BioRob 2020 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on
Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics
Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2020
New York, USA
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Last updated on December 6, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

BioRob 2020 Keyword Index

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Activity recognition and health monitoringMoAPO-01.1, MoAPO-03.1, MoAPO-03.2, MoAPO-03.3, MoAPO-03.4, MoAPO-03.5, MoAPO-03.6, MoAPO-04.4, MoAPO-07.2, MoBT2.1, MoBT2.2, MoCPO-01.4, MoCPO-02.5, MoCPO-06.1, MoCPO-06.3, MoCPO-08.4, MoDT2.1, TuAPO-01.1, TuAPO-03.1, TuAPO-03.2, TuAPO-03.3, TuAPO-03.4, TuAPO-03.5, TuAPO-03.6, TuAPO-04.4, TuAPO-07.2, TuAT1.1, TuBT3.2, TuCPO-01.4, TuCPO-02.5, TuCPO-06.1, TuCPO-06.3, TuCPO-08.4, TuCT1.2
Algorithms and machine learningMoAPO-03.3, MoAPO-03.6, MoAPO-05.2, MoAPO-07.1, MoAPO-07.2, MoAPO-07.5, MoBPO-01.1, MoBPO-02.4, MoBPO-03.4, MoBPO-04.1, MoBPO-04.2, MoBPO-04.3, MoBPO-04.4, MoBPO-06.4, MoBPO-06.5, MoBPO-08.5, MoBT2.2, MoCPO-01.2, MoCPO-02.2, MoCPO-02.3, MoCPO-03.4, MoCPO-04.1, MoCPO-06.1, MoCPO-06.5, MoCPO-06.6, MoCPO-08.3, MoCPO-08.4, MoCPO-08.5, MoCT1.1, MoET3.1, MoET3.2, TuAPO-03.3, TuAPO-03.6, TuAPO-05.2, TuAPO-07.1, TuAPO-07.2, TuAPO-07.5, TuBPO-01.1, TuBPO-02.4, TuBPO-03.4, TuBPO-04.1, TuBPO-04.2, TuBPO-04.3, TuBPO-04.4, TuBPO-06.4, TuBPO-06.5, TuBPO-08.5, TuCPO-01.2, TuCPO-02.2, TuCPO-02.3, TuCPO-03.4, TuCPO-04.1, TuCPO-06.1, TuCPO-06.5, TuCPO-06.6, TuCPO-08.3, TuCPO-08.4, TuCPO-08.5, TuCT2.2, TuCT3.2, TuDT1.2, TuDT2.1, TuDT3.1, TuET2.1, TuFT3.2
Biological signal processing and identificationMoAPO-01.1, MoAPO-02.4, MoAPO-03.1, MoAPO-03.5, MoAPO-03.6, MoAPO-04.4, MoAPO-05.6, MoBPO-01.1, MoBPO-02.4, MoBPO-03.5, MoBPO-04.1, MoBPO-04.2, MoBPO-04.3, MoBPO-04.4, MoBPO-05.4, MoBT2.2, MoCPO-01.2, MoCPO-01.3, MoCPO-04.5, MoCPO-07.2, SuDT1.1, TuAPO-01.1, TuAPO-02.4, TuAPO-03.1, TuAPO-03.5, TuAPO-03.6, TuAPO-04.4, TuAPO-05.6, TuBPO-01.1, TuBPO-02.4, TuBPO-03.5, TuBPO-04.1, TuBPO-04.2, TuBPO-04.3, TuBPO-04.4, TuBPO-05.4, TuBT2.2, TuCPO-01.2, TuCPO-01.3, TuCPO-04.5, TuCPO-07.2, TuDT1.2, TuET1.1, TuET2.2
