CASE 2019 15th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering August 22-26, 2019, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Last updated on August 21, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CASE 2019 Keyword Index

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Additive ManufacturingFrBT1.3, FrBT1.5, FrBT10.5, FrBT2.5, FrCT7.4, SaBT2.1, SaBT2.2, SaBT2.3, SaBT2.4, SaBT2.5, SaBT2.6, SaCT1.2, SuBT2.5, SuBT6.5, SuCT8.4
Agent-Based SystemsFrBT9.6, FrCT4.1, SaBT5.4, SaBT6.4, SaCT1.1, SaCT1.3, SuAT2.6, SuBT6.1, SuBT7.3
Agricultural AutomationFrCT1.5, SuAT1.2, SuBT8.1, SuBT8.2, SuBT8.3, SuBT8.4
AI-Based MethodsFrBT4.1, FrBT4.3, FrBT4.6, FrBT5.4, FrBT5.6, FrBT9.3, FrBT9.5, FrBT9.6, FrCT2.1, FrCT2.3, FrCT2.4, FrCT2.6, FrCT3.5, FrCT4.5, FrCT5.6, FrCT8.5, FrCT9.4, FrKK2.0, SaAwK2.6, SaBT10.4, SaBT10.6, SaBT2.5, SaBT2.6, SaBT3.3, SaBT4.5, SaBT5.1, SaBT9.1, SaCT4.4, SaCT4.6, SaCT5.1, SuBT1.3, SuBT10.1, SuBT4.6, SuCT2.1
AssemblySaCT1.6, SaCT3.1, SuCT3.2, SuCT5.2, SuCT5.3
Automation at Micro-Nano ScalesSuCT1.1, SuCT1.2
Automation in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health CareFrBT10.1, FrBT5.4, FrBT5.5, FrBT6.6, FrCT5.1, FrCT5.2, FrCT5.4, FrCT5.5, FrCT6.1, FrCT6.2, FrCT6.4, FrCT6.6, SaBT5.1, SaCT5.1, SaCT5.2, SaCT5.3, SaCT5.4
Automation Technologies for Smart CitiesFrBT4.5, SaCT6.2, SaCT6.3, SaCT7.2
Autonomous AgentsFrBT9.6, FrCT6.1, SaAwK2.1, SaCT1.3, SaCT7.5, SaCT8.4, SuAT2.6, SuBT7.3
Autonomous Vehicle NavigationSaCT8.1, SaCT8.2, SaCT8.3, SaCT8.4, SaCT8.5, SaCT9.2, SaCT9.6, SuAT3.5, SuAT3.6, SuAT4.1, SuBT4.2, SuCT3.3
Behaviour-Based SystemsFrBT6.4
Big-Data and Data MiningFrBT10.3, FrBT2.4, FrBT4.2, FrBT4.6, FrBT5.1, FrBT5.2, FrBT5.5, FrBT9.1, FrBT9.2, FrBT9.3, FrCT10.1, FrCT2.2, FrCT2.4, FrCT2.5, FrCT2.6, FrCT4.2, FrCT4.4, FrCT5.2, FrCT5.5, FrCT5.6, FrCT9.5, SaBT10.3, SaBT10.4, SaBT10.5, SaBT10.6, SaBT3.3, SaBT5.6, SaBT9.1, SaKK1.0, SuBT10.1, SuCT2.3
Biological Cell ManipulationSaCT5.3
Building AutomationFrBT10.3, FrBT9.1, SaBT2.4, SaBT6.1, SaBT6.2, SaBT6.5, SaCT6.4, SaCT6.5, SaCT7.1, SuBT10.1, SuBT10.2, SuBT10.3, SuBT10.4, SuBT10.5, SuBT10.6, SuKK1.0
Calibration and IdentificationFrBT6.6, FrCT4.3, FrCT4.6, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.4, SuCT1.2
