The 6th annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

6th annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
August 21-24, 2010, Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Technical Program for Monday August 23, 2010

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MoAPL Plenary Session, Grand Ball Room Add to My Program 
Micro and Nano Robots  
Chair: Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
09:00-10:00, Paper MoAPL.1 Add to My Program
Micro and Nano Robots
Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich
MoAL Regular Session, Grand Ball Room Add to My Program 
Best Conference Paper Finalists  
Chair: Viswanadham, NukulaIndian School of Business
Co-Chair: Luh, PeterUniv. of Connecticut
10:30-10:50, Paper MoAL.1 Add to My Program
Integrating Advance Demand Information in Supply Chain Contracts
Krishnamurthy, AnanthUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Ge, DengUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
10:50-11:10, Paper MoAL.2 Add to My Program
Embedding Detailed Robot Energy Optimization into High-Level Scheduling
Vergnano, AlbertoUniv. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Thorstensson, CarlChalmers Univ. of Tech
Lennartson, BengtChalmers Univ. of Tech
Falkman, PetterChalmers Univ. of Tech
Pellicciari, MarcelloUniv. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Yuan, ChengyinGeneral Motors Res. & Development Center
Biller, StephanGeneral Motors Corp
Leali, FrancescoUniv. of Modena and Reggio Emilia
11:10-11:30, Paper MoAL.3 Add to My Program
Model Order Selection Criterion with Application to Physical Systems
Doraiswami, Rajamani DoraiswamiUNB
Cheded, Lahouari ChededKFUPM
Khalid, Haris M. KhalidKFUPM
11:30-11:50, Paper MoAL.4 Add to My Program
Distributed Model Predictive Control Applied to Urban Traffic Networks: Implementation, Experimentation, and Analysis
Souza, Felipe AugustoUniv. Federal De Santa Catarina
Peccin, ViníciusFederal Univ. of Santa Catarina
Camponogara, EduardoFederal Univ. of Santa Catarina
11:50-12:10, Paper MoAL.5 Add to My Program
A Model for the Strategic Design of Distribution Networks
Costantino, NicolaPol. Di Bari
Dotoli, MariagraziaPol. Di Bari
Falagario, MarcoPol. Di Bari
Fanti, Maria PiaPol. Di Bari
Mangini, Agostino MarcelloPol. Di Bari
Sciancalepore, FabioPol. Di Bari
Ukovich, WalterUniv. of Trieste
MoB1 Regular Session, Trinity I Add to My Program 
Manufacturing Automation  
Chair: Tilbury, DawnUniv. of Michigan
Co-Chair: Zhang, LiangUniv. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
13:30-13:50, Paper MoB1.1 Add to My Program
Virtual Launch & Validation of Manufacturing Automation Controls
Barajas, LeandroGeneral Motors, R&D Center
Biller, StephanGeneral Motors Corp
Gu, FangmingGeneral Motors
Yuan, ChengyinGeneral Motors Res. & Development Center
13:50-14:10, Paper MoB1.2 Add to My Program
An Open Scheduling Architecture for Cluster Tools
Lee, Jun-HoKAIST (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Tech
Lee, Tae-EogKAIST
14:10-14:30, Paper MoB1.3 Add to My Program
Event-Based Fault Detection of Manufacturing Cell: Data Inconsistencies between Academic Assumptions and Industry Practice
Allen, Lindsay V.Univ. of Michigan
