BioRob 2018 7th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on
Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics
August 26-29, 2018
Enschede, The Netherlands
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Last updated on July 16, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday August 28, 2018

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TuGA Plenary Room
ICORR General Assembly
TuK3N Plenary Room
Keynote Speaker 3 Bradley Nelson Keynote Session
Chair: Misra, SarthakUniv. of Twente
TuK4N Plenary Room
Keynote Speaker 4 Steve Collins Keynote Session
Chair: Sartori, MassimoUniv. of Twente
TuA1 Parallel I
Exoskeletons 2 Regular Session
Chair: Crea, SimonaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
Co-Chair: Zanotto, DamianoStevens Inst. of Tech
11:00-11:15, Paper TuA1.1 
A Bioinspired Control Strategy for the CYBERLEGs Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis: Feasibility Study with Lower-Limb Amputees
Sanz-Morère, Clara BeatrizScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Fantozzi, MatteoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Parri, AndreaScuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Giovacchini, FrancescoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Baldoni, AndreaIstituto Di Biorobotica
Crea, SimonaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
Vitiello, NicolaScuola Superiore Sant Anna
11:15-11:30, Paper TuA1.2 
ExoBoot, a Soft Inflatable Robotic Boot to Assist Ankle During Walking: Design, Characterization and Preliminary Tests
Chung, JinwonHarvard Univ
Heimgartner, RomanHarvard Univ
O'Neill, Ciarán TomásHarvard Univ
Phipps, NathanHarvard Univ
Walsh, Conor JamesHarvard Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper TuA1.3 
Passive Ankle Joint Stiffness Compensation by a Novel Ankle-Foot-Orthosis
Rodriguez Hernandez, Karen ElenaTU Delft
de Groot, Jurriaan HLeiden Univ. Medical Center
Baas, FrankInteSpring
Stijntjes, MarjonTU Delft
Van der Helm, Frans C. T.Delft Univ. of Tech
Van der Kooij, HermanUniv. of Twente
Mugge, WinfredDelft Univ. of Tech
11:45-12:00, Paper TuA1.4 
Quantifying Human Autonomy Recovery During Ankle Robot-Assisted Reversal of Foot Drop after Stroke
Roy, AnindoUniv. of Maryland, Baltimore
Chornay, ChristopherNextStep Robotics, Inc
Forrester, LarryUniv. of Maryland
Hafer-Macko, CharleneUniv. of Maryland, Baltimore
Macko, RichardUniv. of Maryland
12:00-12:15, Paper TuA1.5 
Optimal Stiffness Tuning for a Lower Body Exoskeleton with Spring-Supported Passive Joints
Yildirim, Mehmet CanOzyegin Univ
Sendur, PolatOzyegin Univ
Soliman, Ahmed FahmyPHd Student
Ugurlu, BarkanOzyegin Univ. / ATR
12:15-12:30, Paper TuA1.6 
An Active Impedance Controller to Assist Gait in People with Neuromuscular Diseases: Implementation to the Hip Joint of the AUTONOMYO Exoskeleton
Ortlieb, AmalricEPFL
Baud, RomainEPFL
Tracchia, TommasoEPFL
Denkinger, BenoîtEpfl, Esl
Herzig, Quentin LorisÉcole Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne
Bleuler, HannesEPFL (Ec. Pol. Fédérale De Lausanne)
Bouri, MohamedEPFL
12:30-12:45, Paper TuA1.7 
Design and Evaluation of an Active/Semiactive Ankle-Foot Orthosis for Gait Training
Zhang, YufengStevens Inst. of Tech
Kleinmann, Roger J.Stevens Inst. of Tech
Nolan, Karen J.Kessler Foundation
Zanotto, DamianoStevens Inst. of Tech
TuA2 Parallel II
Neurobotics 2 Regular Session
Chair: Vitiello, NicolaScuola Superiore Sant Anna
Co-Chair: Sartori, MassimoUniv. of Twente
11:00-11:15, Paper TuA2.1 
Induced Vibrations of Soft Robotic Manipulators for Controller Design and Stiffness Estimation
George Thuruthel, ThomasThe BioRobotics Inst. - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Manti, MariangelaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa
Falotico, EgidioScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Cianchetti, MatteoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Laschi, CeciliaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
11:15-11:30, Paper TuA2.2 
