2022 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics July 11-15, 2022  |  Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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Last updated on July 11, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday July 14, 2022

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ThA01 Room A (Virtual only)
IS1: Advanced Modeling and Control Design of Precision Mechatronic Systems Invited Session
Chair: Chen, ZhengZhejiang University
Co-Chair: Chen, SiluNignbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS
09:30-09:45, Paper ThA01.1 
Three-Dimensional Global Task Coordinate Frame Based Contouring Control (I)

Yang, Can (Zhejiang University), Chen, Zheng (Zhejiang University), Yao, Bin (Zhejiang University)
09:45-10:00, Paper ThA01.2 
Pre-Train-Based Neural-Learning Control of a Novel Parallel Robot by Local Model Approximation (I)

Hu, Hua (Chinese Academy of Science), Chen, Silu (Nignbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS), Zhao, Jie (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhang, Chi (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, CAS), Yang, Guilin (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chines)
10:00-10:15, Paper ThA01.3 
Adaptive Trajectory Tracking for Linear Delay Systems with Application to Rotary Motors (I)

Lai, Han (Zhejiang University), Zhu, Yang (Zhejiang University), Chen, Zheng (Zhejiang University), Yao, Bin (Zhejiang University)
10:15-10:30, Paper ThA01.4 
High-Accuracy Oriented CILC Motion Control of Mechatronic Systems with Comparative Experiments (I)

Fu, Hong (Tsinghua University), Liang, Yixuan (Tsinghua University), Hu, Chuxiong (Tsinghua University), Zhu, Yu (Tsinghua University)
10:30-10:45, Paper ThA01.5 
A Novel Flux Estimator Using α-β Orthogonality Drift Elimination for High Performance Full-Speed-Range Sensorless Control (I)

Wu, Shuaihu (Tsinghua University), Hu, Chuxiong (Tsinghua University), Zhao, Ziyan (Tsinghua University), Zhou, Ran (Tsinghua University), Zhu, Yu (Tsinghua University)
10:45-11:00, Paper ThA01.6 
Off-Line Identification of Dynamic Parameters of Omnidirectional Mobile Robot Based on Decoupled Powered Caster Wheels (I)

Zhang, Zidong (Ningbo University), Chen, Silu (Nignbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS), Xu, Jiajie (Ningbo University), Wan, Yunfei (Southwest Jiaotong University), Liu, Qiang (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese), Liang, Dongtai (Ningbo University), Zhang, Chi (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, CAS), Yang, Guilin (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chines)
ThA02 Room B (Virtual only)
Actuators II Regular Session
Chair: Zhang, HongyingNational University of Singapore
Co-Chair: Zhou, WeiScience and Technologe College of Hubei University of Arts and Science
09:30-09:45, Paper ThA02.1 
Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Gel Actuators

Al-Rubaiai, Mohammed (Toyota), Qi, Xinda (Michigan State University), Frank, Zachary (University of Nevada), Tsuruta, Ryohei (Toyota), Gandhi, Umesh (Toyota Research Institute NA), Kim, Kwang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Tan, Xiaobo (Michigan State University)
09:45-10:00, Paper ThA02.2 
A Scalable System Model for Discrete Muscle-Like Actuators

Alred, Cameron (University of Tulsa), Schultz, Joshua (University of Tulsa)
10:00-10:15, Paper ThA02.3 
Design and Finite Element Modeling of Novel Flat Pneumatic Artificial Muscles

Zhou, Zhixiong (Wuhan University of Technology), Ai, Qingsong (Wuhan University of Technology), Meng, Wei (Wuhan University of Technology), Liu, Quan (Wuhan University of Technology), Xie, Sheng Quan (University of Leeds), Zhou, Wei (Science and Technologe College of Hubei University of Arts and S)
10:15-10:30, Paper ThA02.4 
An Evaluation of Thermomagnetic Motors for Heat Energy Harvesting