Cloud Computing For AutomationFrCT4.4, SaBT10.3, SaCT3.3, SaCT3.4, SuBT5.5, SuCT2.2
Collision AvoidanceSaAwK2.2, SaCT1.4, SaCT8.2, SaCT8.6, SaCT9.6, SuBT3.6, SuCT6.1, SuCT6.3
Compliant AssemblySaCT1.5, SuAT1.5, SuCT5.1
Computer Vision for AutomationFrBT6.5, FrCT5.1, SuBT7.5, SuBT8.5
Computer Vision for ManufacturingFrBT1.2, FrBT1.5, FrBT2.2, FrBT4.4, FrBT4.6, FrCT4.3, FrCT5.4, FrCT7.4, SaBT9.3, SaCT2.5, SaCT5.4, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.4, SuBT2.5, SuBT2.6
Computer Vision for TransportationSaCT9.3, SaCT9.4, SaCT9.5
Computer Vision in AutomationFrBT1.3, FrBT6.4, FrBT9.5, FrCT2.4, FrCT4.3, FrCT6.2, SaBT9.4, SaCT9.3, SaCT9.5, SuAT2.1, SuAT2.2, SuAT2.3, SuAT2.4, SuAT2.5, SuAT2.6, SuBT1.2, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.2, SuBT2.3, SuBT2.4, SuBT2.6, SuBT4.1, SuBT5.6, SuCT2.1, SuCT2.4, SuCT3.4
Control Architectures and ProgrammingFrCT8.3, SaAwK2.2, SaBT8.4, SaCT1.5, SaCT10.5, SaCT7.5, SuBT7.1
Cooperating RobotsFrCT6.1, SaCT9.4, SuBT7.1, SuBT7.2, SuBT7.3, SuBT7.4, SuBT7.5, SuBT7.6
Cyber-physical Production Systems and Industry 4.0FrBT10.5, FrBT2.1, FrBT2.5, FrBT2.6, FrBT3.1, FrCT4.1, FrCT7.1, FrCT9.2, FrKK2.0, SaBT2.2, SaBT6.4, SaBT8.1, SaCT10.2, SaCT10.3, SaCT10.6, SaCT6.3, SaKK1.0, SuBT5.1, SuBT5.2, SuBT5.3
Deep Learning in Robotics and AutomationFrBT5.3, FrBT5.4, FrBT5.6, FrBT6.5, FrBT9.2, FrBT9.4, FrBT9.5, FrCT1.3, FrCT1.5, FrCT2.1, FrCT2.3, FrCT2.5, FrCT3.5, FrCT5.1, FrCT5.4, SaAwK2.4, SaBT2.1, SaBT9.2, SaCT10.6, SaCT2.4, SaCT9.3, SaCT9.4, SaCT9.5, SuAT2.1, SuAT2.2, SuAT2.3, SuAT2.5, SuBT1.3, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.3, SuBT4.5, SuBT5.6, SuCT3.2, SuCT7.1
Discrete Event Dynamic Automation SystemsFrBT7.3, FrBT8.1, FrBT8.2, FrBT8.3, FrBT8.4, FrBT8.5, FrBT8.6, FrCT7.2, FrCT8.1, FrCT8.2, FrCT8.3, FrCT8.4, FrCT8.5, FrCT8.6, SaCT1.2, SaCT1.4, SaCT10.3, SaCT4.3
Domain-specific Software and Software EngineeringFrCT8.3, SuCT8.2, SuCT8.3
Energy and Environment-aware AutomationFrBT4.3, FrBT8.5, FrCT7.3, SaBT1.2, SaBT1.4, SaBT1.5, SaBT6.3, SaBT6.6, SaCT6.1, SaCT6.4, SaCT6.5, SuBT10.3, SuBT10.6, SuBT3.3
Factory AutomationFrBT3.1, FrCT1.2, FrCT2.6, FrCT4.6, SaAwK2.6, SaBT3.1, SaBT8.1, SaCT1.6, SaCT2.1, SaCT2.6, SaCT4.3, SaCT7.6, SuAT4.5, SuBT2.3, SuBT3.2, SuBT5.1, SuBT5.4, SuBT6.2, SuCT2.4, SuCT5.3