Inverse Optimal Control Based Enhancement of Sprinting Motion Analysis with and without Running-Specific Prostheses
Emonds, Anna LenaHeidelberg Univ
Mombaur, KatjaHeidelberg Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper TuA2.3 
Preliminary Investigation of Textile-Based Strain Sensors for the Detection of Human Gait Phases Using Machine Learning
Rezaei, AhmadSimon Fraser Univ
Ejupi, AndreasSimon Fraser Univ
Gholami, MohsenSimon Fraser Univ
Ferrone, AndreaCNR
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser Univ
11:45-12:00, Paper TuA2.4 
A Vibrotactile Feedback Device for Balance Rehabilitation in the EksoGT Robotic Exoskeleton
Pan, Yi-TsenTexas A&M Univ
Lamb, ZacharyEkso Bionics
Macievich, JenniferEkso Bionics
Strausser, KatherineEkso Bionics
12:00-12:15, Paper TuA2.5 
A Soft Robotic Phantom to Simulate the Dynamic Respiratory Motion of Human Liver
Naghibi, HamidUniv. of Twente
Costa, Paulo A.C.Faculty of Science of Univ. of Lisbon
Abayazid, MomenUniv. of Twente
12:15-12:30, Paper TuA2.6 
The Difficulty of Recognizing Grasps from Semg During Activities of Daily Living
Gregori, ValentinaSapienza Univ. of Rome
Caputo, BarbaraSapienza Univ
Gijsberts, ArjanIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
12:30-12:45, Paper TuA2.7 
Estimation of Knee Joint Angle Using a Fabric-Based Strain Sensor and Machine Learning: A Preliminary Investigation
Gholami, MohsenSimon Fraser Univ
Ejupi, AndreasSimon Fraser Univ
Rezaei, AhmadSimon Fraser Univ
Ferrone, AndreaCNR
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser Univ
TuA3 Parallel III
Surgical Robotics 2 Regular Session
Chair: Lediju Bell, Muyinatu A. Johns Hopkins Univ
Co-Chair: Swensen, JohnWashington State Univ
11:00-11:15, Paper TuA3.1 
Inroads Toward Robot-Assisted Internal Fixation of Bone Fractures Using a Bendable Medical Screw and the Curved Drilling Technique
Alambeigi, FarshidJohns Hopkins Univ
Bakhtiari nejad, MahsanJohns Hopkins Univ
Azizi, ArminaJohns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Hegeman, RachelJohns Hopkins Univ
Iordachita, Ioan IulianJohns Hopkins Univ
Khanuja, HarpalDepartment of Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medical School
Armand, MehranJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
11:15-11:30, Paper TuA3.2 
Towards Water-Jet Steerable Needles
Babaiasl, MahdiehWashington State Univ
Yang, Fan1992
Swensen, JohnWashington State Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper TuA3.3 
Grasping Using Magnetically-Actuated Tentacle Catheter: A Proof-Of-Concept Study
Sikorski, JakubUniv. of Twente
Rutting, Etienne S.A.A.M.Univ. of Twente
Misra, SarthakUniv. of Twente
11:45-12:00, Paper TuA3.4 
Large-Stroke Varifocal Mirror with Hydraulic Actuation for Endoscopic Laser Surgery
Geraldes, AndréIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Jacassi, AndreaIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Fiorini, PaoloUniv. of Verona
Mattos, LeonardoIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
12:00-12:15, Paper TuA3.5 
Wavelet-Based Visual Servoing Using OCT Images
Duflot, Lesley-AnnInria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique, Femto-St Besançon
Tamadazte, BrahimUniv. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS
Andreff, NicolasUniv. De Franche Comté
Krupa, AlexandreINRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
12:15-12:30, Paper TuA3.6 
Design and Evaluation of a Continuum Robot with Discreted Link Joints for Cardiovascular Interventions
Kim, Ki-YoungKorea Inst. of Machinery and Materials
Woo, Hyun SooKIMM
Suh, Jung-wookETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Res. Inst
12:30-12:45, Paper TuA3.7 
Fine Positioning of Micro-Tubular-Tools for Investigating the Stimulus Response of Swimming Paramecium
Ahmad, BelalKyushu Inst. of Tech
Maeda, HironobuKyushu Inst. of Tech
Kawahara, TomohiroKyushu Inst. of Tech
Arai, FumihitoNagoya Univ
TuA4 Poster
Wearable Robotics: Design and Control Poster Session
Chair: Keemink, Arvid Q.L.Univ. of Twente
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.1 
Development of a Wearable Tremor Suppression Glove
