ICAR 2021 20th International Conference on Advanced Robotics
December 6-10, 2021. Ljubljana, Slovenia
2021 20th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR)
December 6-10, 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Last updated on November 16, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ICAR 2021 Keyword Index

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AI Reasoning MethodsFrA1T1.3, FrA1T2.1, FrM2T1.3, FrM2T3.4, ThA1T3.1, ThA2T1.4, ThM2T2.1, WeA1T3.1, WeA2T1.5, WeA2T2.1, WeM1T2.5, WeM2T2.2
Autonomous NavigationFrA1T2.3, FrA2T2.4, FrM2T1.1, FrM2T3.2, ThA1T2.1, ThA1T2.2, ThA1T2.3, ThA1T2.5, ThA1T3.1, ThA2T2.1, ThM1T3.5, ThM2T2.1, ThM2T3.3, ThM2T3.4, WeA1T1.3, WeA2T1.5, WeA2T2.1, WeA2T2.4, WeA2T3.1, WeM1T3.4, WeM2T1.3
Brain Machine InterfacesFrM1T3.4
Cognitive RoboticsFrA1T3.3, ThA1T3.4, ThM1T3.2, ThM2T1.3, TuWST1.1, WeA2T1.1, WeA2T1.5
Dexterous ManipulationFrA1T1.1, FrA1T1.2, FrA1T1.4, FrA2T1.1, FrM1T2.2, FrM2T2.5, ThA1T3.3, ThA2T3.2, WeM1T3.2, WeM2T1.5, WeM2T3.1, WeM2T3.2, WeM2T3.3
Entertainment RoboticsThM2T2.2
Force and Tactile SensingFrA1T1.1, FrA1T1.2, FrA1T3.4, FrA2T3.1, FrM1T1.4, ThA1T1.4, ThM1T1.1, WeM1T1.3, WeM1T1.4, WeM1T1.5
GraspingFrA2T3.1, FrM1T1.1, ThA1T3.3, ThA2T2.2, ThA2T3.2, ThA2T3.3, WeM1T1.2, WeM1T1.5
Human-Robot InteractionFrA1T3.1, FrA1T3.2, FrA1T3.3, FrA1T3.4, FrA1T3.5, FrM1T3.1, FrM1T3.2, FrM1T3.3, FrM1T3.4, FrM1T3.5, FrM2T3.1, FrM2T3.2, FrM2T3.3, FrM2T3.4, FrM2T3.5, ThA1T1.5, ThA1T3.1, ThM1T1.1, ThM2T1.3, ThM2T1.4, TuWST1.1, TuWST2.1, WeA1T1.2, WeA2T2.3, WeA2T3.2, WeA2T3.4, WeM1T3.4, WeM2T1.1, WeM2T2.1, WeM2T3.1, WeM2T3.2, WeM2T3.5
Humanoid and Biologically-Inspired RobotsFrA2T3.4, FrA2T3.5, FrM1T2.1, FrM1T2.2, FrM1T2.4, FrM1T2.5, ThM1T1.2, ThM1T2.1, ThM1T2.2, ThM2T3.2, WeA1T3.3, WeM2T1.4
Industrial RoboticsWeA2T2.2
Learning and AdaptationFrA1T1.3, FrA1T1.5, FrA1T2.5, FrA1T3.4, FrA2T3.2, FrM1T1.3, FrM2T3.3, FrM2T3.4, ThA1T3.2, ThA1T3.3, ThA1T3.5, ThA2T1.1, ThM1T2.3, ThM1T3.1, ThM1T3.2, ThM1T3.3, ThM1T3.5, ThM2T1.1, ThM2T1.2, ThM2T1.4, ThM2T3.1, ThM2T3.3, WeA1T1.1, WeA1T1.2, WeA1T2.1, WeA1T3.2, WeA2T1.2, WeA2T1.3, WeA2T1.4, WeA2T3.3, WeA2T3.4, WeM1T1.4, WeM1T3.1, WeM2T1.5, WeM2T2.1
Mechanism DesignFrA2T1.1, FrA2T1.3, FrA2T1.4, FrA2T3.4, FrA2T3.5, FrM1T1.2, FrM1T1.4, FrM1T1.5, FrM1T2.1, ThA1T1.2, ThA1T1.3, ThA1T1.5, ThM1T1.2, ThM1T1.3, ThM1T2.2, ThM1T2.4, ThM1T3.4, WeA2T2.2, WeM1T1.1, WeM1T2.4, WeM1T2.5, WeM1T3.2, WeM1T3.3, WeM2T2.4
Medical and Rehabilitation RobotsFrM1T1.1, FrM1T3.1, ThA1T1.1, ThA1T1.3, ThA1T1.4, ThM1T1.3, TuWST3.1, WeA1T2.2, WeM1T1.2
Medical RobotsThA1T1.1, ThA1T1.3, ThM2T1.5, ThM2T2.4, TuWST1.1, TuWST3.1, WeA1T2.1, WeA1T2.2, WeA1T2.3, WeM1T1.1, WeM2T2.1, WeM2T2.2, WeM2T2.3, WeM2T2.4, WeM2T2.5
Mobile ManipulationFrM2T2.4, ThM2T1.5
