National Univ.
Kim, JinseokKIST
Park, JungyulSogang Univ.
Lee, JunghoonSeoul National Univ.
Yoon, EuisungKorea Inst. of Science and Tech.
Park, JongohChonnam National Univ.

14:40-15:00, Paper WeB12.4

Fast Scale Prototyping for Folded Millirobots
Hoover, AaronUniv. of California, Berkeley
Fearing, RonUniv. of California at Berkeley

15:00-15:20, Paper WeB12.5

Multi-Axial Micromanipulation Organized by Versatile Micro Robots and Micro Tweezers
Fuchiwaki, OhmiUniv. of Electro-Communications
Ito, AkiraOki Data Corp.
Misaki, DaigoShizuoka Inst. of Science and Tech.
Aoyama, HisayukiUniv. of Electro-Communications

15:20-15:40, Paper WeB12.6

On-Chip Cell Manipulation by Magnetically Modified Soft Microactuators
Yamanishi, YokoTohoku Univ.
Sakuma, ShinyaTohoku Univ.
Arai, FumihitoTohoku Univ.


Position Estimation and Navigation Regular Sessions
Chair: Berns, KarstenUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Co-Chair: Sibley, GabeUniv. of Oxford

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC1.1

GPS-Based Indoor Positioning System for Mobile Robot Navitation with Multi-Channel Pseudolite
Niwa, HaruhikoWaseda Univ.
Kodaka, KenriWABOT-HOUSE Lab. Waseda Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC1.2

Mobile Robot Control in the Road Sign Problem Using Reservoir Computing Networks
Antonelo, Eric AislanGhent Univ.
Schrauwen, BenjaminGhent Univ.
Stroobandt, DirkGhent Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC1.3

Visual State Estimation Using Self-Tuning Kalman Filter and Echo State Network
Tsai, ChiYiNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Dutoit, XavierK.U.Leuven
Song, Kai-TaiNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Van Brussel, HendrikKatholieke Univ. Leuven
Nuttin, MarnixK.U.Leuven

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC1.4

3D Obstacle Detection in Vegetated Off-Road Terrain
Schäfer, Bernd-HelgeUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Hach, AndreasUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Proetzsch, Martin JohannesUniv. of Kaiserslautern
Berns, KarstenUniv. of Kaiserslautern

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC1.5

Monocular Range Sensing: A Non-Parametric Learning Approach
Plagemann, ChristianUniv. of Freiburg
Endres, FelixUniv. of Freiburg
Hess, Juergen MichaelUniv. of Freiburg
Stachniss, CyrillUniv. of Freiburg
Burgard, WolframUniv. of Freiburg


Visual Attention Regular Sessions
Chair: Bajracharya, MaxJPL
Co-Chair: Mezouar, YoucefBlaise Pascal Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC2.1

Informed Visual Search: Combining Attention and Object Recognition
Forssen, Per-ErikLinkoping Univ.
Meger, David PaulUniv. of British Columbia
Lai, KevinUniv. of British Columbia
Helmer, ScottUniv. of British Columbia
Little, James J.UBC
Lowe, DavidUBC

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC2.2

An Object-Based Visual Attention Model for Robots
Yu, YuanlongMemorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Mann, George K. I.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Gosine, Raymond G.Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC2.3

Object Separation Using Active Methods and Multi-View Representations
Welke, KaiUniv. of Karlsruhe
Asfour, TamimUniv. of Karlsruhe (TH)
Dillmann, RüdigerUniv. of Karlsruhe

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC2.4

Optimal Camera Placement with Adaptation to Dynamic Scenes
Fiore, LorenUMN
Somasundaram, GuruprasadUMN
Drenner, AndrewUMN
Papanikolopoulos, NikosUniv. of Minnesota

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC2.5

Multimodal Saliency-Based Bottom-Up Attention, a Framework for the Humanoid Robot Icub
Ruesch, JonasUniv. of Zurich
Lopes, ManuelInst. Superior Técnico
Bernardino, AlexandreInst. Superior Tecnico
Hörnstein, JonasInst. Superior Tecnico
Santos-Victor, JoséInst. Superior Técnico
Pfeifer, RolfUniv. of Zurich

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC2.6

Information-Optimal Selective Data Return for Autonomous Rover Traverse Science and Survey
Thompson, DavidCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Smith, TreyCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Wettergreen, DavidCarnegie Mellon Univ.