Zhou, YueUniv. of Western Ontario
Jenkins, MaryUniv. of Western Ontario
Naish, Michael D.The Univ. of Western Ontario
Trejos, Ana LuisaThe Univ. of Western Ontario
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.2 
Towards an Ergonomic Exoskeleton Structure: Automated Design of Individual Elbow Joints
Hein, Christina MaritaTech. Univ. of Munich
Maroldt, Paul AntonTech. Univ. of Munich
Brecht, Sandra V.Tech. Univ. München
Oezgoecen, HandanTech. Univ. of Munich (TUM)
Lueth, Tim C.Tech. Univ. of Munich
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.3 
Bayesian Optimisation of Exoskeleton Design Parameters
Gordon, Daniel F. N.Univ. of Edinburgh
Matsubara, TakamitsuNara Inst. of Science and Tech
Noda, TomoyukiATR Computational Neuroscience Lab
Teramae, TatsuyaATR Computational Neuroscience Lab
Morimoto, JunATR Computational Neuroscience Labs
Vijayakumar, SethuUniv. of Edinburgh
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.4 
The Inverted Muscle Skeleton Approach: Moving Beyond Rigid Exoskeletons
Grootens, Martijn E.Univ. of Twente
Hekman, Edsko E.G.Univ. of Twente
Van der Kooij, HermanUniv. of Twente
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.5 
The Supernumerary Robotic 3rd Thumb for Skilled Music Tasks
Cunningham, JamesImperial Coll. London
Hapsari, AnitaImperial Coll. London
Guilleminot, PierreImperial Coll. London
Shafti, AliImperial Coll. London
Faisal, AldoImperial Coll. London
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.6 
A Novel Soft Robotic Glove for Daily Life Assistance
Jiralerspong, TrivoramaiThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Heung, Ho LamThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Tong, Kai YuThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Li, ZhengThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.7 
Joint Stiffness Compensation for Application in the EXTEND Hand Orthosis
Haarman, Claudia J.W.Univ. of Twente
Hekman, Edsko E.G.Univ. of Twente
Prange, G.B. (Gerdienke)Roessingh Res. & Development
Kooij, H van derUniv. of Twente
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.8 
Toward Muscle-Driven Control of Wearable Robots: A Real-Time Framework for the Estimation of Neuromuscular States During Human-Exoskeleton Locomotion Tasks
Durandau, GuillaumeUniv. of Twente
Rampeltshammer, Wolfgang FranzUniv. Twente
Van der Kooij, HermanUniv. of Twente
Sartori, MassimoUniv. of Twente
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.9 
Increased Walking Speed and Speed Control in Exoskeleton Enabled Gait
Dalley, SkylerParker Hannifin
Hartigan, ClareShepherd Center
Kandilakis, CaseyShepherd Center
Farris, RyanVanderbilt Univ
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.10 
Adaptive Grasping Using an Interphalangeal Flexion Angle Model and Particle Swarm Optimization
Roy, RinkuIndian Inst. of Tech. Kharagpur
Roy, AnkushIndian Inst. of Tech. Kharagpur
Mahadevappa, ManjunathaIndian Inst. of Tech. Kharagpur
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.11 
A Low-Back Exoskeleton Can Reduce the Erector Spinae Muscles Activity During Freestyle Symmetrical Load Lifting Tasks
Lanotte, FrancescoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Grazi, LorenzoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Chen, BaojunScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Vitiello, NicolaScuola Superiore Sant Anna
Crea, SimonaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.12 
Improving the Standing Balance of Paraplegics through the Use of a Wearable Exoskeleton
Emmens, AmberUniv. of Twente
Van Asseldonk, EdwinUniv. Twente
Masciullo, MarcellaFondazione Santa Lucia
Arquilla, MatteoCnr - Imm
Pisotta, IolandaFondazione Santa Lucia
Tagliamonte, Nevio LuigiFondazione Santa Lucia
Tamburella, FedericaFondazione Santa Lucia
Molinari, MarcoFondazione Santa Lucia
Van der Kooij, HermanUniv. of Twente
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.13 
Optimal Control Parameterization for Active/Passive EXoskeleton with Variable Impedance Actuator