Motion and Path PlanningFrA1T1.4, FrA1T2.1, FrA1T2.2, FrA1T2.5, FrA2T2.5, FrA2T3.2, FrM2T1.1, FrM2T2.1, FrM2T3.2, ThA1T2.1, ThA1T2.2, ThA1T2.3, ThA1T2.4, ThA1T2.5, ThA1T3.2, ThA1T3.5, ThA2T1.4, ThA2T2.3, ThA2T3.3, ThM1T2.4, ThM1T3.5, WeA1T3.2, WeA1T3.3, WeA2T1.1, WeM1T2.1, WeM1T2.2, WeM1T3.2, WeM2T1.2, WeM2T1.3, WeM2T1.4
Multi-Robot SystemsFrA1T1.1, FrA1T2.4, FrA2T2.2, FrM1T1.2, FrM2T2.1, FrM2T2.2, FrM2T2.3, FrM2T2.4, FrM2T2.5, ThA2T1.2, WeA2T3.5, WeM1T2.5
Optimization and Optimal ControlFrA1T2.5, FrA2T1.3, FrM1T1.3, FrM1T2.3, FrM1T2.4, FrM2T2.3, ThA1T1.2, ThA1T1.4, ThA1T2.4, ThA1T3.2, ThA2T2.3, ThM1T2.1, ThM2T1.2, WeA1T3.2, WeA2T1.4, WeA2T2.4, WeA2T3.2, WeM1T2.1, WeM2T1.2, WeM2T1.3, WeM2T3.4
Parallel RobotsFrM1T2.1, ThM1T1.3, WeA1T3.1
Reconfigurable Robotic SystemsThA2T1.3, ThA2T2.4, ThM1T2.5, WeA2T2.3, WeM1T2.3, WeM1T3.3
RGB-D PerceptionFrA1T3.2, FrM1T3.2, FrM2T1.4, FrM2T3.1, ThA2T1.2, ThA2T3.1, ThA2T3.4, ThM2T1.3, ThM2T3.1, WeA1T1.2
Robot Kinematics Dynamics and ControlFrA2T1.1, FrA2T1.2, FrA2T3.3, FrM1T1.2, FrM1T1.5, FrM1T2.2, FrM1T2.3, FrM1T2.5, FrM2T2.4, ThM1T2.1, ThM1T2.2, ThM1T2.3, ThM2T1.2, ThM2T3.2, ThM2T3.4, WeA1T1.1, WeA1T3.1, WeA1T3.3, WeA2T1.1, WeM1T1.4, WeM1T2.1, WeM1T3.1, WeM2T1.2, WeM2T1.4, WeM2T3.4
Robot Operating SystemsWeA2T2.5, WeM1T2.2
Robot SwarmsFrM2T2.3
Robot VisionFrA1T1.5, FrA1T3.2, FrA2T2.1, FrA2T2.3, FrA2T2.4, FrA2T2.5, FrM2T1.3, FrM2T1.5, ThA2T1.2, ThA2T3.1, ThA2T3.4, ThM2T2.1, ThM2T2.2, ThM2T2.3, ThM2T2.5, WeA1T2.1, WeA1T2.2, WeA1T2.3, WeA2T3.1, WeM1T2.2, WeM1T3.5, WeM2T2.3
Robotic Assembly SystemsFrA1T3.3, FrM1T3.2, ThA2T1.3, WeA2T2.3
Robotics ArchitecturesFrA1T3.1, FrA2T3.4, ThA1T2.2, ThA1T3.4, ThA2T2.2, ThM2T1.1, ThM2T2.5, TuWST2.1, WeA2T2.2, WeM1T2.3, WeM1T2.4
Search and Rescue RobotsFrA2T2.2, ThM1T2.5, ThM2T1.1
Sensor FusionFrA2T2.3, FrM1T3.3, FrM2T1.4, ThM2T3.5, WeA1T2.3, WeM2T3.3
Service RobotsFrA2T2.1, FrM1T3.5, ThM1T1.4, ThM1T2.5, ThM2T2.5, WeA2T3.2
Simulation and VisualizationFrA1T2.2, FrA2T2.5, FrA2T3.3, FrM1T2.3, ThA1T1.2, ThA2T2.3, ThA2T2.4, ThA2T3.2, WeA2T1.2, WeA2T2.4, WeA2T3.4, WeM2T1.1
Simultaneous Localization and MappingFrA1T1.2, FrA2T2.1, FrM1T2.5, FrM1T3.3, FrM2T1.2, FrM2T1.4, FrM2T1.5, ThM1T3.4, ThM2T3.5, WeA2T3.1, WeA2T3.3
Soft RobotsFrM1T1.1, ThM1T1.2, ThM2T2.2, ThM2T3.2, WeM1T1.1, WeM1T1.2, WeM1T1.5, WeM2T1.5, WeM2T2.4
TeleoperationFrA2T3.1, FrM1T1.4, ThA1T3.5, ThA2T2.4, ThM2T1.5, WeM1T3.5, WeM2T1.1, WeM2T3.1, WeM2T3.2, WeM2T3.3
Underwater RobotsFrA2T3.3, ThA2T2.1, ThM1T1.5
Unmanned Aerial RobotsFrA2T2.2, FrM1T1.3, FrM1T3.4, FrM1T3.5, FrM2T1.2, FrM2T1.5, ThM2T3.1, ThM2T3.3, ThM2T3.4, ThM2T3.5, WeM1T3.5
Visual ServoingThM2T2.3, WeA2T1.4
Wheeled RobotsFrM2T1.1, FrM2T2.1, ThA1T2.4, ThM1T1.4, ThM1T3.1, ThM1T3.2, WeM1T3.1, WeM1T3.3




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