Visual Object Detection and Recognition Regular Sessions
Chair: Yagi, YasushiOsaka Univ.
Co-Chair: Huebner, KaiRoyal Inst. of Tech. (KTH), Stockholm

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC3.1

Three Dimensional Measurement of Objects in Liquid and Estimation of Refractive Index of Liquid by Using Images of Water Surface with a Stereo Vision System
Yamashita, AtsushiShizuoka Univ.
Fujii, AkiraShizuoka Univ.
Kaneko, ToruShizuoka Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC3.2

Fast 3D Reconstruction of Human Shape and Motion Tracking by Parallel Fast Level Set Method
Iwashita, YumiKyushu Univ.
Kurazume, RyoKyushu Univ.
Hara, KenjiKyushu Univ.
Uchida, SeiichiKyushu Univ.
Morooka, Ken'ichiKyushu Univ.
Hasegawa, TsutomuKyushu Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC3.3

Learning of Moving Cast Shadows for Dynamic Environments
Joshi, AjayUniv. of Minnesota
Papanikolopoulos, NikosUniv. of Minnesota

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC3.4

Pose Detection of 3-D Objects Using S^2-Correlated Images and Discrete Spherical Harmonic Transforms
Hoover, RandyColorado State Univ.
Maciejewski, Anthony A.Colorado State Univ.
Roberts, RodneyFlorida State Univ.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC3.5

Towards Detection of Orthogonal Planes in Monocular Images of Indoor Environments
Micusik, BranislavGeorge Mason Univ.
Wildenauer, HorstVienna Univ. of Tech.
Vincze, MarkusTech. Univ. Wien

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC3.6

Active Exploration and Keypoint Clustering for Object Recognition
Kootstra, GertUniv. of Groningen
Ypma, JelmerUniv. of Groningen
de Boer, BartUniv. of Groningen


Sensor Networks and Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Kumar, VijayUniv. of Pennsylvania
Co-Chair: Corke, PeterCSIRO

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC4.1

An Approximation Algorithm for the Least Overlapping P-Frame Problem with Non-Partial Coverage for Networked Robotic Cameras
Xu, YiliangTexas A&M Univ.
Song, DezhenTexas A&M Univ.
Yi, JingangSan Diego State Univ.
van der Stappen, FrankUtrecht Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC4.2

A Wearable, Self-Calibrating, Wireless Sensor Network for Body Motion Processing
Lim, Kwang YongNanyang Tech. Univ.
Goh, Young KoonNanyang Tech. Univ.
Dong, WeiNanyang Tech. Univ.
Nguyen, Kim DoangNanyang Tech. Univ.
Chen, I-MingNanyang Tech. Univ.
Yeo, Song HuatNanyang Tech. Univ.
Duh, Been-LirnNanyang Tech. Univ.
Kim, Chung GonNanyang Tech. Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC4.3

Backbone-Based Roadmaps for Robot Navigation in Sensor Networks
Yao, ZhenwangSimon Fraser Univ.
Gupta, KamalSimon Fraser Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC4.4

Decentralized Mobility Models for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hanoun, SamerDeakin Univ.
Creighton, DougDeakin Univ.
Nahavandi, SaeidDeakin Univ.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC4.5

Surface Based Wireless Power Transmission and Bidirectional Communication for Autonomous Robot Swarms
Deyle, TravisGeorgia Tech.
Reynolds, MatthewDuke Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC4.6

Consensus Learning for Distributed Coverage Control
Schwager, MacMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Slotine, Jean-Jacques E.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Rus, DanielaMIT


Underwater Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Elfes, AlbertoJet Propulsion Lab.
Co-Chair: Dunbabin, Matthew DavidCSIRO ICT Centre

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC5.1

A Deliberative Architecture for AUV Control
McGann, ConorMonterey Bay Aquarium Res. Inst.
Py, FredericMonterey Bay Aquarium Res. Inst.
Rajan, KannaMonterey Bay Aquarium Res. Inst.
Thomas, HansMonterey Bay Aquarium Res. Inst.
Henthorn, RichardMonterey Bay Aquarium Res. Inst.
McEwen, RobMBARI

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC5.2

A Novel Method for Hydrothermal Vents Prospecting Using an Autonomous Underwater Robot
Ferri, GabrieleIMT Advanced Studies Lucca
Jakuba, MichaelWoods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
Yoerger, DanaWoods Hole Oceanographic Inst.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC5.3

Operation of Robotic Science Boats Using the Telesupervised Adaptive Ocean Sensor Fleet System
Podnar, GreggCarnegie-Mellon Univ.
Dolan, John M.Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Elfes, AlbertoJet Propulsion Lab.

