IEEE - World Haptics Conference 2011
June 22-24, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday June 24, 2011

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FrA1 Oral, Lecture room Add to My Program 
Haptic Collaboration and Training  
Chair: Peer, AngelikaTech. Univ. München
Co-Chair: MacLean, KaronUniv. of British Columbia
09:00-09:15, Paper FrA1.1 Add to My Program
Conveying Intentions through Haptics in Human-Computer Collaboration
Kucukyilmaz, AyseKoc Univ
Sezgin, Tevfik MetinKoc Univ
Basdogan, CagatayKoc Univ
09:15-09:30, Paper FrA1.2 Add to My Program
Haptic Shared Control Improves Tele-Operated Task Performance towards Performance in Direct Control
Boessenkool, HenriDelft Univ. of Tech
Abbink, David A.Delft Univ. of Tech
Heemskerk, Cock J.M.Heemkerk Innovative Tech
Van der Helm, Frans C. T.Delft Univ. of Tech
09:30-09:45, Paper FrA1.3 Add to My Program
Efficacy of Shared-Control Guidance Paradigms for Robot-Mediated Training
Powell, DaneRice Univ
O'Malley, MarciaRice Univ
FrB1 Oral, Lecture room Add to My Program 
Multisensory Perception  
Chair: Tan, HongPurdue Univ
Co-Chair: Flanders, MarthaUniv. of Minnesota
10:45-11:00, Paper FrB1.1 Add to My Program
Perceptual Characteristic of Multi-Spectral Vibrations Beyond the Human Perceivable Frequency Range
Makino, YasutoshiKeio Univ
Maeno, TakashiKeio Univ
Shinoda, HiroyukiUniv. of Tokyo
11:00-11:15, Paper FrB1.2 Add to My Program
Bimanual Volume Perception of 3-D Objects
Kahrimanovic, MirelaHelmholtz Inst. Utrecht Univ
Bergmann Tiest, WouterUtrecht Univ
Kappers, Astrid M.L.Helmholtz Inst. Utrecht Univ
11:15-11:30, Paper FrB1.3 Add to My Program
Integrating Visual and Haptic Shape Information to Form a Multimodal Perceptual Space
Gaissert, NinaMax-Planck-Inst
Wallraven, ChristianKorea Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper FrB1.4 Add to My Program
Control Space of Apparent Haptic Motion
Israr, AliDisney Res. Pittsburgh
Poupyrev, IvanDisney Res. Pittsburgh
FrC1 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
Novel Haptic Applications  
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC1.3 Add to My Program
Noise-Free Haptic Interaction with a Bowed-String Acoustic Model
Sinclair, StephenMcGill Univ
Wanderley, MarceloMcGill Univ
Hayward, VincentUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
Scavone, GaryMcGill Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC1.6 Add to My Program
Variable Gain Haptic Coupling for Molecular Simulation
Bolopion, AudeUniv. Pierre Et Marie-Curie, Paris 6 / CNRS UMR7222
Cagneau, BarthélemyUniv. De Versailles Saint-Quentin En Yvelines
Redon, StephaneINRIA
Régnier, StéphaneUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC1.9 Add to My Program
The Plenhaptic Guidance Function for Intuitive Navigation in Extended Range Telepresence Scenarios
Pérez Arias, AntoniaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
Eberhardt, HenningKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
Pfaff, FlorianKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
Hanebeck, Uwe D.Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC1.12 Add to My Program
Embodied Cognition As a Motivating Perspective for Haptic Interaction Design: A Position Paper
Gillespie, BrentUniv. of Michigan
O'Modhrain, SileQueen's Univ. Belfast
FrC2 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC2.15 Add to My Program
A Passivity Criterion for Sampled-Data Bilateral Teleoperation Systems
Jazayeri, AliUniv. of Alberta
Tavakoli, MahdiUniv. of Alberta
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC2.18 Add to My Program
Enhancing Task Classification in Human-Machine Collaborative Teleoperation Systems by Real-Time Evaluation of an Agreement Criterion
Passenberg, CarolinaUniv. München
Stefanov, NikolayTech. Univ. München
Peer, AngelikaTech. Univ. München
Buss, MartinTech. Univ. München
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC2.21 Add to My Program
Stability of Internet-Based Teleoperation Systems Using Bayesian Predictions
Lee, Jae-youngSimon Fraser Univ
Payandeh, ShahramSimon Fraser Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC2.24 Add to My Program
An IQC Formulation of Stability Analysis for Bilateral Teleoperation Systems with Time Delays
Polat, IlhanDelft Univ. of Tech
FrC3 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
Haptic Perception of Shape  
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC3.27 Add to My Program
Combining Vibrotactile and Kinaesthetic Cues in Haptic Volume Visualization
Lundin Palmerius, KarljohanLinköping Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC3.30 Add to My Program
Edge Sharpness Perception with Force and Contact Location Information
Park, JaeyoungPurdue Univ
Doxon, AndrewUniv. of Utah
Provancher, WilliamUniv. of Utah
Johnson, DavidUniv. of Utah
Tan, HongPurdue Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC3.33 Add to My Program
Evaluation of Size and Shape Perception in Multi-Finger Haptic System
Handa, TakuyaNHK
Sakai, TadahiroNHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp
Shinoda, HiroyukiUniv. of Tokyo
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC3.36 Add to My Program