Hey, Jonathan (SIMTech, A*STAR), Tan, Jun Liang (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology), Tan, Zhi Hao (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing and Technology)
10:30-10:45, Paper ThA02.5 
Force Ripple Reduction in Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor with Position-Dependent Force Constant Identification

Kwon, Yoon Sik (Yonsei University), Lee, Sangmin (Yonsei University), Yoon, Jun Young (Yonsei University)
10:45-11:00, Paper ThA02.6 
A Stiffness-Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for a Redundant Elastic Actuator

Velasco-Guillen, Rodrigo J. (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Furnémont, Raphaël (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Verstraten, Tom (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Beckerle, Beckerle (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
11:00-11:15, Paper ThA02.7 
Parameter Estimation and Adaptive Control of Twisted String Actuators

Konda, Revanth (University of Nevada Reno), Bombara, David (University of Nevada Reno), Zhang, Jun (University of Nevada Reno)
11:15-11:30, Paper ThA02.8 
An Adaptive Robust Impedance Control Considering Energy-Saving of Hydraulic Excavator Boom and Stick Systems

Qin, Tao (Beihang University), Li, Yunhua (BeiHang University), Quan, Long (Key Lab of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System,), Yang, Liman (BeiHang University)
ThA03 Room C (Virtual only)
Sensors and Sensing Systems III Regular Session
Chair: Youcef-Toumi, KamalMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Shan, JinjunYork University
09:30-09:45, Paper ThA03.1 
Physical Intelligence in the Metaverse: Mixed Reality Scale Models for Twistronics and Atomic Force Microscopy

Xia, Fangzhou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Mayborne, Morgan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ma, Qiong (Boston College), Youcef-Toumi, Kamal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
09:45-10:00, Paper ThA03.2 
A Self-Supervised, Differentiable Kalman Filter for Uncertainty-Aware Visual-Inertial Odometry

Wagstaff, Brandon (University of Toronto), Wise, Emmett (University of Toronto), Kelly, Jonathan (University of Toronto)
10:00-10:15, Paper ThA03.3 
Eye-Gaze Metrics for Cognitive Load Detection on a Driving Simulator

Pillai, Prarthana (University of Windsor), Balasingam, Balakumar (University of Windsor), Kim, Yong Hoon (University of Windsor), Lee, Chris (University of Windsor), Biondi, Francesco (University of Windsor)
10:15-10:30, Paper ThA03.4 
A Bidirectional Active-Alignment Control System for LED Communication

Solanki, Pratap Bhanu (Michigan State University), Tan, Xiaobo (Michigan State University)
10:30-10:45, Paper ThA03.5 
Design and Development of a Robust Vision-Based Tactile Sensor

Rayamane, Prasad (Cardiff University), Ji, Ze (Cardiff University), Packianather, Michael S (Cardiff University)
10:45-11:00, Paper ThA03.6 
Digital Magnetic Tensor Sensor with ANN Measurement Model for Human Joint Motion Sensing in Sagittal Plane

Jiang, Jiaoying (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Lee, Kok-Meng (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:00-11:15, Paper ThA03.7 
Mitigating Threshold Effects in Human Control by Stochastic Resonance with Fractional Colored Noise

Martínez-García, Miguel (Loughborough University), Zhang, Yu (Loughborough University), Wang, Shuihua (University of Leicester)
11:15-11:30, Paper ThA03.8 
Robotic Precision 3D Measurements in Vibration-Prone Environments Enabled by Active Six DoF Sample-Tracking

Wertjanz, Daniel (Technische Universität Wien), Kern, Thomas (TU Wien), Pechhacker, Alexander (Vienna University of Technology), Csencsics, Ernst (Vienna University of Technology), Schitter, Georg (TU Wien)
ThA04 Room D (Virtual only)
Legged Robot I Regular Session
Chair: Tanaka, YoshihiroNagoya Institute of Technology
Co-Chair: Luo, JianwenThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
09:30-09:45, Paper ThA04.1 
Leg Shaping and Event-Driven Control of a Small-Scale, Low-DoF Multi-Modal Robot

