12th IEEE International Conference on
Development and Learning

September 12-15, 2022
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Last updated on August 10, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ICDL 2022 Keyword Index

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Action selection and planningThO1O.1, ThTO.8, TuO1O.2, TuO1O.3, TuTO.8, WeTO.8
Active learningThTO.11, TuO3O.1, WeTO.7
Affordance learning and perceptionTuO1O.2, TuO3O.1, TuTO.1, TuTO.2
Architectures for Cognitive Development and Open-Ended LearningThO2O.1, ThTO.5, TuO1O.1, TuO1O.3, TuTO.1, TuTO.3, WeO1O.1, WeO2O.1
Baby robotsThO2O.3, WeO2O.1
Body schema and body imageThTO.4, ThTO.6, ThTO.7, TuO3O.3, WeO1O.3
Cogntive visionThTO.1, TuO3O.1, TuO3O.2, TuTO.3, TuTO.7, WeTO.9
Concept formation and symbol grounding/emergenceTuTO.4
Development of skills in biological systems and robotsThO1O.1, ThO1O.3, ThO2O.3, ThTO.5, TuO1O.1, TuTO.5
Developmental StagesTuTO.6
EmbodimentThO1O.2, ThO2O.2, TuO2O.1, TuO3O.2, TuTO.7, WeO1O.1, WeO2O.1
Emergence of verbal and non-verbal communicationThO2O.2, TuTO.4
General Principles of Development and LearningThO1O.2, ThTO.10, TuTO.6, WeO1O.2, WeTO.10
Grounding of Knowledge and Development of RepresentationsThTO.2, TuO2O.2, TuO2O.3, TuTO.1, TuTO.3, TuTO.4
Haptic and tactile perceptionTuTO.8, TuTO.9, TuTO.10, WeO1O.2
Human-human and human-robot interaction and communicationThO2O.2, ThTO.2, ThTO.4, ThTO.8, TuTO.10, WeO2O.2, WeO2O.3, WeTO.1, WeTO.3, WeTO.4, WeTO.5, WeTO.9
Intrinsic Motivation, Exploration and PlayThO2O.1, TuO1O.2, WeO1O.3, WeTO.6, WeTO.7
Language acquisitionThTO.9, ThTO.10, TuTO.11, WeO2O.2
Language and semantic reasoningWeO2O.3
Lifelong learningTuTO.2
Machine Learning methods for robot developmentThO1O.1, ThO1O.2, ThO2O.1, ThTO.1, ThTO.6, TuO3O.2, TuTO.2, TuTO.8, TuTO.9, TuTO.11, WeO2O.3, WeTO.8, WeTO.9, WeTO.10, WeTO.11
Models of emotions and internal statesThTO.9, WeTO.3
Models of human motion and stateThTO.4, TuO3O.3, WeTO.5
Models of self and agencyWeTO.7
Multimodal perceptionThTO.3, ThTO.7, TuO2O.1
Neural PlasticityThO1O.3, ThTO.1
Prediction, planning and problem solvingTuO1O.3, TuO3O.3, TuTO.9, WeTO.2, WeTO.11
Reasoning with abstract knowledgeThTO.2, TuO2O.3
Reward and Value SystemsThTO.3, WeTO.2
Robot prototyping of human and animal skillsWeTO.11
Sensorimotor developmentThO1O.3, ThTO.5, ThTO.6, ThTO.7, TuO1O.1, TuO2O.1, TuO2O.2, TuTO.6, WeO1O.1, WeO1O.2, WeO1O.3
Social robots and social learningThO2O.3, ThTO.3, ThTO.8, ThTO.9, TuTO.10, WeTO.3, WeTO.5
Speech perception and productionTuTO.11, WeO2O.2
Statistical LearningThTO.10, TuO2O.2, TuTO.7, WeTO.8
The Contributions of interaction to learningThTO.11
Use of Robots in Applied Settings such as Autism TherapyTuTO.5




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