Failure Detection and RecoveryFrBT10.2, FrBT9.2, FrCT4.2, FrCT9.4, SaBT10.1, SaBT10.2, SaBT6.6, SuAT1.1, SuAT4.3, SuBT2.3, SuCT2.1, SuCT2.2, SuCT2.3, SuCT2.4, SuCT7.1, SuCT7.2, SuCT7.3, SuCT7.4
Formal Methods in Robotics and AutomationFrBT7.6, FrBT8.3, FrCT6.3, FrCT8.2, FrCT8.5, FrCT8.6, SaBT8.1, SaBT8.2, SaBT8.3, SaBT8.4, SaBT8.5, SaBT8.6, SaCT7.4
Foundations of AutomationFrKK1.0, SaCT1.4, SaCT10.5, SuBT6.4
Health Care ManagementFrBT5.2, FrCT10.1, FrCT10.2, FrCT10.3, FrCT5.2, FrCT5.6, SaBT5.1, SaBT5.2, SaBT5.3, SaBT5.4, SaBT5.5, SaCT5.1, SaCT5.2, SaCT5.3
Human Factors and Human-in-the-LoopFrBT5.3, FrCT4.4, FrCT6.5, SaBT8.2, SaCT5.6, SuAT4.6, SuBT1.1, SuBT1.2, SuBT1.3, SuBT1.4, SuBT1.5
Human-Centered AutomationFrBT1.4, FrBT6.4, FrBT6.5, SaCT5.5, SuBT1.2, SuBT8.6
Hybrid Logical/Dynamical Planning and VerificationSaCT7.4
Hydraulic/Pneumatic ActuatorsFrBT6.3, SuAT1.5, SuCT1.3
Industrial RobotsFrBT1.1, FrBT1.6, FrBT2.1, SaCT2.4, SaCT3.6, SuAT2.4, SuAT2.5, SuAT3.1, SuAT4.5, SuAT4.6, SuBT1.1, SuBT1.6, SuBT2.4, SuBT3.6, SuBT5.5, SuBT6.3, SuBT7.1, SuBT7.2, SuBT8.6, SuBT9.4, SuCT1.4, SuCT4.1, SuCT4.2, SuCT5.2, SuCT7.3
Intelligent and Flexible ManufacturingFrBT1.4, FrBT1.5, FrBT1.6, FrBT10.6, FrBT2.1, FrBT2.2, FrBT2.4, FrBT2.5, FrBT2.6, FrBT3.1, FrBT4.2, FrBT4.4, FrCT1.1, FrCT1.2, FrCT1.4, FrCT1.5, FrCT1.6, FrCT2.2, FrCT2.3, FrCT2.5, FrCT3.4, FrCT4.1, FrCT4.5, FrCT4.6, FrCT7.1, FrCT7.2, FrCT9.2, SaAwK2.4, SaAwK2.6, SaBT1.1, SaBT1.2, SaBT1.3, SaBT1.4, SaBT1.5, SaBT1.6, SaBT10.4, SaBT3.1, SaBT3.2, SaBT3.4, SaBT3.5, SaCT1.1, SaCT1.2, SaCT1.3, SaCT1.5, SaCT1.6, SaCT2.3, SaCT2.6, SaCT4.4, SaCT8.1, SuAT3.1, SuBT2.2, SuBT5.2, SuBT5.3, SuBT9.6, SuCT5.1, SuCT5.2, SuCT5.3, SuCT7.3
Intelligent Transportation SystemsFrCT7.2, FrCT9.5, SaBT6.3, SaCT9.1, SaCT9.6
Inventory ManagementSaBT3.6, SaBT5.3
Inventory managementSaBT7.6
Inventory ManagementSuCT3.4
Learning and Adaptive SystemsFrBT4.5, FrBT5.1, FrBT7.3, FrBT9.4, FrCT2.1, FrCT9.4, SaAwK2.4, SaBT10.2, SaBT10.6, SaBT6.6, SaBT7.2, SaBT8.2, SaBT8.3, SaBT8.4, SaBT9.2, SaCT10.1, SaCT8.3, SuAT2.4, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.2, SuBT4.4, SuBT4.6, SuBT5.6, SuCT4.1, SuCT4.2, SuCT7.2
LogisticsFrBT2.3, FrCT10.2, SaBT3.6, SaBT4.6, SaBT5.5, SaBT6.4, SaCT3.2, SaCT8.1, SaCT9.1, SaCT9.2