The Influence of Edges As Salient Features in Haptic Shape Perception of 3D Objects
Panday, VirjanandHelmholtz Inst. Utrecht Univ. the Netherlands
Bergmann Tiest, WouterUtrecht Univ
Kappers, Astrid M.L.Helmholtz Inst. Utrecht Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC3.39 Add to My Program
Haptic Perception of Curvature through Active Touch
Zeng, TaoUSTL, Univ. Nord De France
Giraud, FredericUSTL, Univ. Nord De France
Lemaire-Semail, BettyUSTL, Univ. Nord De France
Amberg, MichelUSTL, Univ. Nord De France
FrC4 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
Haptic Displays and Evaluation  
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC4.42 Add to My Program
Towards an Objective Quality Evaluation Framework for Haptic Data Reduction
Chaudhari, RahulTech. Univ. München
Steinbach, EckehardTech. Univ. München
Hirche, SandraTech. Univ. München
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC4.45 Add to My Program
Experimental Evaluation of a Haptic Interface for Endoscopic Simulation
Samur, EvrenEc. Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Flaction, LionelEc. Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL)
Bleuler, HannesEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC4.48 Add to My Program
Haptically Rendering Different Switches Arranged on a Virtual Control Panel by Using an Encountered-Type Haptic Device
Yafune, MotohiroToyama Prefectural Univ
Yokokohji, YasuyoshiKobe Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC4.51 Add to My Program
An Ungrounded Pen-Shaped Kinesthetic Display: Device Construction and Applications
Kamuro, ShoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Minamizawa, KoutaKeio Univ
Tachi, SusumuKeio Univ
FrC5 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
Tactile Displays  
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC5.54 Add to My Program
Design of Body-Grounded Tactile Actuators for Playback of Human Physical Contact
Stanley, Andrew A.Univ. of Pennsylvania
Kuchenbecker, Katherine J.Univ. of Pennsylvania
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC5.57 Add to My Program
Development of Aerial-Input and Aerial-Tactile-Feedback System
Hoshi, TakayukiKumamoto Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC5.60 Add to My Program
Enlarged Electro-Tactile Display with Repeated Structure
Kajimoto, HiroyukiThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC5.63 Add to My Program
Tactile Transducer Based on Electromechanical Solenoids
Fontana, MarcoPERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Marcheschi, SimonePERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Salsedo, FabioPERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Bergamasco, MassimoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
FrC6 Poster, Poster hall Add to My Program 
Tactile and Haptic Perception  
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC6.66 Add to My Program
Haptic Perception of Viscous Friction of Rotary Switches
Kuehner, ManuelHeilbronn Univ
Bubb, HeinerTech. Univ. München
Bengler, KlausTech. Univ. Muenchen
Schneider, JohannAudi AG
Wild, JoergHeilbronn Univ
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC6.69 Add to My Program
Cutaneous and Kinaesthetic Perception of Traversed Distance
Bergmann Tiest, WouterUtrecht Univ
van der Hoff, Leo Martijn AntonUtrecht Univ. Helmholtz Inst
Kappers, Astrid M.L.Utrecht Univ. Helmholtz Inst
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC6.72 Add to My Program
Orientation Discrimination of Patterned Surfaces through an Actuated and Non-Actuated Tactile Display
Garcia, Nadia VanessaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Sarakoglou, IoannisIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Tsagarakis, NikolaosItalian Inst. of Tech. (IIT)
Caldwell, Darwin G.Italian Inst. of Tech
14:00-15:30, Paper FrC6.74 Add to My Program
Weak Spatial Constancy in Touch
Wexler, MarkCNRS
Hayward, VincentUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
FrD1 Oral, Lecture room Add to My Program 
Tactile Sensors II  
Chair: Hayward, VincentUniv. Pierre Et Marie Curie
Co-Chair: Kwon, Dong-SooKAIST
16:00-16:15, Paper FrD1.1 Add to My Program
Preliminary Study for Smoother Vibrotactile Flow Generation on Thin Plates by Using Piezoelectric Actuators
Kang, JeonggooGIST
Kim, HeewonGIST
Lee, JongsuhGIST
Cho, KwangsuSungkyunkwan Univ
Wang, SemyungGIST
Ryu, JehaGIST
16:15-16:30, Paper FrD1.2 Add to My Program
Sensing Method of Total-Internal-Reflection-Based Tactile Sensor
Koike, MomotaroTohoku Univ
Saga, SatoshiTohoku Univ
Okatani, TakayukiTohoku Univ
Deguchi, KoichiroTohoku Univ
16:30-16:45, Paper FrD1.3 Add to My Program
Tactile Sensing Utilizing Human Tactile Perception
Tanaka, YoshihiroNagoya Inst. of Tech
Horita, YoshihiroNagoya Inst. of Tech
Sano, AkihitoNagoya Inst. of Tech
Fujimoto, HideoNagoya Inst. of Tech
16:45-17:00, Paper FrD1.4 Add to My Program
Flexible Membrane Tactile Sensor for Contact Traction Distribution Measurement on a Microscale
Kumar, SiddarthMIT
Liu, GangMIT
Srinivasan, MandayamMIT




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