The 8th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob 2018) @Tokyo 16th - 20th of September 2018
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
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Last updated on September 1, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ICDL-EPIROB 2018 Keyword Index

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Action selection and planningTue_BT1.1, Tue_BT1.2, Tue_BT1.3, Tue_PST2.4, Tue_PST2.8, Wed_PST2.6
Affordance learning and perceptionTue_BT1.1, Wed_PST2.1
Architectures for Cognitive Development and Open-Ended LearningThu_PST2.7, Thu_PST2.9, Tue_AT1.1, Tue_AT1.2, Wed_AT1.2, Wed_AT1.3
Baby robotsThu_PST2.2, Wed_PST2.8
Body schema and body imageWed_BT1.1, Wed_BT1.2, Wed_BT1.3, Wed_CT1.1, Wed_CT1.2
Cogntive visionMon_WS_fT2.1, Thu_PST2.1, Thu_PST2.3, Thu_PST2.6, Wed_AT1.1, Wed_PST2.1
Concept formation and symbol grounding/emergenceThu_BT1.1, Thu_PST2.1, Tue_AT1.3, Tue_PST2.3, Wed_PST2.4
Developmental disordersTue_PST2.7
Developmental StagesThu_AT1.3, Tue_PST2.8, Wed_PST2.3, Wed_PST2.9
EmbodimentThu_PST2.4, Thu_PST2.8, Wed_CT1.2, Wed_PST2.2
Epistemological Foundations and Philosophical IssuesThu_AT1.1, Thu_BT1.2, Tue_PST2.9
General Principles of Development and LearningThu_PST2.5, Thu_PST2.6, Tue_AT1.2, Tue_PST2.1, Tue_PST2.2, Tue_PST2.9, Wed_PST2.6
Grounding of Knowledge and Development of RepresentationsTue_AT1.1, Tue_PST2.3, Tue_PST2.7, Tue_PST2.10
Haptic and tactile perceptionWed_BT1.1
Human-human and human-robot interaction and communicationThu_AT1.2, Thu_BT1.2, Thu_BT1.4, Thu_PST2.7, Thu_PST2.8, Tue_PST2.6, Tue_PST2.9, Wed_PST2.7, Wed_PST2.9
Interaction of Development and EvolutionTue_PST2.10
Intrinsic Motivation, Exploration and PlayThu_AT1.3, Thu_PST2.9, Tue_BT1.2, Tue_PST2.1, Tue_PST2.2, Wed_AT1.2, Wed_AT1.3
Language acquisitionThu_AT1.2, Thu_BT1.1, Thu_BT1.2, Thu_BT1.3, Thu_BT1.4, Thu_PST2.7
Machine Learning methods for robot developmentThu_PST2.2, Thu_PST2.3, Tue_AT1.3, Tue_BT1.1, Tue_PST2.4, Tue_PST2.5, Tue_PST2.8, Wed_AT1.1, Wed_AT1.3, Wed_PST2.2, Wed_PST2.3, Wed_PST2.4, Wed_PST2.5, Wed_PST2.8
Models of emotions and internal statesTue_PST2.4
Models of self and agencyThu_PST2.3, Wed_BT1.2, Wed_BT1.3
Multimodal perceptionThu_PST2.1, Thu_PST2.6, Wed_BT1.2, Wed_CT1.1
Neural PlasticityThu_PST2.5, Wed_CT1.2, Wed_PST2.1, Wed_PST2.8
Reward and Value SystemsThu_AT1.1, Tue_BT1.2, Tue_BT1.3, Wed_PST2.6
Sensorimotor developmentMon_WS_fT2.1, Mon_WS_fT3.1, Thu_PST2.2, Thu_PST2.4, Thu_PST2.5, Tue_AT1.1, Tue_BT1.3, Tue_PST2.1, Tue_PST2.2, Tue_PST2.3, Tue_PST2.5, Wed_BT1.1, Wed_CT1.1, Wed_PST2.2, Wed_PST2.3, Wed_PST2.4
Social robots and social learningThu_AT1.1, Thu_PST2.8, Tue_PST2.6
Speech perception and productionThu_BT1.3
Statistical LearningMon_WS_fT2.1, Thu_BT1.1, Thu_PST2.9, Tue_AT1.2, Tue_PST2.5
Use of Robots in Applied Settings such as Autism TherapyTue_PST2.6, Tue_PST2.7




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