International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR)
24-28 JUNE, 2019
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Last updated on July 1, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday June 25, 2019

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Posters - Assistive Robotics - Biomechanics and Movement Analysis Poster Sessions
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.1 
Mechanical Orthosis with Rotation Induction to Lower Leg for Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Itami, TakuMie University
Yano, Ken'ichiMie University
Mori, IchidaiKeiai Orthopedic Appliance Co., Ltd
Kameda, KazuhiroKeiai Orthopedic Appliance Co., Ltd
Aoki, TakaakiGifu University
Matsui, NarukiMeikou Brace CO., Ltd
Sugawara, MasanoriMeikou Brace CO., Ltd
Shinoda, NobuyukiMeikou Brace CO., Ltd
Hayashi, NorioMusculoskeletal Functional Anatomy Research Institute
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.2 
Emulation of Hill Walking and Turning on Balance Assessment Robot: A Preliminary Study
Zadravec, MatjažUniversity Rehabilitation Institute Republic of Slovenia
Olenšek, AndrejUniversity Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia
Matjacic, ZlatkoUniversity Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.3 
PedBotHome: Robotically-Assisted Ankle Rehabilitation System for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Cleary, KevinChildren's National Medical Center
Monfaredi, RezaChildren's National Medical Center
Salvador, TylerChildren's National Medical Center
Fooladi Talari, HadiChildren's National Medical Center
Catherine, ColeyChildren's National Health System
Kovelman, StaciChildren's National Health System
Belschner, JustineChildren's National Medical Center
Alyamani, SaraChildren's National Medical Center
Manon, SchladenGeorgetown University Medical Center, Department of Rehabilitati
Evans, SallyChildren's National Medical Center
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.4 
Energy Density and Hysteresis Comparison in Natural Rubber Tube Springs for Wearable Exoskeleton Applications
Perry, Joel C.University of Idaho
Rathod, AbhishekUniversity of Idaho
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.5 
A Comprehensive Analysis of Sensorimotor Mechanisms of Inter-Leg Coordination in Gait Using the Variable Stiffness Treadmill: Physiological Insights for Improved Robot-Assisted Gait Therapy
Skidmore, JeffreyThe Ohio State University
Artemiadis, PanagiotisArizona State University
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.6 
Towards Data-Driven Autonomous Robot-Assisted Physical Rehabilitation Therapy
Wang, Wei ShiMcGill University
Mendonca, RochelleTemple University
Kording, KonradUniversity of Pennsylvania
Avery, MikaelJefferson University
Johnson, Michelle J.University of Pennsylvania
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.7 
Motion Analysis for People with Cerebral Palsy: A Vision Based Approach
Macedo, MárioInstituto Superior Técnico
Candeias, AlexandreInstitute for Systems and Robotics - Instituto Superior Técnico
Marques, ManuelInstituto Superior Técnico
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.8 
Voice Control Interface Prototype for Assistive Robots for People Living with Upper Limb Disabilities
Poirier, SamuelUniversité Laval
Routhier, FrançoisCenter for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Soci
Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreUniversité Laval
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.9 
Predictive Simulation of Human Walking Augmented by a Powered Ankle Exoskeleton
Nguyen, VinhUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Umberger, BrianUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Sup, FrankUniversity of Massachusetts - Amherst
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.10 
Training Propulsion: Locomotor Adaptation to Accelerations of the Trailing Limb
Farrens, AndriaUniversity of Delaware
Marbaker, RachelUniversity of Delaware
Lilley, MariaUniversity of Delaware