Kaneishi, DaisukeUniv. of California, Berkeley
Matthew, Robert, PeterUC Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniv. of California
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.14 
On the Electrical Energy Consumption of Active Ankle Prostheses with Series and Parallel Elastic Elements
Verstraten, TomVrije Univ. Brussel
Flynn, LouisVrije Univ. Brussel
Geeroms, JoostVrije Univ. Brussel
Vanderborght, BramVrije Univ. Brussel
Lefeber, DirkVrije Univ. Brussel
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.15 
Novel Optimization Approach to Development of Digit Mechanism for Bio-Inspired Prosthetic Hand
Borisov, IvanITMO Univ
Borisov, OlegITMO Univ
Monich, DaniilITMO Univ
Dodashvili, TarielITMO Univ
Kolyubin, SergeyITMO Univ
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.16 
Biomechanical Design of an Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand
Atasoy, AhmetBogazici Univ
Toptaş, ErsinMarmara Univ
Kuchimov, ShavkatBogazici Univ
Sava, GulfizeBogazici Univ
Turpçu, MehmetBogazici Univ
Kaplanoğlu, ErkanMarmara Univ
Güçlü, BurakBogazici Univ
Ozkan, MehmedBogazici Univ
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.17 
Design and Control of a Novel Robotic Knee-Ankle Prosthesis System
Sun, XiaojunThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sugai, FumihitoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.18 
Multiple Linkage Type Robot Prosthesis to Prevent Trip and Fall
Katsumura, MotoyuMie Univ
Shimodaira, TadayoshiMie Univ
Yano, Ken'ichiMie Univ
Hamada, AtsushiImasen
Nakao, TomoyukiMie Univ
Torii, KatsuhikoImasen
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.19 
A Kinematic Model for the Design of a Bicondylar Mechanical Knee
Russell, FelixImperial Coll. London
Vaidyanathan, RaviImperial Coll. London
Ellison, PeterImperial Coll
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.20 
Initial Investigation of a Self-Adjusting Wrist Control System to Maintain Prosthesis Terminal Device Orientation Relative to the Ground Reference Frame
Brenneis, Dylan J. A.Mr
Dawson, Michael R.Alberta Health Services
Murgatroyd, GlynGlenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Carey, Jason P.Univ. of Alberta
Pilarski, Patrick M.Univ. of Alberta
11:00-12:45, Paper TuA4.21 
Initial Results of a Variable Speed Knee Controller for Walking with a Powered Knee and Ankle Prosthesis
Kaveny, KyleShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Simon, AnnShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Lenzi, TommasoUniv. of Utah
Belmont Finucane, SuzanneShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Seyforth, EmilyShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Finco, GraciShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Culler, KasenShirley Ryan AbilityLab
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
TuB1 Parallel I
Rehabilitation Robotics and Assistive Technoogy: Control 1 Regular Session
Chair: Keemink, Arvid Q.L.Univ. of Twente
Co-Chair: Gijsberts, ArjanIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
13:45-14:00, Paper TuB1.1 
Investigation into the Potential to Create a Force Myography-Based Smart-Home Controller for Aging Populations
Delva, Mona LisaSimon Fraser Univ
Sakr, MaramSimon Fraser Univ
Sadeghi Chegani, RanaSimon Fraser Univ
Khoshnam Tehrani, MahtaSimon Fraser Univ
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper TuB1.2 
Quasi-Static Modelling of a Redundant Knee Prosthesis
Heins, SophieUniv. Catholique De Louvain
Flynn, LouisVrije Univ. Brussel
Geeroms, JoostVrije Univ. Brussel
Lefeber, DirkVrije Univ. Brussel
Ronsse, RenaudUniv. Catholique De Louvain
14:15-14:30, Paper TuB1.3 
Visual Cues to Improve Myoelectric Control of Upper Limb Prostheses
Gigli, AndreaSapienza Univ
Gregori, ValentinaSapienza Univ. of Rome
Cognolato, MatteoUniv. of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland & ETH Zurich
Atzori, ManfredoUniv. of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valai
Gijsberts, ArjanIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