Tilbury, DawnUniv. of Michigan
14:30-14:50, Paper MoB1.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Design of a Decoupled Multiple-Loop Pallet System for Cyclic Flexible Manufacturing Plants
Mashaei, MaziarChalmers Univ. of Tech
Lennartson, BengtChalmers Univ. of Tech
Sannehed, FredrikFlexLink AB
Abbestam, GoranFlexLink AB
14:50-15:10, Paper MoB1.5 Add to My Program
Utility-Based Dynamic Control of Batch Processing Systems
Park, HongsukTexas A&M Univ
Banerjee, AmarnathTexas A&M Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper MoB1.6 Add to My Program
Kanban-Controlled Exponential Production Lines: Analysis and Design
Zhang, LiangUniv. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MoB2 Regular Session, Trinity III Add to My Program 
Automata and Petri Nets  
Chair: Reveliotis, SpiridonGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Wu, NaiqiGuangdong Univ. of Tech
13:30-13:50, Paper MoB2.1 Add to My Program
A Practical Approach to the Design of Maximally Permissive Liveness-Enforcing Supervisors for Complex Resource Allocation Systems
Nazeem, AhmedGeorgia Tech
Reveliotis, SpiridonGeorgia Inst. of Tech
13:50-14:10, Paper MoB2.2 Add to My Program
Deadlock-Free Control of Ratio-Enforced Automated Manufacturing Systems with Flexible Routes and Assembly Operations
Hu, HesuanXidian Univ
Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Li, ZhiwuXidian Univ
Wu, NaiqiGuangdong Univ. of Tech
14:10-14:30, Paper MoB2.3 Add to My Program
Petri Net-Based Scheduling of Time-Constrained Dual-Arm Cluster Tools with Bounded Activity Time Variation
Wu, NaiqiGuangdong Univ. of Tech
Zhou, MengChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
14:30-14:50, Paper MoB2.4 Add to My Program
Symbolic Approach to Nonblocking and Safe Control of Extended Finite Automata
Ouedraogo, LucienIowa State Univ
Kumar, RatneshIowa State Univ
Malik, RobiUniv. of Waikato
Akesson, KnutChalmers Univ. of Tech
14:50-15:10, Paper MoB2.5 Add to My Program
Sensor Configuration Selection for Discrete-Event Systems under Unreliable Observations
Lin, Wen-ChiaoIdaho National Lab
Yoo, Tae-SicIdaho National Lab
Garcia, HumbertoIdaho National Lab
15:10-15:30, Paper MoB2.6 Add to My Program
Diagnosis Using Labeled Petri Nets: Faults May Either Be Silent or Undistinguishable Events
Cabasino, Maria PaolaUniv. of Cagliari
Giua, AlessandroUniv. of Cagliari, Italy
Seatzu, CarlaUniv. of Cagliari
MoB3 Regular Session, Trinity V Add to My Program 
Distributed Systems  
Chair: Tzes, AnthonyUniv. of Patras
Co-Chair: Copp, JohnPrimodal Inc
13:30-13:50, Paper MoB3.1 Add to My Program
Towards the Automation of Water Quality Monitoring Networks
Copp, JohnPrimodal Inc
Belia, EvangelinaPrimodal Inc
Hübner, ChristianInst. F. Automation Und Kommunikation E.v. Magdeburg
Thron, MarioInst. F. Automation Und Kommunikation E.v. Magdeburg
Rieger, LeivEnviroSim Associates Ltd
Vanrolleghem, Peter A.Modeleau - Univ. Laval
13:50-14:10, Paper MoB3.2 Add to My Program
A Routing Scheme for Congestion Avoidance in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kandris, DionisisTech. Educational Inst. (T.E.I.) of Athens, Greece
Vergados, Dimitrios J.Ionian Univ. Greece
Vergados, Dimitrios D.Univ. of Piraeus
Tzes, AnthonyUniv. of Patras