Sergi, FabrizioUniversity of Delaware
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.11 
Design of a 3D Printed Soft Robotic Hand for Stroke Rehabilitation and Daily Activities Assistance
Heung, Ho LamThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tang, ZhiQiangThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ho, Chun ManThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tung, Lok HimThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Li, ZhengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tong, Kai YuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.12 
Prediction of Distal Lower-Limb Motion Using Ultrasound-Derived Features of Proximal Skeletal Muscle
Jahanandish, Mohammad HassanUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Fey, NicholasThe University of Texas at Dallas
Hoyt, KennethUniversity of Texas at Dallas
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.13 
User-Centered Design of a Multisensory Power Wheelchair Simulator: Towards Training and Rehabilitation Applications
Vailland, GuillaumeIRISA UMR CNRS 6074 - INRIA - INSA Rennes
Grzeskowiak, FabienINRIA - Rennes
Devigne, LouiseIRISA UMR CNRS 6074 - INRIA - INSA Rennes - Rehabilitation Cente
Gaffary, YorenINSA Rennes
Fraudet, BastienRehabilitation Center Pôle Saint Hélier
Leblong, EmilieRehabilitation Center Pôle Saint Hélier Rennes
Nouviale, FlorianINSA Rennes
Pasteau, FrançoisINSA Rennes / IRISA Rainbow Team
Le Breton, RonanLGCGM - INSA Rennes
Guegan, SylvainINSA Rennes
Gouranton, ValérieIRISA UMR CNRS 6074 - Inria - INSA Rennes
Arnaldi, BrunoUniv Rennes, INSA Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA
Babel, MarieIRISA UMR CNRS 6074 - INRIA - INSA Rennes
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.14 
Effects of Varying the Rest Period on the Onset Angle of Lumbar Flexion-Relaxation in Simulated Sheep Shearing: A Preliminary Study
Robinson, Mark CharlesUniversity of Melbourne
Mayer, Raphael MariaUniversity of Melbourne
Tan, YingThe University of Melbourne
Oetomo, DennyThe University of Melbourne
Manzie, ChrisUniversity of Melbourne
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.15 
Assessment of Human Wrist Rigidity and Pain in Post-Traumatic Patients
Albanese, Giulia AuroraItalian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy
Marini, FrancescaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Taglione, ElisaIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Gasparini, CeciliaIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Grandi, SaraIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Pettinelli, FoebeIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Sardelli, ClaudioIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Catitti, PaoloIstituto Nazionale Per l’Assicurazione Contro Gli Infortuni Sul
Sandini, GiulioItalian Institute of Technology
Masia, LorenzoHeidelberg University
Zenzeri, JacopoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.16 
Towards the Development of a Learning-Based Intention Classification Framework for Pushrim-Activated Power-Assisted Wheelchairs
Khalili, MahsaUniversity of British Columbia
Tao, TianxinUniversity of British Columbia
Ye, RuolanUniversity of British Columbia
Xie, ShuyongUniversity of British Columbia
Yang, HuanchengUniversity of British Columbia
Van der Loos, H.F. MachielUniversity of British Columbia (UBC)
Borisoff, JaimieBritish Columbia Institute of Technology
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.17 
Assessment of Bimanual Proprioception During an Orientation Matching Task with a Physically Coupled Object
Galofaro, ElisaUniversity of Genoa
Ballardini, GiuliaUniversity of Genoa
Boggini, SilviaUniversity of Genoa
Foti, FedericaUniversity of Genoa
Nisky, IlanaBen Gurion University of the Negev
Casadio, MauraUniversity of Genoa
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.18 
PEXO - a Pediatric Whole Hand Exoskeleton for Grasping Assistance in Task-Oriented Training
Bützer, TobiasETH Zurich
Dittli, JanETH Zürich