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC5.4

Model-Aided Inertial Navigation for Underwater Vehicles
Hegrenaes, OyvindNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.
Berglund, EinarNorwegian Defence Res. Establishment
Hallingstad, OddvarNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC5.5

Incorporation of Novel Underwater Thrusters into Vehicle Control Systems
Krieg, MikeUniv. of Colorado Boulder
Mohseni, KamranUniv. of Colorado Boulder

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC5.6

Optimal Trajectory Generation for a Glider in Time-Varying 2D Ocean Flows B-Spline Model
Zhang, WeizhongUniv. of Louisville
Inanc, TamerUniv. of Louisville
Ober-Blöbaum, SinaUniv. of Paderborn
Marsden, JerroldCaltech


Simulation and Training Environments Regular Sessions
Chair: Asama, HajimeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Krovi, VenkatUniv. at Buffalo (SUNY)

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC6.1

Open Brain Simulator Estimating Internal State of Human through External Observation towards Human Biomechatronics
Otake, MihokoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Takagi, ToshihisaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Asama, HajimeThe Univ. of Tokyo

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC6.2

Integration of an Evaluation Function into the Suture/Ligature Training System WKS-2R
Oshima, NobukiWaseda Univ.
Solis, JorgeWaseda Univ.
Ishii, HiroyukiWaseda Univ.
Matsuoka, NoriyukiKyoto Kagaku
Hatake, Kazuyuki KYOTOKAGAKU co., Ltd.
Takanishi, AtsuoWaseda Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC6.3

Simulation of Forceps Extraction on a Childbirth Simulator
Moreau, RichardINSA-Lyon
Pham, Minh TuINSA de Lyon (Inst. National des Sciences Appliquee)
Redarce, TanneguyINSA de Lyon (Inst. National des Sciences Appliquees)
Dupuis, OlivierHCL (Hospices Civils de Lyon)

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC6.4

Continuous and Discrete Mechanics for Tree Representations of Mechanical Systems
Johnson, ElliotUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Murphey, ToddUniv. of Colorado

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC6.5

Identifying Physical Properties of Deformable Objects by Using Particle Filters
Conti, FrancoisStanford Univ.
Burion, SteveEPFL
Petrovskaya, AnnaStanford Univ.
Baur, CharlesEPFL
Khatib, OussamaStanford Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC6.6

Steady Headwind Display with Conditional Angular Rate-Switching Control
Kulkarni, SandipUniv. of Utah
Minor, MarkUniv. of Utah
Deaver, MarkUniv. of Utah
Pardyjak, ErikUniv. of Utah
Hollerbach, JohnUniv. of Utah


Biologically Inspired Robots Regular Sessions
Chair: Martinoli, AlcherioEPFL
Co-Chair: Tangorra, JamesDrexel Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC7.1

Gecko-Inspired Climbing Behaviors on Vertical and Overhanging Surfaces
Santos, DanielStanford Univ.
Heyneman, BarrettStanford Univ.
Kim, SangbaeStanford Univ.
Esparza, NoeStanford Univ.
Cutkosky, MarkStanford Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC7.2

A Bio-Inspired Analog Scheme for Navigational Control of Lightweight Autonomous Agents
Zourntos, TakisTexas A&M Univ.
Mathai, Nebu JohnTexas A&M Univ.
Magierowski, SebastianUniv. of Calgary
Kundur, DeepaTexas A&M Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC7.3

A Comparison of Casting and Spiraling Algorithms for Odor Source Localization in Laminar Flow
Lochmatter, ThomasEPFL
Raemy, XavierEPFL
Matthey, LoïcEPFL
Indra, SaurabhEPFL
Martinoli, AlcherioEPFL

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC7.4

A Fully Decentralized Control of an Amoeboid Robot by Exploiting the Law of Conservation of Protoplasmic Mass
Umedachi, TakuyaTohoku Univ.
Kitamura, TaichiTohoku Univ.
Ishiguro, AkioTohoku Univ.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC7.5