Biologically inspired systems - controlMoAPO-02.1, MoAPO-02.2, MoAPO-06.6, MoBPO-02.1, MoBPO-02.3, MoBPO-05.1, MoBPO-05.2, MoBPO-05.3, MoBPO-05.4, MoBPO-06.3, MoBT1.2, MoCPO-02.5, MoCPO-06.6, MoCPO-07.4, MoDT3.1, MoET3.1, TuAPO-02.1, TuAPO-02.2, TuAPO-06.6, TuAT1.2, TuBPO-02.1, TuBPO-02.3, TuBPO-05.1, TuBPO-05.2, TuBPO-05.3, TuBPO-05.4, TuBPO-06.3, TuCPO-02.5, TuCPO-06.6, TuCPO-07.4, TuCT2.1, TuCT2.2, TuCT3.1, TuDT2.1, TuDT3.2, TuET2.1
Biologically inspired systems - designMoAPO-02.1, MoAPO-02.2, MoAPO-02.3, MoAPO-02.4, MoAPO-04.1, MoBPO-01.6, MoBPO-02.2, MoBPO-02.5, MoBT3.1, MoCPO-06.2, SuCT3.1, TuAPO-02.1, TuAPO-02.2, TuAPO-02.3, TuAPO-02.4, TuAPO-04.1, TuAT2.2, TuAT3.2, TuBPO-01.6, TuBPO-02.2, TuBPO-02.5, TuCPO-06.2, TuCT2.1, TuCT2.2
Biomechanics and rehabilitationMoAPO-01.1, MoAPO-01.3, MoAPO-01.4, MoAPO-01.5, MoAPO-01.6, MoAPO-03.1, MoAPO-03.4, MoAPO-03.5, MoAPO-04.4, MoAPO-04.5, MoAPO-05.2, MoAPO-05.5, MoAPO-05.6, MoAPO-06.4, MoAPO-06.5, MoAPO-08.5, MoAT2.1, MoAT2.2, MoAT3.2, MoBPO-01.2, MoBPO-01.4, MoBPO-03.1, MoBPO-03.2, MoBPO-03.3, MoBPO-03.4, MoBPO-03.5, MoBPO-04.1, MoBPO-04.2, MoBPO-04.3, MoBPO-04.4, MoBPO-04.5, MoBPO-06.1, MoBPO-06.5, MoBPO-07.1, MoBPO-07.4, MoBT1.1, MoBT3.2, MoCPO-01.1, MoCPO-01.3, MoCPO-01.4, MoCPO-01.6, MoCPO-02.1, MoCPO-02.2, MoCPO-02.3, MoCPO-02.4, MoCPO-02.5, MoCPO-03.3, MoCPO-03.4, MoCPO-04.2, MoCPO-04.5, MoCPO-05.6, MoCPO-07.3, MoCPO-08.1, MoCPO-08.5, MoCT1.2, MoCT2.1, MoCT2.2, MoCT3.1, MoDT1.2, MoDT3.2, MoET1.2, MoET2.2, MoET3.2, MoFT1.2, MoFT2.2, SuAT1.1, SuDT1.1, TuAPO-01.1, TuAPO-01.3, TuAPO-01.4, TuAPO-01.5, TuAPO-01.6, TuAPO-03.1, TuAPO-03.4, TuAPO-03.5, TuAPO-04.4, TuAPO-04.5, TuAPO-05.2, TuAPO-05.5, TuAPO-05.6, TuAPO-06.4, TuAPO-06.5, TuAPO-08.5, TuAT1.1, TuAT1.2, TuAT3.1, TuBPO-01.2, TuBPO-01.4, TuBPO-03.1, TuBPO-03.2, TuBPO-03.3, TuBPO-03.4, TuBPO-03.5, TuBPO-04.1, TuBPO-04.2, TuBPO-04.3, TuBPO-04.4, TuBPO-04.5, TuBPO-06.1, TuBPO-06.5, TuBPO-07.1, TuBPO-07.4, TuBT1.1, TuBT2.2, TuCPO-01.1, TuCPO-01.3, TuCPO-01.4, TuCPO-01.6, TuCPO-02.1, TuCPO-02.2, TuCPO-02.3, TuCPO-02.4, TuCPO-02.5, TuCPO-03.3, TuCPO-03.4, TuCPO-04.2, TuCPO-04.5, TuCPO-05.6, TuCPO-07.3, TuCPO-08.1, TuCPO-08.5, TuCT1.1, TuCT1.2, TuCT2.1, TuET1.1, TuET1.2, TuET3.2, TuFT1.1, TuFT3.1
Brain-machine interfacesMoAPO-03.2, MoAPO-04.2, MoAPO-07.1, MoAPO-07.5, MoBPO-08.2, TuAPO-03.2, TuAPO-04.2, TuAPO-07.1, TuAPO-07.5, TuBPO-08.2
Community mobility and supportMoCT2.1, SuDT2.1, TuFT3.2
Computer vision in surgeryMoAPO-04.3, MoCPO-05.4, TuAPO-04.3, TuCPO-05.4