14:10-14:30, Paper MoB3.3 Add to My Program
Exact Algorithms for Non-Overlapping 2-Frame Problem with Non-Partial Coverage for Networked Robotic Cameras
Xu, YiliangTexas A&M Univ
Song, DezhenTexas A&M Univ
Yi, JingangRutgers Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper MoB3.4 Add to My Program
Modified Generalized Predictive Power Control for Wireless Networked Systems with Random Delays
Han, CunwuNorth China Univ. of Tech
Sun, DehuiNorth China Univ. of Tech
Li, ZhijunNorth China Univ. of Tech
14:50-15:10, Paper MoB3.5 Add to My Program
A Practical Implementation of Distributed System Control Over an Asynchronous Ethernet Network Using Time Stamped Data
Anand, DhananjayUniv. of Michigan
Fletcher, JeffreyUniv. of Michigan
Moyne, JamesUniv. of Michigan
Li-Baboud, Ya-ShianNational Inst. of Standards and Tech
MoB4 Regular Session, Bay Add to My Program 
Micro and Nano Systems  
Chair: Li, YangminUniv. of Macau
Co-Chair: Popa, DanThe Univ. of Texas at Arlington
13:30-13:50, Paper MoB4.1 Add to My Program
Optimal Motion Control of Magnetically Levitated Microrobot
mehrtash, moeinUniv. of Waterloo
khamesee, Mir BehradUniv. of Waterloo
13:50-14:10, Paper MoB4.2 Add to My Program
Precision-Based Robot Path Planning for Microassembly
Popa, DanThe Univ. of Texas at Arlington
DAS, ADITYAUniv. of Texas at Arlington
14:10-14:30, Paper MoB4.3 Add to My Program
Automated Four-Point Probe Measurement of Nanowires Inside a Scanning Electron Microscope
Ru, ChanghaiSoochow Univ
Zhang, YongUniv. of Toronto
Sun, YuUniv. of Toronto
Zhong, YuUniv. of Western Ontario
Sun, XueliangUniv. of Western Ontario
Hoyle, DavidHitachi High-Tech. Canada
Cotton, IanHitachi High-Tech. Canada
14:30-14:50, Paper MoB4.4 Add to My Program
Characterization of Micro Forces in Pushing Flat Micro-Sized Objects
Shahini, MohsenUniv. of Waterloo
Melek, WilliamUniv. of Waterloo
Yeow, John TWUniv. of Waterloo
14:50-15:10, Paper MoB4.5 Add to My Program
Directed Motion of an Atomic Scale Engine and Stability Analysis
Guo, YiStevens Inst. of Tech
Zhang, WenlinStevens Inst. of Tehcnology
Wang, ZhengStevens Inst. of Tech
MoB5 Regular Session, Trinity IV Add to My Program 
Vision and Image Processing  
Chair: Kwok, Ngai MingUniv. of New South Wales
Co-Chair: Payeur, PierreUniv. of Ottawa
13:30-13:50, Paper MoB5.1 Add to My Program
Automated Surface Deformations Detection and Marking on Automotive Body Panels
Borsu, ValentinUniv. of Ottawa
Yogeswaran, ArjunUniv. of Ottawa
Payeur, PierreUniv. of Ottawa
13:50-14:10, Paper MoB5.2 Add to My Program
Real-Time Edge Detection for Automated Fibre-Mat Stitching
Richtsfeld, MarioVienna Univ. of Tech
Schöffmann, AntonVienna Univ. of Tech
Vincze, MarkusVienna Univ. of Tech
14:10-14:30, Paper MoB5.3 Add to My Program
Vision Inspection System for Holograms with Mixed Patterns
Park, Tae-HyoungChungbuk National Univ
Kwon, Hyuk-JoongSamsung Electronics Co
14:30-14:50, Paper MoB5.4 Add to My Program
Color Image Contrast Enhancement Using a Local Equalization and Weighted Sum Approach
Kwok, Ngai MingUniv. of New South Wales
Ha, Q PUniv. of Tech. Sydney
Fang, GuUniv. of Western Sydney
Rad, AhmadSimon Fraser Univ
Wang, DalongUniv. of New South Wales, Australia
14:50-15:10, Paper MoB5.5 Add to My Program