Guo, Dingkun (University of Michigan), Wermers, Larissa (University of Michigan), Oldham, Kenn (University of Michigan)
09:45-10:00, Paper ThA04.2 
Origami-Inspired Modules Enable a Reconfigurable Robot with Programmable Shapes and Motions

Chen, Zhe (Colorado State University), Tighe, Brandon (Colorado State University), Zhao, Jianguo (Colorado State University)
10:00-10:15, Paper ThA04.3 
Invariant Filtering for Legged Humanoid Locomotion on a Dynamic Rigid Surface

Gao, Yuan (Uml), Yuan, Chengzhi (University of Rhode Island), Gu, Yan (UMass Lowell)
10:15-10:30, Paper ThA04.4 
A Reduced-Order-Model-Based Motion Selection Strategy in a Leg-Wheel Transformable Robot

Wang, Ting-Hao (National Taiwan University), Lin, Pei-Chun (National Taiwan University)
10:30-10:45, Paper ThA04.5 
Optimizing Dynamic Legged Locomotion in Mixed, Resistive Media

Austin, Max (Florida State University), Nicholson, John (Florida State University), White, Jason (Florida State University), Gart, Sean (US Army Research Lab), Chase, Ashley (Florida State University), Pusey, Jason (U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)), Hubicki, Christian (Florida State University), Clark, Jonathan (Florida State University)
10:45-11:00, Paper ThA04.6 
Optimal Modulation of Joint Stiffness with Guaranteed Stability for Quadruped Robots

Zhao, Xinyuan (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Wu, Yuqiang (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Laurenzi, Arturo (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia), Tsagarakis, Nikos (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia)
Lunch Break, Day 3
ThLPl Room A (Virtual only)
Award Ceremony and Reports
ThMPl oVice(Virtual only)
Late Breaking Results Posters Poster Session
Chair: Nakamura, SousukeHosei University
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.1 
Verification for Scaling 3D Reconstruction Result from Images Based on 2D Code Size in Linear Trajectory Shooting

Nakamura, Keita (University of Aizu), Baba, Keita (University of Aizu), Hanari, Toshihide (JAEA), Kawabata, Kuniaki (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.2 
Acceleration Control for Geared Motors under Unknown Backlash and Nonlinear Friction

Padron, Juan (Nagaoka University of Technology), Yokokura, Yuki (Nagaoka University of Technology), Ohishi, Kiyoshi (Nagaoka University of Technology), Miyazaki, Toshimasa (Nagaoka University of Technology), Kawai, Yusuke (Nagaoka University of Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.3 
Collision Avoidance of a Multirotor UAV with Three-Arm Aerial Manipulator System

Tsuji, Takayoshi (Ritsumeikan University), Yamada, Toshiki (Ritsumeikan University), Paul, Hannibal (Ritsumeikan University), Rosales Martinez, Ricardo (Ritsumeikan University), Ladig, Robert (Ritsumeikan University), Shimonomura, Kazuhiro (Ritsumeikan University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.4 
Crutch Walk Training System with ICT

Tsuda, Naoaki (National Institute of Technology, Wakayama College), Tarao, Susumu (Tokyo National College of Technology), Fujiwara, Yasunori (National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.5 
Single Inertialization Compensator for Robot Actuator with Base/Link Dual Resonance Vibration Model

Nagao, Sora (Nagaoka University of Technology), Kawai, Yusuke (Nagaoka University of Technology), Yokokura, Yuki (Nagaoka University of Technology), Ohishi, Kiyoshi (Nagaoka University of Technology), Miyazaki, Toshimasa (Nagaoka University of Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.6 
Robot Motion Control Based on FDTD Observer and FDTD Dynamic Torque Compensation