Manipulation PlanningFrBT6.6, SaAwK2.5, SuAT3.1, SuBT3.1, SuBT4.5, SuBT6.1, SuBT6.2, SuBT6.3, SuBT6.4, SuBT6.5, SuBT7.4, SuBT9.6, SuCT3.4
Manufacturing, Maintenance and Supply ChainsFrBT2.6, FrCT1.4, FrCT3.6, FrCT7.5, FrCT9.2, SaBT4.6, SaBT7.6, SaCT2.3, SaCT3.1, SaCT4.1, SaCT5.4, SaKK1.0
Mechanism DesignFrBT10.4, SuAT3.4, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.4, SuBT9.1, SuBT9.2, SuBT9.3, SuBT9.4, SuBT9.5, SuBT9.6
MechatronicsFrCT1.6, FrCT6.6, FrCT9.6, SaBT10.2, SuAT1.4, SuBT10.4, SuBT10.5, SuBT7.4, SuBT8.4, SuBT9.1, SuBT9.2, SuBT9.3, SuCT1.1, SuCT1.3, SuCT1.4, SuCT8.3
Model Evolution (Systems and Software)SuCT1.4
Model Learning for ControlFrBT10.3, FrBT8.6, FrCT1.6, FrCT5.3, FrCT6.2, SaBT8.3, SuBT4.4
Motion and Path PlanningFrBT1.3, FrCT7.3, SaAwK2.2, SaAwK2.5, SaCT3.6, SaCT8.2, SaCT8.6, SuAT3.3, SuAT3.4, SuAT3.5, SuAT3.6, SuBT1.1, SuBT3.1, SuBT3.2, SuBT3.3, SuBT3.4, SuBT3.5, SuBT3.6, SuBT6.5, SuBT7.6, SuBT8.3, SuCT3.2, SuCT3.3
Networked RobotsSuBT1.4, SuCT4.1, SuCT4.2, SuCT4.3, SuCT4.4
Optimization and Optimal ControlFrBT10.4, FrBT10.5, FrBT2.3, FrBT4.1, FrBT7.3, FrBT7.5, FrBT7.6, FrCT3.4, FrCT5.3, FrCT7.5, FrCT7.6, FrCT9.6, SaAwK2.1, SaAwK2.3, SaAwK2.5, SaBT1.3, SaBT1.6, SaBT3.1, SaBT3.2, SaBT5.2, SaBT5.3, SaBT5.4, SaBT5.5, SaBT6.5, SaBT7.1, SaBT7.2, SaBT7.3, SaBT7.4, SaBT7.5, SaBT7.6, SaBT8.5, SaBT8.6, SaBT9.6, SaCT10.3, SaCT3.2, SaCT3.4, SaCT4.2, SaCT6.1, SaCT6.2, SaCT6.4, SaCT6.5, SaCT6.6, SaCT7.3, SaCT7.5, SaCT7.6, SaCT9.1, SaCT9.2, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.6, SuBT10.2, SuBT3.1, SuBT3.2, SuBT3.3, SuBT6.3, SuCT3.3, SuCT6.1
Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots of AgentsSaBT9.5, SaCT5.5, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.3, SuBT7.6, SuCT3.1, SuCT6.1
Petri Nets for Automation ControlFrBT8.1, FrBT8.2, FrBT8.4, FrBT8.5, FrBT8.6
Physically Assistive DevicesFrBT6.3, SaBT5.6, SuBT4.4
Planning, Scheduling and CoordinationFrBT3.2, FrBT3.3, FrBT3.4, FrBT3.5, FrBT3.6, FrBT4.2, FrBT5.2, FrCT10.1, FrCT3.1, FrCT3.2, FrCT3.3, FrCT3.4, FrCT3.5, FrCT7.3, FrCT9.3, SaAwK2.1, SaBT3.2, SaBT3.3, SaBT3.4, SaBT3.5, SaBT4.1, SaBT4.2, SaBT4.3, SaBT4.4, SaBT4.5, SaBT4.6, SaBT9.6, SaCT3.2, SaCT3.3, SaCT3.4, SaCT3.5, SaCT3.6, SaCT4.1, SaCT4.2, SaCT5.5, SaCT6.2, SaCT6.6, SaCT7.1, SaCT7.3, SaCT7.6, SuBT8.3, SuCT4.4