Exoskeletons and prostheses - controlMoAPO-01.2, MoAPO-03.2, MoAPO-05.1, MoAPO-05.4, MoAPO-06.6, MoAPO-08.1, MoAPO-08.6, MoAT1.1, MoAT1.2, MoAT2.1, MoBPO-01.6, MoBPO-02.1, MoBPO-02.3, MoBPO-02.4, MoBPO-03.1, MoBPO-03.2, MoBPO-03.5, MoBPO-05.4, MoBPO-06.3, MoBPO-07.5, MoBPO-08.1, MoBPO-08.3, MoBPO-08.5, MoBT1.1, MoBT1.2, MoCPO-01.1, MoCPO-01.2, MoCPO-01.5, MoCPO-02.2, MoCPO-02.3, MoCPO-03.1, MoCPO-03.2, MoCPO-03.3, MoCPO-03.4, MoCPO-03.5, MoCPO-06.4, MoCPO-06.5, MoCPO-07.3, MoCPO-07.6, MoCPO-08.1, MoCPO-08.3, MoCPO-08.4, MoCPO-08.5, MoCT1.1, MoCT1.2, MoDT1.1, MoDT1.2, MoDT2.2, MoET1.1, MoET3.2, MoFT1.2, MoFT2.1, SuAT2.1, TuAPO-01.2, TuAPO-03.2, TuAPO-05.1, TuAPO-05.4, TuAPO-06.6, TuAPO-08.1, TuAPO-08.6, TuBPO-01.6, TuBPO-02.1, TuBPO-02.3, TuBPO-02.4, TuBPO-03.1, TuBPO-03.2, TuBPO-03.5, TuBPO-05.4, TuBPO-06.3, TuBPO-07.5, TuBPO-08.1, TuBPO-08.3, TuBPO-08.5, TuBT1.2, TuBT2.2, TuCPO-01.1, TuCPO-01.2, TuCPO-01.5, TuCPO-02.2, TuCPO-02.3, TuCPO-03.1, TuCPO-03.2, TuCPO-03.3, TuCPO-03.4, TuCPO-03.6, TuCPO-06.4, TuCPO-06.5, TuCPO-07.3, TuCPO-07.6, TuCPO-08.1, TuCPO-08.3, TuCPO-08.4, TuCPO-08.5, TuCT1.1, TuCT1.2, TuDT1.2, TuET3.2
Exoskeletons and prostheses - designMoAPO-01.2, MoAPO-01.4, MoAPO-01.5, MoAPO-01.6, MoAPO-05.4, MoAPO-06.3, MoAPO-07.6, MoBPO-01.1, MoBPO-01.2, MoBPO-01.3, MoBPO-01.4, MoBPO-01.5, MoBPO-01.6, MoBPO-02.2, MoBPO-02.3, MoBPO-02.5, MoBPO-06.1, MoBPO-07.1, MoBPO-07.2, MoBPO-07.4, MoBPO-08.4, MoCPO-01.6, MoCPO-02.1, MoCPO-02.4, MoCPO-06.2, MoCPO-08.1, MoDT2.2, MoET1.1, MoET1.2, MoFT1.1, MoFT1.2, MoFT2.1, SuCT2.1, TuAPO-01.2, TuAPO-01.4, TuAPO-01.5, TuAPO-01.6, TuAPO-05.4, TuAPO-06.3, TuAPO-07.6, TuAT1.1, TuBPO-01.1, TuBPO-01.2, TuBPO-01.3, TuBPO-01.4, TuBPO-01.5, TuBPO-01.6, TuBPO-02.2, TuBPO-02.3, TuBPO-02.5, TuBPO-06.1, TuBPO-07.1, TuBPO-07.2, TuBPO-07.4, TuBPO-08.4, TuBT1.2, TuCPO-01.6, TuCPO-02.1, TuCPO-02.4, TuCPO-06.2, TuCPO-08.1, TuDT1.1
HapticsMoAPO-07.4, MoAPO-08.4, MoAPO-08.5, MoFT3.1, MoFT3.2, TuAPO-07.4, TuAPO-08.4, TuAPO-08.5, TuBT3.1, TuDT3.1, TuDT3.2, TuET3.1, TuET3.2
Human-centered designMoAPO-01.2, MoAPO-05.3, MoBPO-02.5, MoBPO-07.1, MoBPO-07.2, MoBPO-07.3, MoBPO-07.4, MoBPO-07.5, SuAT3.1, TuAPO-01.2, TuAPO-05.3, TuAT1.2, TuAT3.1, TuAT3.2, TuBPO-02.5, TuBPO-07.1, TuBPO-07.2, TuBPO-07.3, TuBPO-07.4, TuBPO-07.5