Tatsuda, Kenta (Nagaoka University of Technology), Ohishi, Kiyoshi (Nagaoka University of Technology), Miyazaki, Toshimasa (Nagaoka University of Technology), Yokokura, Yuki (Nagaoka University of Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.7 
Force Sensing with Adaptive Signal Decomposition Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis

Tran Phuong, Thao (Nagaoka University of Technology), Ohishi, Kiyoshi (Nagaoka University of Technology), Yokokura, Yuki (Nagaoka University of Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.8 
Proposal of a Disposable and Foldable Finger for a Robot Hand

Tezuka, Souta (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Wada, Kazuyoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.9 
Feasibility Study on Decoupling Capability of Pressure Measurement and Slip Detection Using Barometer-Based Tactile Sensor

Kim, Gyuwon (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Park, Sungwoo (Korea university, Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Hwang, Donghyun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.10 
Collaborative Robot’s Perception of Human Co-Worker’s Physiological Condition and Its Feedback Using Facial Expressions

Ohashi, Kenta (Chuo University), Niitsuma, Mihoko (Chuo University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.11 
Design and Validation of an Operating Interface for Personal Mobility That Can Be Used with Little Effort

Fujita, Hikaru (Chuo University), Niitsuma, Mihoko (Chuo University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.12 
Interactive Assistance System for Caregiving Tasks Based on Task Recognition and Its Evaluation in a Hybrid Virtual Environment

Sugimoto, Atsushi (Chuo University), Niitsuma, Mihoko (Chuo University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.13 
Extraction and Reproduction of Human Motion by External Sensors

Kaino, Yuri (Yokohama National University), Shimono, Tomoyuki (Yokohama National University), Ohnishi, Kouhei (Keio Univ)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.14 
Estimation for Swing Motion of White Cane Based on Kalman Filter

Karitani, Mayu (Yokohama National University), Shimono, Tomoyuki (Yokohama National University), Izumi, Mayuko (Yokohama National University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.15 
Gapped-Step Traversing Motion by a Hexapod Tracked Moblie Robot

Sasaki, Taiga (Tohoku Institute of Technology), Fujita, Toyomi (Tohoku Institute of Technology)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.16 
Human Motion Segmentation Based on Differential Force/torque Values

Sugawara, Keito (Saitama University), Tsuji, Toshiaki (Saitama University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.17 
An Efficient and Safe Obstacle Avoidance Strategy for Autonomous Electric Wheelchairs Considering Dynamic Obstacle Velocity Vectors and Distances

Kitamura, Ken (Chuo University), Niitsuma, Mihoko (Chuo University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.18 
Scale Estimation of Monocular Camera SLAM Using a Short Range 2D Lidar

Takahashi, Daichi (Hosei University), Hoshi, Masahiko (Hosei University), Hara, Yoshitaka (Chiba Institute of Technology), Nakamura, Sousuke (Hosei University)
14:00-15:50, Paper ThMPl.19 
Effects of a Robotic Hip Prosthesis on Energy Metabolism: A Pilot Case Study in a Non-Amputee Individual

Kurihara, Toru (National Defense Academy of Japan), Ueyama, Yuki (National Defense Academy of Japan), Harada, Masanori (National Defense Academy of Japan)
ThP01 Room A (Virtual only)
Actuators III Regular Session
Chair: Rizzello, GianlucaSaarland University
Co-Chair: Shin, DongjunYonsei University
16:10-16:25, Paper ThP01.1 
Remotely Actuated Optothermal Robotic Microjoints Based on Spiral Bimaterial Design

Ahmad, Belal (FEMTO-ST Institute), Barbot, Antoine (Femto-St), Ulliac, Gwenn (Institut FEMTO-ST), Bolopion, Aude (Femto-St Institute)
16:25-16:40, Paper ThP01.2 
Electrostatic Actuation of AFM Cantilevers in Aqueous Solutions