Shape Sensing by Vision-Based Tactile Sensor for Dexterous Handling of Robot Hands
Ito, YujiNagoya Univ
Kim, YoungwooNagoya Univ
Nagai, ChikaraNagoya Univ
Obinata, GoroNagoya Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper MoB5.6 Add to My Program
Delaunay-Based Triangular Surface Reconstruction from Points Via Umbrella Facet Matching
Ma, JiThe Univ. of British Columbia
Feng, Hsi-YungThe Univ. of British Columbia
Wang, LihuiUniv. of Skövde
MoC1 Invited Session, Trinity I Add to My Program 
Adaptive Manufacturing  
Chair: Ma, YongshengUniv. of Alberta
Co-Chair: Feng, Hsi-YungThe Univ. of British Columbia
Organizer: Wang, LihuiUniv. of Skövde
Organizer: Feng, Hsi-YungThe Univ. of British Columbia
16:00-16:20, Paper MoC1.1 Add to My Program
Generative CAD and CAE Integration Using Common Data Model (I)
Gujarathi, Ganesh PrakashDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Alberta
Ma, YongshengUniv. of Alberta
16:20-16:40, Paper MoC1.2 Add to My Program
Coverage Based Tool Path Planning for Automated Polishing Using Contact Stress Theory (I)
Xi, FengFengDepartment of Aerospace Engineering,
Li, YuwenRyerson Univ
Rososhansky, MichaelRyerson Univ
16:40-17:00, Paper MoC1.3 Add to My Program
Development of a System for Distributed Sharing and Reuse of Design and Manufacturing Knowledge in the PFMEA Domain Using a Description Logics-Based Ontology (I)
Mikos, WalterUniv. Tecnológica Federal Do Paraná
Ferreira, João Carlos EspíndolaUniv. Federal De Santa Catarina
Botura, Paulo Eduardo AlbuquerqueUniv. Federal De Santa Catarina
Freitas, LeandroUniv. Federal De Santa Catarina
17:00-17:20, Paper MoC1.4 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Approach for Dynamic Assembly Shop Floor Layout (I)
Wang, LihuiUniv. of Skövde
Keshavarzmanesh, ShadiThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Feng, Hsi-YungThe Univ. of British Columbia
17:20-17:40, Paper MoC1.5 Add to My Program
Improving Quality in Flexible Manufacturing Systems: A Bottleneck Transition Approach
Wang, JunwenUniv. of Kentucky
Li, JingshanUniv. of Kentucky
Arinez, JorgeGeneral Motors Res. & Development Center
Biller, StephanGeneral Motors Corp
17:40-18:00, Paper MoC1.6 Add to My Program
Dispatching in Free-Choice Multiple Reentrant Manufacturing Flowlines by Using Machine-Job Incidence Matrix
Sindicic, IvicaExor D.o.o
Bogdan, StjepanUniv. of Zagreb
Petrovic, TamaraUniv. of Zagreb
MoC2 Regular Session, Trinity III Add to My Program 
Computational Intelligence  
Chair: Wang, WenhuiUniv. of Canterbury
Co-Chair: Chaoui, HichamUniv. Du Québec à Trois-RivièRes
16:00-16:20, Paper MoC2.1 Add to My Program
Foundation of New Systems' Consolidity Theory Using Arithmetic Fuzzy Logic-Based Representation in Fully Fuzzy Environment
Dorrah, Hassen TaherCairo Univ
Gabr, Walaa Ibrahim MahmoudSDA Engineering Consultants Inc
16:20-16:40, Paper MoC2.2 Add to My Program
Self Organizing Fuzzy Control of Pneumatic Artificial Muscle for Active Orthotic Device
Chandrapal, MervinUniv. of Canterbury
Chen, XiaoQiUniv. of Canterbury
Wang, WenhuiUniv. of Canterbury
16:40-17:00, Paper MoC2.3 Add to My Program
Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Motion and Posture Control of Inverted Pendulums with Unstructured Uncertainties