Toroidal Skin Drive for Snake Robot Locomotion
McKenna, James C.SAIC
Anhalt, DavidSAIC
Bronson, Frederick M.Leitner-Poma
Brown, H. BenCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Schwerin, MichaelCarnegie-Mellon Univ.
Shammas, ElieBiorobotics
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC7.6

Control of 3-Dimensional Snake Robots by Using Redundancy
Tanaka, MotoyasuThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Matsuno, FumitoshiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications


Grasp and Manipulation Planning Regular Sessions
Chair: Trinkle, JeffRensselaer Pol. Inst.
Co-Chair: Liu, YunhuiChinese Univ. of Hong Kong

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC8.1

Fast Grasp Planning for Hand/Arm Systems Based on Convex Model
Harada, KensukeNational Inst. of AIST
Kaneko, KenjiNational Inst. of AIST
Kanehiro, FumioNational Inst. of AIST

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC8.2

Central Axis Approach for Computing N-Finger Force-Closure Grasps
Bounab, BelkacemPol. School
Sidobre, DanielUniv. of toulouse
Zaatri, AbdelouahabUniv. Mentouri_Constantine

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC8.3

Planning Optimal Independent Contact Regions for Two-Fingered Force-Closure Grasp of a Polygon
Phoka, ThanathornChulalongkorn Univ.
Vongmasa, PawinChulalongkorn Univ.
Nilwatchararang, ChaichanaChulalongkorn Univ.
Pipattanasomporn, PeamChulalongkorn Univ.
Sudsang, AttawithChulalongkorn Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC8.4

Caging Rigid Polytopes Via Finger Dispersion Control
Pipattanasomporn, PeamChulalongkorn Univ.
Sudsang, AttawithChulalongkorn Univ.
Vongmasa, PawinChulalongkorn Univ.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC8.5

An Optimization Approach to Planning for Mobile Manipulation
Berenson, DmitryCarnegie Mellon
Kuffner, JamesCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Choset, HowieCarnegie Mellon Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC8.6

Planning of Smooth Motions for a Ball-Plate System with Limited Contact Area
Svinin, MikhailRIKEN BMC
Hosoe, ShigeyukiRIKEN


Multibody Dynamics Regular Sessions
Chair: Belta, CalinBoston Univ.
Co-Chair: Chakraborty, NilanjanRensselaer Pol. Inst.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC9.1

Hybrid Simulation of a Dual-Arm Space Robot Colliding with a Floating Object
Takahashi, RyoheiTohoku Univ.
Ise, HirotoTohoku Univ.
Sato, DaisukeMusashi Inst. of Tech.
Konno, AtsushiTohoku Univ.
Uchiyama, MasaruTohoku Univ.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC9.2

Dynamics Modeling of Structure-Varying Kinematic Chains for Free-Flying Robots
Lampariello, RobertoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Abiko, SatokoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC9.3

On the Hybrid Dynamics of Planar Mechanisms Supported by Frictional Contacts. I: Necessary Conditions for Stability
Or, YizharCalifornia Intitute of Tech.
Rimon, ElonTech.

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC9.4

On the Hybrid Dynamics of Planar Mechanisms Supported by Frictional Contacts II: Stability of Two-Contact Rigid Body Postures
Or, YizharCalifornia Intitute of Tech.
Rimon, ElonTech.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC9.5

Dynamics and Control of Consrtained Mechanical Systems in Terms of Reduced Quasi-Velocities
Aghili, FarhadCanadian Space Agency

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC9.6

Skilled-Motion Plannings of Multi-Body Systems Based Upon Riemannian Distance
Sekimoto, MasahiroRitsumeikan Univ.
Arimoto, SuguruRitsumeikan Univ.
Kawamura, SadaoRitsumeikan Univ.
Bae, Ji-HunPohang Inst. of Intelligent Robotics


Biped Locomotion Regular Sessions
Chair: Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Buehler, MartinBoston Dynamics

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC10.1

Quasi-Static Rolling Control of the Rolling Disk Biped Robot
Phipps, CristianUniv. of Utah
Minor, MarkUniv. of Utah

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC10.2

Asymptotic Stability of Dynamic Bipedal Gait with Constraint on Impact Posture
Asano, FumihikoBMC RIKEN
Luo, Zhi-WeiThe Inst. of Physical and Chemical Res. (RIKEN)

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC10.3

Optimal Design and Implementation of an Energy-Efficient, Semi-Active Biped
Wu, Ting-YingNational Tsing Hua Univ.
Yeh, T.-J.National Tsing Hua Univ.

