The 8th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob 2018) @Tokyo 16th - 20th of September 2018
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
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Last updated on September 1, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday September 20, 2018

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Thu_KT1 Ono Auditorium, Bldg. 27 (B2)
Keynote 4: Mr. Masahiro Fujita Plenary Session
Thu_AT1 Ono Auditorium, Bldg. 27 (B2)
Social Learning Regular Session
10:55-11:20, Paper Thu_AT1.1 
From Social Interaction to Ethical AI: A Developmental Roadmap
Rolf, MatthiasOxford Brookes Univ
Crook, NigelOxford Brookes Univ
Steil, Jochen J.Tech. Univ. Braunschweig
11:20-11:45, Paper Thu_AT1.2 
Who Can Benefit from Robots? Effects of Individual Differences in Robot-Assisted Language Learning
Kanero, JunkoKoç Univ
Franko, IdilKoç Univ
Oranç, CansuKoç Univ
Uluşahin, OrhunKoç Univ
Koşkulu, SümeyyeKoç Univ
Adıgüzel, ZeynepKoç Univ
Küntay, Aylin C.Koç Univ
Göksun, TilbeKoç Univ
11:45-12:10, Paper Thu_AT1.3 
Novelty-Based Cognitive Processes in Unstructured Music-Making Settings in Early Childhood
Charisi, VickyJRC, European Commission and UCL Inst. of Education, UK
Liem, Cynthia C. S.Delft Univ. of Tech
GOMEZ, EmiliaJRC, European Commission and Univ. Pompeu Fabra
Thu_BT1 Ono Auditorium, Bldg. 27 (B2)
Language Learning Regular Session
Chair: Spranger, MichaelSony Computer Science Lab. Inc
14:00-14:25, Paper Thu_BT1.1 
Bayesian Noisy Word Clustering Via Sampling Prototypical Words
Taniguchi, TadahiroRitsumeikan Univ
Fukusako, YutaRitsumeikan Univ
Takano, ToshiakiShizuoka Inst. of Science and Tech
14:25-14:50, Paper Thu_BT1.2 
Ungrounding Symbols in Language Development: Implications for Modeling Emergent Symbolic Communication in Artificial Systems
Rączaszek-Leonardi, JoannaUniv. of Warsaw
Deacon, TerrenceUniv. of California at Berkeley
14:50-15:15, Paper Thu_BT1.3 
Accelerated Nonparametric Bayesian Double Articulation Analyzer for Unsupervised Word Discovery
Ozaki, RyoRitsumeikan Univ
Taniguchi, TadahiroRitsumeikan Univ
15:15-15:40, Paper Thu_BT1.4 
Effects of Feedback Types on L2 Word Learning
Kanero, JunkoKoç Univ
Oranç, CansuKoç Univ
Franko, IdilKoç Univ
Uluşahin, OrhunKoç Univ
Göksun, TilbeKoç Univ
Küntay, Aylin C.Koç Univ
Thu_PST2 Lobby, Bldg. 27 (B2)
Poster Session 3 Poster Session (with coffee break)
-, Paper Thu_PST2.1 
Multimodal Sensory Representation for Object Classification Via Neocortically-Inspired Algorithm
KIRTAY, MuratScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Vannucci, LorenzoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Albanese, UgoThe BioRobotics Inst. - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Pisa
Falotico, EgidioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
-, Paper Thu_PST2.2 
Autonomous Learning of Cyclovergence Control Based on Active Efficient Coding
Zhu, QingpengHong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
Triesch, JochenFrankfurt Inst. for Advanced Studies
Shi, Bertram EmilHong Kong Univ. of Science and Tech
-, Paper Thu_PST2.3 
A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Sense of Agency and Object Permanence in Robots
Lang, ClausBernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin
Schillaci, GuidoHumboldt Univ. Zu Berlin
Hafner, Verena VanessaHumboldt-Univ. Zu Berlin
-, Paper Thu_PST2.4 
Predictive Models for Robot Ego-Noise Learning and Imitation
Pico Villalpando, AntonioHumboldt Univ. Zu Berlin
Schillaci, GuidoHumboldt Univ. Zu Berlin
Hafner, Verena VanessaHumboldt-Univ. Zu Berlin
-, Paper Thu_PST2.5 
A Bio-Inspired Model towards Vocal Gesture Learning in Songbird
Pagliarini, SilviaINRIA-Bordeaux Sud-Ouest,
Hinaut, XavierINRIA
Leblois, ArthurCNRS, Inst. Des Maladies Neurodégénératives UMR 5293, Univ
-, Paper Thu_PST2.6 
Critical Brain Hypotheses on the Emergence of Cognitive Functions in Simple Circuits for Backward Time Perception
Hirabayashi, MikiUniv. of Tokyo
Ohashi, HirotadaUniv. of Tokyo
-, Paper Thu_PST2.7 
Which Input Abstraction Is Better for a Robot Syntax Acquisition Model? Phonemes, Words or Grammatical Constructions?
Hinaut, XavierINRIA
-, Paper Thu_PST2.8 
Theory of Mind and Movement Synchrony
Zubek, JulianJagiellonian Univ
Bialek, ArkadiuszJagiellonian Univ
Jackiewicz, MartynaJagiellonian Univ
Adamik, KlaudiaJagiellonian Univ
-, Paper Thu_PST2.9 
Cooperative and Competitive Reinforcement and Imitation Learning
Uchibe, EijiATR Computational Neuroscience Labs
Thu_EndAwardsT1 Ono Auditorium, Bldg. 27 (B2)
Closing & Award Ceremony Plenary Session




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