Lieber, JanRehabilitation Centre of the University Children's Hospital Zuri
Hedel, Hubertus J.A.University Children’s Hospital Zurich,
Meyer-Heim, AndreasRehabilitation Center Affoltern Am Albis, University Childrens H
Lambercy, OlivierETH Zurich
Gassert, RogerETH Zurich
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.19 
Investigation of Fatigue Using Different EMG Features
Aghamohammadi-Sereshki, AzadehScience & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University
Darvishi-Bayazi, Mohammad-JavadUniversity of Montreal
Tabatabai Ghomsheh, FarhadThe University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
Amirabdollahian, FarshidThe University of Hertfordshire
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.20 
Robot-Aided Upper-Limb Proprioceptive Training in Three-Dimensional Space
Valdés, Bulmaro A.Simon Fraser University
Khoshnam Tehrani, MahtaSimon Fraser University
Neva, JasonUniversity of British Columbia
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser University
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.21 
Passive Stiffness Reduction in Human Ankle Joint Mechanical Impedance When Exposed to Externally Imposed Movement
Zhi, LiUniversity of Dayton
Rouse, ElliottUniversity of Michigan
Reissman, TimothyUniversity of Dayton
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.22 
Hybrid Control Interface of a Semi-Soft Assistive Glove for People with Spinal Cord Injuries
Kaneishi, DaisukeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Matthew, Robert, PeterUC Berkeley
Leu, Jessica En ShiuanUniversity of California, Berkeley
O'Donnell, Julia AUniversity of California Berkeley
Zhang, BikeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniversity of California
Stuart, HannahUC Berkeley
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.23 
Sensitivity Comparison of Inertial to Optical Motion Capture During Gait: Implications for Tracking Recovery
Lee, JeonghwanThe University of Texas at Austin
Shin, Sung YulUniversity of Texas at Austin
Ghorpade, GauravThe University of Texas at Austin
Akbas, TuncUniversity of Texas at Austin
Sulzer, JamesUniversity of Texas at Austin
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.24 
Improving the Accuracy of Wearable Sensors for Human Locomotion Tracking Using Phase-Locked Regression Models
Duong, TonStevens Institute of Technology
Zhang, HuangheStevens Institute of Technology
Lynch, T. SeanColumbia University Medical Center
Zanotto, DamianoStevens Institute of Technology
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.25 
A Geometric Framework for the Estimation of Joint Stiffness of the Human Wrist
Formica, DomenicoUniversità Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Azhar, MuhammadNanyang Technological University
Tommasino, PaoloNanyang Technological University
Campolo, DomenicoNanyang Technological University
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.26 
Semi-Autonomous Tongue Control of an Assistive Robotic Manipulator for Individuals with Quadriplegia
Hildebrand, MaxAalborg University
Bonde, FrederikAalborg University
Kobborg, RasmusAalborg University
Andersen, ChristianAalborg University
Norman, Andreas FlemAalborg University
Thøgersen, MikkelAalborg University
Bengtson, Stefan HeinAalborg University
Dosen, StrahinjaUniversity Medical Center Goettingen (UMG), Georg-August Univers
Andreasen Struijk, Lotte N SAalborg University
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.27 
A Commercially Available Capacitive Stretch-Sensitive Sensor for Measurement of Rotational Neck Movement in Healthy People: Proof of Concept
Al-Nasri, IyadUniversity of Western Ontario
Price, AaronThe University of Western Ontario
Trejos, Ana LuisaThe University of Western Ontario
Walton, David MarkWestern University
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.28 
Hand Function Kinematics When Using a Simulated Myoelectric Prosthesis
Williams, HeatherUniversity of Alberta
Boser, QuinnUniversity of Alberta
Pilarski, Patrick M.University of Alberta
Chapman, CraigUniversity of Alberta
