ICDL - EpiRob 2020 10th Joint IEEE International Conference on
Development and Learning; and Epigenetic Robotics
September 7-11, 2020. Valparaíso, Chile
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Last updated on October 23, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday October 29, 2020

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Thu_SocialInt_Talks_Main  Regular Session, Zoom Add to My Program 
Social Interaction - Talks  
-, Paper Thu_SocialInt_Talks_Main.1 Add to My Program
Pseudo-Randomization in Automating Robot Behaviour During Human-Robot Interaction

Paplu, Sarwar HussainTU Kaiserslautern
Mishra, ChinmayaTU Kaiserslautern
Berns, KarstenUniversity of Kaiserslautern
Thu_SocialInt_Poster_Main  Poster Session (with coffee break), Zoom Add to My Program 
Social Interaction - Posters  
-, Paper Thu_SocialInt_Poster_Main.1 Add to My Program
From Human Action Understanding to Robot Action Execution: How the Physical Properties of Handled Objects Modulate Non-Verbal Cues

Ferreira Duarte, NunoInstituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
Chatzilygeroudis, KonstantinosComputer Technology Institute
Santos-Victor, JoséInstituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon
Billard, AudeEPFL
-, Paper Thu_SocialInt_Poster_Main.2 Add to My Program
Humans Perform Social Movements in Response to Social Robot Movements

Brinck, IngarLund University
Heco, LejlaLund University
Sikström, KajsaLund University
Wandsleb, VictoriaLund University
Johansson, BirgerLund University
Balkenius, ChristianLund University
-, Paper Thu_SocialInt_Poster_Main.2 Add to My Program
Attitudes towards a Handheld Robot That Learns Proxemics

Vaswani Bhavnani, ChiragOxford Brookes University
Rolf, MatthiasOxford Brookes University
-, Paper Thu_SocialInt_Poster_Main.3 Add to My Program
No, Your Other Left! Language Children Use to Direct Robots

Kocher, DeannaCornell University
Sarmiento, LeaCornell University
Heller, SamanthaCornell University
Yang, YupeiCornell University
Kushnir, TamarCornell University
Green, Keith EvanCornell University
Thu_DevelopmentalTech_Poster_Main  Poster Session (with coffee break), Zoom Add to My Program 
Developmental Technology - Posters 3  
-, Paper Thu_DevelopmentalTech_Poster_Main.1 Add to My Program
Active Exploration for Body Model Learning through Self-Touch on a Humanoid Robot with Artificial Skin

Gama, FilipeCzech Technical University in Prague
Shcherban, MaksymDepartment of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, C
Rolf, MatthiasOxford Brookes University
Hoffmann, MatejFaculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University In
-, Paper Thu_DevelopmentalTech_Poster_Main.2 Add to My Program
End-To-End Pixel-Based Deep Active Inference for Body Perception and Action

Sancaktar, CansuTechnical University of Munich
Van Gerven, MarcelDonders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Radboud Uni
Lanillos, PabloDonders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Radboud Uni
-, Paper Thu_DevelopmentalTech_Poster_Main.3 Add to My Program
Tactile-Based Curiosity Maximizes Tactile-Rich Object-Oriented Actions Even without Any Extrinsic Rewards

Mori, HirokiWaseda University
Masuda, MasayukiWaseda University
Ogata, TetsuyaWaseda University
-, Paper Thu_DevelopmentalTech_Poster_Main.4 Add to My Program
SEDRo: A Simulated Environment for Developmental Robotics

Pothula, AishwaryaUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Mondol, Md Ashaduzzaman RubelUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Narasimhan, SanathUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Islam, SM MazharulUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Park, DeokgunUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Thu_Real_Comp_Main  Plenary Session, Zoom Add to My Program 
Real 2020: Competition Announcements  
Thu_Keynote_Barto_Main  Plenary Session, Zoom Add to My Program 
Keynote: Andrew G. Barto  




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