The 6th annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

6th annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
August 21-24, 2010, Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CASE 2010 Keyword Index

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   L   M   N   O   P   R   S   T   V   W  

Adaptive and Learning SystemsMoB4.4, MoC2.3, MoC2.4, MoC2.5, SuB4.2, TuA1.1, TuB2.3, TuB2.5
Aerospace ManufacturingTuA4.1, TuA4.3
Agent-based Control of Networked SystemsMoAL.4
Assembly and DisassemblyMoC1.4, SuB1.1, SuB4.2, SuB4.6
Assembly for Meso, Micro and Nano-SystemsMoB4.1, MoB4.2, MoB4.3, MoB4.4, MoC4.1, MoC4.6, SuA1.1, SuA1.3, SuA2.5, TuA1.4
Auction DesignTuA3.4
Automata and Petri NetsMoB1.2, MoB2.1, MoB2.2, MoB2.3, MoB2.4, MoB2.5, MoB2.6
Automated Cell ImagingSuB3.3, SuC1.5
Automated Material Handling SystemsMoB1.4, MoC3.4, SuC2.4, SuC4.4, TuA4.1, TuA4.2
Autonomous SystemsMoB4.5, MoB5.1, MoB5.2, MoC2.5, MoC3.2, MoC3.5, SuB3.4, TuA2.1, TuA2.5, TuA3.2, TuA3.5, TuB2.3, TuB2.4, TuB2.5, TuB4.2
BioinformaticsSuB3.1, SuC1.2, SuC1.3
Cell ManipulationSuC1.1
Collaborative Information ProcessingMoC1.1
Composite ManufacturingMoB5.2, TuA4.1
Construction Robotics and AutomationSuB4.1, SuC4.1, SuC4.5, TuB4.6
Contact ModelingMoB5.5, MoC1.2, SuC4.6, TuB2.2
Control over Wireless SystemsMoB3.4
Demand ForecastingSuC2.5, TuA1.5
Demand ResponseMoC5.5
See also Green Automation
Diagnosis and Self-DiagnosisMoB2.5, SuA2.4, SuA2.5, SuA4.3, SuC3.3, SuC3.4, SuC3.6
Discrete Event SystemsMoB1.2, MoB1.3, MoB2.1, MoB2.2, MoB2.3, MoB2.4, MoB2.5, MoB2.6, MoC1.6, SuA2.2, SuA2.3, SuA4.4, SuB2.4, SuC4.5
Disease Modeling and ScreeningTuA1.3, TuB1.3, TuB1.4
Distributed Control SystemsMoAL.4, MoB3.5, SuB2.4, SuC4.3
Distributed Data Processing, Inference and AlgorithmsSuC1.2, SuC3.1, SuC3.2
Distributed ManufacturingMoC1.3, SuB2.4, SuB2.5
Drug Selection and DeliverySuC1.4
Dynamics, Kinematics and Mechanism DesignMoC3.1, MoC3.3, MoC3.6, MoC4.6, SuB4.4, SuC2.6, TuA1.1, TuA2.1, TuA2.2, TuA2.3, TuA2.4
E-Commerce, E-Markets and E-ProcurementSuC2.2, TuA3.4
Energy ManagementMoC5.4, MoC5.6, SuA1.2, SuB2.3, SuB2.6, SuC2.5
See also Green Automation
Fab Modeling Analysis and DesignSuA2.1, SuA2.2, SuA2.3, SuA2.4, SuB3.5
Factory AutomationMoB1.1, MoB1.3, MoC1.4, SuA3.2, SuB1.1, SuB4.5, SuC4.4, TuA3.5, TuA4.3, TuA4.4
Fault Tolerant ControlTuB2.3
Financial EngineeringSuB2.6
Green AutomationMoAL.2, MoC5.4, MoC5.6, SuA1.2, SuA2.1, SuA4.5, SuB2.3, SuB2.6, SuC2.1, SuC2.2, SuC2.3, SuC2.5, SuC2.6, TuB3.1
See also Renewable Energy, Net-Zero Building, Energy Management, Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Thermal Management, Demand Response
Health Care AutomationMoC2.2, SuB3.4, SuB3.6, SuC1.3, TuA1.1, TuA1.4, TuA1.5, TuB1.1, TuB1.2, TuB1.3, TuB4.5
Humans in the Control LoopSuB4.1, SuC4.6, TuB1.5, TuB4.4
Hybrid SystemsMoC5.1, SuC4.3, TuA3.1, TuB1.4, TuB3.2, TuB3.3, TuB4.2, TuB4.4