Vette, AlbertUniversity of Alberta
Hebert, JacquelineUniversity of Alberta
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.29 
Supporting Play by Applying Haptic Guidance Along a Surface Learnt from Single Motion Trajectories
Castellanos Cruz, Javier LeonardoFaculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta
Tavakoli, MahdiUniversity of Alberta
Pilarski, Patrick M.University of Alberta
Adams, KimUniversity of Alberta
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.30 
A Robot with an Augmented-Reality Display for Functional Capacity Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Injured Workers
Fong, JasonUniversity of Alberta
Ocampo, RenzUniversity of Alberta
Gross, DouglasUniversity of Alberta
Tavakoli, MahdiUniversity of Alberta
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.31 
Development of a Pneumatic Exoskeleton Robot for Lower Limb Rehabilitation
Goergen, RobertaFederal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Farroupil
Valdiero, Antonio CarlosUniversidade Regional Do Noroeste Do Estado Do Rio Grande Do Sul
Rasia, Luiz AntônioUniversidade Regional Do Noroeste Do Estado Do Rio Grande Do Sul
Oberdörfer, MaurícioUniversidade De Passo Fundo - UPF
Souza, Jocarly Patrocinio deUniversidade De Passo Fundo - UPF
Gonçalves, Rogério SalesFederal University of Uberlandia
10:00-10:45, Paper Tu25AMPP.32 
Development of Games Controlled by Kinect to Spine Physical Therapy
Gonçalves, Rogério SalesFederal University of Uberlandia
Boaventura Pereira, LucasUniversidade Federal De Uberlândia
Dias Barbosa, DanielFederal University of Uberlandia
Assistive Robotics Podium Sessions
Chair: Accoto, DinoNanyang Technological University
10:45-11:00, Paper Tu25AMA.1 
Identifying the Effects of Assistive and Resistive Guidance on the Gait of Elderly People Using a Smart Walker
Sato, WakakoNagoya University
Tsuchida, YoshikiNagoya University
Li, PengchengNagoya University
Hasegawa, TakashiNagoya University
Yamada, YojiNagoya University
Uchiyama, YasushiNagoya University
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu25AMA.2 
A Semi-Wearable Robotic Device for Sit-To-Stand Assistance
Zheng, HaoThe University of Alabama
Shen, TaoKent State University
Afsar, Md RayhanThe University of Alabama
Kang, InseungGeorgia Institute of Technology
Young, AaronGeorgia Tech
Shen, XiangrongThe University of Alabama
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu25AMA.3 
Autonomous Multi-Sensory Robotic Assistant for a Drinking Task
Goldau, Felix FerdinandUniversity of Bremen
Kumar Shastha, TejasUniversity of Bremen
Kyrarini, MariaUniversity of Bremen, Institute of Automation
Gräser, AxelUniversity of Bremen
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu25AMA.4 
Preliminary Design of an Active Stabilization Assistive Eating Device for People Living with Movement Disorders
Turgeon, PhilippeUniversité Laval
Laliberte, ThierryUniversite Laval
Routhier, FrançoisCenter for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Soci
Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreUniversité Laval
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu25AMA.5 
Multidimensional Capacitive Sensing for Robot-Assisted Dressing and Bathing
Erickson, ZackoryGeorgia Institute of Technology
Clever, Henry M.Georgia Tech
Gangaram, VamseeGeorgia Institute of Technology
Turk, GregGeorgia Institute of Technology
Liu, KarenGeorgia Tech
Kemp, CharlieGeorgia Institute of Technology
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu25AMA.6 
Interface Operation and Implications for Shared-Control Assistive Robots
Nejati Javaremi, MahdiehNorthwestern University
Young, MichaelNorthwestern University
Argall, BrennaNorthwestern University
Biomechanics and Movement Analysis Podium Sessions
Chair: Patton, JamesU. of Illinois at Chicago, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
Co-Chair: Unal, RamazanOzyegin University
10:45-11:00, Paper Tu25AMB.1 
Ankle Dorsiflexion Strength Monitoring by Combining Sonomyography and Electromyography