Probability and Statistical MethodsFrBT10.4, FrBT5.1, FrBT5.5, FrBT5.6, FrBT7.1, FrBT7.2, SaBT10.5, SaBT7.1, SaBT7.2, SaBT7.4, SaCT10.2, SaCT7.3, SaCT8.3, SuAT3.2, SuAT4.2, SuCT7.4
Process ControlFrBT1.1, FrBT1.6, FrBT2.4, FrBT3.2, FrBT3.3, FrBT3.4, FrBT3.5, FrBT3.6, FrCT3.3, FrCT9.1, FrCT9.6, SaBT10.1, SaBT2.3, SaBT2.4, SaCT10.4, SaCT10.6, SaCT2.1, SaCT2.2, SaCT2.3, SaCT2.4, SuBT2.5, SuBT5.1, SuCT2.3, SuCT7.4
Product Design, Development and PrototypingFrBT10.1, FrCT6.5, FrCT6.6, SaBT2.2, SuAT4.4, SuBT1.5, SuBT1.6, SuBT8.5, SuBT9.4, SuBT9.5, SuCT8.3, SuCT8.4
Prosthetics and ExoskeletonsFrBT5.3, FrBT6.3
Reactive and Sensor-Based PlanningSaCT8.6, SuAT3.5, SuBT7.5, SuCT3.1
Rehabilitation RoboticsFrBT6.1, FrBT6.2, FrCT6.5
Robot SafetySaBT8.5, SuBT1.6, SuBT7.2, SuCT6.2, SuCT6.3
Robotics in Agriculture and ForestrySuBT8.2, SuBT8.4
Robotics in ConstructionSuBT8.5, SuBT8.6
Robotics in Hazardous FieldsSuAT2.1, SuAT2.2, SuAT2.3, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.2, SuAT4.3, SuAT4.4, SuAT4.5, SuAT4.6
Semiconductor ManufacturingFrCT3.2, FrCT7.6, FrCT9.1, SaBT4.1, SaBT4.2, SaBT4.3, SaBT4.4, SaBT4.5, SaCT4.1, SaCT4.2, SaCT4.3, SaCT4.4, SaCT4.5, SaCT4.6
Sensor FusionSaBT5.6, SaCT10.4, SaCT8.4, SuBT10.4, SuBT5.3, SuBT8.1, SuCT7.1
Sensor NetworksFrBT4.4, SaCT10.4, SuAT1.2, SuAT1.3, SuBT3.5, SuCT3.1
Sensor-based ControlFrBT1.1, FrCT6.3, FrCT9.1, SaBT2.3, SaCT10.5, SaCT2.2, SaCT2.5, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.2, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.4, SuAT1.5, SuCT6.3
Service RobotsSuAT3.4, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.3, SuBT4.5, SuBT4.6, SuBT5.5, SuCT7.2
Simulation and AnimationFrBT7.1, FrBT7.4, FrBT7.5, FrCT7.1, SaAwK2.3, SaBT7.4, SaCT2.1, SuCT1.2, SuCT1.3, SuCT8.1
Software, Middleware and Programming EnvironmentsSuBT5.2, SuBT5.4, SuCT4.4, SuCT8.2
Surveillance SystemsFrCT2.2, SaCT4.5
Sustainable Production and Service AutomationFrBT3.2, FrBT3.3, FrBT3.4, FrBT3.5, FrBT3.6, FrCT3.3, FrKK2.0, SaBT1.2, SaBT1.4, SaBT1.5, SaBT1.6
SwarmsSaBT6.5, SaBT8.6, SaCT3.5, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.3, SuBT1.4, SuCT4.3, SuCT8.1
Task PlanningFrBT7.6, FrCT9.3, SaBT3.5, SaCT5.6, SuAT3.6, SuAT4.3, SuBT4.3, SuBT6.1
Virtual Reality and InterfacesFrBT1.4, SuBT1.5, SuCT8.1




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