Image Processing and Machine VisionMoB3.3, MoB5.1, MoB5.2, MoB5.3, MoB5.4, MoB5.5, MoB5.6, SuB3.6, TuA1.3, TuB2.1
Industrial Wireless CommunicationMoB3.4
Information-based ManufacturingMoC1.2, MoC1.3, SuB2.2, SuC3.5, SuC4.1
Localization, Mapping, TrackingMoC3.3, MoC4.3, TuA3.5, TuB2.6
Logic-based Control SystemsMoC2.1, MoC5.1, TuA3.1, TuB3.2
Machine LearningMoC2.3, MoC2.5, SuA2.4, SuC3.4, TuB1.5
Manufacturing SystemsMoB1.1, MoB1.2, MoB1.3, MoB1.5, MoB1.6, MoB2.3, MoB5.1, MoC1.5, MoC1.6, SuA2.2, SuA3.5, SuA4.1, SuA4.2, SuA4.3, SuA4.4, SuB1.1, SuB2.5, SuB4.3, SuB4.5, SuB4.6, SuC2.3, SuC2.4, SuC3.3, SuC3.6, SuC4.1, TuA4.2, TuA4.3, TuA4.4, TuA4.5, TuB3.1
MEMS, NEMSMoB4.1, MoB4.2, MoB4.4, MoC4.1, MoC4.2, MoC4.4, MoC4.5, SuA1.1, SuB3.5, SuC1.4
MicrofluidicsMoC4.4, SuB3.3, SuB3.5, SuC1.4
Multi-Agent Planning and ControlMoC3.2, SuA2.5, SuB3.2, SuB3.4, TuA2.5, TuB2.1
Networked Control SystemsMoAL.4, MoB2.2, MoB3.4, MoB3.5, MoC3.1, SuC3.2, TuB4.3
Networked Industrial AutomationSuC3.2, TuB3.3
Neural and Fuzzy ControlMoC2.1, MoC2.2, MoC2.3
Optical and electron microscopyMoC4.2, MoC4.3, MoC4.4, SuA1.1, SuC1.5
OptomechatronicsMoB5.3, MoC4.2, MoC4.3, SuA1.5
Performance EvaluationMoAL.3, MoB3.1, MoB3.5, MoC3.6, MoC5.1, SuA4.4, SuB4.1, SuC1.3, TuA1.2, TuB1.2, TuB3.1, TuB4.1
Planning, Scheduling and CoordinationMoAL.1, MoAL.2, MoB1.4, MoB3.3, MoC1.5, MoC1.6, MoC3.5, SuA3.1, SuA3.2, SuA3.3, SuA3.4, SuA3.5, SuA4.1, TuA1.2, TuA1.5, TuA3.2, TuA3.3, TuA4.5, TuB1.1, TuB3.3, TuB3.4, TuB4.3, TuB4.5
Precision EngineeringMoB4.1, MoB4.2, MoB4.5, MoC4.1, MoC4.5, MoC4.6, SuB3.6, SuC1.1, TuA1.4
Product Life Cycle ManagementMoC1.1, SuB2.2, SuB2.3, SuC3.5, SuC3.6
Production and Inventory ControlMoAL.1, MoB1.5, MoB1.6, MoC1.5, SuA3.5, SuA4.2, TuA4.4, TuB3.5
Reconfigurable Manufacturing SystemsMoB1.4, MoC1.4, TuA2.1, TuA2.2, TuA2.5
Reliability and RobustnessMoC2.1, SuA4.1, SuA4.3, SuC2.1, SuC3.3, TuB4.1
Remanufacturing and Reverse LogisticsSuB2.1
Renewable EnergySuA1.4, SuA2.1, SuC2.1, SuC2.3, SuC2.4
See also Green Automation
Screening and Drug DiscoverySuB3.1, SuC1.2, TuA1.3
Sensor FusionSuB4.3, SuC3.4, TuB2.1
Sensor NetworksMoB3.1, MoB3.2, MoB3.3, SuC2.6
Smart BuildingSuA1.2
See also Green Automation
Social Human-Robot InteractionMoC2.4, SuC4.6, TuB2.4
Supply Chain ManagementMoAL.1, MoAL.5, MoB1.5, MoB1.6, MoC3.4, SuB2.1, TuB3.2, TuB3.4, TuB3.5
Systems Modeling and SimulationMoAL.2, MoAL.3, MoB4.5, MoC1.1, MoC1.2, MoC2.2, MoC3.3, MoC3.6, MoC5.2, MoC5.3, MoC5.5, SuA1.5, SuA2.3, SuA3.2, SuC4.5, TuA3.3, TuA4.2, TuA4.5, TuB1.1, TuB1.2, TuB1.4, TuB2.2, TuB3.5, TuB4.1, TuB4.2, TuB4.3
Thermal ManagementMoC5.2, MoC5.3, MoC5.4, MoC5.5, MoC5.6
See also Green Automation
Virtual Prototyping and EngineeringMoB1.1, MoB3.1, MoB5.6, TuA3.3
Warehousing SystemsMoC3.4
Web, Data and Text MiningSuC3.1
Web-based AutomationSuB3.2, SuC3.1
Web-based Collaborative Manufacturing SystemsMoC1.3, SuB2.1, SuB2.2
Workflow ManagementMoB2.1, SuB3.2




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