Human-machine interfacesMoAPO-02.4, MoAPO-04.5, MoAPO-05.3, MoAPO-06.2, MoAPO-07.1, MoAPO-08.5, MoAT1.1, MoBPO-05.1, MoBPO-05.3, MoBPO-08.1, MoBPO-08.2, MoBPO-08.3, MoBPO-08.4, MoBPO-08.5, MoCPO-01.5, MoCPO-03.3, MoCPO-03.5, MoCPO-04.3, MoCPO-07.1, MoCPO-07.2, MoCPO-07.6, MoCT3.2, MoDT3.1, MoFT3.2, SuDT1.1, TuAPO-02.4, TuAPO-04.5, TuAPO-05.3, TuAPO-06.2, TuAPO-07.1, TuAPO-08.5, TuBPO-05.1, TuBPO-05.3, TuBPO-08.1, TuBPO-08.2, TuBPO-08.3, TuBPO-08.4, TuBPO-08.5, TuBT2.1, TuBT3.2, TuCPO-01.5, TuCPO-03.3, TuCPO-03.6, TuCPO-04.3, TuCPO-07.1, TuCPO-07.2, TuCPO-07.6, TuCT1.1, TuCT3.1, TuCT3.2, TuFT1.1
Human-robot interactionMoAPO-01.5, MoAPO-02.1, MoAPO-05.3, MoAPO-06.5, MoAPO-07.3, MoAPO-07.5, MoAPO-08.1, MoAPO-08.3, MoAPO-08.6, MoBPO-01.5, MoBPO-05.2, MoBPO-08.1, MoBPO-08.2, MoBPO-08.3, MoBPO-08.4, MoBT1.2, MoCPO-01.1, MoCPO-04.3, MoCPO-07.1, MoCPO-07.2, MoCPO-07.3, MoCPO-07.4, MoCPO-08.3, MoCT1.1, MoDT1.1, MoDT2.1, MoFT3.1, MoFT3.2, SuAT1.1, SuAT2.1, SuBT4.1, TuAPO-01.5, TuAPO-02.1, TuAPO-05.3, TuAPO-06.5, TuAPO-07.3, TuAPO-07.5, TuAPO-08.1, TuAPO-08.3, TuAPO-08.6, TuBPO-01.5, TuBPO-05.2, TuBPO-08.1, TuBPO-08.2, TuBPO-08.3, TuBPO-08.4, TuBT1.1, TuBT2.1, TuBT3.1, TuBT3.2, TuCPO-01.1, TuCPO-04.3, TuCPO-07.1, TuCPO-07.2, TuCPO-07.3, TuCPO-07.4, TuCPO-08.3, TuDT2.1, TuFT1.1
Micro/nano roboticsMoAPO-07.3, TuAPO-07.3
Novel mechanisms and actuationMoAPO-01.4, MoAPO-02.2, MoAPO-02.3, MoAPO-04.6, MoAPO-06.1, MoAPO-06.2, MoAPO-06.3, MoAPO-06.4, MoAPO-06.5, MoAPO-07.6, MoAT3.1, MoBPO-07.3, MoBT3.1, MoCPO-05.2, MoCPO-08.2, MoCT2.2, MoCT3.1, MoET1.2, TuAPO-01.4, TuAPO-02.2, TuAPO-02.3, TuAPO-04.6, TuAPO-06.1, TuAPO-06.2, TuAPO-06.3, TuAPO-06.4, TuAPO-06.5, TuAPO-07.6, TuAT2.1, TuAT2.2, TuAT3.1, TuBPO-07.3, TuCPO-05.2, TuCPO-08.2, TuDT1.1, TuFT3.1
Novel sensorsMoAPO-07.3, MoAPO-07.4, MoAPO-07.6, MoBT3.2, MoCPO-06.2, MoCPO-06.3, MoCPO-06.4, MoET2.1, TuAPO-07.3, TuAPO-07.4, TuAPO-07.6, TuCPO-06.2, TuCPO-06.3, TuCPO-06.4
Pathological assessment/diagnosisMoAPO-04.1, MoAPO-04.2, MoAPO-04.5, MoAPO-08.4, MoBPO-04.5, MoBT2.1, MoCPO-04.2, MoCPO-04.5, MoET2.1, MoET2.2, MoFT2.1, MoFT2.2, SuAT1.1, TuAPO-04.1, TuAPO-04.2, TuAPO-04.5, TuAPO-08.4, TuBPO-04.5, TuCPO-04.2, TuCPO-04.5
Robotic companions and social roboticsMoCPO-07.4, MoDT2.1, TuCPO-07.4