Zhang, QiangUniversity of Pittsburgh
Sheng, ZhiyuUniversity of Pittsburgh
Moore-Clingenpeel, FrankUniversity of Pittsburgh
Kim, KangUniversity of Pittsburgh
Sharma, NitinUniversity of Pittsburgh
11:00-11:15, Paper Tu25AMB.2 
Ankle Mechanical Impedance During Walking in Chronic Stroke: Preliminary Results
Shorter, AmandaNorthwestern University, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Belmont Finucane, SuzanneShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Rouse, ElliottUniversity of Michigan
11:15-11:30, Paper Tu25AMB.3 
Immediate Effects of Force Feedback and Plantar Somatosensory Stimuli on Inter-Limb Coordination During Perturbed Walking
Zhang, YufengStevens Institute of Technology
Nolan, Karen J.Kessler Foundation
Zanotto, DamianoStevens Institute of Technology
11:30-11:45, Paper Tu25AMB.4 
Wearable Monitoring of Joint Angle and Muscle Activity
Cotton, R. JamesShirley Ryan AbilityLab / Northwestern University
Rogers, JohnNorthwestern University
11:45-12:00, Paper Tu25AMB.5 
Jerk Decomposition During Bimanual Independent Arm Cranking
Botzheim, LillaUniversity of Pecs
Mravcsik, MariannUniversity of Pecs and Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Zsenak, IstvanUniversity of Pecs
Piovesan, DavideGannon University
Laczko, JozsefWigner Research Centre for Physics and University of Pecs
12:00-12:15, Paper Tu25AMB.6 
MM-MRE: A New Technique to Quantify Individual Muscle Forces During Isometric Tasks of the Wrist Using MR Elastography
Zonnino, AndreaUniversity of Delaware
Smith, DanielUniversity of Delaware
Delgorio, PeytonUniversity of Delaware
Johnson, CurtisUniversity of Delaware
Sergi, FabrizioUniversity of Delaware
Posters - Design and Development in Rehabilitation Robotics Poster Sessions
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.1 
Design of a Pneumatic Actuated Ankle-Foot Orthosis Which Has Talocrural and Subtalar Joint
Choi, Ho SeonYonsei University
Lee, Chang HeeYonsei University
Baek, Yoon SuYonsei University
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.2 
Development and Evaluation of a Novel Passive Wrist Bilateral Rehabilitation Device Paired with Virtual Reality: A Feasibility Study
Park, DoyoungNational University of Singapore
Chang, Jen-ShuanNational University of Singapore
Cheng, Hsiao-juNational University of Singapore
B. M.O. Hauk, M. AshsiddiqueNational University of Singapore
Yu, HaoyongNational University of Singapore
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.3 
Evaluation and Verification of a Novel Wrist Rehabilitation Robot Employing Safety-Related Mechanism
Bae, Ju-HwanKorea Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Engineering Centor
Hwang, Seok-JinKorea Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Engineering Center
Moon, InhyukDong-Eui University
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.4 
Towards an Adaptive Upper Limb Rehabilitation Game with Tangible Robots
Guneysu Ozgur, ArzuEPFL
Faucon, Louis PierreEPFL
Maceira-Elvira, PabloEPFL
Wessel, Maximilian JonasEPFL
Johal, WafaÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Özgür, AyberkÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Cadic, AndeolEPFL
Hummel, Friedhelm ChristophEPFL
Dillenbourg, PierreEPFL
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.5 
Effects of Electromyographically-Driven Neuromuscular Stimulation Cycling System on the Lower-Limb of Stroke Survivors
Au, Cheuk YanThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mehra, PrabhavThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Leung, Wing CheongThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tong, Kai YuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.6 
A Human-Assistive Robotic Platform with Quadrupedal Locomotion
Shen, TaoKent State University
Afsar, Md RayhanThe University of Alabama
Haque, Md RejwanulThe University of Alabama
McClain, EricUniversity of Utah
Meek, SanfordUniversity of Utah
Shen, XiangrongThe University of Alabama
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.7 