Hackl, Thomas (TU Wien), Poik, Mathias (TU Wien), Schitter, Georg (TU Wien)
16:40-16:55, Paper ThP01.3 
Development and Characteristic Investigation of a Multi-Dimensional Discrete Magnetostrictive Actuator

Chen, Long (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Zhu, Yuchuan (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Ling, Jie (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Zhang, Mingming (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
16:55-17:10, Paper ThP01.4 
Study and Implementation of Electrostatic Actuation for Programmable Matter Modules

Mwangi, Morris (Femto-ST), Mohand Ousaid, Abdenbi (University of Franche-Comte), Byiringiro, Jean Bosco (Dedan Kimathi University of Technology-DeKUT), Rakotondrabe, Micky (Laboratoire Génie De Production (LGP)), Lutz, Philippe (Femto-St - Umr Cnrs 6174 - Ufc/ensmm/utbm)
17:10-17:25, Paper ThP01.5 
A Compact, High-Torque, Twisted String Actuator Using Parallel Bundle-Driven Actuation with an Asymmetric Behavior Compensator

Lee, Seung Ryeol (Chung-Ang University, Mechanical Engineering), Lee, Dongun (Chung-Ang University), Kim, Yeongjin (Chung-Ang University), Shin, Dongjun (Yonsei University)
17:25-17:40, Paper ThP01.6 
Design of a Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on Variable Radius Mechanisms

Xiong, Xiaoyu (Anhui University), Sun, Xiantao (Anhui University), Chen, Wenjie (Anhui University), Zhi, Yali (Anhui University), Fang, Xiaohan (Anhui University)
ThP02 Room B (Virtual only)
Flexible Manipulator II Regular Session
Chair: Zhong, YongSouth China University of Technology
Co-Chair: Haninger, KevinFraunhofer IPK
16:10-16:25, Paper ThP02.1 
Soft Robotic Mannequin: Design and Algorithm for Deformation Control

Tian, Yingjun (The University of Manchester), Fang, Guoxin (Delft University of Technology), Petrulis, Justas Savinijus (The University of Manchester), Weightman, Andrew (The University of Manchester), Wang, Charlie C.L. (The University of Manchester)
16:25-16:40, Paper ThP02.2 
Design and Prototyping of Soft Finger AI-Enabled Hand (SofIA)

Stuhne, Dario (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Z), Tabak, Jelena (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp), Polic, Marsela (University of Zagreb), Orsag, Matko (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp)
16:40-16:55, Paper ThP02.3 
A Rigid and Flexible Structures Coupled Underactuated Hand

Qi, Liu (Southeast University), Zhang, Jun (Southeast University), Li, Xinyi (Southeast University), Jingsong, Zhou (Southeast University), Hu, Xuhui (Southeast University), Jin, Weiming (Southeast University), Song, Aiguo (Southeast University)
16:55-17:10, Paper ThP02.4 
LARG: A Lightweight Robotic Gripper with 3D Topology Optimized Adaptive Fingers

Sun, Yilun (Technical University of Munich), Liu, Yuqing (Technical University of Munich), Pancheri, Felix (Technical University of Munich), Lueth, Tim C. (Technical University of Munich)
17:10-17:25, Paper ThP02.5 
Contact Information Flow and Design of Compliance

Haninger, Kevin (Fraunhofer IPK), Radke, Marcel (TU Berlin), Hartisch, Richard Matthias (Fraunhofer IPK), Krüger, Jörg (Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and DesignTechnology)
17:25-17:40, Paper ThP02.6 
Flexure-Based Environmental Compliance for High-Speed Robotic Contact Tasks