Chaoui, HichamUniv. Du Québec à Trois-RivièRes
Sicard, PierreUniv. Du Québec à Trois-RivièRes
17:00-17:20, Paper MoC2.4 Add to My Program
Learning Compliance Control of Robot Manipulators in Contact with the Unknown Environment
Li, YananNational Univ. of Singapore
YANG, ChenguangSouth Kensington Campus
Ge, Shuzhi SamNational Univ. of Singapore
17:20-17:40, Paper MoC2.5 Add to My Program
AAGLMES: A GLM Equipped Adaptive Autonomy Expert System
Fereidunian, AlirezaUniv. of Tehran and Power and Water Univ. of Tech
Boroomand, FarzamUniv. of Tehran
Zamani, Mohammad AliUniv. of Tehran
Jamalabadi, HamidrezaUniv. of Tehran
lesani, HamidUniv. of Tehran
Lucas, CaroControl and Intelligent Processing Center of Excellence, Univ
afkhami, SamanRyerson Univ
MoC3 Regular Session, Trinity V Add to My Program 
Mobile Vehicles and Robots  
Chair: Nejat, GoldieUniv. of Toronto
Co-Chair: Beyeler, FelixETH Zurich
16:00-16:20, Paper MoC3.1 Add to My Program
Design of an Experimental Platform for an X-By-Wire Car with Four-Wheel Steering
Eder, MartinTU Munich
Knoll, AloisTU Munich
16:20-16:40, Paper MoC3.2 Add to My Program
On-Line Target-Motion Prediction for Autonomous Multirobot Search in Realistic Terrains with Time-Expanding Boundaries: A Novel Probabilistic Approach
Macwan, AshishUniv. of Toronto
Nejat, GoldieUniv. of Toronto
Benhabib, BenoUniv. of Toronto
16:40-17:00, Paper MoC3.3 Add to My Program
Longitude Force Estimation for Bandwidth Conservative Communication and Vehicular Monitoring
Yang, JingNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Chang, TimothyNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Hou, EdwinNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Ansari, NirwanNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
17:00-17:20, Paper MoC3.4 Add to My Program
Vehicle Interference Effects in Warehousing Systems with Autonomous Vehicles
Krishnamurthy, AnanthUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Roy, DebjitUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Malmborg, CharlesRPI
Heragu, SundereshUniv. of Louisville
17:20-17:40, Paper MoC3.5 Add to My Program
Mobile Robot Path Planning Based on Shuffled Frog Leaping Optimization Algorithm
Hassanzadeh, IrajUniv. of Tabriz
Madani, KatayounFaculty of Electrical Andcomputereng., Univ. of Tabriz, Tabr
badamchizadeh, mohammad aliControl Eng. Dept., Faculty of Electrical Andcomputereng., Univ
17:40-18:00, Paper MoC3.6 Add to My Program
Multi-Objective Optimization for Kinematic Reconfiguration of Mobile Robots
Freitas, GustavoFederal Univ. of Rio De Janeiro
Gleizer, GabrielFederal Univ. of Rio De Janeiro
Lizarralde, FernandoFederal Univ. of Rio De Janeiro
MoC4 Regular Session, Bay Add to My Program 
Micro-Nano Manipulation  
Chair: Chen, LiguoState Key Lab. of Robotics and System, RoboticsInstitute, Harbin Inst. of Tech. Harbin150080, CHINA
Co-Chair: Beyeler, FelixETH Zurich
16:00-16:20, Paper MoC4.1 Add to My Program
Precise Tracking Control of a Piezoactuated Micropositioning Stage Based on Modified Prandtl-Ishlinskii Hysteresis Model
Xu, QingsongUniv. of Macau
Li, YangminUniv. of Macau
16:20-16:40, Paper MoC4.2 Add to My Program
Wafer-Level Inspection System for the Automated Testing of Comb Drive Based MEMS Sensors and Actuators