14:30-14:45, Paper TuB1.4 
A Method for Quantifying Interaction Forces in Wearable Robots
Georgarakis, Anna-MariaETH Zurich
Stämpfli, RolfEmpa, Swiss Federal Lab. for Materials Science and Tech
Wolf, PeterETH Zurich, Inst. of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Riener, RobertETH Zurich
Duarte, Jaime EnriqueETH Zurich
14:45-15:00, Paper TuB1.5 
Gesture Recognition with Sensor Data Fusion of Two Complementary Sensing Methods
Landgraf, MaximilianFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Yoo, In SeongFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Sessner, JulianFriedrich-Alexander-Univ
Mooser, MaximilianFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Kaufmann, DominikFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Mattejat, DavidFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Reitelshöfer, SebastianFriedrich-Alexander-Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Franke, JörgUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
15:00-15:15, Paper TuB1.6 
Unsupervised Coadaptation of an Assistive Interface to Facilitate Sensorimotor Learning of Redundant Control
De Santis, DaliaNorthwestern Univ
Dzialecka, PatrycjaUniv. Coll. London
Mussa-Ivaldi, FerdinandoNorthwestern Univ
15:15-15:30, Paper TuB1.7 
A Novel Method for Bilateral Gait Segmentation Using a Single Thigh-Mounted Depth Sensor and IMU
Hu, BlairNorthwestern Univ
Krausz, NiliNorthwestern Univ
Hargrove, LeviRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago
TuB2 Parallel II
Biomechanics and Bio-Inspired Systems 2 Regular Session
Chair: Plettenburg, Dick H.Delft Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Controzzi, MarcoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
13:45-14:00, Paper TuB2.1 
Motion Capture Pillow for Head-And-Neck Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment
Dogramadzi, SanjaUniv. of the West of England
Griffiths, GarethBristol Robotics Lab. Univ. of the WestofEngland
Cross, PaulUniv. of the West of England
Goldsworthy, SimonMusgrove Park Hospital
Winstone, BenjaminBristol Robotics Lab. Univ. of the WestofEngland
14:00-14:15, Paper TuB2.2 
Examining the Impact of Wrist Mobility on Reaching Motion Compensation across a Discretely Sampled Workspace
Spiers, AdamYale Univ
Gloumakov, YuriYale Univ
Dollar, AaronYale Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper TuB2.3 
Open-Loop Neuromorphic Controller Implemented on VLSI Devices
Donati, ElisaUZH/ETH
Perez-Peña, FernandoUniv. of Cadiz
Bartolozzi, ChiaraIstituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Indiveri, GiacomoInst. of Neuroinformatics, Univ. of Zurich and ETH Zuri
Chicca, ElisabettaUniv. of Bielefeld
14:30-14:45, Paper TuB2.4 
A Multi-Actuator Approach to High Bandwidth in Vitro Cardiac Kinematic Simulation
Secord, ThomasUniv. of St. Thomas
Tenhoff, AmandaUniv. of St. Thomas
Audi, MiladUniv. of St. Thomas
Lorch, AustinUniv. of St. Thomas
14:45-15:00, Paper TuB2.5 
Modelling HTM Learning and Prediction for Robotic Path-Learning
Pal, KaustabTCS Res. & Innovation
Dey, SounakTCS Res. and Innovation
Bhattacharya, SakyajitTCS Innovation Lab
Mukherjee, ArijitTCS Res. & Innovation
15:00-15:15, Paper TuB2.6 
Modeling Target-Distractor Discrimination for Haptic Search in a 3D Environment
Moringen, AlexandraCITEC, Bielefeld Univ
Aswolinkiy, WitaliCITEC, Bielefeld Univ
Büscher, GereonUniv. Bielefeld
Walck, GuillaumeBielefeld Univ
Haschke, RobertBielefeld Univ
Ritter, Helge JoachimBielefeld Univ
15:15-15:30, Paper TuB2.7 
Development and Functional Evaluation of a Deformable Membrane Capsule for an Open Ball Glenohumeral Joint
Fujii, AyakaUniv. of Tokyo
Nakashima, ShinsukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kawamura, MasayaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Kawaharazuka, KentoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Makino, ShogoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Asano, YukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Okada, KeiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Inaba, MasayukiThe Univ. of Tokyo