Gravity Compensation of an Exoskeleton Joint Using Constant-Force Springs
Hill, ParkerUniversity of Idaho
Wolbrecht, EricUniversity of Idaho
Perry, Joel C.University of Idaho
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.8 
Comparison of Two Series Elastic Actuator Designs Incorporated into a Shoulder Exoskeleton
Casas, RafaelThe Catholic University of America
Chen, TianyaoCatholic University of America
Lum, PeterCatholic University
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.9 
Mechanical Development of a Scalable Structure for Adolescent Exoskeletons
Kardofaki, MohamadUVSQ
Tabti, NahlaUniversité Paris-Sud
Alfayad, SamerLISV, BIA
Ben Ouezdou, FathiUniversity of Versailles St. Quentin
Chitour, YacineUniversity of Paris Sud
Dychus, EricSandyc
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.10 
Design, Modelling and Experimental Evaluation of a Compact Elastic Actuator for a Gait Assisting Exoskeleton
Herodotou, PanagiotisReboocon Bionics B.V
Wang, ShiqianReboocon Bionics B.V
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.11 
Soft Robotic Bilateral Hand Rehabilitation System for Fine Motor Learning
Haghshenas-Jaryani, MahdiThe University of Texas at Arlington
Pande, CharuUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Wijesundara, Muthu B. J.The University of Texas at Arlington
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.12 
A Platform for Rehabilitation of Finger Individuation in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
McCall, JamesNorth Carolina State University
Ludovice, MirandaNorth Carolina State University
Blaylock, Jared AlexanderNorth Carolina State University
Kamper, DerekNorth Carolina State University/University of North Carolina
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.13 
A Two-Wire Body Weight Support System for Interactive Treadmill
Kim, JongbumDGIST
Oh, SeunghueDGIST
Kim, JunyoungDGIST
Kim, JonghyunDGIST
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.14 
Identification of Spring Coefficient for Heel Rocker Function Support Based on Estimated Dorsiflexion Torque
Hong, Jing-ChenWaseda University
Hayashi, YukiWaseda University
Suzuki, ShigeruWaseda University
Fukushima, YutaWaseda University
Yasuda, KazuhiroWaseda University
Ohashi, HirokiJikei University School of Medicine
Iwata, HiroyasuWaseda University
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.15 
A Model-Based Method for Minimizing Reflected Motor Inertia in Off-Board Actuation Systems: Applications in Exoskeleton Design
Anderson, AnthonyUniversity of Washington & Center for Limb Loss and Mobility, VA
Richburg, ChrisVA Puget Sound Health Care System
Czerniecki, JosephUniversity of Washington
Aubin, PatrickCenter for Limb Loss and Mobility, VA Puget Sound Health Care Sy
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.16 
Design of an Active Cooling System for Thermally Activated Soft Actuators
Edmonds, BrandonWestern University
Trejos, Ana LuisaThe University of Western Ontario
15:15-16:00, Paper Tu25PMPP.17 
Weight-Supported Walking Assist Device for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients
Tamai, KotaUniversity of Tsukuba
Kawamoto, HiroakiUniversity of Tsukuba
Sankai, YoshiyukiUniversity of Tsukuba
Robotic Prostheses Podium Sessions
Chair: Sensinger, JonathonUniversity of New Brunswick
Co-Chair: Rouse, ElliottUniversity of Michigan
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu25PMA.1 
Texture Discrimination Using a Soft Biomimetic Finger for Prosthetic Applications
Balamurugan, DarshiniJohns Hopkins University
Nakagawa Silva, AndreiNational University of Singapore
Nguyen, HarrisonJohns Hopkins University
Low, Jin HuatNational University of Singapore
Shallal, ChristopherJohns Hopkins University
Osborn, LukeJohns Hopkins University
Soares, Alcimar BFederal University of Uberlandia
Yeow, Chen-HuaNational University of Singapore
Thakor, NitishNational University of Singapore
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu25PMA.2 
Pattern Recognition and Direct Control Home Use of a Multi-Articulating Hand Prosthesis