Soft roboticsMoAPO-02.3, MoAPO-02.5, MoAPO-07.4, MoAPO-08.1, MoAPO-08.2, MoAPO-08.6, MoAT3.1, MoAT3.2, MoBPO-01.3, MoBPO-01.4, MoBT3.1, MoCPO-05.2, MoCPO-07.5, MoCT3.1, MoCT3.2, MoDT3.1, MoDT3.2, SuCT3.1, TuAPO-02.3, TuAPO-02.5, TuAPO-07.4, TuAPO-08.1, TuAPO-08.2, TuAPO-08.6, TuAT2.2, TuAT3.2, TuBPO-01.3, TuBPO-01.4, TuCPO-05.2, TuCPO-07.5, TuDT3.2, TuET3.1
Surgical navigation and localizationMoAPO-04.3, MoCPO-04.1, MoCPO-05.5, TuAPO-04.3, TuCPO-04.1, TuCPO-05.5, TuDT2.2
Surgical robotics - controlMoCPO-04.3, MoCPO-04.4, MoCPO-05.1, MoCPO-05.5, MoFT3.1, SuCT3.1, TuAT2.1, TuCPO-04.3, TuCPO-04.4, TuCPO-05.1, TuCPO-05.5, TuDT2.2, TuET3.1
Surgical robotics - designMoAPO-04.6, MoAPO-06.2, MoCPO-04.4, MoCPO-05.2, MoCPO-05.3, MoCPO-05.4, MoCPO-05.5, TuAPO-04.6, TuAPO-06.2, TuAT2.1, TuBT2.1, TuCPO-04.4, TuCPO-05.2, TuCPO-05.3, TuCPO-05.4, TuCPO-05.5, TuDT2.2
Technology assessment in human subjects/outcomesMoAPO-03.4, MoAPO-05.1, MoAPO-05.2, MoAPO-05.4, MoAPO-05.5, MoAT1.2, MoAT2.1, MoAT2.2, MoBPO-01.2, MoBPO-03.1, MoBPO-03.2, MoBPO-03.3, MoBPO-03.4, MoBPO-04.5, MoBT3.2, MoCPO-01.5, MoCPO-03.1, MoCPO-04.1, MoCPO-05.4, MoCPO-05.6, MoCPO-07.1, MoCPO-07.5, MoCPO-07.6, MoCT1.2, MoCT2.1, MoCT2.2, MoDT2.2, MoET2.1, MoET2.2, SuAT3.1, SuBT4.1, SuCT2.1, SuDT2.1, TuAPO-03.4, TuAPO-05.1, TuAPO-05.2, TuAPO-05.4, TuAPO-05.5, TuBPO-01.2, TuBPO-03.1, TuBPO-03.2, TuBPO-03.3, TuBPO-03.4, TuBPO-04.5, TuBT1.1, TuBT1.2, TuCPO-01.5, TuCPO-03.1, TuCPO-04.1, TuCPO-05.4, TuCPO-05.6, TuCPO-07.1, TuCPO-07.5, TuCPO-07.6
Wearable technologiesMoAPO-01.6, MoAPO-02.5, MoAPO-03.3, MoAPO-04.2, MoAPO-06.3, MoAPO-06.4, MoAPO-06.6, MoAPO-07.2, MoAPO-08.2, MoAPO-08.3, MoAT1.2, MoAT2.2, MoAT3.2, MoBPO-01.3, MoBPO-01.5, MoBPO-02.2, MoBPO-05.1, MoBPO-05.3, MoBPO-06.2, MoBPO-06.3, MoBPO-06.4, MoBPO-06.5, MoBPO-07.2, MoBPO-07.3, MoBPO-07.5, MoBT1.1, MoCPO-01.4, MoCPO-01.6, MoCPO-02.1, MoCPO-02.4, MoCPO-06.1, MoCPO-06.3, MoCPO-06.4, MoCPO-06.5, MoCT3.2, MoDT1.1, MoDT3.2, MoET1.1, MoFT1.1, SuAT2.1, SuAT3.1, SuBT4.1, SuCT2.1, SuDT2.1, TuAPO-01.6, TuAPO-02.5, TuAPO-03.3, TuAPO-04.2, TuAPO-06.3, TuAPO-06.4, TuAPO-06.6, TuAPO-07.2, TuAPO-08.2, TuAPO-08.3, TuBPO-01.3, TuBPO-01.5, TuBPO-02.2, TuBPO-05.1, TuBPO-05.3, TuBPO-06.2, TuBPO-06.3, TuBPO-06.4, TuBPO-06.5, TuBPO-07.2, TuBPO-07.3, TuBPO-07.5, TuCPO-01.4, TuCPO-01.6, TuCPO-02.1, TuCPO-02.4, TuCPO-06.1, TuCPO-06.3, TuCPO-06.4, TuCPO-06.5, TuCT3.1, TuCT3.2, TuDT1.1, TuDT3.1, TuFT3.1, TuFT3.2




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