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC10.4

Approximate Optimal Control of the Compass Gait on Rough Terrain
Byl, KatieMIT
Tedrake, RussMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC10.5

Simulated Regulator to Synthesize ZMP Manipulation and Foot Location for Autonomous Control of Biped Robots
Sugihara, TomomichiKyushu Univ.

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC10.6

Experimental Comparison of Several Posture Estimation Solutions for Biped Robot RABBIT
Aoustin, YannickCNRS
Plestan, FranckEc. Centrale De Nantes-CNRS
Lebastard, VincentEc. Centrale nantes


Kinematic and Force Calibration Regular Sessions
Chair: Liu, Peter X.Carleton Univ.
Co-Chair: Johansson, RolfLTH, Lund Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC11.1

Active Robot Calibration Algorithm
Sun, YuUniv. of Utah
Hollerbach, JohnUniv. of Utah

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC11.2

Automatic Kinematic Calibration of a Modular Gantry-Tau Parallel Robot from a Kinematics Point of View
Dressler, IsoldeLTH, Lund Univ.
Robertsson, AndersLTH, Lund Univ.
Johansson, RolfLTH, Lund Univ.

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC11.3

Kinematic Calibration of a 7-DOF Self-Calibrated Modular Cable-Driven Robotic Arm
Mustafa, Shabbir KurbanhusenSingapore Inst. of Manufacturing Tech.
Yang, GuilinSingapore Inst. of Manufacturing Tech.
Yeo, Song HuatNanyang Tech. Univ.
Lin, WeiSIMTech

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC11.4

Elasto-Geometrical Modelling of Closed-Loop Industrial Robots Used for Machining Applications
Marie, StephaneINSA of Rennes
Maurine, PatrickINSA of Rennes

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC11.5

A Novel Method for In-Situ Calibration of a 2-Dof Force Platform for Tremor Detection in Small-Sized Animal Models
Cavallo, GiuseppeCampus Bio-Medico Univ.
Campolo, DomenicoCampus Bio-Medico Univ.
Fogliani, GiuseppeUniv. Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Guglielmelli, EugenioUniv. Campus Bio-Medico

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC11.6

Factorization-Based Calibration Method for MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit
Hwangbo, MyungCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Kanade, TakeoCarnegie Mellon Univ.


Physical Human-Robot Interaction Regular Sessions
Chair: Hashtrudi-Zaad, KeyvanQueen's Univ.
Co-Chair: Bayro-Corrochano, Eduardo-JoseCINVESTAV, Unidad Guadalajara

16:00-16:20, Paper WeC12.1

Geometric Techniques for Visually Guided Grasping
Zamora-Esquivel, JulioCINVESTAV del IPN, Unidad Guadalajara
Bayro-Corrochano, Eduardo-JoseCINVESTAV, Unidad Guadalajara

16:20-16:40, Paper WeC12.2

On the Kinematics of Human Wrist During Pointing Tasks with Application to Motor Rehabilitation
Campolo, DomenicoCampus Bio-Medico Univ.
Accoto, DinoUniv. Campus Bio-Medico
Taffoni, FabrizioCampus Bio-Medico Univ.
Guglielmelli, EugenioUniv. Campus Bio-Medico

16:40-17:00, Paper WeC12.3

An Explicit Model to Predict and Interpret Constraint Force Creation in Phri with Exoskeletons
Schiele, AndreEuropean Space Agency

17:00-17:20, Paper WeC12.4

The Role of the Robot Mass and Velocity in Physical Human-Robot Interaction - Part I: Non-Constrained Blunt Impacts
Haddadin, SamiGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aeorspace Center
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

17:20-17:40, Paper WeC12.5

The Role of the Robot Mass and Velocity in Physical Human-Robot Interaction - Part II: Constrained Blunt Impacts
Haddadin, SamiGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Albu-Schäffer, AlinDLR - German Aeorspace Center
Frommberger, MirkoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Hirzinger, GerdGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)

17:40-18:00, Paper WeC12.6

Variable Motion Characteristics Control of an Object by Multiple Passive Mobile Robots in Cooperation with a Human
Hirata, YasuhisaTohoku Univ.
Ojima, YosukeTohoku Univ.
Kosuge, KazuhiroTohoku Univ.