Beyeler, FelixETH Zurich
Muntwyler, SimonETH Zurich
Nelson, Bradley J.ETH Zurich
16:40-17:00, Paper MoC4.3 Add to My Program
Automated High-Speed Nanopositioning Inside Scanning Electron Microscopes
Jasper, DanielUniv. of Oldenburg
Fatikow, SergejUniv. of Oldenburg
17:00-17:20, Paper MoC4.4 Add to My Program
Nanomanipulation of Single Virus Using Dielectrophoretic Concentration on a Microfluidic Chip
Maruyama, HisatakaNagoya Univ
Kotani, KyosukeTohoku Univ
Honda, AyaeHosei Univ
Takahata, TatsuroHosei Univ
Arai, FumihitoNagoya Univ
17:20-17:40, Paper MoC4.5 Add to My Program
Active Control of Adhesion Force for Pick-And-Place of Micro Objects with Compound Vibration in Micromanipulation
Chen, LiguoState Key Lab. of Robotics and System, RoboticsInstitute, H
Chen, TaoSoochow Univ
Sun, LiningHarbin Inst. of Tech
Rong, WeibinHarbin Inst. of Tech
Shao, bingHarbin Inst. of Tech
Yang, QingRobotics and Microsystems Center, Soochow Univ. Suzhou
17:40-18:00, Paper MoC4.6 Add to My Program
Presentation, Force Estimation and Control of an Instrumented Platform Dedicated to Automated Micromanipulation Tasks
Rakotondrabe, MickyFEMTO-St Inst
Clévy, CédricFranche-Comté Univ
Rabenorosoa, KantyFEMTO-ST Inst
NCIR, KamelFemto-St Inst
MoC5 Invited Session, Trinity IV Add to My Program 
Active Thermal Management for Emerging Applications  
Chair: Zhang, TieJunRensselaer Pol. Inst
Co-Chair: Kiehne, ThomasUniv. of Texas at Austin
Organizer: Zhang, TieJunRensselaer Pol. Inst
16:00-16:20, Paper MoC5.1 Add to My Program
Dwell-Time Approach to Stability Analysis for Hybrid Control Systems: Application to an Industrial Refrigeration Process (I)
Cai, ChaohongUnited Tech. Res. Center, East Hartford, CT
Mijanovic, StevoUnited Tech. Res. Center, East Hartford, CT
16:20-16:40, Paper MoC5.2 Add to My Program
Dynamic Simulation of Ship-System Thermal Load Management (I)
Hewlett, PatrickEnergy and Res. Solutions, Boston, MA
Kiehne, ThomasUniv. of Texas at Austin
16:40-17:00, Paper MoC5.3 Add to My Program
Thermal Aspects of a Shipboard Integrated Electric Power System (I)
Holsonback, ChristopherGeneral Electric
Kiehne, ThomasUniv. of Texas at Austin
17:00-17:20, Paper MoC5.4 Add to My Program
Micro-Thermal-Fluid Transient Analysis and Active Control for Two-Phase Microelectronics Cooling (I)
Zhang, TieJunRensselaer Pol. Inst
Wen, JohnRensselaer Pol. Inst
Peles, YoavRensselaer Pol. Inst
Tong, TaoCree Lighting
Chang, Je-YoungIntel Corp
Prasher, RaviIntel Corp
Jensen, MichaelRensselaer Pol. Inst
17:20-17:40, Paper MoC5.5 Add to My Program
Thermal Analysis of an HVAC System with TRV Controlled Hydronic Radiator (I)
Tahersima, FatemehAalborg Univ
Stoustrup, JakobAalborg Univ
Rasmussen, HenrikAalborg Univ
Peter, GammeljordDanfoss A/S
17:40-18:00, Paper MoC5.6 Add to My Program
Integrated Management of Cooling Resources in Air-Cooled Data Centers (I)
Wang, ZhikuiHP Labs
Bash, Cullen E.HP Labs
Hoover, ChristopherHP Labs
McReynolds, Alan AHP Labs
Felix, Carlos JHP Labs
Shih, RockyHewlett-Packard Company
MoDL Invited Session, Grand Ball Room Add to My Program 
Banquet Dinner Speech  
Chair: Wen, JohnRensselaer Pol. Inst




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