TuB3 Parallel III
Biomechatronics Regular Session
Chair: Beckerle, PhilippTech. Univ. Darmstadt
Co-Chair: Masia, LorenzoUniv. of Twente
13:45-14:00, Paper TuB3.1 
Development of a Funicular Flexible Crawler for Colonoscopy
Nagase, Jun-yaRyukoku Univ
Fukunaga, FumikaRyukoku Univ
Ogawa, KeijiRyukoku Univ
14:00-14:15, Paper TuB3.2 
Hollow Pneumatic Artificial Muscles with Air Cylinder: Improvement for Compatibility of High Durability and High Efficiency
Yamada, YasuyukiChuo Univ
Kojima, AkihiroChuo Univ
Okui, ManabuChuo Univ
Higashi, YutaroChuo Univ
Nakamura, TaroChuo Univ
14:15-14:30, Paper TuB3.3 
Computational Design Tools for Soft Inductive Tactile Sensors
Jones, DominicUniv. of Leeds
Kow, Jun WaiUniv. of Leeds
Alazmani, AliUniv. of Leeds
Culmer, Peter RobertUniv. of Leeds
14:30-14:45, Paper TuB3.4 
Magnetic Sensing System for Monitoring the Volume of an Artificial Bladder
Milani, AliceScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Mazzocchi, TommasoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Iacovacci, VeronicaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Pinzi, NovelloUniv. Degli Studi Di Siena, Department of Urology
Ricotti, LeonardoScuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the BioRobotics Inst
Menciassi, AriannaScuola Superiore Sant'Anna - SSSA
14:45-15:00, Paper TuB3.5 
Biomimetic Adaptive Impedance Control in Physical Human Robot Interaction
Buzzi, JacopoPol. Di Milano
Andrea, PassoniPol. Di Milano
Mantoan, GiulioPol. Di Milano
Mollura, MaximilianoPol. Di Milano
De Momi, ElenaPol. Di Milano
15:00-15:15, Paper TuB3.6 
Compact Deep Neural Networks for Computationally Efficient Gesture Classification from Electromyography Signals
Hartwell, AdamUniv. of Sheffield
Kadirkamanathan, VisakanThe Univ. of Sheffield
Anderson, SeanUniv. of Sheffield
15:15-15:30, Paper TuB3.7 
Recognition of Walking Activity and Prediction of Gait Periods with a CNN and First-Order MC Strategy
Martinez-Hernandez, UrielUniv. of Bath
Rubio-Solis, AdrianUniv. of Sheffield
Dehghani, AbbasProf
TuB4 Poster
Biological Movement Analysis and Modelling Poster Session
Chair: Forner-Cordero, ArturoEscola Pol. Univ. of Sao Paulo
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.1 
Exploratory Evaluation of the Force Myography (FMG) Signals Usage for Admittance Control of a Linear Actuator
Sakr, MaramSimon Fraser Univ
Menon, CarloSimon Fraser Univ
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.2 
Optimization-Based Analysis of a Cartwheel
Stein, KevinUniv. of Heidelberg
Mombaur, KatjaHeidelberg Univ
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.3 
Yaw Postural Perturbation through Robotic Platform: Aging Effects on Muscle Synergies
Taborri, JuriUniv. of Tuscia
Mileti, IlariaSapienza, Univ. of Rome
Del Prete, ZaccariaDept of Mech and Aerosp Engineering - SAPIENZA Univ. of Rom
Rossi, StefanoUniv. of Tuscia
Palermo, EduardoSapienza Univ. of Rome
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.4 
An Investigation into Rhythmic and Discrete Gait Using the MIT Skywalker
Leo Jackson, BrennanMIT
Moura Coelho, RuiInst. Superior Tecnico
Hirai, HiroakiGraduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ
Krebs, Hermano IgoMIT
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.5 
The Change of Gait Motion During Curvilinear Obstacle Avoidance While Restricted by a Wearable Robotic Device
Kramer, ErikUniv. of California Los Angeles
Akiyama, YasuhiroNagoya-Univ
Fukui, YusukeNagoya Univ
Yamada, YojiNagoya Univ
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.6 
Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Stiffness Analysis During Swing Phase As a Cable-Driven Serial Chain System
Panchal, NevilkumarIndian Inst. of Tech. Gandhinagar
Nakka, S S SanjeeviIndian Inst. of Tech. Gandhinagar
Vashista, VineetIndian Inst. of Tech. Gandhinagar
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.7 
A Movement Manipulator to Introduce Temporary and Local Perturbations in Human Hopping
Schumacher, ChristianTU Darmstadt, Insitute of Sport Science, Lauflabor Locomotion La