Simon, AnnShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Turner, KristiShirley Ryan Abilitylab
Miller, LauraShirley Ryan Abilitylab
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Kuiken, ToddRehabilitation Institute of Chicago
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu25PMA.3 
An Objective Functional Evaluation of Myoelectrically-Controlled Hand Prostheses: A Pilot Study Using the Virtual Peg Insertion Test
Kanzler, Christoph M.Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, ETH Zurich
Catalano, Manuel GiuseppeIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Piazza, CristinaUniversità Di Pisa
Bicchi, AntonioUniversità Di Pisa
Gassert, RogerETH Zurich
Lambercy, OlivierETH Zurich
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu25PMA.4 
Automatic Detection of Myocontrol Failures Based Upon Situational Context Information
Heiwolt, KarolineUniversity of Birmingham
Zito, ClaudioUniversity of Birmingham
Nowak, MarkusDLR - German Aerospace Center
Castellini, ClaudioDLR - German Aerospace Center
Stolkin, RustamUniversity of Birmingham
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu25PMA.5 
Estimating Deep Muscles Activation from High Density Surface EMG Using Graph Theory
Piovanelli, EnricoThe University of Tokyo
Piovesan, DavideGannon University
Shirafuji, ShouheiThe University of Tokyo
Ota, JunThe University of Tokyo
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu25PMA.6 
Bio-Inspired Design and Validation of the Efficient Lockable Spring Ankle (ELSA) Prosthesis
Heremans, FrançoisUniversité Catholique De Louvain
Vijayakumar, SethuUniversity of Edinburgh
Bouri, MohamedEPFL
Dehez, BrunoUniversité Catholique De Louvain
Ronsse, RenaudUniversité Catholique De Louvain
Design and Development in Rehabilitation Robotics Podium Sessions
Chair: Burdet, EtienneImperial College London
Co-Chair: Johnson, Michelle J.University of Pennsylvania
16:00-16:15, Paper Tu25PMB.1 
Design and Development of a Novel Core, Balance and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot: Hunova®
Saglia, Jody AlessandroMovendo Technology
De Luca, AliceMovendo Technology
Squeri, ValentinaMovendo Technology
Ciaccia, LuciaMovendo Technology
Sanfilippo, Carlo AntonioMovendo Technology
Ungaro, SimoneMovendo Technology
De Michieli, LorenzoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
16:15-16:30, Paper Tu25PMB.2 
Simplifying Exosuits: Kinematic Couplings in the Upper Extremity During Daily Living Tasks
Georgarakis, Anna-MariaETH Zurich
Wolf, PeterETH Zurich, Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Riener, RobertETH Zurich
16:30-16:45, Paper Tu25PMB.3 
A Robotic Platform for 3D Forelimb Rehabilitation with Rats
Erwin, AndrewRice University
Gallegos, ChrystineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Cao, QilinUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
O'Malley, MarciaRice University
16:45-17:00, Paper Tu25PMB.4 
Optimizing Self-Exercise Scheduling in Motor Stroke Using Challenge Point Framework Theory
Lotay, RajinderImperial College London
Mace, MichaelImperial College London
Rinne, PaulImperial College London
Burdet, EtienneImperial College London
Bentley, PaulImperial College London
17:00-17:15, Paper Tu25PMB.5 
Design and Characterization of a Robotic Device for the Assessment of Hand Proprioceptive, Motor, and Sensorimotor Impairments
Zbytniewska, MonikaETH Zurich
Rinderknecht, Mike DomenikETH Zurich
Lambercy, OlivierETH Zurich
Barnobi, MarcoETH Zurich
Raats, JokeHasselt University
Lamers, IlseHasselt University
Feys, PeterUniversity College (PHL) and University of Hasselt
Liepert, JoachimKliniken Schmieder Allensbach
Gassert, RogerETH Zurich
17:15-17:30, Paper Tu25PMB.6 
Development of a Training Game to Coordinate Torques Produced between Arms
Cai, NingheNorthwestern University, Department of Physical Therapy and Huma
Mandana, AhalyaNorthwestern University
Reddy, NehaNorthwestern University
Gurari, NettaNorthwestern University




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