Hartisch, Richard Matthias (Fraunhofer IPK), Haninger, Kevin (Fraunhofer IPK)
ThP03 Room C (Virtual only)
Control Application IV Regular Session
Chair: Lefebvre, TomGhent University
Co-Chair: Ueda, JunGeorgia Institute of Technology
16:10-16:25, Paper ThP03.1 
Accurate Motion Control of a Direct-Drive Hydraulic System with an Adaptive Nonlinear Pump Flow Compensation

Helian, Bobo (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Chen, Zheng (Zhejiang University), Yao, Bin (Zhejiang University), Lyu, Litong (Shijiazhuang Tiedao University), Li, Chen (Zhejiang University)
16:25-16:40, Paper ThP03.2 
Practical Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a CNC Machining Center with Support Vector Machines

Ay, Muzaffer (RWTH Aachen University), Schwenzer, Max (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, RWTH Aa), Stemmler, Sebastian (Institute of Automatic Control, RWTH Aachen University), Rüppel, Adrian (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, RWTH Aa), Abel, Dirk (RWTH Aachen University), Bergs, Thomas (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, RWTH Aa)
16:40-16:55, Paper ThP03.3 
Comparative Study of Sample Based Model Predictive Control with Application to Autonomous Racing

Neve, Thomas (Ghent University), Lefebvre, Tom (Ghent University), Crevecoeur, Guillaume (Ghent University)
16:55-17:10, Paper ThP03.4 
Time-Optimal Bang-Bang Driven Rest-To-Rest Motion through an Angular Switching Point

Ceulemans, David (University of Antwerp), Van Oosterwyck, Nick (University of Antwerp), De Viaene, Jasper (University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering), Steckel, Jan (University of Antwerp), Derammelaere, Stijn (University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering)
17:10-17:25, Paper ThP03.5 
Data Enhanced Model Predictive Control of a Coupled Tank System

Scheurenberg, Dominik (RWTH Aachen University), Schmerling, Kaspar (RWTH Aachen University), Abel, Dirk (RWTH Aachen University)
17:25-17:40, Paper ThP03.6 
Real-Time Vehicle Speed Prediction Based on Traffic Information Services

Benninger, Lukas (University of Stuttgart), Gehring, Ottmar (Daimler Truck AG), Sawodny, Oliver (University of Stuttgart)
ThP04 Room D (Virtual only)
Legged Robot II Regular Session
Chair: Adak, Omer KemalSabanci University
Co-Chair: Han, LinyanSoutheast University
16:10-16:25, Paper ThP04.1 
Gait Pattern Stabilization Using Central Pattern Generator with Foothold Force Optimization for Quadruped Robots

Chen, Liang-Jie (National Taiwan University,), Lin, Pei-Chun (National Taiwan University)
16:25-16:40, Paper ThP04.2 
Unknown Payload Adaptive Control for Quadruped Locomotion with Proprioceptive Linear Legs

Jin, Bingchen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Ye, Shusheng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Shenzhen, China), Su, Juntong (Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for S), Luo, Jianwen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen)
16:55-17:10, Paper ThP04.4 
Whole-Body Pace Gait Control Based on Centroidal Dynamics of a Quadruped Robot

Adak, Omer Kemal (Sabanci University), Bahceci, Beste (Sabanci University), Erbatur, Kemalettin (Sabanci University)
17:10-17:25, Paper ThP04.5 
Sensorless Contact Force Observation with Friction Distinguishment in Heavy Legged Robot Via PMSM Load Torque and IMU

Liu, Shaoxun (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Niu, Zhihua (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Li, Boyuan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Xia, Xue (Beijing Forestry University), Zhou, Shiyu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Wang, Rongrong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
17:25-17:40, Paper ThP04.6 
Robust Locomotion Exploiting Multiple Balance Strategies: An Observer-Based Cascaded Model Predictive Control Approach

Ding, Jiatao (Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for S), Han, Linyan (Southeast University), Ge, Ligang (Ubtech Robotics Corp), Liu, YiZhang (UBTECH), Pang, Jianxin (UBtech Robotics Corp)




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