Grimmer, MartinETH Zurich
Scherf, AndrejTU Darmstadt
Zhao, GuopingTech. Univ. of Darmstadt
Beckerle, PhilippTech. Univ. Darmstadt
Seyfarth, AndreTU Darmstadt
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.8 
Estimation of Muscle Torques from EMG and Kinematics During Planar Arm Movements
Lotti, NicolaUniv. of Genoa
Sanguineti, VittorioUniv. of Genoa
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.10 
Evaluation of Forward Fall on the Outstretched Hand Using MADYMO Human Body Model
Rajaei, Nader​ Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Univ
Abdolshah, SaeedNagoya Univ
Akiyama, YasuhiroNagoya-Univ
Yamada, YojiNagoya Univ
Okamoto, ShogoNagoya Univ
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.11 
Muscle Activity Patterns Change with Skill Acquisition for Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Pilot Study
Erden, Mustafa SuphiHeriot-Watt Univ
Chun, Ho-Tak DerekHeriot-Watt Univ
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.12 
An Upper Limb Kinematic Graphical Model for the Prediction of Anthropomorphic Arm Trajectories
Alexandre Pinto Sales de Noronha, BernardoUniv. of Twente
Wessels, MartijnUniv. of Twente
Keemink, Arvid Q.L.Univ. of Twente
Bergsma, ArjenRadboud Univ. Medical Center, Donders Centre for Neuroscien
Koopman, BartUniv. of Twente
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.13 
Continuous Classification of Locomotor Transitions Performed under Altered Cutting Style, Complexity and Anticipation
Kazemimoghadam, MahdiehUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Li, WentaoUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Fey, NicholasThe Univ. of Texas at Dallas
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.14 
Classification of Gait Phases Based on Bilateral EMG Data Using Support Vector Machines
Ziegler, JakobJohannes Kepler Univ. Linz
Gattringer, HubertJohannes Kepler Univ. Linz
Mueller, AndreasJohannes Kepler Univ. Linz
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.15 
Neuromechanical Control Strategies of Frontal Plane Angular Momentum of Human Upper Body During Locomotor Transitions
Li, WentaoUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Fey, NicholasThe Univ. of Texas at Dallas
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.16 
Force-Feedback Coordinates Stance and Balance Locomotor Subfunctions in Hopping
Sarmadi, AlirezaSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Coll. of Engine
Ahmad Sharbafi, MaziarTech. Univ. of Darmstadt
Schumacher, ChristianTU Darmstadt, Insitute of Sport Science, Lauflabor Locomotion La
Seyfarth, AndreTU Darmstadt
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.17 
Stochastic Optimal Control for Modeling Reaching Movements in the Presence of Obstacles: Theory and Simulation
Singh, Arun KumarTampere Univ. of Tech. Finland
Berman, SigalBen Gurion Univ. of the Negev
Nisky, IlanaBen Gurion Univ. of the Negev
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.18 
Human Arm Motion Analysis Based on the Inverse Optimization Approach
Panchea, Adina MarlenaEc. Pol
Ramdani, NacimUniv. Orléans
Bonnet, VincentUniv. of Paris-Est Créteil
Fraisse, PhilippeLIRMM
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.19 
Identification of Human Shoulder-Arm Kinematic and Muscular Synergies During Daily-Life Manipulation Tasks
Hu, TingliTech. Univ. München
Kuehn, JohannesLeibniz Univ. Hanover
Haddadin, SamiTech. Univ. of Munich
13:45-15:30, Paper TuB4.20 
A Postural Control Model to Assess the Improvement of Balance ‎ Rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease‎
Rahmati, ZahraSharif Univ. of Tech
Behzadipour, SaeedSharif Univ. of Tech
Schouten, Alfred C.Delft Univ. of Tech
Taghizadeh, GhorbanIran Univ. of Medical Science
TuK5N Plenary Room
Keynote Speaker 5 Nick Ramsey Keynote Session
Chair: Van Asseldonk, EdwinUniv. Twente
TuK6N Plenary Room
Keynote Speaker 6 Ming C. Lin Keynote Session
Chair: Masia, LorenzoUniv. of Twente
TuBanquet Singraven




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